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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (7)

1.Never ever pay again for website promotion
~Andy Sparks
~Jerry Combs

2.More Traffic Please!!!
~Andy Sparks
~Amalia Sotiriadou
~John Colanzi
~Cathy Wagner
~John Olson
~Natalie Bodrova.

3.Email marketing (Harvesting of email addresses)
~Steve Manning
~Erika (Rikie) Matheson
~Gary Kidd

4.What Are You Doing As An Ezine Publisher?
~Lois M. Jeary
~Michele Newman
~Pauline Phillips
~Gary J Kidd

5.Katheryn Labosky's review of mlm site
~John Colanzi
~Kathryn Labosky

6.How to offer a download?
~Kevin Haub
~Chris Raynor,

~William Jaroske
~Gregory Urban

N e w     P o s t s  (6)

1.Laurent *Wolf* Perraudin-Veazey
~Shark pool effect

2.Jack Pujji
~Here are two of the ideas I need your advice on:

3.Francis BK
~How to put up my web site to search engine?

4.Sharon Fraysse
~Newbie w/o a clue

5.Bruce Kerr
~Comments on Kanoodle?

6.Stephen Crate
~Pulling it all together for profit

Site Review Requests   (4)

1.Jan Hammer

2.Steve Tai

3.Robert Moser


Site Review Responses   (4)

1.Erika (Rikie) Matheson

2.Sharon Bray-McPherson

3.Robert Lee

4.John Olson

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (0)

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  380 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


You heard me many times here  talking about programs
which pay rewards for clicking and so on.
I always said that this kind of traffic is useless.

Yet there are ways to offer a program which promotes exchange of traffic
and sends you legitimate visitors. Most programs offering clicks, automatically
open link to the sites participating in the program because there is a reward
for it.

Have you tried a program which doesn't open the site but opens a window
with ads. Those ads need to be clicked in order for the visitor to go to
the site.

We just made this program available last night and ads can be displayed
through, start pages, pop-ups or included on the pages as part of it.

You can see example of such pages here.
Scroll down  to see area where is says 

" Traffic Exchange"

Now tell me if this traffic exchange idea is not going to work for anybody
with low budget and at the same time won't be just cheating that you
are getting some traffic.

In order to produce hit to your site, somebody has to see the ad
and click on it.
Nobody's bandwidth is used until link is clicked.
(Of course our bandwidth is used anytime ads are displayed.)

I invite everybody to tell me your opinion and join here.

If you have already an Adlandpro account, just login below
and click "Traffic Exchange" to activate your account.

It takes only 5 minutes to enter some ads take the links and
install them on your site. There is 500 credits available for 
just activating of the account.

Bogdan Fiedur

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It really does work!
And you guys are so professional & your prices are wonderful.
Thanks so much,


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Andy Sparks
Subject:Never ever pay again for website promotion

Hi John

In your reply, you wrote;
 "For them, building a
Website and getting it listed high enough in the Search Engines is not an
option. Let's face it, most normal people would not be able to do this."

Thanks for the complement but I am about as normal as you can get.  I am
not a rocket scientist nor greatly intelligent.  I don't have a college
degree or a lot of money to throw around.

You also wrote;
"But we can agree that having your own Site, which you control and with
which you can list all the services or programs you are a part of is the
way to go. Most people cannot or will not do this."

We are talking about 5 or 10 dollars a month for a budget web site account
and their domain name is going to cost between 7 and 20 dollars per year.
If they cannot or will not do this very basic requirement for success,
they aren't going to make it anyway.

They are going to spend more than that on the Scam De'Jour and when it
shuts down, they won't own anything and all their efforts are wasted.  I
know, it happened to me.  I promoted a business opportunity and was getting
big traffic to "my" affiliate site.  They shut down and I was out of
business.  All the ads I had placed, all the work, wasted, but a valuable
lesson learned.

If one of the affiliate programs that I link to from my web site closes, I
just go in, change the link to a similar company and keep right on

Until you have some hits to exchange, a hit exchange program is worthless.

This whole notion that good ranking in a search engine is difficult is a
misconception.  Nobody takes the time to write a page or give any good
information. There is basically no competition.

Most people are trying to "trick" the search engines into giving them a
ranking they don't deserve, and there is massive competition for that, but
good information is getting hard to find and the search engines will
reward you for your efforts.

The point that I would like to make, is this;

If you are going to spend the time and effort it takes to generate
business from free resources, why not spend that same time and effort on
building something that will grow and build some income for the future.
The minute you quit pushing the free resources, your income stops(if it
ever actually begins}.

When you build a page with good information, it stays right there for as
long as your web site is live.  The more information pages that you have,
the better the search engines like your site.  So each information page is
helped by the next page that you build.

Andy Sparks

Get more information about success with affiliate programs


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From:Jerry Combs
Subject:Never ever pay again for website promotion

     I have done a lot of promoting of my page. I have tried to use the
free services and really believe that if you do not have position in the
Search Engines you will not get much responce to your web-site.
     Most people will look at maybe 3 pages of search engine results
trying to find a suitable site to look at for their inquiry.
     If your page isn't in the top 3 pages of listing it's not likely that
you will get much traffic. Also if your page loads to slow, the people
trying to access your page will go on to somewhere else.
     Look and use good meta tags, make a fast loading front page, and have
enough information to capture the looker so they will look at the rest of
your site.
     It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to get your site listed
free in the search engines where prospects will find them. I have had this
page ( for over 4 years now and in some search
engines it is still invisible.
     Let me say this one more time..LONG TIME as in years, and HARD WORK
as in submit, check where you are on the search engine, refine the page,
and resubmit. Try, Try, Try, and Try again.

Jerry Combs



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Andy Sparks
Subject:More Traffic Please!!!

Hi Rebecca;

Your post is exactly what John Olson and I are discussing at this very
moment here in the Digest.  John advocates the use of some of the
techniques that you describe and I say they are useless.

Your post makes the score, Andy 1, John 0 but the game continues.

I have tried every marketing technique that I can find except SPAM, and
the only thing that has worked for me besides ads on Adlandpro) is
building up a good web site with valuable information.

Rebecca, take a look at what you are promoting in the signature line of
your Adland post, Money for Nothing, we do it all just send us a check!
The average person gets financial stability in 3 to 6 months.

Hello, the average American dies dead broke and they want you to believe
their average customer is financially stable in 3 months?  I don't think

All of these programs are going to skim the cream off the top and leave
little or nothing for you. Whether it is a money for nothing program,
traffic for nothing or anything that tries to tell you success comes
before work, it isn't going to happen.

The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.

Only when you start trying to help your web site visitors/customers
instead of getting them to help you, will your results improve.

When you use traffic generation programs all you are doing is building up
someone else's web site.  Why not build your own?

Here is the best advice I could possibly give to you, it has helped me
tremendously, go to and take the
affiliate masters course.  There is no cost or obligation.  You will learn
more from that course in a week than you have in the last five years of
chasing wild geese.

Andy Sparks

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From:Amalia Sotiriadou
Subject:More Traffic Please!!!


Getting QUALITY traffic - and by that, I mean visitors who will eventually
BUY from you is an art in itself. Think of it - what are you advertising?
Another link, just like the millions that are out there... ho hum.
Instead, try building your own opt-in list of people that will be HAPPY to
buy your product or service.
It's easier than it sounds. How?
Offer something for Free in exchange for the person's name and email
address. The freebie doesn't have to be anything complicated: a
subscription to an e-zine, a safelist, an e-book a short course that you
can whip up in no time... the more original you get, the better it is. I
had one of my "students" whip up a little course on "thimbles"... it
worked like a charm! Load your course up to an autoresponder, add your ads
(discretely) at the bottom of the emails, or write a series of emails
introducing your product a little bit at a time... after about a week, a
number of the people that will have joined your list in the first place
will have become customers.
Remember: Internet Marketing, just like off-line marketing is about
building Relationships. Gain people's trust and they will become your
customers now and possibly forever.

Amalia Sotiriadou



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.3)=============
From:John Colanzi
Subject:More Traffic Please!!!


If you belong to Adland offering the free ads is a good way
to draw traffic. Have your links you want promoted on your
Adland page and everytime someone visits to grab a free ad they see your
other links.

Make the links the same way you would write a headline for an ad you'd
want read. You can see how I have links set up
on my page.

Links seem to be working better than banners.

I also have some free articles on list building and drawing traffic at:

There are plenty of marketers making money every day.

John Colanzi

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.4)=============
From:Cathy Wagner
Subject:More Traffic Please!!!

Hello Rebecca,

Let me start by answering your closing question: It is possible to make money on
the web, people are doing it all the time.

I find the rest of your question somewhat confusing. Do you need traffic or
sales? I know it probably sounds like the same thing, but there is an important
difference: not everyone who sees your site will buy, but if no one sees your
site, no one will buy. The first step toward making money on the web is just
getting people to your site.

Clicking for hits would certainly generate traffic, but those hits are not the
best quality hits when clickers are not looking at the web sites because they
have seen the offer before or they are just clicking for credits.

It sounds like you are an affiliate marketer who is involved with some solid,
quality programs: Adland and Referralware have both been around for quite a
while and are well respected. Those sites should sell themselves once you can
get people there.

Since you have been at this for a while, I will assume that you are properly
tracking your traffic and that getting visitors is your main problem.

The only answer to this problem, is your ad copy. There is no way around this,
if your ad copy is not getting a response, you must change it until it does.

Most affiliate programs provide ad copy these days, but with every other
affiliate using those ads continuously over time, they lose their effectiveness.
No matter how good your ad copy looks to you, if it is not doing it's job, it is

This problem is so common among internet marketers today, that I have come up
with a solution to help those who are determined to make money online, even if
their ad writing skills are not the best. I am now offering live, interactive,
one-on-one ad writing workshops.

The way it works is this: We schedule an hour long consultation and we meet
through any major instant messenger service. During your workshop, we will work
together to create ad copy for your offer. When we are finished, you have some
great ad copy, a better understanding of how to write an effective ad, and you
can save our meeting and refer to it again and again when writing new ad copy.

You have good web sites and products, you know how to use all the marketing
tools, all you need to do now is find the right words that will make your
prospects click!

Have a Profitable Day,

Cathy Wagner

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.5)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:More Traffic Please!!!


Well, you certainly have been working at it, from the sounds of it. It's
hard to say what you are doing wrong, it could be your ad copy. It could
be how often you are promoting and it could be the programs you are
promoting or the sites you are sending people to.

Other then Referralware, you don't tell us what sites you are trying to
get traffic to.

But, yes people do make money online. They are not lying. But one thing
most people who make money online have that most of the rest do not, is a
Large Mailing List. They have taken the time to build this List up, and
they have kept in touch with them. So that when they join something, all
they have to do is mail out to that List, and they know people will follow
them into whatever program they have joined.

So, building a mailing list is one thing you could try. I don't know if
you have done this, but having your own Website, a real one with a real
domain name, is also a good way to generate interest. You can promote all
your programs and your Mailing List from one site. You can personalize it.
Tell people who you are and what you think of this or that program. Offer
what advice you can and whatever inducement you can to get them to sign up
for your Mailing List.

Having your own site, means you control what is on it. What it looks like
and the Meta tags. You can even build the site around something you know a
lot about, even if it is not marketing or making money. But you can still
promote some of your other members sites from it.

When all you have are the members affiliate sites to send people to, you
can turn them off because they have already seen the program and it's
site. They just move on, nothing new here. But when it is your own site,
your own content, your own look, you will stand a better chance of having
them look around.

So, take a look at what you are marketing. Make sure that they still offer
something of value. Figure a way to build a mailing list and write to them
often. Be yourself, and let them get to know you. And look into getting
your own Website, with Your own domain name.

Then take a look at the ad copy you are using, and also think about how
often you are placing ads, and how often you are doing the Exchanges.
Could you be placing more?

I am sure many more will come to your rescue here and I wish you all the

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.6)=============
From:Natalie Bodrova.
Subject:More Traffic Please!!!

Really, driving a steady stream of traffic to your web site
takes a great deal of time and effort.

Avoid slow downloading pages. Make your web site easy to
navigate, with easy accessibility to each of your page and
a great layout. Update your site on a regular basis.

Rebecca,  analyze your web site traffic....

As was said before you need use meta tags.

Before you even start to promote your site I encourage you
to EXAMINE your site and make a list identifying the key
phrases a potential client would use when searching for the
information, select several of the most specific keywords
phrases that best describe your website. You need to place
key words and phrases within the first 250 words of your
page. Search engines look there to determine the content of
your site.

Submit your site to major search engines.

Promote continuously. Many search engines are starting to
rank the more popular web sites higher, due to popularity.
Adlandpro is one of the most effective classified ad sites
you can find. Submit Your URLs frequently to a lot of sites.
Get your site listed on AdlandPro Classifieds and FFA pages.

It will increase your Web site popularity for the spiders
and search engine rankings!

Use an automated  submission  program or service.

I hope this helps you on your pursuit to gaining web site

And about making money. Again, I recommend AdlandPro, it is
the best program I have ever been in and I have been in a
lot of them.

Become affiliate, get paid for your traffic by linking
to AdlandPro.

And start adv~ertising your program. That is what I have
done. Just be sure - Your number Id be in your link. And
remember, you are in the best program you will ever find on
the internet. All you need to do is to *~prom~ote it every

Hope all it helps.

Success to everyone,

Natalie Bodrova.

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Steve Manning
Subject:Email marketing (Harvesting of email addresses)

Hello Ned if you trawl websites for webmasters addresses and you are
reported to SpamCop the self appointed police man of the internet they
will report you to your isp OR the host or any url in your advert
they will shut your account first without warning leaving you with no isp
and possible no urls/domain sites.It only takes one email of complaint for
that to happen.All isp have a spam policy and will refer you to it if you
complain to them about closing your account.
They are frightened of spamcop as they them selves could be blacklisted if
they do not honour complaints so Ned think on.

Steve Manning

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
From:Erika (Rikie) Matheson
Subject:Email marketing (Harvesting of email addresses)

Ned get a life  -  this is outright SPAM behaviour.

you wrote "...list compilation by trawling of sites for e.mail addresses

This is where spam begins and is likely to be the END for you as an email
marketer.  Basically, spam is unsolicited email ie, stuff the receiver did
not request in any form and definitely does not want.

Look at what you are proposing... trawling for email addresses.... If you
do, then your first mail to the addressee's is unrequested and probably
unwanted. Even if you say (as many do) "this is the only email you will
receive from me...."
This is just a cop-out, it does not make the mail any more palatable.
Sure you can offer an unsubscribe address, but why should anyone be
required to unsubscribe if they didn't subscribe in the first place.....

Now, as I said, Get a Life.  If you wish to be regarded as a serious
marketer there are many better ways of building a contact list.  If you
are interested in more information, please  contact me directly at or just visit my Freebies page at for all the required info for Free.

Enough said, have a great day and don't take life too seriously.
Keep smiling,

Erika (Rikie) Matheson

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.3)=============
From:Gary Kidd
Subject:Email marketing (Harvesting of email addresses)

Gary Kidd

With regards to your recent question about the trawling of sites for
e.mail addresses.

With all due respect to most of the replies you have received, the most
successful Affiliates on the Internet have used this system to their
benefit for many years.

Brian Garwin even recommends it and names it as one of the reasons why he
became so successful.

Stephan Ducharme even uses it to great success, and shows you where to get
the software to not just get the email address, but also write to them

As long as you have a legitimate business proposal to offer the webmaster,
then this is not SPAM. If you just mail them with an ad, then it is SPAM.

You will need to format a well written business proposal letter to email
these people first.

I suggest you purchase and read Stephan Ducharme's book, "How to get one
million visitors without spending a dime on advertising".

Good luck.
Gary Kidd

Gary Kidd


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:Lois M. Jeary
Subject:What Are You Doing As An Ezine Publisher?

Hi Merle and Fellow Adlanders,

Being an ezine publisher is getting more difficult and I've elected for
double opt-in on my list.  The tire kickers won't bother to confirm the
subscription and I can ignore them.  Most of them start the process and in
turn start sending me ads for the usual Nigerian scam, etc. without
confirming their subscription.

How to get people to understand they are hurting an excellent
communication medium like email is the real problem.  Then horrors like
Habeas come into the picture and that one is scary.  If you haven't heard
about it, take a look at -- I
certainly wouldn't go along with that one.

I still send KIT out through the mail.  Using the double opt-in will cost
me subscribers but I want real subscribers, not just numbers.

Lois M. Jeary




===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From:Michele Newman
Subject:What Are You Doing As An Ezine Publisher?

In response to Merle's query on if any publishers are doing things
differently to avoid filters.

Yes, it seems that publishers everywhere are being forced to modify their
publications, as we are being "beaten into submission" by spam filters.

I personally have to use carats ^ and asterisks * in certain words like
FRE^E and SPA^M, SU^BSCRIBE or UN^SU^BSCRIBE, and of course this takes a
little longer to finish the publication. Aslo, I've had to change the
wording, like instead of using the word "subscriber", I use "member",
instead of "subscribe", use "join". Talking to other publishers, we all
commiserate about this, and have lost a lot of subscribers because of
these filters.
There is a site that you can go and test your publication before you send
it to see if it will pass through filters. Unfortunately, I don't have it,
but I know there are many of you out there who do, so if you have this,
please pass it along to all of us!

Good Luck!

Michele Newman

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.3)=============
From:Pauline Phillips
Subject:What Are You Doing As An Ezine Publisher?


I'd like to know what kind of modifications you're making to your
publication itself or in the way you deliver it in order to avoid the spam
filters that seem to be everywhere.

Please share any stories, tips, ideas you're currently using to keep your
ezine out of the trash bin and into the hands of your subscribers.>

I use Site Build It (
to create my eZine. It includes SpamCheck as part of the finishing
touches. For those who don't have Site Build It, I offer them free use of
SpamCheck at my website:

It's good to check eZines, newsletters, eMail, and sig files for Spam
errors. It can be used even to check webpage content!

Pauline Phillips

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.4)=============
From:Gary J Kidd
Subject:What Are You Doing As An Ezine Publisher?

SPAM filters are an ever increasing problem for Ezine owners. I know as I
have run an Ezine for over 18 months now.

Recently I cleaned my list and removed over 8000 subscribers. It makes no
sense to overload my server and host with wasted emails that will never be

Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of SPAM filters, and at the mercy of
SPEW who it seems have no ethics whatsoever when it comes to banning
server addresses.

You may not realise, but if a hosting company has had their server address
banned by spew then if your host is in their AREA, your email will never
get through.

If your host has been banned worldwide, then you will never get your
emails through, even if people request them.

I have just started a new type of ezine and
have decided to make it double opt in. This way, if my confirmation email
never gets through, they will never be subscribed. I am also having my
programmer work on setting up my list to reject most email addresses that
are free and carry SPAM filters. Then if people are serious enough about
making money online, they will use an email address that can receive my

I strongly suggest to anyone who is thinking of starting an ezine, to make
it double opt in. Even if you purchase subscribers, send them a
confirmation email first.

It really does not make sense to have a list of 25000 when only 40% of
them are receiving your emails.

If you want info on a list server that uses double opt in then let me

Gary J Kidd



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From:John Colanzi
Subject:Katheryn Labosky's review of mlm site

Andy Sparks asked.

Hi Katheryn

In your review of you stated it was important not to start
a sales letter with a question.



I have to agree with Andy. Look at some of the best mail order headlines
and they're are questions.

How Would You Like To ....

Have You Ever Dreamed ....

Are You Tired Of ...

Questions draw the reader in.

John Colanzi

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.2)=============
From:Katheryn Labosky
Subject:Katheryn Labosky's review of mlm site

Hi Andy.  Hope you're enjoying much success these days!  I'll just keep
this brief, as you had a very specific question to me concerning starting
a sales letter with a question.

A sales letter should be very confident and have a "take-charge" tone to
it, which would impel the reader to feel that they need to "buy right

A question at the beginning of the letter, mitigates, or "softens" this
"take-charge" tone a great deal, and since most readers either keep
reading or click off within the first 15 seconds, or within the first two
lines, sales can be lost this way.

E.g., "Want To Make 1,000 Dollars A Day For The Rest Of Your Life"?????,
implies that the person may, or may not make that kind of money.
       "Make 1,000 Dollars A Day For The Rest Of Your Life", implies that
the person will make that kind of money.  (All above headlines, again, are
just the product of my own fictitious imagination, and have no bearing
either positively or negatively on any company or any headlines that
resemble this).  I always must put that in, as I sometimes get inquiries
as to these fictitious examples I use, even though they are a product of
my imagination (lol).

Simply taking the words in the above sentence, "Want to", out, and turning
the question into a statement, makes the tone of the headline a lot

Thanks for replying Andy.  Good luck to you.

Katheryn Labosky

Katheryn Labosky
Owner: KLR Marketing Services/Written Solutions
"The Reluctant Entrepreneur"


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From:Kevin Haub
Subject:How to offer a download?

Hello Chris,

You asked:

"I have written a guide to free/cheap website
marketing, and want to give it away to do I offer it to people? I assume
I need to put it on a website somewhere, but
do I need to Zip it (if so, how), and turn it
into an exe that starts off the download
process (again, how?)"

Actually Chris, you can offer the download to
people in the PDF format that you plan to
convert it to. You will definitely need a website
to upload the file to. If you already have a
website, great! But if you need to get one you
will also need to find a good hosting company.
If you would like more information on finding a
good hosting company feel free to e-mail me:

As for offering a file for download, here is a
good way to accomplish that. Once you have
converted the file to PDF(assuming you have a
website), create a new directory on your website.
It can be something obvious like /download  - or
you can name it whatever appeals to you. Then you
can upload your PDF file to that directory.

If you want to restrict access to that directory
you can password protect it, but that is a
different subject altogether. Once you have the
file on your website, you can offer it to people
in several different ways. If you are asking for
their email address for subscription to an e-zine,
then you will want to send them the link in your
reply email. If you just want to offer the file
for download then the link to put on your website
would look like this if you named the new
directory "/download":

Whenever somebody clicks on that link they will
automatically start downloading that file. You may
want to add that the file requires Adobe Acrobat
because not everyone will know what a PDF file is.

You also asked about zipping the file. If it is a
rather large file, you may want to zip it to
lower download time, but you can certainly offer
it for download without zipping it. Especially if
the file is not very big.

Hope this helps,
Kevin V. Haub

Where Do You Want To Go-Promote Today?


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.2)=============
From:Chris Raynor,
Subject:How to offer a download?

Like you, I firstly create files in HTM  or html format.

When your guide will be finished, I could recommend great
Fre* software. Activ E-Book Compiler 4.22 - This is the
"compiler" that creates e-books from your HTML and graphics
I am using my favorite programs: Natata eBook
Compiler Version 1,0.  and SBookBuilder 9 .

You may to Create Your own Ebook with that freesoft.
Download all totally Fre**  and use! You get .exe file with
this fre**soft.
/I hope that it helps some of  ADLANDS'   DIGEST readers./

Then you need WinZip program, if you wish to get .zip file.

Chris, in any case you may upload your guide (ebook) to
your site, even if you have .exe file!

I hope everyone is having a nice day.

Best wishes,


Download totally *Fr^^* e-books: poems, fairy tales,
Cooking and recipes ebook.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.1)=============
From:William Jaroske


I never said any thing about edorsing. I was making some
emphasis to Wilfred on GMT.

I would never join a cracked up plan like that. Even paying
into it just to be lazy and let all the others do the work
by joining free.

With all this rhetoric going on. Why even soften the blow. They are
not going to listen to wishy washy posts like that. Come on John, You
have to be blunt and straight forward on these things.

And what is this depicting Robert Lee As A full blown anti MLM'er. What
is the sense in that. Am I that naive. Did I just jump off the tuna truck.
And what on earth are you labelling My CCI plan as A get rich kinda scheme.

I take it that you only read the money making part before making a
judgement. Now That is really outrageous.

Never in my life have I seen such rhetoric. You have the audacity to
totally trash some of the free hosted tripod sites that put their site up for review.
That's outrageous.

Then the safelist review was so uncommonly ridicules. Now
The smartmall review. You mentioned why do people sign up for these mall
thing's. What about GP. Don't they have a shopping mall. WOW. I guess you
had us fooled. Man this is so outrageous. That's outrageous

William Jaroske

Get your worthwhile Opportunities today. free advertising,
affiliate programs, get paid top take surveys and much more.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.2)=============
From:Gregory Urban

   To: John Olson

That was some article that you wrote on gmt. I disagree strongly with much
of the content. First off on the 100 emails. The requirement for this can
be as simple as sending 10 friends of your 10 different messages. gmt made
this as easy as possible for people who may like the idea of gmt but want
to "test drive" the product. Many new members came from the "free ranks".
Once they were paid and found the product was satisfactory that bought a
gmt business center. About the one member who bought a center for $199 and
was only paid $55. Well, I guess that he wanted to be paid right away. Gmt
pays in cycles. Cycle times vary according to company momentum. It may
take a few months or longer to complete a cycle. THERE is NO GUARANTEED
pay date. It seems to me that this person should have read over everything
related to the compensation plan before bad-mouthing this company. As far
as "meetings" for purposes of recruiting others, well I haven't heard of
this but on the surface whats wrong? Some members introduce a opportunity
on a personal basis instead of the " cold world of cyber space." Do you
think that Amway, Partylite, Mary Kay and others that practice "live
contact" are scams also? I guess that I must be one of the "lucky" ones
that's "getting rich" in gmt. Well I have an in-law that signed up in
December and just got his first 3 checks. When did you say the wheels were
coming off? Jeez, it must be sometime in the future. No business is
perfect. And yes gmt isn't either. But, for what is required to earn money
in the pay cycle has to be one of the internets best kept secrets even
with all of their rapid growth. Our CEO has even said that he expects gmt
to have $500,000,000 in sales in 2003. If its a scam, then its run by the
stupidest cast of criminals on the 'net! Gmt has cut over 240,000 checks
in their first 8 months! Mr Olson, in a scam don't you take some money,
pay a few and keep the bulk of it all. Well, I guess gmt has got that
wrong too! Bogdan I have a lot of respect for you but this time this
"expert" has got it all wrong.



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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Laurent *Wolf* Perraudin-Veazey
Subject:Shark pool effect

Hello all,

Is it just me, or are there others out there that think the internet e-biz
world is a gold fish pond full of sharks.

Being handicapped I spend much of my time at my computer,and run a
multi-tired home business. One day I thought, well maybe there is a way to
make a little extra capital with my knowledge of marketing and business,
via the internet.

So I embarked of this strange voyage. I've learnt a few things, probably
more than I cared to about false promises, and how best to get stripped of
one's funds in record time.

Some programs (co's) are really set up to start with as pyramids, but
under the cover of whatever new *super* service the tech specialist have
devised to make life easier.

Auto responders are a pet peeve of mine. I try to avoid them, though it is
not always possible, at least some of them use redirecting, which allows
one to imput a *real* address.

Nothing like asking a machine for information...not matter what you put in
your email, you get a standard reply.

I have no need to make 100's K a month, it would only serve to attract IRS
to my other activities, and that of my family (icendently money made on
the internet is taxable if it transits through a US bank). I am quiet
happy to make 5 K a month (way more than most people make on a consistent

In recent months (last 3 ), some really nasty programs have surfaced. To
my mind the most insidious are the gifting programs (pay it forward). 5
star, igr, Kiss, and others. If you get in on the first or second level,
there is a good chance you will make bundles, but the more it progresses,
the less people will make. People joining now don't have a hope of making
the promised figures...everybody who gravitates in e-biz is fed up of
getting emails about this *new* deal.

Another category of company are the *do nothing, earn bundles*, like
BigLeadsPro, Buildrefferals, MPAM, Referralware.  Anybody who tried the
*free* version of some of these will have seen the email explode ( I
received 150 emails in one day from BLP in one period of 12 hours). Thing
is each email says the same thing...upgrade. If I had thought the program
was valid in the first place, I would have joined then...

It's passably annoying when the first email (welcome email) you receive
contains the following implication : Upgrade to get paid more, or upgrade
to get paid (implies that being free is non paid, often the case).

The only co that has gotten my money in the past month is Ezineblaze, and
then only because it has generated a few leads for me. Thier matrix for me
remains blank, and I have yet to see 1 spill over ( and don't expect to

I agree, Ezine do work...probably better than all the other lead
generating systems put together (yes including Adlandpro).

My secret for success on-line :<< a business..treat it like one

Laurent *Wolf* Perraudin-Veazey



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
From:Jack Pujji
Subject:Here are two of the ideas I need your advice on:

Hello! Everyone,

I have been reading messages posted on this e-zine for some
time now and I feel I could use a little advice from all of
you marketing experts.

I started my home-based business 4 years ago, selling deeply
discounted "consolidator" airtickets after 27 years working
for others.

My online business has grown to a stage where I may have to
think about moving to a brick-and-mortar operation with more
staff as I cannot handle the increasing volume of customers
asking for service.

However, I am looking for a way to avoid this "regressive"
move and still keep operating from home by involving others
who can handle this customer "overflow" and be compensated

Here are two of the ideas I need your advice on:

(1) How can I structure a separate website to offer this
opportunity to others without looking like the zillions of
"scam" opportunity offers out there?

(2) How can I reach real home-based workers (not dead-beats
looking for get-rich-quick schemes) or travel agency owners
(or employees) who can be productive for me in selling to all
my online customers I am unable to handle by myself.

Hoping to hear from you all soon.

Jack Pujji

J. S. PUJJI - Lowest Airfare Finder


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (3)=============
From:Francis BK
Subject:How to put up my web site to search engine?

My name is Francis BK having my own hobby-fish business for years.

Recently, there is a new hybrid fish namely Flower Horn successfully
crossbred in Malaysia. This Fish has gained immense popularity
internationally and I decided to expand my business worldwide through the
power of Internet.

I got someone to design my web site but do not know how to effectively
broadcast my business. I heard FFA, Safe Lists, Classified are all
useless. Only some prominent Search Engine such as Yahoo, Google and so on
will do some good.

Can any expert teach me how to put my ad up there in the most economical
way or at no cost? To understand the nature of my business you can have a
look of my web site here:

Thank you.

Francis BK

RR Aquarium
Let you own The Hybrid Fish Of The Millennium in a cheapest way. just have
a look in:


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (4)=============
From:Sharon Fraysse
Subject:Newbie w/o a clue

i bought a program by a guru and have basically come up against the
confidence wall of having to write an ezine letter for a product info
download and or buy a targeted mailing list which i can't afford.  I'm
disabled and my husband is hurt and has been out of work for a while. the
more i read ,the more confused i get.  Any ideas, we are near bankruptcy and
i just want to support my family. the ad made it sounded so easy.   Help.
desperately seeking advice  thank you



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (5)=============
From:Bruce Kerr
Subject:Comments on Kanoodle?

Has anyone here used the search engine Kanoodle for advertising? Their
prices per click seem awfully low and that scares me. I gave them a shot
and my money was used up very quick, then I put some more money in and it
seemed to go a lot slower for the same search term.
Can anyone recommend a good, yet inexpensive tracking program?
I still haven't figured out on my hosting control panel how to tell where
visits came from.
Also, someone said to put  ?engine=(name of search engine) at the end of
my URL. I tried it and nothing different showed up. Ever heard of that?
Would appreciate your opinions.

Bruce Kerr



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (6)=============
From:Stephen Crate
Subject:Pulling it all together for profit

Hi group.  I have been trying to make a little money with my professional
services and information exchange for over 5 years.  I currently have
three web sites that cost me nothing, but the pop up ads and related
garbage is getting tiresome.   I have help a number of people over the
years as a rehab counsellor and community development specialist.  I want
to figure out a way to continue to help people and communities.  I would
like to design a specialized web site that includes the concepts on my web
site at <a href="" target=_blank> Stephens
Thoughts and Things </a> .But figure out a way to make a small income from
this information sharing. Any ideas? email me directly at
<> or respond to this post.  thanks.  This is a
great service

Stephen Crate



=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Jan Hammer

I would like to request a site review of my website  I have been slowly building traffic and am
at the point I need to make some decisions. (After months, I am finally
averaging about 50 visitors a day and 150 hits a day.)   My recipe site is
the most popular feature.  The Mall is of interest but not generating
profits.  The items on the lead page are generating a small profit.  I
have to admit the recipe site represents an overwhelming interest of mine.
I am also working on a Shabby Chic site in conjunction with an off line
business that taps my creative side.  Are there suggestions to tweak the
mall area or should I scrap the mall and go with ads on my biz opp, recipe
pages, and Shabby Chic pages?  Where is the best place to get e-book
information for converting the recipes (those currently online plus
additional ones) into a downloadable format which would be sold for a
small fee.  Suggestions are appreciated.

Jan Hammer



=====================Site Review Request  (2)===============
From:Steve Tai

To all fellow ezine subscribers,

I know I posted my site not too long ago for review, but I have since
wiped the slate clean, and started with a fresh, new, cleaner professional

Any critiques of the 'new' site will be much appreciated.

thanx cheers,


=====================Site Review Request  (3)===============
From:Robert Moser

This is a new web-site offering vacations on rural ranch
life and local history and events in the Dakota's. I notice
that with the pictures it takes some time to load. Is there
a better easier way to set this up for quicker response?

Please send response to
on site review of


=====================Site Review Request  (4)===============


Requesting a site review for my new site . Honest opinion please.
I have been marketing online via affiliate programs and networking for
1 year but without much success.
Your opinions are solicited.

Thank you




=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:Erika (Rikie) Matheson

Hi Darin,

Well at first impression I thought your site maybe an entrance for some
sort of "kinky" club or maybe just a fun site as you give no real
introduction to yourself or your site on your home page (love the graphics

It appears that your site is all about travel and adventure tours (and
saving the planet?) etc.  If I have this right then LET PEOPLE KNOW.

You asked for opinions on the way you have put your tour together....
My recommendation would to put a "begin tour here" button at the bottom of
your "totem pole" so you get a better flow through of traffic, along with
a next button on consecutive pages. This would encourage people to view
the site in the order you intended.  I personally just pick the heading
that appeals first and go to that page first.

I also feel you may need to spend some time on reducing the load time for
your pages.  You will loose a lot of business in today's "instant
gratification" market if you expect people to wait a long time to have
pages load.

As for Advertising, the current trend seems to be ezine advertising.  There
are alot of subject based ezines on the net or you could just try some of
the ezine submission programs that submit your ad to groups of ezines.
for example

Ezine Blaze

Ezine King


For further info, please contact me directly at my site below.


Keep smiling,


=====================Site Review Response  (2)===============
From:Sharon Bray-McPherson

I would like to thank John Olson and Kathryn Labosky for
their helpful suggestions in reply to my request for a
site review of

I also thank you Mr. Lee, even though you called my
honesty into question.  I must say that after 4+ years
of doing business online that you are the first one to
question my intentions and credibility.

You ask what I was hiding. Let's see, I have my name, home
mailing address, email address, and my toll-free telephone
number listed on the site.  Yep, that sure sounds like
I'm hiding something.  And as for using the MSN Messenger
to offer live support, you might find this interesting Mr.
Lee, my visitors appreciate and enjoy it.

John, I appreciate your questions to Mr. Lee about the
webhosting I was using. In fairness to Mr. Lee, when I
requested the site review my website was hosted on
Tripod.  I was paying $19.95 per month for their PAID
hosting services.  But naturally Mr. Lee just ASSUMED
that because it was on Tripod that it must be free.
Mr. Lee, didn't you notice that you didn't see one
pop-up or implanted ad for Tripod?  That should have
told you that the hosting was NOT free.

His question about what I was hiding I think was in
reference to the Tiny Url's that were on my website.

To answer his question, I was using those because I
had used them on another website that I used to have,
and had not had time to change them before my site
was reviewed.

In the last week I have changed the majority of my
website to Host4Profit.  But it had nothing to do
with Mr. Lee's critiscism.  I had been planning on
doing it anyway as a favor to a friend, and because
with Host4Profit's reseller program I hope to be
able to earn enough in referral commissions to pay
for my monthly hosting fees.  Something that is not
available with Tripod.

Sharon Bray-McPherson

Gallant Marketing Group


=====================Site Review Response  (3)===============
From:Robert Lee

From:John Olson Subject:Robert Lee Subject:

In your review of this site, You stated:
>Serious Tools for the Serious Marketer. Really? Then why is your site a
tripod hosted site? <
Maybe I missed something, but I didn't see anything on this site that
tells me it is hosted on Tripod. I just checked the source code, and there
is no mention of Tripod. Also this is a Real domain name, not a Tripod
And there is nothing wrong with hosting on Tripod, they do offer paid
hosting just like my host or yours.
Are you sure you were looking at the same site I was? I think you are
letting your anti-MLM side take over your judgment.
John Olson
End Quote.


I found out that information using the tools of the trade. I am a
professional site reviewer, having reviewed web sites in the thousands
now. I've been doing it for more than 5 years.
Someone using a domain forward, or framing in a site from a real domain
name to a free hosted site is the same as having that site only on a free
hosted site.

That's what make our reviews so different. You take them as a personal
trip through the pages. I take a larger view.

Goodness people. Professional web sites for professional businesses
requires real hosting, even if it only costs you $5.00 a month.

Robert Lee

Dating B2B
Earn $$$ Become An Online Dating Service Affiliate Today!
Content! Stickiness! Traffic Tips!



=====================Site Review Response  (4)===============
From:John Olson


My first question is why do you have the URL redirected to I am just wondering.

Next, your Home page has to many banners and things on it. You want that
page to load fast. You don't want people waiting around for things. If you
want links to most of these sites on the page, do them with text links.
They will load faster and people have been known to click on a good text
link more often then a banner.

And tell us who you are. Who or what is World's Best Online Casino's? Why
is it hear? What is on it?

I would divide the content on your Home page with some of the other pages
you have or add new ones. Keep the Home page as clean as you can, and give
the visitor reasons to click around to the other pages.

And you are asking people to sign your "Guestbook," but what you are
really doing is asking them to sign up for your mailing list. Be honest
and call it a mailing list. Because it sure isn't a Guestbook. A Guestbook
is something completely different and something we should be able to visit
and read through. And you might want to offer the Free E-Book as a way to
get people to sign up for your List, and not just give it away for
nothing. Also, I think your Free Book Link should go to a page that
describes what the Book is with a direct download of the book on it.

All the links at the top of your site, should be to other pages on your
site, not to some affiliate site of yours.

Think about what you can say to people about online Casino's. Build pages
around that information. What are the key things to know about online
Casino's? What are the things to watch out for? What is most fun about
online Casino's? What advice can you offer people who visit your site?

You might also offer some tips on traveling to different off line Casino's
around the World. You could do several pages on just Vegas for example.
And if you do this, you might want to get some affiliate links to Travel
agencies to earn a little from people planning trips through your links.
Just a thought.

Give your recommendations. What is the best online Casino for this or that
type of game? Another thought, you might even build pages for each of the
best Casino's by themselves.

I wish you luck,

John Olson

It's Your Money. It's Your Time.


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"Are you seriously hurt?"
"How do I know?" the driver responds, "I'm not a lawyer!"

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