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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (7)

1.Has anybody perfected the Pyramid?

2.There is no quick and easy way to search
~Steve Pronger

~John Olson

4.Affiliate Programs
~Natalie Bodrova


6.Spam has me stumped
~Adrian Elman

~John Olson
~Robert Lee
~Rusty Rose <>

N e w     P o s t s  (1)

1.Tom Falco

Site Review Requests   (1)

1.Colin Taylor

Site Review Responses   (5)


2.Sharon Bray-McPherson

3.John Olson

4.Robert Lee

5.John Olson

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.The Ultimate Self-Promotion Tool Is Right at Your Fingertips
By Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen"

Joke of the Day

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We decided to offer each of  these tools separately.
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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
Subject:Has anybody perfected the Pyramid?

Hello Adlanders!

"Has anybody perfected the Pyramid?"

Every company in the world is based on a pyramid structure.  You have the
CEO, President, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and all the peons at
the bottom.  Look at any organizational chart and you'll see a pyramid,
whether it's a private or public company.

So why is everyone calling MLM's and affiliate programs "pyramids" and
automatically label them scams because of it?  When you go to work every
day, you're working for a pyramid.  Is the company a scam?  Why not?  It's a

Just had to get this off my chest because it sure makes me laugh.

But John is definitely right.  If you want your "pyramid" to be successful,
there has to be a market for their products and continually get people to
come on board.  They need to grow.  Just like real life companies.

Good quality, reasonably priced CONSUMABLE products is what will make you
and the company successful.  Very few, if any, affiliate and referral
programs offer enough consumable products to make you rich, or at least,
financially comfortable for life.

You and your downline have to continually sell products to survive.  When
you sell something that people buy month after month no matter where they
get it from, it's not that hard.  People laugh when MLM tell their members
that they are just switching stores.  But what is wrong with that?  It's
like you always shopped at Wal-Mart and then one day you try K-Mart and you
like K-Mart better, so you switch.  Does K-Mart pay you to shop there?  Or
did Wal-Mart?  Nope.  But it's the same thing, isn't it?  It's a lifestyle

Affiliate and referral programs come and go, most die a quick death because
they offer nothing of value.  Good companies with consumable products
survive, expand and thrive.  Instead of making many large companies richer,
you're putting money back in the pockets of thousands of families, including

It shouldn't matter whether you joined 10 years ago, today, or 10 years from
now.  Consumable products will be consumed for decades to come.  It's up to
you to use and sell them and teach your downline to do the same.  How can
you sell and promote something you wouldn't use yourself?  Really...

A Real Business for Real People = Real Income



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Steve Pronger
Subject:There is no quick and easy way to search


My apologies if my comments were too harsh, or "un-humble". Maybe I've
become too accustomed to the verbal stoushes with the heavy hitters on this
forum that I forget that we all read it for help and advice on our online
endeavours, and not to be shot down in flames for the choices we make. At
least we should. I always try to offer help rather than criticism. Sorry if
I've lost sight of that.

I'm glad you have read MYSS and are following Ken's advice. Trust me, by
using MYSS I have improved traffic, and more importantly, conversion ratios,
ten fold. For all readers of this forum who are not familiar with Ken's work
you can subscribe to his latest FREE email training course called the
Service Sellers Masters Course, by sending a blank email to If you want to learn how to build a real Internet
business by selling your own product or knowledge, with a content-rich web
site that you build yourself, you need this course! Forget the GPs and CEs.
This is infinitely more satisfying!

Oh, on the subject of helping fellow readers, I've been contacted several
times by Deb from who I know is a reader of this
forum, for help on her site. Deb, all my replies have bounced. Do you have
an alternative email

Steve Pronger Web Design
Affordable and Effective Web Sites for your Small Business


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:John Olson


I quote You:

>Ever calculated how much your Going Platinum downline has spent or will
>spend once you recruit them, at the Mall, paid in long distance, paid in
>ISP and other monthly or one-off fees? It might be an interesting exercise
>to calculate it now, especially if you have a college fund you were hoping
>your children would use. They might join for Free but you can't stop them
>signing up to Long distance, ISP, Mall purchases. And any money they
>spend could come right back to bite YOU!

I make NO Claims in my advertising about how much Anyone CAN or Will Earn by
Joining Going Platinum. That would be ridiculous. I have no idea how much
they will use the site, whether or not they will invite others to join
through them or whether or not they will sign up for the Long Distance or
How Much they will shop at the Mall. Or how much anyone they have join with
them with use the site.

For Your information, members DO NOT receive anything or earn anything for
signing up or using the ISP. It is a perk and that's all.

As for the Long Distance and the Mall, They are purchasing products or
services and will and have received them. They are credited with a certain
amount to their account by GP and that will be paid too.

It would seem that there is nothing some people will not say or do to
destroy Going Platinum. I care less about what Alan has done in his past. We
all have done things we wish we could undo. But I do see a man and a small
staff working their butts off to get GP this far and to move it forward.

Have mistakes been made, HOW many times to I have to Say YES!!!!

And I will say this here again too, THE ONLY WAY FOR ALAN TO GET HIMSELF OUT

Yes, as the fools at the WWSN have said, "Alan could pay members for a
couple of months and then file bankruptcy and skip out." I don't see that, I
don't see the logic in working this hard, constantly adding new content to
the site, and new help for members to earn, if that were the plan.

I am not saying that GP can't fail, that would be stupid on my part, any
company can fail. Even companies that have been in business for Years and
Years can go under. What I am saying is there is no sense to the kind of
thinking that Alan is planning to give it all up and file, just to get
himself out from under. Not after all the Long Hours/Days/Months/Years he
and the staff have put in.

I see the content being added to the site, I see the earnings going up. I
see the work that has been done and is being done. I see the merchants in
the Mall, REAL Name Stores. I see the advertisers every time I go to the
site. I don't see all that being done for something that is planning to cut
and run.

As for the vacation he and the family took and some of the staff. What would
YOU do if you had worked DAY and NIGHT for over 2 YEARS to get a project
Launched? If YOU had missed all the family time that they have over the last
2 years or more, what would YOU do when it was finally Launched?

Even with all the debt in the World, I would GIVE my family some of my time,
strictly from ME to THEM. I WOULD go on Vacation. There are times when the
Family MUST come first. And Alan has let them down MANY times in the last 2
plus years. Finally it was TIME for THEM.

I am NOT asking anyone to PAY to join GP. I am only asking them to join
free, use the site as much as they can. Doing things they would be doing on
other sites anyway. I am asking people to shop the stores for things that
they are going to buy anyway, just to use the Mall instead. And again, these
are Real Stores with REAL Names.

And as for my reputation, if GP goes the way you think it will I would hope
people would see me for the person I am. A person who looks at the glass as
half full when others see it half empty. A person who stands by the company
he has joined. A person who does NOT cut and run at the first sign of
trouble. A person who is willing to except the past and let it go, and move
forward. A person who has looked at the good and the bad, weighed them both,
and made his choice and stands by that choice.

You said:

>AND when it collapses, and nothing is more certain,

I do NOT and WILL NOT accept that kind of negative thinking. You have seen
the items you have mentioned. Or have seen copies of them. But what have you
NOT seen. Could it BE that there just might be SOMETHING'S you don't know
about? Are You or anyone you know in the meetings going on Now, and know
what is being planned or said?

Most if not ALL businesses start out life in Debt. That is the nature of
business. The money has to come from somewhere. Someone has an idea, and is
willing to take the RISK to see it through. Others may see that idea and
decide to take the RISK with them. Nothing is certain in business or in
anything else. But what is certain, is that negative thinking will not build
a Company or a Dream.

You see the problems, I see the progress. You see doom, I see hope.

I leave this to the people reading it, to decide who they want to believe...

Notice, I did not call you names or impugn your motives. With the exception
of the Fools at the WWSN.

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:Natalie Bodrova
Subject:Affiliate Programs

Patricia wrote.

>I want to set up an affiliate program. I'm going to pay a whopping 40%
>commission but I can't find an affiliate program that I can understand and
>that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to operate.  Does anyone know of
>an affiliate program for the definitely challenged entrepreneur?
Hi Patricia,
A good place is:
LinkShare is the leader in providing partnership programs on the Web.

And you could begin to partner with over 500 of the Web's top merchants.
Many good affiliate programs will provide you with ads,
articles and banners to assist you.

Good luck and happy prosperity to each and everyone in all
you try this week.



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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============

Hi Denis,
iConnect (actually iConnectStar) is a subsiduary company of iNetStar.  This
program was started as a logical progression of the iNetStar training and
hosting business which was really starting to show some good form in the
early part of 2002.  then the inevitable happened.  Just as the new program
iConnectStar was launched a major server crash happened.  It was a month or
two before things started to get back to normal and then it seemed to die
I recently posted Adlands to ask if anyone had any further useful info on
iNetStar or iConnect Star but I go NO responses.
I am also a member of both programs and had high hopes for the company and a
strong belief in the owner/originator Greggory Locke.  Unfortunately I have
been sadly dissapointed as I am now getting NO response to my emails and
their much applauded LIVE support system is also dead-in-the-water.

On a personal note, I registered my domain name in March so I could be
hosted by iNetStar, I changed the dns in May as instructed and I am still
waiting for my hosting - which was part of my monthly fee since September
2000.  I have now purchased new hosting and changed the dns again.      ie.
I've given up on iNetStar ever coming back.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From:Adrian Elman
Subject:Spam has me stumped

In response to Walter Lyons:

I don't remember saying that you had anything against
MailWasher Walter.

MailWasher is my choice because it does everything
that Spam Buster does without having to ask people
mailing me to validate themselves. In last week's issue
of AdlandPro there was a letter just after mine from a
lady who vehemently refused to validate herself in order
to be able to mail her friends and business colleagues.
That was exactly what I had warned of, and I put it to
you that part of the reason why you now get so little
mail is because you have lost legitimate mails as well
as spam and viruses.

Now that you have provided your affiliate link to Spam
Buster (by Cognigen) the reason for your enthusiasm
is clear. I have nothing against you earning money by
promoting it and I admit that MailWasher pays nothing
for referrals however I personally cannot get excited
about a service that I see to be flawed in its execution.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.1)=============
From:John Olson


I am getting tired of all the he said, they said, she said stuff. So, to
respond to your last posting in Adland #308, I went to the horses mouth, so
to speak. I copied your whole Post from your "retired Lawyer living in New
Zealand" and sent it into CE Support. In less then 8 hours, I had a reply
from Corinne Barker Customer Services Manager.

I asked her if I could quote her in my reply to you, she said yes I could
quote "Her." I am also writing her to clear up some of the other questions
that have been raised and if I get a reply that I can quote before the next
issue, I will send it in.

Here is Corinne's reply to your long post of last week:

CASHevolution Support [Corinne Barker - Customer Services Manager] September
23, 2002 12:26:59

Dear John Olson,

Thank you for your correspondence, and for your work on our behalf. I will
add some comments:

The NZCC did send us a letter advising us that we may risk breaching those
sections, not that it was their opinion that we do.

Since this time we have in fact supplied large amounts of information as
requested to the CC, as well as the directors meeting with them in person to
present CASHevolution concept. We have also supplied valid legal opinion by
a well respected Auckland law firm that we do not breach the sections in

The website has in fact been rewritten and gone live, although this is an
ongoing process and is not a final version.

As I understand the situation (and please do bear in mind I have not been
party to these discussions first hand) the CC have now formed the opinion
that we do not in fact breach two of the sections in question and are yet to
make a decision on the third. We have yet to receive any further
correspondence, and no action has been taken by the CC.

It is absolutely correct that the CC do not 'review' or endorse companies
activities, they investigate and then take action or not where appropriate.
They have extensive powers, and if Adrian was correct that the CC was of the
opinion we do breach 3 sections and had not responded to requests to submit
information I can see no reason why we would not have been stopped from
trading and assets ceased before now!

Hope this is of some assistance to you. Of course members will be informed
of any further developments.


Corinne Barker
Customer Services Manager
Financial Freedom by Choice.

End quote.

I make no further comments at this time.

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.2)=============
From:Robert Lee

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the update. I honestly feel sorry for the people involved with
this Cashevolution program, sorrier than I did when I was first introduced
to it and passed on what seemed to me a "not entirely honest" opportunity.

Ahh well, at least there are still some single people online.

Robert Lee

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Penpals
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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.3)=============

Kind Adrian Elman:

I have been in the center of customer relations and service for better than
30 years!

Pay-back is a relative issue, when we give so that another my prosper even
when there is no immediate return on investment (seemingly), there is always
a return - payback.  It is called grace.  Giving to one
who does not deserve it or cannot earn it always builds integrity and
character in the giver and in the eyes of the receiver.

I applaud your heart and its desire to help someone else with something of
value just because it is a good and right thing to do.   Thank you for your
willingness to share your insight(s).


your friend


IMH Remodeling, Repair, and Handyman Services
Atlanta Ga.  770-652-2883



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.4)=============
From:Rusty Rose <>

Hi Laurie:

I was particularly interested in your heated defence of

Methinks thou doest protest too much?

You sound exactly like the recruits that were in SID and in
Going Platinum.  As for speaking directly to the "key players",
they're not only the originators, but the first people who will be
stringing you along.  They are putting the carrot in front of the
donkey.  Please read this letter through and you will see what I

I kind of get the impression that you are desperately trying to
convince yourself that you made a decision, and it was a correct one.

I'm not going to tell you yes, you did, or no you didn't, but
since you seem to do a great deal of research, I would like to
make a suggestion.

Try to research some letters that have been written to downlines
by SID (remember SID?).  I think a lot of people do with some
bitterness.  Read the promotional letters being issued now by Money
Key (the "Coach" is one of the executives from SID, he never gives up).
Promotional letters from Going Platinum.  Promotional letters from
CASHevolution.  All of them could have been written by the same company
or the same man.  The same thread goes through all of them:

1.  "A brand new idea is launching---get in now while it's new! This
Internet Guru or that Internet Guru is going to promote it heavily and
think of the spillover. "  If anyone has received any spillover in any
of these ventures, I'd sure like to hear about it.  (Cash evolution already
has a copycat, just as Going Platinum did-a new scheme is picked
up quickly by other hustlers.)

2.  The natives are getting restless because it hasn't launched yet and
now comes the appeal to your emotions. "You have to give it time. Once
you get your first recruit, you'll be on your way. Get out there and
build your downlines."  And the "rah rah yay team" that envelopes all
the recruits in such a way that they defend the company even more
strongly than the originators, are completely protective of it and can
come up with more excuses as to why it's the best on the "Net.'   Going
Platinum was a good example. Alan, evidently, was irresistable.  I see this
reaction all the time, even in  the ADLAND'S DIGEST Discussion Columns.
Some people fall in love with the venture they've joined and even when
they suspect it's going down the tubes, they won't give up.

3.    The natives are now hearing ugly rumours because nothing is
happening with the venture and none of the promises are forthcoming.  "I
know we are having problems, but we underestimated the bandwidth we would
need...", or some such tech gibberish.  "Please bear with us, it will
only be a slight delay."  And that keeps the recruits going for a couple
of more months continuing to recruit and paying their dues, etc.

4.   At this point the recruiting has dried up, the company closes down
and the owners are off to newer pastures, newer adventures and
more exciting innovations where you can make a 6 figure income if you
get in before we launch.   (I have already received a letter from Mark
inviting me into a brand new business.  I have no idea what it is, since
I am not impressed by any of these Guru's and just deleted it.)

What I find hard to understand, and I was guilty of it under SID, is how
these promoters keep their recruits paying and going for a year or more
on promises, tugs on their heart strings and emotions, and not giving
anything back. It's almost unbelievable.  I remember myself reading the
wonderful visions that SID painted for us, and how they kept us enticed,
like holding a carrot in front of a donkey, for so long.  When you
finally come to realize that they're selling you a dream and not reality,
it really hurts and you feel so betrayed.  And then the anger comes. And
then the embarrassment because you'd been such a fool.

To get you started in earnest on your research, I have attached a
couple of letters that I have received in the following order:
(I looked all through my email trash and can't find the Joyner letter.
Never really thought I would need it, I guess.  Darn!)

1.  Corey
2.  Money Key-"The Coach" (Brian Therrian) Editor of
The Path

Note from Editor.

Here Rusty included two letters (each one quarter of size
of regular digest)
Sorry Rusty. There is no room for this here.



Warm regards,




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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Tom Falco

A great way to get results from your email signature
(sig) is to make is appear as a post script -- you know, P.S.

If you make your sig appear as an afterthought it will
get read. In sales letters, the P.S. is usually the most
important part. It is the part that is read all the time.

We use P.S. sigs for many of our businesses and email
accounts. We use this for our ezines and commercial

For example:
"We would like to invite you to see our new catalog.
$ave up to 50% by ordering right now."

This appears (without the quotes) after the actual name
and title, for instance:

Tom Falco




=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Colin Taylor


Requesting a site review. Honest opinion please.
I have been marketing online via affiliate programs
and networking for about 3 years. Often suppling
my downline or groups with leads. My business
partner and I have now decided to offer our service/
product (leads) to people outside of our groups.
The site is complete except for the "about us page"
which should be up within one or two days.

thank you

Fat Cat Marketing Intl.


=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============

Hi Rusty,
I've just had a quick look at your first page (above) and here are my
1.  Not much 'glitz or glamour' for a Casino entrance
2.  Only one link to the actual gambling sites and right at the bottom is
not very encouraging for the 'eager' gambler.  Remember that if someone
wants to gamble, usually they want to do it NOW, not when they have finished
scrolling to the bottom of your page.
3.  The information you have on the page is difficult for a 'scanner' like
me to peruse quickly as it is spread right across the page.
NB - Scanner - one who just scans a page for information, rather than reads
it in detail.
4.  The black background on your first page is good as it creates a little
atmosphere or casino-feeling, whereas the white on the following pages is
stark and detracts from that feeling.
5. Your site navigation link is enough to turn the casual brwoser off
continuing as you cannot go directly to any page but have to first go to a
links page.  Try a java script 'link box' for this purpose; doesn't take up
much more room but can link directly to any page.

In short, take a look at the following site (not mine, but a friend's).  You
will find what I am talking about here, this site is also under



=====================Site Review Response  (2)===============
From:Sharon Bray-McPherson

>April Waters wrote:

>"To Sharon Bray-McPherson

>I want to apologize for my harsh comments...When I am wrong I say I am
>wrong. I hope you accept my apologies,

>I have learned a valuable lesson and for that I want to thank you...Do
>not be so quick to judge.

>Your site is great! I think you probably already knew that though!!"
Dear Ms. Waters,
Apology accepted.  I'm sure everyone reading this ezine has jumped to
the wrong conclusion at some time, myself very much included.

And yes, I did think my website was well presented, but that was the
problem, it was MY opinion, that is why I asked for some unbiased
comments.  When I first started marketing I thought my one page site
plastered with banners was presentable.  The thought of it now makes me
shudder.  You know what they say though, "All parents think their baby
is the most beautiful child in the nursery."  :-)

The Fuller Brush Company... Making the World
a Cleaner Place to Live and Work Since 1906!



=====================Site Review Response  (3)===============
From:John Olson


Wow, I just learned a lot. I am not much of a gambler, but the game I like
best is Blackjack and now I have a place to go to brush up on things before
I head out to one of the casino's. Thanks.

Now, as to your site. Keep all the pages the same design, in other words
keep them all black or all white. If you visit my site, you know I like the
black background, but for what you have, I would make the switch to white
for the home page. It will be easier for people to read quickly.

I would make the site Title even larger and as Bold as you can make it. You
have some nice card graphics on the home page and I expected them to be
links to something. Make them links.

Also, as I read your whole book, the one thing I would do on those pages, is
make the "Next" graphic Larger. On the first page, for a minute, I thought I
was going to have to give you my contact information before you would let me
read the rest of the site. Then I noticed the "Next" link. Don't make me
look for it. Make it bigger, bolder and stand out.

The music on the site, didn't load. But I was ready to stop it if it had.
Music, like any large file, takes time to load and slows down the page. I
would take it off. That way you can get rid of the text at the top telling
people where to go to turn it off. Also, Search Engines read the pages top
to bottom, left to right. Do you really want the first thing they read to be
your Music instructions?

Your "Click Here to Enter" is off center on the bottom of the home page,
right. That's a bad idea and a bad place to put it. Your main four card
graphic would be a perfect place to have a link to get started. And it
should say so, both under it and in the mouse over.

And move the "Click Here to Enter" Link center, just above the first casino
banner. Don't change the size, just move it. It is Important, more important
then those banners, treat it that way.

You give us a LOT of Good information on your site, and I don't think it's
messy. But you might consider making a navigation bar and placing it in one
spot on all the pages. Because you sort of want people to follow one path, I
would put it along the bottom of every page.

I wish you a lot of luck with the site, you have given away the secrets of
Blackjack, let's hope between what I have said and what others will add, you
can be given the secrets of a winning Website.

Good Luck,

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.



=====================Site Review Response  (4)===============
From:Robert Lee

I would like to get a site review to see how to improve my site more my site
is at
JoDee M. Inscoe
End Quote

On your home page you say this: "My Mission is to help you succeed on the
internet by providing you with the information that you will need as well as
resources that you can use to help you succeed on the internet. I hope that
I can help you to be successful"

Your page at: expands on the
above paragraph in that you say you have bartered for ads and banner
placement and expanded your business this way.

Your page at: has a list of ebooks
and files that you say can help someone, well actually you don't say
anything about them, do you? It's just a long list of titles and links with
the descriptions of the downloads few and far between. Why is that? Have you
not read each and every file you have posted? Have you not personally tried
and tested all of the programs you offer?

JoDee, your "mission" should be to find a program, one program, and fully
test it. Buy it to sell it should be your motto. Tell us what we need to
know about what you offer. Convince us. Show us how you used these things to
your benefit before you tell us how they will work for us.

The main problem with sites such as yours is the incredibly uneven balance
between links to programs and the proof that any of them actually work.

JoDee, your site will be improved and stand out from the millions of other
"internet Marketing" sites if only you had proof that any of your programs

And, get rid of that status bar script "Hello and how are you today" is a
really bad attempt to block out your affiliate links in the status bar
browser. If you want to hide the affiliate urls from showing, at least use a
mouseover script such as at Dating B2B HTML tips and tricks.

JoDee, your site isn't all that different from the dozens of other BizOp
sites I've reviewed. All the same programs, all the same links. All the same
lack of information.

Pick an opportunity and go with it. follow it to the end.
Happy selling!

Dating B2B



=====================Site Review Response  (5)===============
From:John Olson


Well, I have looked over your site and you seem to have done a nice job with
it. But there is something about it, I can't put my finger on it. But
something that just doesn't grab me. Maybe it's the color or the header
Banner. That really should be changed. With the text off set that way, it
was hard for me to read quickly and understand it.

You tell us up front who you are and that is good. Your story of getting
started sounds all to familiar. Been there done that. You do offer a lot of
links and help for those getting started. And that's a good thing to do.

One thing, please reread your opening paragraph and do it out loud.
Something about it sounds off. If you read it out load you will hear what I

The site needs something to make it stand out. The header Banner need some
more contrast to make it stand out. Maybe it's the lack of banners for
everything under the sun that makes the site seem less then it is. Not that
going bannerless is a bad thing. But I would rethink the design and colors.

Some of the links you have are kind of hidden inside of the main links on
the left. Maybe you could put some of them out with the rest, just so people
can get a better idea of what all you have in here. And there is a lot.

The home page is simple and clean, but maybe a little to simple and clean.
It needs some life to it. You could tell us more clearly what you offer on
the site. Spell it out and tell us more about the site and what's in it.

The home page needs to grab us and make us want to click inside and find out
what it is you have. Right now, it just sort of sits there, plain and
simple, but nothing that excites me. Maybe if there were more of the pages
linked from the left, we could see at first glance that the site has a lot
to offer. I am not saying you need to over hype what you have here, but you
need to get our attention so we will want to check you out.

I wish you luck and I wish I had something more helpful to say. It's been a
long week.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


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5. An e-zine is the ideal way to CAPTURE the e-mail addresses of

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NOW you've got me to market to, over and over, as long as you
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6. An e-zine is CHEAP and EASY to publish - especially compared
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If you were to produce and mail a snazzy-looking *printed*
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And you can make it as long or short as you'd like. (Some of the
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Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-zine Queen," is author of the
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=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============

Angry wife was complaining about her husband spending
all his time at the pub, so one night he took her along.

"What'll ya have?" he asked.

"Oh, I don't know. The same as you I suppose," she replied.

So the husband ordered a couple of Jack Daniel's and threw
his down in one go. His wife watched him, then took a sip
from her glass and immediately spat it out.

"Yuck, it's nasty poison!" she spluttered. "I don't know how
you can drink this stuff!"

"Well, there you go," cried the husband. "And you think I'm out
enjoying myself every night!"

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