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Credit card processing in Canada   "Bogdan  Fiedur"            
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Subject:          Credit card processing in Canada
From:             "Bogdan   Fiedur" <>

Hi All,

I was just wandering if anybody on the list accepts credit cards in
Canada. What are your experiences, what companies are providing such
service in Canada and how much does it cost. I'm interested in both
having merchant account and having third party process my

Bogdan Fiedur
Adland World's Classifieds

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Hope these two sites help everyone become more successful

Charity Adams
Subject:          Are awards increasing traffic?
From:              "Adland" <>

Hi everybody.

David asked in last digest if awards are in any way helping
in  increasing traffic. I don't think results can be easily measured
and I can't say  for sure how effective they are to bring the traffic
to the site.  But there is one thing certain. When you submit
application for award, sponsor of the awarding site has to come and
view  your page, then in case you will become the winner you will be
placed on the winner list. You certainly create some references to
your site and short burst of traffic when site is being reviewed. If
you submit your site for 100 awards, potentially you will get 100
visitors extra in duration of one week. Even if you are not awarded
you will get visit and maybe sell some of your products or services.
Another aspect which not directly contributes to traffic is
recognition of your site by others who are themselves designers,
marketers or experts in other areas so you are being noticed which
might pay off in the future.
Here are few addresses of sites keeping links to  awarding sites.
Some of them are quite automatic like
and some require you to go to each site and manually submit all

To see Adland award page go here.
Bogdan Fiedur
Adland World's Classifieds
Moderator's Comments:
To add to Bogdan's list of sites for Awards you might also check out
the Online Marketing Resource Center at
About half way down the page under under options to promote your site
are several dealing with awards, contexts and sweepstakes.

Also, another note: Just a reminder that you should not email me any
of the ads that you  post on the Adland's Classified site.
There have been several who have sent ads to the list and note that
they will not make it here.
Let's hear from you......

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