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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (7)

1.Going Platinum
~Robert Lee
~Steve Pronger

2.Eliminate spam and go down in history as a hero?
~John Yarrow
~John Piekiel

3.Credit Cards not in USA

~GingerMarie Douglas-Geracitano
~Cynthia Holmes

5.Affiliate Programs/help
~Robert Lee
~Tony Tezak

6.More discussion on Edownline Biz and Ethical Wealth
~John Olson

7.Portals I want to know all there is about them
~Cynthia Holmes

N e w     P o s t s  (3)

1.Prasanna Kumar
~Does any buy through the net????

~page took so long to load

3.Lynn Toler
~I think it is possible that I have too many ideas

4. Harvey Segal
~ ClickBank

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1.John Olson

2.John Olson

3.John Olson

4.Cathy Wagner

5.April Waters

6.Cynthia Holmes


G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.8 Deadly Strategies To Blast Your Site In To Dangerous Profits
By  Shahnaz Rauf

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Robert Lee
Subject:Going Platinum

From:John Olson Subject:Going Platinum

Gee, the Service Activation Page Just went live today (7/9/02) and I
noticeI've even earned some cash for the little I've run around. Not much
yet, but it's better then what AOL pays me. Will I earn even more as my
downline gets  going, Yes. And more and more stores are set up at the
Mall, Cool. Oh well, just  keep reading the stuff on that site and forum.

Go on believing in all the Bad News that runs around that so called
Information site and forum, I think I will just go earn some more cash.

And you might want to check out the GP Countdown to Full Launch Counter,
While you're at the site. Beta Testing, earning and Loving it.

End Quote

Well, I guess there is a little money is there? Is that what makes you
happy about this particular program? That they finally have something to
please provide us with more details (don't forget the copies of the checks
you've received) about your success with this particular program. Cash in
hand is worth quadruple in the online account!

I still prefer the World Wide Scam Network countdown myself.
And the public court documents seem authentic to me, but anything can be
that way right?
I ask for anyone involved with this, or considering involvement to check
this out themselves

Geesh, will some people never learn?
Robert Lee

Eventually LackOfInterest Takes Over


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Steve Pronger
Subject:Going Platinum

I knew that just mentioning Going Platinum would re-ignite discussion on
this topic, but I couldn't resist it. This is what makes Adland a great
forum. Let me just clarify a few things:
I no longer promote or actively participate in GP or any other multi-level
program. My web design business now demands all of my time. I have no
interest in whether GP survives or if Alan Cantalin is carted off to the
clink. But I do still receive a newsletter from a very active member whose
enthusiasm knows no bounds. He has an intimate knowledge of the inner
workings of GP. My last post is merely a statement of fact. And the fact
is, GP is not dead. Hang on, let me just check... No, web site is still
up. Forum is still active. If GP is an illegal scam why is this so? Why
have they not been shut down? I am not interested in being a GP defender,
nor am I naive, but there is always two sides to every story. Members
should make their own investigations and make up their own minds. By all
means visit and read the content on GP, but do note they
also proclaim Amway and Herbalife to be scams as well.
Steve Pronger

===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:John Yarrow
Subject:Eliminate spam and go down in history as a hero?

I have held off saying anything about this issue because when I do it
seems I get a rash of s@@@.  The bottom line to this spam issue is very
simple and I think in our hearts we know this and should see the writing
on the wall.

As long as there are two sides to this issue and as long as the
arguments continue to escalate the more we are inviting the powers to be
to intercede and make laws and charges to take control.  We must do our
best to educate the "newbies" now as they flock to the Internet.

Maybe instead of joining sides and making bigger armies we should take
some time out to educate ourselves with ways to avoid the spam.  There
is a very simple equation here and it is, if spam works, it will be
used,  period end of comment there can be no argument except outside
control unless we stop the war and get a little smarter on how to avoid
the whole issue and not create enemies of each other.  The first rule of
If people did not respond it would not be used.

I am going to start out with a couple suggestions that just may help
until people get better educated to rule #1 above.  First thing to note
is that everybody that has an ISP can change from time to time there
e-mail address, this should never be used for your personal address.
This means that if somehow you start getting more info then you desire
you can simply ask your isp for a new address.  We need to understand
how these spammers get addresses,  it is pretty simple.  There are 3
basic ways that addresses are farmed, 1 is one at a time sending address
to for instance, etc.  This is
usually an automated system that takes out the bounced e-mails and then
adds the good ones to a data base to be used or sold.  2nd way is
anything that you leave your e-mail address at for info or for sign
ups.  3rd is scanning web pages to pull the e-mail addresses off of.
The last is the most problematic because you want your address there for
valid contacts and in fact the most of my spam comes to me through this

Now here are just a couple suggestions that I hope starts a new line of
discussion on how to avoid instead of how to stop spam.  First and
foremost I believe you should own a domain name for your personal e-mail
only.  This is only given to mom, dad, sister and brother and is not set
up to be your reply to address.  In addition with most isps you can set
it up so only certain will be recognized so in the
rare instance that somehow this address gets snagged to the point that
filters do not work you can change the first part of the name and
inform, mom,dad etc.  In addition in your inbox filters you can set up a
sub folder and have all the e-mail sent to that address sorted to it so
you do not have to glean through the rest of the trash to get your
personal mail.  You have this mail forwarded to your regular isp address
so you do not have to go multiple places to get your e-mail.  Keep a
list of those you want to have this address just in case you have to
change it.

Second suggestion for e-mail used for web sites.  First and foremost
always respond to a request from your site with a reply to address with
the same names used on your site and the actual address of your isp will
automatically be included. 2. When you get a valid client send them an
e-mail address for further correspondence that is NOT on your site but
with the same domain extension.  3. Keep a list of those that have this
address as they are your true customers.  When you set up your e-mail on
your domain DO NOT USE CATCHALL FORWARDING, instead specify only the
names you want to use.  Once again filter this mail to its own sub
folders, one for the web site e-mail and the other for the e-mail you
give to validated repeat customers.  Think of this as the good guy

So in a nutshell your isp mail will go to your main inbox.  If you do
this correctly and watch carefully where you send mail from on inquiries
and responses the junk will go to your main isp address, then your
initial web site address.  The good mail will go in personal and the
private web site address given to real customers.  When the junk gets to
be to much in the isp folder simply contact your isp for a new address
that could be anything but the more random the better,  like  Then simply go to your e-mail aliasing on your
site and change the destination to this address, then do the same for
your personal.

If the web site starts getting to much garbage simple change the e-mail
addresses on the web pages and update your new aliases with your host
domain manager and eliminate the old ones.  If you need to change one of
your good address change the first part of the name and send to your
list to inform them of  the new address.

I am sure we have all been dealing with this issue long enough that some
of you may have better ideas to share and why not learn here how to
avoid instead of how to outlaw.

Remember, if you turn somebody in for spam you just send a message that
somebody else should handle the problem  and possibly accidentally
falsely accuse somebody and cause them major problems.  If you complain
to your isp they just beef up the filters and limit how you can send
mail.  If you complain to government they are just going to make more
laws and enact fees

I can see in the not to far future unless we change the way we wage this
battle,  there will be a cost per e-mail applied to "help stop the
problem".  At first it will be hardly nothing, (remember there was a
time where there were no taxes in the United States), Then once accepted
the price will go up and we will loose this outstanding tool for
communication.  Hopefully we are not to late.

Any comments


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From:John Piekiel
Subject:Eliminate spam and go down in history as a hero?

Forgive me if I speak out of ignorance - I just feel like their are too
many email controls available to the legitimate NON-SPAMMING Opt-In
Emailer to  openly and vocally resist SPAM controls. SPAM is a plague.
Obviously,  it wouldn't be this huge (pending Gov't interaction) problem
if it weren't  so far out of control. I am all for SPAM controls in any
way shape or form.
The smart businessman works within the boundaries of  controls and
achieves  the same result. So what - BOOHOO. Work it out. Do it right and
except for  some  temporary inconveniences...your business should not
suffer, but actually  perform much better and more profitably! Those of
you that DON'T SPAM, |never have - never would - who have taken the time
to electronically acquaint yourselves with  your business associates and
associate wannabes probably
won't feel a thing (and you'll have a much cleaner mailbox that is filled
with  ACTUAL business related inquiries and orders - WOW - what a
concept.)  |Never resist change for the  good.
Work it out.

Do I get SPAM? Plenty. Do I hate SPAM? No doubt. Do I tolerate SPAM? Got
to...........FOR NOW.

John Piekiel

The Online Salesman


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
Subject:Credit Cards not in USA

AlanHA wrote

Thanks for a great read. Some of your readers, like me, are not US
Too bad most US advertisers still think the US is not only the greatest,
The only source of Internet advertisers and customers. I may be na´ve but
with 40 years of international business experience under my belt, I don't
think so.
Question: Have any of your readers come across a bank which will entertain
credit card issue to a non-US citizen living outside the US?

Thanks and Good Day

Another SFI affiliate recommends this bank, based in the US, for



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
Subject:Credit Cards not in USA

Alan, this is a legal an logistical nightmare for the banks which is why
There are companies such as Pay Pal, eGold and PrincessCard also a variety
of other online pay systems.

My personal experience with Pay Pal & eGold have been nothing but good, I
use Pay Pal most as it will directly link with my bank a/c or credit card
(I'm in Australia.).  I know we have all heard horror stories about all
these systems 'taking' peoples money and freezing accounts but I still
believe there is no smoke without fire.  Most of these problems seem to
occur with people using their accounts for big business or a high volume
of transactions.  If you are just a 'small' user, and you follow the rules
then you should have no  problems.


Join at any of these links if interested.
Pay Pal


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.3)=============
Subject:Credit Cards not in USA

Yep! Methinks you have a very good point there
Bogdan. I too have lots of offline Intl. marketing
experience under my belt and it beats me why US
marketers concentrate on the US market when Europe alone
has a population of 360 Million Plus, and that's without
the rest of the free world!

Sorry I can't help out on the credit card issue but I
just had to laugh when a 'major player' in the US
requested from one of my prospective affiliates that
he pay with an International Money Order in US$ that
MUST be drawn on a US bank! Oh yeah fella, we've got one on
every corner!

Seems to me like quite a few 'International' programs
should do either do their research - or stay at 'home'.

Good luck!



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:GingerMarie Douglas-Geracitano

Hi there Bogdan... many interesting discussions going
on regarding affiliate marketing specifically, I
don't know where to begin...

I think I'll start with the one that catches my
eye each time...CASHevolution. I'm not currently
involved in it, and I sleep better at night now.
(I was a member for almost two months.)
I was a corporate banker for 15 years, and you
can call it paranoia if you want to, but just the
fact that they're advising, (go to court and
suggest "training" as opposed  to "advising"...
I'm not willing to risk the judge's mood!), people
on "investments"... well, no thanks. I remember
the day long trainings I was subjected to, just
to learn the LEGAL way to SUGGEST that a
customer discuss investments with our licensed
professionals! That fact, and the matrix processing
bugs that are STILL not fixed are why I left.
If you're involved in the program, check your
direct upline. More than 50% of the members at
last count were wrongly placed under BuildRefferals.

I join and market affiliate programs so that I can
evaluate them for the members of my newsletter.
I've seen the good, the bad, and the barely legal.
There are currently only 5 programs I recommend,
due to the quality of the TANGIBLE benefits to the
members. Products and services in exchange for
my membership fee... that's what I go for. If I can
solve a client's needs with the high quality service
or product offered through any particular program,
then I recommend it. I consider this the difference
between sales, and offering solutions. Some might
say that there's little difference, to those people
I would say look at your e-mail box right now.

Most likely it's got at least a few attempts at SALES
that are purely that, sales. Untargeted, mass mailings
by people desperate to earn a buck and run with it.
Fly by night "businesses" that really have no idea
what a *Marketing Plan* is. (This is evident when I,
a 33 year old woman receive mail that tries to sell
me Viagra and "enlargement" products. UG!)

I've just published an e-book that offers the reader
an inside look at one of the programs I do recommend
to my clients regularly. The owners of
DeskTopMoneyMachine, Harry Pickett, and Bill Burdin
granted me an interview to answer client questions
about who they are, and what companies are behind
the program. If interested, you may download it off
of this page, it's the special offer link at the very top:

Not many programs are this upfront with the true
identity of who's running them, and why they might
be qualified to do so. The tools offered within their
program are true webmaster tools that help any web
site owner market their site... from BUILDING the site,
through submitting it to the engines, providing an opt-in
mail tool, and pop-up ads for the back-end sales approach.
Truly focusing on the do-it-yourselfer that may not want
to pay a designer or SEO specialist.

What I would suggest to anyone participating in affiliate
programs today, is do your own research! Find out the
who behind the organization you're going to be staking
your reputation on!

Here's to our Success!

GingerMarie Douglas-Geracitano

Editor of The Portal To Success Free Updates
Newsletter, providing product and affiliate program
reviews and Success Training for today's Internet
Marketer. Receive our latest issue for review here:


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From:Cynthia Holmes

Don't give up just yet! There is a huge market for an investment club like
Cash Evolution beyond the internet marketing crowd. Investment clubs are
very popular, controlling billions of dollars of equities.

Plus, there are great Cash Evolution affiliates sharing our marketing
knowledge, regardless of up/downline affiliations. Bill Irish has created
free ebook you can give away or pay for a customized version. (Download
mine at He has a CE focused
newsletter called "Team Success" (see:

James Grandstaff of My Passive Income offers a free viral traffic site
also promotes Cash Evolution:

Remember, it is not a get rich quick scheme--no good program is. Yes,
was a lot of hype when it launched. It does have a legitimate product and
it will take consistent effort and some time to build an income, like with
any solid business.
Cynthia Holmes

"LOVE What You Market and STICK with it!"



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From:Robert Lee
Subject:Affiliate Programs/help

If you have something to sell, an affiliate program is the best way to
Promote your product/service depending on the commission you offer and how
selective  you are about your affiliates. Affiliate programs offer an easy
advertising  medium that does not cost you per-click or per-impression.
You only pay for results  (if your affiliate program pays only per sale)
and you can pick and chose your affiliates and the web sites that
promote your product/service.

What does the commission rate matter?
The higher it is, the more you'll have possible affiliates filling up your
Inbox with requests to join. The lower it is, the less affiliate interest
you'll  have.

Keep in mind that this commission rate number is not just a deciding
factorFor who and how many will join your program but your conversion rate
will  decide  who will continue to promote your program in the long run.
You could  offer a  $90.00 commission on a $100.00 product but if I can't
sell any, and  sell some within  a few hundred well targeted visitors that
I send to you, you're  history. I'll  look carefully for signs and details
that my referral website is geared
for the  sale.
Will you be able to close the sale after I've sent you a visitor? Will you
be able to get him/her to join a newsletter and track my sale a month or
more later? Will you entice that visitor to buy the product that our
partnership  has brought before him? I'll even join your newsletter list
and read what you  send out and see if that will sell too. (No newsletters have
I received to date. I joined more than a month ago! Just the list not as
affiliate, geesh!) Is there an affiliate discount to buy the product? (I
always felt that any affiliate program should not only encourage their
affiliates to buy and study/use the product[s] but they should offer a
discount that  exceeds the affiliate commission. Don't you feel that it's
in your best interest to  do the same?)

What does how selective you are matter?
If you have as an affiliate, I'll probably
Not join. And I'll try hard to find out too. I'll do my homework and
research  Your program using a variety of keywords at not only the major
search engines but  At the PPC search engines too. I'll take a look at
your source code and see what keywords you use and search for them at the
search engines. I'll look hard
for other affiliates that are actually spending money to drive traffic to
a page where your product is advertised or otherwise made available for
sale. If I can't find any... I'll wonder. I'll wonder not too much because
I'll pass quickly on joining your program.

From:Debra Glinsey Subject:Affiliate Programs/help
I have an affiliate program located here and already have 10
affiliates, but do not no where to go from here.  Not one has brought in a
sale in the  last 6 months.

I would like a few people to read it to see how it sounds and would you
Up after reading it?
End Quote

Debra, I would not join.

The grammar you use is atrocious, YOU USE TOO MANY ALLCAPS in paragraphs
and  you don't even have an online form for affiliates to complete, I have
to send you  An actual email. (Surprisingly, that really is a turn-off!)

You even have under the heading "BEFORE YOU CAN JOIN US"
The unhighlighted text to read "Please click here.." and the "click here"
is  NOT a hyperlink! How confusing is that??!!
As a matter of fact, none of your "click here's" are hyperlinks! Crazy!

Change this:
Sunbelt, Home and Office Coffee Before You Can Sign Up Process for
Affiliate Program Page
To read like this:
Our Affiliate Program Pays Per Sale!

You will earn 15% per sale or $XX.XX for every order that you send us! If
you send us 10 orders a week you will earn $XX.XX a month! Deposited
monthly to  your very own PayPal account!

Your web site should be (this type of related subjects) for quick approval
or have more than XXX number of visitors per month, verifiable.

I have to say, you scared me away from your affiliate program and all I
did  Was take a look without even wanting to join. And I have hundreds of
thousands of visitors a month. And I am always looking to turn those
visitors into sales. Always!

A 5 day cookie. Never would I join your program. There are enough software
programs available that people can use to delete their cookies (and my
chance  of a sale!) after they followed my affiliate link to your site
that for you to  give me only a 5 day chance if just ludicrous!

One thing missing is where you tell me where the majority of your
recognition is. where are you having some success. what types of
affiliates are you  actually looking for? Who is a "related but not
competing website"? And I would think that to be on another website that
also services the same client base that  you do would only offer the
opportunity for you to increase sales, not lose them  (if you are actually
visiting the web sites and pages that are sending you visitors)! Talk
about targeted traffic! Geesh! And you wouldn't want them to
help you sell your product?

And what does this mean:
Being a small business owner and a women can be trying at times but I love
I do.
End Quote
You need a professional to write your "About Us" page.
So come on in and look around and order some of our coffee and be ready to
on of the best coffees on the market today "SUNBELT".

End Quote

"Come on in"??
Is this not the Internet? Do I crawl into my hard drive? Geesh!
"Enjoy on of the best."
Who proof read this page?

Above text from this page:


Then there is your website. goodness. who designed it?
What is with this page, your "sitemap" page:

Do you 'know' what a sitemap page is? Obviously not.
This is a sitemap page:
Or this:

But a sitemap page is NOT a links page. You must have confused them.

And why am I being redirected to this site:

Do I get sales from this site too? Or did I just "lose a cookie"?


Did you realize how hard it is to find your email address if I wanted to
Contact you, and that once I skip the form you have on this page:
And I make my way to this page:
Your email link does not even work! It gives me an error because it is
incorrectly. Did no one look at your site after you uploaded it?

I could go on but I have to stop here, this isn't a website review, it an
affiliate program review. Although the two are very much related, I am not
about to redesign your website as well as encourage others to join a
program  that  does not have a compass, some type of direction. Even
reliable  information  available on the website.

If you have any specific questions, email me, I'll try my best to answer
them for you, but to subject the rest of the Adland's readership to my
corrections and objections about your site would not be fair to them.

if  You Need To Accent The First Letter Of Every Word, Please Do So, BUT

Happy selling!
Robert Lee

Dating B2B
Earn $$$ Become An Online Dating Service Affiliate Today!
Content! Stickiness! Traffic Tips!
Learn At Your Leisure For Free!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.2)=============
From:Tony Tezak
Subject:Affiliate Programs/help

Hello Judith Tramayne-Barth,

You might want to take a visit to Viral Development Software.  It all
the software needed to  start an affiliate program.

Here is what it offers plus you can take a demo tour.

A few of our major features include:
     - Easy to Manage Administration Console
     - Complete 'in-house' Newsletter Manager
     - Members Area Newsroom Archive
     - Product Ordering Interface
     - Additional Programs Link Directory for members
     - Members Area - access and stats center
     - Commission Tracking and Payment Interface
     - Full Search Interface by ID, Name and Email Address
     - Free and/or Paid membership options
     - Membership Static URL webpage option
     - Newsletter Subscriber Option Interface ( tracked to member sponsor
ID )
     - EASY webpage upload Interface via the software Admin Center
     - Affordable and easy month lease program

Tony Tezak

An Internet Marketers ezine! FREE!
ViralOptions eGram--Share SUCCESS!



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:More discussion on Edownline Biz and Ethical Wealth


Here is my thoughts on eDownline Biz and Ethical Wealth Builder as well as
Any downline club program. The problem with these things as I see them,
and  I am  a member of eDownline, is that it only works if almost everyone
who signs up,  Gets into the programs offered. That doesn't happen very
often. And you almost
Never know what the heck you are going to be expected to join. Most people
do not follow the so called rules. They do not join the NEW programs as
they come  out.
EWB seems to have solved this problem by making it a requirement that
members Do join everything, or loose out all together.

I looked into EWB when I was being silly enough to join these things and I
Asked a question of the Management. It seems several of the proposed
companies they were thinking of having everyone join, I was already in. I
was told that I  would have to join again, even if it meant I had to drop
out of a program I was already in so I could rejoin through EWB. And I
think there was some mention  of making special arrangements if I had to
join something again. I took a pass
on EWB.

Lynda, I don't know about you, but I like to be able to choose what I
join. I  Do not like to be forced into something just to maybe make a

With eDownline, I went for the first program they offered at the minim
cost  Only to find out they somehow lost my order. I have taken this as a
sign not to bother with it. Their next program looks interesting, but this
old horse is going to wait and see, before he takes a drink.

EDownline does offer some products with their membership. But so far I
have  Not taken advantage of them. But I have them. You know, I think the
only reason I joined this thing, was because I got tired of seeing the
darn ads everywhere.
Do not let anyone tell you massive promotion doesn't work.

Downline clubs are a risk, no two ways about it. It's a risk, not knowing
What you will be asked to join, and it's a risk that most of the members
will Follow and that the program will be a success. The other thing about
the programs I have seen come through these things, they are almost all
what I call "Tool" programs. That is, they are designed to help you market
something else. Which means, Fred down the block will not know what the
heck you are talking about when you tell him about it.

You can make some money with a "Tool" program, but unless you are
marketing a "Widget" that old Fred can see the value in, you will be
doomed to marketing only to other marketers. And after a while that pool
gets pretty shallow.

Just my thoughts, take them for what they are worth.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.1)=============
From:Cynthia Holmes
Subject:Portals I want to know all there is about them


One of my best resources is Phil Wiley's "All the Secrets" newsletter. He
is the author of "Mini Site Profits". These are similar to portals.
You can cruise his back issues at:

Here's another resource recommended by Simon and Karen Baxter of for creating a huge number of portals using top domain
names like:,,,

Cynthia Holmes

"LOVE What You Market and STICK with it!"



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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Prasanna Kumar
Subject:Does any buy through the net????

Hello members,

This morning while travelling to office I wondered what is wrong
with the net.  Does anyone really purchase things they want for
daily use through the net???

What is the malady.

There is something for sure.

One is the fear of misuse of the credit card.  Putting the three
digit security number does not answer all.

Second is the clutter of affiliates - nobody wants to end up
paying to somebody in china for the scarve he buys in Newyork.
And at times payment percolates two three levels down. That means
he is paying people in china, London and why even in Russia.

why cant there be non-affiliate sites!!! and special advertising
pattern for them. at least people can be sure that he not funding
anybody with is purse.

there is a fool proof - repeat 100% fool proof procedure for
credit card use.  does anybody would like to implement it!! the
concept is fantastic. would entile some work and would need
hardware/software support.  the entire thing can revolutionise the
net.  if the user knows that his card could not be used other than
by himself on line he would certainly like to use it.  the scope
is boundless.

all might change - but when !!

Prasanna Kumar

There is always a better job for you at
Go now



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
Subject:page took so long to load

From:John Olson


The Home page took so long to load I could feel my hair growing.

how many people really visit your other
pages, how many really get passed the LONG Load time of the Home page? I
can't believe anyone hangs around a site like the one I just viewed. I
can't  believe anyone even waits for the Home page to load. DSL or Cable
maybe, but not most  of the rest of us still on dial up.

And keep the same back ground for all the pages, helps the load time. Not
That load time is anything you even thought about when you plastered this
thing together.

Karl and all,

The best way I know of to make pages load fast is to create them in
moderate-sized sections, rather than a whole page as one HTML. All my
pages  load fast, including the ones with graphics in them. Many graphics
come from the outside, so the pages load before they appear. Check out any
page at
to see how fast they all load. They're all on a fast server as well at



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (3)=============
From:Lynn Toler
Subject:I think it is possible that I have too many ideas

Hi Bogdan,

First of all, I just want to say that I was lucky enough to find your site
And subscribe to your newsletter soon after I got started in internet
I am very thankful for that as I am subscribed to many and none of them
compare To yours.  There are other good ones out there that I read, but
yours is by far

With that said, of course now that I have some questions that I need help
With I've come to you and your readers to get some insight.

I belong to many affiliate programs that I devote a lot of time to and am
Trying to design my own website so that I may include these programs on my
site and advertise just my site.

>From what I've read this is the way to go and it seems like it would be
much easier for me and I would be able to use much of my time better
promoting my
one site rather than all of these.

I do sort of have a theme so as to set me apart from all of the other work
at home sites and sites with just a bunch of affiliate links plastered on
a  page.

My problem is, well first of all I have been trying to design it on paper
First for what seems like a decade now.  I mean I have so many great ideas
but when  I try to put them on paper I get stuck.  Also, I think it is
possible that I  Have too many ideas for just one site and find it hard to
pick out certain things
To leave out.

So, I've been thinking that maybe I should write a very rough draft of my
Ideas and then pay someone to look it over and help me with the copywrite
and even design it for me.  Otherwise,  I might be looking at these pages
on the table for another decade! lol

I am hoping that you and your readers could give me some pointers on where
to  Go since I'm stuck and also if any of your readers do copywriting and
website design I would love to have some quotes.

I really do not like to do business with people unless they  come referred
by someone or I can see good samples of previous work.

Now I am not rich and am looking for a cost effective approach.  I have
even thought that maybe I would just pay for copywriting and then use a
website builder to enter the info.  I read somewhere that it is a good
idea to have a professional do the writing for at least the homepage since
that is where you need to grab attention and then possibly doing the rest
myself.  Please  advise.

To Our Success!
Lynn Toler

Together we will help children, endangered
species and the environment worldwide through
our EcoPool and be rewarded for doing so.


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From:Harvey Segal

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sell their products and services on the Net
assisted by over 100,000 affiliates.

Adland readers are welcome to download my
new free ebook

ClickBank SuperTips
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 ClickBank affiliate or merchant"


Harvey Segal

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=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:John Olson


WOW, this is something I have not seen before. And I have seen a lot. I
Looked over the site and read and read. Sounded interesting, until I came
the $2,500
part. This all could well be everything the site talks about. It does
sound  like a good product, earth friendly, cost effective.

But Grazina, we are talking PreLaunch, start up and $2,500 to take their
course. That is a lot of Risk anyway you look at it. I certainly hope it
all goes  well for you and anyone who is up to the risk. I must admit
thinking of Builders
and Real-estate people that I know as I read through the site. But, this
is an unproven company. It's a start up, and with any New company there is
a great deal of Risk. Then they want you to pony up $2,500 to take their
course in  the hopes that everything else falls into place.

And look at their time table. They are not even talking about building
anything until 2003 sometime. This may well be a Great opportunity, but
it's not for  most people. I would be very careful with this. Maybe I
missed something here, I  did see where one could register for more
information for free. But if it all leads to prying $2,500 out me, no
thanks. If I were to even consider this, I would
do as Mark Joyner did with CASHevolution and fly down there and go through
the whole thing with a fine tooth comb. It is not worth the Risk to me.
Please,  be very sure this will all come together. Of course maybe I
missed something,  but I don't think so. I sure hope there was someway of
marketing this without  having to spend the $2,500.

And speaking of CASHevolution and Mark Joyner, read through his Report:

At least CASHevolution is only $25 a month and it's launched.

Good luck Grazina,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.



=====================Site Review Response  (2)===============
From:John Olson


You have done a nice simple doorway site to your SFI program. I will not
go  Into what I think of SFI. As for your site, it is all well and good as
far as it goes. There is not much to review really. But I have 2
suggestions. First,  tell us who you are. Introduce yourself. That is one
of the main reasons to have
your own doorway site. Next, will you PLEASE tell us how this darn things
works? Sorry, I wasn't going to get into what I think of SFI.

Just don't link to pages on your SFI site. Tell us simply why we should
What to do when we join. And tell us how we can make money with this
monster. Opps, sorry I let another one slip.

Good luck,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


=====================Site Review Response  (3)===============
From:John Olson


I think I can tell you have something to say with this site. But you are
Having a hard time getting the message across. The site, such as it is, is
Unexciting an uninteresting. If you are excited about the business, then
let that excitement show. I almost fell asleep reading the site and not
because it is past 4 in the morning here. Now that I think if it, what is
the business?  What is this site trying to be?

Oscar, get excited and tell us about you and what you do. I think you are
Afraid of us. Don't be, we are nice people and we can be your friends. Be
confidant In what you have to say and then say it. Tell us the great
things you have done with the associates you have.

You have pictures that are links, tell us to click on them. I wouldn't
have  Even known they were links if my mouse hadn't wondered over one of
them for the
Heck of it. If you need help with the writing, find it. I am sure you know
someone who is good with words. Ask them for help with the site. The Net
is about information, and for the most part that means reading that
information. And  it had better hold our attention, or we will be gone.
Tons of stuff out there to check out, if you can't hold us we are clicking
to the next one.

I could go on about site layout, but until you get your message straight,
all the layout in the world is not going to help.

To quote your site: "With EFFORT the job gets done." With Effort Oscar,
you  Will get the job done. Keep trying.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.



=====================Site Review Response  (4)===============
From:Cathy Wagner

Hello Adland Subscribers,

I just wanted to say thank you for your recent review
of my site. All of your comments were very
professional, instructive and helpful.

I have implemented the changes suggested and
would love it if anyone would like to take a second
look and tell  me what they think now - afterall, what's
the use of promoting a site that does not do it's job?

I look forward to your comments.

Thank You,
Cathy Wagner

ONE STOP Internet Business Services



=====================Site Review Response  (5)===============
From:April Waters

Here is my site review:
      I am speaking only for myself but I do think alot of
Adlanders will agree...The site review spot should be for sites
you make yourself..NOT affiliate generated websites. All this
is to me is a ploy to get visitors. Visitors to these sites are
worth nothing if tricked into looking at them.

     I understand it seems harmless but when you (or any of you
who do this week after week) put one of these kind of sites out
there to be reviewed, you use up space of a site review for
someone who actually put their blood and sweat into a site.

      When you join an affiliate program and they GIVE you a
free website, that is not a site for a site review here at
Adland. If you want to have people see your affiliate site, then
BUY an ad space in this newsletter and let the viewers choose
to go look at it.

      Some of us take the review section of this newsletter to
heart. We learn from other site reviews how to fix or correct
our own. Hopefully others do the same. You nor any of us learn
anything about one of these site reviews because you have no
control over it anyway.

      I do not like to be suckered in to looking at an affiliate
site. I want it to be my choice.

      Just my opinion :)

April Waters




=====================Site Review Response  (6)===============
From:Cynthia Holmes


I too joined The Money Manual awhile back and have watched the launching
Earthblock (a companion program). It does look like a very good product
if you believe in what you are selling then that is very important. One of
my friends is an architectural designer and head of the local Eco Building
Guild and he was quite excited about it. If you are new to the internet
can avail yourself to all the training Dario offers, you could certainly
well. He has incredible experience behind him.

I have chosen not pursue it because it really means getting out there in
your community, on the phone, networking with building industry people,
I have found that, with kids at home, this is not the easiest for me. Plus
the investment is a bit high for me ($2500) unless you really plan to make
it your primary focus to be sure you make your investment back, plus
a profit. But there is nothing like promoting a program you really believe
Cynthia Holmes




=====================Site Review Response  (7)===============

John and Adriana,
Thank you very much for your constructive criticism and is exactly what I
needed....I agree that your explanation has been on my mind for some time
suppose I needed an outside opinion.....

Thank you again



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If you had bought $1000.00 worth of Nortel stock one year ago, it would
be worth $49.00.

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With WorldCom, you would have less than $5.00 left.

If you had bought $1,000.00 worth of Budweiser (the beer, not the stock)
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Based on the above, our current investment advice is to drink heavily and

Let's hear from you......

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