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Atlanta, Georgia.

WSI Internet continues its rapid franchise expansion into the US as online
retailers begin reporting record profits, and consumer spending reaches
unprecedented levels.

A new study conducted by The Boston Consulting Group with data supplied by
Forrester Research reveals that a majority of American retailers reported
profitable online operations last year. A whopping 56 percent of retailers
reported online profits in 2001, compared to only 43 percent in 2000. The
study also found that online spending grew in 2001 by 21 percent to an
estimated $51.3 billion. The study predicts a 41 percent increase in
consumer spending online to $72.1 billion.

Amidst the explosive American Internet growth, WSI continues to break
franchise records.  Now in its 7th year of business, WSI - has established a
record - 700 franchises in 87 countries worldwide. Currently rated as the
"#1 Internet Services Business", and the "4th Fastest Growing Franchise in
the world", WSI has established one of the most successful Franchise Systems
in the world!

No specific Computer or Internet experience is required to operate a WSI
franchise, and many of WSI's 700 franchises throughout the world, work from
a home office. WSI offers its Franchises one of the most complete and
comprehensive Training & Certification Programs available among franchise
companies today. As well, a dynamic on-going Support Program is custom
tailored to meet the unique and individual needs of each new franchisee.

To read more go here

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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher
1.My firsrt ezine article

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (7)

1.Is this web traffic ebook the Real Deal?
~Cynthia Holmes
~Judith Tramayne-Barth
~Helen March

2.Spam has me stumped
~Adrian Elman

3.I think it is possible I have too many ideas

~Pauline Phillips

~Douglas Goodin
~C. Roman

6.Cash Evolution
~John Olson
~William Jaroske
~Cynthia Holmes

7.Will the Going Platinum debate ever die
~John Olson

N e w     P o s t s  (6)

1.Ben Marroquin
~Favorite Internet Tools

2.D. Isberg
~An honest effort if you have your own Web Site.

3.Craig Sigman

4.Steve Pronger
~There is no quick and easy way to search engine success

5.Eyal Siman-Tov

6.Melody Vargas
~Pricing Strategies

Site Review Requests   (3)

1.Jerry Combs

2.Debra Glinsey

3.Sharon Bray-McPherson

Site Review Responses   (2)

1.Michele Newman

2.Judie U.

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.A Beginner's Checklist to Promoting an Online Business
By Angela Wu

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  250 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.

It makes business owner's day, if customer sends message like this.

To All Of You At AdlandPro,

There is not much one can really say to a whole team of people that are
endeavouring to assist a struggling Net entrepreneur, all I can really say at
this moment is thanks a lot - you people have really made my day - I just
have tears of happiness to give you in return - You people are really
great - God Bless You All.

Respectfully Yours
Jonathan Williams

On the other hand Doulas Goodin writing his post in
Continuing discussion  5.1  of this issue, says this.

Wha Wha Wha Wha
  I truly find this newsletter repulsive

Although I could disagree with his opinion and not include
his message here, I let others respond to his remark.

This newsletter is not just piece of electronic message. These are
those who write to it and those who read it. Calling free discussion of 25,000
subscribers from all over the world  "repulsive", is either bad use of words or
lack of  basic internet etiquette.

Bogdan Fiedur

=================My firsrt ezine article=====================
From:Tom Sauer

Hello Group,

I am very new to this sort of thing but I need some outside opinions.  I am
not a very good writer and would like to know if this is something that you
all would like to read.  I wrote this article  hoping to submit to some
ezines. Your opinions of my article will be greatly appreciated.  Please
read! Thank You

Starting Out in E-Business
By Tom Sauer

About six months ago I was doing what I had become very good at with my new
computer.  Wasting a lot of time, (playing games, surfing the net) until I
found myself reading an advertisement on how to make money and become
financially independent.

However my road to financial independence has been filled with a lot of
speed bumps along the way.  Isn't it funny how reality has a tendency to
slap you in the face whenever the opportunity arises?

If I had to list all of the MLM's, affiliate programs, and get rich quick
schemes that have come across my monitor screen, we would be here for a
couple of hours.  However, the fact that I was persistent and never gave up
has been more rewarding that actually making any amount of money.

I am living proof that if you stick with an idea or well thought out plans,
that even though things may not go well in the beginning, you must NEVER
give up.

"You can't be considered a failure unless you stop trying"

Instead of playing games and surfing the net for hours at a time, I started
learning as much as I could about advertising, submission techniques, what
worked and what didn't work.

What I found was that not all of the best advertising has to cost you an arm
and a leg.  If a person is willing to put in a little effort there are
places that offer advertising at very reasonable and sometimes at discounted

There are over 70 auction sites on the web today.  Many of these auction
sites offer buyers to bid on discounted advertising.  This is often unused
banner advertising. I have read that as much as 70 percent of available
banner space is unsold each month.

I have also found that purchasing classified ads is one of the most cost
efficient ways of driving traffic to your website.  Buying minimal amounts
at first until you find out what works is the best way to start.

There is nothing more exciting than opening up your inbox to find that your
advertising efforts have paid off.  I am going to continue on my road to
financial independence.  I wish everyone else that is on this road with me
the best of luck.

I truly believe that all of us involved on this common journey are at the
beginning of the next revolution of our time.  If you take away anything
from what you have just read I would hope it to be this:

Tom Sauer

TOM SAUER gives a lot of credit to his early success to Mining Gold on the
Internet, written by Shawn Casey, a very well known and successful Internet
marketer.  You can find out more information at:


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Cynthia Holmes
Subject:Is this web traffic ebook the Real Deal?

Donna, here's a review for you from Phl Wiley's  'All the Secrets'. He's the
author of Mini Site Profits and he is very experienced and his newsletter
has very little advertising and no solo ads and is highly rated.

"The other day I heard a bit of buzz on the forums about a new ebook/website
where Stephan Ducharme shows you how to get 1 million visitors to your site
without paying a dime in advertising.

Stephan says that he's written it after going from 1000 visitors a year to
over a million himself.

It's an intriguing sales letter, so I bought it. While I can't agree with
many of the methods used (it's got nothing to do with bulk email or spamming
people) the strategies detailed will increase your traffic. It's a good book
for people new to this business who currently have little traffic and are
willing to put work in to increase it. But if you've been in business for a
while you probably won't find much benefit here. Though I did discover one
thing I should be doing, and as soon as I put it into place I'll see an
instant traffic surge. "

[Subscribe here:]

I also did some searching on the web about it and found a discussion, I
think on Neil Shearing's site, that Stephan has been upgrading the book but
hasn't completed it yet. He does have an awesome sales letter for someone
who learned English from internet marketing ebooks! (Is that possible? LOL)
Cynthia Holmes

Getting Some of the ISP $$$ Pie? I am!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From:Judith Tramayne-Barth
Subject:Is this web traffic ebook the Real Deal?

Decided to answer this but first let me explain I am only going
to answer what has worked for me to build web traffic.  There
will always be "web gurus" who profess to know **insider
secrets.**  Are they legit?  Possibly, but consider -- they are
trying to sell you something as does my site (totally grinning


I'm interested in learning the right techniques on how to build
web traffic and this appeals to me.
The right techniques for learning how to build traffic are
available for free all over the web.  I have found in my 4
years on the Internet, there are only three effective ways to
really build traffic on the Information Highway.

1.  Get a high placement with keywords in search engines.

2.  Write informative (read that as content filled and not
sales propaganda) articles and submit them to lists and portal
sites for ezine owners to use.

3.  Offer free ebooks on your site.

Now all of these take time and true diligence on your part.
There is no "magic" way to promoting website.  But I do want to
go a bit farther with my explanation so you can "Market Smarter
Not Harder."

In the first instance, getting placement is not that hard to do
if you understand what the search engines want and I have free
articles on my site which explain this.  I also wrote an ebook
"Make Your Site Spider Friendly" which my members use and put
up on their sites as a free download.  In it, I explain how to
help get your site near the top -- it doesn't take a rocket
scientist -- just a bit of planning to make your site search
engine (robot) friendly.

For the second instance, a considerable amount of "gurus" will
tell you to have an ezine and I am here to tell you this is
bull puckey.  And my free article "No Time For Ezine" will
explain why.  Writing articles is the absolute best way to
promote for free on the Internet.  You send these articles to
lists at Yahoogroups and which ezine owners
subscribe to so they can place them in their ezines.  There are
also portal sites which are filled with nothing but articles
and ezine owners pull off the articles plus other people go
there to increase their knowledge.

Now the neat thing is -- the resource box at the end of your
article will have a clickable link back to your site.  Most
ezine owners archive their newsletters so this means search
engines give your site a higher "link popularity" rating.  And
when visitors (not their subscribers) come to their sites, they
also read your article and click over to your site.

The third method of increasing web traffic is free ebooks.  I
write and compile these books and give away over 3000 per
month.  In each of these free ebooks is a link back to my site.
So if someone likes what I wrote, they send the ebooks on to
their friends and business associates and I get more visitors
through this viral marketing technique.

Like I said this all takes work, persistence but it does pay
off.  I now make my living sitting on my tush in my PJs.  Do I
put in a 12 hour day -- you bet your bippy but I am also having
a blast doing what I want -- writing and painting for my
livelihood -- plus helping others do the same.

Donna, I hope this helps give you ideas of how to increase your
web traffic.  Good Luck!

Judith Tramayne-Barth

Free eBooks & so much more!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From:Helen March
Subject:Is this web traffic ebook the Real Deal?

I too looked seriously at the price-tag of Stephan
Ducharme's book: "How to get 1 million visitors on your web
site without paying a dime in advertisement."
$97.US is a lot of money, but that translates to over $150.
Canadian Dollars, so this "Canuck" wanted to be sure her
money was being spent wisely. :)  There is an incredible
guarantee in place, so I took the plunge and purchased the

*One of the Best Investments I have made on the net!*

English is not Stephan's first language, consequently,I
found a few "humorous" phrases in his book but they do not
detract from the excellent content.

Substance and Value are definitely in this book. My business
partner and I refer to it frequently and our "little site"

Helen March

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Adrian Elman
Subject:Spam has me stumped

Nap Jones recommends MailWasher and I am in
total agreement with him. It is so good that I have
it on both my laptop and desktop computers. Let
me say that I cannot do without it.

It's not just a lifesaver with spam, it's also great at
identifying viruses. In many cases it tells you that
a mail contains a virus but as it is not an anti-virus
program it cannot identify everything. That's where
the file size reading comes in. You can bet that if
you have a mail of 120kb or more and you did not
request it, it is carrying a virus!

I run an autoresponder service and viruses are
consistently being sent to our responders. Our
servers are equipped with anti-virus software but
any incoming mail will still show the virus in its
disassembled state. It is harmless however it will
pump up the file size so that you know you were
sent a virus. You can then decide whether it was
sent by an innocent individual whose machine was
infected or by a malicious sender, and then add
the address to your blacklist.

One of the program's users has created a file
loaded with spammers terms and known email
addresses. It can be added to your blacklist
file using copy and paste. I highly recommend it
if you want to say goodbye to HGH, mortgages,
casinos, penis extensions, bigger breasts, porn
sites, DVD copiers, cellular phones, satellite
offers, credit card merchant offers, and more.
Contact for the URL
to download the file from.

Once you have used MailWasher you will ask
yourself why all email programs don't allow the
same thing before downloading from your ISP?
It's pure logic and yet Nick Bolton is one of the
only people to have addressed the problem in
such an efficient manner.


Adrian Elman


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
Subject:I think it is possible I have too many ideas

Lynn Toler wrote:

"I mean I have so many great ideas but when I try to
put them on paper I get stuck."


Having a lot of ideas is great.
I'm a creative writer and I brainstorm
ideas all the time.

>From a list of ideas off the top of your head,
you can pick out which ones you like best -
then narrow it down to the top three that
"feel the best" to you.

Then pick the best idea out of those.

Only then should you present something for
a professional to work on.

Here's a resource I found on tapping into your
creativity that's great!

Download the free ebook chapter and I think you'll
realize that YOUR ideas are always the best.

Good luck


The Secret to Making Money Online
in Three Easy Steps.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:Pauline Phillips

The only person I have found that I know has the search engines down cold
is Dr. Ken Evoy.  I have been using his sitebuildit program since it launched a
little over a year ago and much of what I know I learned from his free training
and from building pages with his tools.  He offers free training for people
trying to make money with affiliate programs and how to work with the search

Just in case you are wondering if Dr Ken's free training actually works, go
to and search for buying with owner financing.  This
morning I was #1 and #2 for that search.

Andy Sparks

I agree with Andy. SiteBuildIt is an excellent website-building tool. And is
scheduled to be even better momentarily for virtualy any kind of Internet
sale or service! You can check it out for yourself at

My own website is indexed in . And a number of my keywords are
very high on the list, as is my site name itself.

SiteBuild It lets you know who visits your site and what nation they come
from, and how many visit, etc. It lets you know what ranking you have with a
given search engine or directory. It even lets you be listed in Alta Vista
without going to the Alta Vista site. NOTE: The upper and lower case letters
you have to put in just right to list there aren't case sensitive. Which
makes things even easier.

Pauline Phillips



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From:Douglas Goodin

Wha Wha Wha Wha
  I truly find this newsletter repulsive. Don't people realize that when you
get involved with ANYTHING you are taking a risk. Hell buy Microsoft stock
and you risk it going down in price and you losing your ass. That's the risk
you take. If your dumb enough to jump on board everything that everyone
pitches you deserve what you get and the chances of getting scammed rise
exponentially. I am involved with Freestoreclub and I can say for myself as
an internet dummy that this is the best thing I have ever gotten ahold of.
Where else do you get Exact step by step training day after day.
   When the word pyramid and illegal are used together I laugh like hell....
Dont you realize EVERYTHING Yes EVERYTHING on the internet is based on a
pyramid structure. The only thing making any of them legal is a real
  Just my thoughts on all of you naysayers, if you cant afford to get
involved DON'T. Consider before you dump all of your money into something
that maybe just maybe it might fall through.
  Again just my thoughts don't get me wrong I Love the internet and all of
the mystery that it holds. Also the possibility for true success. Currently
I work graveyards at a grocery store and have 5 kids. I would love to get
out of the rat race and work strictly on the internet and spend more time
with my kids. We struggle every month to pay the bills and put food on the
table but we aren't complaining about it and we don't spend money we cant risk
 Have fun with all of your opportunities,
Douglas Goodin



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.2)=============
From:C. Roman

This is the first time I posted a reply to the Digest. I need to confess
that I seldom read them but the discussion about FreeStoreClub (Exact Method
Marketing -EMM to be specific) called my attention.

While reading the message from T. Shark in issue #304 I was but to agree
with his position. All these comments about EMM by members of Adland Digest
are from people that don't work the program (or maybe they are not in the
program at all or don't understand it). In almost all online programs people
will experience some sort of problems including those discussed here.
However, this doesn't meant that if something does not work with you, it
does not worthing. Sometimes we are the problem. When you join EMM
(FreeStoreClubb) you received a complete online training on how to work the
program. You must stick to that plan. You must follow their instructions.

As T. Shark pointed out, EMM is not a QUICK RICH SCHEME. Maybe those who
have expressed their negative opinions is what expected to be. Well, this is
not the case. You need to dedicate time and have patience. Your only
responsibility is to advertise, advertise, advertise and advertise! People
are making money with EMM. This meant it works. But how EMM works.

When you join EMM you are placed immediately under your sponsor downline
(one of the two legs of the business). You will start receiving emails
telling you that so many people were placed under your actual downline
paying structure. You will receive commissions on those peoples no matter who
bring them to the program. However, in order for you to get commissions you
need to match those in your first leg. So you need start building the other
leg with your own personal referrals. For each four you refer and who
upgrade to silver or gold members you will receive $10 and $50 commissions
respectively depending in your member status. So, having this told, if you
don't build your other leg you will not receive any commissions at all. The
system will not build it for you, sorry.

However, there is an online marketing system called Referral that is
designed to help you build your other leg of EMM. When you joined
Referralware and start referring people to your page, eventually they will
join one or all three marketing programs sponsored by Referralware been EMM
one of them. Those who signed in to EMM thru Referralware will be placed
immediately in your other (the one you are supposed to build). Referralware
is an Online Marketing System which pre-qualify your prospects and then
placed them in your downline. Once in your downline you can sell them your
products or other business opportunities. And you get commissions also by
referring people to Referral.

For a 30 day test drive you can visit

Definitely EMM is not another SCAM and is not a QUICK RICH SCHEME as other
wanted to point out.

C. Roman

Multiple Income Stream Automation
Providing Financial Security In as Few as 90 Days


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:Cash Evolution


Of course the link will go to Mark's CE site. If you mess up the members
name from any CE site it defaults to Mark's. And then if someone joins, that
spills down the line and fills in on the first hole. Even if it didn't go to
Mark's site and went to the CE corporate site, the same would happen. If
that person joined they would flow down to the first open spot. I dare say,
Marks matrix is most likely full at this time or close to it. Any more
members will not make him that much more money a month.

He is at the head of the class in this and Everyone is below him. Everyone
is in his downline. Whether they joined through him directly or not. We are
all in his group somewhere. And we don't get a sign up bonus for people we
bring in, just the monthly part of the commission. So, Mark isn't making
anything more off someone who joins through him then he did before they
joined, if his matrix is filled.

Adrian, let's hope that CE does get all their ducks in a row with the
Government agencies and things go smoothly from now on. I would think they
have this covered but we won't know for sure until later.

To Jason Hillard about the downline builders,

As for these build your downline in CE things that popped up everywhere. I
think in the long run, they will run out of steam. As the levels go down and
down, they get wider and wider. And with most of these hopefuls not
promoting at all, because they are told they don't have to. It will get
harder and harder for these companies to keep their promises. If someone
joins one of these, then they had better commit themselves to promoting it
just like they would have to do if they were in CE all by themselves.

It's the same thing with people who joined because of Mark Joyner and hopes
of lots of spill from him. Sorry, these things get harder to fill as they
build if you are relying on Mark for everything. People who are doing this
are going to have a tough time of it. they had better do their own

Just my two cents worth,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.2)=============
From:William Jaroske
Subject:Cash Evolution

 The following information has been sent to me by Debbie Paul of Ezpcjobs

I have been following this controversy with the cash evolution.
It's been picked apart on many business forums I'm listed with.

I personally do not jump into an new and unproven program.
It doesn't matter if its launched by an internet guru or not.
People in general need to remember, these guru's are human
beings. And along with being a mere mortal, there are strengths
and weakness's, they are not perfect.

My internet marketing policy is to watch and follow new programs,
such as this one. I don't immediately jump on board and follow
the masses because most times it reminds me of the lemmings running
to the water.

If the program has been on the Internet for at least 2 years, then
I may consider it. I do a thorough research on it and even email
the web master or originator, to see if they respond and the manner in
which they respond. I try to correspond with people so see, if
ind eed they have made an income with any particular program.

When I sign up with a program, I'll run it through the mill myself
to see if it's worthwhile or not. If I'm not happy or satisfied, it does
not go on my website. I refuse to promote anything to the public
that is going to cause headaches, heartaches or a negitive

For example, I have an affiliate program that promotes gob's
grants for small businesses on cd roms. Back in March I tried
applying myself. Dead-End. I found out all federal monies were shifted
into the new Homeland Security Program to fight terrorism. No grant money
is being allotted for the small business sector, it's a closed issue.
I could easily take people for $24 a clip and let them believe there is
grant monies available, but I refuse to do that.

End quote

Well John,

Now that is known that you wish to be some kind of lemming. You made your
choice and others have made theirs. World Wide Scam is there for a reason.
To warn people about scams. That is the bottom line. To put it simple. you
should expect to lose a lot of money and ppl are dropping out of CE in
droves plus ruin your credibility in the process. I'm not going to discuss
or respond to such petty minded comments why CE is the greatest thing on the
planet. You can choose to be scammer or not, so said.

William Jaroske

Business opportunities,  affiliate money maker. Information on FREE
advertising, webmaster tips, online marketing news, and ebooks plus much


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.3)=============
From:Cynthia Holmes
Subject:Cash Evolution


I am also a member of Cash Evolution and here is an
excerpt of what they are telling us in our member's
lounge about your concerns (as at 8/28/02):

"Institutionalized Investing
CASHevolution was founded on the principles of learning
and education. Our goal on this website is to provide an
environment that's conducive to learning and to guide
you on your new financial journey. As a responsibility
to our members, and prior to the launch of the
investment program, the team at CASHevolution has
to ensure that the program is compliant with Securities
Legislation and, therefore, could be subject to delays
beyond our control.

The Investment Process
CASHevolution is in the process of establishing an
investment module designed to provide subscribers
with monthly exposure to institutionalized investment
opportunities. This module will be released once
securities compliance has been obtained.

CASHevolution will not be selling securities or providing
investment advice. Rather, it will bring to the table
opportunities through third-party financial institutions
that are licensed to sell securities. Each fund will have
one or more professional financial managers, whose
job it is to maintain the value of the fund. Subscribers
who are not participating in our affiliate program may
still participate in the investment program as this
will be voluntary. "
Cynthia Holmes

Considering Cash Evolution? Join the Best Team:


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.1)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:Will the Going Platinum debate ever die


If you were still a member you would have read Alan talking about GP paying
the money owed pass employees. And I am sure the arrangements that have been
made with creditors include making payments to members. But that is inside

As for what Alan owes and who he owes it to. I wonder where this information
came from. Not saying it's wrong, I just wonder what the source is.

But the facts are these, Going Platinum has launched. New areas of the site
are being opened up to earnings. Content is growing. Revenue is growing for
the Company as a whole. Members are seeing their earnings go up.

But as I predicted would happen once GP launched and members started seeing
earnings, the nay sayers would be saying just what you did Adrian, "you have
yet to see a single check for the activity taking place in your GPC
downline." Meaning, you may see the ticker, but you will never get the
check, or it will be a long time coming.

Thanks for making my prediction come true Adrian. When the first checks go
out to members, I wonder what you and the others will say then? Maybe, "It
won't last, the checks will bounce," or, "They will be closed down, feel
lucky you got that." After a few years and millions of members, what will
they be saying.....?

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Ben Marroquin
Subject:Favorite Internet Tools

Hi All,

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite internet tools with you
and hope that you'd share some with me. My absolutely, most
favorite tool is: Free Autoresponders & Email Advertising from

I've been on the internet for 2yrs + and have some of the best
marketing courses on my hard drive and bookshelf (Make
a Living Online, Cashflow, Enlow's Master Marketing CD,s,
others, and have been an Adland Sub. for 1yr +) and every single
one of them have heralded high praises to Autoresponders
and eZines.

Yet, up until 2 weeks ago I held back because of the following:
1) Cost: Every recommended service was out of my budget.
2) Time: Starting an Ezine seemed overwhelming and time
    consuming, but You can find content throughout the Internet
3) Difficulty: I thought Autoresponders would be very difficult to use.
4) Fear: I was afraid I'd fail and thought I had nothing to offer.

All that has changed. SendFree is Free which eliminates problem
#1. As for time I am just putting the finishing touches on my
first issue and with SendFree's broadcast feature I will be able
to send out my bi-weekly Home Business Building newsletter
to my very small but growing subscriber list :o) so that takes
care of #2.

When I first sign up for SendFree I thought creating autoresponder
message would be difficult, but they proved me wrong! In as little
as 30 minutes (with the aid of their step by step guide) I had my
first AR Message:
(just send a blank email to test out the service). Since then I
have put together an email campaign with html, text, and AOL
options. SendFree allows You to create web forms so that Your
subscribers can choose their format! Problem #3 fixed.

Now, I have total confidence in my email campaign, but I will
admit as to still having a little fear in the Ezine dept.. Fear of
failing due to thinking that my subscribers will not find my Ezine
compelling. But there is only one way to overcome this fear and
that's by facing it head on and creating the best Ezine I can
possibly make. With each issue I create my skills will improve,
my confidence will grow, and my Ezine's content will be compelling.
Eliminating problem #4 will be a work in progress, but I have taken
the first step :o)

So if you have a website and aren't using Autoresponders then
you may want to take a look at my favorite internet tool and see what
it can do for you:

Wishing You Great Success,
Ben Marroquin

P.S. I just started a new website at which
is an Affiliate Programs Guide. I'd like to invite You all that have
programs to add them to my new website for Free. Also, if Your looking
to add an affiliate program or two to Your site please visit. Thanks.


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
From:D. Isberg
Subject:An honest effort if you have your own Web Site.


Read your request in Adland and if you have your
own web site
I suggest that you look at what 7 Search is
offering.  You simply add their search box HTML to your web page and
the money does not pour in but it does come.

To view this in action look at my web site

If you think it could work for you make sure you
read the Terms and Policies as this search box has to sit on your
site at least 6 months before you will get paid.  There are other
options available as well.  Again make sure you read all about it
before you get involved.

As they are touted to being in the top 5 Search Engines I didn't think
I was taking too much of a risk (in space, reputation and effort) they
don't ask for $.

I hope this might help your efforts.


D. Isberg



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (3)=============
From:Craig Sigman

Hi Bogdan & fellow Adland readers,

 Keep up the good work Bogdan, I've been a subscriber for quite some
time and it's one of the few I read from start to finish.

 I am not a member of any of these programs, so I'm not speaking from
experience. I have seen alot of not-so-good info on them though.  A good
site to visit for some eye-opening information is This site is devoted to exposing online
businesses that are questionable if not just scams. It's a great place
to start if you are researching opportunities.

I am a member of two programs that you will not find on this site, both
offering real products that I'd say just about all of us use. Since we
are discussing programs, I would be curious to know what you as fellow
adland readers think of them. Let's discuss some GOOD businesses for a

Craig Sigman



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (4)=============
From:Steve Pronger
Subject:There is no quick and easy way to search engine success

Regarding Toney Marshall's post:


I commend you on your success in selling your course, but I must take you to
task on your search engine "success" using Worldsubmitter, for which you
publish your affiliate link.

"My Grocery Guru website (above) EXPLODED into the #1
    position on every MAJOR Search Engine!!
    (KEYWORD: "groceryguru")"

All very well Toney, but a quick check of Google's search results indicates
there are 28 pages matching the term "groceryguru". Finding your way to the
top of that list would not be terribly difficult. The real question is how
many people actually search for "groceryguru". A check of Overture's search
suggestion tool at indicates that
last month there was a grand total of zero. Looking at your meta keyword
list you are targeting these keywords: "creating wealth, home based, home
business opportunity, make money, making money, rich, good deal".

"creating wealth" has 863,000 page matches at Google. How does your site
rank on that one? "home based" has 6 million. How about that one? How many
people arrived at your site after doing a search for "groceryguru" and
actually found what they were looking for?

In my last post I said there is no quick and easy way to search engine
success. I invite anyone to prove me wrong. But search engine success is not
just about ranking on obscure keywords. It's about visitors finding your
site after searching for exactly what it is that you have to offer.

Steve Pronger

Steve Pronger Web Design


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (5)=============
From:Eyal Siman-Tov

Hi Bogdan,
1st of all thanks for all the wonderful work you're doing here.

I've been in CE for a while, quit and rejoined like others that
wrote here did.

Yesterday I found and joined a CE team that seems the most
promising and fair:  rotates your CE sign-up link in a way
that maximizes you most profitable downline levels ($8 and $11),
and also everybody gets a fair chance (instead of the loooong
waiting lists like in the 3FREE4Me system/s).

Just before that I checked the team, confronted
the owners with hard questions and almost joined.
But they seemed too unprofessional and too complicated.

So instead, I searched 1 minute on Google and found this new
system called CASHevobuilder.

It's very promising and logical but still new (to me), so if
someone can check it out and tell me what they think:

Best Regards,
Eyal Siman-Tov


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (6)=============
From:Melody Vargas
Subject:Pricing Strategies

Greetings Bogdan,

You know I'm not usually a self-serving poster, but
this one time I've decided to write and plug my own
website. About Retail Industry has a fantastic new
series of articles that could be of tremendous help
to AdLand's small retailers who need assistance
creating a pricing strategy for their business.

In "Pricing and Small Retailers: Questions to Consider,"
retail experts Joel Evans and Barry Berman explain
how small retailers can use their pricing plans to
prosper in today's discount-oriented environment. The
six-part series includes information on developing a
pricing strategy, setting retail prices, fair and competitive
pricing, planning for shrink, mark-ups, inventory valuation
and more.

For those not familiar with Berman and Evans, they
are the authors of one of the most popular retail text
books, "Retail Management: A Strategic Approach,"
and the marketing text book, "Marketing in the 21st
Century."  I'm extremely fortunate to have them as

As always, information on About Retail Industry is free
of charge.  There are no hoops to jump through and no
registration requirements to access the series.

"Pricing and Small Retailers: Questions to Consider"

Melody Vargas

About Retail Industry


=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Jerry Combs

Dear Sirs:
    I would like to request a site review of my site:
Jerry Combs
Owner and Webmaster

Please let me know if I was able to help or not. I would like to know if my
advice was any place close and just what you found wrong. Thanks.
Please always send the motor model number and make.

Thanks for the mail
Jerry Combs



=====================Site Review Request  (2)===============
From:Debra Glinsey

I am having a little trouble with this page meaning I like it but I don't
like it.

If you guys could look it over for me and give me some opinions on the
colors, links, white space and if I am getting my point across, is it to
much, no enough and is it read for the search engines and such I would very
much appreciate it.

The site is

You can also e-mail me at

Debra Glinsey

P.S Did you have your coffee today, or need more?  Get all the national
brands at
Sunbelt, Home and Office Coffee Service


=====================Site Review Request  (3)===============
From:Sharon Bray-McPherson

Hello Bogdan,

I would like to submit my new website, "An American Tradition" for a
site review.  I will be getting a domain name soon but for now the link

Thank you.

Sharon Bray-McPherson

Gallant Marketing Group


=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:Michele Newman


I appreciate all of your comments and suggestions, and will work
on taking the necessary steps to making it more user friendly
and personalized. I started the site in April of this year, not knowing
one single thing about a website, HTML or anything about the
internet. Not too bad for a dummy, huh? Thanks again, I need all
the feedback I can get!

Michele Newman

Writer/Publisher, The Wave
Manager, MSN Community


=====================Site Review Response  (2)===============
From:Judie U.

To John Olson
I really appreciate your advise and your good comments you made
in regards to my web site. In the last issue of Adlands
newsletter.  It is true I did this by myself and I am very new
with this.  I just did a lot of reading.

I do have some questions if you don't mind.  You mention about
having doorway pages for customers.  I do have a page design for
ISP service, which is also could these
not be considered doorway pages?   I wanted the home page for
both types of people or customers and business opportunity. I did
make a few changes.  So, like I said I am new at this. And I do
use frontpage 2000 to help me on this.

Thanks, a lot

Judie U.



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=====================G u e s t   A r t i c l e   (1)===============
A Beginner's Checklist to Promoting an Online Business
ByAngela Wu

The Internet's full of hyped-up promises of the 'ultimate'
marketing secret that will singlehandedly skyrocket your
business to instant success.

Naturally, this is ALL it is:  hype.  There's no single
'secret' that will magically transform a fledgling business
into a powerful money-maker.  Instead, every business owner
is responsible for testing and refining various techniques
until he or she has developed a solid, effective base that
produces the desired results.

What works for one business may not work for another!
Likewise, another business may have poor results with
one method, while others experience great success.
Here's a quick checklist of some of the more popular
-- and completely free -- marketing techniques to help
you build your online business (note: this is a 3-part


1. Build and use your own opt-in list of targeted and
   interested prospects.  Offer a free newsletter that
   provides fresh, interesting, and relevant content.
   You'll receive feedback from your readers about what's
   important to them, and over time they'll come to know
   and trust you.  Your products, services, and even
   recommendations will then be taken much more seriously
   because you've developed credibility with your readers.

2. Contribute to newsgroups or discussion boards. Establish
   yourself as a helpful member of a community. Other
   members of the community who come to know and respect
   you will often refer you to others.

3. Niche directories or search engines. Find all the
   highly-targeted directories and SEs for your market,
   and then work to get listed. You'll be surprised at
   how many niche sites there are! Good places to start
   looking are and .

4. Build your link popularity. For example, you can trade
   links with other businesses in your market so that you
   can 'share' each other's traffic.  Most of the major
   search engines take link popularity into consideration
   when ranking your site.

5. Endorsed mailings to other lists. Find the editor of a
   great newsletter, and offer your product or service to
   him for free in return for a review or an endorsed ad
   to his list. Endorsements from the editor can far
   outperform regular 'ads', since they come from someone
   they know and trust (the editor).

6. Testimonials. It's fine for you to say that your product
   or service is wonderful... but there's far more 'punch'
   when someone else says it! Testimonials show prospects
   that you have happy customers and helps them to make
   the decision to buy.

7. Use autoresponders to follow-up with your prospects. It
   has been proven time and time again that autoresponders
   can dramatically increase your profits! They're also
   great time-savers, saving you from following up with
   each prospect manually.

8. Ad swaps. You can get extra exposure for 'free' (no
   out-of-pocket expenses) by swapping ad space with another
   editor that caters to your audience.  Plus it's a great
   way to put 'remnant' ad space to good use.

9. Join a webring. Link to other sites like yours and
   build an online 'community.'

10. Offer coupons or gift certificates to entice visitors
    to make a purchase *now*.

11. Make good use of referral marketing. Ask happy
    customers to refer prospects to you. Many people are
    so busy these days that they're willing to rely on a
    trusted friend or contact's advice -- it saves them
    the time necessary to do all the research themselves.

12. Write and distribute articles in your area of
    expertise. This is a great credibility-builder!
    People who appreciate what you have to say are much
    more likely to check out your business. Another 'bonus'
    is that articles are often archived on websites for
    visitors to refer to time and time again.

13. Become an 'expert'. If you like to write and have the
    time to do so, consider partnering with a high-traffic
    site within your niche market and offer to write a
    regular column or article.  You establish credibility
    and get exposure; your partner site and their readers
    get great content.

14. Use a 'Recommend-It' or 'Refer-A-Friend' script. These
    scripts let visitors send your URL to friends.

15. Make it easy for others to link to your site. Consider
    adding a 'Link to Us' section where you provide the
    HTML that visitors can simply cut and paste to their
    own web pages.  Again, this helps to build your link
    popularity (see point #4).

16. Hold contests. For example, every month you could give
    away one of your products to a lucky subscriber or

17. Use a signature. Also known as 'sig files', a signature
    is a brief blurb about your business along with your
    URL and/or contact information. Put a signature on
    every piece of email you send out, as well as on any
    message board posts (if appropriate).

18. Give away a quality free eBook or report. eBooks and
    reports can be excellent viral marketing tools. You
    can even offer them as a 'premium' to other businesses
    within your niche, so that they can give it away to
    their own customers or subscribers.  This is an
    effective way to build a network that will willingly
    promote your business for you!  More on promoting free
    eBooks and how they can help you can be found in the
    article, '10 Quick Tips on How to Create, Distribute,
    and Profit from Free eBooks':

Hopefully this has given you a few helpful ideas on how
to market your online business.  In the next instalment
of this series, you'll read about several marketing
techniques that may cost you money, but that can be worth
the investment many times over.  The final instalment is
all about marketing your online business in the 'offline'
world!  Stay tuned.

Angela is the editor of Online Business Basics, a practical
guide to building a business on a beginner's budget.  It's
a proven hit with beginners, for the down-to-earth style
and loads of instantly useable tips!  For details, visit
OR request a series of 10 free reports to get you started:



=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============

Two young boys walked into a pharmacy one day, picked out a box of Tampa,
and proceeded to the checkout counter. The man at the counter asked the
older boy, "Son, how old are you?" "Eight," the boy replied. The man
continued, "Do you know how these are used?"

The boy replied, "Not exactly, but they aren't for me. They are for my
brother. He's four. We saw on TV that if you used these you would be able
to swim and ride a bike. He can't do either one."