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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher
1.3 Ways To Let Your Content Do The Marketing!

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (3)

~Cynthia Phillips

2.The war between good and evil.Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference
~Charles Green = Terrorist organisation!!
~Robert Lee

N e w     P o s t s  (3)

1.Harvey Segal
~101 SuperTips

2.Steve Durfee
~Free ATMs for Quick Serve Restaurants

3.Sarah White
~How I can find high-quality...newsletters to advertise in...?

Site Review Requests   (1)

1.Fred Samec

Site Review Responses   (1)

1.Ricky Chang
~ http://www/

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.Achieving Online - Internet Strategy
By Steve Webb

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  380 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.

I believe we are entering new phase of email as a means of
What I mean by this, email is becoming less and less useful tool
due to spammers, spam filters, spam blockers and companies
making decisions to block certain domains based on the amount
of messages regardless of if they are legitimate or not.

Last Adland Digest was blocked by some Yahoo servers and
accounted for about 20% of undeliverable messages.

Yahoo, Hotmail and all other companies offering free emails to
anybody who wants them, are the biggest  contributors to spam.
They  allow spammers on creation of unlimited email accounts
and throw them away at will.

Now they offer programs which are supposed to guard you
from spam  (which in the first place they have created themselves)

Every day I get dozens of messages from email systems approving
senders to confirm that I'm a  human sender.
Depending on the system, I might need to click on the link and
enter some verification code, enter some text and so on.

If everybody would require just that, I would need to spend all my day
just going to websites and  get approved for delivery of messages
to all news users of Adlandpro, those who subscribe to various
newsletters and request autoresponder messages.

Where do you think we are going with this?
We are all affected by this, small , very small and large business.

1. Will email survive as most powerful means of communication?
2. Will new technologies be introduced replacing email?

By the way, if you received this issue of Adland Digest to your email
at let me know here

Bogdan Fiedur

=======3 Ways To Let Your Content Do The Marketing!==========
From:Larry Dotson

1) Promote your products within the content of your
web site. If you write and offer free articles, include
a mention of the product or service you're selling.
You could include it in your resource box or subtly
reveal it within your article if it's related.

2) Ask visitors to subscribe to your e-zine. It's a
good idea to also give them a freebie when they
subscribe. Once they are subscribed, they might
read your content, see your advertisements, join
your affiliate program, buy advertising, revisit your
web site, etc. The benefits are endless.

3) Update the content on your web site regularly.
You'll want to add new content and update the old
content. People want timely information that tells
them how to do something 'now', not how it was
done 10 years ago. This is a super way to attract
repeat visitors.

FREEE eBook!  5000 Words & Phrases That Sell


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Cynthia Phillips

I have a great spam cop!!!!   It's free and takes about 10-15 minutes of
my time a day total on 5 email addresses.

It's me!    If I have a whole page of spam, then I click on the box to
delete all, scan subject headings quickly, uncheck those i want to read
and hit delete.

I have another email address, my webmail from my sitehost, that tells me
when they think the mail is spam.  However something that is spam they let
thru and an update email list I'm on is considered spam.    Just think of
all the updates I would miss if some program automatically deleted what it
considers spam.

Obviously these spammers get enough business to keep going or they
wouldn't do it.  So just because you consider it spam doesn't mean that
someone else will.

I don't want anyone but me deciding what's spam or what is not.

Cynthia Phillips

Make your PC run smoother than ever. No lockups or slow running. 
Download our free program and find out how to fix your PC online.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Charles Green
Subject:The war between good and evil.Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference

William Jaroske wrote:
> More times than often I found that they
> were peddling products that are complete garbage.

> Noni Juice, Amway, Six Figure Income, RetireQuickly, and other
> similar pyramid schemes that DO NOT WORK.

Regarding Noni Juice, the research indicates otherwise.

Have you heard of Dr Neil Solomon?  See the second link for the
results he has found.

Regarding the "business" aspect, that depends on the company.  The
first and still the one with the largest market is the ONLY one I'd
consider doing business with or for.  Hundreds of competitors have
come along in the past seven years, many seem to be after the dollars
with hardly any concern for quality.

> Out of all the fraud reporting websites that are available to them.
> They still refuse to believe that they are promoting a pyramid scam.
> These are just a few.


I'm glad you mentioned this one first.  It is about the only one I've
heard of and I have been there on several occasions.

Interestingly, their report on noni is POSITIVE!!!  Look it up for
yourself.  It is on Tahitian Noni International's parent company,
Morinda.  It was before TNI was formed to market the TAHITIAN NONI
brand.  Until last year it was marketed by Morinda.

> Many of these individuals do not care what they are selling along
> they get paid their commission, and most receive very little or
> anything at all.

I get paid in direct proportion to my efforts and how many people
I help.  And, I'm sure that most people here would agree that
regardless of what businesses they're involved with, it holds true
for most of them, too.

In addition to the money, I get a huge boost knowing that I am
helping people in a more ways than one.  And, due to TNI's solid
guarantee, I can be confident that nobody ever needs to feel ripped

> You will find that a lot are down right pathilogical liars that
> they will say anything to convince you to sign up. The hype and
> lies don't impress me at all when it comes to promoting a business.

I don't think it is so much a matter of people being liars.  I think
they are just a little too desperate.  However...I do recall in my
Amway days being basically taught to bend the truth and deceive people.
It's not in my nature and doesn't sit well with me.  I can't do it.

Here is what I believe and it seems to keep me out of trouble...
"If you have to lie to 'get people in',
 How are you going to keep them in?"

It's the bulk of people in other companies who feel the need to lie
to people that gives the whole industry an awful reputation.

One thing that impressed me about Tahitian Noni International was the
lack of hype.  As time progresses and more and more people register
who bring their traditional (deception) training, it is possible to
see hype and "tricks" creeping in.  I don't recommend it or teach it,
and TNI has strict policies in place against such.  Unlike many
companies, TNI doesn't bend the rules to suit.

Many of you will recall a company with the initials "LFI" that only
operates in five countries, but was prepared to turn a blind eye to
people registering worldwide by getting a mailing address in one of
those countries.

(On that point, because TNI is in so many countries and is truly
"International", I rarely have to turn a prospect away).

I lead people to information and let them decide.  I regularly have
people comment on my openness and honesty.  While others take it a
little too personally and think I'm abrupt.

And, perhaps I am.  But, I'm not here to sugar-coat stuff or baby
people.  Nor, am I here to convince.  Like I said, I just lead
people to information and let them decide for themselves.

I still leave the door wide open for questions, problems, etc.
In my signature on almost every email are the words,
"ANY Questions, ANY Time, Just Ask!"

> You can see the kind of products they are selling just by
> looking at their websites and alot of products they are offering
> are not worth purchasing. I don't believe for one second that they
> are making huge amounts of money at it.

I agree with those and in fact most of your comments in general.  But,
I do think that noni juice probably ought not be associated with them,
particularly if anyone tars TNI with the same brush as all the scams,
rip-offs, copy-cats, and other such "phony-noni" products.

I would expect though that most people here are smart enough to do
their own proper research into ANY business that they approach.

I spent several weeks checking out TNI before getting involved over
two years ago.  I couldn't fault anything and my wife and I have
been involved ever since.

And, that was before the Discovery Channel did a feature
( and before a Senior Analyst from
Wall Street Journal interviewed the company's President

When these kinds of media approach your company and do a positive
article or interview, you know you've made the right decision.
We sure did.

Next time you're thinking of switching to a company with a future
I hope you'll consider TNI with an open mind.  If not, I'm sure
there are other good companies around (I just haven't found them).


Charles Green

Charles & Kerri Green are Tahitian Noni International Independent
Distributors based in Brisbane, Australia.  Their prospects often
praise their "ANY questions, ANY time, Just Ask!" policy.


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Robert Lee = Terrorist organisation!!

End quote

I agree totally. Spamcop, despite what I am sure will be a deluge of
emails from people defending this company, are out to make a $$ and not
really affect the real issue, SPAM and it's related miseries.

I was abused by their process when, at a previous host, my email server
was compromised and used (unknown by me) to send out a massive amount of
spam, then they blacklisted my domain.
And there is no way I can get this back, short of starting a new domain or
basically taking my 4+ year old domain offline and starting again.

Hopefully others won't have to go what I have been experiencing and that
this 'blacklist' will itself be pruned one day.

Robert Lee

AKA 'The Smart Guy' - fighting online business ignorance since 1999


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Harvey Segal
Subject:101 SuperTips

Hello all,

My new free book "101 SuperTips" is a collection of
special Internet Marketing tips, suitable for both
newbies and the seasoned professionals.

The 101 tips cover a diverse range of topics including

- Newbies
- Affiliate Programs
- Web design and content
- Website promotion
- Merchant selling
- Ebook publishing
- Theme sites
- Ezine Publishing
- Security and recovery
- Experts
- Productivity Ideas
- and more

You can read all about it and download here

Harvey Segal



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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
From:Steve Durfee
Subject:Free ATMs for Quick Serve Restaurants

I need to find a "cost effective" marketing approach that will allow me to
locate, contract and install...

2nd generation "cashless ATM scrip machines (free of charge)in Quick Serve
Restaurant (QSR)locations like Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Dens,
Subways, Arby's, etc. franchise owners get several benefits;

1.  Increase traffic to their store (QSR)
2.  Customers with access to cash spend more in store
3.  Franchise owner(merchant)gets ATM equipment free
4.  Franchise owner makes money on every transaction

My problem is how do I get my message to the decision maker?

I have access to a data base of QSR owners, with their name, phone, and
mailing address.  There are approximately 500,000 potential locations for
my free ATM equipment.  I pay locators $300 when they "sign up" a merchant
but have limited success with this approach.

Any ideas and or suggestions would be great appreciated.

Steve Durfee

Steve Durfee, ATM Profit Centers, LLC
Toll Free: 800-557-3740 or E-mail:


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (3)=============
From:Sarah White
Subject:Hhow I can find high-quality...newsletters to advertise in...?

I wonder how I can find high-quality (good editorial, good
circulation) newsletters to advertise our CRM and data analytic
tools in? Any suggestions appreciated.

Sarah White, Communicator

Third Wave Research

Third Wave Research


=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Fred Samec

I have been a reader of Adland Digest for almost two years and I feel it
is time to have a site review.  Both the free side and paid side will be
open to the readers of this ezine for the month of November.  Any advice
would be appreciated.  I am looking for real opinions and I have a thick
skin.  So tell me what you think.


Fred Samec

user name: guest
password: guest


=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:Ricky Chang
Subject: http://www/

A great site with nice color scheme, very  informative. Navigation is

However, I am not too crazy about all those baby pictures, advertising
banner on home page and please no popup!!

Ricky Chang

Please review my site


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=====================G u e s t   A r t i c l e   (1)===============
Achieving Online - Internet Strategy
BySteve Webb

Why have an Internet Strategy?

An Internet strategy is a plan to succeed online. It considers what your
business can achieve given the market you are in, and how you can best
achieve it.

Having a clear and coherent strategy has a number of benefits.
The most beneficial is that you have a premeditated approach, with clear
aims and objectives that you can measure your results against. These aims
will be realistic, based on an understanding of the potential your
business has in the online environment.

Some businesses adopt a "lets have a bash" strategy. This means they put
together a web site and stick it online to see what happens. This is not a
good approach, as it almost always never works. Many other web sites fail
because the strategy around them is inadequate.

With out an end to end solution, including all these parts of the
strategy, you will largely be wasting your time online, or you will be
missing out on online opportunities.

What does a strategy cost?

This is the part that most people are uneasy with. They do not get a web
site or an email promotions program and they have spent money. Consider
the cost of not getting it right first time through not having a clear
strategy. This is the cost of getting any Internet work done properly a
second time around, and the sales that you have lost in the interim. If
you could be making $100,000 a year in sales online, but your strategy is
wrong, the cost of the strategy is very high.

Similarly if you spend a lot of money on a web site that is pointless or
does not work, then you need to re do the strategy, resulting in doubling
your web site expenditure.
Strategy Preparation

As discussed an Internet Strategy is a plan for maximizing an
organization's success online. It deals with how to best achieve results
online, with a focus on the target market & online customers. In preparing
your strategy consider the following:

Determining a realistic aim is the first part of any strategy. While the
aim may evolve as the project progresses, a clear aim at the start is
fundamental to the success of any online project.

Target Market
The biggest determinant of the success of the online project is whether
the target market is online and what they will respond to. This often
means identifying that a web site is superfluous to the organizations
needs, as customers will not look at it, or it will not add any value to
the business.

If you have a global target market then succeeding online is easy. If your
target market does not extend beyond your local area a web site is going
to be of limited use.

Web Site
The strategy will usually deal with development of a web site, although if
the organisation has a limited marketing budget and money is spent better
in other media, or has a local target market, a web site may not be

The important part of any web site is that the web site's content is
written to achieve goals. Goals usually include providing customers with
information that allows them to purchase, or encourages them to
communicate by email with the person behind the site. It is difficult to
make a sale without dialogue, so the site must get visitors to email.

Email Use
Email use is perhaps the most important part of any Internet strategy.

Email is where customer relationships and sales are made - both from
people emailing in and organizations emailing out. Frequency of client
contact builds sales, which is why an email newsletter is almost certainly
going to be advocated in any strategy.

A web site is not enough. Any good strategy will go into some depth about
promotions of the site and of email addresses. This will cover the
following areas:

- surface area (print material)
- non net promotions
- building customer loyalty
- customer service
- internet advertising
- search engines

Attention to detail is the key here. Search engines are not enough, as
they are difficult to optimize. If your promotions do not encompass each
of these areas then you will not be achieving as much as you possible
could in the online environment.

It is important to measure your progress and success against your strategy
on an ongoing basis.

Author Profile
Steve Webb is an Internet Marketing consultant with seven years
experience. He works with a portfolio of clients while running several
online companies. He articles are featured regularly  and he frequently
speaks at seminars and public events.
His website is located at
Steve can be contacted at:


=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============

Bob and Bill were sitting in a bar, and Bob was looking really
down in the dumps.

"What's the matter?" Bill asked.

"I don't' get it," Bob sighed. "The dating scene is so confusing.
There are so many damn people you have to please.

"Like this one woman,  she liked me, her mom liked me, but
her father hated me.

"Then there was this other woman, both of her parents really
liked me, but SHE didn't like me.

"And then there was this woman I met last night.  She
absolutely loved me, her parents seemed to really like me
too, BUT her husband couldn't stand me!"


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