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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher
1.Clicks Advertising Program

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (9)

~Laurence Lowne
~Grazina Palukaitiene
~Robert Lee
~Shirley Musser
~William Jaroske

2.Eliminate spam and go down in history as a hero
~Andy Anderson

~GingerMarie Douglas-Geracitano
~Tony Boswell
~Gloria Hood
~Jerome Dsouza
~Geoff Dodd

4.URL Submission Service
~John Olson
~Steve Pronger

5.Links & html codes?
~John Olson
~Effort Enterprise
~Melody Vargas

6.Will the Going Platinum debate ever die?
~John Olson
~Robert Olver
~Valerie Underhill
~Ben Marroquin

7.Information About SFI Wanted
~Effort Enterprise
~Noel Hynes
~Robert Lee

8.Spam Has me stumped
~Robert Lee
~Troy A. Peterson
~Lisa Lauver
~Marianne E. Payton

9.Advertising On The Web
~Geoff Dodd

N e w     P o s t s  (3)

1.Debbie Owen
~Universal Language?

2.Dr Bob Siegman
~Spamming and virus alert

3.Gloria Hood
~Email Problems

Site Review Requests   (3)

1.Michele Newman


3.Jason Brown

Site Review Responses   (1)

1.John Olson

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (0)

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  280 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


I would like to thank Thomas Haley for his personal review of clicks
which appears below.  Thomas earned one month of Gold Membership,
1000 free advertising credits  and free submission to 680,000 search
and link places for being first with his review.

I'm looking for more reviews on this program.

Anyone who tries it and offers review in the digest, will receive from me
1000 free impressions at Adlandpro Classifieds at the top of the pages
and free submission to 680,000 search engines and link places.

First respondent will receive one free month of a Adlandpro Gold

Bogdan Fiedur

=================Clicks Advertising Program=====================
From:Thomas Haley

Hi Bogdan,

Thanks for offering us this "clicks2you" service.
The cost per click on the larger package I purchased is only 04.4 cents
per click which is half of what other click services offer

I am currently getting clicks from the "clicks2you" program.
I ordered the 2200 clicks package for  $97 on Thurs. Aug 1st.

The have a backlog delivering this service as my first clicks
did not come until Wed. Aug 7th.

In the first 48 hours I received 102 visits to my website. I
received  four  responses from my website below.  ALL
requested more information by filling out the request form
on my website:*TH1982

They say they will deliver most all clicks within seven days.
You can also renew this special thru Aug 26th by ordering
more clicks before your current clicks run out. That means
no waiting for your second order.

At the rate of 4 requests per hundred you would receive 88
requests for more information or service which amounts to
a 4% response rate which is double the normal 1 or 2%
response rate for regular advertising.

How many of those 88 responses can be converted to a
true customer should amount to about 10% or 8 customers
that buy your product or service.

8 new customers for $97.00

That is good enough to make me want to stay "in the clicks".
I will order again if the numbers stay true to the model.

Tom Haley


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This is my web address:


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Laurence Lowne


and from your reply I quote:

"Most all businesses are pyramids if you really look at them. And as for
CE  being a scam, I highly doubt it. I think someone like Mark Joyner would
have  been able to smell this out on his visit. I do not think that he would put
his  reputation on the line with something he was not sure of."

All businesses are pyramids, but not all businesses are involved in
pyramid selling.

There is a subtle difference.

I am a member of the aesop list from Mark Joyner, and it was reading his
report that convinced me that I was reading about hype and not substance.

Companies that appear to be very credible are often the ones that end up
doing the most ripping off, and I will mention just two here that you will

Enron and WorldCom

I hope for all the people paying over money to CashEvolution that it
just as FreeStoreClub looks another scam in the making as well.

John I wish you luck with whatever you are involved in and look forward to
seeing you on the winners podium as us trainee millionaires race each


Also just launched - highspeed internet £25-00 per month
please click here:
For great savings on over 76,000 products, please
check us out


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From:Grazina Palukaitiene


This is Grazina, I have good suggestion to Lois Bodycote, before he not
lost all his money with CashEvolution. He could just compare CashEvolution with
other programs and after he could make right decision. I will give him few:

The Earthblock Decision Package: and .They both have real product. If you pay money
you know for what! CachEvolution in my opionion is good as many similar programs
just for these, who are on the top...

 Please, give him this email. If he wants to discuss it, I would glad to
do it, because just discussion will bring us to the truth.With it I am not
telling that just I am right. I am try to tell, that the discussion  could show who is



Grazina Palukaitiene

Do you now what an Earthblock is?


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From:Robert Lee

Defending the indefensible

John Olsen,
I am shocked and dismayed to hear this from you:
Most all businesses are pyramids if you really look at them. And as for CE
being a scam, I highly doubt it. I think someone like Mark Joyner would have
been able to smell this out on his visit. I do not think that he would put his
reputation on the line with something he was not sure of.

End Quote
And you continued:
But I did find a site the other day that has some insights you might want
to look over: If you go to their "Biz Opps" page
you will find CE listed as an approved Company. And no, they do not belong to
it. There code of ethics prohibits it.

End Quote

John, Did you miss the report about this particular web site that I did a
few Adlands issues ago? Issue #298
My Statement:, has been online since May 10 2002...
Any bells going off yet? I must admit, the addition of the "Verisign" seal
adds a lot to the Cashevolution web site. Not many people will realize that it
only means that they use an authenticated secure server to take your credit
card payment.

End Statement

This seems to be, in my opinion, a very self-serving website in league
promoting this very program that they are meant to rate.

John, really, you've been around long enough that you would know that I
would not tell a lie. I may be loud and proud about my opinions but I make sure
they are backed up with evidence.

You are lacking in that area, my friend. No evidence to your claims.
Also, you have probably received Mark Joyner's latest email (he's already
onto "The Next Big Thing"!) since there are "time delay problems" with Cash

Did you get it yet?
Here it is if you missed it (Urls removed)
Begin Email:
Hi Robert, I know you've been waiting for an update about CASHevolution... (I've got
something interesting for you in the meantime, please see below.)

 You're not alone many people wrote in saying "all this promotion for it
and then not a peep - what's up?"
 Everything is fine.  I'm just working with CE to ensure two critical
things happen first before my next update.  I promise I'll send an update soon.

 Meanwhile, here's another extremely innovative new affiliate program I
just discovered.  As you know, I love things where you get to benefit from the
efforts of others.

 Like CE, this new program let's you benefit from the efforts
of many many people, but has a very odd twist I've never seen before.
You'll have to visit their site to learn what this

twist is all about.   All I can say is, it's a kind of viral
affiliate marketing I had not thought of before and seems quite powerful.
 Very interesting indeed: MISSING URL (removed by Robert L.)
 All the best,
 Mark Joyner
End Email
I love the statement that Mark says in the above newsletter:
"As you know, I love things where you get to benefit from the efforts of
How much more needs to be said about the programs that this individual

I leave the next round in your hands.

And Donna Monday
I'll keep Adlanders periodically updated on my experiences with CE - good
End Quote
I'm counting on it!

For Lois:
like a scam I agree with William Jaroske: if it walks and looks like a
duck then
is must be one.
End Quote

Sorry you lost money so fast, but you are in somewhere near the floor and
pyramid grows up. do keep us posted, please!

(just stop paying!)

Robert Lee

Eventually LackOfInterest Takes Over

Andy says:
If I could only give the members of the Digest one piece of advice it
would be to care about your customer and put them first.  Give your customer good
value for their money.  Don't recommend things that are not in their best

Amen to that Andy!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.4)=============
From:Shirley Musser

Hello fellow Adlanders,

I had the same thing happen.  I was in Build Referrals and there were 9
members placed in my downline in Cash Evolution.  Most of them were paid.  All of
a sudden they disappeared and I have only 1 left, who has not paid.

Like a dummy, I paid my membership again for this month and got to
thinking about it and decided to cancel my membership the next day.  I have written
many emails to Cash Evolution asking to cancel and to please credit my credit
This has been going on for about 8 days now.  They keep saying they will
do this, but nothing has happened yet.

I am very disappointed in Cash Evolution.  Where did my downline go?  I'm
sure they were in my downline in Build Referrals.  (It is hard to tell, because
there are no names, just email addresses).

I just thought everyone should know about this.

Thank you,
Shirley Musser


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.5)=============
From:William Jaroske

John Olson  wrote.
CE has always dealt fairly with me and I am sticking by them.


According to your view. You have taken a scam reporting organization and
sunk you mindset in to it when their business is not reporting scams entire
Go on and believe their tainted rhetroric plus the doctored information
they provide. It won't matter to me much because I know I'm in the right type
of  opportunities.

>From Donna Monday

In response to William Jaroske's Comments on

While I respect William's opinion, I have to
disagree with this. It's true that there's a
lot of hype over CE, which is a bit annoying,
but I think people are excited for a reason.
End qoute

Fact- - They have to use hype to get more sign ups in which attracts the
rich quickers and people looking for a free for all.

What better time to start educating people
on how to invest and handle their money the
"right way?" Many people lost their life savings
in the recent boom/bust market because of their lack
of investment knowledge.
end quote.

People lose their shirts even if they had all the know how in the world.

I think people can see the real value in CE
promoting investment information aimed at the
average person(this IS the product).

Pyramid scams, on the other hand, offer no value
(no product of any type).

Citibank has just come on board as the payment
processor for memberships because CE is growing
by leaps and bounds!
<End Quote>

This is happening because of hype which is very bad

William Jaroske


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Andy Anderson
Subject:Eliminate spam and go down in history as a hero

Hello again Bogdan and all Adlanders.
I believe that eliminating spam can, to a very great degree of success,
be done by the editors of the thousands of ezines/newsletters now
on line.
Having subscribed to ( and unsubscribed from most ! ) many of these
publications over the years I have seen a large growth in their paid ads
and solos asking us to "join up and have your sales message sent
spam free to millions weekly"
"Spam free" ??? Oh yeah - pigs might fly.
The point I'm making is that if those ads were refused by ALL editors
spam would start fading away.
I've actually written to some editors about this, but amazing as it may
seem, not one has responded. I guess they're just after a buck and to
hell with morality.
Just another viewpoint to think about.
Andy Anderson

A Better Deal for Buyers & Sellers !
 Free "Wanted to Buy"ads for Buyers.
 Sellers Browse/Search for your Buyer


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:GingerMarie Douglas-Geracitano

Hi there, Adlanders, and thank YOU, Bogdan, for giving us the
opportunity to review a business opportunity together!

As promised in the last issue, this is my follow up on:

>From:Jerome Dsouza
>Could GingerMarie Douglas-Geracitano shed some
>light on FreeStoreClub commonly seen around as EMM?

Background: A business associate of mine asked me to evaluate
this program also, about a month and a half ago, so I joined for
free, and never looked at it again, due to just being busy.
(First impressions weren't enough to make me go back either, as
I'm not fond of Internet Malls in the first place.)

Having said that, I would like to state here for the record
before you read my review, that I realize I'm only one person,
representing one person's opinion. I tell the truth as I see it, and
that you may think differently. That's fine, I respect your right to your

On to the nitty gritty, Jerome. (My friends that are involved in
this 'bizopp' are NOT going to like my review, but hey, you asked!
If you're currently involved in this bizopp... I wish you only the best!)

Will I market EMM or 'The Free Store Club" as it's called? No.
Why not? Here are my notes, taken as I reviewed my own 'Free

1) The email
addresses are for tracking purposes only. They are not
real addresses and cannot be used to receive mail.

=> No contact ability on web site. How do my customers contact
How am I supposed to provide quality customer service? The 7
day course sent to my downline comes from this mailing address...
what happens if they reply to these mailings... where do the mails
go, and who answers them? Why are my customers not encouraged to
contact me directly? This seems like a great way for the company
running EMM to gather addresses for leads, which I don't benefit
from at all as far as gaining 'contacts'. Strike one.

2) Free Store Club began accepting enrolments on November 29,

=>8 months later, over 1/2 of the benefits are *coming soon*?
When I evaluate
a bizopp, I check my sales site as if I were a customer. When
I did this at the Free Store Club, literally 50% of the links were either
dead (404 errors), terminated by the linking referral systems for unknown
reasons, or just said
   *coming soon* .
=>Coffee Direct : Sorry! You have clicked on a link that has
expired or been deactivated. The link was used to facilitate
relationships between merchant and affiliate members of the LinkShare
Network. We apologize for any inconvenience.

=> : Sorry! (same message as above)
In my experience, professional web designers don't place a
link to a
*coming soon* page, unless it's a marketing ploy to get (keep)
your interest. I was unable to investigate the Mortgage Company,
and Health
Benefits plans further, because there was absolutely NO
information on them.
I wouldn't send a customer of mine to such a poorly maintained
site. How can you expect to make sales, when the links don't work?
Strike two.

3) Who owns the Free Store Club?

Lots of info was available here on the principles of the various
companies, (all of them MLM in nature) that are interwoven throughout the
EMM business. That's fine. BUT...
The company fully occupies a free - standing 7,000 square foot
office / warehouse / shipping complex at 500 East Center Street,
Lexington, NC 27292. Lexington is a small community on the bustling I-85
corridor between Greensboro and Charlotte, NC.
Since Free Store Club is an Internet only company, telephone
support is available only for rare emergencies that cannot be handled BY
email, and is always done outbound on the company's nickel.

=> No phone contact? No Fax. hm. WHAT?? No, I'm sorry, but I
the first thing I tell my customers, subscribers, and friends is...
the company. Call them, write them an email to see how quick
they respond. If/when you refer your customers to them, the
service they receive will directly reflect on YOU, so be sure you get
treated right!
I do this all the time, I've even spoken to Bogdan, who, by
the way,
is very attentive to his customer's needs! =0)
> There is NO WAY to contact or email this company. Maybe I was
just really tired when I did my review, but for the life of
me, I couldn't find anything but a FAQ to answer my questions. There is no
evidence on this site that it's 'manned' by any personnel at all. If
I can't find it, (contact info should jump out at your site visitors!), my
referrals probably won't be able to find it either.

=> All buttons that read "We're never finished! We welcome your
suggestions on how we might improve"... this is the response you get:
Thanks for your letter!

Because we receive a lot of mail, we cannot respond to all
requests for help. If the answer to your questions appear in our FAQ
then this is the only reply you will receive. Members seeking the fastest
resolution should use the links below. Please do not reply to this email
It is an auto-responder and will not be seen by anyone.

=> All of the links referred to above, eventually lead to the FAQ
page with this message:

CONTACT US: Hopefully you'll find the answer you are seeking in
resources. If not however, please feel free to write to us with a
detailed description of your problem using our online Contact Us

Thank You!

Member Services

=> Maybe it was just me, but the contact page would not allow
sign on.... same password works for stores though! Oh, these stores?
Most contain dead links, or lead to Walmart and others like it... their
own products store? Well, have you ever seen those 'gift' cataloges that
sell you bulk materials for relatively cheap? We used to use them for free
give aways at the bank... until our customers started complaining about
how 'cheap' the items were! These are promotional products, and although
I've heard that a friend of a friend made good money on reselling the
battery chargers that they got through the Free Store Club... I'm not into
reselling bulk items, I have no interest in filling my basement with
things I
*hope* to sell.

Overall... at this point in my evaluation, I would not market
this opportunity.
I don't find value in the program, other than the pay plan, which
I obviously won't be testing, and the 'member discounts' you get at the
name stores such as Walmart, when shopping through your store (also

Is this just another payplan matrix dressed up pretty with good
sales letters that tout a "marketing plan" system over a "networking"
opportunity business? I think so.

I strongly believe that marketing efforts are more effective when
you believe in the product. If EMM is selling a marketing plan, as
they claim, (and which is evident by the lack of quality product), then
they spent an awful lot of time dressing up the virtual storefront... a
seemingly poor excuse to operate a matrix with a "marketing plan". If
going to bother offering a product, offer a product... not a link
directory to
other major vendors I could easily get to by a search engine link.

The only advantages I see to this program thus far are the member
commission discounts on purchases made through the referral links
(the ones that work), and a pay plan that will work if you do what
they tell you NOT to do, and RECRUIT. Am I the only one frustrated by
this site's presentation? Am I totally missing something? Are they
offering something that I haven't caught onto yet?

Bottom Line: I don't like any program that doesn't offer an
easily accessible management structure. I could not contact anyone at this
company other than an autoresponder, and my direct upline sponsor... which
would possibly not even be available, had he opted to NOT offer his
to me.

I cannot recommend this program at this time. I have better
opportunities in my portfolio that are up front about offering a
Plan' AS their product... and don't bother to dress it up with a lot of
unnecessary, and inoperable links.

Comments received from other ADLANDER in response to last issue:

Nancy writes:
"I am new to the digest, but the EMM really caught my eye! I have
been working diligently on promoting it for months. They tell me
I have 50 ... yes 50 members under me.  Have I seen a dime?
nope! Just how many members do you have to have to see any
Also, I wrote to them with a simple question. I was appalled by
the return email I received. They said they didn't have time to
answer each and every email they received and had the nerve
to refer me to the FAQ site.  Actually re-directed me there! They
have only got $50 from me, and they'll get no more. In my opinion
if that's the best they can do ... well it's like having a Doctor
with the absence of bedside manner! I don't like that much.
I would love to hear what you find out. My vote is GO,  GO, GO!"

I don't like that much either, Nancy, and if we were to refer
this bizopp to our prospects, they probably wouldn't like it either.

GingerMarie Douglas-Geracitano

Editor/Owner of The Portal To Success Weekly Newsletter,
Delivering the RealDealReports© to YOUR inbox!
Subscribe here



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
From:Tony Boswell


I have been with freestore club for about 3 or 4 months now. I've had over
1100 pay day reports, However, I am still a free member, which means of course,
I can't tell you if any of these people signing up are actually signing up

In one week I received over 800 payday reports. Of course I was pretty
psyched about this many people being in my "immediate pay structure" as they so
nicely put it. But once again, I really can't tell you whether these people are
all remaining free.

However, I can tell you, after reading over the long list of names - that
it looked like someone had created a program that just generated random
names, because I seen A LOT of bogus names.

It really made me think twice about "Paying" to join a service that would
not see this kind of "suspicious" activity going on. And I'm not in anyway,
slighting the freestore club or it's organization - to the contrary, I am
telling you my own PERSONAL experiences.

Here is a List of names that I received in just ONE payday report - take a
look at them for yourself and you be the judge:

New members, 1518673, 19funt74, 3wood, aassas, abidraza76, accoustic,
Achar, adamlv19, adfasdg, agarwal, akhilakkineni, Aleksx, alik12, alishastone,
alkaline, ALYAR, ana4321, anastaksy, Andrtern, Arti, auguste3, babynets,
baevan, bartkoska, BETAY, bigmircia, binniii, ....

I hope this helps with the discussion on FreeStoreClub.

Tony Boswell


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.3)=============
From:Gloria Hood

Also, a word on FreeClubStore, in order to receive any money out of this
program, you must upgrade to Silver or Gold in order to receive any
commission, they don't tell you that in your training. And you must upgrade in the
same month or before your downline, or you lose them. I supposedly have 30+
members in my downline, but, I didn't upgrade, and I haven't seen any cash. Also,
I tried to pay for an upgrade with Paypal, and they sent me a email that
said that they no longer take Paypal. I spent two days trying to send them messages
asking how to upgrade without  a credit card, with the only response being---go
to your prepaidliving site, well, there isn't "jack" there about it, either. I
even sent an email to my supposed sponsor who told me that he pays with Paypal!
Explain that to me! I never got the matter resolved, which in my opinion is good,
because I didn't get to upgrade, and I didn't get scammed!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.4)=============
From:Jerome Dsouza

Hello GingerMarie Douglas-Geracitano,

The investigation will be most definitely
welcomed by many who have got into EMM
because of the initial 7 day free course. And I
believe there are quite a few of us judging from
the ads in the ezines I subscribe to.

I believe most internet opps for average netties
should be seen as long-term processes - upwards
of 2 years of persistent effort while simultaneously
achieving a highly effective change in the learning
curve during this period.

As John Olson said, balancing the two sides and
finding 'recruiters' is the lynch-pin here but I think
this downline thing could be reconstructed.

Is it necessary to only recruit 'recruiters'?
What if the focus shifted to non-recruiters who
somehow wanted in for benefits that do not necessarily
include downline gains. I think EMM has a few of these
benefits that can be capitalized on pending proper inquiry
like the type you propose to do.

(Non-recruiters could mean those who basically manage
just one immediate downline level - the rest being left to
the serious networkers)

I earnestly hope this blossoms into a detailed investigation
and the results return positive.

Finest Regards,

Jerome Dsouza



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.5)=============
From:Geoff Dodd

My five cents worth on FreeStoreClub is that you
will have to be very patient.....I have sponsored 70
- 75 (personals, right-hand-side in the binary matrix)
and that consistently pays my $10 Silver member
'hosting fee', but I am yet to receive a pay check
as such... Their check #99 means that commissions
are 'rolled over' into monthly hosting fee payments.
Hmmmm.. for how long? For how many members?
It takes truly massive promotion to make this 'FSC'
work! Luckily I have a medium traffic site, so I
placed a text link in bright lime, reading:
"Get your FREE SuperStores", and people flow in
through that link... (being a rebel, I didn't use the
Exact Method of 'EMM'.. which works by crucifying
MLM......"Stop The MLM Insanity!" )     O.K. folks,
time to "START the EMM hyperactive episode!"

Geoff Dodd


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:URL Submission Service


I have used World Submitter in the past and they do work, but be sure to
have a junk E-mail address if you submit to all those FFA and Classified sites.
You will get a Ton of mail. Most of the time, submitting to FFA and mass
submitting to Classified sites is a waste of time. You will get very few, if any
As far as Search Engine submitting, World Submitter is Over Kill. There
are only a hand full of Engines you need to submit to. The others all pull their
listings from the main ones. Once you are listed with the main Engines the others
will follow.

The best submitter I have ever used is Self Promotion. It is also The site
to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Search Engines but were
afraid to ask. There is a lot to read, but the owner makes it fun.

You can use it for free and try it out before he gets you to send in any
It simply is the Best Submitter service going.

Good Luck,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From:Steve Pronger
Subject:URL Submission Service

Regarding Natalie's post on URL Submission Service:

"To me it sounds like it will solve a lot my problems with promotion of my
web-site and simplify my online life."


Save your money. Using automated submission services to submit to
"millions" of FFA and classified sites is not the way to build traffic to your site.
Your link may well appear on millions (doubtful) of sites, but it will likely
disappear by the next day. Or even the next hour. And you know how many people will
have seen your link? Nary a one. No one actually visits FFA sites to read the ads.
Why? They are overflowing with low quality "business opportunity" ads posted by
other poor souls who have no interest in reading your ad. Agreed, there are a
very few classified ad sites worth posting to (Adland being one), but on the whole,
not worth the time and effort.

There is no short-cut to success with your web site. Whether you sell a
product, or a service, or promote an affiliate program, you need TARGETED traffic.
You won't get that from FFA or classified sites. You will ONLY get it from
people searching for what it is you have to offer through the major search
engines and directories. How do you get that?

* Build a site that provides a service/product that people actually want.
* Research your product/service and determine the demand/supply ratio.
* Optimize your site for the search engines and manually submit it.
* If your site is just an affiliate link you will never achieve success by
submitting it to the search engines. You need your own site with which to
promote your program. But don't build a "how to make money on the internet
site". Yeah, I know, I built one of those too. It's still out there
(, but there are gazillion similar sites
* Get yourself a copy of Ken Evoy's Make Your Site Sell. It will change
thinking, trust me. You can download a free trial version from the Free
Downloads page on the link below. While you're there download Ken's free
Affiliate Masters ebook.

Steve Pronger

Steve Pronger Web Design
Affordable and Effective Web Sites for your Small Business


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:Links & html codes?


If all you want are hits to your sites, then you could sign up for free to
one or several Hit Exchanges. There is no code to place on your sites and if
you have the time to spend viewing other sites so other people will view yours
then you can do it very easily. Depending on what your site offers will
determine how well you do.

All people who sign up for Hit Exchanges are looking to get traffic to
their sites too. They may or may not be interested in what you have to offer.
Not knowing what sites you are trying to get hits to, it is hard to say how
well you will do. Some will say that Hit Exchanges are a waste of time, that no
body is really looking. But I know of people in some affiliate programs that used
nothing but Hit Exchanges and they do very well.

With every form of advertising, what makes them work is working them. With
Safelists, it takes posting and posting the same ad over and over again.
Once you have one that works. The same with Hit Exchanges. You must spend a set
amount of time using them everyday. Your sites will be seen and in time,
if you have something people want you will get what you want.

Here is a little known secret about using Hit Exchanges. Or maybe it's
just my list of pet peeves. What ever site you are sending people to had better
load quickly. NO Flash, NO page full of Banners, NO funny little tricks to get
people to click around and Please do not waste peoples time by sending them to a
sign up form. Who is going to blindly fill in a form when they do not know what
it is they are signing up for. Make the page short and with a what's in it for
me Headline. If you can do that, then you might be all right.

If you have multiple sites that need hits, then here are some programs to
play with:

If on the other hand you are trying to use Banner Exchanges, then you will
have to place some code on your sites. But you will still need visitors to view
your pages so the banners can load and so your banner will be shown on someone
else's site. It's a vicious circle.

Without knowing what kind of builder you are working with or what code you
are being asked to place and for what purpose, I can't answer more then what I
have. Well, I could but this has been long enough all ready.

Good luck,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.2)=============
From:Effort Enterprise
Subject:Links & html codes?

Hello Sidney, & Adland;
    You ask for info on html. One site I can recommend is www.htmlgoodies.
have a seven day beginners course that you can take free. It will show you
to do the basics of linking, & code. It's pretty easy to understand.
Effort Enterprise



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.3)=============
From:Melody Vargas
Subject:Links & html codes?

Greetings Bogdan and Fellow Ad-Landers!

In issue #302, Sidney asked about Links and
HTML Codes, wanting someone to explain how
to add them to a Web site.

Here are two basic tutorials Sidney may find useful:

In the same issue, Natalie asked about a URL
Submission Service:

"URL Submission Service promises a great deal...
promises to submit URLs to over 66715 search
engines... 3.1 Million FFA ... 118785 Classified
Ads sites... 17415 Message Boards! All free and
no catch ever!"

Even though I'm not convinced this was a request
for help instead of an ad in disguise, I'll be happy
to weigh in with my opinion.  It's useless trash,
and you shouldn't bother.

"To me it sounds like it will solve a lot my problems
with promotion of my web-site and simplify my online

Um, no, not really.  It will get you a lot of SPAM in
your mailbox.  It may get your site banned from
some search engines / directories which do not
allow automated submissions.

In addition, Yahoo only accepts paid submissions
(Yahoo! Express) for most commercial categories
now.  Assuming your site is a commercial one,
I doubt they'll give you a $299 / year submission
to Yahoo for free.

If you want to automate submissions in a smart
way, try Position Pro
or Self-Promotion
instead.  Both can help you do it the right way.

Melody Vargas

About Retail Industry


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:Will the Going Platinum debate ever die?


I too have been with GP for a long time and I remember the old BB. And I
think I remember you. If you see a problem with people defending GP Now that it
has Launched and Members are earning. That's to bad.

I will keep this short, something new for me, and tell you, Andy, that if
you are still a Member, who paid his $25 dollars long ago, you are now a
Premier Member and have a 2 level jump in earnings. If you do not want to be part
of what is happening now, that is your choice. I wish you luck.

People need to make up their own minds about Going Platinum. Not based on
what went on in the past, but what is happening now. Someone can join for free,
never give GP a dime and still earn money using the site. That is not a scam by
any stretch of the imagination.

Going Platinum has finally Launched, now is the time to watch them and see
what they do.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.2)=============
From:Robert Olver
Subject:Will the Going Platinum debate ever die?

Perhaps Mr.Sparks could check his facts before dragging out his soapbox.
Platinum launched August 1, with a soft launch July 1. I am making money
already, just as promised.
And as to the $25 Sparks once paid to GP; all he has to do is ask for it
and it will be refunded. How can you have a scam when you can get your money back
simply by asking?
Best wishes,
Robert Olver


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.3)=============
From:Valerie Underhill
Subject:Will the Going Platinum debate ever die?

Andy I do want to make it clear that I am not defending
GP nor am I defending the GP CEO.  What I attempted to do was state the
The facts are Allan has not murdered the way wwsn and
many people carry on, you would think he has.

I do not condone lying.  If I did I would still be an active member of GP.
 It is very poor of any one and any business to lie.  Allan did lie about some
things and he will admit that he did.

Personally, I do not think that GP will succeed.  But that is me doing my
own thinking.  I could be wrong and it certainly would not be the first time
in my life that I was wrong about something.

Everything is a risk and many of the risks we take are a CHOICE.  You
chose to take the risk when you sent in the 25 dollars to GP.  The Fact is, Most
did not take that risk.  Most that joined GP never sent in one cent.

The large membership base GP boasts about is for the most part null.  For
example I have around 1500 or so personal sign ups (level one).  Close to
500 of those are now non-existent.  Many members that joined 2 years ago, do not
even remember what GP is.  Many members that have enrolled in GP never once
logged in after joining.  Many members that joined GP early on was simply because
they thought they were going to receive free internet service.

Once its all broken down, I would not hesitate to say that half the GP
membership base is non-existent.  That leaves a fraction of a half that
paid the 25 dollars.  Taking it a step further an even smaller fraction paid for
the Premier.

When I make this next statement it is not because I feel that 25 dollars
is nothing but it is obvious that 25 dollars is NOT 1,000 dollars.  Many of
us spend 25 dollars for a pizza.  It was a small risk to take and a few of us
took it.  I do not regret taking it.  For some, the one off 25 dollars was
worth it to them if they never see a dime....because they had fun, met people, made
new friends, learned about marketing and advertising, etc.  The GP forums do
afford a lot for those that wish to take advantage of it.

When I look back on it all, it truly blows my mind how so much concern and
hoopla has gone on about GP this past two years.  I could name program
after program after program that has launched over the past two years, that
people paid for and paid far more than 25 dollars, never received a thing, and
the program totally disappeared.

Whether people want to face it or not, GP is free to join and always has
been. GP does have a product and always has.

  Valerie Underhill

Not in PreLaunch.  Get Paid Monthly NOW!
No Brainer!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.4)=============
From:Ben Marroquin
Subject:Will the Going Platinum debate ever die?


I believe the reason so many people defend GP is because they did
right. They built a community and sense of family through their Bulletin
It is this feeling of belonging that compels many of their members to
defend GP.

Just like many of the members, I have enjoyed spending time on the BB's
"getting to know one another", learning from each other, and participating in their
advertising forums. GP's BB's have developed a loyal community.

What GP did is quite incredible and something that all businesses should

I feel that if other businesses concentrated on building sense of
belonging and community it could/would inspire and motivated more members to become
active in their program. This sense of community fosters a great atmosphere and
forms new friendships in which almost everyone (to some degree) seeks to keep
the business/company alive by participating in the program (i.e. shopping on
their site, or using the products, or signing up for a service).

It motivated me at the time (almost 2 years ago) to work hard an recruit
over 390 members.
That was the most I have ever recruited into a program! But after all the
let downs I stopped promoting them last year. And even though they've just
launched, I'll wait and see what happens next to decide whether to promote them

Companies should model their boards after GP (or whomever they modeled
theirs after) and host everything from understanding the business sections,
marketing materials sections, "watercooler" section, Moderators Only section, and
site and marketing material check approval sections. I feel this would be very
beneficial to a businesses and their members.

Business Community BB's would be very helpful for newbie that have uplines
that don't contact them. It would help alleviate the business isolation one
feels when they just enter into a new home business and provide a wealth of motivation,
support, and knowledge for all members. I'm in the works of getting a free one setup
for my upcoming site.

And it would all be tied together by a common goal: The success of the

Wishing You Success,
Ben Marroquin

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.1)=============
From:Effort Enterprise
Subject:Information About SFI Wanted

Hello Mr. Lee, & Adland;
 You ask about SFI. Maybe I can help. SFI now has 7.4 million affiliates.
As far as the scoop on how to look at the business end of it ...    To cut to the
point, the products (Buy SFI)  need to be something you can use. You can
market the products, there are many of them, & a large variety. That isn't where
your real commissions come from though. They will be through the promotion of
members under you. There are some specific things you need to do to get the
highest commissions. If you want to get in you need to decide how you will become
MIQ PLATINUM & stay PLATINUM!! That means within the first 10 days you must
upgrade to pro status, & STAY there.( Maintain 10 svp points.) Gold, & silver
levels don't have as many income streams.(30, & 60 day upgrades.)  The easiest
way would probably be a subscription to Full-Circle Success magazine. That
is... a "standing order."  You could do that with the products, but you would have
to make sure they had svp points totalling 10 every month. ( Some of them
(mall) don't carry svp.) After you do that you would need to find a way to get
MIQ's signed up under you. The "preferred" way is to get an autoresponder, &
send letters to your "leads." The company has a co-op where you can purchase
leads. Or you can get them from me ( targeted) at about half of what the company
charges. The "job" is to get the leads to "convert" to pro status, & KEEP
a strong DOWNLINE. Use the autoresponder to keep your downline motivated, &
Best Wishes,
Effort Enterprise



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.2)=============
Subject:Information About SFI Wanted

Hello Adlanders!

Robert, here's more info for you on SFI... from someone who is making
money with

I joined SFI in October 2000 as a free affiliate.  I had never done
marketing before but I have friends and relatives on both sides of MLM,
some are making a killing, while others went broke.

I took the first 3 months to do research on MLM, I read the FTC site and
everything I could get my hands on, I researched Gery Carson, the owner of
SFI, I checked with the Better Business Bureau in Nebraska, looked and inquired
about the few claims.  There was nothing about SFI that even smelled like a
scam. Everything checked out and SFI was legit.  I really did my homework before
ever spending a dime.

In January 2001 I upgraded to Member more out of curiosity than anything
to see what Members were getting that I wasn't.  Their flagship product, Full
Circle Success, is what helped me make money online.  I got the best headlines
for my ads word for word from that site.  It's definitely very helpful to newbies
and even to the more savvy marketer.  You even have access to the SFI magazine
online (if you're a US resident, you get the magazine in your mailbox at
home through snail mail).

I have been a paying member since January 2001, never missed a month.  I
spent a LOT of money at first that got me nowhere fast:  no sales, no recruits.  I
had no upline support whatsoever.  Then I got smart and started targeting my
audience a little better.  I started using the advice given on the
discussion board and what I had learned in FCS.  I knew NOTHING about HTML and
websites. With the help of another Powerline Team Leader (PTL), I created my own
website and registered a domain name.

It took me about 6 months to make a small profit.  After wasting a lot of
money at first, I built my business with only free advertising until I became
PTL in October last year.  I have been making a profit every month since.  I have
also recovered every dime I have ever spent on SFI, including my monthly
subscription to FCS and all my advertising costs since day one.

New products are introduced all the time.  What does SFI sell to the mass
population?  They have their own line of nutritional and cleaning products
(Veriuni - excellent quality if I judge by the testimonials of people who
use them, unfortunately too expensive for me to buy in Canada!), domain names,
long distance service, DSL and modem internet connections, more than 400
informational products, their flagship product FCS, and business books and
e-books. The Veriuni line is available for bulk retail if you wish to sell
to organizations and larger companies by buying the deluxe kit JUST ONCE, not
every month.  Several affiliates make a lot of money that way and don't have to
"buy" their Multi-Income Qualified status.  And don't forget the SmartCustomer
program that's in the works.  This will be a HUGE success once it's released.

BuySFI is the link for affiliates who wish to make a personal purchase to
become MIQ (multi-income qualified) or to buy products they want to have for
themselves.  Veriuni is a big seller with US affiliates.  I believe that
SFI releases new products/services to affiliates only at first just to test
Then they are either made available to the public, or just abandoned.

SFI doesn't lie to you, there is no hype.  They tell you right from the
start that you should give your new business at least two years to see a
substantial income.  This is quite realistic in any business venture.  Some make it a
lot faster, others take longer.  No promises of becoming millionaire overnight
I think we're both intelligent enough not to fall for those claims, those
programs simply don't exist!

SFI is totally free to join.  You can become MIQ with retail sales without
ever having to spend a dime of your own.  Most people choose to pay to become
MIQ because it's harder for new affiliates to make retail sales at first.  I
make money with both retail sales and MIQ affiliates (residual income) and I
try to teach my downline to do the same.

Robert, if your friend sticks with the program, if he can advertise the
smart way, if he has a little bit of money to spend to build his own business
for advertising and/or to become MIQ (no need to spend a fortune, I don't!),
there is no reason that he shouldn't succeed with SFI.  But being MIQ every
month, no matter how you do it, is crucial to succeed.

SFI provides tons of free training.  With our Discussion Board, anyone can
get the help they need within minutes.  The support and training at SFI is
incomparable!  FCS is filled with articles and more internet marketing
They have also just come up with video conferencing software that will be
used for future training.

But in the end, SFI can't take you by the hand and drag you across the
finish line.  That's something you have to want and do yourself.  SFI definitely
does its part, if you're willing to do yours, you'll make money too.

As we say in SFI, If It's to Be, It's Up to ME!

IMHO, you can't go wrong with SFI if you're willing to do the WORK!

Hope this answers your questions. :-)


Work from home... BY CHOICE!



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.3)=============
Subject:Information About SFI Wanted

Hi Robert,

Nice to see you asking the questions for a change :-)
I'm sending this reply to both you and Bogdan as either or both of you may
not be interested. :(
I was prompted to join SFI when I was a 'newbie' with the promise of
riches beyond belief and being a newbie I fell right in.
Initially I joined free but with the promise of a refund of my first
months membership fees from my upline sponsor I signed up as a paid member.
After a couple of months I was breaking even and things were looking good for a
bright future.
THEN as is their 'right' SFI leaders changed the rules and I dropped back
to paying lots and earning VERY little.
Being a fighter, I wasn't going to let that defeat me and I paid my dues
for another few months getting further behind with no light at the end of the
tunnel.  So eventually I decided to revert to free member until finances
presented a better opportunity.
Now down the track a way I started to get letters from admin and my upline
about more changes to come and I began to take a renewed interest.  But here's
the catch, if I didnt upgrade to paying member by XYZ date I would have my
downline removed and would have to start again.
Not to be defeated I look hard at what they offered and my prospects of at
least breaking even and then made the big decision.  They could take a flying
leap, they were NOT getting any more of my money for nothing.

As a side issue, I joined an affiliated program along the way, 'Wildfire"
and this I am still a member of with regular monthly dues being paid from my
downliine from the first month I was with them.  Now THAT is a program
worthy of membership.  BTW they are no-longer affiliated with SFI (great).




===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.4)=============
From:Noel Hynes
Subject:Information About SFI Wanted

Hi Robert,

I have been working SFI for just over a year and
I earn about 25% of my income from it. I work
full time on my various on line ventures.

Why SFI? it was the first program I had any success
with and my check has grown steadily over the past
year. The training and support is among the best

Now I know you will have people post replies that they
tried SFI and never made a dime as I do but the truth
is that in most cases they never did anything to promote
the program.

The "road to riches" is in your mind. You can study
all the ebooks and courses and join all the private
sites out there but unless you see yourself already
successful and believe you can do it then you are
wasting your time and money.

If you have the correct mental attitude then you can
be successful in SFI or Cashevolution or any other
legitimate program out there.

Expect success,

Noel Hynes




===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.5)=============
From:Robert Lee
Subject:Information About SFI Wanted

Hi Noel,

Thanks for your reply.

I guess for me the phrase is "legitimate program" and what makes SFI
such a program.

Many people feel that SFI is one, personally I am biased against all MLM
programs and SFI seems to follow the same pattern of hucksterism that
abounds in the MLM online and offline world.

While I will reserve my final judgment I have received many emails from
current and former affiliates that are paying their monthly fees and
losing paid members of their downline through changes of the SFI
downline configuration, having their earnings reduced due to unexpected
changes in the program and many have decided that to continue promoting
the program is not in their best interests.

I thank you for taking the time to reply to me and hope that your
experience is the norm and that the replies I have received are the
exception. But somehow I don't think that is the case.

Robert Lee


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (8.1)=============
From:Robert Lee
Subject:Spam Has me stumped

Of course there are those of us that advertising is a life's blood. You
need to
see every ad, all emails sent to you because you never know what your
competition is up to, what they are doing and what their affiliates are
sending out.

Although I do not purchase or participate in mass emails, sending out 25
million emails about your program/opportunity/MLM for an amount that varies
between US$125.00 and $250.00 through an ISP that won't be closed down or blocked
must be attractive to enough people that I receive more than 5 penis
enlargement ads and breast enhancement ads every day among the more than 150 or so ad
emails that I delete every day. I am sure that sales do happen because of these
email ads.

I am also sure that once you have a way to block these ads they will come
through another way.

The only sure way is to ignore the ads. Do not respond in any way.
Do not reply to the removal email form/request.
Do not purchase the product that is advertised via spam.
Do complain to the end supplier (the seller at the checkout) about their
if you decide to follow the email links to their final destination.

Report the spam emails to people that DO care. Although I am at a loss
about the appropriate urls at the moment of this reply I am sure that someone has a
list and will reply to this with it (hey, send it directly to me and I'll post
it at my site for all to see and I'll give you credit too!)

Or you can sit back with one finger on the delete key and just keep
hitting it as I do. After all, one in every thousand spam emails really IS an
(Even if it's not what you expect at the beginning!)


Robert Lee

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (8.2)=============
From:Troy A. Peterson
Subject:Spam Has me stumped

Here is a email service out to stop spam!

Pass it along if you want!

Was  just reading the newsletter..

Do you want a home based business without the hassles and negativity?



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (8.3)=============
From:Lisa Lauver
Subject:Spam Has me stumped

Hello Marianne,

Unwanted email is a does sound like
you got the Klez worm.

I had the most updated virus scan file in my Norton
Anti-Virus software...and still contracted it as a
pop-up attached to an email that auto loaded as
I received it from my ISP...the problem is that this virus
and many out there disable your anti-virus software
almost immediately...then they basically take your
identity and start mailing out all kinds of emails...
normally any one in your address book and
anyone you've received mail from.

Here is a little trick to stop it from mailing out...this will
also alert you there is a problem.

Set up a new contact with the first name of:  !000
and for the email address:  Worm Alert!

Since this is an invalid email address and it will be
at the top of your address book, it should stop at this point
and what you will get is a message back "Undelivered Mail".
This is to serve as an alert for you.

If you have folders in your address book, you'll have to setup
this contact in each folder.

I went and got McAfee and it is doing great!

Warmest Regards,
Lisa Lauver

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (8.4)=============
From:Marianne E. Payton
Subject:Spam Has me stumped

Dear Bogdan and all:

I really appreciate the comments and wish to reply to them:

To John Olson who said <snip>

I was told to just change my password and that should stop them. Well, it
did. I was worried about someone reporting me for something I was not
sending. But AOL told me if that happened they would contact me and we
could get it all straightened out.  <end snip>

John, fortunately I am not on AOL. . .been there. . .done that and never
I am on cable and this is a whole different story and has nothing to do
with my password. But then, my email address is on my site  If it doesn't come
from a cable user, they don't do anything.  However, I finally found out where it
came from out of Taiwan (sp?) I had a time tracking it down, but found info in
the "header source" of their email, -  - wrote to them but it
was refused.   Then I went to "Who Is" and put in their name and got
seal@ETMC.COM.TW <seal@ETMC.COM.TW> I wrote a nice email, asking to be removed
from their SPAM mailings. It has been gone long enough now that I am sure
they received it.  This was the address of their ISP.
Thanks for your info.  It will help others, I am sure.

To John Yarrow who wrote: <snip>

In a nut shell it says change to a new e-mail address and then be
careful who you give it to.  If spammers have your address and want to
spam you even filters are limited as to what they can do.  If they do
not have your address they can not mail you, simple.<end snip>

Thanks to you John, but being in business on the Internet, you have to let
people know who you are.  Being a member of i-Cop, you must have your
contact info on your site or people aren't about to shop with you.  I don't shop
if I can't find out who to talk to if problems should arise. That's a good
thing to remember.  Also good to look for the i-Cop Logo before you buy.  It's as
good and stable as the BBB logo.

>From Pauline Phillips

<snip>I also got an eMail Spam supposedly sent to a group from me. I FWDed it to
AOL, my ISP. I suggest you do the same with such mail. It's certainly
illegal to send mail using someone else's address!<snip>

Pauline, I found out you have to go to the source of the email.  This one
even went through Yahoo, but they dumped it right back to me, just like my ISP
did, because it did not come from one of their members.
Thanks for responding.

>From John Colanzi

<snip>Check for the Klez worm. A lot of extra spam is
floating around because of this worm.<snip>

Thanks John.  Fortunately, I am using Norton and it has caught every one
that has been sent to me so far.  In fact, I had a hard time convincing one of
the email buddies that he had it until I forwarded his email back to him after
Norton had removed the worm, which went through his email list several
times because I got 2 or 3 from him.

>From Elizabeth Piotrowski

<snip>This spam stuff is sure getting out of control, isn't it? It's
enough to make you want to pull your hair out! You'd think
these so-called 'marketers' would find better ways to advertise
their offers *sigh*

But, it doesn't look like the spam issue will be a thing of the
past any time soon, so here are some suggestions (I'm assuming
that you've received this spam in Outlook Express):<snip>

Yes Elizabeth, I am using Outlook Express, and I have my hair so short
now, it would be a hard job to pull it out <g> However, with Norton and my Firewall,
I am well protected, but sure your info will help others. I just thank God
it wasn't a worm.  I had to reformat one hard drive because of it when I was
using another popular virus protector, whom I promptly dumped and requested my
money back (got it, too!)

Bogdan, this is undoubtedly the best ezine and best group of marketeers I
have ever run across and I have been reading the Digest for a long time now.
Thanks for keeping it going all this time.  You're the best!

God Bless,
Marianne E. Payton

Proud Charter Member
With GOD all things are possible ~ Matt. 19:26


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (9.1)=============
From:Geoff Dodd
Subject:Advertising On The Web

Your very best form of advertising is to use your
ads at the top of AdlandPro pages!! Become an
affiliate, grab your custom page, and build a
Keyword- rich  Advertising nucleus
site (i.e. a directory) like this:
You can stuff the mini site full of recruiting links
for your start-page exchanges, or whatever advtg.
systems you use. Mine has two variations of the
Affiliate page in it... one is standard, and one is
targeted towards Australia & N.Z. Promoting your
affiliate page will earn you 5 credits per clickthru to
get your ads shown on top of AdlandPro pages.
It's a win-win arrangement. We all get traffic.

Finally, have you come across 'The Marketing Kit?'
It features an email Blaster on a triple-dedicated-
server, linking 'more than a handful' of Safelists

Geoff Dodd


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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Debbie Owen
Subject:Universal Language?


My site statistics show I have visitors to my site from all around the
[apart from Antartica!! :o))] with high numbers from the USA. I was
astounded to
receive the following reply to one of my mails ...

*** .............  I don't want to be rude, but you'll probably sell more
jewelry if you spell it right... it doesn't have two L's.  ***

I am based in the United Kingdom, and use the English spelling of
"jewellery" as well as the American "jewelry". This also helps potential customers
establish my location as I have a .com site, not

Both spellings are used on my site to allow for more success on the search
engines, [had my critic read my index page properly, she would have seen
this and  my UK address].

 All *html* scripts are "American English"and all web designers allow for
this despite their location.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that although
several countries appear to speak the "English Language" there are often
variations in spelling.

I welcome international customers ... and constructive criticism  /
comments but I prefer them to be about my products .....

Kind Regards
Debbie Owen



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
From:Dr Bob Siegman
Subject:Spamming and virus alert

very Helpful hint-
 First alert virus warning - NOT virus protection but will make you
aware if your address book has been infiltrated.
        Enter into your address book "!viursalert@WhateverYourISP is"
make sure to use the exclamation mark as this will keep the address as the first
entry in your address book, also change whateveryourispis to your actual, ie aol,
msn, etc.    How it works, viruses attacking address books start at the first
entry in the book and then filter down, so if you receive a return failure mail
notice to !virusalert@whatever  you know you have definately been hit.
Occasionally this method will stop a virus from preceding further down the address
through your address book but do not count on it. There is no substitution for
professional Virus Protection ie McAfee, Norton, etc. But this way you
will know first and not be surprised by a letter from some irate person
claiming you
spammed them.

Dr Bob Siegman

Free Cashevolution, Free downline, and Free
software worth over $8000.00


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (3)=============
From:Gloria Hood
Subject:Email Problems


After reading your last newsletter, I decided to write to you, maybe you
can help. Starting a couple months ago, I started receiving emails with no
Then, I received two emails that said" Here is you IE 6.0 patch. I wish
you would enjoy it".

Then, I received two emails that were supposed to look like undeliverable
emails, but, were not from my email provider. Yesterday, I received two
emails, each of these always have different addresses which you can't reply to, as
the error screen comes up- page not found. Here is what the two messages said:

"This is a new game
This game is my first work.
You're the first player.
I wish you would enjoy it."

Last night, I received another message that contained an attachment with a
virus in it. I scanned it, just because I was suspicious, I don't open
attachments, and there it was a virus, I just deleted it, didn't even notice which
virus it was, but, it was not one that I recognized, I keep up on viruses. I was
suspicious because part of these emails always have their address with two
or three K's in them as the first letter in the first & last names. I have
performed three virus scans on my computer in the last 24 hours and they
all say that I am virus free. But, my computer is not acting right, and some of my
settings are changed such as the full screen and now my title bar is
hidden. And my system crashes for no good reason, also, my home page setting was
changed from my current email provider  to MSN. I sent the first message about an
undeliverable email message supposedly sent by me to Yahoo, but, they
didn't write back.

I plan on changing my password, but, this is my primary email, I really
don't want to have to change it. I will try the little trick in your last email
about seeing who is sending these messages, but, I think that most likely they
have disposable email addresses.

Now, I'm leery about putting any messages on boards, or even having my
address show up in newsletters. Do you have any ideas?  If you print this in your
newsletter, please don't print my contact info.

Thanks for your time.  If you have any suggestions, please email me back.


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Bogdan has known me for some years. I appreciate his friendship.

John T. Jones, Ph.D., Payson, AZ

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=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Michele Newman

Ok, I guess I'm ready for a site review.
Please visit
and give me your comments, I can take it!
I really appreciate any feedback.
Michele Newman


=====================Site Review Request  (2)===============

I was wondering if someone could help me with my site at I have been give some good
advise but never seems to be what I need.  People tell me to list
it with the business opportunity with the search engines.  This
is good, but I just don't want people to do the business I am
also  interested in  customers who need low cost Isp and long
distance service.

I really would like to improve my body of my web site.  And how
to use a good description in "alt tags"

Thanks, Judie




=====================Site Review Request  (3)===============
From:Jason Brown

Hi Bogdan,

I'd like to request a site review?
the URL is:


Jason Brown

PCN Voice/Fax: 1-240-599-0768


=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:John Olson


I Love your site and your lovely Wife's Art. In fact, as soon as I finish
this I will be adding your link to my site. I want people to see what you have. I
hope I can send some your way.

Now as to the review. The first thing I would say is to change the wording
"Click the Links Above" because all that is there is the pictures and it
took me a minute to figure out they were the links. Tell us that the pictures are
the links or add something to the pictures that tells us they are links. Make
it easy for us to get to see those beautiful paintings of your Wife's. Maybe
say, "Click the Pictures Above."

I checked the Meta Tags and you sure do have a lot of them, though maybe
too many. I see that you are listed in most of the big search engines. But not
in the top 50 for the words "art" or "greeting cards." Maybe you fair better
with some of the others. I only checked two.

Have you checked your prices? Are you in the ball park with them, compared
to your competition? How many visitors do you get a day? Maybe adding a
Favorite Links page would not only help with search engine ratings, but you might
get some more traffic from those sites that link to you?

John, you offer the World a fine product. I am sure that there are many
sites that sell art or things that relate to your Wife's work that would be as
happy as I am to give your site a link. But don't clutter up a page with banners
and such. If you make a Favorite Links page, just use simple classy text

Your site and it's pages load quickly and are laid out well. Even the
pages with all the pictures load well. And the Work, speaks for it's self. You seem
to have everything going for you but sales. I wonder what kind of advertising you
have been doing? Getting the right people to your site could make all the

You might try adding a News Letter to keep people up on new cards and
offers you place on the site. Maybe you could offer a Free E-Card of one of your
Wife's paintings as a gift for signing up for the News Letter. Something the
person could have right away, maybe to use as a desk top, with you URL imposed on
the picture of course.

I am just thinking out loud here but maybe I have given you something to
think about.

Tell your talented Wife I love her Work, Take care.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


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1. It is important to find a woman that cooks and cleans.

2. It is important to find a woman that makes good money.

3. It is important to find a woman that likes to have sex.

4. It is most important that these three women never meet.