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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (9)

1.Spam has me stumped
~Adrian Elman
~Liz Cole
~Cynthia Phillips
~William Jaroske

2.There is no quick and easy way to search engine success
~Steve Pronger
~William Jaroske

3.Affiliate Programs
~Julie Frost

4.Is Adlands Ezine  Repulsive?
~Audra Gehrke
~Robert Lee
~Doug Goodin

5.Response to ALL 'bizopp' discussions
~Leslee Thompson
~Samuel Fitzpatrick

6.Cash Evolution
~Geoff Dodd
~John Olson
~Mogens Eliasen
~Robert Lee

7.Going Platinum
~John Olson

8.What does ICQ mean?
~Robert Lee

9.My first ezine article
~William Jaroske
~Ben Marroquin

N e w     P o s t s  (4)

1.Andy Sparks
~I would like some feedback

2.Mutinda Kisio
~Has anybody perfected the Pyramid?

3.Debbie Owen
~Site Uploading Problems

~For members who aren't up to speed on autoresponders

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1.Sharon Bray-McPherson

2.Sharon Bray-McPherson



5.John Olson

6.John Olson


8.Robert Lee

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1.3 Traits for Success
By Bill Phillips

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Adrian Elman
Subject:Spam has me stumped

In response to Walter Lyons:

Yours is the 2nd service I have heard of where you pay a
fee to have your email filtered before you receive it.

The idea of making the sender confirm he is a human may
seem good but in reality I guarantee that it will annoy many
legitimate senders who simply won't allow themselves to be
made to jump through hoops. The result will be that you will
lose quite a few legitimate mails.

Personally, I would never give control of my mail to a 3rd party.

I stand by what I said concerning MailWasher to be the
perfect solution. It's a free download and registration is not
compulsory. At a one-time $20, it certainly provides value
for money even if you do register it. Of course there is no
affiliate program so you won't earn a cent recommending
it to others but I think that sometimes it feels good to pass
on something of benefit even if you don't get a payback.

Au revoir spammers!

Adrian Elman


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From:Liz Cole
Subject:Spam has me stumped

Hi Walter and others,

How is this software going to handle your subscribing
to ezines, or say request to a free report, etc from a
site? Obviously on a free report, it IS going to an
autoresponder and your return message would never be
seen by most website owners...

I, for instance have several websites, and offer
different kinds of Free info, much of it handled by my
autoresponder systems. If lot's of people started using
this kind of software - which probably isn't as bad as
some of the others out there- it would still be time
consuming and cumbersome for me to have to watch and
reply to these types of messages just so YOU could get
all MY free stuff or information ..

And for you the user to have to go in change or add to
your settings before you subscribe or request
something.. well most people are just too darn lazy to
do such a thing.

I don't agree with Spam, however I also know that
people - my husband is a perfect example of this - are
out on the net surfing much like they drive a car..
automatically and without much thought.. They sign up
for something and leave the box check marked that tells
them they agree to getting other advertisements from
partner sites. Then when their email boxes get loaded
with stuff they scream SPAM! LOL

I personally have been able to keep legit Spam (:?
under control because I do have my own websites and I
use an email address specifically for requesting
information.. then if I start getting too much junk, I
just change the address. My email client also has
filter settings so I can automatically send Porn (as an
example) into my trash without having to look at it.

In the meantime, I sort of like seeing what people are
doing out there and I use Bounce Backs. Most of the
time, to see if they are interested in actually getting
to know me. I also like educating them on Internet
Marketing and Netiquette. The rest I request a remove
and give them a chance to act in a professional manner.

And here is a tip for those people thinking you're
being 'smart'. Using a bad email that will bounce is
(in my opinion) worse than the Spam problem.. Think
about all those messages being bounced around in
cyberspace forever! My software has a mail cleaner so
if you bounce twice you are gone, but MOST
autoresponder services don't. And the AR owners just
delete out of their inboxes without any other effort..
for instance letting the list owner know what the
bounce email is so it can be deleted from the list. My
guess is there are Trillions of bouncing emails out
there clogging up the Net.

Well, that what I have to say on the subject. :-)

Liz Cole

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From:Cynthia Phillips
Subject:Spam has me stumped

I read this article and a light bulb came on.  Several
weeks back I received an e-mail message asking me to
verify my letter.   I was very annoyed.  I had sent my
letter in reply to someone who asked me information.

I get over 1000 e-mails a day.  Supposing I had to do
this for each one.  When would I ever get to promote
my own business?  It's wonderful you found something
to free up your time, but did you have to use up mine
in doing so?

Also supposing my e-mail was something you were
waiting for and I've finally just got disgusted and
not verified my addy, would you not get my mail then.

I know how to use the sort command and delete those
mails I have no interest in, it takes me a couple of
minutes a day.

Cynthia Phillips

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.4)=============
From:William Jaroske
Subject:Spam has me stumped

April Waters,

I did check out the Ureach email site and I was really
impressed. Infact, It seems a whole lot better than
Yahoo or Hotmail to say the least. I also predict
UReach will run circles around Yahoo and Hotmail

But I want to know how does it fare with dealing with
spam complaints?

William Jaroske

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Steve Pronger
Subject:There is no quick and easy way to search engine success

Regarding Donna's post on


You seem to have missed the point entirely. You're right, there were some
searches for "grocery guru" at Overture, rather than "groceryguru", which was
keyword Toney claimed success on. But TARGETED VISITORS, c'mon! You state that
Toney's site was the only one that mentioned a money making opportunity. This is
precisely the reason why the results are UNtargeted. Do you really think anyone
searching for "grocery guru" is looking for a money making opportunity?

I don't know much about the Grocery Guru program, but it seems to be about
reducing one's grocery bill, yes? Surely then, a more appropriate search would
be "reduce grocery bill". A search at Google for this returns 24,400 matches
(still a very small number), but does not rank in the first 5
pages. But then there were no searches at Overture either. The problem is, isn't about groceries at all. It's about making money.

I noted that on your own web site you are a "Make Your Site Sell" affiliate. I
humbly suggest you actually purchase MYSS and follow Ken's advice (BTW, it's
Evoy, not Envoy).

Steve Pronger

Steve Pronger Web Design
Affordable and Effective Web Sites for your Small Business


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
Subject:There is no quick and easy way to search engine success

After four years on the Internet, I read constantly where
"search engine placement" is the key to success and I am here
to tell you this is baloney.  Yes, it is a necessary ingredient
but not something you should hyper-ventilate over.

The best you can do is read articles about what search engine
robots gather off your website and plan your pages (meaning
write your copy) as they suggest.  Then just submit your pages
manually to the top search engine and directories.

If you are selling a service and products, like I do, you
should not be concerned about how high your are in their
listings but whether your keywords truly reflect what you sell.
You want targeted visitors, not just visitors to your site.

Quite frankly, I don't care where I am listed under general
"categories" as I want the people who search for "my" keywords.
I know when they get to my site they will take the time to read
and then buy what I offer.

I only need a small portion of the Internet population to come
to my site to make my living. I get them but not just from
Search Engines.

To be an effective marketing person on this Information
Highway, you must put up road signs all over it.  Search
Engines are just a small part of what you should be doing.  My
site is 103,692 out of the top 300,000 websites according to
this site and Adlandpro is 629.

This service is provided by 7Search and I want to add, I have
never paid them or anybody else for any type of advertising or
submission services ever in my four years.  So why my site
would be listed with them who knows.  But it does show me that
my method of marketing works.

No I am not unhappy with the 103,000 figure considering the
millions of sites on the Internet.  But it does give me
incentive to get to where Bogdan is at (huge grin here).

Plus my logs also show me by steadily increasing the "unique"
visitor (not hits) count each month.  Next to the large
companies -- 10,000 might not seem like much but hey, to this
one person company, it beats the couple of hundred visitors I
used to get four years ago :-)

Here is my list for effective marketing:

1)  Write articles for ezines and submit them to lists and
portal sites on the Web for this purpose.

2)  Have a site so rich in content, people email their friends
to tell them about it.

3)  Offer free ebooks for people to download and give them
permission to upload the books to their web hosting server.  Do
not have hype-filled ebooks but books filled with "content
rich" information or books they will enjoy reading.  Only
include a small link back to your page in the introduction of
the ebook.

4)  Use a two line signature on all your emails.  And, answer
every email you get with courtesy.  If they ask for help, give
it freely and respond immediately or within 24 hours.

Bogdan did this for me when I was a "newbie" and my site didn't
show up in Netscape.  As busy as he was, he answered my
question almost immediately and I never forgot this lesson in

5)  Set aside two hours every day to do some type of marketing.
Every thing you do, compounds until you find when you are busy
that your efforts took on a life of their own and just keep
expanding without you doing anything.

Do these things and your site will be successful.  By this, I
mean produce a living for you.  As you can tell, I do not do
MLM but have my own product and service.  If I'm going to work
hard, it will be for myself and my bottom line -- not theirs.


Free eBooks & so much more!



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.3)=============
From:William Jaroske
Subject:There is no quick and easy way to search engine success

Hi Anita,

I couldn't agree with you more about this topic. But
on the free for all links. They are mostly garbage and
I no longer submit to them. Infact, nobody really
clicks on those links anyway.

Submitting to a million FFA's is a great way to
receive a ton of spam. Now no one likes being
bombarded with junk opportunities, do they? Of course
you still have alot of people that do own their own
Free For All Link site and they think its the greatest
thing on earth because they get to spam individuals
who submit to them  tirelessly.

FFA's are losing their popularity because of spam, and
I do not intend of owning a FFA site to begin with.

At least there are still classified ad sites and have
quite a few ad sites myself. Plus they are much better
than those so called Free For All links, and that is
the bottomline.

William Jaroske

Residual income business opportunity. FREE advertising, FREE marketing
promotion, POP3 email accounts, and rewards plus benefits


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Julie Frost
Subject:Affiliate Programs

Patricia wrote.

>I want to set up an affiliate program. I'm going to pay a whopping 40%
>commission but I can't find an affiliate program that I can understand and
>that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to operate.  Does anyone know of
>an affiliate program for the definitely challenged entrepreneur?

Hi Patricia,

I have used Click Bank ( for almost
a year now and I have been very impressed with them. They have real-time
stats, low set-up fees, no monthly fees, and low per-transaction fees. The
only problem is, I believe they may only deal with digital products. I
think I remember seeing a referral for those people who sell physical
products there, though.

Hopefully this will help you!

Best of Success,
Julie Frost

Julie Frost



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:Audra Gehrke
Subject:Is Adlands Ezine  Repulsive?

Hi Bogdan,

I must have missed an issue, who said your ezine is repulsive?
I about lost my mind when I read that this morning.

For those of you who have doubts about Bogdan and
this discussion list, you must be new to Adlandpro.
Bogdan has done nothing but try to help people including
Paying on time. I have learned so much from this discussion
list I really don't know what I would do without it.

You can get your site reviewed, questions answered Honestly,
avoid being ripped off and so much more. Stick around for awhile,
you just might like it.:)

Repulsive....definition = disgusting

Now I've seen some ezines that are repulsive but Bogdan's??
Go figure! LOL

Keep up the Great work Bogdan!

Your Fan,
Audra Gehrke

PS: I'm hoping that person requests the website review for Robert. LOL

Ecommerce Resources



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From:Robert Lee
Subject:Is Adlands Ezine  Repulsive?

Doug wrote,

>Wow Man,
> That is pretty powerful Flames coming from you in adland digest. I Guess I
>better send them an addendum and fix what I have started. I guess the heat of
>the moment had me a little off track with what I said. It seemed to me that
>there had been alot of bitchin and whining in the last few digest and I had
>read like three of them back to back so I guess the whining really kinda got to
>me. As you stated it is good to have somewhere to get good info and website
>reviews. I haven't been in this game long, and like I said I cant afford much
>with 5 kids, so maybe my opinion as a newbie was kind of a non-opinion. Being
>that I don't have much experience at the internet business thing. I would truly
>love to find some way to leave the rat race and be a stay at home daddy.
>  Sorry to have offended you,
>Doug Goodin

Hi Douglas,

I am proud of the advice I am able to offer the readers of Adlands.
I will be finally breaking the 6 figure income ceiling this year with my online
There are many ways to earn that income and finding them is what Adlands tends
to help people do, and I usually add my 2 cents in when I see fit to reply to
posts that may be misdirecting attention to the big topic at hand "How to earn a
living online".
I don't look for trouble and do not intend on giving it out, but I do feel
protective of the posts I have made and to have had you discount them along with
the entire readership of this digest was too much for me to take.

It all started with baby steps for me 5 years ago (affiliate marketing) and I
honestly feel that if I can do it, so can anyone else.

You don't need a lot of money.
US$8.95 will buy you a domain for a year and there are plenty of places to host
it for free.
With US$8.95 can by you a domain name and with the right program you can take
that number and multiply it by 200 for what I have earned off of one program
this year. One web site that took me all of 30 seconds to purchase the domain
name, load the DNS information for a very profitable affiliate program that also
hosts the site and handles all of the transactions, customer service,
everything. All I do is earn 30% of all purchases.

I'm not going to tell you where or what this program is.
I will tell you to start at: and follow the Dating B2B link.
The information on how to get started with affiliate marketing is there. You may
not be ready to market for dating services. Fair enough. The ideas that I have
available will work for ANY affiliate program and your own web site.
Or you can join some cheesy MLM and pay them $20 or more a month and get nothing
but fancy big dollar dreams.

The choice is always yours.

A commitment to succeed is what you need.
And the knowledge that it cannot be accomplished in a day and with NO budget

Happy Selling!

Robert Lee

Dating B2B
Earn $$$ Become An Online Dating Service Affiliate Today!
Content! Stickiness! Traffic Tips!
Learn At Your Leisure For Free!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.3)=============
From:Doug Goodin
Subject:Is Adlands Ezine  Repulsive?

   First let me apologize if my comments were taken wrong. I didn't mean to say
that Adland Digest was repulsive. I meant that some of the opinions in it from
time to time get on my nerves. Like I told Mr. Robert Lee My opinion as someone
who is new to the internet game is worth about as much as the empty wallet that
I've still got. Like I said before I would love to find some way to work over
internet from home and be able to be a stay at home daddy.
  The way it is right now I get up at 9:30 pm go to work till 7am when the wife
leaves for work go home and watch my children 1,3,5 all day till mom gets home
about 4:30 then off to bed and repeat. I don't really like being a dog ass tired
daddy all the time.
  I would like to apologize to all the members who ive offended and offer my
sincere thanks to Adland digest for ongoing good content and member support.
  Sorry to be a pain
Doug Goodin




===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From:Leslee Thompson
Subject:Response to ALL 'bizopp' discussions

In response to GingerMarie,s 10 Step Evaluation I would like to say: "Well
done".  The steps are written in a logical order and easy to follow even for a
newbie.  The steps are a good reminder of how to build a solid business with
long lasting results.  They are a good reminder that $1,000 dollars today won't
do us any good if our reputation is ruined making that quick $1,000, because for
the next 3 years, nobody will listen to you.  The best advice I ever received
was to be cautious, VERY cautious, and the "10 steps" are very good guidelines.

GingerMarie, I am in the process of writing an article and would very much like
to include your "10 steps".  If you are interested please email me and we can
discuss it at

Leslee Thompson


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.2)=============
From:Samuel Fitzpatrick
Subject:Response to ALL 'bizopp' discussions

Hello everyone,

I've really enjoyed the comments and questions that each individual has
posted.  I've learned a lot and still am learning.  I see everyone always
talking about certain affiliate programs and how they are such a scam.  I
personally do believe there are many companies out there which do not
support their product and service which is their downfall. There are also
companies who are legit and do what they say.  I've been in network
marketing for about a year now and have researched and scoured the net for
information about the different companies. I believe in many companies out
there.  Of course I always research them before I make a decision.

Remember there is a ton of available information out there for FREE.  Before
you buy into anything make sure you can't get it for a cheaper price and
stable quality.  We all as business owners want to make a profit.  This is
the reason why we are in business right?  Start small and grow gradually.
We all should expect a 3-5 turnaround on our investment.  You would be lucky
to turn a profit the first year.  If you do then all the power to you.

Ask the 'gurus' of today how much work it took to get where they are.
They've make many mistakes which I'm sure cost them time and money.  I've
come up with points to remember as an online marketer:

1.  Start a newsletter as soon as possible.  If you don't want to run your
own there are companies who will run it for you(ex.adland)

2.  Reinvest 60% of your profit your first 2 years to become the best in the
field and the rewards will follow.

3.  Begin a Joint venture with other businesses somewhat like yours(not your

4.  The big question: AUTOMATION.  If you can't afford the software like
(affiliate,adtracking,email automation) from the start then lease these
through companies. They range from $19 to $50/month.  You usually can get
all mentioned above for those prices.

5.  Research...research..research.  I can't stress this the most.  Knowledge
is everything in marketing.  Always know what is going on in your industry

6.  Pay for a website template($15-$50).  I'm tired of seeing these awful
websites that are just ugly.  Remember your first impression is the most

7.  Lastly, follow-up with your customer.  Without the customer we are all
dead in the water..RIGHT.  Try to keep the response within 24 hours.

Well, that is all I have for now.  I am currently building a website which
should be coming up soon. I look forward in reading your discussions.  Good
luck to everyone and let's keep the marketing community going.

God bless,

Samuel Fitzpatrick


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From:Geoff Dodd
Subject:Cash Evolution

Hi Bogdan,

RE: William Jaroske's Contin.Disc. 2.4

William writes:
"I said it once and I'll say it again. If it looks like a duck, walks like a
duck, and quacks like a duck. Its a duck. Make no mistake about it."

Hey William:-
They say that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
I'd go one step further and say, "what you see,
'everywhere'.. so you ARE."
Now William Jaroske sees Ducks every
place he looks! Hey William, when you
walk, do you perceive a duck's waddle?

You are what you do...... and what you see!
For example, an advertiser advertises, and sees
a world full of examples of advertising. His perception is closely tied to his

William, in one breath you dismiss:
"EMM, CE, GP, FSC, and dozens of
other quick fads out there. So many have lost money and been let down."

......without any reference to skills, ways,
techniques of site promotion, traffic gen-
eration, advertising..  all the stuff that this
good Digest is about.
How about replacing your last
sentence with:
"So many have not learned about promotion and online advertising, and have let
themselves down."
Hey it's work.. imagine the extra hours
being put in right now by the creative,
innovative owner-builders of these sites.

The builders and management of Cash Evolution
are obviously smart enough to ADAPT to the
environment of laws, while ducks ....mmm, guess
they can handle water rather well.

An action you take just once that continues to pay for months down the road...
Residual income!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.2)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:Cash Evolution


<So I thought, what about a club that promotes just
<one program, in my case CE?

After reading your message in last Adland, I am sorry if my comments hurt in my
message just above yours. It would seem that you offer your members a clear
understanding of what they should expect and be prepared for. You seem to have a
good understanding of how hard it will be to fill everyone's level. But you are
honest and working at it.

I hope you succeed, good Luck.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.3)=============
From:Mogens Eliasen
Subject:Cash Evolution

I have followed the discussions about Cash Evolution (CE) and I have some
comments that could bring another light to the whole thing.

The main objective for any business is to provide value to the customers.  The
whole CE concept, as far as I understand it, is based of investing offshore (not
counting the MLM and duplication aspect of it which really has nothing to do
with the business...).  It appears to make sense to start with an offshore
bankaccount and a credits card, leading to more investments later.

Unfortunately, many people believe that doing business offshore will free them
from tax liability.  For US citizens, this is most definitely NOT the case...
You are liable for claiming income from all sources, worldwide.  If you don't,
you are at risk for fraud charges and jail terms...

In order for the CE opportunity to make sense, you must combine it with the
missing link that will allow you financial freedom and independence of the IRS.
This missing link is "a discretionary, irrevocable, pure Trust", as the legal
terms says.  You need such a Trust in another country as the base for your
financial transactions in order to legally avoid the tax liability.  When you do
this correctly, you can eliminate your business income tax without breaking any
laws!  But without the Trust, you can't...

The entire concept is lengthy to explain.  It involves that you do understand
what a Trust is and how it works, and most people don't have a clue.  But let me
give a reference to where you can get the free information you need in order to
understand this:

I should also say that the concept works also for small businesses.  The
investment in a Trust is not outragerous.  If you pay just $200/month in income
tax, it will be very feasible project indeed!  On top of that, you get a ton of
other benefits from a Trust, such as the most effective asset protection you can
get - you can even declare bankruptcy without losing anything, if you use your
Trust diligently.

Anyway, my main point is that I would like CE people not let people "run with
only half the message" when an incorrect perception of it can lead directly into
crime that is completely unnecessary and avoidable, without letting go of the


Mogens Eliasen

Kamloops, BC



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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.4)=============
From:Robert Lee
Subject:Cash Evolution

John Olson says:
Quote (Cynthia Holmes): CASHevolution will not be selling securities or
providing investment advice. Rather, it will bring to the table opportunities
through third-party financial institutions that are licensed to sell securities.
Each fund will have one or more professional financial managers, whose job it is
to maintain the value of the fund. Subscribers who are not participating in our
affiliate program may still participate in the investment program as this will
be voluntary. (End Cynthia Holmes Quote)

I am sure you will have written something about this by the time this is read.
Something about it not being what the Website said. I say so what, Maybe they
are just complying with government regulations and making the necessary changes.
All sounds fine to me. Time will tell if CE makes it or not, but one thing it is
not, is a scam.

End John Olson Quote.
Tell me John, what is the difference of NOT selling stocks and securities, NOT
providing investment advice but only to be "bringing it to the table"? What the
hell kind of ass-covering crap is this anyways? What are you paying for? Just
the opportunity to read something from unlicensed financial planners? Don't
business newspapers also "bring to the table" investment advice? What makes cash
evolution that much more valuable? The fact that you can sell the program and
profit from family and friends, hell, even strangers?

Brother, check out the billboards on any penny stock and why don't you follow
their advice instead. BTW, learn how to short stock, you'll make a killing. It's
probably going to be in the cash evolution bible, short-selling. (For the
insiders anyways!)

And John, who's government regulations are they complying with anyways? Do you
believe that it WAS CHANCE that took them to the far side of the world to
develop a program to sell to North Americans? Could it have possibly been the
regulations about offering financial planning and stock advice that exist in the
US and Canada instead?

I've said it before and for those that still believe this load of .. dreams
being peddled.
Get yourself your own licensed financial planner. Put that $25.00 a month to
work for you, rather than against you. For the North Americans that read this
digest, why would you pay someone, someone that is half a world away, a monthly
stipend to "bring to the table" unproven financial advice on penny stocks (which
is all you'll be able to afford once your monthly membership fee has been nickel
and dimed down and you get that whole ONE DOLLAR to invest in the stocks and
'opportunities' that they recommend - whoops - suggest) to your attention?
Anyone can tell you to "Buy low, Sell high".

Why would you actually PAY to involve your family and friends into this type of
scheme? Or program? Or whatever you want to call it?

John, please tell us, what actual investigations have you done into this program
other than joining under the 'mighty' Mark Joyner? Are you benefiting well from
his downline spill-over? Are you even an actual paying member or do you just sit
on the side-lines and hope for others to make the $$$ for you?

To quote you once more: "Time will tell if CE makes it or not, but one thing it
is not, is a scam."
End Quote.
John, time has already spoken. You just haven't heard it. Take Mark Joyner's
advice and move onto the next big thing. Hell, he has one every week and I
haven't received an email from him in the last month that has hyped your
precious cash evolution. He's onto something else and so should you be by now.

And you have a problem with Because they are
slanted? Interestingly enough, none of the programs that I am involved with show
up on their radar. I guess the only joke is how you read the text.

I have to agree with William Jaroske "There are many that make it a business to
sucker people making a few dollars. So if your not investing in excellence. You
got yourself to blame."

I guess that's why people start downline clubs, to sell people on an MLM
anyways. If you can't sell the cake, sell the sugar. The final straw for any MLM
is when people try to recoup their losses (whoops - monthly membership fees) by
selling to people they don't know and increase their own downline in the hopes
that one or two of them will be stupid enough to become a paying member and
cover their fees.

John, can you hear it? There is a whispering in the trees.
I remain,
Happily selling for me!
Robert Lee

Eventually LackOfInterest Takes Over


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.1)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:Going Platinum

To you all,

I am not going to waste much time debating GP, or who Alan owes money to or how
much. It is clear, even from Alan's own words, that GP has a LOT of debt. We can
know about some of it from records and such. What we cannot know is what Alan
has done to start to take care of these debts. Or what steps he has put in

But one thing should be perfectly clear to anyone who even thinks about it. The
only way for Alan to get on top of these debts and put them behind him and GP,
is for him to make GP a success. He and the others have not worked as hard as
they have over the last few months and as they continue to work, just to let
this all fall apart. Not now that they have launched and have started adding
more revenue generating things to the site.

The only way for Alan to go, is to make Going Platinum, "the Dream" come true.
Mistakes have been made, BIG ones. Money is owed, BIG time. The only way to get
out from under, is to really make GP Work. Which is what he is doing.

And selling out to someone else, is not in Alan's play book. He hasn't come this
far, worked this hard to just sell out. He needs this to work more then anyone

I think he will pull it off. In the mean time, join free, tell friends, use the
site, shop for things you need and would buy anyway and see what happens. What
have you got to loose?

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (8.1)=============
From:Robert Lee
Subject:What does ICQ mean?

ICQ and more:

Robert Lee

Eventually LackOfInterest Takes Over


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (9.1)=============
From:William Jaroske
Subject:My first ezine article


I have to agree that hype is bad but unfortunantly. I
found nothing of worth at honeyfrog.

Making blunting reports about scams and chain letters
then further salt and pepper your site with far
fetched flim flames. About 90% of the information is
misleading according to research done. You have such
bias on the companies you checked out. It seems you
hunt and pecked your way through the world wide web
picking out what interests you giving seal of
approvals to further legitimize so called scams.

For what was said and done is truly arrogant and so
incredibly stupid.

Now with giving in-depth reports on companies especially
the ones promoting weight loss products. These are a
dime a dozen with tons of people marketing them and
none of them aver make the money desired or increase
their cash flow even if they were at it for 4 or more
years. There are some who can't sell their way out of
a paper bag much less sell ice cubes to people at the
north pole.

About fishing with straight pins. Oh that is smart.
Fishing with rotted meat is more like it. Just take a
plate of old food in any seedy part of town and see
how many scavengers flock. Take the same plate to
people interested in quality and see how fast it gets
thrown out.

Out of tons of opportunities compiled on your site. If
you stack them up and compare them with the one I'm
promoting. You won't even come close to the value and
the worth stand point. But if your in to asking stupid
questions ask all you want. Expect no answers or the
right response.

Some of the tools that are available:

CCI PowerPROMOTUER, The finest and only traffic
generator of its kind. Search engine placement,
doorway pages, auto submission and re-submission.

CCI PowerCINEMA, Video libary of 1,000 teaching videos
constantly updated.

For more information on this log on to

Of course these health nut gurus won't pursue this
because they believe they have the only business in
the world. Let them brainwash themselves and others
giving shallow mindsets. Let all the get rich quickers
create feeding frenzies with all the hype in the world
to promote their washed up businesses. Let every
pathological liars make outrageous claims to get
sign-ups. Put them all together and you'll here
nothing but clucking chickens.

William Jaroske

Residual income business opportunity. FREE advertising, FREE marketing
promotion, POP3 email acounts, and rewards plus benefits


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (9.2)=============
From:Ben Marroquin
Subject:My first ezine article

Robert you remind me of Simon from FOX's American
Idol. Crude, Rude, but brutally honest in your opinions. You
have no problem criticizing him but offer nothing constructive.

I think Tom should have stayed on target and explained to
his readers how one uses Ezine Ad Auction and other such
sites. Take them through a step by step process so that by
the end of the article they learn something specific, instead
of something so general.

Hope this Helps,

Ben Marroquin

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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Andy Sparks
Subject:I would like some feedback

I would like some feedback from the members of the Digest.

One of the necessary evils of Internet marketing is that you have to be
constantly thinking about how to make your web site better.  Either easier to
navigate, easier to find or improving your sales and profitability.

At the current time my web site is free of
third party advertising and I charge a small fee for posting a real estate for
sale or rent ad. I also offer a real estate ebook for sale.

Most of the revenue from the site is from the sale of the real estate ebook,
around 65%.  I sell  some real estate for sale ads but mostly ebooks.

I am considering making the real estate for sale ads free and serving third
party banner ads on the site.

I don't know if this is a good idea or if I should just continue as I have.
Please take a look at my site and let me know what you think.  You can post your
opinion to the Digest or email me direct if you prefer.

I would like as many opinions as I can get.

Andy Sparks

Step by Step instructions for the first time home buyer.


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
From:Mutinda Kisio
Subject:Has anybody perfected the Pyramid?

Hi Adlanders,

I have been online for 3 years now and almost all opportunities (SFI,EMM, etc)
online are a form of pyramid scheme (matrix, downline etc) and therefore the
last people in the matrix or pyramid have a problem getting new members. This
has been whether there has been a product or not.

My question is - has anybody found a way of making sure that the bottom does not
lose out? For example in a 2x3 matrix, how do you make sure that the last 8


Mutinda Kisio



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (3)=============
From:Debbie Owen
Subject:Site Uploading Problems


I recently updated my site, to include a shopping cart. There was no problem
with the cart - but I used color-co-ordinated buttons on the product info. list.

I previewed the pages before I uploaded and all buttons were in sync. However
having checked the site on-line, most of the buttons have changed color, or
reverted to the original colour of blue, making the color coding look ridiculous

Could any of you tell me how to rectify this problem, it is not the first time
this has happened!

Is it me ... my web designing program (Serif WebPlus 6) or a problem when
uploading that has caused this change?

A good example of the color change problem can be found at

All suggestions are welcome, thanks in advance for your help.

Debbie Owen

Unique Beaded Filigree Jewellery
Gwraig Glyn (Gold Swan Beads)


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (4)=============
Subject:For members who aren't up to speed on autoresponders

Hello Adlanders,

The new addition of autoresponders will improve our marketing capacity.  This
does increase the value of Gold Membership.

For members who aren't up to speed on autoresponders, I resell a fine ebook on
the subject.  It's co-authored with Teresa King (She does "help" for members of
eBW.).  I'll leave the link below if you want further details.  I'll give a $5
rebate to any gold member who wants the book.  Email for details.

The Digest continues to be a "top drawer" publication.  If you haven't read back
issues, do so.  You'll see the quality has been there all along.




=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:Sharon Bray-McPherson

Dear Mr. Olson,

Thank you for reviewing my Fuller Brush Website and for your kind
comments.  Shortly after requesting the review I purchased a domain

And thanks to a script that I use in the html, anyone clicking on the
link to place an order is redirected to the Fuller Brush site with my
ID# already in the form, so that concern is taken care of.

You are correct about offering more information about myself and my
association with the company.  I was planning to do that but because of
an emergency I have been away from my computer for over a week. But it
will be one of my next additions.

Again, thank you for the review and thank you Bogdan for providing this
service to your subscribers.


Sharon Bray-McPherson

The Fuller Brush Company... Making the World
a Cleaner Place to Live and Work Since 1906!



=====================Site Review Response  (2)===============
From:Sharon Bray-McPherson

Dear Ms. Waters,

If you visited my website you should have noticed the disclaimer that is
at the bottom of every page,

"Questions or comments regarding this website should be directed to the
Independent Fuller Brush Brush Distributor, who is the author and
publisher of this website.  The Fuller Brush Company assumes no
responsibility for the contents of this website."

Fuller Brush does not supply their distributors with websites Ms.
Waters.  If you were basing your opinion on the url that I submitted,  that was simply a redirect url that I
was using until my own domain name,  became

I have been involved in Internet Marketing for 4 years and have seen
almost all of the tricks that people use to get free hits to their
websites.  I assure you I do not resort to those kind of games.

Sharon Bray-McPherson

The Fuller Brush Company... Making the World
a Cleaner Place to Live and Work Since 1906!



=====================Site Review Response  (3)===============

I have not done a site review for AdLand in a few years.
Web Site review for

1.  Too Much Reading - Cut down on the number of words.  Make
easy-to-read links/text instead.
Most people will loose interest in your site if they have to read too
much.  Short, descriptive phrases work best.
I want to be able to "glance" at your main page and get the general
feeling of whether it has information that I want.
I also want to be able to KNOW what each page is about BEFORE I go
there.  (i.e.: "Rolodex" tells me nothing about the page)

2.  More Professional Text - "Are You Tired of going round and round
and never really getting any where? "  is a quote from your web site.
It doesn't sound professional.

3.  What does your web site offer that webmasters would want?
make it clear, to the point, and viewable to your visitors immediately
upon loading.

4.  Appearance - This web site looks like a personal page.
Some additional professional graphics are needed, possibly a logo also.

5.  Change the color of the red links on the top of the page (with the
black background, it's too dark)

6.  Use your space wisely - The "check mark" graphic, even though small,
is taking up a considerable amount of "prime" space on your pages.
Consider moving it to the left so that it appears before the title
words.  This way, it doesn't take up much space and the visitor can view
more of the page immediately upon loading.  If you don't like this idea,
you can keep it where it is, but instead of using a paragraph - <P> you
can use this <BR> both before and after the graphic. It will take up
less space that way.

7.  Smaller Words - The text size of your words is too large for the
title and subheading.  Reduce it by one or use <small> tags.  You can
bold the title after reducing if need be.

8.  Colors - The "blue" in the middle of the screen where you have the
quote, "From Jeff...," has to go.

9.  Your banner on the bottom of your page (TopTen.html) is a broken
link as far as the graphic is concerned.

10.  Content - on your "Top 10" page, your "Affiliate Ace Top Ten +"
program descriptions are vague.  Why would people join them?  What have
they done for "YOU."  I mean personally?  As it stands right now,  I
can't see anyone joining them.  If they are free, say so.  You may also
want to consider hiding your referral links with an "onmouseover"
command or a redirect script.  Make people work to bypass your referral
links.  One more comment about your links:  You might also want to make
them open in a NEW browser window.  As it stands right now, the user
clicks on the link and it takes them from your web site.

11.  Ask your users to bookmark your site.  Every page should have this
request.  You'd be surprised how many people will.

12.  Your "home" and "next page" links at the bottom of your pages would
look better if you created a small graphic for each.
(i.e.: "home" could be a simple house graphic and "next page" could be
an arrow)

13.  "Helping Smart People Become Better Marketers!" is the title of
every one of your pages.  Put it under your site name at the top of the
page.  Instead, make a title that immediately tells the visitor exactly
what that page is about.

14.  No advertisers banners?  I like this, but then again, from a
webmaster's standpoint, you should have something at the top of your
pages.   An advertiser banner, rotating or otherwise, would give you the
opportunity to list some of your better programs on every page.

Although I have a tendency to get picky and dwell on the negative when
it comes to reviewing sites, I think, overall, your web site has a solid
foundation to start.  I like the graphics on the top of the page and the
fact that it loads quickly.  I also like the, often overlooked, self
adjusting aspects of your site.  Your main table is cantered and self
adjusts according to the visitor's screen size.  I do think that, with a
few adjustments, you will be able to keep the reader's interest long
enough to get your point across.

I hope this review helped you.
Have a nice day.


Freebies, Free Trials, and Special Savings Offers



=====================Site Review Response  (4)===============

1.  Design:  Your site consists of two pages (as far as I can see).
There is too much information on one page.
Try breaking it up amongst several different pages by the category of
the offer.

2.  Web Site Stickiness - Almost every link leads off of your web site.
Hide your referral links with onmouseover or a redirect script.  No
mailing list - You need one for announcements of new programs, etc.
Contact me if you would like the name of a free list host.

3.  Form - The form on your site has two problems.  The first is that
the fields are not marked (in netscape).  What does the visitor fill
into each field?  (i.e. name, e-mail, etc.)  The second is that it's so
far over on the right of the screen (in netscape) that I didn't notice
it at first.

4.  Code - Your style sheets are not lined up properly.  On the bottom
of the screen, your "banners-go-mlm" banner and your "Buy a Domain Name"
advertisement are overlapping  (in netscape).  Either discontinue the
use of css or move the ad over to the right.

5.  Logo - Make one.  You can get a free trial download of Paint Shop
Pro and make a professional logo for the top of your pages.

6.  Why, when you own your domain, are you linking here:
I am assuming that page is yours since it IS a free hosting service AND
it does have your domain listed on it's page.
Instead, make that page a part of your site with YOUR url.
The only reasons that I can fathom is that you are redirecting your
domain to homestead and are using them as your host.
If this is the case, contact me and dump that host.  I know of quite a
few cheap hosting services that will allow you to use your own domain in
the links:)

I did most of this review using Netscape 4.61 but I also checked your
web site in IE and the css is just fine as are the field names within
your form.  Check your web site in other browsers and different versions
of those browsers.
You may see what versions/browsers most of your visitors are using by
referring to your log files.

I do like the time it takes your site to load and the fact that
advertiser links open in a new window.
I think that if you break up the offers that you have into categories
(i.e. promotion) and then put each category on a different page, you not
only will have a better organized web site but you also will have much
more room to add program offers in the future.

I hope this review helped you.
Have a nice day.


Freebies, Free Trials, and Special Savings Offers



=====================Site Review Response  (5)===============
From:John Olson


Well, you have a nice little 2 page site there Robert. If there are more then 2
pages, I couldn't find the links to the others. And why do you have a link to
another page on your site open a new window. It makes NO sense.

You have done a good job of removing a lot of banners though. But Robert, all
you have here is a site with a lot of links to other programs. Not much of any
personal information. In other words Not Much Content. Just long ads for other
money makers and marketing sites.

Robert, one of the points of having a site like this it to personalize it. Tell
people who you are, what is working for you. Give them some tips and

Hugh Growth, great domain name, now you have to live up to it. For example if
you are stuck for content, look in the members areas of some of the programs you
are part of. I am sure they give you a ton of material to read. Copy some of it,
put it in your own words add your thoughts and make this site really something.

You can't just throw up a site, copy some long classified ads and put in links.
You have got to make it into something. Give it character, form and style. If
you want the search engines to find you and people to come back to the site
again and again, you have to make it into much more then it is now.

It's not even a good site to send people to from an ad. There is to much there
and it is not organized.

Keep at it Robert and you will make something out of this yet.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


=====================Site Review Response  (6)===============
From:John Olson


Great site, I have it saved to my favorites and I may want to link to it from my
site. Let me know if you want to trade.

About the only thing I can say about your site, is the navigation links. I know,
now that I checked it again, that the "Affiliate Ace" banner links back to the
Home page, but if I hadn't run the mouse over it, I would not have know how to
get back there other then to back up the browser. You should always have a
"Home" link on your navigation bar. And it would be a good idea to add a sent of
page links to the bottom of each page, just in case we want to browse around on
our own instead of following your "Next Page" suggestions.

All in all, a great little resource site. One question though, on your "Top Ten
Programs" page, all you have are Marketing sites. Not one site that offers
something most people would want or use. There are a lot of marketers out there
who need help, but there are a lot more normal people who might just want a good
MLM program they can talk to their neighbours about. But it's your site.

Take care and good luck,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


=====================Site Review Response  (7)===============

Quote: Terry Hudson: I would like to submit my New and revised website
Affiliate website for your review. End

Hi Terry.
Nice site.
Uneven font use.
Poor use of underlined text, different color text and sometimes
underlined, sometimes red, sometimes (but not always) default blue,

You need to take a second look and remove any inconsistencies that your
site has. Keep everything even.
Add ALT tags to your images.
Heck, add title tags to your tables.... Add them to your italics... You
can do this and anyone visiting using IE 4+ will see this great imagery.

Jeeepers... Take a look at this page:
What's with the page title: "Affiliate Ace Template Preview"?
Maybe a little proof-reading is in order?
And what's with the:
"Affiliate Ace Classifieds- Quickly set up your own classifieds" link
that's under your navigation header?

"Quickly set up your own classifieds" WHAT? Place my own ads? Create my
own classifieds site? WHAT? What does it mean!?!

I've seen worse EP Classifieds pages, but yours? Goodness, it wins out
over all crappy affiliate pages I've seen.
Is this really what EP is giving out these days? And you want this to be
your primary choice for people to submit their classified ads to?
You need to be better explained in your descriptive text too. No one
likes to guess the meaning of words, least of all at a site that has
nothing more than affiliate links.
It's only your descriptions and recommendations that will sell stuff and
the way you have your site laid out none of it is believable, or even
able to be followed clearly.
That is Ok for a site that anticipates no more than one or 2 page views
per visitor, but you need to be prepared for so much more. Don't you?


Ads! What a necessary evil. Done incorrectly and you'll pay for it. Done
right, you will be way ahead of other marketers and see the results in
your bank account.
End Quote

Necessary evil?

Terry, you hardly speak for the masses. And you have several ways for
people to advertise for free.... Necessary evil?? Give your head a
Give us proof while you're at it.
Show us results from your own advertising tests and trials.
Or just keep pointing that gun at yourself... Because that is what
you're doing with such an introduction.

Your home page shouldn't say:
"Helping Smart People Become Better Marketers!"
It should say:
"For those that don't know better, here is stuff grouped together like
no other site online today!"

Terry, you know that I could go on and on.
And on.
And on.

But you said:
"I know, you're asking what is he doing? Well, I fired my boss and moved
to PARADISE. Really, I Did. Know what? You can too."

Now, prove it.

Robert Lee

Eventually LackOfInterest Takes Over

Your quote: "I've developed and published this site on my sailboat, s/v
End quote.
Picture of sailboat wanted... With you on it and a clearly identifiable
recent newspaper headline.


=====================Site Review Response  (8)===============
From:Robert Lee

I would like to request a review of my site, It is
basically a marketing site with advertising and business links. When I started
it over a year ago it was a mess of links and banners, I have tried to organize
it over time into less banners and more text. Please let me know what you think
Best regards, Robert Borhi

End Quote

Holy Crap.

Your site needs more organizing and continuity added.
Do these following things:
1. Remove all underlines from text that is not a hyperlink
2. Change all hyperlink text to the default blue and not the dark blue that you
currently use. It's too hard to tell from the black, bold text you predominantly

3. Correct your site links as follows: links to pages within your site open in
the same window, links to pages on other domains can open in a new window

4. On your home page links that go to other domains should be in a list titled
"Related" or "Friends" or something rather than making it seem that all those
links are for info you have on your site.

I understand that your own domain is only to turn traffic to other targets, but
there has to be a better way.

Good luck, you'll need it (and a lot of time) to make this a usable and
productive site.

Robert Lee


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=====================G u e s t   A r t i c l e   (1)===============
3 Traits for Success
ByBill Phillips

The other day I was conducting a group interview at one of
my off-line businesses. I was addressing about 15 applicants
for an office position and going over the three basic
character traits that I require. I've talked about these same
principles with every applicant since I started hiring help for
my businesses in 1976 and have since hired hundreds of people.
I have hired and worked people of virtually all types: men; women;
gay; straight; various races and religions; tall; short; skinny; fat.
See, to me, it's not any of that. It's the character and heart of an
individual that matters.

As I explained to them, these 3 traits are not only what I
require of employees, but what I look for in anyone I associate
with, whether they are vendors, advisors or friends. As are
most values, these were taught to me at an early age by my
parents. They are:


Honesty-I only want to deal with honest people and I'm not just
talking about stealing. I mean people who, if you ask them a
question, they will tell you the truth-good-bad-or ugly! And
sometimes it isn't only what you say that is dishonest, it is
what you don't say. My dad always said that lying was the same
as stealing and aside from the fibs we tell for politeness (that
was a good dinner Mrs. Jones), I believe he was right.

Honesty in your business is a major key to long term success!!

Dependability-I was raised in a successful family business and
started working on the payroll when I was twelve. In my family,
you didn't miss school or work unless you were too sick to get
out of bed. Otherwise, you dragged yourself in and hoped some-
body would have mercy and send you home.

I was also taught to always arrive at least 10 minutes early for
any scheduled event. There was no "fashionably late" to my dad.
Of course the result has been countless hours of waiting on
other people throughout my life and being the first to arrive
at parties.

Very few people today are that dependable and even fewer young
people and kids are being taught these lessons. I call being
habitually late and/or no showing, "The Silent Killers", because
very few customers or friends will tell you that being undepend-
able is why they no longer associate or do business with you!

I've found by starting and running eight successful businesses,
in varied fields and arenas, that just being dependable and
trying your best to keep regular hours, live up to your com-
mitments in a timely fashion and being consistent; can give you
a big head start on the competition.

Dependability alone can separate your business from the field!!

Attitude-Last but certainly not least is attitude. The longer we
live, the more we understand that our attitude is the one and only
thing that we have 100% control over! I'm sure I'll have plenty to
say about attitude in future issues, so just a couple of thoughts.

Your attitude determines not only your honesty and dependability
but also all of your other actions. It ultimately will determine
not only the success of your business but of your entire life!

Put simply, your attitude is determined by your thoughts, and your
thoughts are determined largely by what you allow yourself to focus
or dwell on. Each and every day we have to be vigilant about what
we choose to watch, read and listen to. Our attitude can also be
influenced by those we choose to associate with. So choose wisely!

I certainly have times when my attitude gets sour. We all have bad
days! I like the analogy of the garden, where our good thoughts,
influences and associations are like the fruits, vegetables and
flowers. They need constant tending and attention to grow. Whereas,
the negative or self-defeating thoughts and influences are like the
weeds, they have to be pulled constantly. Unlike the flowers, doing
nothing favors the weeds and they will take over the garden.

So invest in the tools that will help you understand how to build and
maintain a positive, winning attitude. Your investment will pay
dividends not only in your business but in your personal and spiritual
life as well.

Your attitude will ultimately determine the success of your business!!
Do the thing and you'll have the power!!

Bill Phillips is the Publisher/Editor of the BizEbuddy Newsletter.
With over 24 years sales, marketing & small business experience,
he provides his readers with homespun tips, advise & resources.
Visit his web site at:   or subscribe at:



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