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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher
1.Adland Digest Html Format and Participation

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (6)

1.How To Move Out Of The Inner Circle
~Sue Pretorius

2.Adland Digest Html Format and participation
~Marianne Payton
~Charles Pullen
~Wendy Lyon
~April Waters
~Pauline W. Phillips
~Channing Grigsby
~Sara Sandhu
~Ron Henry
~LaVada Davis
~Angie Boldwyn
~Geoff Dodd
~Robert Lee
~Andy Sparks
~Cheryl Heidner

3.How does a person figure out the good ones from the bad?
~Laural Botschen
~Charles Pullen
~Steve Christy
~Mike Fisher
~Geoff Dodd
~Robert Lee

4.Google searches and toolbar/error message
~Debra Glinsey
~Laurie Rogers
~Robert Lee

5.Who REALLY Spreads a Virus Hoax?
~Robert Lee

~William Jaroske

N e w     P o s t s  (4)

1.Andy Sparks
~Are any of the Digest members experiencing problems with Overture?

~Search Engine Position Tips :   MSN

3.Rodney J. Dufrin
~I thought this may benefit fellow Adlanders

~My biggest problem with is getting leads

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Site Review Responses   (1)

1.Robert Lee

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  1100 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


First of all I would like to thank you all who responded to my recent
inquiry, regarding html format of Adland Digest.

I have printed many of the responses to show you what today's newsletters
subscribers are expecting. I wasn't surprised with the results (they
somewhat verified my  expectations). Majority of the responses suggest,
that you don't want html format of the newsletter. Plain text seems to work
best. I have also received some suggestions that digest is too long. Although
this might be true, one doesn't have to read the entire digest to find it

I always provide index at the top of the publication and either through
search or quick navigation, one can quickly find portions to read.

Anyway, for you future newsletter publishers, below is compilation of some
of the posts. I don't know  what you will do, but I will stick for a while
with just plain TEXT.      KISS.

Bogdan Fiedur


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=======Adland Digest Html Format andParticipation==============
From:Melody Vargas

In Issue #285  Bogdan asked for our opinions:

"I had more participation when this newsletter
had 2000 subscribers than today with over 26,000....
Please let me know if I need to worry  about the
format or it is something else."

As a subscriber since 1999, somewhere around
issue #100 and less than 10,000 subscribers, I
agree that the participation is less now.

Here are a few random comments:

1.  I don't like the personalization in the newsletter.

It makes me nervous, which is one of the reasons I
don't always read every issue.  I don't mind seeing
"Hello Melody Vargas" and the subscription information
addressed to me, but inserting my name in the ads
is a huge turn off and it really annoys me.  I used to
read the ads, I try to skip them now because I can't
focus past my name.  When I do read the ads, they
don't get the attention they deserve for the same

2.  As the list has grown, it has moved to more of an
audience mode.

Perhaps people feel that they aren't qualified to give
answers.  Perhaps people feel too embarrassed to ask
questions.  I don't know, but I do know that it is a
problem with many participation lists that as the list
itself grows, the group actively discussing topics

This started for me back when every time I posted a
response to a question or performed a site review, I'd
be bombarded with UCE/spam.  The change to not
include our email addresses unless we put them in our
signatures has fixed that problem, but I don't always
remember that.

Many of us also have less time.  I currently run 3 more
sites and 2 more communities than I did in 1999.  In my
community areas, I notice that the members are more
Internet savvy now, which decreases 'how' questions
quite a bit.  It doesn't seem to have much impact on
discussions outside of the usual Spring and Summer nice
weather slow down.  Could this just be a cyclical issue
for the AdLand Digest, too?

3.  Redundancy impacts participation.

I'd like to see more willingness to close a discussion when
it become redundant.  I'm thinking specifically about the
People in Your Brain fiasco (especially since I really wanted
to hold up a big "I told you so" sign, which would hardly
have been productive) and that MLM gold-thing that was
hot last year.

4.  Toss out ideas for us to chew on.

I'd like to see you give us more topic starters.  Bring up
one or two ideas to spark a discussion if no one else has.

5.  HTML isn't too bad, but text is better.

I didn't mind the HTML newsletter as much as I minded
the intrusive personalization.  However, I do prefer the
text newsletter. You'll also reach more AOL users by
providing text versions, since many of them don't accept
emails with graphic elements.

6.  Ax the posts that are only thinly disguise ads.

There seem to be more posts that are only thinly
disguised advertisements and sales letters that never
would have made it into the AdLand Digest a year or
more ago.  Perhaps its because there isn't enough for
an issue without them?  If so, I'd rather have a shorter

I have no problem with folks using their signature space
for a marketing message -- I'll do that myself below -- but
I want to read honest discussion and answers to questions
in the body of the posts.  Yes, sometimes a response
leads to a person's own Web site or affiliate program, but
that should be clear as part of the post and it should be
a solution, not just a sales tactic.

7.  Frequency is important.

Once a week is best, but once every two weeks is okay
too.  Less than that, and we lose track and forget about
the AdLand Digest.  More often than once a week, and I
start to think about unsubscribing.

In conclusion:
AdLand Digest still has the potential to be a valuable
resource for its subscribers.  A few adjustments could
make it as active as ever.

Melody Vargas



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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Sue Pretorius
Subject:How To Move Out Of The Inner Circle


John Colanzi talks about people to reach that are not in the inner circle.
How do we find these people?
I am most interested in:
Senior Citizens
The Disabled
The Two Career Family

I hope you can help me.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1- 2.15)=============
Subject:Adland Digest Html Format

From:Marianne Payton


I personally like both of them, but there are lots of people out
there, to this day, that still cannot or will not opt to use HTML.  I
have a feeling sticking to the tried and true is your best bet.

Just my 2 worth <grin>

God Bless,


From:Charles Pullen

I find your N.L. to be filled with a bunch of useful
info. html N.L.s are not my choice as a reader.
I unsubscribe to most of them.

As a publisher, your best choice is to offer a choice.
Keep up the good work and keep smilin'
Capt Charley


From:Wendy Lyon

Dear Bogdan,

I enjoy your newsletter, it is one of the only ones I always read.
I am not very computer literate but if the newsletter comes in HTML
I think there is a little picture on AOL saying it has an attachment. If
that is the case, I delete any email I get with an attachment without
opening it.

Continued success to you!

Wendy Lyon

From:Pauline W. Phillips


Keep the HTML coming. However, most who offer HTML subscription eMail give
the recipient the option of HTML or txt.


From:Channing Grigsby

My take on your format change problem is that html is cold and impersonal
and "too slick" and thus not very engaging. The email format is more
personal and homey and, given the prevalence of scam on the internet,
reassuring. Perhaps its preferred by your readers. It is by me.
If you want to make a change, perhaps more gradual would be better. On the
other hand, the change seems like a lot of work. I'm afraid it's a truism
about any kind of business that any kind of change costs customers,
including upgrades.
Hope this helps...
Channing Grigsby

From:Sara Sandhu

Hello Bogdan

I like this regular format than html. Remember we subscribers are mostly
newcomers to the internet or struggling to establish a good business.
Frankly speaking you did a excellent job of html format but it becomes a
little intimidating to me because I know nothing of html or advertising.
hope this helps

Sara Sandhu


You asked for it so here's my two cents worth Bogdan!

1. HTML vs text
My vote is for pure text.  Makes for easier reading for those of us who are
REALLY interested in the discussions.  Like you have seen, participation has

2.Publishing times.
I would like to see your ezine as a regular weekly if you have the time - I
know it's hard work.  When I took the leap to create my own ezine last year
I was attempting to emulate some of your ideas, i.e. the discussions and site
reviews.  However I found that by offering free advertising etc I was
attracting the 'wrong'  sort of subscriber, those wanting a free ad but not
willing to participate.  Whilst I now have over 800 subscribers, I have only
a handful that are responsive.

3.  I have attempted to 'brighten up' my ezine by adding a few graphics and
some coloured headings etc.  I feel that this just makes a change from the
boring standard black on white of so many other ezines without going the
extra step to html which not everyone can read and I personally find very
distracting. (FYEO - I'll send you a copy of my email text edition re the
highlighted and coloured bits if you would like)

4. The reason I can see for you having so many forward bookings for your ads
is the small number of ads per edition and the valuable resource you present
with such a responsive and interested group.  Keep it up, just remember to
keep clearing out the dead-wood (i.e. bouncing mailboxes etc) which I presume
you always do anyway.

thanks for listening


From:Ron Henry

I prefer the text version rather than HTML.
I prefer e-mail rather than online versions.
Ron Henry

From:LaVada Davis

Hi Bogdan,

Personally, I didn't like the HTML all that much.  I like just the plain
text version much better.  It's not so "in your face" if you know what
I mean.

That's my opinion.

LaVada Davis

From:Angie Boldwyn

Hi Bogdan

When I first started publishing an ezine, the readership
did participate more but these days people are receiving so
many ezines that they don't have the time.

However, AdLand Digest will be one that will outlast many
and participation will still be higher than most even though it's
lower than you had before.

I do prefer text format but that's just my opinion. It loads
faster and to me is easier to read.

:) Angie Boldwyn

From:Geoff Dodd

Hi Bogdan,

HTML looks more & more like a web page,
it suits the advertisers, but appears to
distract from the simple TEXT messages
which we share on an equal, level-playing field. I prefer text. It's not
tech, sure, but TEXT works.

Geoff Dodd

From:Robert Lee

Hi Bogdan,

I prefer the text format.
It is easier on the eyes to scan the text and the "flashiness" of the
advertising may be catchy but some of the colors were just too bright and
distracted from the overall tone of the newsletter.

All day I am busy deleting spam messages and the Adlands Digest was
beginning to look too similar.

Keep It Simple Stupid!


Robert Lee

From:Andy Sparks

I think discussion is down because there hasn't been any hot topics lately.
When the General, Robert E. Lee and I were arguing about Going Platinum (I
Lost), everybody had an opinion and some were quite heated.

Lately we have had a lot of posts saying, I found a great new site at THEIR
AFFILIATE LINK, it is wonderful and really good.

Don't take this the wrong way because I will work an affiliate link into a
post in a heartbeat. It just doesn't get as much response as a good old
knock down, drag out fight.  When someone says, I found a cool site, unless
I know the person from their posts, I probably won't go look unless it
happens to be a subject that I am interested in at the moment.

I try to post things in the Digest that will help the rest of the group and
I really appreciate the feedback when I ask a question to the group.

I still think the Alexa toolbar is very helpful. It
ranks sites by traffic and link popularity while you are surfing.  It has
changed the places that I buy ads or consider using their services.

When I first started using the Alexa toolbar, Your real estate for
was ranked just under 1.5 million and now it is ranked under 500,000.  I
still have a long way to go but it helps to have a standard to measure
against. I know Google has a toolbar and I apologize to say, I have never
downloaded the adlandpro toolbar to see what it does.

The digest is fine, somebody just needs to say something stupid so we can
all jump in and set them straight.

Andy Sparks

From:Cheryl Heidner

Hi Bodgan,

To be honest, I haven't read anyone's newsletter in awhile.
They all seem to be too long and take too much time.
and most cover too many subjects.

But, I did just read yours and am not quite sure
what you are asking, but my opinion is that most "all" not only
yours, are just too long.

I never go for contest, free offers or other gimmicks.
(I'm probably NOT the norm!) <gr>

Now that I'm thinking of it, the only newsletter I do read is
Brian Tracy's. It's short and too the point. Of course, it's
mostly to sell his products, so it's very specific.

Just my opinion, for what it's worth, hope it helps.

Cheryl Heidner


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Laural Botschen
Subject:How does a person figure out the good ones from the bad?

For Don White's question "How does a person figure out the good ones from
the bad?", I'd like to say research and trial and error.  I spent over a
year and lots of money (that I couldn't really afford) looking for an honest
e-business that delivers the cash.  When I finally found one that sounded
like a good fit for me, I spent six months researching it--asking questions,
making phone calls and checking BBB reports.  I finally took the plunge and
am happy to report that my efforts really paid off.  It is now my only
source of income, and that's saying a great deal, I think, because I'm a
single parent of 3 with one daughter in college and another on the way to a
private college next year!
    For more information on this "good one", e-mail me at


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
From:Charles Pullen
Subject:How does a person figure out the good ones from the bad?

Don,  You've already taken a good step.  You question
the worthiness  of sites that promise the moon.
You evidently recognize a pile of "stuff" when you
see it.
No one can tell you what a "good program is".  If you
define what you think makes a "program" good, there
are probably some folks reading your note who can help
Personally, I'm very leary of *any* "program".
Look at your local businesses.  Does any hamburger
franchise  , or hardware store, bookstore, etc.,
call itself a "program"?

Avoid business ops that emphasize making money by
signing up new "dealers" or "distributors" or what
ever they call them.  The best are selling products.
...good products. Things you would be happy to sell
to your family and your friends.

A lot of people believe that becoming an affiliate is
a good way to start in e-business.  The best course
in affiliate marketing is free.  You can get it at
Good luck
Capt Charley


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.3)=============
From:Steve Christy
Subject:How does a person figure out the good ones from the bad?

Hi Bogdan

Before I reply to Don's Posting I would like to take time to congratulate
you for a  great Newsletter/ Ezine, which I have received from day 1 of my
online Marketing  ventures, What you provide is a an excellent source of
info, for both experienced and newbies alike Well done! , I am a member of
many private and free Ezines, But always read Adland  Digest from Top to
Bottom. Kind Regards

Steve Christy

P.S Have Been subscribed nearly a year (This is my 1st posting!!)

RE: From:Don White
Subject:How does a person figure out the good ones from the bad?

Hi Don and fellow Adlanders,

Don you have to a certain degree asked the catch 22 question! and one which
is brought up many times in a lot of ezines and internet forums, even from
experienced onliners!
Like most you have choice, One of the most difficult parts of  marketing
online is to sort the Wheat from The Chuff so to speak, many of us here have
spent $$$ and time trying to do just that, We are all in different programs,
some with Cory' some in Terry Dean's ect .

Your comments about BS guarantees is somewhat justified, most offer 30 day
money back in full, Neil Shearing of ScamfreeZone has a Gold Site listing
which all programs listed and all owners agree to the above or they will pay
in full (period!)

Most programs take time and effort to perfect, There is no make a  $10,000
over night or get rich quick, (more like slowly) The answer to you other
point is yes there are the good guy's out there willing to help  Neil
Shearing, Phil wiley, Ken Envoy and more and yes I am associated with them
as are some others here, I have not blatantly placed the links for them here
either! .

Don it's very hard at any stage of marketing online, sometimes it seems like
your going nowhere, Most of us spend our day placing Ads searching for info
and reading up, Or even like here, trying help our fellow onliners. "Welcome
to the biggest learning curve of your life" Online Marketing"  Hope that

Steve Christy



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.4)=============
From:Mike Fisher
Subject:How does a person figure out the good ones from the bad?

Hi Don,
        I have been actively assimilating business opportunities on the net
for some time now and there are a lot of good ones out there.

    What I have discovered is that you can set certain criteria by which you
can qualify any business.I will list them in order of importance:

    No 1; support,upline and company.This is the most essential aspect of
success in any online business,without it you lose heart and give up.

    No2;product,must be something that everybody can use or needs,and
especially on the net something that is digitally delivered is the
ultimate.People receive their product instantly ( no shipping ).

    No3;compensation plan,must be high pay out,most internet companies can be
run more economically therefore the residual should reflect that.

    No4;debt free,check the company out are they financially secure,do they
belong to the Chamber Of Commerce,do they have the blessing of the Better
Business Bureau.

    No5;established,how long have they been in business,2 years maybe
5years,phone the office find out how professional they are.Is it a
progressive company or did they just throw a few products and tools together
and leave you to it.

    No6;pay on time,does this company pay commissions on time,find out from
somebody who knows.Ask for statements from prospective upline.

    If you apply the above criteria to any business and they come up
smelling of roses then you have most likely made the right decision,but I
cannot stress enough; upline support is the most essential yardstick.

    Did I find a business that meets all these requirements (and more ) you
betcha,and I am real glad I did.
                                                best wishes



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.5)=============
From:Geoff Dodd
Subject:How does a person figure out the good ones from the bad?

Don, It takes t-i-m-e and vision to see thru the 'empty Hype'. It takes
an architect's eye to see the, and the underlying
structure of a program on offer. You face a dilemma; on the one hand
you need to get in early, as a founder, when the idea is FRESH, you
will have some new VALUE to offer the market.. then you ride a new
wave of 'momentum' -a roller coaster?
But it needs to be TESTED, solid, tried and true.. (then you are late!)
This is the dilemma with our new high-tech medium...... fresh & new
& innovative, versus 'tested in the fires and proven over time..'

Design.. a powerful Lead Funneling Operator for months of endless
follow-up of your prospects.. and a unique compensation plan which
'pays you more for helping your downline to climb up'... Leadership
Bonuses are what you need in a good program.

Products which people want/need/
get healthy from/ offer VALUE in an
outstanding way...

FREE entry level. Free lead-in offer like the innovative FreeStoreClub.
Like 'SFI' which has millions now, and Referralware which has 300k

Study the action steps required for a new member. 1)free entry, fill a
simple form. 2)login, change password. 3)basic training, free!
Exact methods, proven steps in a series of training emails.. methods
that work.. Given free. And as for traffic, go to where the traffic is...    Overture/  Pay a little..
Don, click around here:

Geoff Dodd


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.6)=============
From:Robert Lee
Subject:How does a person figure out the good ones from the bad?

Don, this is the place to ask. Email in the programs you are curious about
and they will be looked at.
I have many opinions that I am willing to share, right or wrong, LOL.

BTW, anyone heard the latest about Going Platinum (sorry Bogdan, I couldn't

Happy selling!
(But keep the snake oil to yourself!)

Robert Lee

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
Subject:Google searches and toolbar/error message

I am not understanding the information about installing to get better ranking with Google.  Is
this a tool bar you install on your home page?




===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From:Debra Glinsey
Subject:Google searches and toolbar/error message

I am having major problems here.  I tried to install the Google toolbar and
I keep getting an error message that says setting prohibit running Active X
control on this page and to set the Security Tab to medium, the problem is
it is set to medium and it still gives me the error message.

I have also tried to list at Steven site and received and error
message of 154 and have no idea what that is.  Sent you an e-mail Steven,

Another thing is it does not matter what I am doing mean I can click on a
link in a e-mail or a link on a site and I get 404 error message and
sometimes it takes me 4 or 5 time clicking back and forth to get to where I
am going.

I need help bad and yes I know I need a new computer too.

May question is, is there a place that I can check out my computer to see
what is wrong with it and or is there anyone of you beautiful people that
can help me.

Debra Glinsey

Sunbelt, Home and Office Coffee Service


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.3)=============
From:Laurie Rogers
Subject:Google searches and toolbar/error message

Re: Google Search Engine Tips,

I use Google Search engine probably more so than
any other search engine online. And I do understand
their wanting to list sites with MORE content, however
is it NOT true that Google is currently being sued for
giving unfair rankings to sites with LESS content?

At least that's what I believe I heard recently on CNN.
I do understand the fact the sites "should" provide
more rich content - lord knows there's enough out
there that lack information they could be providing.

But for the average work at home, small business
person, I think that's a bit discriminatory. Especially
since the majority of marketers are turning to mini
sites because of the affordability of them.

Who wants to pay $15 and up for a domain and
$24 for "reliable" hosting a month, just to sell and
promote one product? I know I wouldn't, if that was
me. The bigger the site you have, the more space
you need = bigger hosting bill. That's all fine and
dandy, but for the average person it's not.

Just my opinion.

Laurie Rogers



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.4)=============
From:Robert Lee
Subject:Google searches and toolbar/error message

I have to agree with S.Ghosh that Google is the most important search
engine. They currently server more than 150 million searches every day and
it's great when you are on the receiving end of some of that traffic!

Their "Page Rank" system of finding the information you are searching for
can be a great help when you want to find it fast! But for someone starting
out a new website the task to get listed and found (!) on Google and (Google provides the search backbone  or "web page matches"
results for Yahoo) is a daunting one.

The first trap to avoid is joining a "link farm". This type of program will
encourage you to add several pages to your website, linking to them from
your front page, that are just links of other web sites. You instantly have
pages upon pages of other web sites that link to you, as you link to them
and can be a great way to increase your Google Page Rank, since one of the
measurements in the Page Rank system is how many incoming links there are to
your web site. But the guys at Google have discovered this trick and made
adjustments that can penalize and even blacklist your website for being a
link farm participant.

You have been warned.

The best way to increase your Page Rank is to trade links to your web site
with "related web sites". The value of a link from a web site that is
similar to your web site is greater than an unrelated link and Google will
increase your Page Rank accordingly.

Using the Google Toolbar, you can find the ranking of other sites and target
your "Let's Trade Links" emails to sites that have a better ranking than

Another great tool, and one that should not be overlooked, is the Alexa
Toolbar. This navigational and informational toolbar attaches itself to your
browser (Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator) and can instantly provide
a wealth of information about the web sites you visit. It does collect
aggregate information on how you use the web and uses that information to
better rank web sites (and they are owned by, but can certainly
help you gather the information you need for your linking campaign.

Google Information page:

Alexa Toolbar

So prepare those emails, create places for links to appear on your web site
and show the world that you mean business!

Robert Lee

Dating B2B
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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From:Robert Lee
Subject:Who REALLY Spreads a Virus Hoax?

And for some fun and stress relief check out

Even the error page is cool.

But you may want to skip the fake virus scan at:


Alias Robert Lee

Free Computer Pranks, Games, Movies & More!
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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From:William Jaroske

Hello All adland folks

I since ran an advertisement in an ezine back in December for one time. A
month later I receive a notice saying I was spamming from some misguided
spam cops, that was completely unwarranted. Please have some awareness when
placing ads in ezines.

thank you

William Jaroske


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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Andy Sparks
Subject:Are any of the Digest members experiencing problems with Overture?

Hi Bogdan

Every now and then I encounter things on the Internet that I can not
understand and this is one of those times.  I have been actively searching
for real estate related sites to advertise my ebook, Secrets to Real Estate
Wealth  and I often find it frustrating to email someone about advertising
on their site and basically being told no, we don't want your money.

I found a site for Phoenix area real estate and the webmistress had six ad
spots that she was trying to sell to Realtors.  Five of the six spots are
empty,  I approached her about buying one of the spots and she said, no
those spots are for Realtors.  I don't know about the other members of the
Digest, but If I had five out of six spots empty and someone emailed me to
buy an ad, I'd get their money. Especially if it was related to my subject
matter.  I am a Realtor but I don't work in the Phoenix area.

I just had Overture turn down some new listings.  They said se the listing
guidelines but for the life of me, I can't understand why they think the
keyword wasn't relevant. Me real estate ebook contains a real estate option
agreement and how to buy and sell with options.  They denied me using the
keyword phrase :Real Estate Option". A keyword of phrase can't get more

I have requested an explanation from their support form and I will let you
know what is going on.  Maybe Overture doesn't want my money either.  I
predict they will have to change this practice or become a dot bomb instead
of a dot com.

I had been reading between the lines from other sources that Overture was
becoming less user-friendly and more expensive. Apparently this is factual.

Are any of the Digest members experiencing problems with Overture?

If you have a real estate related web site, email me with the URL and ad
costs. Reference Adland Digest in the subject line so I
don't think you are spamming me.

Andy Sparks
Secrets to Real Estate Wealth


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
Subject:Search Engine Position Tips :   MSN

Create pages with your key word or phrase in the title tag. Then use you key
word or phrase in the description tag and also in the Meta keyword tag. Make
sure that you use your key words and phrases as often as possible in the
text on your page and as close to the top of the page as possible. Remember
spiders do not see graphics so they do not count, only text does. Use alt
image tags to introduce a few more occurrences of your key words but do not
go over board with these.

MSN says it will only accept one page from a site and then ignore all the
rest, we have found that if we submit one page and wait for it to be ranked,
they will accept another page immediately after.

MSN Search displays LookSmart directory results *first* in response to
search queries made on its site. So in order to come up for keyword searches
here, you'll need to be listed in LookSmart. I'd opt for the cheaper $149
listing (a review of your site is guaranteed within 8 weeks)...

Next back-up is INKTOMI results. MSN displays these second (after the
LookSmart listings). BUT... they are displayed FIRST when a visitor's search
query doesn't return any results from the LookSmart directory (i.e., similar
to Yahoo! and Google).

At the present time, you can still submit to Inktomi for free through

However, if you really want to see results, you'll need to buy your way into
the index. With the "free" route, I found that although I could get my home
page listed without difficulty, nothing else seemed to stick in the index
for any amount of time. And it's all those Keyword-Focused Content Pages
that generate the traffic! So instead, I opted for the Inktomi paid
inclusion program through PositionTech... .

For a one year Inktomi subscription (with guaranteed 48 hr. re-crawlings)
the cost is $39 for the first URL, and $25 for URLs 2 --> 1,000.
PositionTech is the best service I have tested -- their interface is simple
and intuitive. They report the number of clicks each page receives (in
addition to the 48 hour refreshes) so it's very easy to evaluate the
performance of each page within the index. At any time you wish, you may
switch a low-performing page for another with more potential from the same
domain. I paid to have 8 pages from included through
PositionTech for a cost of $214 (1 x $39 + 7 x $25).

It usually take them 2-3 days to index and rank a page.

For FREE guide,tips and resources visit :
a Beginner's Guide To Home Business


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From:Rodney J. Dufrin
Subject:I thought this may benefit fellow Adlanders

Here is a great 7 day eCourse for Adlanders

Rodney J. Dufrin



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (4)=============
Subject:My biggest problem with is getting leads

Hi, my name is Catherine.
What I have my biggest problem with is getting leads
to buy my product or get the services I am trying to
  I have been with the
for about two weeksand I am making a little progress
with it.

  It has 4 stores where you can buy,sell,or give away.
I put some flea market items on the board and sell
them on the internet.

It has a different way of doing things.Like they say,
it's the MLM-U-Turn.

It was nice talking to you.

Best regards,


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=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:Robert Lee

Hi Andy,

I took another look at your web site, and
really like the improvements, although I still don't like the frames

But to answer your question:
Go here:
To find pop up window coding, you'll likely find what you need either ready
to go or on one of the java sites linked at the bottom of the page.

A random contest can open you up to all kinds of legal obligations... Some
states tax winnings, others require a skill testing question to be answered
prior to the prize being awarded, etc.. You don't know where your visitor is
from and you don't want to become a test case for the IRS over a few dollars
of Internet winnings, do you?

What I would suggest is simply creating your popup windows as your ebook
teasers. Put small snippets of your book on each popup window with
instructions on how to get more of the book. Don't forget the privacy
disclosure! People want to know what happens when they supply web sites with
their email address.. Be sure you have a written policy in place!

That's my suggestion.

Happy selling!

Robert Lee

Dating B2B
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=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============
Provided by Frank Kaiser <>


In case you needed further proof that the human race is doomed through
stupidity, here are some actual label instructions on consumer goods.

1. On Sears' hairdryer: "Do not use while sleeping."

2. On a bag of Fritos: "You could be a winner! No purchase necessary.
Details inside." (Evidently, the shoplifter special)

3. On a bar of Dial soap: "Directions: Use like regular soap." (And that
would be how. . . ?

4. On Tesco's Tiramisu dessert (printed on bottom of box): "Do not turn
upside down." (Oops, too late!)

5. On Marks & Spencer Bread Pudding: "Product will be hot after heating."
(As night follows the day . . . .)

6. On packaging for a Rowenta iron: "Do not iron clothes on body." (But
wouldn't this save even more time?)

7. On Nytol Sleep Aid: "Warning: May cause drowsiness." (One would hope)

8. On most brands of Christmas lights: "For indoor or outdoor use only."
(As opposed to what?)

9. On Sainsbury's peanuts: "Warning: Contains nuts." (NEWS FLASH)

10. On a child's Superman costume: "Wearing of this garment does not enable
you to fly." (I don't blame the company, I blame parents for this one.)

Let's hear from you......

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