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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher
1. 4 Discussion Board Traffic Secrets!

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (4)

1.Response to "Guest Article 1" Following one Guru!
~Bill Mc Quatt

2.Autoresponder Help
~Cathy Wagner

3.How Do I get Started?
~Holly Klaus
~John Olson

4.Email Capture/Autoresponders
~John Olson

N e w     P o s t s  (3)

1.Patricia Jones-Ellzey
~Trouble with windows xp home addition

2.James Pendleton
~My return to the web

3.Iain Mckinnon
~Email lists

Site Review Requests   (1)

1.Allen Palmer

Site Review Responses   (0)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.Are You Walking the Talk?
By Diane Hughes

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  480 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.


This past weekend was a long weekend here in Canada. During
such weekends most Canadians usually go either camping or at least go
to the lake to swim, fish or just lay on the sand.

It didn't happen to me. On Saturday afternoon I started receiving
messages from angry people that I should stop sending them pop
up windows to their computer.

As it is not my style to use any intrusive advertising techniques, I
just assumed that this must be some misunderstanding and it
is going to resolve itself as soon as I get some details about this
pop-up windows.

Guess what. When I tried to get some details from these
angry people, they didn't even want to believe that those
pop-up windows showing on their computers every
minute or so are not coming from us as the only links which
could be clicked led to our site.
They wouldn't get me any info or at least bit of explanation.

Finally on Sunday one woman in her complaint, mentioned another site
which she noticed on her pop up window.

After verifying this site, I found that this was one of Adlandpro
affiliates (he is with us for about 3 years.) who placed our special
custom Adlandpro page on his home page.
Example of such page can be seen here.

I started tracking those who complained and it turned out that
all of them were coming from this site.

I contacted that affiliate and he removed not only links to
Adlandpro but any content from his site.

This happened only today because I finally got in touch with this
affiliate after analyzing over 40 emails and server log files.

So now. Can somebody tell me what could be all this about?
Once the affiliate removed his page, I stopped receiving
any complaints  by email or phone. Of course if this pop-ups
were still there at least there was no links to click.

The affiliate had no clue what this could be about, why was
his site targeted and he never violated any of our rules.

How could anybody send those pop-ups potentially
to thousands of users every minute?

I welcome any suggestions and clues.

Bogdan Fiedur


=============4 Discussion Board Traffic Secrets!=================
From:Larry Dotson

1) Visit business discussion boards regularly. You
could discover helpful advice, online resources, and
take the opportunity to give your own two cents
worth. Plus you can get free advertising. On most
boards you can include a text link to your web site.
It doesn't matter if you ask questions, give answers
or inform people.

2) Allow people to use your online discussion board
for their own web site. Some people don't have one.
Just include your banner ad at the top of the board.
For example, you could say, "Don't have your own
discussion board? Link to ours and invite your
visitors to use it."

3) Search for your business name in newsgroups
and discussion boards. Some of the comments you
find could help you improve your business. For
example, you could find someone complaining about
your customer service, an employee, your web site
design, product, etc. Then you'll know what to

4) Buy advertising space on discussion board web
sites. They are usually arranged by subject;  that
makes them highly targeted. For example, if you are
selling gardening tools, you would want to advertise
on gardening, farm, tool and lawn-related discussion

The ULTIMATE Directory Of Business Discussion
Boards And Forums! FINALLY! A HUGE, Up-To
-Date, Highly-Organized, Ever-Growing List Of
Quality Business Discussion Forums!

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Bill Mc Quatt
Subject:Response to "Guest Article 1" Following one Guru!

Finally, after three and half years of stumbling around on the Internet
"get rich quick!"chopping block, I have read an Article that tells it like
it is! Kim Thomas' article is excellent. I submit the following as an
example of how not to proceed on the Internet!

I started out on my Internet MLM adventure investing $3000.00 in a
professionally made website that guaranteed me 6000 hits! NOT SALES,
I now know that hits can be auto-generated.
This Company, suffice to say, based out of St George Utah, laughed all the
way to the bank!

My next experience was to follow a "GURU"! A Team Leader at SFI and MLMD
and OIO! I paid my memberships, bought Leads through his co-ops, and
following his advice to the letter, set up three autoresponders. One email
autoresponder had over 30000 active mailouts every second day or so.(SPAM?
Absolutely!) I made hundreds of dollars in commissions for HIM (the
GURU!). My return at no time ever got over $200.00 per month in all three
MLMs. Never ever covered the costs!

You might be saying, "Wow! Doesn't this guy ever learn?"

Answer: Yes, I have! I shut down all of these JUNK programs and am going
to school at MPAM!

Please NEWBIES, learn from the above! GO SLOWLY! DO NOT OPEN YOUR WALLET

are always RICH, BE CAREFUL!

Bill McQuatt

MPAM Address:


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Cathy Wagner
Subject:Autoresponder Help


Thank you so much for your very kind words.

You are right, it is best not to trash your competitors.
I just hate it that some herb companies do not use
the part of the plant that they say, people should be
aware of it. :)

I should have said: For your last message,
summarize all of the most powerful points that you
made earlier in the series and emphasize why your
product is the best.

Thank you for keeping me on my toes in such a
polite way. :)

Have a Profitable Day,

Cathy Wagner

ONE STOP Internet Business Services
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information, tips and recommendations.


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Holly Klaus
Subject:How Do I get Started?

Hi Shadrick,

Everyone has great ideas on how to get started and if they have been
successful you can glean and apply these yourself.

I have found in most every case though it boils down to a couple of

Build relationships, so you have an on-going list of people wanting to
visit your site, people that have learned to trust you, and new ones
coming in continuing to view your site.

Advertise consistently because the need to be seen and heard about with
all the competition, no matter how great your product is or whatever you
are selling, is extremely important.

This is not a simple task, as there are so many avenues to follow you can
get tangled up and drown in the prospects while losing money.

But the importance is there. Using McDonalds as an example. Why do people
buy a McDonalds Franchise?
They already know there is a "list" of people waiting to get into the
doors when they open. They have already "built" the relationships needed
to get that business off the ground as soon as the doors open!

Why do they advertise?...everyone has heard of them.
Because no matter how great you are you are competing with others. You
have to keep the public aware of what you have and keep building that new

Here's an ecourse (no charge of course) that will take you from point "a"
to point "b"... it will by all means benefit you and keep you from putting
the cart before the horse! It will also guide you to the right ad sources
and a system to build your clientelle.

If you need any other personal assistance, I am always happy to help. I
earn my living online and love doing it and helping others as well.

Kind Regards,
Holly Klaus



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:How Do I get Started?


While applaud you for offering this site, I think you and others who seem
to be relying on Hit Exchanges to bring traffic to their sites have a lot
to learn.

(I'm not going to comment on Paid to Read E-mails as an income generator)

Hit Exchanges can work for some sites, but not for all. You have to think
of Who is using these things... They are other people who are trying to
get traffic to their own sites. Most of them couldn't care less about what
someone else's site offers them, they are only interested in getting
traffic to their sites.

I still see people using sites with Flash, pages with 126 banners on them
or just the sign up form pages, pages that will do nothing for them. They
are wasting their time and efforts.

The only sites I'd run through the Exchanges are sites that load FAST,
give a little information about the service or product, and then request
contact information for more info, and tie into an autoresponder for
follow up.

And when you think about the people using these Exchanges, what you are
promoting had better be something, some offer, that will catch their eye
and make them stop clicking long enough to request more... In other words,
it had better offer them something to help them with their own Marketing.

But most people who use Exchanges, are wasting their time and burning

You need targeted traffic to any site, But with Exchanges, You Have to
Target The Site, to the people who will be viewing it.

If you are going to use Exchanges, you have to Think of Who is Viewing the
Site and what will make them want to take the time to really look.

John Olson

-------------------------------------------------------------------- It's Your Money. It's Your Time.
Let Me, Help You,



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:John Olson
Subject:Email Capture/Autoresponders


Thanks for the kind words about my kind words. I well remember all the
times we bumped heads over GP and in spite of that, was very please with
the responses you gave me when I asked you questions about Quick Tell. You
were very kind and answered every one. That's why I say Quick Tell offers
the Best Autoresponders on the Web, period... end of story...

These days, I just call them as I see them. There's No Free Lunch, and the
people looking for one, are going to go hungry.

John Olson

-------------------------------------------------------------------- It's Your Money. It's Your Time.
Let Me, Help You,


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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Patricia Jones-Ellzey
Subject:Trouble with windows xp home addition

Is any one having trouble with windows xp home addition, not being able to
enlarge the screen or the with the writing, the letters are doubled ? If
anyone know what to do please let me know.
Thank you in advance

Patricia Jones-Ellzey


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
From:James Pendleton
Subject:My return to the web

Hello Adlanders !

Just a quick post to announce my return to the
web! Life can be funny and fortunately for me the
life changes that I made were positive. I will not
bore you with the details about my 1 year absence. is back up and on
its own server. No more hosting fees for me!
It is redesigned with a new layout and is still
the growing resource for new and intermediate
web users and webmasters. With lots of information
and still growing. Being independent now with 10
gigs of space. Yeah!! I still have lots of work adding
content. I continue to help others for free on the web
with web advice and tips. There is also now a fee
based members area.

My plans are to have a LAN open to Wan soon
when I get additional hardware I need. Hopefully
with revenue from the members area. Not a hint
just the plan. :)

My site has been up for only 4 weeks and it
has already been re-indexed in Yahoo and Google.
It is a interesting saga if you choose to follow it.

I am also back to work at my category of
Tools at Slowly
picking up speed in finding new sites as I
tune my web spider.

*The Reality Ezine* will resume its next issue
at the end of August. With a opt-in/opt-out base
around 9000

That all for now. I look forward to participating in
the active discussions of web topics in the Adland

Warmest Regards,

James Pendleton



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (3)=============
From:Iain Mckinnon
Subject:Email lists

Hi, dose anyone have any info on an easy to use companies that will send
out email shots for me at a good rate. Please only give info if you have
had good response from the service. I am promoting a casino at the moment
and would like any ideas that you have.

thanks iain.



=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Allen Palmer

I would like a site review of my site. I realize it is a fairly simple
site but does it need more/less info? Are there any suggestions on what it
might need?
Thanks in advance for any help.


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=====================G u e s t   A r t i c l e   (1)===============
Are You Walking the Talk?
ByDiane Hughes

I saw a television commercial the other day. It actually made
me laugh out loud. It wasn't funny "ha ha," it was funny ironic.
A local telephone service provider was singing its own praises
about what wonderful service it provided. "Yeah, sure!"
I thought. I used to live in the area that this particular
provider covered, and I know for a fact their service is
anything but wonderful.

Many online business owners commit this same sin. They make a
point to tell their visitors what exceptional service they'll
receive, how quick they'll be responded to, how innovative
their products are, or a hundred other promises. Then, when a
complaint comes in, or phone messages are left, nothing happens.
They don't walk the talk.

How many times has it happened to you personally? You ordered a
product or service from the 'Net. You had a problem or a simple
question. You called the customer service number (or sent an
email) and. nothing. How did you feel? Most likely irritated,
frustrated, and taken advantage of.

Yes, it's extremely popular to give claims of customer service
right now. The 'Net has suffered from "Wild, Wild West" syndrome
far too long and surfers are demanding the attention they
deserve. However, simply making claims will do you more harm
than good.

Don't promise what you can't deliver. Before putting claims
of any kind on your site, consider these tips:

1. If you say your product/service "will" do something,
   make darn sure it does. every time!

2. If you offer "24/7 service" be prepared to answer emails
   or phone calls cheerfully and graciously at 3:00am when
   someone overseas phones you.

3. If you make claims of giving "100% satisfaction guaranteed"
   refunds, get ready to fork over the money without asking any
   questions whatsoever. "I wasn't satisfied" is all the customer
   has to tell you to take advantage of your offer.

4. UNDER promise and OVER deliver. If you "think" you can get
   back to customers within 24 hours, tell them it will take 48
   hours. This way, when you call them sooner, they'll be
   thrilled with the attentive service you offer.

5. Stop and think. Before putting any claims on your site -
   service, delivery, refunds, product features, service
   benefits. ANY claims - have an outside party check behind
   you. Does it work? Is it fast? Are you cheerful? Will it
   actually wake me up, start the coffee, and heat the water
   for my shower all at the same time? If not, don't put it
   in your copy.

Online customers have had enough. They are paying more attention
online and expecting more from the Web businesses they deal with.
Above all - use ethics, manners, and good common sense in your
business dealings. Stand behind what you say.  When you do,
you'll find the profits from your long-term relationships and
the increase in your reputation will far outweigh any short-term
sales trends.

Diane Hughes is an accomplished Internet entrepreneur and
editor of the popular ProBizTips Newsletter. Subscribe to
her newsletter for more tips, tricks, and secrets of the
trade -- plus get HUNDREDS of eBooks, software and tools
just for subscribing!



=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============

A teacher was helping one of her kindergarten students put
his boots on.  He asked for help and she could see why.
Even with her pulling and pushing the boots just didn't want
to go on.  By the time she'd got the second boot on, she'd
worked up a sweat.

That's when the little boy said, "Mrs. Smith, they're on the
wrong feet."

She looked, and sure enough, they were.

It wasn't any easier getting them back off and re-put upon the
correct feet.  That's when the little boy said, "These aren't
my boots."

She bit her tongue (who wants to swear at a 5 year old boy?)
and managed to keep her cool as together they worked 'em
back off.  He said, "They're my brother's.  My mom made me
wear them."

Mrs. Smith didn't know whether to laugh or cry.  But she
mustered up the courage one more time to wrestle those
boots on his feet again.  "Now," she said, "where are your

"I stuffed them in the toes of my boots."

Let's hear from you......

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