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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (8)

1.Response to Guest Article by A.T. Rendon
~Cathy Wagner

2.About CashEvolution
~Jon G. Sisler,
~Cynthia Holmes
~Mike Fisher
~Andy Sparks
~Brendan Prendergast
~Donna Knight
~Michele Newman

~Cynthia Holmes
~Christine (aka Lorryau)

5.About MLM
~William Jaroske

6.To MLM or not to MLM
~Anita Foley
~Jerome Dsouza.
~Mike Fisher
~Bill Taylor
~Adam Guzik
~John Olson

7.Going Platinum
~Steve Pronger

8.There is a new SPAMMER in Town/anti-virus software
~John Colanzi

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Site Review Requests   (2)

1.Lorraine Innes


Site Review Responses   (8)

1.Andy Sparks

2.Steve Pronger

3.John Olson

4.John Olson


6.John Olson

7.John Olson

8.John Olson

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Cathy Wagner
Subject:Response to Guest Article by A.T. Rendon

I read your Guest Article in the June 28 issue of
Adland Digest and I want to offer some
information that will help you cut down on the
amount of undeliverable messages you receive.

I have a list of 35,000 and the undeliverable
backlash can be so overwhelming that I had to
put off using it until I could find a solution.

I found that solution in Postmaster Express,
email marketing software. On May 1st, they
unveiled a new component that acts as it's own
mail server.

While it is nice to be able to easily manage my
lists and send out unlimited numbers of
messages, the biggest perk is that it verifies
addresses BEFORE it sends them! Then it lists
all the undeliverable addresses in a table along
with the reason why it could not be delivered,
whether it be User Unknown or Mailbox Full.

I have been using it and I absolutely love it! Best
of all, you can try it for yourself and use it for 20
mailings, absolutely free! Here's the link:

Have a Profitable Day,

Cathy Wagner

ONE STOP Internet Business Services
Featuring the best of every marketing technique.
We've got tools you've NEVER even HEARD of!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Jon G. Sisler,
Subject:About CashEvolution

Having MANY years of experience in evaluating 'Business Opportunities' this
program looks like, feels like and tastes like another
'something-for-nothing' scheme. I would also like to know if anyone has some
experience with this program.
Jon G. Sisler, Marketing Consultant



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From:Cynthia Holmes
Subject:About CashEvolution

So for CASHevolution. I am in it in the Buildreferrals group and plan to
promote it heavily online and offline. My husband is in it in another line
(under Mark Joyner). I love it. It's legitimate. It's affordable.

Everyone needs to learn how to invest in REAL investments and most of us
need the money to start. Beyond that. I offer this report from Mark Joyner
who is endorsing it. He is there right now (extended his stay a week) and
that is worth more than anything I can say.

Cynthia Holmes


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.3)=============
From:Mike Fisher
Subject:About CashEvolution

 Although RQ is my primary business I was also quite taken with the
Cashevolution opportunity, and no Bogdan its not like GoingPlatinum ( could
anything ever be that frustrating ).

    Maybe its a bit of patriotism coming out in me because I am a New Zealander
and Cashevolution is based in New Zealand and believe me if there were anything
shifty about the company our Commerce Commission would swoop on it .

    I had always been interested in share trading,international tax haven
banking and the like and along comes Cashevolution with all this rolled into one
and an MLM aspect to boot.How many MLM's do you know where it only takes 3
personal enrollments to cover your costs.

    The ongoing education on share trading plus the ability to participate in
recommended trades is a marvelous service for the average person with very
little stock market savvy.

    It seems all the internet Guru's have got their greedy little fingers on
this one as Paul Drabble alluded to,but I see that as a positive sign for surely
a few of these characters have their reputations to up hold.

    So in closing I just want stress that I believe Cashevolution is a great
opportunity and is very affordable and if it weren't for MLM or networking then
the internet would be a very boring place.Of course I cant leave without leaving
my links for those who may be interested;

Mike Fisher


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.4)=============
From:Andy Sparks
Subject:About CashEvolution

Hi Bogdan;

I looked at and if it was a USA company it would be
destined to be closed down by the SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission and
the Justice Department.  I have no idea about the laws in New Zealand regarding
recommending Investments.

The basic difference between a multi-level marketing company and a pyramid scam
is the product.  Is the product real and are people only buying the product to
be involved in the business opportunity.  There are other factors like can you
join multiple times under your own ID and what kind of income claims you make in
the process of recruiting.

Here in the USA, if you are found guilty of fraud or running a scam and your
money is held off-shore there are some stiff mandatory sentences that apply.  I
can't remember the guy's name but there was this really cheesy looking guy with
a good looking wife out of Florida that ran an infomercial selling tapes on late
night cable television and for $39.95 He would teach you to be a self-made

The infomercial showed him and his good looking wife in front of a private jet
with their name on the side, a mansion, Rolls-Royce car and boats etc.  He
claimed to be a self-made millionaire and all those amazing things were his
personal possessions.  In fact He leased them long enough to make the
infomercial and all the people that gave testimonials on the show were paid

I guess that if you sent in the $39.95, they went to work on you to get you to
send more money for some hot investment deal.  The point of this story is, they
held their money offshore and the good-looking wife is doing a mandatory 10
years in prison.  If they had not held their money offshore, she might have done
a year.  He is doing a bunch of time, I don't remember how much.

You are asking for trouble here in the USA when you recommend what people do
with the money they earn from the multi-level marketing company.  If you
strongly suggest they invest the money in in something that you recommend, you
are probably going to live to regret that recommendation, even if it is a very
good investment.  It is the attempt to reach beyond the sale and control the
money they have earned from your program that causes the problem.

If New Zealand laws are different and they probably are, then everything I said
is irrelevant, unless you are a US citizen and the Justice Department decides to
shut the program down.  In the past, the members of multi-level marketing
companies have not been held responsible just the people that run the show.

Also, I don't know if you have been paying attention to the US stock market but
it is really crazy right now.  Of course there's the Eron problem but just this
week, Worldcom crashed because of lying to their stock holders and the general
public about their earnings and Zerox has done the same thing.  If I was going
into the US stock market tomorrow, I would think long and hard before I wrote
the check.

Andy Sparks



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.5)=============
From:Brendan Prendergast
Subject:About CashEvolution

Hi Bogdan,

In the last issue of Adland Digest you requested
an article by anyone knowing about CashEvolution.

Also you mentioned a concern if it is just another
Going Platinum.  CashEvolution to my knowledge is
Certainly not another G.P.

CashEvolution is a New Zealand based Investment Club.
Allowing its members to gain practical investment
knowledge, also allowing them to earn by referring
other members.  It is a fee based club with $25
membership and then $25 per month membership fees.

Considering I have paid more than this for some
other programs with less potential and knowing that
with only 3 members, membership is free thereafter,
CashEvolution has plenty of upside.

It has the support and endorsement of many of the
internet's successful business people.  In fact
Mark Joyner of Aesop Publishing and StartBlaze
fame, flew to CashEvolutions Auckland based H.Q. in
New Zealand just to review its operations.

Anyway Bogdan, please find attached my article on
CashEvolution.  if you choose please feel free to
share it with your Adland Pro readers.

Yours sincerely,

Brendan Prendergast.



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.6)=============
From:Donna Knight
Subject:About CashEvolution

Hello Bogdan,

CASHevolution is the latest of what's hot in MLM affiliate
This program is so huge that "internet gurus" such as Mark
Joyner of and Allen Says of Host4Profit and lots more
"celebrities" of internet marketing are promoting it. These are people
who have their own successful affiliate programs, who do not normally
promote MLM programs.

Benefits of membership in CASHevolution are investment education
with the ability to earn 100% commissions on 5 levels of membership
sales in a forced matrix structure. They have released a preview of
the binder software which will deliver the financial education
information. It is a sleek-looking browser that you will be able to update
with the push of a button.
Not all of the functions work yet, and we won't know the
value of the investment information until it is released.

The reason most people will join is the promise of spillover
from a forced matrix, with the possibility of earning commissions
on membership sales without sponsoring anyone. The reason people
SHOULD join is that people who are starved for cash should learn to
invest to build long term income, rather than rely on government benefits |
for retirement. CASHevolution will allow people to have part of their
commissions automatically invested, so that you don't need extra money
to invest.

The biggest complaint I have is the way people promote it.
Many are riding on the coat tails of the big marketers, advising you to join
because they are in Mark Joyner's downline and you are "guaranteed to
get spillover."
I know someone who joined under Mark Joyner the same day he
announced it who has yet to receive any spillover. I've been a member
since the relaunch on CASHevolution on May 17th and I have received
spillover, but I got referrals faster by my own promotion efforts.
Most people who rely on spillover alone will quit because they
don't get any or don't get enough to make a profit.

Other complaints about the program include slow customer support
response and referrals going under the wrong sponsor. They admit to
having some technical difficulties and are fixing remaining programming
issues and have increased their support staff.

In their latest update, they revealed they are working with Mark
Joyner, (who as of June 29th was still in New Zealand with them)
to add more value to the membership so that it will appeal to
people who don't want to participate in the income opportunity.
And this is what they will have to do to lose the bad reputation
of MLM programs. This program is still new and there are more
details to be worked out but what they are offering is unique with a
profitable commission plan, and it is worth taking a look at.

Donna Knight



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Michele Newman

It has been my experience that people who are as defensive as Ronald Webb have
been caught in a lie, or are hiding something. The people who have joined his
affiliate program have very likely not seen his protests here, in Adland Digest.
I believe they do not even know him at all.
Ronald, you obviously cannot take any type of criticism, even if it will help
you out. If you didn't want an honest review, why even ask? The only thing you
have learned about Robert Lee is that he tells it like it is, and you can't
handle that. I think it is time for you to step down from your soap box and
start acting like an adult. There are people subscribed to this digest that want
good, honest informative content, not to be cluttered with the babblings of cry

Michele Newman



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:Cynthia Holmes

John writes:
> Once you have your own site, that you control, then you can start
>contacting site owners and offering a Link Exchange.

Another way to do this linking is through It's a pretty
cool service. For free you only get to trade 10 links. But you can make a
page to look like your site and also add your own links you traded directly

They have a directory and you can also request link trades from other sites.
I use it on my site QuantumLotto and gets lots of requests. I really need to
update that site and make it more funky...

Cynthia Holmes

"Chance Favors a Prepared Mind"



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From:Christine (aka Lorryau)

Hi AdlandPro Digest readers,

I read Sam and John's comment about linking Websites.

I have actually setup a free site of my own which has my
ALANDPRO page on it On it I have placed programs that I
have signed for and I am endeavouring to promote them
through my site. I will be marketing the site over the next
few weeks as well as adding new links when I get time.

It is quite a simple site as I am very new at building
webpages and I am learning as I go along. Go to Lorryau's
Website at

Edownline has a link
and banner exchange that can be used by Master Team Leaders
and upwards. But as John pointed out most of the Websites
that are promoted do not have provision for links and
banner exchanges, so I decided to make my own through
Ecomplanet and ADLANDPRO.

Best of luck Sam in the creation of your Website.

Christine (aka Lorryau)

-------------------------------------------------------------------- -
- Find yourself a bargain!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
Subject:About MLM

Paul Drabble wrote:

"seems lately that every internet guru has attached himself to
one nicely at the top of the tree, giving it there seal of approval.
This does not impress me to much most gurus aren't worth the
words they right they seem just to be another group of ppl feeding
of the new and gullible internet newbies..& making good dollars
out of it."

Hi Paul,

I'm not sure how long it is that you have been marketing online,
but I will say this, NOT every "guru" gives a program their "seal
of approval", I know this for a fact, because I work with several
"guru's" on a regular basis. Nor am I certain of what your idea
a guru is, nor do I agree with your statement that, "most gurus
aren't worth the words they right".

Obviously, you're in the wrong crowd of guru's, because there
are several of them who are VERY much worth the words that
write and then some! Not EVERY guru practices or uses hype
to make a sale, that's a pretty sad misconception that you have.

There are plenty of guru's out there that would move mountains
to help you succeed online and I know so, because I have been
fortunate enough to experience that first hand. And thanks to all
of their wisdom and MY personal convictions to apply all of the
techniques that I have been taught , I have went from starting a
business with ZERO dollars to earning between $300 and $500
a day online.

Before you ask me, I don't teach people how to make a million
dollars in 24 hours, nor do I practice ANY *hype*, because I was
taught better than that (by guru's .... in case you're wondering). I
own three VERY successful businesses, I've wrote two ebooks
(soon to be 4) and I am a featured writer for one of the internet's
MOST prominent publications. I openly admit, I didn't achieve all
of this at my own accord, I did it all with some help from people
who had *faith* in MY abilities.

Believe what you want to believe, but don't "bash" people that
you don't know a thing about personally, because it only makes
you appear to be HIGHLY unprofessional! Degrading someone
to earn business for yourself is NOT going to impress anyone,
it's only going to make YOU look BAD!


Laurie Rogers - is the Co-author Ezine Resource Guide, she is
a featured writer for DEMC Ezine and owner of Optin Frenzy - a
list building program for publishers


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.2)=============
From:William Jaroske
Subject:About MLM

Hi Bogdan,

I read Paul Drabble's Posting, which might be a great
topic. But many of us including me Notices that
feeding frenzy of short lived MLM fads Like many of
this Nutritional weight loss products.
On a lighter note, Many do it the old fashion way by
recruiting friends. or massive snail mailings, Placing
fliers on car windshields and some sort of ad in a
local paper to find prospect. Those efforts most likely
fail. Because of people are just not interested.

It leaves me scratching my head because of all the MLM
rackets being promoted. Health and fitness products,
miracle cures, long distance calling cards, cell
phones, and lead generation. Infact, everybody and
their brother are in them. Do they earn a living at
it,  "no".

The thing that is perplexing is that they stay with
each one for about six months then jump on another fad
that will fold up like the rest of them. Mr Drabble
suggest putting these GURUS in the hot seat. that
might be a good ideal bet will they enjoy it being put
on the spot. Highly unlikely. I get contacted everyday
by some  claiming to be a expert. Am I convinced that
their plan works better. No way.

Well you got people making house calls trying to use
all the smoke and mirrors, their rhetoric,and their
upline experts to get you to sign up. The bottom line,
most MLM companies have corrupted the industry
stealing everyone's dream and their hard earned cash to
go along with it. That is the one reason they zero in
on the newbees. Because their naive enough to buy into
a scam racket. Watch out for the one business plan
only experts insisting that you invest in their plan
and demand that give up each of your other businesses.
Well when that happens. RUN for cover. because their
really not experts.

A vast majority of MLMs inflate their prices so much
that many of us turn our noses at it in outrage. Even
the costs of start ups require you to take out a
second mortgage. Probably next to buying a Rolls Royce
with a Chevy engine that has as much drivability to a

In closing. You need to know the plan, how it works,
what it is suppose to do, and you have to believe in
the product and concept for it to work. Well,
everybody is in it for the money and not the science
of service and so the saying goes.

William Jaroske

On the mission to be a beneficial presence worldwide


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From:Anita Foley
Subject:To MLM or not to MLM

Hi Dagmar:

Back in February I wrote the following article which, incredibly enough, has
the same title as your question:

To MLM or not to MLM . . . That is the Question.

February 2002
by Anita Foley

Just about everyone I know has been laid off from their jobs. The few people
who have been "lucky enough" to remain at their respective companies are
They have been given more work and NOT more pay, they are getting lower and
lower salary increases, if any, and they are being told they have to do
whatever it takes to get the job done, including working overtime and weekends
(without extra pay). You know what I say to this? Do it if you must, but maybe
it's time you MUST do something else.

After working for over 30 years in Corporate America and being downsized
twice, I made the decision to do something else. I had seen enough nonsense,
put up with enough office politics, and certainly wasn't making enough money.

I have no doubt that I will never get rich working for someone else in a
conventional 9-5 JOB. Here's why. Employers will only pay you as much as the
law requires and/or as much as their competitors are paying. Even if you find an
employer who is willing to pay you a little more than that, you are still
limited to
the company's policies and the amount of time YOU have to put in (hours

So, what's the solution? How can you make more money if you are limited by
your job and limited by time? How about Multi-Level Marketing?

You see, MLM works on two very powerful principles:

# 1 - The POWER of collective effort.
# 2 - The POWER of exponential growth.


Since you are only ONE person with a limited number of hours in the day, you
cannot expect to do more than you can physically do in the amount of time you
have. However, if you multiply your efforts times several people, the output
will obviously be greater. And, if you work as a team, it will be even
This is why corporations put so much emphasis on committees, teams, and

Have you ever heard it said that the output of several people working
together is greater than the sum of the parts? This means that a team of any
of people will be more productive than the total effort of the same number of
people working separately.

Where can you find an opportunity to use the power of collective effort?
There is no doubt that Multi-Level Marketing provides an excellent opportunity
to use this principle. You work as a member of a team, you get support and
assistance from your upline and your downline, and together you can achieve |
great wealth.


If you have never heard the story of how a penny becomes over $5 million if
you double it every day for one month, then please click here and it will be
sent to you immediately.

If you are familiar with this concept, then you know the power of MLM. As
your downline grows, your income grows exponentially. There is NO JOB in the
that can compete with this concept. You could not work LONG enough or HARD
enough to even come close to making the kind of money you can make with a good
MLM opportunity.

So the question is not really whether to MLM or not to MLM. The question is
"how do you find a GOOD MLM company?"

There is already plenty written on that subject, so I won't rewrite it all
here, but basically you want to look for:

~ a company with useful, consumable product(s)
~ product(s) YOU personally feel passionate about
~ product(s) that you could sell even if there was no MLM opportunity
~ reasonable prices
~ good pay plan
~ good support system
~ unscrupulous integrity of company founders

If you can find all these things in one company, you've hit the MLM jackpot!
You will have the potential to become wealthy in YOUR lifetime, using the
POWER of MLM. Then the most important question becomes not whether to get
involved with MLM, but why on earth NOT?

Anita Foley of Wealth Happens Online publishes a motivational ezine to help
you achieve wealth online. Get MBA in every issue. What's MBA? Subscribe and
find out!



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.2)=============
From:Jerome Dsouza.
Subject:To MLM or not to MLM

Depending on the scale of observation used, the
production of goods and services and it's distribution,
through dealers wholesalers and retailers, could
also be seen as a form of mlm though of course an
acceptable form being conditioned as we are to
obtaining our needs from these sources.

The other mlm where just about everybody goes
about providing any products or services to any and
everyone is the one that has caused the mlm-rage problem.

like when you are sick you deliberately seek medical
advice from established accepted sources but get very
irritated when each and everyone offers some home-grown
remedy that would save you many bucks.
Not quite accurate but you get the picture?

I do know of a site that offers challenging concepts
on why mlm has failed for too many and continues to
do so. I can start you off on receiving this info if you
email with 'Send
EMM Info' as the subject. (that's the condition)
or you could visit:
sign up free and get the info.

Yes, this does not only seem to be, but is, the way by which
I get members interested to join this program BUT in this
case it is truly meant to inform on the topic MLM, maybe
introduce a new perspective that could reduce the mlm-rage.

What happens after you receive the info is in your hands.

finest regards,

Jerome Dsouza.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.3)=============
From:Mike Fisher
Subject:To MLM or not to MLM

Hello Bogdan,
    I am taking a two pronged approach with this and hopefully deal to both
Cashevolution and Dagmar's quandry with MLM.

    Firstly I would like to state that I am a great believer in MLM,it is the
most natural form of doing business on the planet par none,heck everytime I sing
the praises of Adland Digest I am networking.

    I think the big problem with MLM over the years has been the lack of support
which causes the inability to build geometric growth.That all changed for me 6
months ago when I joined a company called Retire Quickly,since then I have
experienced the phenomena of geometric growth with a system that is easily
duplicated and with the added bonus of rock solid upline support.

    Another reason many MLM companies fold is the lack of a good compensation
plan,poor product and shoddy systems.The thing about MLM that is so attractive
to the average person is that given the right company and support system they
have the chance to build their very own business with very minimal start up
costs and if they do it correctly get to claim large sums of money back from the
IRS each year.Retire Quickly has all the tools and training to do this for
anybody anywhere in the world.

Mike Fisher


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.4)=============
Subject:To MLM or not to MLM

Point 3: How is it Really with MLM? "Is there a Truth out there...?"  ;-)

Hi Dagmar,
There are so many different MLM schemes out there, most of which concentrate on
making money rather than giving any value for the money - i.e. the products are
secondary.  Also they charge the maximum they think they will get so the
products are overpriced.  And you have to be in near the top to reap the benefit
of the enthusiasm of the real go-getters who get things going.

Occasionally you find something much more laid back and zany which is actually
fun and doesn't charge a fortune (go to if you want to see one) and then it's
a whole different story.

So no, I don't believe there is a single MLM truth.  I believe you have to
realise what sort of person you are and find a suitable scheme.  I spent some
time chasing after the gold but not really wanting a lot of personal contact or
to put a lot of time into it.  So I would get caught by the ads that seemed to
promise something for nearly nothing.  However it always turned out to be my
something bringing back nearly or absolutely nothing.  So I've learned if it
sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  And that I hate "selling", I'm not
interested in e-books - I'm old fashioned and like an actual product or service,
preferably not overpriced, and I won't pressure my friends or embarrass
acquaintances.  Which means there's little MLM suitable for someone like me.

But, if you have plenty of time and energy, understand the gobbledegook of the
payment matrices and suchlike, enjoy selling and have loads of friends and
acquaintances who haven't become cynical yet - then go for it as some people out
there are definitely making good money.


Meanwhile, if you enjoy food, fun and want to make a bit (maybe even a lot) of
money and only spend $5 a month (don't be put off by dollars, it's
international), go to !!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.5)=============
From:Bill Taylor
Subject:To MLM or not to MLM

Like anything else, MLM gets a bad name from the abuses that have occurred
and by people joining programs without understanding what they have to do to
be successful.

ANY program, mlm or not, depends on sales to succeed. If you can sell,
you can succeed. MLM just gives you the opportunity to duplicate your

If you have a product or service that nobody cares about or wants to spend
money on, it doesn't matter if you have a downline of 10,000 people. You
won't make money! Period!

I DO believe in MLM. However, recruiting (sponsoring) is secondary, to me.
In my primary program, the one I spend most of my energy on, I focus on
personal sales. I know I can rely on my own efforts. I have built a large
downline over time, but only about 10% are willing to sell! That 10% adds a
nice little "chunk o' change" to my paycheck, but it's not what I rely on.

If you're looking at opportunities, you must first believe in the product
(if there really IS a product), be willing to spend money on it yourself (
not just to "Qualify for commissions" but because you WANT it), and be
willing to
approach people face to face and sell it. If you can do these things, then
it really doesn't matter if the program is MLM or not.

Keep an open mind and watch your wallet.

Good luck,
Bill Taylor



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.6)=============
From:Adam Guzik
Subject:To MLM or not to MLM

Dear Dagmar

I just read your "Quest", To MLM or Not to MLM?
in Adland Digest Issue #296.

My name is Adam Guzik and I'm Adland Digest
subscriber for last 4 years. Some article posted
here or Continuing Discussion help me in my MLM
business, so I hope that my response can help you
and other interested readers as well.

Point #1: You said:
I am a MLM opponent.  I do Not believe in it. I
especially hate the "system" on which MLM is based
on - bothering people you know to buy something -
anything - be it The Best Thing on the planet.

Dagmar, not any more. That principle become with
first MLM company, that was over 50 years ago,
distributors built the business with family members
and friends. The truth is that it is the fastest way
start to build MLM business.

Over the years many companies did not do fair business and
disappear form market. People lost money, were confusing and,
bad things about MLM start to grow. You can lose your
friend or contact with family if you try to sponsor them
to any MLM.

Internet brought solution. You can contact only selected
group of people who Interested on MLM. Now You can educate
first your prospects about MLM, then sponsor them. Dagmar,
If you build business with educated people Your income
will grow for rest of your life. You mention this in...

Point #2:  That Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad - and
other excellent financial books also touts MLM as one of The
best and fastest way to be financially independent.

Point #3:
How is it Really with MLM? "Is there a Truth out
there...?"  ;-)

Will we ever "know"?

Dagmar, we will never know there is really  Truth
out there... but we can follow the trends and find
god things for ourselves like from Robert Kiyosaki books.

Dagmar please continue your education with supplementary
information, I have a wealth of it available to me,
and I will glad to see you will utilize my resources.

1.)  Trend

2.) Subscribe MLMTruth

3.) Brilliant Compensation. This is two part
presentation. Second part explain MLM system.

In closing few words about me.
I'm MLM'er. I'm not a big "Recruiter - Head Hunter"
type of person but small and part time yet.
Because of my primary day job and having exposed my
friends and circle of influence over the past 10 years
to too many lousy MLM deals, I choose to work part-time
building on the Internet only, and also building up my
confidence in MLM again.  The later happened rather
quickly with present company :-)

Yours In Success,

Adam Guzik


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.7)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:To MLM or not to MLM


Let me see if I can help you with your Quest. "How is it Really with MLM?" It is
really like this. Most people who join any MLM business fail. They give up and

Why, because they come to the realization that it does take WORK after all the
hype has died away and most of their friends have stopped returning their calls.
Like anything else, working an MLM business takes time, patients and training.
Most of which the normal run of the mill opportunity seeker doesn't have.

In order for anyone to attract their friends into an MLM business they have to
be able to answer one simple question, "Are you making any money at this?"

A catch-22 if there ever was one. How in the name of all that's Green, can
someone be making money at MLM if no one will sign up with them if they are not
making money?

If you have found a company that offers products that people want, use and are
cost effective, then you can find customers who order from you before you search
out the neighbours for prospective downline members. Then you will be able to
answer that silly little question with a, "Yes, I made XXX last month selling
XXX to people I know."

Then you may get them interested. But until then, forget all the, "Make a list
of everyone you know," type of advice almost every MLM program starts off with.
It's a sure way Not to win friends and influence people.

The other way to go is to find others who are looking for the same thing you
are, for whatever they are in and persuade them to join with you and your
opportunity. There are lots of ways to do this, but one of the best is to offer
something every marketer needs, why do you think there are so many E-books and
marketing sites out there, then build a relationship with them and show them
what you have. I know it seems like a long way around the barn, but it works.

The other problem with any MLM is the normal drop out rate. Very high after a
month or so. You need to help them grow their business. Most people are not
salespeople and find it hard to get into that frame of mind. There are simple
systems out there that can help, but even these will not keep some people from
falling flat on their face's.

The myth of MLM is anyone can do it, anyone can be a millionaire almost over
night. It won't happen, at least not that way. It takes work and the ability to
stick with whatever company you find fits and work it. The rewards of MLM may be
greater, for the amount of work you put in, but it does take work and most
people don't want that. They want to be handed everything on a silver platter.

Sadly, this is why most will never get what they want out of any MLM program.
They won't work at it.

Does this help?

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.1)=============
From:Steve Pronger
Subject:Going Platinum

Hi Bogdan,

First up I wanted to say how much I am enjoying Adland Digest again. For a while
there it looked a bit shaky with the switch to HTML format, but it's the lively
discussion that makes Adland one of the few newsletters I always read. Robert
Lee's contributions are priceless. I don't agree with everything Robert has to
say, but I respect his opinions. BTW, you mentioned Going Platinum in the last
issue while asking for opinions on CashEvolution, and many readers would recall
the heated discussion on GP some time ago. So, I just thought I'd throw in the
fact that GP is not dead. Sorry. Far from it. Members can expect to see the
long-promised features coming online from July 1, with a full launch expected to
occur on Aug 1. Check the member's bulletin board for updates.

Steve Pronger

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traffic into sales? Ken Evoy's "Make Your Site Sell" is considered the BIBLE of
Internet marketing. I personally recommend it.
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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (8.1)=============
From:John Colanzi
Subject:There is a new SPAMMER in Town/anti-virus software


You're so right. It seems both radical ends of the spam
controversy have decided that the average marketer is
acceptable collateral damage in their quests to forward
their agendas.

I oppose spam not on moral grounds, but on the grounds
that it's just not an efficient way to make sales. It's hard
enough to gain some ones trust without annoying them
with spam.

Because of my stance that there's a difference between
being a spammer and being unjustly accused of spamming
with no recourse, one Guru who works with the ISP'S
has decided it's acceptable to bash me as a pro - spam

I guess he figures why let the truth get in the way of
his cause.

John Colanzi

Street Smart Marketing


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=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Lorraine Innes

Hi Bogdan,

It has certainly been entertaining reading all the controversy with site reviews
of late.  I have been a member of AdlandPro for quite a while, and had my site
reviewed a long time ago.  We have made many changes since then.  I would like
to have my site reviewed.  I have gotten some good ideas from reading Adland Pro
and Robert Lee, and as a result just added a FAQ page.  My site is at I would like to know what your reviewers
think of my site.  My daughter and I built the site.  We are not professionals.
This is our first and one and only site.  It is an ongoing process and we make
changes and add to the site as time goes on.  My big question is about frames.
Are framed sites really as bad as I read?  We didn't know anything about the
difference between framed or unframed sites when we put together this site.
Some people make it sound like they are the kiss of death.  We a re considering
starting over and doing the site without frames.  Is that a worthwhile thing to
do or does it really not matter that much.  I prefer not to do it unless there
would be a VERY good reason to do that.  I have heard that there is a way to
make a framed site easier for search engines to navigate, but I don't know how
to accomplish that.  If anyone has any info in that area I would appreciate it.
I am listed in the DMOZ, Looksmart and have an add on Google.  One other thing
that I am confused about is Google.  I thought they got their info from DMOZ.
However, if I do a search on Marco Island Vacation Rentals my site does not come
up and I don't know why.  Am I wrong in my assumption that I should be getting
noticed for that search term because I am listed on DMOZ?  I realize that I have
asked a lot of questions, but I appreciate any advice that you can offer.


Lorraine Innes

Special Offers:


=====================Site Review Request  (2)===============

I would like you to take a look at my site and maybe give me some hints.

My site is at

With the main site in Danish at




=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:Andy Sparks

You need to totally rethink your message on your home page.  Forget what you
want to tell me and ask yourself, why did I come to your page and what do I want
now that I am here?  Then make it as easy to get what I am after as you possibly

All that rambling stuff about how you were Newbies and afraid to download, Lose
it, it's irrelevant and no one cares.

I was half way down your page before I figured out you had recipes.  It is good
that you offer free recipes but don't send me to a sidebar that I can't hardly
read because of black letters on a blue background.

I like Adland Pro as well as anybody but don't put Bogdan at the top of your
page.  People ignore banner ads and it confuses your visitors.  They are going
to click on the banner until they decide who you are and what you are about.  It
is also very good that you have your contact information prominently displayed
but it doesn't belong at the top of the page either.

If I am the average surfer, I am not going to bother to read all the way down
until I discover you have recipes for sale.  I tried to send for your free
recipes but received an error message.

Here are my suggestions, use a text link for Adland Pro somewhere in your site
other than the top of the page.  Start out with, Discover the amazing tastes of
Scotland with easy to prepare recipes.  Keep the photo, you look like nice
people, you can put your name and a little bit of contact information under or
to the side of your photo.

Then jump right in and tell me the BENEFITS (not the features) of eating food
from Scotland.  If the food is fattening talk about the flavor, richness, taste
and how I will feel after a tasty bowl of whatever.  If it is good for me, tell
me about how great I will feel after improving my health when I eat food from

Then have a text link inside the paragraph that says something like" Oh by the
way, if you want some free recipes, Click Here" or click here and we will send
you the recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding as a welcome gift.

Side Note: I received the recipe while typing this email so the mailto form
works but you need check about the landing page after the form is completed, you
don't want them to leave your site.  How much is 100gr of butter? I live in the
USA and don't Metric very well.

Back to business, As you continue with the message on your home page make a text
link in the paragraph whenever you mention a food or recipe that will allow me
to get more information or buy the recipe.  If you were selling the recipe to
Sticky Toffee Pudding, in the midst of paragraph say, My grandchildren's
favorite is Sticky Toffee Pudding (assuming that you have grandchildren) and
make the name "Sticky Toffee Pudding" the highlighted link text.  When you are
reading something that interests you and you run across highlighted link text
that contains a name it takes an act of will not to click on that link.  It is
so much more powerful than a banner or graphic.

If your guarantee is not unconditional, leave it out.  Unconditional guarantees
are powerful and inspire confidence.  Almost no one will ever ask for their
money back.  Conditional guarantees raise doubts and cost you sales.  You will
lose more sales with "Refunds given at the discretion of the Company
Management", than you will ever pay in refunds.  Web surfers are cynical by
nature because the news is constantly reporting someone getting ripped off
online.  You have to do everything in your power to instil confidence in your
products and services.  That is why you have to lose all that stuff about being
a Newbie and anything on the page that takes away from the message of the
benefits of buying your recipes.

Did you realize that you quote the main reason for your sites existence twice
and it is different each time?

The main reason for the site is to sell our recipes and to give people a taste
of what Scotland is like. (LOSE THIS ONE)

Which brings us to the main reason for Scotcook. It began a while ago when one
of our children (we have three Louise, Morag and John) asked for the recipe for
something or other and we decided to begin to write them down because we
realised that they might disappear altogether in today's fast food culture
(KEEP THIS ONE, but put a period at the end of the sentence. USA usually spells
realized with a z but that  could be one of those differences in the English
language.  It ain't easy trying to be global!)

A large percentage of Internet sales are lost in the shopping cart or order
process and I think yours has a leak.

When I click on the icon , click here to buy, I am taken to:
which has a large link that says Scottish Recipe Collection and a small link
that says add to basket.  The Scottish Recipe Collection link takes me away from
the order process and tries to give me more information.  If I clicked on the
link to buy, I don't need more information, I am going for it. If possible make
the icon that says Click to Buy add the product to the shopping cart.  Set it up
so the buyer makes as few clicks as possible.  Give them good information and
gently lead them to a sale.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings but I am confident that if you talk about the
BENEFITS of your recipes, make your message tightly focused and make it easier
to buy, you will be happy with the results.

My two cents worth;

Andy Sparks

Buy or Sell Online.


=====================Site Review Response  (2)===============
From:Steve Pronger


I must say I thought it was rather strange to request a site review when I read
on your site "Sorry for not being a professional web page. My actual web site is
still under construction by the pros".  Sort of makes the whole thing pointless,
but you asked for it, so here goes...

Ron, if it's worth doing it's worth doing well. With a bit of planning and
thought you can build an effective web site without professional intervention.
Here are my suggestions:

* Get a logo.

* Immediately following the logo write an introduction. I have just arrived at
your web site. You have my attention for three seconds at best. What problem are
you going to solve for me? What benefits are you offering? Who are you? What is
it you do and why should I trust you? I shouldn't have to scroll half way down
the page to find these things. Put your biggest benefit first and foremost.

* Forget the scrolling and blinking text. They went out years ago. You have some
good netwriting skills. Don't distract from your message with flashing gee-gaws.
They're not needed.

* The layout of the site is very haphazard and unorganized. Create some tables
and organise your text with consistent headings - same colour, font and size.
Avoid all caps.

* If the objective of your site is to establish a lead then I'd add a form,
rather than just a mailto link.

* Get yourself a copy of Ken Envoy's Make Your Site Sell. I learned heaps. You
will too. Download a free trial version off my site.

Steve Pronger



=====================Site Review Response  (3)===============
From:John Olson


I thank you for your kind comments about my site review. You questioned one of
my comments:

> 2. Consistent headings. On some of your pages, the headings are in a
> light blue, and further down the same page, they are in a brown. Decide
> what you want and stick with it.

I checked every page and couldn't find any that this applied to.  In fact,
none even had a light blue heading.  Links are in BLUE and visited links are
a shade BROWN.  Could they have been visited links you saw, or were you
thinking about another site entirely?>>

I just visited your site again and I found the same page that caused me to make
the above comment, it's this one:

Maybe the brown headings are there because they are a subheading for the Main
heading above them. But then again, no they don't seem to be that. And then
again maybe it's just my silly computer, but the main headings appear light blue
to me and the two lower ones are a darkish brown. If I were you I would stick
with the blue or change the brown to something closer to blue in color, say some
kind of purple.

Other then that, I thank you again for the nice things you said but, "John,
you're a legend." I'm not so sure about that?

Take care,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.



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=====================Site Review Response  (4)===============
From:John Olson


Let me start out with a Congratulations to You. You tell us who you are, even
giving us your Wife's name. Big brownie points for this. People reading this,
take the hint. Even though Ron has LOTS of typing errors and a poor lay out, he
tells us who he and his wife are and now we know who we are dealing with.

Ron, that's the one right thing you have done. Now for the bad things. Your page
opened with an ad for AdlandPro. And something else, right on the top left. Is
this REALLY what you want your visitors to see first? Of course not, you want
them to get into the site and find out what it's all about, so drop the ads for
these great services, to somewhere else on the page, or put them on a second
page with some other helpful links.

Next, PLEASE proof your text. And the word is "sell" not "sale" unless you mean
sale, as in, "I made a sale today." Example:


It's "WAYS TO SELL..."

And there are many other examples like this I could go on about. So, please
proof your site copy, and don't use the same word three times in one sentence.
And I know I am not perfect when it comes to proofing, reading my last reviews
tonight proves that.

Make up your mind as to how the headings are set. If your text is going to be
shifted left, then do NOT Center your headings. Makes it hard to follow. Also,
there's an awful lot of blue going on. Please give us a different color to look
at. Not too contrasting, but different. You can use color to help highlight the
different features of your program.

And the page did take a while to load, and maybe it's just me, but scrolling
text like what you have near the top of the page, makes my cursor flash around
like a Lightning Bug on steroids.

Ron, I think that basically you have the right idea, but you need to work Much
harder on getting the message to us. Study other peoples sites, think about what
makes you comfortable and willing to read what they have placed on the page.
Maybe you just threw this page together to fast. You need to do a rethink on the
whole thing.

And Ron, never Rent an E-mail List. You are risking Spam complaints and those
lists are very often out of date anyway. Not to mention, worked over to the
point of being worst then garbage. Join a few Safelists and place ads in E-zines
to get your message out. But do not send people to you site the way it is now.
Even if all you did was to clean up the layout and do some real proofing, maybe
with someone else's help, you could have a shot at someone being interested
enough to request more information from you.

But you can do so much better if you take the time to learn.

I just click out of your site to get away from the dancing cursor and saw your
'Last Chance" pop under. Well you've got the right idea again, but you still
need a good proofing.

Good Luck Ron, we all started somewhere. If I didn't proof this as well as I
should blame the fact it's 5:15 in the morning, sorry.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


=====================Site Review Response  (5)===============

Hey Ron,

You wrote you rented an email list, then asked what you did wrong?

Well, you answered it.  You rented an email list.  That means you send something
to someone, who didn't ask for it - that really bugs people, and once you've
irritated them, they're not the least bit interested in what you offer.  I'm not
judging you - I know you're learning.  I'm here to offer you some genuine help.

This is a hard for lesson for many newbies to learn.  When you first get
started, it's overwhelming as to where to start, and what to do.  You'll find
ads where you can rent email lists and buy email addresses, so that leads
newbies to think, this is a good route to take, when it's not.

It's hard to find good advice out there on the net, without paying a price for
this and a price for that.  That can become very costly.

Reviewing your site - you jump right into selling.  Buyers are people.  People
like people, not salesmen.  We all know the stereotypical referred to, "Car
Salesman" - and the response to that.  People go there to buy a car, but they
don't want that sales approach.  Reveal your personality at your site.
Introduce yourself to your website visitors.  Talk to them.  Share more at your
site then what you're selling.  Offer things, visitors may like to do, this
encourages repeat visits.  Offer what you sell as links - if the visitor would
like, they can visit those links.  Visitors appreciate being given that choice.
When being pushed a sell - they quickly leave.  I know it's easy to fear, if
they don't see immediately what you have to offer, they'll miss it, won't see
it, and hence won't buy!  When in fact, just the opposite is occurring - you're
pushing them away by forcing it on them.

Visit my site - and get an idea:

Now, a BIG question probably forming in your mind now, "If I can't rent a list,
how do I gain a list to email my offers?"  You develop your own.  And you
develop one, where subscribers subscribe themselves to your list, because they
WANT to be on your list.  Then when you make offers to subscribers who WANT to
be on your list, they're willing to consider and buy from you.  You can't make
that list, just plains sales - again - you have to reach the people from the
people point of view.  I offer an Ezine Training course that is totally free.
It teaches you how to start an ezine, suggestions of how to develop it, where
and how to acquire subscribers and how to earn revenue through sales in your
ezine.  You can go here to sign up for that - again this is FREE: - I support you through this
course, and offer you total support and help through it, totally free.

This course WORKS, if you're willing to WORK it.  I have many successors - many
who have signed up for it, and have reached success through it.  But there are
many more, who have signed up for it, and didn't do the homework and didn't
start their ezine.

Ron, I hope some of these pointers help you.  If you would like further
assistance feel free to email me. You can find my email address at my Village of
Tidbits site.

I wish you great success!  God bless!

In His Joy,

"He (Jesus) sent two of His disciples, saying,
'Go ye into the Village'..." Luke 19:29-30



=====================Site Review Response  (6)===============
From:John Olson


I think your problem is just this, "My host is a mall so I only have certain
type templates I can use. I have been listed with all the main search engines
but since I'm one of half a
million others selling the same stuff..."

Because your site is hosted through a Mall you are most likely limited in what
you can put on it. If you can edit some of the copy, try personalizing it a
little. If you can't, well I do have a suggestion to make. First you should know
that the history of personal online Shopping Malls through third party hosts is
not a very good one. Most of the time the only customers you are going to get
are yourself, family and a few friends. Not the kind of customer base to retire
on. You can just about forget normal Search Engines and concentrate on
Classified ads, purchasing Banners ads and the like. Even if you've got the cash
it can take a while. You can try pay for position Search Engines. Bid on some
key words that relate to your site, with all the items for sale you surly have a
lot to choose from.

Now, here's my real suggestion, but it may take sometime to get you going. Build
another site through a Real hosting company with a good domain name. Make the
site about something you know. Something you are interested in. Something you
think others would like to know about. Then link to every possible page on your
shopping site. Make that the only site advertised on your new one. It would help
if your new site had something to do with Gifts or Collecting, or maybe the in's
and out's of online auctions for example.

Something you know about and can share. Design the site with certain Keywords in
mind, words that are searched often. Your copy should incorporate these words in
such away that it seems natural for them to be there. Make it an information
site, maybe about shopping online, the things to look out for.

Hey, I'm just throwing out some suggested themes for your New site. If any one
of them sticks, it's all yours. Good luck.

Other then that, the site looks good, but I would try and brighten it up with
some color. The Mailing list is a Great idea. And anything you can do to
personalize it would help. As long as it doesn't slow down the load time to

Have Fun,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.



=====================Site Review Response  (7)===============
From:John Olson


I Love Scotland and I am going to add your site to my "Links" page as soon as I
am done writing this.

First off, Great Picture of the two of you. It's nice to see who built the site
we are visiting. Even though your names are list on the Top right of the page
with your E-mail link, I would add them again to the text that starts right
under your picture. Just because I missed the names on my first viewing of the
Home page. I started reading and wondered what your names were. Then I found

Great family pictures by the way. Maybe the problem you have in selling the
recipes is the problem with people believing the cooking in Scotland is good.
Hey, I liked Haggis the first time I got roped into trying it. But some people
just have this notion that the Meals in Scotland, like the cooking in England is
bland and boring. Or just to strange to want to try. I had the Best Seafood Ever
in Lossiemouth, just north of Egin. And the Service was Grand.

If you have kept in touch with past customers, you might want to get some
testimonials from them. Especially if they live outside the UK.

For someone who admits to being a Newbie, you've build a Very nice clean site. I
like the simple layout and the over all look. One thing I noticed when I checked
your source code, there are no Meta Tags at all. Even though some of the search
engines are not giving as much weight to them as they once were, you really
should put them in.

I think some testimonials from satisfied customers who have tried the recipes
would go a long way to help visitors decide to make the purchase. Also having
your prices in approximate dollars might help too. Not many of us know how much
a Pound is worth today.

Take care and maybe I'll throw some visitors and buyers your way. Good luck with
the site and say hello to the Highlands for me. I want to get back there

Good Luck to you,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


=====================Site Review Response  (8)===============
From:John Olson


You wanted to know how your site looks to others? It looks fine. I liked the Big
picture of NY at night with the lights for the WTC. And the other picture is
very nice too. But what they have to do with getting people interested in doing
Paid to Read E-mails is beyond me. Seems to me a cheap way to get people on your
side before you tell them the World can be had by reading E-mail advertising.

I am not going to tell you want you can do with this site, other then this. If
you are going to offer people a way to make money online, Please find something
more Real then being paid to read E-mail junk. There are many other Real
Opportunities out there, FIND them.

Also, you may know by visiting my site, that I offer a lot of things, Shopping,
Opportunities and more. One thing I don't do, is mix what happened on 911 with
what I am selling. I have build a separate site, in memory of what happened that
day. I link to it and from it, but on that site, I DO NOT sell anything. It
would NOT be right.

Take the Hint.

John Olson

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=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============


A little girl walks into a pet shop and asks in the sweetest little lisp:
"Excuthe me, mithter, where do keep the wittle wabbits?"

And the shop keeper gets down on his knees, so that he's on her level, and
asks, "Do you want a wittle white wabby or a soft and fuwwy black wabby or
maybe one like that cute wittle brown wabby over there?"

She in turn puts her hand on her knees, leans forward and says in a quiet
voice: "I don't fink my pyfon really gives a thit!"

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