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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (5)

1.Pro's and Con's of Buying Leads?
~Bob Sharpe

2.Ebook covers
~Marleen Roberts

3.Hosting company
~Steve Pronger
~Mike Fisher

4.FTP (which I don't know)
~Ken Brayton
~Dolores G. Wix
~A Master of the Web

5.I Want To Keep People From Copying Or Stealing
~Robert Lee

N e w     P o s t s  (2)

~My Safelist Experience

2.Ingolf Feger
~All the best for your business

Site Review Requests   (1)

1.Robert Lee

Site Review Responses   (0)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.How To Maximize Your Profits From Pay-Per-Click Search Engines
By Trevor Levine

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  390 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


In the last issue I talked about a new program I developed and this
is the continuation. You can review my first writing here.

As I mentioned the new program offers following benefits.

1. Your own Advertising Network
2. Quality newsletter with your name and your ads in it.
3. Url tracking software, to measure your promotional efforts.
4. Value added services, otherwise offered for a fee to regular visitors.

I described point 2 previously and you can access archives for
current newsletter issues.

Marketing and promotion.

Business building

Free Stuff

To subscribe to those newsletters go here

To own newsletters like these and send them to your own subscribers go here.

Now I would like to discuss point 1)
Your own advertising network.

How many of you join guaranteed click thru programs, safe lists, link
exchange programs, and pop-up exchanges to drive traffic to your own sites?
You need to spend time on earning credits when you use guaranteed click
thru programs or spend time on sending messages to some safe lists.

>From my own experience,  you have very few results from advertising
in any of the above mediums. You basically send your messages to
safe list, which nobody reads; you visit sites just to earn credits, the same
as everybody else. You close pop-up windows before they load and
everybody else does the same with your pop-up windows.
The fact that a hit was recorded to for your page, means literarily nothing.
For me, it means I just wasted some bandwidth to my site,
which slowed down access to my pages for customers who could
purchase some service from me, but they could get timed out.

Here is healthy solution for all those ineffective promotional methods.

Build your own advertising network.

And no, you are not going to get a flood of visitors the day after
you start it. This is a solution which you build over the time, but
after that you will be receiving a constant amount of traffic,
whether you did any work that day or not. Adlandpro Classifieds
is displaying banners on top of the pages and those banners could
be yours, if you become part of our team.

You can promote Adlandpro and send new visitors to use our
services  (aside you get 30% if they buy anything) and at the same
time your ads are running on our site. Every banner, every text
ad is yours. So now not only do you send visitors to earn commissions,
but you are being advertised every time your visitor displays new
page. And this is not all, once this new visitor is registered as from
your reference, next time he/she comes from their bookmarks,
your ads are still displayed for this visitor on our site. You are

their referrer for life.

I just described one instance on how your advertising network
would work. There are more complex things to explain and
I'm not going to describe all the details but I just want to tell you
about another way your advertising network would work.
When affiliates join the adlandpro affiliate program, they build
so-called "Adlandpro Custom Page" which could look like this.

This is a page of one of Adlandpro affiliates.

Each such page displays one dynamic ad at the top.
You can see it when reloading the page. Every time you reload
the page you will see different ad.

E.g. You sponsored Bob with the user id 12345
Bob creates Custom page from the code

and puts it into location

Every ad displayed on the above page is your ad because you

are Bob's referral.
Your interest is that every affiliate you sponsor, will have a page like this.
They will promote all your ads.

The program, which I've created, and currently promote, has all
details here.

Remember when you join this program you get the following, as part of the

1. One monthly submission for your ad to over 300,000 directories,
    (Value of $15 USD).
2. One renewable ad on our site. Your ad is always on the top
    of the searches, it has bolded heading and  it is displayed on
    the yellow background, ($5 USD per month).
    Try this search to see an example.
3. Successful Minisites E-Book with resell rights (Value $75.95 USD).
4. This is new. Each month you will get 3,000 free impressions added
    to your account, for your ads to be displayed on the top of our pages,
    (Value of  $15 USD).

The total cost of the services you get for free each month is  $35 USD.
Plus your E-book with resell  rights.
The cost of monthly membership is  $24.95 USD.
Just do the math. We are receiving over 3,000 transactions
each month for above services.

In the next issue, I will show you how you can get this service
virtually for free, if you contribute to three new members.
I will also show you how you can easily produce, from this
program, income of  $10,000 - $30,000 per year.

Bogdan Fiedur

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Bob Sharpe
Subject:Pro's and Con's of Buying Leads?

Hi Bogdan
You do a great job on Adland. I really appreciate you and all
you're doing.

Concerning Anita's question on buying leads--

My sponsor in AmeriPlan is the #3 recruiter in the company.
He has been in for less than 3 years. His paycheck last month
was well over $12,000. In addition, he got a $23,000 bonus.
He told me that one of the main reasons he is doing so well is
that he buys good quality leads. I started buying the leads,
and I have introduced leads to the people in my downline. The
result is that my organization is growing almost daily.

One of the biggest reasons people fail in Network Marketing
is that they aren't talking to enough of the right kind of
people on a consistent daily basis.

A lot of people want to buy leads, put them in an autoresponder
and wait for them to respond. If you have a strong program,
powerful emails and a convincing web site, you might recruit a
few people a year that way, but it won't be profitable. It's
what you do with the leads that counts. You have to be
proactive. You have to pick up the phone and call them.
Remember, this is netWORK marketing.

Call them like you are looking for people who meet your
qualifications. You aren't trying to convince everybody to join
your MLM. You are looking for the people who will fit in your
organization. You aren't desperate for warm bodies to fill
empty slots in your downline. If you sound desperate, people
will think you are not successful, and they won't want to join
you. If you sound like a confident and successful leader,
people will be more likely to join you. You are looking for
business partners who will commit to their own future in your
organization. When you call with that attitude, the "no's"
won't hurt you as much. And when you have enough leads to call
on, you won't be desperate to convince people. The right people
are there on that lead list. You just have to call all of them
to find the right ones.

We teach our downline to do that. As a result, a lot of the
people in our organization are getting several paychecks a

Get good MLM leads. Go to Get a
short phone script. Send them to your web site or a short
sizzle message on the phone. I send them to< font style="font-family:'Arial';font-size:10pt;"> and
ask them to watch the video on
making money. Then I call back the next day.

If you want Massive Passive Income you need to take Massive
Action now. Do the numbers and the numbers will be your friend.
We are just looking for people who would be a good match for
our business. We are not trying to recruit everybody. We will
get a lot more "no's" then "yes's" - even when we buy targeted
leads. Get 100 "no's" and you'll get several "yes's." That's
how we build the business. Get your downline on the leads, too,
and your organization will grow.

Bob Sharpe

Lifetime residual income with a powerful cookie-cutter system
If you can follow directions you can build a fortune.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Marleen Roberts
Subject:Ebook covers

On the ebook cover generator being touted so often -- When I go look
at the final product they are not the quality I expect. Browzer Books
offers a free tutorial on a bit of software which new authors can
use for free for 30 days with absolutely no strings attached.  How
many authors will need more than five or six book covers?  Most people
can easily create  five or six stunning covers a day. Find more information

The FREE Tutorial is step by step instructions and illustrated with
the software being used.  Some really good basic covers are included
with the tutorial, again, free.

Samples of these covers are found on the web at

Now, one caution.. when authors go to get the actual software they
will be offered a higher priced version that does a thousand times
more.. I have used both, and unless you are already a creative genius,
just get the basic program IF you don't make enough covers for free
in your first 30 days.

Sincerely Yours

Marleen Roberts


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Steve Pronger
Subject:Hosting company

Regarding John Olsen's post:

John, I too am a big Trellix fan. So much so that I started a web design
business using it as my only site creation tool. My own site was built with it
( and so were all my client's sites (check out the
portfolio page). I bought the "publish anywhere" version which doesn't lock you
in to any host - well worth it! This version has been bought by Globalscape
( who are marketing it as Cute Sitebuilder. You can download
a free demo off their site.

My advice to anyone wanting to have a crack at building their own site is to
forget FrontPage (every site looks the same) and Dreamweaver (too complex), and
get Cute Sitebuilder. If anyone needs help or advice on using it drop me a line.


Steve Pronger

Web Site Publishing


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
From:Mike Fisher
Subject:Hosting company

Hello John and fellow Adlanders,

    I was interested to read of your frustration over the demise of Skybiz,I
suppose it was inevitable albeit a shame that it came to this.

    I was never a member of Skybiz, but know a number of people who were,in fact
the business which I now promote is attracting ex Skybizers in their droves.In
fact I have a number of very successful Skybiz stalwarts in my organisation.

    The reason I mention all this is I know from reliable sources that the
company I work for is in negotiation with Trellix for a complete takeover.This
would involve the full system as you know it including the hosting.

    As this is in the negotiation stage at present I am not at liberty to
divulge the name of the corporation involved,suffice to say they are among the
top 5 internet companys in the world.

                            kind regards Mike Fisher


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:Ken Brayton
Subject:FTP (which I don't know)

LaVada inquired about some basic FTP instructions. I wish I could provide
something a little easier to use than this one, but here is a Viewlet that you
can watch which will give you a basic idea of what needs to happen. There are
much easier to use tools out there and someday I hope to build a Viewlet using
one, but this will at least help you understand what needs to happen. Be warned,
this is the "brute force" method!

Scroll down near the bottom and watch the Viewlet FTP Upload.

Albany, Oregon, USA
Viewlet Maker



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
Subject:FTP (which I don't know)

Hi LaVada,
I'm pleased you've 'found' Adlands, it will really help you in pursuit of your
online success.  The discussions carried on via Bogdan are really worth your
time to read.

As to your problem with FTP, don't feel like an idiot, you are NOT!!

In addition to 'Adlands' I am a regular subscriber to 'THE NEWBIE CLUB INSIDER'
a newsletter not just for newbies but very helpful with the techno-giberish you
come across everyday online.
You can visit the Newbie Club here;  and decide
if it can help you too!

Keep smiling and think positive :-)



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.3)=============
From:Dolores G. Wix
Subject:FTP (which I don't know)

I'm responding to LaVada's problem of understanding FTP.  Please tell her
to go the following web site:

The Newbie Club specializes in helping people understand their computers
and the Internet better and they do it in non-technical language!  They
offer tutorials and step-by-step instructions on most everything.  I hope
it is helpful to her.

How to Survive and Thrive After A Layoff
Includes 71 Web Site References

Dolores G. Wix

Writer & Publisher


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.4)=============
From:A Master of the Web
Subject:FTP (which I don't know)

They told you right. Upload executables as binary.
I am on Pal talk most evening in a free web topic
room. I help other for free in many web related areas.
My handle is..... JGP_TopHost
the room is.... Web_Tech_Talk
If you are fimilar with Pal Talk add my handle to your
friends list and you will know when I am online.
I will be glad to help you.



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From:Robert Lee
Subject:I Want To Keep People From Copying Or Stealing

Bill, you are wrong about the case.
The perpetrator was found guilty and ordered to pay $65 million for illegally
taking the domain name.
He just hasn't been caught since the ruling. I guess that he took off with the
money he made from the web site. You can check this here:

As far as protecting your own content, it can easily be copyrighted by placing
the appropriate copyright notice on your site. Of course, the material MUST be
of your own creation, or of older information presented in a new way that makes
it now original.

Check out the copyright notice at the bottom of one of my website articles here:

The article was written by me, I did my own research into the article and
copyrighted it by publishing it on my web site.

Copyright law does differ in different parts of the world, so you'll want to
check into what is applicable where you live.

Here is a website for you to get even more information about copyright laws:

There are many simple JavaScript codes that can be placed onto your page to
prevent source copying through the use of the "right-click view source" method,
see this page:
None are fool-proof, however.
One of the easiest ways to get the source code, if you are determined, is to use
the Internet Explorer browser and email yourself the page, not a link to the
page, but the whole source of the page. Once it is embedded into your new email
message (you don't actually have to email it to yourself!) you can copy it,
paste it to your desktop and open it in notepad to read the source code.

Of course that is only some of the battle. Did you know that there are web sites
dedicated to the archiving of the web as a whole? The Internet is almost a
living entity, always moving, changing shape, directions and content. What was
relevant today is out-of-date tomorrow. Take a look at:
And see how we were, what was posted sometime back when. You can ask that your
web site not be archived, not made available for the historians, but why change
the past? But with this available library remains the fact that your copyrighted
material is made available not only from your site, but others, sometimes out of
your control.

Take a look at my site, the way it looked years ago:*/
And how it looks today:

Bill, you ask "Does the posting of a link to another site with or without
permission violate the copyright of the owner of that site or does it not. Court
decisions, please."

The courts have yet to decide this conclusively. Different jurisdictions will
read the link fact differently. But I may be in the forefront if the Pringles
people ever want to push it:
I do use content excerpted from their site in my parody, but other than one
simple letter, also published, they have yet to complain about it more

And I have heard of a court case, fairly recently, but I cannot recall the
details enough to find it. There is a ruling about "typosquatters" that does
have some relevance though:,1653,12501,FF.html and this about rules
designed by ICANN about stealing corporate identities through web site names:,1653,8793,FF.html

I am sure if you follow this thread there will be more such articles that will
lead to the answers you seek.

As far as the telephone numbers issue, I think that you are correct. "Would the
theft of a list of telephone numbers
violate copyright of the compiler of that list?"
There are several precedents that allow for competing publishers to produce
their own versions of the yellow pages and white pages, to allow for competition
in a closely regulated marketplace, but they do have to purchase the information
from those that own it. If they were to steal it, it would easily be found out,
don't you think?

And finally you say: "We need a comprehensive set of guidelines with proof of
their validity that all may refer to in order to keep their sites free of
lawsuit threat and give the owner thereof the knowledge and power to effectively
go after those who violate his copyright. I believe that I am creating that

Good for you. But will it be relevant where I live, where I publish, where my
copyrighted material is made available. There are bigger issues at stake here,
don't you think?

What about website cloning? I could download your web site, source code and all,
and have a new website up in 48 hours, as fast as the world's name servers can
update a new site. Then you'd have to learn about it, find me and finally get it
taken down. No small feat, let me assure you. Take a read about here:

Ahh well, time to let someone else speak. This thread could go on and on..

Robert Lee

Dating B2B
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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.2)=============
Subject:I Want To Keep People From Copying Or Stealing

I would like to invite interested members to my new Ebook

Your Ebooks can be stolen!
How to prevent stealing of Info-Products
A Must guide for All Ebook and Info-Product sellers.

I think this is a bad news for all Ebook authors, publishers and Info-Product
marketers. With some simple techniques anybody can download your product from
the server without paying you anything and without your knowledge.

More details is available at my website

Invite your comments and suggestions on the subject.



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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
Subject:My Safelist Experience


I usually am not a huge fan of safelists
because it seems like you send out your
emails to nowhere. Everyone just has
secondary email accounts and deletes
all the messages.

However, I signed up with Opt in Safemail because it was
only $12. per year so what the heck.

Every day for about 2 weeks I sent out
my ad. It just took a few seconds.

I checked my tracking url and I had made
4 sales of my Ebook (
at $47.77 . I was shocked! I really did not expect
much for only $12. per year.

I found out that the difference with this safelist is that
there are 500 owners who are constantly soliciting new
subscribers. I decided to become an owner and I
have since signed up 500 people to the list.

If all the owners did what I did that would make
250,000 new prospects! The beauty of this safelist
is that you are benefiting from the contacts of
500 other owners bringing you their new contacts
to the list every day.

There is also zero spam issues with this since
everyone pays to be on the list and double opts in.

If you are interested see



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
From:Ingolf Feger
Subject:All the best for your business

Hello together

My name is Ingolf Feger

since 1992 I have been involved in the internet an all opportunities you can

I also have been in the Internetmarketing since many years. If you look to all
affiliate programs who other people will refer you. Please obtain follow
important things

Do only concentrate on one business and this business you have make your
decision make with power.
Look for yourself with business is the best for me. Take time to find out.
Then ask yourself. How much many I can afford to put in this business.
How long time will I give me and the company to become successful
Also look how many other people do the same business
If you have checked all the opportunities than start your one business.
Do all what you can do for this one business and you will see, you will be

See all the other sides. Many of them have 10 or 20 Links on her page. This
looks not very trustful. Why?

Most of them do not use her own name. An also this one have no trust in her own
business an that is the reason why the have a webpage with different affiliate
program opportunities. Can you trust them, when they don't trust herself?

So if you sign up a affiliate program, then use your own personal name. It looks
more trust-worthy

I hope all people who will read this, it will be a little help to make here one
right decision.

All the best for your business
Ingolf Feger



=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Robert Lee

Thanks to all that reviewed I have completed a face-lift of it
and would like you to take another look.

I am particularly interested in load times, centring of the front page,
readability of the text/graphics and general appearance in different screen
resolutions (I design in 1024x768 and would like to know about different screen
sizes. I know that I can change it myself and I have, but your eyes may see
things differently than mine!)

Since the facelift I have seen an increase of about 30% in unique hits to
signups, so your previous review did help me out very much.

Thank you all and thanks again!

Where It's Always Free To Reply!
Free Greeting Cards - Advice - Gift Ideas


---------------------- Bogdan----------------------------
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=====================G u e s t   A r t i c l e   (1)===============
How To Maximize Your Profits From Pay-Per-Click Search Engines
By Trevor Levine

If you advertise on pay-per-click search engines --
like -- here's the easiest way to
minimize your risk and maximize your profits:

Visit and click "Advertiser Login" at the
upper left. Then, near the lower left corner of the
page, click on Search Term Suggestion Tool.

Now here's the fun part: pick a keyword phrase that
your prospects are searching on. For example, if you
sell a business opportunity, you might pick

Type that keyword into the Search Term Suggestion Tool
and click the blue arrow. You instantly get to see all
of the keywords that Overture visitors searched on last
month, how many searches were done on each word!

Why is this so valuable? At first, you might think the
"secret" is to bid on the most popular keyword phrases
... the ones that receive the most searches.

True, this will bring you lots of traffic, but it will
also cost you a fortune! After all, these words are
also the most competitive. So they command the highest
bids. At the time of this writing, the #1 listing
under "business opportunity" costs $1.36 per click!

My profit-boosting secret is to do just the opposite:
bid on all of the least popular, least competitive words.

They're dirt cheap! For example, at the time of this
writing, you can buy the #1 position under "full time
income opportunity working from home" for just just 16
cents per click!

The secret is to find at least 100 of these less
competitive words, all of which are relevant to your
web site, and place bids on all of them. In this way,
you can generate just as many clicks as if you bid on
the high-priced "business opportunity" -- but at a
much lower cost per click!

How do you find 100 cheap keywords? Keep typing "core"
keywords into the Search Term Suggestion Tool. For
example, the phrase "home based" will yield dozens of
additional keyword phrases you can bid on. Good luck!

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=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============

The Prime Minister of China called President Bush to console
him: "I'm sorry to hear about the attack. It is a very big

"But in case you are missing any documents from the
Pentagon, we have copies of everything."

Let's hear from you......

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