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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (5)

1.The Right To Re-Sale E-Books
~Sue Kurtz

2.Just starting out
~Paul Penafiel
~John Olson
~Saundra Jackson

3.Spam Issue
~Judith Baker
~Adrian Elman
~Myranya Werlemann
~Michele Newman
~William Jaroske
~Robert Lee

4.Moving, how do I move my SE ranks?
~Kevin V. Haub

5.Making the COMMITMENT!
~John Olson

N e w     P o s t s  (4)

1.Rebecca Beasley
~Tired of hype Yipe!

2.Jack Browder
~Spam Not As Bad As Pop UPs

3.Clay Atkinson
~Making links, connecting pages

4.Sandra Long
~Is a list of cold emails considered Spam?

Site Review Requests   (1)

1.Jan Vaughan

Site Review Responses   (5)

1.Katheryn Labosky

2.Katheryn Labosky

3.John Olson

4.John Olson

5.John Olson

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.Holiday Season
By Bob Osgoodby

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  230 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


If you ever wandered why nobody reads your ads and you were
not getting too much response, there is a tutorial available which will
teach you how to write ads for Classified Sites, FFA, newsletters and

I have reviewed this tutorial and found it very informative.
It will teach you not only how to write your ads but also how to
determine if they worked. It will show you how to test them through
step by step instructions.

Have you heard about

"9 Day Test for Email Leads and Reverse Marketing Leads"

Not yet. I guess this is the time to find out.
Check it below.
Chris Gibson has 15 years of marketing experience.


Robert Lee writes

> Please kill this discussion on SPAM.
> We've heard enough.
> Deleted enough.
> And been introduced to enough resources to wonder what the fuss is all
> about anyways.
> Bogdan, Thank you (in advance) for finally killing this topic.
> And....

I would love to kill any prolonged discussion, but this one seems to reappear
periodic bases and I don't believe we are done with the problem.
In fact I just started working on the system which will eliminate
spam for anybody who will wish that. It won't stop e-zine publishers
from sending their articles and subscriptions, it won't stop anybody
from sending autoresponders and it will keep your emails clean.
I believe that all anti-spam solutions today are very limiting if not
Stay tuned. It might take some time to implement it though.

> As far as needing to complete this form to reply or to post.....
> It sucks.
> I no longer have access to the poster's email address (when the add a
> signature) so that I can reply directly to them, as I have done for many
> of the site reviews I've done.

The form is being improved. I have added filed to provide signature.
So if in the future somebody will wish to use signature, there is a room for
this. There will be also a  copy sent to you for confirmation.

> Some things need to be made available. If we are going to take our worry
> about SPAM to such a degree that we start adding to the anonymity problem
> of the web, count me out. I want to be able to post and send myself a
> copy, when necessary, as well as be able to post and send a copy to the
> person who's site I have just reviewed or who's nonsense comment I just
> responded to.
> I hate forms. More than having to delete the hundreds of SPAM emails I get
> every day.

I came to the point that forms are the only solution. I can't handle all those
of emails. It takes too much of my time. Since I introduced forms, spam went
to only about 150 emails per day.
I couldn't eliminate two of my email addresses which I use for some time.
This will be also taken care soon though.

> I hate forms. And not having a spell check on them so I don't look like an
> idiot when I miss a spelling mistake.

You can type your response in any email reader, spell it  and then paste it.

The GOOD NEWS for you Robert is that  I made email address available to
those who make at least one post from now on. The email address is available
on the feedback form after submission.

I also made sure that this email address can't be spidered by automated
harvesting software from that page.
I used this little Java Script.

  <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"><!--
          user = "email_first_part";
          site = "email_domain";
          document.write('<a href=\"mailto:' + user + '@' + site + '?body=Your
thoughts here.\">');
          document.write('<font size=2>this email address</font>' + '</a>');

As you see, first part of the email and second one are assigned to two variables
and then written into document. Automated software won't be able to
get this. (of course until somebody writes program to detect it)

Bogdan Fiedur

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Sue Kurtz
Subject:The Right To Re-Sale E-Books

Wendy, I just purchased an e-book, "Inside Secrets To Email Marketing. I
think the concept is great. I am unable to use my program,  as I happen to
be on Web Tv. and unable to download the zip formats to obtain the book! I
am very disappointed.  I will have to cancel the program,  until I buy a
computer. If you bought the Internet Marketing Series e-book, all the
information to promote the e-book is in the e-book for your training, as
well as you have the  re-sell rights with 100% profit great deal!  In
order to re-sell these e-books, you must get involved with e-mail opt in
lists by writing your own newsletter getting subscribers signed up etc
The first thing you need to do is have a system that works for
youautomatic, with lots of auto responders to handle the business. Seven
follow up's are usually required before one becomes a buyer. Try this
system out I believe you will find it is exactly what you need to sell
your ezine.  You also will have 2o internet Marketing Training Letters and
20 Mlm Marketing Training Letters to start you out to success with your
Success To You!

Sue Kurtz


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Paul Penafiel
Subject:Just starting out

Mark Chandler

"Have had a few hits a day and wondered what
people have found to be a great way to get hits
to the site."

First of all you have tell us what kind of website
do you have.  How can you expect us to give you
any marketing ideas if we don't even knowing the
content of your site.  If your site is about
cats, then you better open your wallet and find the
largest ezine that talks about nothing but cats.
If you have a site about cats, you
can open an account at or
or and bid for a keyword search that's
cat related. You could also find a website that's
cat related that attracts a ton of unique visitors
and ask them if you could link with them or advertise
there. You can invest in ebooks that will show you
step by stem exactly how to get listed in top 3 on
Yahoo or Google.

If you're saying, " I have great e-commerce website
and my customers is everybody online", well you
have ALOT to learn kid.

If you basically just want people to visit your site
for the sake of getting a hit? then you can buy a
script that automatically rotate multiple traffic
exchange url's in one browser which will get you
unlimited amount of untargeted traffic, guaranteed.

You can't expect people to just tell U how how to get
hits to your website without knowing more about it.

Maybe you should be asking: How can I bring targeted
traffic to my cat website, capture their email
address, and make them comeback from time to time
so they can talk about solving their problems regarding
their cats.

Warm regards,

Paul Penafiel


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:Just starting out


It's kinda hard to give you advice when we can't look at your Website. And
if it's hit to the site you want, well you can use the Hit Exchanges all
day and get hundreds of Hits, but will they be the kind of people you
want? Highly doubtful.

I assume you want people who are interested in what you have on your site,
right? Then I would look into some of the Paid Search Engines. Bid on some
of the key works or key word phrases that you think people will use when
they are looking for a site like yours. Find some of the ones that are
used, but not the most popular ones. That will save you some money.

If you go to this site: they have download
that is Very useful. Once it's downloaded and installed, you can type in
your Key word and then get an idea of how many times it is used. And you
will get a list of other related key words and phrases that might work

I wish you luck my friend,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.3)=============
From:Saundra Jackson
Subject:Just starting out

Saundra E. Jackson

Mark,  take a look at this site.  I has low cost advertising that is
promoted by a golf game.

Who are you trying to target?

Saundra Jackson

Just doing business



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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Judith Baker
Subject:Spam Issue

I've been reading the comments about SPAM and would like to add that I
think SPAM should be redefined as being the continued sending of emails to
people who have made it clear that they don't want to get them. I don't
know how many times I have requested that my name be removed from
someone's mailing list and yet they still keep sending their mail
regardless,its like having a salesman (with one foot in the door)that
won't take NO for an answer. Sometimes the removal links provided are
bodgy too and that really gets my dander up. . Its a form of harassment
in my opinion and should be treated as such.
I don't think the normal sending of email by businesses about their
products should be classed as Spam though....after all we get the same in
our letterboxes at home everyday and nobody screams spam when that

Judith Baker


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
From:Adrian Elman
Subject:Spam Issue

In response to Tom Falco:

>>Many people continue to criticize me about the
spamming issue and I can only wonder why.<<

Because you haven't got a clue what you are
talking about Tom.

>>First of all, when spam is reported, the sender
is not the person usually taken to task since most
ISP's know the email address is stolen or not

When you use SpamCop it is the domain the
mail came from that gets blacklisted regardless
of whether the mail was sent from it or relayed
through it. Now, think about that for a moment.

An ISP trying to run their business as correctly
as possible gets their servers hacked into due
to security flaws in the operating system which
hackers have managed to exploit. The result
is that professional spammers route bulk mail
through his server and your spam complaint
gets him into serious trouble causing untold
financial damage.

Why? Because SpamCop is just automated
software which does not investigate the truth
of the complaint; it just adds the domain to its
black list.

Let's look at another example. An autoresponder
service trying to provide the best possible
service it can to its clients gets a spammer
sign up. He has no intention of staying but if
he can import a few lists and broadcast to them
before running off he will have made his money.

Out goes his spam. The AR supplier knows
nothing about it until the complaints come in.
Even though the supplier terminates the account
of the spammer they still get black listed for a
minimum of 7 days.

The result is that not only do they get financially
damaged but so do every one of their clients.

You think that is reasonable Tom?

>>The spam message consists of links and phone
numbers and contact information. This is what the
authorities look at.

The actual body of the message and its content
is what is being shut down.<<

Precisely! So you are an honest law abiding
individual who never spams. Instead you do the
right thing and purchase advertising in a newsletter
or ezine. Someone who subscribed to that ezine
forgets they did and submits a copy of the ezine
he received to SpamCop. Bang! Your ad is in
it and along with all the other innocent parties
you now have your hands full trying to defend
yourself against something that has nothing to
do with you.

Very nice Tom, very nice indeed!

>>When a person sells Viagara on line and
spams this, the pharmacy selling the viagra
(the affiliate) shuts the spammer down and if the
spammer has his own website used to push the
affiliate link, then that is shut down, too.
The email is the last thing looked at.<<

Wrong! The innocent company gets black listed
because it was their product being promoted.
The email is always looked at too.

>>There is no way for spammers to hide even
when they use fake email addresses to spam.<<

Virtually all professional spammers use one of
the following:

- Free phone or voice mail for taking orders.
- Temporary IP address (no DNS registration).
- Multiple redirect leading to a bulk friendly host.
- Free web space on Geocities or similar.
- Packet emulators for spoofing.

There are plenty of other methods too, all of which
make the spammer untraceable.

Want to see how clever these guys are? Take a
look at this and then maybe you will realize that
the real danger to honest people marketing online
is people like YOU.

Adrian Elman



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.3)=============
From:Myranya Werlemann
Subject:Spam Issue

Spam can't be compared to calling someone whose name you got from the
phone book. Email allows you to send a huge number of emails at almost no
cost, but a lot of people, especially in other countries, pay for their
phone bill and sometimes even for their internet access per minute! That
means *they* pay to receive *your* add. When you do telephone marketing,
*you* pay for the call. You wouldn't think telephone marketing would be
very successful if you were making collect calls, now would you? With
telephone sales you're also limited in your time because you have to call
every person one at a time. That keeps the number of calls everyone can
make *and* receive down to a reasonable number. With email, every spammer
can send out millions of messages every day, thereby swamping mailboxes so
the real important mail almost gets lost.
The same goes for advertising through US mail. The advertiser pays for the
printing and the stamps, not the recipient! That keeps the volume down so
there's still room for the bills and Christmas cards from your family. If
it were as easy to send advertisements through US mail as it was to spam,
we'd all get a full sack delivered every day, and we would be sorting an
hour before we knew if our mom sent a personal letter too. I don't want my
email box to look like that!

And of course I can't speak for everyone, only having been with 2 ISP's,
but in my experience ISP's do NOT automatically shut down every address
they get a report about. I know a few over-sensitive people who even
complain about a *single, small* url in a signature under a *long,
on-topic* usenet post, and who have mailed my ISP about that. No way my
ISP was going to shut me down over that, the first one had a laugh at the
ridiculous fool, and the second one was annoyed at the person reporting
for wasting their time. Of course, your ISP may be different, but if I
read the rest of the posts I suspect it might have been real spam, and
thus justifiable to close the account.

How else do new people get started? Well, by using this kind of
advertising services, traffic exchanges, and putting some work into it...
I've managed and I've never send a single spam in my 7 years online (well,
except in the definitions of those few hypersensitive people I mentioned
above :)). Nor have I spent even 1 penny on paid advertising. Send spam
and you lose your account of the program you were advertising for, then
all the effort you put into advertising (spam, paid advertising, and
otherwise) has gone down the drain... Yeah, that's really effective.

Myranya Werlemann


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.4)=============
From:Michele Newman
Subject:Spam Issue

How long has this been going on now?
Weeks? Months?

I agree with everyone, SPAM sucks, but, I also agree with those that have
the sense to realize that we have and will continue to be spammed for
years. We receive it every day in our mailboxes, through telemarketers,
sales people at department stores. It is all SPAM and there is nothing
that can be done about it, so live with it.

Let's just please get off this subject and start posting things that are
actually interesting to read about. This is why I joined Adland Digest in
the first place, because of the great content. But you people will just
not let it go.

Thank You, now let's be done with it.


Michele Newman

Writer/Publisher, The Wave Ezine


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.5)=============
From:William Jaroske
Subject:Spam Issue

Hi subscribers,

According to my logic. The ones who join and support plus
numerous internet policing sites. They scream bloody murder blowing
whistles on whatever lands in their email inbox.

This sounds so crazy that small minded people have to resort to this
tactic. It is really childish to have a mind set like this.

But when you think about it. Safe lists are the kiss of death to internet
marketers because lack of response that it produces. Bulk email address
promotion should be outlawed Because nothing is more intrusive than
promoting Bulk email addresses as a business. In my view. Bulk e-mail,
safelists, many ezines are garbage. According to the spam police.All
safelists and ezines should be shut down no questions asked.

William Jaroske

Worthwhile internet opportunities, get paid to take surveys, free
advertising and much more.



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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:Kevin V. Haub
Subject:Moving, how do I move my SE ranks?

Hello Gerald,

You asked "I am changing from  ".html" pages at the university to a ".com"
how do I take my search engines rankings etc along with me?"

First of all I think what you meant to say was that you are switching from
".edu" to ".com". And to answer that question, I know of no search engine
that will allow you to transfer your current ranking when switching domain

The best reason I can give to better explain this is that search engines
use many different factors when determining where your site ranks in their
search results. One of these factors, of course, is the number of sites
linking to your site. If you are switching your domain to a new .com
domain name, you probably will not have as many sites linking to you. This
will affect your ranking.

If you keep your content on the pages the same when you switch you may
still get good ranking for your keywords. But I wouldn't expect them to be
as high as they currently are for your .edu pages. One benefit to
switching to a .com domain is if one or some of your keywords are in the
domain name itself, then you may actually receive better ranking from some
of the search engines.

Once you make the switch you will need to resubmit your pages because the
search engines will look at them as a new site. The best way to do this is
by submitting just your main page and allowing the search engines to index
the rest of your site. If you try to submit all of your pages separately
some search engines could consider that as spamming them and will not
include your site at all.

Good luck with your new site!
Best Regards,
Kevin V. Haub

Where Do YOU Want To Go-Promote Today?


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:Making the COMMITMENT!


Okay, you want a good kick in the pants, right? Well, here it is.

If you never do what you want to do, you will never be what you want to

If you sit on your back side and think you can't do it. You're Right.
If you get up and know you can do it. You're Right.

Ask yourself these questions, "Do I have anything to Lose?" "If I don't do
it, will anything change in my life?" "Will I be better off if I never

The answers to those questions should be, "No." or, "Not that much."

Scott, if you have the desire to build a business online, the only thing
holding you back is yourself. Don't quit before you start.

If you are the one starting the business, then just make sure all your
ducks are in a row. If you plan on getting into someone else's business,
then make sure they have all their ducks in a row.

Without knowing what kind of business adventure you are thinking about,
that's about as much as I can say.

Good Luck, and reach for your Dream before it's forgotten.

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


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 buy products yourself for very low prices
    or buy and sell directly to others
       or build a team downline and earn with
            your team.



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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Rebecca Beasley
Subject:Tired of hype Yipe!

I'm so tired of these so called business opportunities telling me that I
can join free and make money and build a downline free and get all these
emails saying so and so has joined and they load up my email until it
shuts it down then they say upgrade to get paid and you have to have a
credit card to do it. I'm just going to stick to chat rooms and message
boards and advice from great places like adland pro to get my downline
built. No more of these fly by nighters. Does anyone have any good
suggestions? Let me know please.

Rebecca Beasley


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
From:Jack Browder
Subject:Spam Not As Bad As Pop UPs

I can live with spam. I can choose to read it or not. Pop ups, on the
other hand, are a nuisance. The inventors of these should be shot and
skinned alive, and laid on anthills. If I wanted to look at the ads in a
pop up, I would have clicked on their website. It's intrusive and
bothersome. If I click on a certain website, the last thing I want is
someone else intruding on my intentions. It's the same as someone
interrupting a conversation I'm having with another person. Rude and
classless. Spam is ok, pop ups are not. They shouldn't be legislated
against, however. Recipients of pop ups should let the advertisers using
them know in no uncertain terms what they think of them and refuse to buy
their products. Eventually the lack of demand will do away with the pop

My humble opinion, but I'm right and I don't care what anyone else thinks,
so spare me your replies.


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (3)=============
From:Clay Atkinson
Subject:Making links, connecting pages

Sorry, I'm no wiz (YET) with this computer and web stuff and my budget (at
this time) forbids hiring such help.  Is there a feasible means or manual
to learn how to manage(upgrade) web sites?  Particularly, linking my pages
together and providing a way for someone to download something!
Anything, will be a help.



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (4)=============
From:Sandra Long
Subject:Is a list of cold emails considered Spam?

I have a list of several thousand emails that I have never sent a message
out to. If I send one message only to them with an opt out at the
bottom....would this be considered spam?

We are desperate to sell our time-share in Gatlinburg, Tn. due to illness
and I need to get a message out to as many as possible in a short amount
of time so I purchased an email list.

I would like to get some feed back on this list before I use it.....

Sandra Long

(770) 386-1465


=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Jan Vaughan

I have been a subscriber to your news letter for quite some time now and
just wanted to say thanks for the great job.

I have a wonderful free Internet Service and have made a simple website
for it. I have joined several Ad Submissions list and am getting lots of
hits but only a few sign-up.

Would you list my site for a review in your next issue.

Any help would be appreciated.

     Thanks in advance,
       Jan Vaughan


=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:Katheryn Labosky

Dear Tom,

Took the time to visit your site, as per your request,
and can offer the following comments in the hope that
they will be useful to you.

Your site is pretty, Tom, but I was expecting an "internet
marketing and services" site, not one on collectibles.
This may ultimately hurt you in the search engines, as
the site name should always reflect what the site sells.

While the sales letter you have on the Home page does
reflect your enthusiasm for your products, it is way, way,
too short.  It also contains "sentence fragments" and
is not grammatically correct in other ways.  If you
don't keep your readers' attentions within the first
two lines, they are lost to you forever.  This is a
well-known copy writing fact.  So I would suggest much,
much more added to the Home page sales letter, with
more of an "eye" towards detail.

Finally, and I know this sounds somewhat "finicky", but
I give Web site reviews all day, every day, your title
contains the "adjective": Collectables.  You are using
the word as a "noun", in which case the spelling would
be: Collectibles.  Case in point:  "I sell collectable
figurines", as opposed to: "I sell collectibles".  Since
this word is included in your title, as well as your
first sentence, this is probably more important than
it would seem at first glance.  Any discrepancies within
the first two sentences will inevitably cause readers to
"pause and move on".

Hope this helps,
Katheryn Labosky

"The Reluctant Entrepreneur"
KLR Marketing Services/Written Solutions



=====================Site Review Response  (2)===============
From:Katheryn Labosky

Hello Paul,

Went for a short visit to your site and did like what I
saw so far.  Liked the "slogan" that appears immediately
on the Home page; however, it should be on one line.

The sales letter, too, needs to be lengthened, and perhaps,
made "stronger" sounding as far as enthusiasm, without
being what would be considered, "pushy".  You're right
on the "edge" there I felt, and as I do this for a
living, I can feel these things quite well.  Just needs
a little "honing", Paul.  You definitely, though, are
on the right track, but go over everything more
thoroughly as there are grammatical and spelling
inconsistencies interspersed throughout and I don't want
to see this hurt your success, as I do think you've got
the right general idea here with your site.

The only thing I really did not like was one of the "links"
you have on the bottom of the page.  One of the drop-down
selections refers to a selection of "for idiots" or something
like that.  I know the creator of that link thought they
were being clever, but too often this backfires, as the
first rule in copy writing is: "If you don't know how
to use humor well, don't use it at all".  This is
definitely an example of the latter, as this should not
have been used.  I would never give that type of phrase
to any of our customers, and would fire an employee that
submitted that to anyone.  It is somewhat insulting, and
I definitely urge removal of that.

To Your Success!
Katheryn Labosky

"The Reluctant Entrepreneur"
KLR Marketing Services/Written Solutions



=====================Site Review Response  (3)===============
From:John Olson


You have a very nice looking, clean site there. One thing that struck me
right off the bat was the Title. I wasn't sure what it was. I mean the
domain name makes me thing the site would be about something else. What
with internet-marketing-and-services in it. That just doesn't seem to work
for what is a Shopping site.

So, it took me a while to realize the Title was, Exquisite Gifts and

You might want to make the Title a little Larger so we know that it is the
name of the site. Not to large, because you've got a nice feeling going,
and if it's real large it would take away from that feeling.

As I clicked around, I noticed the Top Links changed and some of them took
me to another site or opened a new page. Not a good idea there. The Top
Links are your main navigation Links and should all go to pages on your
site, not someone else's. And they should be the same through out the site
and not open new windows.

I noticed too, that the links on the right below the, "Christian Books and
Videos," all go to other sites. Some of them are V-stores which is fine. I
have some of them myself, but I would think it best to set those sites
under a different heading. Something that would tell the visitor that they
are going off site to look at something.

Also, you V-stores all seem to have the same look and the same titles.
It's good to have the same look, but I would change the wording at the top
of those pages so we know we've clicked into something different. I
noticed the DVD store and the Movie store looked exactly alike.

But all in all, first impression, it's a good site that just needs a
little tweaking.

Take care,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.



=====================Site Review Response  (4)===============
From:John Olson


Thanks for the kind thoughts. I try and get it right, but I can be wrong.
But I will agree, it takes time to build a business online. No matter what
you are in. I know too that the DHS Club can work out for people. But you
have to Work at it. And you have, and I give you a BIG Pat on the back for
sticking to it, and learning what it takes to get a head.

You have built yourself a nice enough Lead capture site for your business.
One thing I would change would be the cantering everything. That just
screams amateur. Having the form toward the bottom cantered is all right,
but I would work on lining things up like a book. With the text on the
left. Maybe even two columns.

Cantering text also makes it harder to read. I know it looks cool to you,
and I have done it in the past. But it looks more professional and reads
easier if it is not.

Paul, everyone is different. And not every program is right for everyone.
that is one of the reasons I have so many on my site. Someone may click in
and be in what I am advertising or not find it appealing, but if there are
choices, they may find something else that is right for them. Once you
find a program that you like and can stand behind and focus on, stay with
it and work it.

Just keep offering help to those who ask. It's strange that most people
who join something don't. And most of the time they fail too.

I wish you luck and good fortune in all you do,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


=====================Site Review Response  (5)===============
From:John Olson


Just a quick reply, your Valentine's Day page Looks great. I am not sure
if I would change a thing about it. The only thing you might want to do,
is to High light it with a little Hype for it and a link to it, on the
Main Page. It's a seasonal thing, and you should make sure visitors Know
it's there.

Good Luck and Take care,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.



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Holiday Season
By Bob Osgoodby

With the coming of the holidays, many home based entrepreneurs
are getting caught up in the spirit of the season. Instead of
approaching their business with the same vigour and vitality as
usual, they have dropped their guard a bit and think they can
coast through the end of the year. They might figure they've got
to buy presents for family and friends, and funds will be a
little short. After all they reason, everyone is doing this and
December and January will be slow anyway.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Now is the time to
double, and maybe even redouble your efforts! The people who feel
they can renew their advertising efforts after the first of the
year, will miss this boat.

Your plan at this point should be to aggressively advertise your
business. Think about it. Many people will be short of funds, or
overextended due to the holiday gifting, and won't be standing in
line during the next few weeks to take advantage of your
opportunity. But, we all know it takes between 5 and 7 exposures
to get someone's attention. While the ads may not pay big
dividends in December, you will be reinforcing your branding with
your potential clients.

Take a lesson from the "brick and mortar" establishments. They
will be pounding us with their ads now more than ever, trying to
get their share of our holiday shopping dollars. And they will
continue this until well in January realizing that some people
have more expendable income after the holidays than before.

But, how about all those people getting first time computers?
Don't forget that the Internet doesn't take a holiday. There are
thousands of prospects going online everyday. If you relax now,
you may be missing those prospects that you might otherwise get.

If you are in an affiliate program or in multi-level marketing,
now is the ideal time to make yourself known. Many of these
programs allow participation with little or no up front
expenditure. If yours is one, feature this in your ads.

The design of your ads is critical at this time of the year. The
question you should pose is not "can you afford it now, but can
you afford not to".

The concept of advertising is sometimes difficult for people to
understand, especially by those involved for the first time. The
most important time to advertise is when business is slow. The
pre-holiday season will be slow if you market an online
opportunity. Now, many people will not realize this and curtail
their activities. The smart ones will and increase their ad
expenditures. They will get the "lion's share" of the business

Some people will receive money as a holiday gift, and now is the
time to get their attention. The winner of this race will be the
first person they think of when the funds become available.

PC's currently exist in the majority of U.S. homes, and the
number of first time users increases everyday. Because of the
downturn in the stock market and slowing economic growth, PC
makers will most likely try to boost sales by cutting prices,
leading to a major price war. While this is bad for the PC
makers, it is good for those in business on the net as the number
of new people coming on, who are your prospects, always increases
when this happens.

Two-way satellite services is now a viable broadband alternative
to cable modem and DSL service. The satellite is likely to appeal
to consumers who want high-speed Internet access, but who either
face long waits trying to obtain cable modem or DSL access, or
live in a rural area where it is not available. This will also
increase the number of people coming online.

If you are in business on the web, or planning to do so, now just
might be the time to take advantage of the lethargy that others
will face. The "Holiday Season" is not the time to slow down or
discontinue your marketing efforts.

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=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============

$10 IS $10

Fred and his wife Edna went to the state fair every year. Every year Fred
would say, "Edna, I'd like to ride in that there airplane." And every year
Edna would say, "I know Fred, but that airplane ride costs ten dollars, and
ten dollars is ten dollars."

One year Fred and Edna went to the fair and Fred said, "Edna, I'm 71years
old. If I don't ride that airplane this year I may never get another
chance." Edna replied, "Fred that there airplane ride costs ten dollars,
and ten dollars is ten dollars."

The pilot overheard them and said, "Folks, I'll make you a deal. I'll take
you both up for a ride. If you can stay quiet for the entire ride and not
say one word, I won't charge you, but if you say one word it's ten

Fred and Edna agree and up they go. The pilot does all kinds of twists and
turns, rolls and dives, but not a word is heard. He does all his tricks
over again, but still not a word.

They land and the pilot turns to Fred, "By golly, I did everything I could
think of to get you to yell out, but you didn't."

Fred replied, "Well, I was gonna say something when Edna fell out, but ten
dollars is ten dollars

Let's hear from you......

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