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Mail Bomb Apology
This Weeks Winner                            of 1000 Impressions
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Writing Awesome Web Ads              "J.R. Foreman" <>

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Mail Bomb Apology:

Again a couple of individuals have succeeded in gaining access to our
server and used our list address to mail out their garbage. All of us
suffer and I'm sure you are wondering about all the Empty Mail
notices. I understand only some of you recieved these. The rest of
you can count your lucky stars.  Bogdan was able to intercept the
transmission and thus the Empty email. Bogdan is handling the matter,
I'm sure very well. I'll leave it in the hands of the technies. I
believe he sent his own apology to you earlier.  We are sorry for the

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Congratulations Jason. Make sure you have a custom link to Adland's
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Subject:          Search Engine Placement
From:             <>

Great Solution David.

Quite frankly what the search engines have done, is create a
market for webrings, classifieds, free for all lists, reciprocal
links, and any other means of marketing on the net.  And believe me
there are companies making money from the search engines mistakes.

Like yourself, and many others if their smart, I have submitted my
site to the search engines...even got listed on a few in the top 50.
But I do not have the time to spend trying to keep it's a
never ending battle....A word to the wise...your time would be better
spent finding reciprocal links with sites of similar interest,
webrings and other avenues of marketing.  The main object of marketing
on the Internet is to sell your product or service.  And yes, it's
true, you need to be found.....but their is no written law that says
you have to be found by a search....most times you are better off
being found by qualified visitors...and often times they will not come
from a search, but from a referral or link......

Hope this helps those who are encountering the search engine
dilemma....Welcome to the wonderful world of Internet Marketing.

Barbara Knack
Webbak Internet Marketing Services
From:             <>
Subject:          Tips For Search Engine Placement

Hello Everyone!  It's been a while since I've put my $0.02 in, so I
decided it was about time again!  As the Moderator stated in the
response to (WILL WARD) about the search engine
placement not being a result of alphabetical order, I have this advise
to those that may be new to website development and want that top
position in the battle for higher search engine placement.

To begin, conduct a search on any search engine using keywords for
which your site is about (example search on vacations).  See which
sites come up top on the results listing and visit each site.  Upon
entering the first page of each of the top sites, RIGHT CLICK on the
page area and select VIEW SOURCE.  Near the top part of the coding on
the majority of these sites, you will see an HTML tag <META
NAME="keywords" CONTENT="(and a whole lot of keywords within these
quotes)">.  After taking a look at the keywords the top sites use, you
should implement the same coding with similar keywords that pertain to
your particular page.  You may also wish to add some unique keywords.
Not all search engines use keywords as a method of ranking, but it can
only help!

Keely Nowalk
Independent Distributor for Rexall Showcase International
A New Division of the "Old Drugstore Company"

(Moderator's .02) Very good suggestion Keely, I might also suggest
that for those who might don't know HTML well, there is shareware
available that will make your META tags for you. That is  the syntax.
You will fill in the blanks for key words, description etc. I would
use our vaunted Search Engines to find the shareware sites as I do
not have them to memory.)
At the beginning of this Digest we conducted a poll and one of the
insights we learned is that most of you (subscribers) were doing
things on a very limited budget. Some on a zero budget. This
translates into the dangerous tendency to do all things, whether it
is done well or poorly.  To educate oneself is important to improve
your ability to performs tasks that you have little knowledge, skill
or even apptitude.
Therefore I have included an article in this issue which outlines the
basics of writing an ad. For your edification then.....

Subject:         Writing Awesome Web Ads
From:             "J.R. Foreman" <>

Creating "AWESOME" Web Ads

As a popular Web Classifieds Publisher I see over two thousand ad
submissions daily. The two most repeated mistakes writers make to
compromise their ad's effectiveness are: 1) failure to qualify the
audience and/or 2) not following proven ad writing basics.  I believe
we can morph the solution to both mistakes into this one article.

To design an "AWESOME" ad follow these four essential AIDA basics.

  (A)ttention - (I)nterest - (D)esire - (A)ction 

If your ad doesn't contain "ALL" of these, it is not an "AWESOME" Ad!


(a) Know Your Audience.

You must first capture your readers' attention. Picture the reader
flipping through sections of classifieds containing hundreds of ads,
of which your ad is just "another ride" in the park. The ad that
attracts the reader's gaze has a title that may look "EXCITING" or
even simply "COMFORTABLE" but, most certainly, the ad "SPEAKS" to them

A sky divers club visiting Disney Land will likely seek rides for
their "thrill" value, while a group of senior citizens may prefer the
"comfort" of a safari monorail through the animal park. Title "APPEAL"
is different to different people for different reasons at different
times in their different lives.

Before deciding where to advertise first decide who's your "target"
audience. Ignoring category demographics is like trying to "sell air
conditioners to Eskimos." It just doesn't generate enough heat to warm
up the prospect to your product or service.

(b) Position Your Ad for Success.

Don't expect readers to come to your ad, take your ad to the people.
If Mohammed can't go to the mountain, bring the mountain to Mohammed.
Take the necessary time to place your ad in the most appropriate
section(s) of the classifieds.

Now, that your ad is in the ball park, through proper placement, there
must be "something" in the TITLE of your ad to STOP reader scanning
long enough for them to focus on YOUR ad.

(c) Animate Your Ad

Animated banners out perform by 5:1 non-animated banners. Why?
Because, it's inbred through genetics to FOCUS on MOVEMENT for PRIMAL
reasons. Movement in the primeval forest usually meant either food or
danger, and caused us (man the hunter) like other animals, to freeze
and gaze intently.

Today's humans are very much like our ancestors. We utilize our
inherent tendencies when moving through a forest of ads. Action words
command our attention. This knowledge helps advertisers animate even
non-graphic ads for greater "eye catching" appeal.

Consider these two ad titles: 1) "URL Broadcasting can Skyrocket Your
Profit" or 2) "Use Submission Software for Improved Sales". Both
titles contain 6 words, 42 characters, and advertise submission
software. But, do both command equal attention? Notice that one ad
contains verbs and the other doesn't. Verbs show ACTION!

Spend a goodly portion of your time, as I have here, on your ad TITLE
or the reading process may END rather than START here. To generate
attention, consider the flash value of the words in your ad's title.
An awesome ad must cause the reader to STOP and to INVESTIGATE your


The body of your ad must have cognitive appeal. It must make enough
good sense, to be worthy of a visit to your site, an email info
request, or just to continue reading the ad. Use the body's
description of your ad to state the benefits or features your product
holds "in store" for the reader.

Develop a mental picture of the customers who frequent the particular
classified section where you place your ad. What are their
demographics. What kinds of jobs do they have, cars do they drive, are
they young, old, single, married? The clearer and more real your
mental picture of your audience, the better you can match the features
and benefits of your product to their interests.

There are general and specific reader interests. We all want to make a
"smart" buy of a "dependable" product that is "productive" for our
purposes. But, the web business man or woman will be especially
interested in buying a "proven" product that  "maximizes"   their
"exposure" to "new" clients and helps to "close" the sale.

Always look for the "unique" features of your product that is not
being offered by your competitors. This is your  market "niche".

After making logical sense to the reader, you will then need to turn
interest into a "personal desire" for your product.


Interest alone is not enough! The awesome ad "stimulates" the reader
toward desire. While interest can generally be obtained by
highlighting the practical properties of your product, your words will
need to stroke more basic buyer erogenous zones in order to produce

Is there something here that makes the reader feel good, excited,
confident, secure, hopeful or powerful? Think about other emotions
that your product or service might evoke. Does your product appeal to
a particular sense. Can the reader taste, hear, smell, see, or feel
your product. You need to CONVEY the EMOTIONAL APPEAL of your product

All, and let me emphasize, ALL ! "human actions result from our desire
to either experience pleasure or to avoid pain".  Desire (for your
offering) is created when your reader experiences either; an
anticipation of "pleasure" or expectation of avoiding "pain" or
problems from the use or purchase of your product. The influence that
this "physiological" and "psychological" fact has on prospect
purchases can not be overly stated.

Contrary to popular belief, we don't really desire money. We may
desire the "pleasure" we believe money can bring. We may desire to not
experience the "pain" that might result from not having money. The
word "money" only "triggers" the feelings and desires (within us)
which we seek... whether they be happy, secure, or powerful desires,
based upon our personal value system and past experience.

It is the feelings that are attached to the words of our ads that give
them power. Surviving is the "soul goal" of every living cell in
"every living thing" that exists everywhere in the world. Primal
concerns are satisfied FIRST. The more PRIMAL the feelings attached to
the words in your ad, the GREATER their POWER!

Everyone has experienced the power of "impulse buying". Have you been
grocery shopping while hungry? Well, if you have, then you were
"prime" for food purchases. Did you make a new product buy because the
food looked "tasty"? Did you purchase something on "crave value"
rather than "food value", or maybe spend more money than you intended?

Well guess what? It is more than a little likely that; your product
will be purchased on impulse. If your reader is not presently in
primal state you've got to get them there. It is the job of your
advertising to both create and satisfy the reader's hunger.

There are always good, better and best words. The right word(s) for
creating product desire are the ones that elicit biological emotional
responses in the reader. Emotional responses bypass the cognitive
process and cause us to experience rather than merely read words.


If your reader does not take ACTION, there is no sale. How do you get
your reader to act? Believe it or not it's easy, just use a

In your ad simply say: "call this number now", "email me for details",
"go to our website" etc. Why would you create feelings in a prospect
without telling them what to do with those feelings?  Yet ironically,
not asking for the sale is the single most repeated mistake that stops
reader desire from leading to reader action.

Psychologists tell us that when given a directive (unless obviously
harmful) our first instinct is to comply. If you are at work, you can
turn to the person in the seat next to you, and in a slightly
commanding voice say, "give me your pen for a minute"... chances are
they will, and usually, without question, for no other reason than
"you told them to do so."

If the first three ingredients (attention, interest, and desire) have
been well done, and the reader is a qualified customer.... they will
more than likely take the "action" you direct them to take.


Develop your web ad with the above thoughts in mind.... Check your ad
to see that the four AIDA basics have been met. Now you have an
"AWESOME" web classified ad that will out pull, by many times, the
thoughtless ads of your competition. That's the bottom line!

Author: Jim Foreman, president of NetSeek World Presence and creator
of DialUp Profits Websites Visit our web
site today: We can provide you
with free local dialup connections throughout the U.S. & Canada.

Let's hear from you......

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