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Subject:          Effective Advertising
From:             Tony Chavis <>

I am working with a groundfloor opportunity and seeking information on
some powerful ways to advertise.  I want to build my downline quickly,
but effectively.  Has anyone found a means of advertisement that is
working other than banners and search engines?  What is the response
ratio?  Thanks for your advise!

ISI Value Network - SUPERSTORE - The 8th Wonder Of The World!
Tony Chavis, Junior Partner
ICQ #16415113
Becoming The Most Talked About Opportunity On The Internet!
Proud Supporter of Disabled American Veterans and Paralyzed Veterans
of America.
Subject:          Search Engine Placement
From:             <>

Hi All
I tried Keely's tip from Digest #32 but found that some of the web
sites ranking highest in the search engines had the simplest of
META tags.  I have had several web sites myself that I found at the
very top of  some of the biggest search engines but these pages were
for one of a kind things. I was listed at the top only because there
were few other sites with those same key words. Even then my site
vanished from the engines after just a few months. I also did not get
much traffic because the key words were something that most people
would never search for such as the name of the company.
  I don't think any of us will ever really understand how these search
  engines list us. We can spend months working on our web sites. Then
find that we still have to spend countless hours posting ads to get
any traffic unless we are among those most fortunate few to get a
good listing in a few major search engines.
   I truly don't know the solution to inexpensive advertising on the
   NET. Free Ads work but how much time can most of us really spend
posting Ads before we get burned out? The average person Marketing on
the Internet is operating on a shoestring budget and it would be
great if there was a more fair way to list everyone's web sites in
the search engines. It is very frustrating when you type in your own
key words and your web site does not even show up after you know you
have done everything right.

Daniel Moe
1500 Great sites to Advertise FREE
Subject:          Online Marketing
From:             "J.B.P. ." <>

Hello All,

This is my first post to your list,(that is if it gets through) I'm
not sure from reading the rules if this type of information is
allowed, but here goes. I have written a number of articles for
various e-zines on the subject of marketing on the Internet.

I believe the 2 articles I posted on this site will be of benefit to
anyone doing business on the Web.

I would appreciate any input from the list members re: these 2
articles "Common Advertising Mistakes"....."Give people a reason to
visit your Web site!"

J.B.P.(Jim) Peters
NetServe International
NetServe International<>
Founder:BEPP Button Exchange Panel Program.

     How much do you rely on your domain name?

     At first this may seem
     like a silly question. You have already printed it on umpteen
     thousand brochures, submitted it to the search engines, attached
     it to letterhead and business cards, and maybe even named your
     company after it.

     Now that we have established that your domain name is a very
     valuable piece of your identity, what would you do to protect it?
     Probably just about anything, including a trip to the courthouse
     to protect it as a copyright or trademark. Given all of this, you
     probably think you have all of your bases covered. Think again.

     As more companies realize that just being on the Internet isn't
     enough, they are relocating their domains to service providers
     that better meet their needs. This has lead to a startling
     discovery. Unless you are listed as the administrative contact
     for your domain, you are not really in control of it.

     According to the Internic (the organization responsible for
     authorizing domain name registrations) the administrative contact
     is defined as :

     ...the person or organization authorized by the domain name
     Registrant to act on behalf of the legal entity listed in Item
     3a. The Administrative Contact/Agent should be able to answer
     non-technical questions about the legal entity's plans for using
     the domain name and the procedures for establishing sub-domains.

     It is very possible that the administrative contact is in fact
     not the rightful owner of the name. Internic defines the owner to
     be the registrant:

     The domain name is considered to be registered to a "legal
     entity", even if the legal entity is an individual (e.g., Lee
     Smith). Do not list a "dba" or acronym as the registrant. In this
     section, it is important to list the legal name and address of
     the Registrant, not the Internet Service Provider ("ISP").

     This is not really a problem until you want to relocate your
     domain. In order to move your domain, you must submit a "change
     of registration" form to the Internic. The only persons who can
     authorize this change are the administrative or technical
     contacts (the technical contact is typically a network
     administrator at the company hosting your domain). Herein lies
     the problem. If you are using an unscrupulous service provider,
     they will not allow the domain name to be relocated. I personally
     experienced this one time with a client of mine. It cost him a
     great deal of time, money and lost business to register a new
     domain. He also had to inform his customers about the change. All
     because his provider would not allow the domain to be moved.

     How do you protect yourself? Go to the Internic "Whois" database
     right now and enter your domain name (minus the "www"). If you do
     not see yourself listed as the administrative contact (or worse
     yet, if you do not see your company listed as the registrant),
     contact your service provider immediately and demand that the
     registration be changed to reflect you as the administrative
     contact. Past experience says that your service provider will
     comply within a day to as long as a month. Even if you have to
     call them every day for a month, the time will be well spent it
     if you decide to move your domain.

Article by Chester Bullock, owner of Black
     Diamond Computing- Chester has
     developed numerous successful websites for small businesses. He
     can be reached at
We do accept these, you know!

This newsletter helped me tremendously.  Thank you very much for
publishing it.
Rachael broussard
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