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                      Vol. 1 issue #296  Jun, 28, 2002

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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher
1.Still scratching my head

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)

1.There is a new SPAMMER in Town/anti-virus software
~Elizabeth Bolia
~Michele Newman

~John Olson
~Ronald Webb

N e w     P o s t s  (3)

1.Michele Newman

~Marketing techniques

3.Dagmar Rakos
~To MLM or Not to MLM?

Site Review Requests   (4)


2.Linette Newberry



Site Review Responses   (7)

1.Charles Green

2.John Olson

3.John Olson

4.John Olson

5.Robert Lee

6.Geoff Dodd

7.Susanne FlÝ

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.Email Crush!
By A. T. Rendon

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  270 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.
=================Still scratching my head =====================
From:Paul Drabble

Dear Bogdan,
                  Well where to start, I eventually stopped laughing near
the 5th review, Nothing like a little spat between reviewers & reviewees to
keep us entertained.
I do not as a general rule read many of the newsletters that come to me most
are full of "trying to sell you on the latest bit of hype.." This is the
first time i have received you newsletter & have found it most entertaining
& informative.

To a couple of the MLM ??'s that were brought up, yes its a huge industry,
with new ones everyday, seems lately that every internet guru has attached
himself to one nicely at the top of the tree, giving it there seal of
This does not impress me to much most gurus aren't worth the words they right
they seem just to be another group of ppl feeding of the new and gullible
internet newbies..& making good dollars out of it.
Jes I reckon if ya marketed yaself right you could become a guru in 24 hrs
with a following of hundreds cause what "you do" is the next best thing on
the net..

Ok so how about a review of the GURU's for a change, so many are out there
pushing there info just a suggestion.

Me I like many want to be in a position to sit at home with my puter let a
program pay me so that I can get on with my mission statement.
What's that you might ask.

To first help enough other people get what they want! "
Then Ill worry about me

So yes after a long time of looking at being involve way back when amway was
a in word then became a "AHHHH  your a amway rep" lol most ppl at that stage
would rather the Mormons standing at the door visiting(nothing against
And never being in the right place at the right time so they say.
I Decided on one DHSC as my mlm project so i joined and put it in a little
box on the putter and forgot it for 2 months.
To busily surf the net to learn more about advertising.
That's how i found adland pro......thank god for great big mercys
Anyway got an email from upline coach one day telling me how they'd been
building this business for me so i looked yup great but no money yet.
So I needed to get to the next level to get it paying for itself.
OK so i did he training, said okay ill work with you on it ..
Thinking eventually one of us would tire and it would all be like the rest.
After looking at all the advertising options I decided adandpro looked
good.. never had any success with free advertising and needed a professional
but was still sceptical, so to cut a long story short  I found some banners
in the company archives resurrected the ones I liked put them on adland,
added some informative copy, some hype(have to have that,that's what the
gurus do!!hahaha) & a dose of 4000 impressions......guess what 7 days 7 sign
ups..stillscratching my head about it.
So Bogdan thank you for the newsletter looked forward to the next one, keep
up the good work.

Paul Drabble

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Join in for our success


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Elizabeth Bolia
Subject:There is a new SPAMMER in Town/anti-virus software


I just read your article in Adland Digest.
I have been saying the exact same thing all along. There needs to be a middle
ground. People get so; caught up in there daily lives and signup for freebies
and ezines to post there ads to that they forget. Than all of a sudden a spam
complaint. Also I suspect that your competition will also use it to eliminate
you for awhile. Especially if you lose your website for awhile, when they
complain to your webhost, about you spamming them.
I think that there should either be a middle ground or a notice sent to the one
accused; so that they might offer a defense or proof that they subscriber was
indeed on there list. This deal of terminating a subscriber for being accused of
spamming one time or maybe even twice is being abused big time.
It reminds me of a article that I read in a Reader's Digest Magazine one time
while waiting in a doctors office. It was about a DA going to a Judge in
Philadelphia with complaints about people using drugs or having drugs to sell,
just so that they could seize there property under the forfeit and seizure laws.
The accused had to prove that they were innocent and then still might not get
their property back.
This is the exact way that spamming is being abused.

Elizabeth Bolia

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From:Michele Newman
Subject:There is a new SPAMMER in Town/anti-virus software

Cecil wrote:

>It t is my decision to decide if to block or not to block.
>My email is set to remove FROM THE SERVER after 1or 2 days
>and when I empty deleted Items folder.

You GO Cecil!
I too, have found the block sender option and am not afraid to use it.
The problems with this society spawn from the anal retentiveness of 80% of the
I stopped tattling when I was about 10 years old.
Grow up!

Michele Newman

Owner of Gift Galaxy


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:John Olson

Sam writes,

<<Anyhow, I'm thinking about going to website owners and asking them to link to
me. Is there any tips anyone can give me to get my site linked. Actually I have
two distributor sites ( and
( Which site do think would interest
people the most.  I know the website owners want compensation for their
time and space so what kind of compensation is probably the best route?

I've also wanted to ask since my products revolve around Health products
would it be wise to make my own 'Health' website and link those two sites
somehow into the scenario?>>


Your sites look to be the standard Business Opportunity site given to members
when they join. Nice as they are, there is no place for you to add links. I have
never seen sites like this that offer a way to add a favorite links page. So
don't even bother.

One of the other publications I receive has a list of sites willing to Trade
Links. But many of those sites also have no way to add a links page to them. So,
they are only placing their sites in this section of the News Letter to get
people to click on them. And spending Big Bucks to do so. As someone who is
always looking for interesting sites to add to my own Links page, I feel cheated
when I click on links to visit sites that are supposed to be offering a Link

I think the best thing you can do for yourself is build your own Health related
site, as you suggested yourself in your question about linking. Also, by
building your own site, you can offer some of your own thoughts and experiences
with the types of products offered by the company you are with. You can also
tell visitors about yourself, so they can get to know you. And so you can start
to build trust. And trust is a very important part of marketing. If people get
to know you and trust you, they are more likely willing to buy from you.

Once you have your own site, that you control, then you can start contacting
site owners and offering a Link Exchange. As for compensation, I would never
Think of charging anyone for a Link on my page. It's a service that helps me in
my Search Engine rankings, and it help the other site with theirs. And we both
may get some visitors we wouldn't have had if the link wasn't there. It's a win,
win situation for both of us.

So, build your site with some personal advice and content, and links to your
affiliate sites and then start building traffic to it. I am sure you have
stories and advice you can place on your site. Thoughts as to what helps, what
doesn't, what works and how it works. And place links to sites, even though they
don't link back. Government sites or nonprofit sites that offer help or advice.
When you list with the Search Engines, you maybe surprised where some of the
visitors come from and what they were looking for.

For example, one of the affiliates I have is Magellan Travel supplies. I get
people to my site from Google, who are searching with the name Magellan travel.
And one of them just spent almost $200 there. I also get hits to one of my pages
because I have a picture of our Siberian Husky on it...:-)

Build you site and fill it with Good information and links. And add a Favorite
Links page, then go looking to fill it.

Take care and good luck,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Ronald Webb


I am writing this response to you and others in hopes that it will
clear up any half-truths and misconceptions once and for all.

I came to Adland asking for help and a critique of my website.
What I received was false accusations and pompous unprofessional
attitudes that were not to be believed.

Robert Lee wrote:

Hi Ronald,
"Your site request for review, Ronald Webb-Founder, is just a cheap
ploy to get us to visit your site. It is an affiliate site you joined,
certainly not a website or product you created."

My Response:

I've learned enough about Robert Lee throughout all of this that he's
not man enough to apologize for making a false accusation even when
given proof to the contrary. Of course he always has the opportunity to
prove me wrong about that. Will he? I doubt it.

James Pendelton wrote:

......So you got this program. You got your book. You have
someone doing your design. You got your site being
redirected to suit your needs in regards to your
marketing effort. You have no info about who you are
visible. You are here to make sales like everyone

So let it be written so let it be done.

I am sure you feel damaged. Hit hard thinking you
would come here and get sales. You got sign ups from
Adland users. Prove it!! What you say??? You don't
have to prove anything?? Well yes you do?? If you want
to restore credibility.

You think you know James Pendleton?? LOL!!! Know you
don't. I may be more skeptical and disbelieving that
Robert Lee. Not out here to make money quick get rich
or build down lines. I am free and immune to all the
hype and all the crap!

My Response:

James, you reiterated the one criticism that Robert Lee gave
me that was of any value. I needed to have information about
myself on my website. For that, I thank you gentlemen.

It's just unfortunate that it was over shadowed and buried in your
pompous attitude. I never claimed to know you. And after reading
what you have written, I don't want to know you. My credibility is
not in question with anyone but you and that's no loss at all.
So you may "erase what you have written, I have rewritten it with
what is true. And so it is."

Andy Sparks wrote:

I have it on good authority from a business associate that I trust,
that Ronald did not write the millionaire mind ebook.

I will tell you how this came about. The business associate had a domain
name that I was interested in and He had it pointing to an affiliate page
for a millionaire mind. I asked him about it and he said a friend had
written it and it was making him a little cash on
the side. I didn't think anything about it until this controversy
about a millionaire mind site review. I was emailing my business
associate today and told him that his friend was in a controversy
in the Adland Digest.

Turns out his buddy sold the rights to a millionaire mind a few weeks ago
and it does not appear that Ronald is my associates friend or the original

My Response:

Andy, you make accusations questioning my integrity and then hide behind
nameless, faceless individuals. "a business associate", "a friend", "his
I am not hiding behind anyone. You and anyone else can go to WHOIS
<> and learn who I am. I Ronald Webb am the owner
of the domain and I wrote the ebook
Let your nameless, faceless individuals come out in the open with their
accusations and prove who they are in the same manner that I have proven who
I am.
The burden of proof is not on me. The burden of proof is on you and the
nameless, faceless individuals you make reference to, if they even exist.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the many Adland Pro members who
supported me by visiting my website and especially for believing in my work
enough to join my affiliate program. I can only promise to support you in
endeavors to learn and make money on this "double edge sword" we call the

Ronald Webb

Owner and Founder of



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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Michele Newman

Awards can be a great way to add integrity to your website.
They show visitors that your site has been reviewed by professional award
who are bound by code of ethics, and require certain criteria to be met before
awarding a site.
If you are interested in applying for awards, and you think your website is
I have an awards worksheet, which you can save to file. The list contains over
500 award sites,
and each site outlines criteria completely.
Request this worksheet at giftgalaxy@msn, with Awards Worksheet in the subject
line, and I will
send it to you immediately as an attachment.

Good Luck!
Michele Newman

Gift Galaxy


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
Subject:Marketing techniques

No-one addressed the issue of "marketing techniques".  I had also asked about
the use of certain techniques and whether they really did work online as well
off, or at all.  For example, apparently red text followed by the blue line
draws your eyes to the heading.   Is that a good technique?  Does it really
work?  Are there any other such *simple* techniques that could be discussed
this list some time?

Just wondering,


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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (3)=============
From:Dagmar Rakos
Subject:To MLM or Not to MLM?

Request or - may I say "Quest"?

Point #1:  I am a MLM opponent.  I do Not believe in it. I
especially hate the "system" on which MLM is based on - bothering
people you know to buy something - anything - be it The Best
Thing on the planet.

So you see my stand here.


Point #2:  Have you ever heard of Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad
Poor Dad - and other excellent financial books - fame?

I love this guy work and value it Highly!

However - surprise, surprise! He also touts MLM as one of The
best and fastest way to be financially independent.  And he also
gives real-life examples of his friends who can verify it.

Which brings me to

Point #3: How is it Really with MLM? "Is there a Truth out
there...?"  ;-)

Will we ever "know"?

Producers of X-files are you taking a note for your future
"mystery plot"?

I honestly don't know...

Thus I am on the Quest to solve this mystery.

Anybody can help?

Dagmar Rakos

Make Money - Enjoy Life.
Original views, creative fun, unique 3Q's and more.



=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============

My name is Ron and I'm new to internet advertising.I was wondering if I could
have my site reviewed. I don't mind negative
feedback. I feel that I'm offering a great opportunity. I rented email list and
got no response, what I'm I doing wrong?



=====================Site Review Request  (2)===============
From:Linette Newberry

I was hoping I could get some constructive criticism on my website URL:
I have been working at it since Feb of this year I get hits but NO sells.
What Am I doing wrong?
My host is a mall so I only have certain type templates I can use.
I have been listed with all the main search engines but since I'm one of half a
million others selling the same stuff the only
search word that brings me up is lcnewberrys LOL.
I used to sell these products on auction sites but my dream was a website know
that I have it I make nothing at all. Would greatly appreciate any advise.
Thank You.
Linette Newberry



=====================Site Review Request  (3)===============

Hello Adlanders,

I would really appreciate feedback on our site. We are getting hits but the
sales are very slow and I would like advice on how to improve it




=====================Site Review Request  (4)===============

I would like to know how my webpage below, Time and all it's glory looks
to others. Please let me know what you think and what needs to be done.

Time and all it's glory Earning is fast and fun with FREE STORE CLUB! get an
on-line Super Store Free! Start saving BIG! Start earning BIG! It's NEW, FREE
and HOT!


=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:Charles Green

After John Olson's site review


Thanks for your kind words and constructive suggestions.  Not even an ounce

> 1. Navigation links. They need to be consistent through out the site.
> As I was clicking through, at one point I wanted to get back the Home
> page.  Guess what, no link.  I had to back click through all the pages
> I had all ready seen to get there.

You're absolutely right.  I hadn't even thought of that.  I have now gone
through and added a "Home" link to each page.

> Your navigation links should be at or near the top as well as the bottom
> of the page

I now have the navigation links both top and bottom.  Thanks for this
suggestion.  And, for anyone else reading this, may I offer the same
suggestion.  If you are able, make sure you have navigation links top AND
bottom.  I guess if you have a really long page, you may want to add them
mid-way as well.

However, if your pages are that long, they're probably too long.

> 2. Consistent headings. On some of your pages, the headings are in a
> light blue, and further down the same page, they are in a brown. Decide
> what you want and stick with it.

I checked every page and couldn't find any that this applied to.  In fact,
even had a light blue heading.  Links are in BLUE and visited links are a
BROWN.  Could they have been visited links you saw, or were you thinking
another site entirely?

> All in all, you are on the right track, but you need to clean
> some things up and get personal.

Thanks for the suggestion about adding an "About Us" type section.  I'll be
to work on that addition in due course.  I've also made a few other
type changes to ensure uniformity.

> Good luck, I know it's a good product.
> John Olson

John, you're a legend.  You've managed to carefully pick out areas that
did need work.  I really appreciate your review.


Charles Green

   Healthy -- Wealthy -- Wise
 We can help with the first two



=====================Site Review Response  (2)===============
From:John Olson


Did You build this site, or is it an affiliate site. My guess, though I have not
seen a site like this before is that it's an affiliate site. Cash-Now Network,
does sound familiar.

Let me start by saying, your URL is deceiving. While some of the things you
offer are Free, some are Not. CASHevolution for example is Not Free to join.
Also, some of the links don't work. And Why did you use the URL
and not the URL? Are you hiding something?

As for the Sales message working, What is the sales message? Do you want people
to join the Cash-Now Network or just the affiliates linked from it? If you
control this site, which after reading the source code, I now think you do, then
tell us what this site is about. Tell us what you offer and why we should trust
you. Who are you? Where are you from? Why can we trust you? These are things we
should know if you want us to believe what you have on this site. In other words
personalize it.

Don't just launch into a sales pitch. Tell us, What this site is about? What
will coming here do for us? What gives you the knowledge that we should trust

And one last thing. I hate having to search for the links. I like them
underlined so I know right away where to put my cursor.

Good luck.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


=====================Site Review Response  (3)===============
From:John Olson

Nice job,

This is a very professional looking site in my opinion. I would change the
"Welcome to my Site" to "Welcome to All Profit"  I have one question
though, do you host any other pages on this site? I seems that every link opens
on someone else's site.

You open with some good advice about selling information, it's what makes the
Web go round. But tell us about you, it seems no one wants to admit who there
are these days. Tell who All Profit News is. Maybe this is just a way to get
people to subscribe to your News Letter, and that's fine. It's a good looking
site with lots of links for information people may want. But I want to know who
you are.

Sorry I can't help you with the page adding problem. When you do have other
pages, you might want to offer some opinions on the things you are offering. And
something more about yourself.

Good luck, for a start it is a nice looking page.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


=====================Site Review Response  (4)===============
From:John Olson


Thanks for asking me about my review. To start off, I am on AOL 6.0 with a 56K
connection, using IE 7.0 with a screen resolution of 1152x864 High Color (16

I think you might have better luck with the pictures if they were taken with a
better camera. The colors seem washed out. But I know too well that the clearer
the picture the longer the load time. Some of the pictures I have on my site
that were taken by me or my wife, do take a while to load, even though I try to
reduce the size from the original. Can I ask, what kind of camera was used to
take the pictures? If it was not a good 35 mm, then maybe you should retake
them. Or if you used a digital camera, then I would retake them with a better
one. After all, the pictures Sell the products and you want them to look as good
as you can.

As for the frame and cleaning it up, some of the links are in a Bold text and
some appear in a Blue link type text. I would go with one or the other, but not
both. As for loosing the frame, the best reason to do this is Search Engines.
Many of them don't like sites with frames, don't ask me why, they just don't.

I see you've done some work on the site and the drop down is gone. My problem
with it, was there was only one link in it. That seemed very strange to me. If
you are going to use a drop down then there should be more links in it.

I wish you well with the site and good luck.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.



=====================Site Review Response  (5)===============
From:Robert Lee

I would be proud to have my site reviewed by the best and the brightest readers
of this newsletter, and this includes you, Mr. Lee :). It is located at

Waiting in humble anticipation, --Terry Schroeder (I hope they like my
background color).

Hi Terry, and thanks... I thought that I might give up reviews for a while, even
Mike Tyson gets beat up once in a while (smile), but I have quickly learned that
I have many more friends in my corner than he has..

And anyways, I just had to see what that background color was!

The Review:
I have to say, on the brightness factor you are at a 11 out of a factor of 10.
Mind you, it was close to midnight when I went to your site and the office
lights were off, I just had the monitor to go by, but WOW, bright. mauve, I'm
not sure, it looked a combo gold-black to me, but yes, bright.

Your website logo is:
Cash-Now Networks
Why have a different URL than where I am. it's confusing.. Maybe because I'm
looking, but I look.. Geesh. and what's with the "I'm no longer on top" flash of
the browser session window.. Just for that reason this review gets harder and
harder to do. I'm using IE6 and it's really upsetting to have a task bar window
flash a couple of times when it's not on top.

Fix it, get rid of it. something.. It's an acceptable trick for a popup window
("Hey, did I miss something? Why is that flashing at me, I should click on it"
says the newbie,  "Close the window and go somewhere else", says I).

And a funny thing happened when I clicked on the scrolling text links you have
on the top right corner. all the pages as they opened went UNDER my current
browser window... They opened UNDER the page that I clicked on the link was
on... They opened but went AWAY.. I had to search (or rather I figured that you
designed it poorly and was confused by all the flashing index page task bars and
forgot what I was doing.. ) then I forgot where I was...

Geesh. pick a plan and get to it.
You have good info, some of which I'll probably follow up on, after all, you did
a good job and might even have a good thing or two hidden in amongst the
trickery and wizardry.

Quote from site:
After I joined Playcheck Direct, I forgot about it for a couple of days. When I
finally checked my stats, I was shocked to find that there were 8 paying members
in my downline!

End Quote

Shouldn't this end with a link to a picture of a check? And you know what, I did
"Click here" and it popped UNDER and your main window still FLASHED at me. so I
couldn't even find where the window that I clicked on went!!

Personally, I want to know exactly what people think, and brutal honesty, as
this increases the effectiveness of my advertising. I really could care less if
someone likes the color of my backgrounds ("I just LOVE the mauve color -- it
matches my curtains!"). What I want to know is how the viewer reacted to my
sales message.

End Quote

I'm sorry, there was a sales message there somewhere?
Selling what? I thought your site was offering advice... And all the affiliate
links were doing the selling. What exactly were you doing with anyways?

The all-new Cash-Now Network is better than ever! We've added a huge resource
area to the network, and a wide variety of helpful marketing tools!

End Quote

All new?? What's different from the old network?
Please please point me in the direction of these tools while your at it.
You need to decide if you are an advertiser or a testimonial.. Look it up, I can
tell you that your web site doesn't know the difference.

And to get back to the colors. now that I've been on your (possibly only) main
page and had to click around for all the pages opening UNDER my session window
/// why, OH please tell me WHY/// are all of your links to other sites (in your
adverts/or/testimonials) colored the same as the other text in the paragraph,
WAITING for a mouseover before they change color and are underlined.. am I a
chicken? Do I need to "hunt and peck" to find a link? You know, I really don't
read with my mouse as some people read while running their fingers under the
text. I don't do that.

And why is the "visited link" color so pale? I can't read the text any more.
What if I wanted to read it again?. it's faded away ( I guess it wasn't so
important after all).

And that darn task bar keeps flashing at me. UGH!

To sum up, your layout is easy to use, your links need work, you need windows to
popover, not under when clicked on. Lose the taskbar flash. it's really
annoying. Really.

And your reason for having a website sucks.

If someone was to come up to me and say "Hey Rob, I found somewhere you need to
visit to make some $$, it's called free hyphen hyphen free dot com, I'd go and
visit, because a personal recommendation is best of all. And then I went to your
site and got lost in the popunders, the harsh colors.. And the lack of fast
loading links. (4 gateway timeout errors on the affiliate links that I did click
on, and believe me, I clicked on them all!) I would just go to the hospital
after being irradiated by the green glowing text in your two panel search form
and consider my online earning potential over. Forever.

It's been 65 minutes and I feel like I've been assaulted by your site. On the
plus side I'm probably the longest visitor you'll ever have and the others won't
be bothered because they'll be so confused with the popunders that they'll never
know what happened to the clicks they did and leave in frustration, just as I
did now.

At this time I moved your site from my 1024x768 display to my 800x600 display
(yes I have a dual monitor system to review sites with) once it was placed on
monitor #2 I lost all contact with monitor # 1. Your site forced focus and I
could not work in any other applications or windows as long as your site was in
#2 monitor. very strange.

Your coding (Or if it is the Dynamic Drive code that you are using [?]) killed
my session. And my interest waning as it was.

Best of luck.
I remain, Robert Lee

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It's All Fun & Games Until You Send Them Something From Robrob8!!



=====================Site Review Response  (6)===============
From:Geoff Dodd

RE: Terry Schroeder

Terry,  Your double-hyphened site has a gold-leaf,
lasting sheen first visual impression which
sets it aside as clearly 'better than most.'

Technically great, with elements of XML, VML
and java-script an unusually broad-reaching
search engine script....very surprising that you
generated this site with 'AceHTML Freeware'
which I'm running to look into as fast as my 56k
modem legs can carry me..  (no dsl here yet....

Although you offer a large, valuable range of
Safelists -good for new and old marketers alike
to explore, I have to object to one thing you are
selling (as an affiliate), and that's the 'Cloaker'.
This cloaker software is designed to trick and
deceive search engines by generating thousands
of keyword-dense 'gateway pages' for the search
engines to munch on -boosting homepage rank-
ings (in effect) by presenting artificial pages -
BUT it can backfire on you.. all the search engines
need to do is to identify themselves with a large,
randomized array of IP numbers, (not updated in,
or known to the cloaker software) - and ....history!!
Result can be a blacklisted domain.

Terry, not to detract from your site. I like the
graphics, functionality- the java-scriptreally works,
the free-stuff links, the wide-ranging resource-
nature of your site makes it worthy of many return
visits! It's about nine out of ten, as a valuable
place to learn more 'stuff about web marketing.'

Geoff Dodd  -downunder, Western Australia.

High Speed Internet options...


=====================Site Review Response  (7)===============
From:Susanne FlÝ

G.SMALL wrote
>I am at present getting feedback that viewers from certain countries
>cannot read the information on my site because the writing is too small can you
>assist me by telling me if this is to with you .  My site is at -

Hello G. Small,

Do you mean ?

I am from Denmark (it that a "certain" country?)  I can
read the information on your web site, it's not easy though.
The font used on the right hand site is not user/reader friendly,
my suggestion is to use a broader font (or more open).
The font in the middle is readable but hard to read.
Too little white space so I gave up before half way down.
What I did read was that you design or re-design websites,
I not sure I will buy any of your services, when your own
website is this hard to read.
My suggestions are:
Why not use the same font all over your site a font like
Verdana for exampel. Then use any font you like for your logo,
this gives a more calm impression.
Mayby you could make the middle part a little wider?
Last but not least where is the link to your portfolio?
No last is -  I wish you success  with your business.
PS it's the same both in IE6 and Opera6

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Email Crush!
ByA. T. Rendon

Analysts predict that the volume of email on the Internet,
most of it junk, will grow another 50 percent in 2002.

That is a lot of email!

With estimates that the number of Internet users is nearing
the 1 billion mark, the amount of email floating around the
Internet is only going to increase and problems will get worse.

Anyone online can tell you that a huge part of the problem
is SPAM, or the Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE).

The subject has been beaten like a dead horse and no viable
solution is in sight.  No, not even federal legislation can stop
or fix this problem adequately.

The person or person(s) that do find the solution will go down
as genuine heroes in Internet history.

Ironically, there is another side to this entire problem that
has yet to be addressed.  The irony is that it comes to us
from established, legal sources, not the spammers.

We have all received their email.

The From: field says, "Mail Delivery System".
The Subject: field says, "Mail Delivery Failed".
And the Body: of the email begins with, "This
message was created automatically by mail
delivery software (Exim)."

This is especially true if you have a mailing list.

I send out email to my list of over 7100, 100% OPT-IN
subscribers twice each week and it causes me to be
bombarded with hundreds of emails daily!

It starts with an email message that states, "WARNING",
your message could not be delivered but you need do nothing.

Then they follow up that message with the "Mail Delivery Failed",
the vast majority of those emails simply tell me that the intended
recipient has a "Full Mail Box".

Finally, I receive another email letting me know that they have
still been unable to deliver my email and that it is being deleted
from their list.

For each email I send out that does not make it to where it is
intended, I get back at least three emails.

My experience has been that at least 5% to 10% of every
mailing I send out will come back to me as "Not Delivered".

That means that each time I send out my list of over 7100
subscribers, I get back at least 2100 "Message Not Delivered"

Sending out my list twice weekly means I generate over 4200
email replies that I did not request and I do not need nor want!

As far as I am concerned, if my subscriber does not receive my
email because their mail box is full, it is their loss - not mine.

My advertisers do not lose out either as I take these undeliverable
emails into account when posting my subscriber numbers, officially
listed as 6384 this week.

Imagine how much less email would be floating around if
they would simply NOT tell me it was not delivered.

Perhaps the biggest such offender is Exim,

"Exim is a message transfer agent (MTA) developed at the University
of Cambridge for use on Unix systems connected to the Internet.

It is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public
License.  Its facilities are extensive and in particular it has some
defenses against mail bombs and unsolicited junk mail in the
form of options for refusing messages from particular hosts,
networks, or senders."

It is unfortunate that we as email recipients can not refuse
email from them!

This organization is otherwise providing an invaluable service
online and at no charge to those that use their software.

Yet the feature of reply to senders when recipients do not
receive the email is clogging and choking off the free flow
of the Internet email system.

And this is not the only problem generated by and from
the established, legal sources of email delivery.


The Love Virus that circled the globe in 2000 caused over a
billion dollars in damage to businesses and individuals.

Daily, I receive scores of infected emails that I simply delete.

So why is this problem allowed to continue?

Why are viruses not deleted by those computers set up
to forward email around the world and that form key parts
of what we know as the Internet?

All of this excessive email flow and virus email is
causing us "Email Crush!"

It is time to express our opinions to people that can
help us do something about these two major problems.

For FREE information on how and to whom you can voice
your opinion, send a blank email to our auto-responder at:

We can make a difference!


A.T.Rendon is an entrepreneur and published writer.
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CANNIBAL: Someone who is fed up with people. (Ugh, that's really bad!)
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