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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (7)

~Adrian Elman
~William Jaroske
~John Olson
~Laurie Kristensen

~Tracey MacLeod

3.Spam has me stumped!
~Walter Lyons

4.Affiliate Program
~Jason Hillard
~Kenny Konechne

5.There is no quick and easy way to search

6.I would like some feedback
~John Olson

7.Has anybody perfected the Pyramid?
~John Olson

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1.JoDee M. Inscoe


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1.April Waters

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.Establish Your Own Email List!
By A.T.Rendon

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  270 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


Recently one of the digest subscribers requested that  his posting
is removed from the archives because he lost one customer due
to the posting which he made in the past.

Supposedly customer made a search on the internet for some keywords
which were matched against article in the digest. Sort of negative
comments were made about the company he was promoting.

Since I didn't want to remove anything from the archives, I just changed
the name of the person who posted the article, so he is not associated
anymore with it.

What's the point of my note here.

I just want to show you the power of small article in the digest.
Whatever you say, is being then analyzed by some people who
might even not be on this list. Internet is interconnected and your
comments made today, might be used against you tomorrow if
you are not careful what you are saying.

Recently we are discussing here all kinds of programs.
There is lots of critiques here and some people are making statements
which are just their personal opinions.

As you all know you are free to say what you think,  this doesn't
mean though that somebody might use it against you one day.

Bogdan Fiedur


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Adrian Elman

To John Olson:

John, I received this from Tracey MacLeod, a retired lawyer
living in New Zealand.

Start of mail received

On 18 July the NZ Commerce Commission issued a written
warning to CEO Craige Mayo, of CASHevolution Ltd advising
them that in the opinion of the NZ Commerce Commission
CASHevolution was in breach of several sections of the Fair
Trading Act which relates to misleading and deceptive conduct
AND declaring that in the opinion of the Commerce Commission
CE is a pyramid, illegal in New Zealand and most jurisdictions.

CASHevolution was asked to supply further information to
the Commerce Commission by August 19. The requested
information has not been forthcoming.

Craige Mayo issued a company response on 29 July 2002
which included the following statement:

"Recently the New Zealand Commerce Commission informed
us of a few items of our website which need to be clarified.
We are in the process of making those clarifications now and
will complete them right away. Such events are normal in the
course of business and present no problem for us whatsoever."

In another statement he stated:

"The nature of the program we operate has always meant
we would be subject to the scrutiny of the New Zealand
Commerce Commission, and therefore since our program
was launched we have made every effort to ensure we
have and continue to meet our legal obligations, seeking
legal council whenever we've thought it appropriate." (note
the appropriate word is counsel not council)

In reaction to the deadline for supplying information Craig
Mayo stated "We have been given ample opportunity to
respond and will do so in a spirit of cooperation. The matter
has the highest priority."

Yet, as of today's date, the Commerce Commission awaits
the information requested, despite the matter having the
"highest priority" and that CASHevolution was "making those
clarifications now and will complete them right away."

So between 18 July and 16 September exactly what changes
has CASHevolution made? According to the New Zealand
Commerce Commission, "None that we are aware of."

To help address the Commerce Commission's concerns
the "wordsmiths" have been looking at a better way of
writing that which CASHevolution offers. Craige Mayo states
that "This re-write will in itself go some way to addressing the
Commerce Commission's concerns, at the same time giving
further clarity on other aspects of our program."

Is it perhaps more extensive and intensive work than Craige
first envisaged?

Initially in his announcement to the membership regarding
the Commerce Commission he referred to the process as a
'review' of CASHevolution. The Commerce Commission is a
watchdog organisation, however they describe their work as
"investigations". They are careful not to allow any inference
that company's can apply to them for review or approval.
They do not so operate. They investigate based on public
complaints, observations of behaviour, or advertising and then
investigate further.

The Securities Commission stated recently:

"The warning from the Commerce Commission should speak
for itself. However we will look at it from our perspective as well."

End of mail received

John, with money invested and a downline growing, I can
understand your desire to turn a blind eye to indiscretions.
My own view, and a rule I run my own affairs by, is that if
a company attempts to hide negative issues of a legal or
financial nature it tells you a lot about who is steering the

Bearing in mind that you are involved in a business which
purports to be giving investment advice, I find it difficult to
concur with you over your "Time will tell" approach. I doubt
you will walk into any trading center and hear traders say
"Let's wait and see" when a company gets such a label.

Your comment "but one thing it is not, is a scam." seems
to conflict with the NZ Commerce Commission's view. I'm
willing to admit that nowhere in any documentation we have
received from them have they used the word 'scam'. They
did however refer to it as a 'pyramid scheme' and added that
it breached 3 sections of their Fair Trading Act. That being
the case, we shall not call it a scam, but perhaps you have
a word that more aptly fits the bill?

Adrian Elman


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============

Cash Evolution is a scam.

I joined them through BuildReferrals.  A few days after I joined CE,
BuildReferrals, without my permission, cleaned out my downline list.
(I had 99 in my downline, not much by some people's standards, but
hard work by mine), and I had 29 left.  They claimed the ones they
took out were inactive.  79 of them.  If the 29 that were left were
active, then what happened next makes no sense.  I was told that CE
would import my BuildReferrals downline and at last look, I have a total
of 5 in CE.  I paid $25 twice to CE and realized that with 5 in my downline,
(and according to BuildReferrals, they were active people [have no idea
what happened to the other 24 active ones]), I wasn't supposed to be paying.
The 5 people I had left were also deadbeats.  I finally got disgusted and
asked them to close out my account.

I would find it very difficult to trust people like that to handle my money
for investing, no matter how good the prospects seem.  And that's the
bottom line.  Like Going Platinum, nothing to show for it yet, just future
prospect hype.  I'd rather use the $25 a month for advertising.

Warm regards




===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From:William Jaroske

In response to Geoff Dodd

 Hey William:-
 They say that "beauty is in the eye of the
 I'd go one step further and say, "what you see,
 'everywhere'.. so you ARE."
 Now William Jaroske sees Ducks every
 place he looks! Hey William, when you
 walk, do you perceive a duck's waddle?

 William, in one breath you dismiss:
 "EMM, CE, GP, FSC, and dozens of
 other quick fads out there.

 The builders and management of Cash Evolution
 are obviously smart enough to ADAPT to the
 environment of laws, while ducks ....mmm, guess
 they can handle water rather well.
 <End quote>


I take it that you have not clicked to my link on my
signature. I guess you never visited

You will see that I don't see ducks everywhere I look.
Oh whats that I here. Are you quacking. I kind of
figured that. I guess you don't know what to do on a
sinking ship.


I can see you lost the argument with Robert Lee. Did
you think you can win? Do you expect to win the wit
game with me? I did not expect that you admit to what
ever I stated since you don't see yourself as a
lemming but you still are. For I don't know why you
stay on a sinking ship when just about everybody ran
to the life boats.

By your own statements why you disregard expert
advise but when I say something about ducks. You then
sat CE is not a duck. Ahh but it is a duck.


 .... edited out by moderator ...


As for Build Referrals. They are the biggest hype
machine ever created. They too were found on my
chopping block. That downline club is mostly get paid
to surf sites, gambling sites, and a few scams.

You should know by now that My coreclub opportunity
(CCI) can run circles around your Cash Evolution and
any other club or website.

William Jaroske

Residual income business opportunity. FREE advertising, FREE marketing
promotion, POP3 email accounts, and rewards plus benefits


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.4)=============
From:John Olson


Okay, here we go again.

<What are you paying for? Just
<the opportunity to read something from
<unlicensed financial planners?

Read what we are paying for:

Your Business Education course will cover topics such as:

Fundamentals of business

Businesses principles

Planning, strategies and missions

Balance sheet and cashflow

Maintaining life balance



Leverage and thinking big

Thinking outside the square

Marketing and communication

Business delivery/products

Time management and personal controls

Your Financial and Investment Course will cover topics such as:

Getting organized and getting started

Investment basics 101

Developing your financial blueprint

Creating a simple records management system

Your wealth check-up

Personal finances

Choosing your investments

Disciplined investing

Invest with confidence

Mutual fund investing

Stocks, bonds and money markets through mutual funds

Allowing time to increase, even double, annual returns

Setting up trust for more investment muscle

Managing risk

The 10 per cent solution

Choosing your accountant and tax advisor

How to keep records for tax deductions

Property investments

Make friends with real estate people

Retirement planning

Use your retirement plan as an instant source of capital

Learn common features to unscramble retirement plans

Enjoy your retirement money.

Store 20 per cent of one year's income as attitude money

Don't fall for investment phone-pitches

Break-through thinking


Your Desktop Companion features, which are constantly being added to, include:
? Integrated online browser
? Educational library
? Download centre

Coming soon:
? Online Chat (communicates with other products, such as MSN and Yahoo)
? Email
? Live synch with CASHevolution and MembersLounge websites
? Business tools, such as financial calculators
? Integrated banking interface for OneSmartCard
? Marketing tools and tips

I have started down loading the monthly information and I find it very useful,
not only for the business world, but for organizing your life in general.

<WAS CHANCE that took them to the far side of the world to
<develop a program to sell to North Americans?

Could it just be they lived there and wanted to start a business there? And they
aren't only selling to North America.

I did NOT join under Mark Joyner, he joined above me. I was all ready in. Anyone
who believes they are going to be rich because Mark is up there somewhere,
should start buying Lottery tickets, they will have a better chance with those.

This is the problem with how CE is being marketed. Fools are running around
telling people they will get stinking rich if they just sign up. If that is the
reason someone joined, then get OUT NOW. You are wasting your time. If you don't
work the program yourself and be your own referral machine, you are going no
where fast.

And YES Robert, I am a PAYING Member and I resent the comment that I am some
kind of freeloader.

The people who are marketing CE with only the, "Make Money" line are the ones
who don't know and don't care what the product or the service is. They are the
ones out to make a Buck. I like the products I am getting and I am willing to
work with anyone who will look at this long term.

<Get yourself your own licensed financial planner.

Not everyone can or will search out the information they need, that's why there
are so many Self Help Books. Anyone can find anything if they know where to
look. But do they? No. That is also why there are so many Marketing E-Books
saying the same thing.

Here's a BIG Tip from me to ALL of you. Never Buy a Marketing E-Book. Almost all
of them are given away for free from programs all across the Web. There are VERY
few worth the cost anyone is asking. (and most say the same things anyway)

And Robert, Downline Clubs are almost always a waste of time and money. Most
members never join the programs offered, and many times the programs aren't
worth much of anything at all. Even if there are good programs offered, there is
sure to be some junk you will be expected to sign up for. And yes, I am a member
of a couple of these. Both are being run fairly well, but I am not too impressed
with the programs offered.

And here is something you don't know about me. I was recently in what I would
consider a good program. They had lots to offer. But I felt they were a hard
sell and much of what they offered for income, I could get by myself without
them and without paying their price. As I was deciding what to do, I actually
prayed no one would sign up with me, because then I would feel I should stay and
support and help them. No one did and I quit. I could have stayed, and I could
have promoted the heck out of it, but I did not feel right about what they
offered and the cost. I could go on about this company, but I won't.

And Robert, I am selling for Me, but I am also selling to help others who have
joined something with me. I feel responsible for them and try to offer help.
Strangely, most never ask, never write and never do a darn thing. If they only

Sorry for going on like this, but Robert, you pushed some buttons.

As for the WWSN, I have said all I am going to say about them.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.5)=============
From:Laurie Kristensen

Robert Lee commented to John Olson:
John, time has already spoken. You just haven't
heard it. Take Mark Joyner's advice and move onto
the next big thing. Hell, he has one every week
and I haven't received an email from him in the
last month that has hyped your precious cash
evolution. He's onto something else and so should
you be by now.
- end quote -

Hello Robert and Everybody,

I've been following the discussions here about
CASHevolution with great interest since I
enrolled in mid-July. I admit that I was very
excited by the possibility of benefiting from the
promotions of Mark Joyner and other high-level
marketers. However, I had passed up at least 3
invitations to look at it from Joe Vitale, and
was not intrigued enough to really pay attention
until the SECOND short note from Joe about Mark's
special report after his trip to New Zealand, and
then actually reading his special website that
details it.

I then made a decision to join CE because I had a
gut-feeling that Mark Joyner was sincere in his
desire to protect his own reputation by checking
out this business thoroughly before endorsing it
(I had truthfully never heard of Mark Joyner
before, but I respect Joe Vitale and figured if
HE respects M.J., I can too.)

Mark seemed honest (and continues to be) about
the fact that he advised the owners to make
crucial changes in their systems and program
before he would launch an all-out promotion. But
just the small amount of preliminary promotion he
did created such an avalanche of people signing
up, CE had a hard time getting up to speed on
handling the traffic and working out all the bugs
that appeared as a result of the fast growth.

I did even not plan to market the business at
first. However, I decided to at least write to
certain family and friends. Then I got more
excited about the possibilities and decided to
create a mini-website, and have begun to study
internet marketing more seriously. Everything
I've been learning will help me with my primary
website and business.

After I joined I did some more exploring out on
the net, and discovered the scam site that
mentions the possible problems with the Commerce
Commission plus several discussion forums that
all seemed to be very pessimistic about

I felt very discouraged and disappointed, and
decided to write directly to Joe Vitale and Mark
Joyner about my concerns. I received IMMEDIATE
answers from both of them, and Mark Joyner
forwarded my email to an appropriate person at CE
who also replied within a very short time. I was
reassured, and decided to stick with my decision
to remain in the program for 3-6 months, in order
to give the company a chance to get its kinks
worked out and to see what would happen. I made a
conscious decision that the $25 a month for that
period of time is, FOR ME, an acceptable
calculated risk in return for the possible
benefits I might reap.

I have written to Joe Vitale and Mark Joyner and
Corinne Barker (the CE Customer Services Manager)
SEVERAL times, with almost immediate responses
each and every time -- even though I am not even
within Mark's matrix! And the two or three times
I've written to Tech Support, I've gotten answers
within hours. Every email has answered my
questions and concerns.

Then, I received an inquiry from a prospect last
week directly dealing with the Commerce
Commission issue, and there was a round of emails
between the prospect, me, Mark Joyner, and CE
that really clarified the current status of the
situation, and reassured me once again. At the
time, I felt annoyed with the prospect -- but
I've come to realize that it was the best thing
to have happened, in order for me to really do
what I needed to do, to deal with the little
nagging doubt I harbored about it.

On my website, I have posted those emails, plus
many other earlier emails, plus all the Special
Reports and Updates issued from CE since I
joined, that are issued only to members.

I feel that since this Commerce Commission
controversy is out there for anyone who is truly
diligent about researching CE before enrolling, I
want to be as open and honest as possible and
provide all the information that I possibly can,
to allow people to make their own evaluations of
CASHevolution as a viable opportunity or not --
BUT, based on REAL information rather than on the
gossip and conjecture and rumors that get started
without checking with the key players for the
relevant information.

As far as why Mark has not launched his all-out
promotions yet, he has clearly stated that he is
waiting for certain key developments to take
place. I posted the letter he sent out,
containing a link to another special web page
with his comments on his promotion plans as of
August 30, on this page of my website:

Then, in one of his emails to me on September 13,
he said this:  "I have some great stuff in the
works, but I need to wait till CE gets their
automatic billing solution in place. You'll be
hearing from me soon!"

I know many, many people have gotten spooked and
dropped out of CASHevolution because of the
unexpected kinks in the system and the delays in
getting some things straightened out and because
they expected to do nothing and hoped to have
their downlines built FOR them ONLY from
spillover. They were being unrealistic.

I know enough to understand that starting a new
business of this magnitude and getting the bugs
worked out of the systems is not always a smooth
operation, and I am willing to hang in here and
see what happens. All the signs so far indicate
(to my satisfaction) that CE is willing to do,
AND IS DOING, everything that needs to be done to
assure a successful business and opportunity.

However, as I state on the home page of my site,
if I ever DO discover that CE is a scam, I will
drop out and publish it on my web site!

To me, it's like many other similar calculated
risks. I had the courage to write directly to the
key players with my questions, and I am accepting
the answers I have received with the attitude
that it could still turn out either way. I am
willing to maintain my position and see what
happens for a few more months.

I've even set up a Yahoo discussion group for my
personal downline, where I hope to share ideas,
successes, and even failures in order to help
each other avoid  reinventing the wheel from
scratch or making the same mistakes, as well as
using my coaching skills to help folks overcome
their unconscious blocks to abundance. Because I
believe that makes a huge difference in whether a
person is successful or not, no matter WHAT they

In every business, there are people who make it
big-time, people who make it to a certain level
and seem to hit a ceiling on their success, and
those who just can't seem to make it, EVEN IF
they are doing the EXACT same things as the
successful folks. So the techniques I've learned
to help overcome negative inner programming can
help my downline be successful -- and, of course,
in the process I get to not only help others, but
achieve even greater success myself. It seems
like a perfect way to utilize my coaching skills
and create a residual income at the same time!

So, if you want to see the CURRENT information
from an insider's point of view, you can find it
on the CE website I've created:

You will also find some really unique, valuable,
and fun stuff on the page "FREE Success
Resources" -- including a link to a free 3-D
screensaver of TONS of MONEY ("Moolah") falling
all over the place! :) It's mesmerizing! It makes
me smile when I see it, and reminds me to lighten
up a little bit about it all! Because success
begins on the inside, as Joe Vitale discusses in
his best-selling book "Spiritual Marketing" --
and you'll also find a link to read it for free
on the net! There are also links to a free
coaching website (Coachville, which used to cost
$79 for a life-time membership), a free hypnosis
CD, more free ebooks with valuable information,
links to free teleclasses, and even some "hypno
spirals" to download (after you watch them for
awhile and then look away, your eyes play bizarre
tricks on you)!

Laurie Kristensen




===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Tracey MacLeod

John Olsen stated

"I think he will pull it off. In the mean time, join free, tell friends, use
the site, shop for things you need and would buy anyway and see what
happens. What have you got to loose?"

Ever calculated how much your Going Platinum downline has spent or will
spend once you recruit them, at the Mall, paid in long distance, paid in ISP
and other monthly or one-off fees? It might be an interesting exercise to
calculate it now, especially if you have a college fund you were hoping your
children would use. They might join for Free but you can't stop them signing
up to Long distance, ISP, Mall purchases. And any money they spend could
come right back to bite YOU!

How much will it cost YOU to support Going Platinum's future?

Recently a woman was charged by the FTC (not a GP member) and fined $20,000
(approx) by the FTC because she had been around the opportunity long enough
to have heard some of the rumblings that things might not be all rosy there.
She did NOT pass on any of those doubts raised to her downline. She was
ordered to repay her entire downline EVERY dime they paid to the company!

All those who have visited WWSN or any of its forums, here, or have ever
heard or read f problems and debts at Going platinum have a responsibility
to pass on ALL the information you have about GP that a reasonable person
would be expected to pass on. Namely court documents proving its debts, the
document proving Alan's previous bad financial management (bankruptcy) and
the posts which highlight the lies he has told and the documents proving

In her prepared statement to the International Monetary Fund's seminar on
"Current Legal Issues Affecting Central Banks" in May 1998, Debra Valentine,
General Counsel for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, had this to say

"Bear in mind that as a distributor (whether you're participating in a
legitimate MLM program or an illegal pyramid scheme), you're legally
responsible for the claims you make about the company, its products and
business opportunities. It is no defence that you're merely rehashing the
same old representations made to you by the company. The FTC can require you
to verify the research behind any claims you make. For more on the subject
of representations and your obligation to be able to back them up, read "Not
Just Six Lines ... 65 Characters" at .

In addition, if you solicit new distributors, heed the FTC's warning in its
Consumer Alert, "The Bottom Line About Multilevel Marketing Plans":

"You are responsible for the claims you make about a distributor's earnings
potential. Be sure to represent the opportunity honestly and avoid making
unrealistic promises. If those promises fall through, remember that you
could be held liable." "

The only debt Alan Catalan admitted before documents became public on the
Web were an electricity and phone company cutting off his supply. ONCE
documentation and Court document numbers began circulating the Net he
'admitted" having debts. He claimed on 04 August 2002 that in a few days
"ALL" people owed money would have been repaid or begun repayment schemes.
TWO ex employees have confirmed that they have never been contacted by Mr
Catalan and definitely have not been repaid in full or entered into a
repayment plan (this information is current as of today's date). NO Court
documents have been registered by the Pennsylvania IRS, High Properties or
Frontier leasing to indicate they have been paid in full. Perhaps they are
on repayment plans?

It is odd that Going Platinum will go to great lengths to ban members from
their forums, to close down WWSN forums all to preserve its 'reputation".
Yet Alan could restore GP's reputation in a heartbeat by confirming in
general terms that repayment plans are underway will "ALL" who are owed
money. No details would be necessary per se, but if he could prove that was
the case, the restoration of credibility and reputation would be almost
instant. He chooses not to.

Alan was bankrupted together with his wife in or about 1991. He left 6
creditors in his wake and had no assets. They were discharged in or about
1992. There is nothing wrong with making a mistake. repeating them is a bit
of a worry and certainly Alan didn't spend the term of his bankruptcy
improving his management or financial skills. It is NOT Alan's money he is
playing with it is everyone who has paid the $3 to $4 million dollars Alan
has claimed GP received as income. Alan rents his house and as far as anyone
can tell he has no assets.

This is not unusual in someone who has been bankrupted or someone who knows
the bankruptcy "game". The "game" is to spend as you earn, live the high
life, and if it goes wrong, when they bankrupt you, you won't go to jail and
you'll have no assets to be seized.

Alan has stated he has no money, that GP has no money, yet he and several
staff members (family) recently took a trip to Disneyworld for about a week
at PEAK time in the US market. He cannot pay former staff for work he has
variously described as "world class" and "outstanding". He owes High
Properties over $1m US and stopped paying them rent back in may 2001. He
never paid for his computers and is being chased by Frontier, he claimed to
have Sun servers, he never did. He claimed to have hired the marketing
Director of "one of the three largest ISP's" and he claimed to have 3
satellite offices.

So what have you got to "loose" (sic)? Your credibility, your personal
integrity and even by joining for free you are aiding and abetting what is
in all likelihood, in light of the above information, seriously bad
management or deceit. Alan has absolutely and literally nothing to "loose"
(sic) but you may lose your child's college fund, your house, your life
savings... YOU have no way of ensuring that anyone YOU refer will only sign
up for free. AND when it collapses, and nothing is more certain, YOUR
downline have the legal right to come knocking at your door.

DON'T assume you have nothing to "loose" (sic). Apart from your personal
integrity and credibility, you could be losing money too.

Tracey MacLeod


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Walter Lyons
Subject:Spam has me stumped!

In response to Adrian Elman, I did not say that Mailwasher is not a good
solution but I stand behind what I said about that I mentioned!  The
benefits of using a "third party" to handle email far surpass the dangers.
We have all used third parties for various email addresses along with free
emails.  These all have their place in the overall picture.
However, the service that I have been with for the past two weeks has
advantages such as:
All emails are checked for viruses before they are sent to me so I don't
have the danger of downloading a virus.  In the past couple of years, every
virus I have received came from an attachment to my email.  I use Eudora
Pro so the attachment with virus is already saved in the background.
As far as the originator having to validate every email they send, that is
a one time occurrence and you can get around it by going to a personal file
and listing all emails that you will accept beforehand.  Friends, family
and frequent senders can be listed and never get a validation request.
Next, the emails that are not accepted are kept in a pending file, which
you can view at anytime, and decide to accept, delete or block forever.
Then, as I mentioned, certain vulgar words can be placed in a filter or
acceptable words can be placed in the same filter.
So....the end result is that you never receive an email unless you accepted
The simplest way to try it is to take advantage of their seven day free
You don't have to drop your present email POP provider.  Just don't pick up
your mail from them by going to your email options folder. Then have the
emails forwarded to the spam/virus buster.  If there is ever any problem
you go to the spam buster and turn off the redirect and then request
traffic back from your primary provider.

To be honest, the other day I thought there was something wrong with my
email program since I was receiving so few emails.  Then I realized that
the only thing I was getting was the emails I wanted.  All the rest were

I suggest you visit their homepage and try it free for 7 days.  You have
nothing to lose except a lot of junk mail.
Here is their url:

Get the lowest long distance rates in America! Only 3.9 cents a minute, 24
hours a day, 7 days a week.
Find out if you are eligible for our new bundled packages that give you
unlimited local calling and unlimited hours of free long distance.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:Jason Hillard
Subject:Affiliate Program

Patricia wrote.

>I want to set up an affiliate program. I'm going to pay a whopping 40%
>commission but I can't find an affiliate program that I can understand and
>that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to operate.  Does anyone know of
>an affiliate program for the definitely challenged entrepreneur?

Hi Patricia,

I strongly urge you to consider a 2 tier program with 40% on level 1 and 10%
on level 2.

Here's why - The most difficult thing to do on the internet is to sell One
product, one time.

For example, let's say it is an e-book. Sale is made. Thank you note. Never
hear from the company again.

Added to that is the fact that multi-tier affiliate programs are far more
attractive to prospective affiliates. Budding affiliates can then go
directly sponsor others and make a bonus 10% overriding commissions on
whatever those new affiliates make. This is a very powerful incentive for
people to promote YOUR product.

If it is a SERVICE, which participants are required to subscribe on a
regular basis, then having a multi-tier affiliate program is FAR more
attractive to anyone who wants to join.

Simple economics, simple, yet powerful incentives for others to join/promote
for you.

e-gold is the easiest merchant to use for your affiliate program. Minimal
fees compared to others.

Jason Hillard

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From:Kenny Konechne
Subject:Affiliate Program

Honestly, if you're interested in starting your own
Affiliate Program and advertising your business on
thousands of web sites for FREE -- only paying when an ACTUAL
SALE is made -- then I'd highly recommend checking out the
following web site:

Here you'll find *accurate* information (along with
some really VALUABLE MARKETING TIPS) about how you can
start your very own successful Affiliate Program using
software designed by a highly-respected Internet marketer who
has one of the most successful Affiliate Programs on the
Web. Hope this helps.

Kenny Konechne

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
Subject:There is no quick and easy way to search

In response to Steve's reply:

"Toney's site was the only one that mentioned a money
making opportunity.  This is precisely the reason why
the results are UNtargeted. Do you really think anyone
searching for 'grocery guru' is looking for a money
making opportunity?"


It doesn't matter what I believe or not.
I was simply pointing out an oversight.
Tony claims he's had success with his method.
You either believe him or not - makes no difference
to me.

As far as untargeted hits under grocery guru, everyone
shops for groceries no matter what business or program
they're in. The words "money making"
would catch my attention even if I was just looking
for discounts. Who isn't interested in making more

"I noted that on your own web site you are a
"Make Your Site Sell" affiliate. I humbly suggest
you actually purchase MYSS and follow
Ken's advice . . ."

First of all, I publicly apologize to Ken Evoy
for misspelling his name.

Secondly, Steve made the (not so humble) assumption
that I haven't read Ken's book.

This is false! I HAVE actually purchased and
read Ken's book.  I'm still in the learning
process like many people online and have read
not only Ken's information, but experts like
Marlon Sanders, Corey Rudl, etc.

Promoting and selling online comes with a BIG
learning curve and I try my best to absorb
and apply what I've learned.

Matter of fact, I've just updated my site
(again) because I've learned that you can't
please everybody, so you might as well
please yourself.


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read these fun stories with a marketing twist.



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:I would like some feedback


<I am considering making the real estate for sale ads
<free and serving third party banner ads on the site.

I like the site and here is my thoughts for what they are worth. If 65% of your
income is from the E-Books, and 35% from the listings and if you can afford to
go on without that 35% for a while, then make the listings free and stick on the
third party stuff and see what happens.

My guess is that you will get more listings and with more listings should come
more traffic. I just checked my State and there was only one listing for the
whole State. If I were looking online for a house and saw that, I might not
bother with anything else on the site.

But if you can promote the new policy to your listers and they start adding more
listings and telling others in their offices about you, then when people drop in
and see a lot of properties, they are not only going to be back, they are going
to tell friends and that means more traffic and more sales.

And when homeowners who want to sell see your site and the free listings, they
are going to want to be there. And they will also be telling friends about your
site. More Traffic, more sales.

If you are going for third party ads, then try to tie in with things homeowners
and want to be homeowners need. That should bring in some more revenue to make
up for the loss of the 35%. Also with more traffic, you should be selling more

Just my thoughts, good luck.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.1)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:Has anybody perfected the Pyramid?


<the last people in the matrix or pyramid
<have a problem getting new members...
<My question is - has anybody found a way
<of making sure that the bottom does not
<lose out? For example in a 2x3 matrix,
<how do you make sure that the last 8

One of the Biggest MLM Companies in the World has been around for YEARS and they
have not run out of people yet. It's just harder. Their name is AMWAY.

In a 2x3 matrix, or any other MLM structure, if people just join and never
recruit then it will die. You must work the program yourself if you want to get

There are Millions and Millions of people out there and they keep coming. It's
like any other business. How many NEW people buy Coca Cola everyday? Thousands
if not Millions. It never ends though you think it would. You would think, that
after all these years selling Coca Cola, they would run out of new people to
sell to, but they don't.

The secret to any good MLM program and making it last, is the product or the
service offered. If it is something a lot of people need and want, then it can,
with the right management, be around for a long, long time. You must also stick
with it, learn it, promote it, use the product or service so you can talk about

By the way, if there is no product or service, it is illegal and won't be around
long. No matter what they say on their site. They can call it "Gifting" or
whatever, it is still illegal, don't waste your time with it.

Find a program that you like and can feel good about offering to people and
learn how to get the word out. Help those who join with you and be there with
answers to their questions. NEVER believe you are going to get anywhere without
working it yourself, that is a myth. Don't fall for it.

So, to answer your question, "...has anybody found a way of making sure that the
bottom does not lose out? For example in a 2x3 matrix, how do you make sure that
the last 8 benefit?"

Yes, make sure you and your downline are promoting the product or service.

John Olson


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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============

Have been a member of iConnect since it started , but have now lost the site.
Since I'm still paying has it gone or have I missed something.

answers please to me at


=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:JoDee M. Inscoe

I    would like to get a site review to see how to improve my site more my site
is at

JoDee M. Inscoe


=====================Site Review Request  (2)===============

Dear Sirs/Mesdames:

I have been interested in gambling all
my life, especially blackjack and horse racing.
Thus, my decision to set up an affiliate site for
casinos.  I felt that the knowledge I learned while
dealing 21 at Harvey's was a golden opportunity
for me to use that information to draw people to my
site.  But it doesn't seem to be working very well
and wonder if it is my site.  Perhaps I am presenting
the information wrong, or maybe it's in bad taste.

When you're designing a website, it's you're very
own baby and it is very difficult to be objective
about it, or to see it as others do.

I kept getting idea after idea and kept adding to it and
revising it, and now it seems messy to me, but not sure
where to correct it.

I'd really appreciate a review of my site and I would
welcome suggestions on improving it.

Thank you for your time and courtesy.

Warm regards,





=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:April Waters

To Sharon Bray-McPherson

I want to apologize for my harsh comments...When I am wrong I
say I am wrong. I hope you accept my apologies,

I have learned a valuable lesson and for that I want to thank
you...Do not be so quick to judge.

Your site is great! I think you probably already knew that

April Waters




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I have been online now for over 8 years.  I have seen a
great many things change with regards to email but one
thing remains the same: Email is the foundation for
global communication and it remains virtually free.

If you are not using email to do business online that
your approach to doing online business is all wrong.

It is absolutely essential that you do business online
via email and that you do it in a legal, non-spam manner.

The best way to accomplish this task is to establish
your very own, in-house, email list.

So how do you establish your very own email list?

Perhaps the best tried and true manner is by starting
your own publication thus establishing a legal basis
to email your subscribers list with a daily, weekly or
monthly newsletter or ezine.

I long ago compiled a list of resources to help anyone
interested in starting their own publication and you
may receive it, free of charge, via our auto-responder:

The nature or content of your publication will greatly
determine how often you can send it out to your list
and how successful it will be with your subscribers.

Obviously, if your emails are just a collection of ads
and you do not deliver anything of substance or worth
to your readers, you will not long have a list to which
you can email because they will all quickly un-subscribe.

Another important, and ongoing, aspect of your email list
is how to get people to subscribe, thus giving you the
permission you need to send emails to them legally.

You can start with whatever list of emails you already
have on file and build from there.

Just email those people with which you have had contact
in the past, let them know you are starting a new
publication and that you would like to invite them to

Next, add a subscribe address in your signature file so
that each and every email you send out has it included.

If you have a web site, you will find it is one of the best
ways of getting people to give you their email address.

It helps if you give people a reason to register, such as
a free email course, free e-book, etc.

Also, those placing the email registration in the visible
section of the web site when it first loads, find the
greatest amount of success in getting people to register.

And, historically, the center or the right side of the web
page is the best spot to place your request for subscribers.

For those of you that can figure out the coding involved,
pop-up boxes requesting a name and email are extremely
successful for gathering new subscribers.

People do HATE pop-up ads but it is clear that they do not
mind pop-ups when entering in their name and email address.

In a method I helped to establish years ago, ad swaps with
other publications for the express purpose of increasing
your subscribers is still an excellent way to add to your

The great thing I discovered about using this method is that
you do not even need to restrict it to like-minded content
for it to be a success.

These are just a few of the methods you can employ to
establish and build your own email list.

The important thing to do is to actually start your list and
continually invest some time and building it even bigger.

The larger your list the more successful your mailings.

A.T.Rendon is an entrepreneur and published writer.
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"People want to say there isn't racial profiling at the airport,
but let's be honest. If you first name is Mohammed, and your
last name isn't Ali, leave a little extra time." -Jay Leno

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