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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)

1.Never pay for website promotion again.
~Andy Sparks
~Marion Stearns
~Elizabeth Piotrowski

2.More Bad News on Habeas Headers, THIS IS NO HOAX
~Marianne Payton
~Michael Yost
~William Jaroske
~Dean Walker
~Ken Denton

3.Join A Mastermind Group
~Cathy Wagner

N e w     P o s t s  (2)

~Length of your Ezine

2.Deirdre Jones
~Speaking of Spam

Site Review Requests   (1)

1.Ben Marroquin

Site Review Responses   (0)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.Failure is Not an Option
By Diane Hughes

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  400 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.

In last issue I mentioned about possibility of advertising in all Adland Digest 
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Take also into consideration that those pages are being spidered by search engines 
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In addition each issue of Adland Digest would have something like this at the top.

This newsletter is supported and owned in part by Your Name of Your website name   your 
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Of course version of your newsletter would go only to subscribers which we would 
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If you would like to get this kind of system for yourself go here.


Bogdan Fiedur


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Andy Sparks
Subject:Never pay for website promotion again.


That is a great analogy, comparing John T. Malloy's Dress for Success with
owning your own domain and paid hosting.  We all need to look at our
websites and make sure they are dressed for success.

Andy Sparks

Secrets to Real Estate Wealth, an ebook for beginners


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From:Marion Stearns
Subject:Never pay for website promotion again.

In regard to Robert's remarks on cosmetic
professionalism, may I suggest a bit of

Marion Stearns

There are two main things that can drive anyone, into earning an online
Those two main ingredients are drive and

When I began making money in my first
small business, I had nothing. I had no skills, no support, no bells and
whistle - type decorations. I had no website. I had no computer. I could
not download. I had no skills. I did have great ezines to teach me what
was expected. I also had  many critics.

I do have a few websites now and quite a few bells and a lot of whistles.
Looks can be deceiving, at times. Lying? Naaaa..
my email is forwarded to my Web T.V Plus from my domain. That's a very
common practice, now isn't it ? I tell everyone that I don't use a
computer and I have been asked to get emails exchanged when computers
couldn't do the job. In 3+ years, I haven't lost a day online. I cannot
get a virus and my business grew on email relationships, only. Let's say
my biz associates, especially my partner, graduated me upwards, to a
cosmetic beauty:) Where there IS a will, there is ALWAYS a way:) I made
the word "focus" my mantra. Anyone can do more than what I did, if they
can keep the dream alive.

The Flashy AdMistress


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From:Elizabeth Piotrowski
Subject:Never pay for website promotion again.

To Andy Sparks And Robert Lee,

If nothing else, this ongoing discussion has made one truth perfectly
clear - there are obvious and strong differences of opinion about what it
takes to be successful online. Some think it's possible to be successful
with free resources, and some do not.
Without these differences in opinion, the world would be a boring place,
and I'd like to thank you both for illustrating this.

I'm not sure why or how this discussion has come to this end, but I must
make one final statement - anyone who knows me, online or off, knows that
I would never use a legitimate discussion or situation as a vehicle to
further myself in business, or to put up a fašade to hide the truth about
myself as a person. I have seen many Digest members outline their own
experiences in order to help other readers, and this was what I hoped to
accomplish with my replies. This did not occur in both of your opinions
(and I'm sure you aren't the only ones), and I'm truly sorry for that.

Andy, I never meant to imply that I thought you personally to be rude
because of your opinion. It was my personal viewpoint about that type of
statement. I need not look through your previous postings to justify the
fact that your replies have been polite, for I already know this to be
true. I apologize.

Robert, your statement about my success being mine alone and not due to
others could not be farther from the truth. Without those who believed in
me and continue to do so, I would never have had the courage to strike out
on my own and become my own boss. Not a day goes by that I am not thankful
for their support. You have made valid points, and I apologize to you if I
did not acknowledge this in the past.

I'd also like to send my heartfelt thanks to those Adland Digest members
who emailed me with their words of encouragement throughout this
discussion. I was and remain flattered and heartened by your thoughts.

It is difficult to take an idea and nurture it, build upon it and turn it
into something positive and profitable. Whichever road one takes to
accomplish this, the time it takes and the work involved should not be
underestimated or disrespected. If I have exhibited this attitude in my
previous posts, I apologize to all Adland Digest members, as this was most
definitely not my intention.

I look forward to contributing to future Adland discussions, and continue
to wish all of Bogdan's subscribers the best of success in everything they


Elizabeth Piotrowski


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Marianne Payton
Subject:More Bad News on Habeas Headers, THIS IS NO HOAX

Dear Bogdan and Adlanders:

I read with interest and disappointment the comments regarding the Habeas
Header problems. If no one takes this serious, we will all be in for some
drastic adjustments that will change our everyday operations sending email
and our ezines. Thank Heaven for those who followed up.

My reason for writing again is because there is more bad news regarding
those headers.  Habeas, Inc. has now raised the price of their "Business
License" to send email containing their header from $200 per year to $495
per year.  This is the license they are going to so generously allow ezine
publishers to buy. Read all about them at the URL below.

jl Scott, Ph.D. made several predictions when we first heard about Habeas.
The first has now come to pass.

You can read the petition online at the URL below.  You'll find
directions there for signing.  PLEASE - make your voice be heard
in Washington!

PUBLISHERS:  Please ask your readers to sign this petition!

<a href=""> </a>

Please join Online Marketing Professionals United Against Censorship
(OMPUAC) and stand up for online business, visit:

Pay-to-Send Email Information:

Sure hope you make the right decision.  It will come to the point that
even Bogdan will not be able to send out this ezine for free any longer if
this monstrosity comes to pass.

God Bless,

With God, all things are possible ~ Matt 19:26
Proud Charter Member



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
From:Michael Yost
Subject:More Bad News on Habeas Headers, THIS IS NO HOAX

Dear Friends,

Well, I guess that some are not taking Habeas TOO seriously. In case you
wonder what is going on in the wonderful world of Habeas, then
imagine...they RAISED their prices for the Business License from $200 a
year to $495 per year. That is what they are charging the small ezine
publisher (who is selling little or no ad space) for the "right" to use
their headers.

Habeas has changed the annual business revenue for their bulk license from
$100,000.00 to $1,000,000.00 for business owners. Is this their attempt to
put the "small marketing" sites out of business????? You decide!!

Check out the NEW pricing here:

And IF you think that Habeas is NOT paying attention to the OMPUAC, then
explain WHY we are linked on their site as a "Naysayer" to the Habeas
headers??? Read the information at the bottom of this page:

It seems that our dear Dr. jl scott made THIS prediction and it NOW has
come into pass. And her next one...well I can let you guess what that one
is and it just MAY involve the "free" licensing (or not).

I can assure you we ARE on the right track here. Unless I am missing the
mark, they (Habeas and others) are paying CLOSE attention to US!! We are
the only real voice that is taking ACTION to actually assure that the
online micro-business has a voice. And you also can bet that they are
watching us VERY carefully.

PLEASE...and I am NOT above begging....tell EVERYONE you know to visit the
OMPUAC site. Invite them to join our efforts and to donate to the cause. WE
ARE MAKING PROGRESS when the "foe" is paying attention!!

Thanks again,

Michael Yost



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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.3)=============
From:William Jaroske
Subject:More Bad News on Habeas Headers, THIS IS NO HOAX

Hi subscribers,

Well this has got to be the lamest response ever thought up to the extent
of online stupidity.

 Cherl Crossmen said

" The reason it comes from her autoresponder is to make it easier."

Well Cherl coming from a bright mind like yours. That is the wrong to
facilitate these things especially online petitions. And tell us your
full name on your websites.

Then you stated " We are fighting tooth and nail to save your business"
Saving My business does not your narrow guided help. In fact all you most
talk about is the sky falling sign the petition. submit your email
address to us. Its like Will Robinson and the robot from Lost In Space.
Warning Warning, Danger Danger.That is just plain outrageous! But let me
ask you this How can you stop a tidal wave with a little boycott. You ask

Merl said

" I can assure you J L Scott of icop does not need to use fear to get

then state " She has approached it from both sides" something fishy here.
As I earlier stated that Icop and Hebeas were friends. Well i take that
back. it seems there is a battle made personal by icops directed at
Hebaes. It looks like a personal directed attack to me and icops is
scaring its subscribers and newbies alike to part with their email
addresses with a half cocked petition campaign. That's outrageous!

As for me. I'm an experienced petition circulator. I been on alot of
petition drives. In order for a petition signature to be valid. the signer
has to be a registered voter. Otherwise it won't count. The company I
generally trust is National Petition Management their site is

I think all of you need to do a little reading and research. Its a crying
shame that you have become so lost that you can't tell what's real anymore.

Marion Stearns said

" Habaes is a real Threat to anyone who takes email seriously" Well Marion,
The fact is. So do Spammers and scammers to put it bluntly.

Laurie, before I start carving up your post. Why don't you tell us your
full name. It seems your hiding something since I looked at your site and
low and behold. Flashy ads is marketing Mining Gold. and Cloak links. I
take it you don't research things before signing up or do you. Do you
actually care or just care only about making money. Maybe it would be a
good idea to make some retractions. It would be shame that I have to carve
up more of your post that you worked so hard on.

Sharon-Bray McPearson

I can see by viewing your site. You are abit confused about your business
and what you are marketing. Let see you have on your site is the rim
digest, Dr. Nunely and hordes of seminar experts. Are you sure these people
don't have chequered histories. A while back I asked rim digest to end my
account. The response I got was foul language. That was outrageous!

You see I no longer wish to get junkies. There are alot of them out
there. Alot will trick you into subscribing in every shape and form.

And your head line I"m Quitting MLM forever. Then launch into the selling
of MLM products and services. People are going to look at it and say. This
@#!%$ webmaster is on the verge of going to the fun house in a straight
jacket and you call me Paranoid. Oh PULEEZ. What's is this garbage. Generic
seminars and the like. I subscribe to  site updates and you send something
that looks like run of mill ezine format with with seminar hype in it.
don't tell me you fell hook line and sinker for the seminar hype biz.
That's outrageous

Its a crying shame that even experts get duped.

William Jaroske

Learn effective ways to market your website while earning rewards,
benefits, and income. Use professional tools and software.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.4)=============
From:Dean Walker
Subject:More Bad News on Habeas Headers, THIS IS NO HOAX

Say NO! to Habeas ~ Keep Email Fr*e
Sign the Worldwide Petition to the Congress of the United States of

Join to Protect Free Enterprise
Online Marketing Professionals United Against Censorship (OMPUAC)

There's a lot of valid comments about how Habeas will
impact people and their businesses in all parts of the world.
Here's an interesting analogy from a gentleman in Australia:

"What the company in question is doing is tantamount to a
self-appointed private company (or individual for that matter)
setting up a roadblock on a busy highway, without anyone's
permission or intervention, and making drivers pay to be
"safely" escorted to their destination, or be prevented from
continuing. Nobody would tolerate it! Unlike the highways of
the land, the Internet highway is not owned by any person,
authority or government - it is free."

Another person wrote:

"In my opinion, Habeas is the 'terrorist' of the internet."

If you haven't taken the time to sign the petition, why not
do it today while it's fresh in your mind? Remember, if Habeas
spreads like the cancer it is, the email YOU send tomorrow
may not reach its destination because you haven't paid your
dues. This is ALREADY a reality! Take a look at some recent
press coverage Habeas boasts on their web site:

Dean Walker

Followingup Communications


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.5)=============
From:Ken Denton
Subject:More Bad News on Habeas Headers, THIS IS NO HOAX

George, thanks for the post RE: OMPUAC.  I have joined and made a donation
as well.

Here is something else we can do and it applies to all online business
owners as well as publishers.  This is from jl scott of iCop.

We now have an International Petition set up to send to the U.S.
Congress. I call it "International" because ANYONE can sign it,
whether you live in the USA or not. These issues affect
International Trade!

This is to petition Congress to outlaw companies that set up any
Pay-to-Send email programs. We also ask for legislation on spam
while, at the same time, they protect the ethical, online business

I'd thought about doing this sooner, but didn't have the time.
Now, I have some good help. I had help from a lawyer in writing
the petition. And, Melissa Ritchey, publisher of "No-Fluff
Marketing Tips" is putting the petition together to send to

You can read the petition online at the URL below. You'll find
directions there for signing. PLEASE - I'm BEGGING you - make your
 voice be heard in Washington!

Ken Denton

Internet Business Builder Gazette



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Cathy Wagner
Subject:Join A Mastermind Group

I really enjoyed last week's article, A Success Essential - Join A Mastermind
Group By Willie Crawford. It made me realize that I have a mastermind group that
has been a tremendous help to me. Each member has given me valuable assistance
and ideas when I needed it and I have been glad to help them in any way I can,
too. We have all grown quite close and consider each other good friends.

Before I became a part of this group I had no idea how isolated I was or how
important it is to have others of similar interests to talk to when trying to
achieve a goal. It seems we all have to go through the same experiences, but the
order in which we take them is different for each individual. There are so many
friendly and helpful people online, that it is silly not to make use of
everyone's experience to travel more quickly down the same path toward a shared
goal, online success.

Willie says "How do you find or join a mastermind group, and begin achieving
much more than you ever could individually?  I would begin by asking those I
frequently communicate with if they would like to work together on projects or
form a group." For those of you who are as isolated as I was and do not have any
contacts, I sincerely recommend Money Chatter marketing chat room.

Now, now, this is not a plug so much as a heart felt recommendation. This chat
room is totally free, I am not trying to make any kind of sale here. It is where
I met my mastermind group and it's membership is growing steadily. We still meet
there, especially when we can get the whole group (about 10 of us) together, but
we also talk to each other individually via instant messengers and email.

Money Chatter is a small, safe, downloadable chat room that is specifically
designed to allow internet marketers to discuss business. You will meet other
marketers, with various levels of experience, and you can ask them questions
about how to accomplish specific tasks, how are they selling their products, web
design, are certain programs really paying, anything! They will happily look at
your site or ad copy and give you their honest opinion, they are really glad to

If you are lucky to have friends and family who do not tune out when you start
to talk about your internet business, chances are they do not have a lot of
helpful suggestions as to what you can do to expand your marketing reach. If you
have been working totally on your own, you will be astounded at how good it
feels to be able to talk directly with someone who has been there and can help
when you have trouble. If you feel blocked or stumped by a particular project,
you can get help! If you like to help others (and I know that many of you do),
you can do that, too. It really is a nice tool.

Check it out for yourself

You will be glad you did. :)

Have a Profitable Day,

Cathy Wagner

ONE STOP Internet Business Services
Your ONE STOP for high quality marketing
information, tips and recommendations.


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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
Subject:Length of your Ezine

Hi Bogdan et al,

I really love reading your ezine each and every edition, to the extent
that I save it until I know I can read it all.  Sometimes I find I need a
couple of hours as I like to respond to issues raised.

However, what I am beginning to find is that the same people are going over
and over the same issues for weeks on end.  This is beginning to detract
from the benefits of the information available.  I am really becoming
bored with the finger pointing and retaliatory comments of some of your

Maybe you could add a section to the END of the ezine for people to
backstab and fight with each other or better still, create a 'forum-group'
for them to do this in real-time and get on with the great work your ezine
has always been.

Another thought I had is maybe your could restrict the size of responses
to make them more relevant and contain less "fluff" and "grandstanding".

Just a thought, keep up the good work.

Call The Planet -
A real physical and useful product, a box which allows you to make
unlimited free long-distance phone calls.


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
From:Deirdre Jones
Subject:Speaking of Spam

I have been watching all the hoopla over the past months about spam - all
the screaming, whining, complaining.  And I have been wondering why is it
that mega-giants like Amazon, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, AOL, etc. (these
companies are used for illustrative purposes only) spam millions of people
and almost no one crys foul?  Or maybe it is all quietly swept under the
rug and we never hear about it.

The most accepted definition of spam is unsolicited commercial email, or
UCE for short.  So if I do not specifically ask to receive your email,
then you are spamming me.  It does not matter if I bought 1500 books from
you in the last month, that does not give you the right to add me to your
mailing list if I did not specifically request to be added.  Now keep in
mind that all of this is based on the official definition of spam - I must
request to receive an email from you before you can contact me and not be
accused of spamming.

But mostly, when we receive emails from these mega-companies, we either
simply read them or delete them with no real complaint.  And sometimes, we
actually consider it a special favor to us when "Barnes and Noble" alerts
us that the new Stephen King novel is hitting the shelves next week.
After all, we have to have it before anyone else, right?

However, when the majority of people think of spam, they immediately think
of those "hinky" emails that offer solutions to enlarge body parts,
pornography, or some ezine that we subscribed to that we forgot about
(sounds oddly familiar, heh?).  And the REAL spam fanatics are outraged to
receive such garbage and immediately report the offender to some self
appointed spam cop, with no consideration to whether he/she requested the
garbage or not.  Many times this "garbage" may be your ezine.

Now, if you would, explain to me why we allow the mega-giants to get away
with spam while the "little guy" suffers?  Is this not discrimination?
Please do not misunderstand, I do not like receiving this crap either, but
 spam is spam.  So shouldn't the rules apply to everyone?  Let's REALLY
level the playing field in cyberspace.

What bothers me the most is that you have these self-appointed watchdogs
that do not even allow you to defend yourself before you are blacklisted
and your ISP shuts you down.  Why should some yo-yo who forgot that he
subscribed to my ezine be allowed to destroy my business?  I bet that this
would not happen if home/small/internet business starting suing their
accusers. And oh, I can think of a LONG LIST of things to sue for....

Most email programs come with a filter tool so that you can filter
unwanted email at the source.  There are also numerous free programs that
allow you to review your email before you download it to your computer,
such as MailWasher at  Why are we not using
these free resources?

I understand that spam is a HUGE problem - I receive about 300 pieces of
email a day.  But thanks to the filters that I have set up, I only see
about 70 emails.  The ones that I do not want are easy to delete.  My
fingers work just fine, thank you.  I would rather set up filters and
delete email than to exchange this freedom for the dictatorship of some

And why is my ISP deciding what email I should receive ANYWAY?  I mean, I
pay for their service, they do not pay me.  When it comes to spam, make
your vote count by refusing to be bullied into acceptance.  Many of you
may not even be receiving all of your email due to filters imposed by your

Most of us here either run a business online or are thinking about
starting a business online.  Email is an inexpensive way to keep in touch
with our customers.  It is what has made it possible for many of us to
profit.  However, it will soon be controlled by huge companies who have no
business telling me what I can or cannot receive in my inbox, if we do not
take some action to prevent this.

Soon only the large companies will be able to afford to market by email.
Can we as small business owners allow this to happen?  I am appealing to
you to make your voice heard in the fight against spam by using email
RESPONSIBLY and refusing to accept what these huge companies are trying to
shove down our throats.

Deirdre Jones

ZeroCents Long Distance.  No per minute charges. No switching companies.
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=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Ben Marroquin

Hello Everyone,

With it now being Spring I have decided to do some spring cleaning of my
website. I have been busy re-designing my site, getting rid of outdated
webpages and photos, and adding new content.

My current projects include adding the following webpages:

Free Online Training (Live and Interactive) via our Video Conferencing
System Free Professional Business Building Training with Russ DeVan (Live and
Interactive) Free iMarketing University from Ken Evoy
Enviro Brick Revamping My Marketing Guide Section

I'm about 40% finished with these projects and would love some feedback so
that I can focus on doing it right. I plan to have everything completed by
April 21st so that I can kick my Advertising Campaign into high gear
(which includes advertising here :o).

I'd just like to thank you in advance for your valuable time.

Wishing You Success,
Ben Marroquin

Favorite quote: "The only Place You'll find Success before Work, is in the
Dictionary." - May B. Smith

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=====================G u e s t   A r t i c l e   (1)===============
Failure is Not an Option
ByDiane Hughes

I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that
online businesses -- just like brick and mortar businesses --
have a very high failure rate for startups. Ever wonder why
that is? There are several business consultants, success gurus,
and motivational experts who can tell you. The problem is:
Most of us don't listen.

How many times have we heard the "success secrets" of the
multimillion-dollar pros? Countless times we have all been
preached to about setting goals, having a defined plan,
giving it all we've got, and aiming high. Yet still, take
a look around. The statistics of small business failures have
not changed. In the first five years of starting a new business,
the odds say that you'll fail.

Ready for the good news? There is one thing I can tell you --
from personal experience, and from the experience of well-known,
successful online business owners that I know. More important
than setting goals, more than following a plan, more than
shooting for the moon, is your mindset.  Ask people who have
succeeded online how they did it, and they are sure to tell
you that they had to. That's right -- they HAD to. Why?
Because failure is not an option.

When you set your sights on something as grand as starting
your own business, you simply have to have the mindset that,
regardless of what happens, you will not allow yourself to fail.

When difficulties come, the "failure is not an option" attitude
will drive you to overcome them. When things aren't going as you
originally planned (and many times they won't), "failure is not
an option" will keep you from folding. When everybody else tells
you that you can't make it, you will be able to tell them you
can because "failure is not an option."

Those whose thinking allows them an "out," those who begin a
business with the idea that if it doesn't work out -- "oh well,"
are the ones who will most likely falter. However, on the other
hand, those who have no choice but to succeed will do exactly

Are you considering starting a new business? Do you have a
business that isn't performing the way it should? Take a look
at your attitude. Yes, it is important to set goals and follow
through with them. It is vital that you have the knowledge and
funds to operate a business the right way. However, those things
won't carry you very far if you allow yourself to think that
it's OK to fail.

Take some time this week to double-check your thinking.
Are you "hoping" your company will make it? Do you "wonder"
if everything will work out all right? When you eliminate
the option of failure, you open up the flow of creativity,
you boost your level of willpower, and you energize your
thinking so that only those things that lead to success can
control your mind. Once you accomplish that, the only viable
alternative is to make it, and make it big!

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=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============

Did you hear about the 55 whales who beached themselves
on the shore of the Florida Keys?

Officials have acknowledged only 54 actually washed ashore,
apologizing to Senator Ted Kennedy who was sunbathing at
the time.

Let's hear from you......

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