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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (6)

1.There is always something new to learn
~Sam Knight

2.I'm very confused
~Jim Baxter
~Jeannie Crabtree

3.Hosting Company
~Steve Pronger

4.How to make E-book?
~J.F. (Jim) Straw
~Pauline Phillips

5.To E-book or not, that is the question
~Pauline Phillips

6.Pro's and Con's of Buying Leads?
~Chrisi Darrington

N e w     P o s t s  (2)

~Common affiliate error

~The Ultimate Payment Card for Online Transactions

Site Review Requests   (4)

1.Ken Cline

2.April Waters



Site Review Responses   (1)

1.LaVada Davis

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.Spam Assassin

By jl scott

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  380 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Today's article talks about program called Spam Assassin, which ISPs 
use to block spam messages. As this article talks about controversial way
to fight  spam and it is continuation from previous post, I would like
to mention that you can find more articles like these in  iCop Whistle Blower
published by  jl scott, ph.d
If you would like to subscribe , please send the
following email: or check the
site itself

I would also like to hear from you what you think about this new way
of  fighting spam.



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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Sam Knight
Subject:There is always something new to learn

Just wanted to say how much I appreciated A. T. Rendon's
article re Email.  I've long used email but there is always
something new to learn, especially since I'm about to publish
a newsletter of my own, "BOOMER BRIGADE!".  I've sent
for additional information that was offered in the article and
suspect it's going to teach me something else new. I also
enjoyed the Ebook information provided. Lots of good stuff here!
Sam Knight



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Jim Baxter
Subject:I'm very confused


I can appreciate what you are feeling as I have also been through the same thing
eventually I found all the answers and guidance all in one place at
Please have a look round this site,I'm sure that it can help you as it helped me.

Regards and good luck
Jim Baxter


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From:Jeannie Crabtree
Subject:I'm very confused

This is in response to JJ Sweeney in Digest 282.

"I'm feeling very confused about what to do, I have joined up in a couple of
businesses that look great, and they say that they will guide you along the way.
I'm still having a lot of trouble learning about advertising the products, there
seems to be 1,000,000s of ways but I'm confused about the whole thing..."

JJ, it is easy to feel confused. I have been on the internet for about four
years now and that is one of my "complaints" - Not enough how to information
goes with most programs. Or people who make big promises to show you how,
but manage to leave out some important information.

I had a bad experience on the internet,as a newbie, with all the promises of
help from one company. Paid them a lot of money, but was not helped much at all.

I have bought dozens and dozens of manuals and joined private sites and
up till now, only a few have given me A to Z information to where I thought
that anyone, especially a new person on the net, could benefit.

I set up a website to help those new to the net and others with their internet
businesses by pointing them to useful, helpful information. I would suggest that
you take a look at this page:

You can have a free three day look around at some of the most helpful
information that I have found in my four years on the net. You can gather a
tremendous amount of information in that three days. You will learn that having
a site, advertising and marketing what ever you offer takes a system. And then
the system is explained in detail - each step being built on the next, A to Z.

Your credit card information will be taken, but you can cancel anytime within
the first three days and you will not be charged. If you do decide to subscribe,
you do nothing and you will be billed after the third day.

I believe this will shorten your learning curve considerably. And the
information has been proven to work, time after time on real websites.

Jeannie Crabtree




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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.3)=============
Subject:I'm very confused

Hi to J and all readers.
Firstly you should realise that like in 'real-life' business, YOU NEVER STOP
Once you realise that, you need to find a good source of information that will
sustain you and continually provide NEW and UP-TO-DATE information.
You have already found one of the best, ADLANDS DIGEST !  I'm sure you have seen
how amazingly useful the ongoing conversations and feedback from INTERESTED
people can be.  I found Adlands a couple of years ago and it's one of the few
newsletters I SAVE if I don't have time to read it immediately, it really is
worth the read.
Another great newsletter is The Newbie Club Insider view here;
this is not just for newbies and will teach you a lot about the internet.

For advertising, my own experience is the FREE sites are good but don't expect a
flood of inquiries, a trickle is the best you can expect even if you advertise
to HEAPS of free sites daily.
You would do better by combining FREE with a few PAID ads.  The current HOT SPOT
for advertising seems to be ezines and whilst Bogdan provides space for PAID
advertising in his newsletter I understand that not everyone can afford his
rates (even if he is worth it *s*).

There are a few programs that will submit advertising to a lot of ezines for you
so you don't have to subscribe to them all, try a couple here;
Ads 4 Pay, Tons of Hits

Then there is the auto- submitter programs that will submit your URL or ad to
all the FFA programs for free or via email for a small fee.  Try these;
Submit Plus, Easy FFA

If it's just Advertising you need, please visit my own ezine at Rikie's Self
Help Ezine and see what I have to offer.

I hope this is of some help to you,

PS If any links don't work, email me directly with Adlands Post in subject line
and ask for the site link you require.



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Steve Pronger
Subject:Hosting Company

Regarding Marian Spark's post:

Marian, I tend to think all your sites would work better without frames. By
default, Trellix uses frames to create sites. If you want to see what they look
like without frames select Publish and click on the Options button, then
un-check "use HTML frames". Give it a try!

Steve Pronger

Web Site Publishing Service


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
Subject:How to make E-book?

So many people are asking about eBook creation
and Self-Publishing. Would you kindly tell them to
have a look at :
Today, more than ever before, is the age of Information.
Got an idea ! Don't have time to convert it into an eBook !
Or don't know how to do it ! --- Let me do it for them.

Self Supported New Ebook Tool.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From:J.F. (Jim) Straw
Subject:How to make E-book?

In 1984, we changed from Merganthaler-Linotype typesetting to the Aldus
Pagemaker to typeset our paper & ink publications. -- Over the years, we went
from PageMaker 2 to PageMaker 6 (in 1997) which was the latest version after
Aldus was acquired by Adobe.
All of our publications were typeset in PageMaker, printed, bound, and delivered
in hard-copy by mail.

When my customers began asking for electronic-editions of our publications, I
contacted Adobe to find out how I could go about making my publications into
Adobe PDF files. -- I was amazed to learn that PageMaker 6 had a built-in
plug-in to create PDF files. -- All I had to do was open my original PageMaker 6
document and click on "Create PDF."  Each publication was converted to an Adobe
PDF file in less than 5 minutes, ready for transmission by email ... or

Using the PageMaker 6 application, you can create the covers ... with full color
graphics ... add pictures ... whatever, then just click "Create PDF" to have a
complete e-Book.

If you want to see how the PDF looks, I offer a FREE Report which was originally
published in paper & ink format and simply converted to a PDF.  You can get a
copy at:

AND ... in last issue ...

Pauline Phillips wrote:

>If you want or other places to sell your eBooks, you'll have to have
>a book # for each one. At last know they cost around $400 each. As much 
>research has to be done worldwide to make sure the #s aren't duplicated.

The book number Pauline refers to is the International Standard Book Number

Those numbers are issued by R.R. Bowker, 121 Chanlon Rd., New Providence, NJ

When a publisher requests an ISBN, the publisher is given a "prefix" that
belongs to and identifies that publisher.  As the publisher publishes different
books, they add a "suffix" to that number which identifies the book. -- Each
publisher receives a "prefix" and 10 "suffix" codes when they get their number
... additional suffixes may be acquired as needed.

Currently, the cost to register an ISBN is $225. -- You can get an application
by calling; toll free, (888) 269-5372 ... press 4 for customer service & ask for
the ISBN department.

By the way, there are literally millions of ISBNs available ... no waiting.

J.F. (Jim) Straw




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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.3)=============
From:Pauline Phillips
Subject:How to make E-book?

From:Marianne Payton
Subject:To E-book or not, that is the question.

the Ebook cover generator has just been
upgraded and improved due to these very issues.   I have purchased the 
Ecover Generator and have received the upgrade and the
difference is great, so do take another look before condemning the product.

Marianne Payton

The upgrade includes 149 totally new eCover designs, double that when you
include the eBoxes. So I advise anyone interested in making eBooks or eCovers,
or software or eBoxes to check out the eCover (& eBox) Generator at .
There's nothing quite like it anywhere else available!

Pauline Phillips

Bible Prophecy Spirit eBooks!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.4)=============
Subject:How to make E-book?

Hi Roxie,

See my eBook Directory site for free and low cost ebook



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From:Pauline Phillips
Subject:To E-book or not, that is the question

Debbie Mayo-Smith wrote,

>Having a real honest look at people's
>behaviour with books, with online reading, of TRUE demand for printed books vs.
>being available as an E-Book. We looked at the reality of the safety of your
>work from plagiarism - it's a fallacy to think your E-Books as a PDF are 100%
>safe from copying. And in the end I decided not to bother.

>Debbie Mayo-Smith


It's true, most eBooks don't do as well in sales as paper books. And plagiarism
is a problem with some eBooks, such as you mentioned. But eBooks are fine for
works that need to be revised regularly. Also there is great convenience in
making eBooks. They can also be sold cheaper than paper books. And, if they're
not even available as paper books, the customer has no choice but to buy the
eBook edition!

Despite all arguments against eBooks, I myself prefer to make my work available
that way. Even if there are fewer sales. Unfortunately, many online still have
the mistaken notion online/Internet files ought to be free. And some very
conservative religious people even think it's wicked to put a price tag on
religious info!

Pauline Phillips

Bible Prophecy Spirit eBooks!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From:Chrisi Darrington
Subject:Pro's and Con's of Buying Leads?

Hello Bogdan,

I wanted to comment on the following subject:

Subject:Pro's and Con's of Buying Leads?

Over the past two years I have purchased many leads from
quite a large list of lead sources. I have paid as little as .10
cents a lead on up to $5.00 per lead. Guess what? There
really was not a lot of difference in the results from the $5.00
leads compared to the .10 cent leads. Not enough to
justify the higher price.

I have a very simple script I use. Feel free to email me for it.
It only takes 15 seconds and if you actually get someone at
home, 99% will respond positively to accepting your request
to send them more information. Just send an email to:
If that link doesn't work, make sure you place "Send phone
script" in the subject heading. This script works for ANY
business you have.

If you are buying leads and dumping them into an autoresponder,
I highly recommend that you have 52 follow up emails over a
period of 6 months to a year. I have people who respond after
28 emails and up.

I also have a list of subject headings that will get a response.
If you email me for those I'll even share those with you as well.
It's just too much to include in here.

My main reason for responding is to try and help some of
you who have never purchased leads to understand that it
is a numbers game. You must consistently make phone calls
every day. Your results are greater if you make the phone
calls. Plus, the phone script I use is very successful in getting
people to allow you to present your information to them.

What are the con's? It is exhausting. It requires a lot of
dedication to build your business by making phone calls. It
requires a lot of money over time to get results through
using email autoreponders alone. If you quit too soon you
will miss the results you get from consistent progress.

Lastly... it doesn't pay to spam. Make sure your lead
source has permission to email the people they have on
the list. Most companies will tell you how they obtain their

Thanks Bogdan for an excellent newsletter! It's the ONLY
newsletter I read anymore.

Chrisi Darrington



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
Subject:Common affiliate error

Dear Bogdan,

I love your newsletter and believe this will be of interest to
subscribers as it is a common mistake made:

Marianne Paynter had an interesting discussing of the Ebook Cover
Generator Product in the last issue and one thing I noticed was that
the clickbank url she used  in her email was not correct. This I
believe is a very common error for people advertising clickbank
programs. The affiliate will NOT get credit by putting the "= " sign
as part of the url. Although the tracking resolves to an url with
the equal sign, that is not what the tracking url should be.

When I clicked through her url to the purchase page, it did not say
astro8.ebookgen which is what it should say for the affiliate to get
credit. You should always check your url to make sure that it will
have your clickbank id name followed by a period on the purchase
page. ( I had already bought it so don't worry about losing a

For instance, my affiliate id is awake. If you use this url to go
here which has the equal sign in the url I will NOT get the

Click through to the page that says secure ordering and you will NOT
see "awake" in the url at top.

Now , click through from this url (which is the correct url):

Hit secure ordering from left margin and you WILL see the word "
awake" in the top url locator bar as part of the url.

Trust me, I have learned the hard way on this one. Even though the
equal sign will appear AFTER you click through from the correct url,
you will NOT get credit if you put it in as your initial url for
people to click on! (Note: If you check now using the first url  you
will see awake in the locator bar since it is cookied, but if you
had ONLY had used the first url with the equal sign it would not
have tracked properly).


No HTML Required- Mini Site Templates (with Free Hosting)


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
Subject:The Ultimate Payment Card for Online Transactions

As an Internet user from Kenya, I have had serious trouble making payments &
purchases online....BUT now, thanks to ......
THAT IS NOW HISTORY!! I just made my first purchase on the net from the computer
at my house in Nairobi. This is just great.

This card is available for use all over the world and it is now possible for all
international Internet users to transact easily and safely on the NET.

I would urge that all those unable to use pay pal to look at this card

Here are some features:

NetShoppingCard, Inc., is poised to revolutionize the e-commerce world with a
radical new method of payment for goods and services over the Internet without
the use of a credit or a debit card. This new method of payment is achieved by
the introduction of a PATENT PENDING prepaid card (NetShoppingCardT) with
predefined face value amount.

NetShoppingCard, Inc., offer customers a secure alternative in online shopping
by purchasing goods and services without having to divulge credit card numbers
or personal information.

No, You will never pay interest charges when using the NetShoppingCardT.

Why should I use the NetShoppingCardT instead of my credit card?
NetShoppingCard, Inc., offer customers a secure alternative in online shopping
by purchasing goods and services without having to divulge credit card numbers
or personal information.

Please visit the site at and see for yourself.

All internet users should check this card out.

I am so excited!!



=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Ken Cline

Thank you for sending the information. I have just started to market myself on
the internet. I am working out of my own home. If you would be so kind and take
just a few seconds and look at my new E-zine web address,
I would appreciate any words of wisdom you may have for me. Thank you   Ken

Ken Cline


=====================Site Review Request  (2)===============
From:April Waters

I want to first apologize to all of the readers. In issue #282
I ask for a site review on a store front I had joined  and I
included a link that I no longer use for that particular store.

I had redirected that link to my Free Satellite Offer and had
forgotten  that I had ask you to look at it.( Hopefully the
Satellite offer was of some interest to some of you!!)

I was wanting to know if these free store fronts that anyone
can get can get are really worth pursuing and advertising. I
wanted to know if anyone of you felt they could actually bring
any actual income. This one is different from V-Store and I did
feel the products might sell better because of the prices.

If you would accept my apologies and take a look at the link
below I would still appreciate the readers opinion. I value
them highly.

And I will say it again...I love this newsletter!

Thank You,
April Waters


=====================Site Review Request  (3)===============

Hi Bogdan and Adland members,
I wish to request a site review for my gift site that I designed and run with my
mom and sister.
It's located at  We offer an assortment of handmade gift
Please let me know what you think of the design, layout and ease of use and

Thank you & God Bless,
Kimberlea - Co-Owner

-------------------------------------------------------------------- - Gifts From the Heart


=====================Site Review Request  (4)===============

If you have advice I would appreciate it...

Best regards,


=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:LaVada Davis


Your input fields are screaming at me!  I'd tone it down a little if I were you.
That's just
my humble opinion.

LaVada Davis

LJN International



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=====================G u e s t   A r t i c l e   (1)===============
Spam Assassin
By jl scott

I really hate to belabor a subject but this subject is critical
to everyone.  I have screamed about Spam Assassin for two
weeks.  What I haven't done is offer you any solutions.

Last week, the bounce rate for the WB was OVER 50% HIGHER than
normal.  Now, we only receive notification of our bounces every
three weeks.  The address has to bounce three times before it's
removed.  AND, it's been in the past month that Spam Assassin
has become such a problem.  Apparently more and more ISPs are
using it.

If you send ANY email, business OR personal, you're taking the
chance that some of it's going to get bounced by this software.
If you send a business ezine - BET on it!

So, obviously, I had to do something.  We can NOT stop the ISPs
from using the software.  So, that leaves it up to us.  And,
you're NOT going to like it.  I haven't even finished writing
this issue yet and I'm LIVID.  It has taken me TWICE as long as
normal.  And, I'm not finished yet!

So, I have to take MY time to make changes because these idiots
can bounce legitimate email.  And, I'll have to do some of it
EVERY WEEK!  Here's what I've done ...

I have removed all capitalized titles.  Lines which have only
capitals give the email from 1 to 2.659 points.  All caps in
the "Subject" will get you 1.98 points. The exclamation point
I used to use in the title (Subject) got me 1 point.  I
changed my name from jl scott to J. L. Scott in the header
because "jl scott" isn't recognized as a "real name."  That was
giving me ANOTHER point!  Wonder what I'll get for initials
only - even WITH caps!

All that got rid of 7 points for me.  Remember, it only
takes 5 points for the email to be bounced.

Next, I made a list from Spam Assassin's "test" page of all the
words they would give "award" points.  When I finish writing
this, I will put the entire ezine in an editor and do a
search/find on all those words.  Words that are normal usage
for any business ezine!  Then, I'll have to find substitutes
for those words.

I have already written to any advertiser who has any of these
"point words" in their ads.  We'll have to change those!

Luckily our unsubscribe details are in a form that blasted
software won't catch.  I don't know WHAT publishers who publish
directly are going to do about that!

After all THAT - I'm STILL left with some problems.  For
instance, I can get 2.469 points because the "Subject" has
spaces.  They show it like this: SUBJ_HAS_SPACES.  What's up
with THAT?  Do I send it out with "TheiCopWhistleBlower" as the
subject?  Good grief!

Then too, I use the service to send this ezine.
Their software does not provide a "Reply To" space.  "Reply-To:
is empty" gets 4.256 points!  And, even if it did, that email
address would be different from the "From:" field - 2.813
points!  And, by the way, I see PLENTY of "SPAM" with a
"Reply-To:" field filled in!

Are you beginning to see WHY this is SO dangerous?  Even if you
never send business email, it can trash your correspondence.

Oh yes, I DO get 2 points taken back OFF because this ezine is
over 500 lines long.  And, another 2.75 points back off because
I use the copyright symbol.  What?  From my 31 points?  That
still leaves me 26.25 POINTS!  I should kiss their feet for
that?  (Yep - that's what it was when I checked all the words!)
Check yours!  You will not believe it.

This is not the only software being used to bounce "spam."
But, I suspect it's the most severe.  Some of their "tests" are
downright asinine.  If you optimize your ezines for Spam
Assassin, I'll bet they'll pass ANY test!

It seems that the ISPs can decide which of these tests they
want to count.  So they may not all use all the test criteria.
But, all that means is that we can NEVER know exactly what to
keep out of our email.  Just a word to the wise.

I'm going to tell you one more thing about Spam Assassin and
then I'm going to drop it and get on to other things.  If you
don't make your own changes after everything I've told you, oh
well.  You may have to learn the hard way.  I don't plan to
lose any more subscribers over it.

When I went to their web site to make a list of all the tests,
I happened to have the alert pop-up window turned on for my
Zone Alarm firewall.  POP!  I got the following message:

"The firewall has blocked Internet access to your computer
(ICMP Unreachable) from (
Occurred: 11 times between 3/21/02 8:01:06 AM and 3/21/02
8:03:02 AM."

Well, well, well!  Now, what do we think of THAT?

To check your messages against Spam Assassin's "tests," go to
the URL below.  But don't go without a functional firewall!


=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============


A sales woman is driving through the Reservation toward home when she sees
an Indian woman thumbing a ride on the side of the road.

As the trip had been long and quiet, she stops the car and the Indian woman
gets in. After a bit of small talk, the Indian woman notices a brown bag on
the front seat.

"What's in the bag?" asks the Indian woman.

"It's a bottle of wine. I got it for my husband," says the sales woman.

The Indian lady is silent for a moment then says, "Good trade."