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                          Vol 1, #35, October 14, 1998


Topic in this issue:

        1. Sponsor Message
        2. Generating Traffic
                -   Patrick Carlow
        3. Using Articles to Gain Credibility
                - Colleen Mandato
        4. Tracking Responses To Promotions!
                    Guest Article by James Graham

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=================New Post=============

Subject: Generating Traffic
Patrick Carlow

Hello Fellow Adlanders!

First of all thanks to Dave and Bogdan for maintaining this digest!

I believe the ever growing number of web pages is causing the same
problem for most webmasters. Traffic. Getting listed on the search
engines seems to get harder everyday, and with every new web page
that is created the competition for the top listings becomes even more
fierce.  I have found a couple of free programs that have generated far
more hits to my website than any other method.  People who would
have never seen my website otherwise are now some of my best customers.
If you're looking for a way to help increase traffic to your web site I've
put together a listing of the few that are bringing me the most hits.
You can take a look at:

If you know of any other free traffic generators besides the ones I
have listed please drop me a line.

Patrick Carlow
PatCar Publications
$ Free Home Based and Internet Business Resources $

=================New Post===============

Subject: Using Articles to Gain Credibility
               Colleen Mandato

Hello Adland Friends and Neighbors!

Back in 1995, I wrote a series of articles about online marketing, and gave
them away free.  I also allowed others to post them on their web sites and
their newsletters, providing my contact information was kept intact.

Because of this, one article was picked up by UPLINE magazine and Cutting
Edge Opportunities, giving me even more exposure.

I still receive inquires on an almost daily basis from those 3 year old
articles that are still circulating!

So -- write an article to help other marketers -- and help yourself as well!

  Have a great day!
  Colleen Mandato
  Life Plus International

==================Guest Article ===================

Subject: Tracking Responses To Promotions!
James Graham,

Have you given enough thought to exactly how your going to realize
the effectiveness of your promotions?
Sure, if your only running a single advert in one ezine for 3 weeks
the resulting surge in traffic could be fairly obvious.
Of course this scenario is very much a fairy tale, chances are you
will be running more than one type of promotion in parallel.

Providing everything is going well, low and behold your server logs
start reflecting this immense flow of visitors to your site.

Assuming your promotions are targeted accurately and the advert is
good you will be whooping with joy as the orders come flooding in.

Shortly after the champagne dries up comes the question:

'Where are all these visitors coming from?'

At this point I ask you to pick up a newspaper and glance through
the trade classified adverts, notice anything?

Chances are each will be coded specifically to enable the advertiser
a means of identifying the source of the advert your responding to
when telephone or write for information.

If your asked to phone a certain number the advert may request you
quote a unique reference to take advantage of the offer advertised.
Similarly, addresses may include the return address coded with
something like 'ref:AZ-0698' or 'Dept. AM1-698'.

Either way, the advertiser is identifying the success of the particular
promotion by recording where the responses are coming from.
If you haven't guessed yet I'm going to show you how you can do
the same thing for your on-line promotions.

As with most things, there is a hard and easy way to achieve this:

The hard way:

1. For each promotion or advert create a unique page which
redirects the visitor automatically to your home page.

2. Match this unique URL to the current banner, signature
or whatever medium you are using.

The obvious drawback to this technique is the time you have to
take out to prepare a page and then duplicate it each time you
run a different advert or try a new signature.

The easy way:

1. Uniquely identify each URL with a special code which relates
to the particular signature, advert, banner that your using. This can
be achieved by appending a question mark (?) after the URL and
your code of choice.

2. For each promotion create a unique code to identify the source
of traffic.

For an email update I send to clients in June I could use:


for posts to Link Exchange Digest.
Upon examination of your server logs hopefully you will see lots
of references to index.htm?upd6 or whatever you used.
Using this technique for every promotion undertaken will give
you a much better understanding of how effective each individual
promotion is performing and more importantly exactly how what
the response in relation to the cost of the promotion.

Good luck!
Article by James Graham,
creator of Gumball
Gumball is an invisible FREE website tracker that allows
webmasters to create unique, website traffic reports to
their own specifications. If you have any questions feel
free to email James.

Let's hear from you......

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