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                      Vol. 1 issue #295  Jun, 20, 2002

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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher
1.About Site Reviews
2.Robert Lee's recent site reviews

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)

1.There is a new SPAMMER in Town/anti-virus software
~John Colanzi
~Cecil Whorton
~Lois M. Jeary
~James Pendleton
~ Andy Sparks

3. I am searching for an online income opp
~ John Olson

N e w     P o s t s  (2)

1. Steve-O
~ Concordegroup

2. Samuel Fitzpatrick
~ Linking

Site Review Requests   (3)
1.Pauline Tanner


3.Pauline Tanner

Site Review Responses   (7)

1. John Yarrow

2. William Jaroske

3. John Olson

4.John Olson 

5. John Olson 

6.Andy Sparks

7. William Jaroske

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.Explode Your Sales With Banner Ads!
By A.T.Rendon

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  235 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Although I'm right now enjoying week of vacations far from my office,
due to the technology I can still produce another issue of digest and
keep recent discussions going. Enjoy.

Bogdan Fiedur


John Colanzi writes


I just wanted to say the Gold membership has
been working even better than I expected.

I usually get leery when something online goes
from free to fee, but I thought I'd try the upgrade
and see what happened.

Between the banner click throughs I receive and
the increased commissions, I'm more than
satisfied with the Gold membership.

John Colanzi

Free Content For Web Masters & Publishers


Check existing Gold Member features here
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=================About Site Reviews===================
From:Robert Lee

Review it yourself!
Everyone has the need for web site feedback. If you provide a poor
experience to your web site visitor they will not return - ever! They will
not tell their friends about your site - ever! They will not buy your
products - ever!

I mention these facts because many people seem to miss this point.

Take some time and take a long hard look at your web site.

What is the main goal of your web site?
Does the information you provide answer the main goal that you have set
out for your web site?
Is the navigation easy to use, can the links be found without much
Is it easy to tell what type of information is at the end of the link?
Have you had someone (with excellent spelling and grammar abilities)
proof-read your web site?
Have you taken the time to view your website in the 2 most common
resolutions (1024x768 ands 800x600)? Are you sure that everything lines up
the way it should?

Have you viewed your website with the 2 most common browsers (Internet
Explorer and Netscape)? AOL is soon to be switching their customers to the
latest version of Netscape from IE5, are you ready for them?

If you are selling a product have you gone through the selling and
shopping cart process? Is it easy to use or confusing? (Most sales that
are lost are lost during the shopping cart process.)

Is your FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page up to date? Do you even have
one? If you don't, why not?
Do you offer more than one type of contact (email and phone or postal
mail)? If not, why not? (Email only contact is NOT good if you are selling

Do you state what your return policy is? (Even if you have a no refund/no
return policy, it should be stated as such somewhere.)

There are many more ways to look at your site and you should try to get as
many opinions as you can, every little bit will help.

Even the negative reviews will help to re-enforce ideas about your site
that may not be apparent due to your emotional connection to your site. It
really isn't your baby, it is your business.

And your business success is directly proportional to the effort you put
into it, when that effort is properly directed.

Happy Designing!
Robert Lee

Here is a new review of my site, although not the best it is rather
(I have won this award now 2 years running!)

The Web's Choosiest Dating Service Directory
Winner 'Best Of The Web' By 2002
Your Success Is Important To Us!

============Robert Lee's recent site reviews ========
From: "Robert Lee"

Andy Sparks wrote

The General, Robert E. Lee, is not always warm and fuzzy but He has the
truly annoying habit of being right almost all the time. He might hurt
your feelings but if He says something you had better listen.

Andy Sparks

Hi Bogdan, Andy, Rikki, Rhonda Rosser, Kenneth L. Hanna, Jerome Dsouza,
William Jaroske and all,
Never do I intend to hurt someone's feelings in a web site review. I do
understand what the pride of ownership is and what it takes to have a
successful website. I also try to understand what draws people to websites
and what helps the owners/managers of those sites to make a living from

I offer my opinions to help people that are drawn to the web to earn a
living. Good fortune has brought them to this list that Bogdan so
diligently maintains. Good (or bad!) luck has allowed myself to interact
in some small part with them as well.

It is all business and the business of selling.
I have been successful in my endeavors and will have a 6 figure income
this year and the years to follow through my websites and the marketing of
them. If online dating isn't for you, fair enough, but I met my wife
online 5 years ago and we're very happy together, so if you try to tell me
it's all a scam, well, that is the purpose of my site after all, isn't it?

I certainly appreciate those that have come to my defense, but honestly, I
need no defending. My opinions are "mine" and I freely share them with the
members of this list.

You are also invited to share your opinions, thanks to Bogdan.

William Jaroske said "Looking over your website Mr. Lee and I was not
still Impressed by some of the content. Some of it is somewhat sleazy.
Even I were in the market of dating."

I believe you are mistaken sir. There is no "sleaze" on my sites. Not on
any of them. You obviously have a bias that needs to be understood better.
Did you know that online dating is the fastest growing industry next to
porn? And that these two sectors ARE DIFFERENT?

Ahh, well, I have no concerns about selling to you, so be it. I will look
for another visitor that can use one of the hundreds of services that I
have personally reviewed. That is MY business.

Several weeks ago I offered my opinion of your website according to your
request for a review. What you do with it is up to you.

I consider the issue closed.

Happy Selling!
Robert Lee

Eventually LackOfInterest Takes Over

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:John Colanzi
Subject:There is a new SPAMMER in Town/anti-virus software


I have to agree with you 100%. If the anti spam
sites actually went after real spam, it would be fine,
but a lot of ezine publishers get attacked for
spam on a whim.

There needs to be a middle ground where if
someone wants to report spam it should at
least be proven it's spam.

As it is, anyone can subscribe to a bunch of
lists to grab freebies, forget some of the ones
they subscribed to and voila another spam

I've just come to the conclusion that bogus
complaints are a part of my life.

John Colanzi

Street Smart Marketing


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From:Cecil Whorton
Subject:There is a new SPAMMER in Town/anti-virus software


"I went to them and to MSN and complain about all the porn and
junk in my mail, they came back to me right away and said "always
get the URL and the  email address  even though it's fake) send it to
us, then be very careful to who you sign up to, email address CAN
be stolen and harvested ..... a piece of advice go to your ISP. "

Laurie Rogers  wrote,
Hi Mary,

I can understand as to why you would go to your ISP and
complain about the junk mail that you are receiving, but I
also want to make a point about your comments. Going
to your ISP is only going to make matters worse. And the
reason why I say this, is because that is one of the "BIG"
reasons why Filtering Software is now being implemented
on the majority of ISP's out there.

I do NOT think a lot of you out there realize HOW much
spam filtering software is RUINING, INNOCENT people's
businesses. I'm NOT just talking about Marketing ezines
and newsletters either, I am also referring to "MAJOR"
Department Stores, Domain Renewals, Utility Bills and
Legal Documents etc. are ALL being filtered, based on
After a time or two of fatal crashes my systems have been
 protected to some extent with McKfee protection which.
 I keep it updated and it has cought several viruses.
 Also installed their personal firewall  and  am amazed
 at the attempts that are made to enter my computer.
I must agree with Laurie Rogers and for that reason,
I did not order McKfee's email filter.
 Here is my remedy for spam and it may be the wrong thing to do. ??
 It t is my decision to decide if to block or not to block.
 My email is set to remove FROM THE SERVER after 1or 2 days
and when I empty deleted Items folder.
 This gives me time to run my subsriber plug-in for my news letter.
 (I use Group MailPro)
 Which has the advantage of holding addresses, phone numbers, etc.
But has the disadvantage of using my isp mail to send out the letter.
The Internet would die if it was not for business so if you can't stand
the heat,
reset the damper but don't put out the fire.
This is one of the greatest networking forums on the net. So open and
not a not a self hugging bunch of hypsters.  Thanks to the moderators.
Cecil Whorton, 


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From:Lois M. Jeary
Subject:There is a new SPAMMER in Town/anti-virus software

Hi Bogdan and Fellow Adlanders,
While the SPAM situation is out of control, I have to
agree with Laurie Rogers about 'reporting it to your
ISP'.  Most ISPs have filters on the mail and even they
don't know just what the filters are.  Reporting SPAM
to your ISP is not always the best alternative.  You'll
probably have more problems rather than less.
I've danced around in circles with my ISP.  I publish an
ezine and if a certain program has been added to that
list (which often happens when there's a new program
or service - the Internet is flooded with mail about it) it
will cause several bounces due to the ISP Blocking
My provider doesn't care whether I am trying to advise
my subscribers about a scam.  If certain words are
contained in the message, it's lost in cyberspace.
Laurie Rogers gave several excellent suggestions for
trying to keep the SPAM down.  Another suggestion is
to use the HTML code symbols to create your email
address on your webpages.  It looks pretty wild in
the code but your address is visible when visitors
come to your site.
Another option for anti-virus software that I'm looking
at is PC-cillin by Trend.  I've used their free online scan
House Call ( ) and just
about every time, they catch something that Norton
has missed.  I've used Norton Anti-virus since I started
online, however, they don't seem to be as up to date
when it comes to catching 'behaviour' of a virus.
Have a great day!
Lois M. Jeary


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:James Pendleton

Man o man now I have heard it all! Yes my comment
about constructive criticism is timeless. I am a
profound individual.However may natural spiritual
humility keeps me grounded and clear.

Ronald do not think one second I tell others what they
want to hear. I call it like I see it. It just comes
across different. Not a harsh for a lack of a better
term.Coated with some sugar so it tastes better and
not bitter.

Ronald Webb "It is obvious that Robert is very
anti-MLM so you are therefore assumed guilty before
you can prove you're innocent."

I feel in my gut this is not correct. What Robert does
is seek the truth. Just like I do when it come to the
millions of rip  off programs out here on the web.
Does it mean a vendetta against MLM?? Certainly not!!

Ronald Webb: "Robert, "hide?" You are  wrong on all
counts. Let me explain. I teach to others the
importance of tracking your URL's to see how many
people show an interest in your ad or URL."

Give it up! Your are trying to save face. You
got called out and exposed. You missed the whole
point. You came to Adland with look at my site. My
work ect ect. That is what struck the cord! 10's of
1000's of readers here. We ain't stupid. Yeah url
tracking is important. Yeah that is valid
marketing need.

But I run name servers! I got server logs that
tell me more than just url information. Host my self
as far as my free component domain with raw log files
and more as far as statistical tracking.So your
reasoning is weak. Has holes in it to justify redirect
purpose. Robert's exposure of your sites origins.
Original true domains hosted on a name server do not
have long URLs. That is what this is about. Going to
your site and seeing no info about you. Finding
other dead URLS added to the doubt in you and your

So you got this program. You got your book. You have
someone doing your design. You got your site being
redirected to suit your needs in regards to your
marketing effort. You have no info about who you are
visible. You are here to make sales like everyone

So let it be written so let it be done.

I am sure you feel damaged. Hit hard thinking you
would come here and get sales. You got sign ups from
Adland users. Prove it!! What you say??? You don't
have to prove anything?? Well yes you do?? If you want
to restore credibility.

You think you know James Pendleton?? LOL!!! Know you
don't. I may be more skeptical and disbelieving that
Robert Lee. Not out here to make money quick get rich
or build down lines. I am free and immune to all the
hype and all the crap!

I gain Pleasure from helping others for free at:

Providing hosting as a fee component to extend their
true presence on the web at :

(not a redirect an actual domain!)

URL tracking??? Sure! With freebonanza's url
tracking tool. With the tracking link used in
many other areas on the web where I have placed
it for promotion.

However my sites.....
Built by me , made by me supporting itself like any
other business. Not a corporation but a personal host.

A hand full of loyal clients. Built from my honesty
and integrity. Growing slowly the old fashion way.
One person at a time.

Am I a web professional like Robert? No I am not.
However I work in the technical field now going on
23 years. I am a trouble shooter. I fix other peoples
problems. Web security means that's all I can say in
this forum. It takes some digging but you can learn
all about me at my free component domain.
As far as the web... I am good at what I
do. I can talk the talk and walk the walk.
Yet I am still learning and have lots more to learn!

I am not on the web to make a living from the web,
fire my boss or retire quickly  make 5000 in a week ,
ect, ect, blah, blah, blah.

In my opinion MLM and down line stuff has ruined the
web. However it created a market in itself for
advertising because all the frenzy driven people need
away to sell and get others to see and join all the
crap they offer.

Adland pro is a shining example of benefits from
this market. AdlandPro in my opinion one of the few
honest marketing resource out here. I am not just
saying this.
I have seen many. Bodgan created it and it thrives. It
feeds on the market created by the need to advertise.
It this wrong?? Heck no! It it business skill at its

This frenzy also created the ebook market. It created
the net marketing training market. Many have
capitalized by creating original works and selling
them to others. Some good some bad.

Millions are desperately trying to make a living or
quick buck. They do not  care if they bilk people out
of their money. Just as long as they get paid and paid
as much as they can before they disappear or their
product saturates. That!!! is what this is all
It sickens me. Because I remember the web the way it
used to be. Ronald Webb?? Are you one of these

So except the factual truth of what was revealed. Try
to learn from it and fix it. Your attempt at damage
control failed in my eyes. Continue here in Adland.
You need to. You will learn something.
Your  rambling only made things worse. You will learn
more by listening first. If you do not know what you
are taking about don't talk. Listen first, learn then
comment. Always ask first then learn. Am I your
advocate?? Nope!  No way!!!  Am I standing
up for Robert? Nope!!! He is a big boy and can take
care of him self.

My comments and reviews are here for all. So that
everyone is clear on who I am and where I stand.

So let it be written.......

James Pendleton


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From:Andy Sparks

This is regarding a recent site review and I am sending a copy
to the adland digest.  You did a review about a millionaire mind .com and
correctly guessed the guy was not genuine.  I am cutting
and pasting his response to refresh everyone's memory.
I have it on good authority from a business associate that I trust,
that Ronald did not write the millionaire mind ebook. 
I will tell you how this came about.  The business associate had a domain
name that I was interested in and He had it pointing to an affiliate page
for a millionaire mind.   I asked him about it and he said a friend had
written it and it was making him a little cash on
the side.  I didn't think anything about it until this controversy
about a millionaire mind site review.  I was emailing my business
associate today and told him that his friend was in a controversy
in the Adland Digest.
Turns out his buddy sold the rights to a millionaire mind a few weeks ago
and it does not appear that Ronald is my associates friend or the original
I think that it is very likely that following the Post from Adland #292 is
at best a miscommunication.
Subject:Robert Lee's recent site reviews

Robert Lee wrote.

Hi Ronald,

Your site request for a review, Ronald Webb-founder, is just a cheap ploy
to get us to visit your site. It is an affiliate site that you joined,
certainly not a web site or product you created.

Robert Lee

Robert I am hurt and appalled that you would accuse me of such a cheap
stunt. I spent months writing the ebook
I researched many personal development strategies to teach people how
to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and show them how to change
their lives. I identify with the newbies, allowing them to
join for free as an affiliate or by purchasing the ebook package
earning commissions six levels deep. This is my creation!
Robert someone has to create the programs we see and join, not everyone is
an affiliate trying to get free exposure. I am the creator and founder. My
blood, sweat and tears went into the creation of this program.

Before I officially launch I want the opinion, of the Ad Digest
Opinions that I value and highly regard. Does it appeal to them? Does it
have value? what else does it need? What can I do to make it better?
I am the creator and founder and I am asking for your help.

Now if I am wrong and Ronald really did create the program, all He has to
do is prove it and I will publicly apologize in the Digest.  A millionaire
mind is currently selling founder positions for $100.
If He had said He was a founder, that would be understandable.
I have serious doubts that He created the program.
Andy Sparks


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:John Olson 
Subject:I am searching for an online income opp

Jerome D. writes,

<<I am searching for an online income opportunity and
i have tried many but all seem to be not just virtual
but really unrealistic. I have finally reached something
called EMM and it looks like there is something here,
there's content, there are real products, two things i
consider very important. >>

Jerome, while I am not an expert on EMM, I have heard some not to nice
things about them and the rules having to do with any earnings. I'm sure
others will post their own thoughts and experience with this Company, but
I would go slowly into it, and keep both eyes open. The history of online
Shopping Mall Opportunities has not been a bright one. And a New one just
launched this last week, called Smallbiz or something like that. It's also
Free and I have seen it advertised in every Safelist I subscribe to. So,
be careful.

On the other hand, if you are still looking for an Online Opportunity with
Real Products, Content and a Good track record, you should check out
Cognigen. They have been around for along time and you can become a rep
for free. Great products, real savings for your customers and friends, and
a real earning potential. Like anything, it will require some work and
time, but they have a lot of resources for their members. I have many of
the products and services linked through out my site, but if you want to
look at the business opportunity, here's a link:

But whatever you do, make sure you keep your eyes open, and do what you're
doing now, ask for advice from those who have been around a while.

Take care and good luck,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============

I have received numerous e-mails about concordegroup and still do after I
un subscribed to them...I was wondering if you have ever checked out there
site before, they seem really professional.
I just received an e-mailing saying I could receive a check just by
answering one question on there page, that has to be a scam.


One may wander a maze forever and still not know them selves.


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Samuel Fitzpatrick


I was wondering if anyone has any experience in linking with other sites.
I've recently joined Professional Networkers/4-life Research.  I've
watched the MLM industry for about 6 months now and figured they were the
best opportunity for me. Anyhow, I'm thinking about going to website
owners and asking them to link to me. Is there any tips anyone can give me
to get my site linked. Actually I have two distributor sites
( and
( Which site do think would interest
people the most.   I know the website owners want compensation for their
time and space so what kind of compensation is probably the best route?

I've also wanted to ask since my products revolve around Health products
would it be wise to make my own 'Health' website and link those two sites
somehow into the scenerio?

Samuel Fitzpatrick


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=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Terry Schroeder

Hi, Bogdan, I was reading with interest the recent
blow-up about site reviews, and Mr. Lee's somewhat
acerbic comments, and have just a couple of

One of the strengths of this newsletter is the
straight forward nature of the participant's forum.
When people communicate in any form, the ultimate goal
is knowledge. If the reviewers learned something from
their reviews, this goal was reached, tactfulness
aside. If the submitter(s)didn't want honesty, maybe
they shouldn't ask people to look at their site.

Personally, I want to know exactly what people think,
and brutal honesty, as this increases the
effectiveness of my advertising. I really could care
less if someone likes the color of my backgrounds ("I
just LOVE the mauve color -- it matches my
What I want to know is how the viewer reacted to my
sales message.

Having said this, I would be proud to have my site
reviewed by the best and the brightest readers of this
newsletter, and this includes you, Mr. Lee :). It is
located at

Waiting in humble anticipation, --Terry Schroeder (I
hope they like my background color).

FREE Safelists, Free Traffic, Great Marketing Tools!


=====================Site Review Request  (2)===============

I will appreciate the feedback of this list.
I am at present getting feedback that viewers from certain countries
read the information on my site because the writing is too small can you
assist me by telling me if this is to with you .  My site is at -



=====================Site Review Request  (3)===============
From: Pauline Tanner

Hi Bogdan,
I think I am ready for a site review.
I used the advice of Robert and got a free template,
just thought I'd mention that. I have my own domain
name. Hopefully, it isn't too much of a bomb. So, here it is:
I welcome any suggestions. 
By the way, I had to use ftp software. (first time) So
if any one knows of a good tutorial about adding more
pages to your domain, please post.  I used aceftp2.


=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From: "John Yarrow"

First I would like to extend my thanks for Robert taking the time to
review my moms site.  As a demonstration as to how these reviews work
and as a means to tap even more info from Robert I am going to continue
the discussion and ask for some clarifications

Robert said:
Take a look at the java menu you have nested inside the left frame -
it opens the page you want to navigate to "inside the frame!" Since the
menu is listed as "Site Index" I have to assume that this is a designer

Is it the label "site index" that is the mistake?  I of course am the
designer and the intent was to not loose the customer if they brought up
the fabric samples and then wanted to get back to the navigation.  Yes I
did intend on it being like a toggle between the menu and fabric
samples.  Originally I had the fabrics opening in a new window but it
seemed a bit confusing.

Robert said:
"the fabric samples should be opening on the right frame, not as a popup

Probably a valid point.  The reason I did not was it seemed on my system
"14400 modem"  that it took so long to load.  I wanted to give the
shopper the ability to close the window and return to shopping without
much of a delay.  What type of connection do you have and did it take
much time to load?

Robert said:
"The top navigation buttons "Back" and "Forward" end suddenly - the
final "Forward", if you run out of pages, should be your home page not
just the button not working anymore!"

Good point, to tell you the truth this is the first time I have tried
using them and do not know how to code it to do what you are saying.
Can you or anybody else out there enlighten me and I will make change.

As far as the top bar linking to home page, just didn't think of that
one....will do.  Measurements of product, will do.  More pictures.....My
mom has many more products and they will be added to.  As far as slide
show go I guess I could offer it as an option for those that are
interested, my connection is just so slow that I personally would not
wait for all the pictures to load before getting impatient.

Looking forward to any additional info Robert or anybody else can offer
and thanks B.F. for the great forum.

And yes Robert that wasn't so bad!  Next time though could you please be
a little harsher LOL.


Thanks for your review John.  A couple of questions to understand your
feedback better.  I need to know what type connection you have to the
internet, the browser you were using and the screen resolution you have
set for your monitor.

As far as reducing the size of the graphics it is kind of a trade off,
higher resolution, better picture, more download time.  I tried to get
kind of half way in the middle.

The link in the drop down menu does toggle the left frame between fabric
samples and menu but as Robert and you have demonstrated it is not being

As far as loosing the frame or cleaning it up I am not quite sure what
you mean and would appreciate it if you have the time for a more
descriptive explanation on that point.

Any one else with comments on the quality would be appreciated.

Also just a quick note as it seems some are getting upset at the
perceived negative comments they get on there reviews.  Not everybody
doing reviews is necessarily right or even qualified to review sites,
however the people spending the time doing these reviews do deserve
respect either way (it is free!!!).  I can think of a saying I use to
hear a lot that would apply well here and that is "Take what you like
and leave the rest".

Thanks again John! :-)


=====================Site Review Response  (2)===============
From: "William Jaroske"

First thing is you need to do is to get rid of the black infields.Change
them to a lighter color or leave the infields white. Second is add more
information about your ezine maybe add some pages. Last of all your not
going to get subscribers with just a one page site. So  that's my review.

William Jaroske


=====================Site Review Response  (3)===============
From: John Olson


First let me say that you are going about this the right way. Having your
own site that links to the Corporate site is a very good way of selling
not only yourself, but the product and the opportunity. Now, I realize
you've but some work into this and it's a good start, but there are
something's you need to address.

1. Navigation links. They need to be consistent through out the site. As I
was clicking through, at one point I wanted to get back the Home page.
Guess what, no link. I had to back click through all the pages I had all
ready seen to get there. Your navigation links should be at or near the
top as well as the bottom of the page, as was pointed out by Robert Lee
when he reviewed my site. Unfortunately, I am limited by my site builder,
you are not.

2. Consistent headings. On some of your pages, the headings are in a light
blue, and further down the same page, they are in a brown. Decide what you
want and stick with it.

3. Everything is centered down the middle of the page. This is bad form.
Find a way to shift things to the left, like a real page.

And one last thing. Since this is your own site, you need to introduce
yourselves with it. When I click on to the site for the first time, there
should be some information about you and why you are with this company.
What is it about Morinda, that made you want to be a part of it? What do
you like about the product and the company?

If you want us to buy from you or join you in the opportunity, you need to
tell us who you are and where in the World you are. People buy from people
they know and like. So, put some personal information about you and the
Product on the Home page. Then you might even add a page to tell your
story. Put a picture our two on that page, not the Home page. With the
banner, it would only add to the load time, which is good right now.

All in all, you are on the right track, but you need to clean something's
up and get personal.

Good luck, I know it's a good product.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


=====================Site Review Response  (4)===============
From: John Olson


Well, like a lot of other affiliate sites, this one has no Meta tags to
speak of, so it will be difficult to get it listed with any search engines
that put much weight on those things. But then again, you would only be
one of the hundreds of such sites listed.

If you have been reading the reviews I have done in my short career as a
reviewer, you may have noticed, I'm not much into the technical, but more
of the look and feel of the site. I try and look at a site as the first
time visitor would. And add some comments about things I have learned
designing my own sites. It seems that this is a marketing, lead generating
site the company gives you or you pay extra to have and it's not to bad as
far as that goes.

But the "Free Report" box on the right of the home page, is to large, and
forces a space between the top half of the page and the bottom half that
should not be there. As a quick viewer, I might have not noticed that
there was a lower half. He needs to tighten up that Home page. Also I
wonder why he doesn't have all the site pages linked from the top? I'm
sure he has his reasons, but...? Also, he should but some mouse under text
to go with the pictures. When I put my mouse over any of the pictures,
there is nothing, no link, no text, no nothing. Having some text there,
adds another way to make a selling point.

And here's a funny point, the order page...? It should tell me what to do,
step by step on how I order this wonderful product. But it only gives me
some instructions about what to tell you when I order. But it doesn't tell
me HOW to order...?? No price, no order form, no payment method. Maybe he
was drinking to much of the product when he got to building that page....?

And the "Home Based Business Opportunity" page doesn't tell me what I want
to know. I found that information on a totally different page. Either he
needs to re-title the page, or put more information on it. At least enough
to make me want to send for the Full story.

When I started this review, I thought it was going to be a short one, with
only a few comments, I guess I don't know my own strength.

Be interesting to read the other reviews, good luck.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


=====================Site Review Response  (5)===============
From: John Olson


As one John with an "h" to a Jon without one, I want to say good luck with
the site, and I'm sure it will be wonderful once you have it finished. I
only have one comment to make at this time and a suggestion. My comment is
this, Who are You? I clicked over to the "About Us" page and read a nice
story about how your business got started, but nowhere did I see your
names. Maybe I missed something, but I don't think so. This is a Family
business, so we will want to know who the Family is. Nice story though.

As to my suggestion, when you get to putting in all the thousands of
products, Please keep the pictures per page down to a minimum. You don't
want to loose your customer because it takes 10 minutes to load your
pages. Figure out a simple way to show off the products without having to
cram the pages with slow loading pictures. But judging from what I see so
far, you are on the right track.

There, that was short. Good luck and have fun.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


=====================Site Review Response  (6)===============
From: Andy Sparks

Probably the nicest best built site I have ever reviewed for Adland
Digest.  Any changes I would suggest are minor and probably won't make a
huge amount of difference.
I think the home page is very nice with pictures of the actual store
because that builds confidence that the products will actually arrive and
it will be safe to buy from your website.  I like the way you have the
photos alternated so that my eyes flow from one side to the other.
You need to continue the flow by having a link to the shop online section
at the bottom of the page.  Your page leads me gently to the bottom but
then it stops and I have to go back to the top to find the link to buy
something.  Once you have me going in your direction, just let me flow on
into where I can find my stuff and you can get my money.  If I have to
stop and go back up, I might hit the back button and be gone.
I always think it is ineffective to have a pop-up asking me to join your
ezine before I know what your site is about.  I think it would be better
as a pop-under.  You offer a discount but until I know what you have, the
discount isn't valuable.
When you click on the shop online link, the first thing you see is:
We will be adding more and more items in the coming weeks and months.
Check back later this week for Needles and additional Yarns
Why don't you say, Don't buy from us we are not ready.  It would take less
space and the message would be the same.
Here is where you should say, Join our mailing list and you will be the
first to know about our exciting new items, super specials and you will
receive a 10% (or whatever) discount.  Then have a form to let them join
the mailing list.  Now you have them on your second page and you are
giving them at least three benefits of joining the mailing list, new
items, super specials, and a discount, much more powerful than a pop-up to
early in the game.
Also you say:
If there are any products you would like to see added, please post to our
Message Forum or feel free to give us a call at 1-800-825-2569
This should be more like, If you are looking for something special or have
any questions please post to our Message Forum or call 1-800-825-2569.
You don't want to add products to your web site, you want to make sales.
So say, If it ain't here, ask.  Proper grammar is more effective but you
get the point.
You really do have a wonderful site and I hope it does well, just try to
remember what you want the site visitor to do and try to make it as easy
as possible for them to do it.
Andy Sparks

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=====================Site Review Response  (7)===============
From: William Jaroske

 Hi all adland readers

  Awhile back, Kim B. Juul reviewed my website at

 Hi William,
 I'm just a subscriber to the AdLand Digest and
 followed up on your request about
 reviewing your site.
 Here's my "judgment" :)
 Clean view
 No odd "send-me-to-never-ever-land" linking (the
 linking says
 'affiliateprogram', it sends me to an
 Nice and easy structure
 And now the bad part..... don't rip my head of,
 because of these statements...
 Too much italic text (only use italics on direct
 quotes or testimonials)
 Loose the girly-color (pink) - I know I'm picking on
 small things, but.....
 I like it when sites are clean and fast - it seems
 like some people forget that
 ALOT of Internet users still are using normal
 phonelines and have to pay for
 their time.
 Oh... there's a tripod popup too.... I'm very
 annoyed with these popups, but
 unfortunally they are getting more and more
 implemented and being a professional
 surfer, I've learned to kill them in the same
 microsecond they come along -
 meaning, I never get the 'chance' to see them
 If you want to move your site to somewhere else,
 without banners and popups or
 anything else (still free and no BS - I use him
 myself), let me know, ok?
 Well, keep up with the work - it's not half that bad
 as my comments might let on
 Kind regards,
 Kim B. Juul
 <End quote>

Well Kim Despite the harshness of Mr. Lee. I decided
to take your advice since my site was alittle bland.
There is no more girly look and no more italic text.
Plus I added some more useful content such as
webmaster tips and news geared for internet marketers.
Before that I had some friends give my site a look and
said it was great. Since my site was simple, I wanted
a second opinion by all means. Well I hope you
consider it a big improvement. I like to thank you
greatly for the review. Keep up the good work.

William Jaroske

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Everything went fine for the first 30 miles. Suddenly, another Corvette
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