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How To Start A Business            Extract from Article by Bob Leduc
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Moderator's Comments:

The last few weeks posts have been slow. Thus the issues have not
been as frequent as we would like.
In this issue I have added an article that is very inciteful in
offering information to help you promote your businesses.
We need your help here.
How can we best meet your needs using this Digest?
What are your expectations, what are you looking for?
Our objective in beginning this Digest was to offer information,
help in the niche market of very small and low budget businesses. How
could they meet their business goals on the internet with minimal
expense. What marketing avenues are open to them?
Some of your contributions could be your experiences, good or bad.
What successes have you had?
What has been a dismal failure?

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Subject:          web site promotion
From:              "Charity Adams" <>

Hello Everyone:

If you are into web site promotion like I am you are going to love
this one. I can across Extreme Tracking.  You put this tiny logo on
top of your web page use the html they provide and they compile all
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The next thing that you may need to invest in is your own domain name.
Don't get me wrong free sites work, if you don't mind the long URL,
however they rarely get you into the top 10 for of search engine
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Charity Adams
Adams Acres Internet Services

Subject:          Re: ADTRAX question
From:             sales <>

My question is re: the ADTRAX software.

Once you have inserted an ad (free or paid) and entered all the info.
in the Adtrax software, does the soft allow you to AUTOMATICALLY
repost the ad when it reaches expiration? By this I mean that the user
does not have to do anything but press a REPOST button and like magic
the ad is reposted for another period.

Copyright 1998 By Bob Leduc

Every week I talk with business owners who tell me how
excited they are about their new product, service or
business opportunity. Usually, their comments include
something like, "Everybody needs it. I know I'm going to
make a lot of money with this." They sincerely believe it
will be easy to generate hordes of customers standing in
line to spend money. I really hate bursting their bubble.
But, it's not going to happen that way.

Building a successful business is hard work. Most of that
work will be devoted to finding customers. Finding customers
will be your toughest job. You need a detailed strategy to
attract the number of paying customers required to meet your
financial goals.

By trial and error over many years, I've developed a 5 step
marketing strategy that enables me to launch a new product
or service profitably every time. You can copy this system
to launch your own new enterprise or to revive a floundering

STEP 1: Identify Your Target Market

The first step in developing your strategy is to isolate the
best target market for your product or service. Your sales
efforts will be most effective if you focus on a group of
prospects with common characteristics and similar problems.
Start by defining on paper your ideal customer or client.
List all of the characteristics you expect to find in good
customers or clients. Be sure to include characteristics
that make your product or service valuable to them. Then,
use this list to identify a target market. Define your
target market in writing.

STEP 2: Find Your Most Appealing Customer Benefit

Exactly what is the most compelling problem for prospects in
your target market? Why is your product or service the best
solution to their problem? Answering these 2 questions
reveals the customer benefit(s) to stress in your sales

STEP 3: Develop A Motivating Offer

Develop 2 or 3 offers that motivate prospects to take buying
action immediately. For example, can you use a special
discounted price offer with a deadline? Are there bonuses
you can add if prospects order or sign up before the
deadline? Can you combine both into a "special price plus
bonus" offer? Decide which offer on your list is the most
powerful and use it in your sales material and/or

IMPORTANT: A special offer providing obvious value always
increases your volume of business. It's a proven technique
to overcome buyer resistance and procrastination. A special
offer also provides a logical reason in the buyer's mind to
justify what may actually be an impulsive decision to buy

STEP 4: Decide How To Publicize Your Business

How will you introduce yourself to prospects in this market?
Will you use classified or display ads in print publications
or on the Internet? Will you use direct mail? Is broadcast
media such as radio or TV appropriate and cost-effective?
What networking can you participate in locally or on the
Internet to draw attention to your business? What other
methods of promotion can you use? Prioritize each method on
your list and develop an action plan with deadlines for
implementing them.

STEP 5: Establish A Plan To Promote Customer Loyalty

Decide what you will do to cultivate customers so they
continue to do business with you and give you referrals. For
example, write or call your customers or clients immediately
after a transaction and thank them for their business. Ask
them if they're pleased with what they received. Most will
express their satisfaction. That's the ideal time for you to
follow up with a request for referrals.

Don't be afraid to uncover an unhappy customer. When you do,
take whatever action you must to leave them feeling good
about you, even if your only recourse is issuing a prompt
refund. Most dissatisfied customers won't take the trouble
to contact you about their problem. They'll just take their
business elsewhere and tell other people about their
negative experience with you. That will cost you a lot of
future business.

I've used this 5 step process successfully many times. It
reduces risk by replacing guesswork with a proven strategy
that gets results. You can follow this system to
successfully launch a new enterprise or to revive an
existing business that isn't growing.

Bob Leduc retired from a 30 year career of recruiting sales
personnel and developing sales leads. He is now a Sales
Consultant. Bob recently wrote a manual for small business
owners titled "How to Build Your Small Business Fast With
Simple Postcards" and several other publications to help
small businesses grow and prosper. For more information...
Email:  Subject: "Postcards".
Phone: (702) 658-1707 (After 10 AM Pacific time)
Or write: Bob Leduc, PO Box 33628, Las Vegas, NV 89133
Let's hear from you......

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