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                      Vol. 1 issue #370  Nov, 09, 2003

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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (4)

1.How I can find high-quality...newsletters to advertise in...?
~Sharon Bray-McPherson
~Denise Matteau

2.Local Internet Market Strategy
~Pauline Philips

3.Free ATMs for Quick Serve Restaurants
~Adrienne Petersen
~Cathy Wagner
~David B

4.Future of the email
~Charles Green
~Cathy Wagner
~Dianne Surrey
~Howard L Nichols
~Kindra K. Martinenko

N e w     P o s t s  (1)

1.Jennifer Smith
~Engine Placement

Site Review Requests   (1)

1.Lee Mayberry

Site Review Responses   (0)

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.Visions Of Sugarplums
By Bob Osgoodby

Joke of the Day

================== Word from publisher ====================

Greetings All

Welcome  400 new subscribers who joined list since last mailing.

I would like to thank everybody who emailed me that they have
received last digest at their Yahoo email.

To tell you the truth, I have contacted Yahoo before last issue
of Digest, and expressed my concerns regarding their practices.
Although they have never responded to my message, things seemed
back to normal after that.

Coming back to "Feature of Email" . This is the topic which
dominates today's digest.

Most of the respondents suggest that email is still a powerful
marketing medium. I agree on that here. My main concern is
that email is losing its former effectiveness. We have witnessed
this happening to banner advertising. Banner advertising is still
there, but it is not as effective as it used to be. Email is getting
in the same direction.

My believe is that the next marketing killer medium will be communities

You can't spam anybody there, and they are an excellent networking

Check it out.

Bogdan Fiedur

===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Sharon Bray-McPherson
Subject:How I can find high-quality...newsletters to advertise in...?

Hello Sarah,

I'd suggest you try the Directory of Ezines.
I've found it to be one of the best when
it comes to finding high quality ezines.


Sharon Bray-McPherson

SBM Distributors


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From:Denise Matteau
Subject:How I can find high-quality...newsletters to advertise in...?

I have found a good way to develop highly focussed ezines with the help of
the client. Sometimes this is like pulling teeth because some of the
people with the most to say are not inclined to write it down or are too
shy to want their words published.
So, once I have persuaded them that I CANNOT write the ezine for their
site without their help, I get them to just send me personal emails
describing their product. I reply with a few questions in the style I
learned as a journalist in the 70's, and as soon as I have enough to pull
together a 200-400-word paragraph or two, I put it in the ezine along with
that month's announcements of site updates, etc.
I put out a text ezine to an opt-in list and I put together an html ezine
on the site.
The two sites I used this method on very quickly started delivering a high
"conversion" rate on hits, bringing my clients so much work that our
concentration now is on preparing to handle the amount coming in!
One site doubled its average daily number of visitors (as measured by
urchin) in two months.

I received real nice ego-strokes in my marketing forum, and I know the
ezine really carried the character of the client because all I did for the
articles in it was put his own emails describing his product in order.

But how does this figure for advertising? We need advertising to keep the
sites'prices competitive, yet the only "remove" requests I received on
this ezine came in direct response to our decision to place an internet
service ad in it.

Obviously, a strong "pull" to conversion in these ezines is the absence of

Denise Matteau


<a target="newwin" href=""></a>


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Pauline Philips
Subject:Local Internet Market Strategy

Target Market

If you have a global target market then succeeding online is easy. If your
target market does not extend beyond your local area a web site is going
to be of limited use.<

The search engine,, is now promoting the local market via
Froogle. For more info on how to promote your own or others' local markets

According to Dun & Bradstreet, there are 40-60 million
offline small business.   And an amazing 64% of them do not have a Web

THAT is a whole LOT of untapped business, just waiting for you to help
them.  And believe me... they NEED your help. They don't "get it"... they
don't understand why they need a site.   Those who do have a site are
dying deaths of quiet, "no-traffic" desperation, thinking "the Net doesn't

And I must admit, to many small business people, it's just not immediately
obvious what good a GLOBAL medium can do for a LOCAL business with LOCAL
clients.  So...

It's time to show these folks.  It's time to make a
compelling case that not only do they need a Web site...

.. but they need one that WORKS
.. and they need it NOW.
And so this biz-specific site was born...

The site builds an absolutely compelling case for why LOCAL businesses,
with LOCAL clients, absolutely NEED to use this GLOBAL medium called "the
Internet," and SOON, or their LOCAL competition is going to eat their
lunch...  ... at their LOCAL restaurant.

The problem in reaching them, of course, is that these small business
owners are most likely online, but only for e-mail and general surfing --
they are not online to DO BUSINESS.

And THAT is what

focuses upon...  how to reach and sell to that gigantic, untapped market.
And how to convert them into sales by referring to this URL/link...

Pauline W. Phillips



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Adrienne Petersen
Subject:Free ATMs for Quick Serve Restaurants


As a former operations manager for a national truck stop franchise, my
advice to you is to go to the top. With franchises, a decision of putting
an ATM machine in the stores would not be made at store level.  You would
need to contact whoever is in charge of facility revenue at the corporate
office and then sell them on the idea.  If you can make this happen with
even one of the QSR franchises, your revenue would be incredible as it
would be part of their "formula" for their stores.  Trying to sell your
program at store level will only work for small "mom and pop" operations.

Best of luck!

Adrienne Petersen

Wake Up Your Web Site!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)=============
From:Cathy Wagner
Subject:Free ATMs for Quick Serve Restaurants

Hi Steve,

If you have access to a database of QSR owners with their name, phone and
mailing address, I think you have your answer.

Prepare a sales letter or telephone script and get busy contacting those
Be sure to let them know what is in it for them right up front and follow
up with prospects that show any interest.

Have a Profitable Day,

Cathy Wagner

ONE STOP Internet Business Services
Your ONE STOP for high quality marketing
information, tips and recommendations.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.3)=============
From:David B
Subject:Free ATMs for Quick Serve Restaurants

<<My problem is how do I get my message to the decision

I have access to a data base of QSR owners, with their
name, phone, and mailing address.  There are approximately 500,000
potential locations for my free ATM equipment.  I pay locators $300
when they "sign up" a merchant but have limited success with this

I don't know if this will help but many people are looking to build a
residual income. If they were able to share in your profits with some sort
of permanent placement income that would probably bring in more
prospective placement reps.

It will be up to you to figure out how much to pay them but depending on
your transaction value you may want to give a dime quarter or percentage
of the transaction(5% to 20% would be fair).

It won't cost you anything because it is based on profit and until they
make a profit for you they don't get paid. It would also give your
placement rep an incentive to put your machines in the highest volume
location possible so the quality of placement would be better and thus
create more revenues for you over all.

I hope that helps,



Brevco Marketing
Could you use a free $10


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:Charles Green
Subject:Future of the email


I wholeheartedly agree with your comments regarding the effect of spam.

As each company, individual and ISP takes steps to reduce the impact of
spam, they also catch a lot of innocent messages in their net.

I'm sure that my own efforts cause me to miss important messages that I
never find out about. I almost missed the Adland Digest a few weeks back.

I'd been considering adding a certain domain to our servers' email
filters. I'd got sick of spam emails promoting the affiliate URLs of this
particular site.

I was going to filter any messages that contained that domain anywhere in
the body. I just hadn't got around to it.

Then, when the Adland Digest arrived, a legitimate advertiser was
promoting their affiliate URL. If I'd added that domain, I'd have missed
out on the Adland Digest. Don't worry, Bogdan. It wouldn't have bounced
back to you. I don't usually set my filters to bounce, but rather to just
discard such messages.

I run a similar risk with my stance on requests from India and Pakistan
for details about our noni business. Week after week, no request I got
from those countries was a genuine request. They'd just filled in the
form and put an ad in the Comments area.

I now filter all submissions from both those countries despite the company
thriving in India. I have no idea if I miss out on any genuine Indian

And, at the start of this year I actually ignored a prospect due to his
surname and location. The surname was middle-eastern and this guy lived
in Provo, Utah where the company was founded. "Yeah right. Sure.", I

This guy requested information on 27 January. I kept his request, but
didn't reply. Then, a few months later, I checked him out as I was
deleting old saved messages...just to be sure. A websearch found a page
of his.

The company assigns ID numbers sequentially worldwide. (It's a genuine
international business, remember). Based on the IDs of our other new
distributors in January and February, this guy registered on about 8
February...with someone else. Someone who did reply to his request.

Today I was updating the email filters for one of our domains (used mainly
for email) and something went wrong. They were all deleted. Within
minutes, I was fielding spam messages like a pro tennis player fields
balls coming from all directions.

As quickly as they were arriving, I was adding those email addresses to
the filters. eg. (two years ago it was used on
ONE site and now it's on who knows how many bulk email lists). I'll
continue updating the filters for ...well...forever.

I don't know how regular folk with only one or two email addresses survive
when they logon. No wonder when I write to genuine prospects (who
requested my response), I sometimes don't get a reply. They're too busy
hitting delete to actually read any messages.

Finally, a question or two.

I've kind of worked out ways to avoid most spams and stuff, but there is
one difficulty that I would like advice on if anyone has a good suggestion
or two. My PayPal addresses. They have appeared on a number of affiliate
type pages where the visitor/customer pays me first, then admin. They've
been ripped from these pages and seem to be on dozens, perhaps hundreds of
lists. Other than creating new PayPal addresses every couple of months,
does anyone have any suggestions of how they avoid this problem?

I can't set the filters to discard messages to my PayPal addresses because
the addresses need to be real and I need to receive any valid emails.
Until now, I just seek out specific key words and phrases from these

I won't list them here, because my own filters will stop me receiving the
next Adland Digest. ;-)

Therein lies another problem. Any time one of us mentions the wording of
a spam from a particular problem company or scam, we risk setting off the
spam filters of some of those on the very list we're trying to discuss the
problems with.

I for one am sick of reading ezines with words like fr**. What is that?
Is it frog? fret? from?

Is spam a problem? ABSOLUTELY!

Bye for now,


Charles & Kerri Green are Tahitian Noni International Independent
Distributors based in Brisbane, Australia. Their prospects often
praise their "ANY questions, ANY time, Just Ask!" policy.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From:Cathy Wagner
Subject:Future of the email

Hi Bogdan,

I agree with your sentiments completely. Email is no where near as
effective as an advertising medium as it used to be. It is hard just getting
messages to people who actually asked for them anymore.

On a personal level I think it is still an effective form of
communication, but on a mass level it is not. Anyone who is still trying to make
money by sending out huge amounts of email ads is wasting their time and risking
being shut down.

I think it is more likely that list owners will continue to try to
overcome filters by using funny w*ords, posting newsletters online, and switching
to double opt-in lists than it is that new technology will come along, at
least for the time being. New technology, if it were to arise, would soon become
polluted by those who are trying to make a buck without really working anyway.

I hope the recent, new email laws will help to protect small business from
erroneous SPAM complaints, but for the moment I think we are all feeling
like they will severely decreased the size of our mailing lists.

I believe that we, as online business people need to explore new and
better ways to advertise, such as free publicity and talking to prospects directly. I
have always found these to be the most effective ways to generate
members/subscribers and will redouble my efforts in these directions.

I also think that that double opt-in lists, where potential subscribers
have to confirm their address, is the surest way to know that they will actually
receive your message. If they can't receive the confirmation at the address given,
they won't be able to receive your newsletter either, plus you have irrefutable
proof that subscribers asked for your message.

For beginners with small lists, all of this must be very discouraging.
Even large list owners are taking a big hit. Don't give up. You started with
nothing and have managed to build a list, you can do it again. As long as you are
providing quality content, your list will grow and if you comply with the
new laws, you should be protected.

This may seem optimistic, but it is my story and I am sticking with it.
Otherwise I might as well just pack it all in and I am not about to do
that. :)

Have a Profitable Day,

Cathy Wagner

ONE STOP Internet Business Services
Your ONE STOP for high quality marketing
information, tips and recommendations.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.3)=============
From:Dianne Surrey
Subject:Future of the email

Dianne Surrey (Luke Shurrey)

Dear Bogdan, We run an online Antiques business, and have lived off the
website for 3.5yrs. During the last 6months we have noticed nearly all the
old ezines dropping off until we are virtually inundated,perhaps bombarded
would be A BETTER WORD, with filthy pornography and medicine adverts for
everything and anything!!Non stop day after day..
I had a terrible time the other week as a customer from the USA was trying
to buy an order worth 750 GB pounds from us.. The only way I could get a
mail to him was to use the free mail "Web connect".Both my own servers
that cost me 40 GB pounds per month,would not deliver mail to this
address, saying that it was blacklisted (it was an AOL address!!). I am
sure that many enquiries are not reaching us as trade dropped off
considerably when all the porn and other rubbish started to roll in.
Why don't the Spam cops do something about this latest deluge of Porn,
instead of interfering with legitimate business online? The headlines that
they come in by,are really offensive but still they roll in day after
day.I am sure that something bad has happened to the Internet,and the
frustration of having to send special to these people who will only answer
if they approve your e mail is getting too much to handle.I can fully
understand your problem.We are all in this to make a decent living and now
we are threatened by this latest deluge of spam that is killing the mail
box.The amount of times I have nearly deleted a mail by mistake is a
regular occurrence.Sorry to go on but I feel as mad as you do about all of
this..We also see our own "New addition antiques letters" we send out
about once in 2 months being refused more and more.Yet the filth can
manage to get in so do they know something that we do not?

Dianne Surrey


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.4)=============
From:Howard L Nichols
Subject:Future of the email

I think that most of the illegal action of the Internet is do to letting
people use so many aliases. We all know that you can get any number of
e-mail addresses without using you real name. these people get 10 to 15
and they can hid their Identity.

The records can be used for so much thief and other illegal activities.
The crooks can transmit a false IP number and then you can not find a
record of any kind.

Every computer that is sold, should be sold with a universal IP number
and could only be changed from the manufacture of the machine with a
check of the person who has this computer is a real person and has a true
IP number.

I am just as much against big government controls, but this e-mail system
has got to a point that it is utterly ridiculous. I get a lot of e-mail
and have 10 accounts, everyone has my true name and address on them.

Howard L Nichols

705 Colgate Court
Garland Tx. 75042



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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.5)=============
From:Kindra K. Martinenko
Subject:Future of the email

Bogdan, I wanted to let you know that I receive all Adland Digests into my
Inbox, and not into my Bulk Mailbox.  I believe it is because at some
point I marked your bulk-email message as "Not Spam" and reported it to
Yahoo.  Now I get things from Adland Pro into my inbox.  I have had to do
this with Marlon Sanders and Robert Allen as well. I also check my bulk
mail for business opportunity offers from other marketers because I own a
internet marketing research business, so checking bulk mail is part of my
job. Once I report it as not Spam, the issue is over.  I get things back
into my inbox.

You raise an interesting question with regard to e-mails being an
effective form of marketing.  I think e-mails will still be the king of
communication on the net, but in a different format.  I think that video
messages (which exists now but are not used very much) are the next big
wave of the future.  My prediction is that this will bring back
credibility to the Internet in that it will sort the pure scammers and
spammers from the rest of us who truly offer real opportunities, products,
or services.  Having a face to face "chat" with your potential customer
says that you or your business are not afraid of coming up to the plate
for what you are offering.  Imagine setting up a web cam and then holding
your product right in front of your customer, without you having to be
there?  That to me will really put a whole new profitable twist on

However, this will not be the most palatable alternative to many people.
I really hate to say this, but I am almost leaning toward a situation
where businesses who want to e-mail people with opportunities, services,
and products are required to obtain an advertising license for a yearly
fee of XXX amount of $.  This would entitle a business to obtain lists of
e-mail addresses much like businesses can obtain street addresses for
direct marketing purposes.  Federally regulating this might be the only
alternative and I am saying this only because there will be a day when
e-mail marketing becomes completely ineffective.

If we want to have the best chance of reaching target audiences we must
have reliable contact information.  To me, e-mails are not
reliable--people can drop them as fast as they obtain them.  For me, I am
moving on to direct marketing through mail, audio presentations, and
eventually, in-person and video seminars.  I know that these will
contribute higher quality leads and repeat customers, which will allow my
backend services to prosper.

Best Regards,

Kindra K. Martinenko

Owner, Cascades Internet Solutions


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Jennifer Smith
Subject:Engine Placement

Hi Adland friends,

I'm a complete rookie at e-commerce and haven't figured out how the search
engine placement-hierarchy-thing works.  Does anyone share the magic
secret? I'm hoping it isn't based spending a gob of money with each site.
Please advise for an advertising rookie, on a budget.



The Gift Collection


=====================Site Review Request  (1)===============
From:Lee Mayberry

I have been an avid reader of Adland for a long time and
enjoy all of the many different articles.
I have taken early retirement and found that it was too
early. Now I am trying to get into E-Commerce to
have an enjoyable part time occupation to supplement
my small retirement income.
The website URL is
I will be anxiously waiting for review comments on my
website. This is all new to me but I am open to
comments and recommendations that will make the site
user friendly and so good that all visitors will check
back on a regular basis.
All comments will be appreciated very much.
Thank You For Your Attention

Lee G. Mayberry



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=====================G u e s t   A r t i c l e   (1)===============
Visions Of Sugarplums
ByBob Osgoodby

Not a day goes by that I don't hear about someone lamenting about
their decision to leave corporate America and work at home.
Maybe they were laid off, opted for early retirement, or just
decided that commuting four hours on the train, coupled with an
eight hour workday was simply too much. Possibly, they will keep
their job and work part-time at home to earn extra income. Who
knows what the reasons are, but that is not important.

With "visions of sugarplums" dancing in their head, they decided
to start their own home business. They believed the ads about
working in their pajamas when the spirit moved them, and after a
month or so woke up to reality. They weren't making a dime.

Where did they go wrong? Well, when they worked for someone
else, they were expected to be at work at a certain time every
day. Depending on the business, there was a certain dress code,
and they had goals to meet. Granted, these goals were usually
determined by someone else, but they were the ones who had to
meet them.

It is easy to work for someone else, as they are the ones calling
the shots. They actually lived under an umbrella of discipline.
Granted it was someone else's umbrella, and maybe they didn't
realize this. Possibly they did, and that was the reason they
decided to work on their own.

One of the most common problems behind the failure of a home
business, is the lack of discipline. Some think they can work
when (and if) they want to, and their mailbox will "overfloweth"
with twenty dollar bills. Well, I got news for you!

Running your own business, whether it is a brick and mortar
establishment, or a home business, requires work. It usually
requires more effort than if you worked for someone else. You
will also have to do some things you don't enjoy. But, if you
are the chief (or only) "honcho", you had better be able to
handle all facets of your business.

So, how do you go about working at home? First and foremost, you
have to have a regular schedule and adhere to it. This is
especially true if you expect people to contact you by phone. If
people try to call you, and don't get an answer, they quickly
move on. You have to be available during normal business hours.
If you are in an online business, this is usually from 9:00 AM to
8:00 PM. Yes there are three time zones in the USA. If you live
on the east coast like I do, when you are getting ready to pack
it in for the day, folks on the west coast may just be returning
from lunch.

If you are not tied to a telephone, it is still important to
maintain regular hours. More importantly, you should have daily
goals. If you meet those goals, the rest of the day is yours.
But many people always think there is tomorrow.

For far too many, tomorrow never comes, and things that should
have been done aren't. Maybe when the kids are at school will
work for you, or possibly late at night. You might even have to
pass up on your favorite "soap opera". Don't deal with hours,
you're not being paid by the hour - deal with goal oriented

Working in your pajamas sounds great, and many of the offers you
may hear state that you can. If I get an idea in the wee hours,
I may hop on the computer dressed like that, but for normal
business hours that is simply a myth. Who wants to spend their
life like that?

You must have an effective work space, which is free of
distractions. You should have quiet office space in your house,
which is out-of-the-way, and off limits during your work hours.
Treat this like an office. Keep it neat. While I am not the
neatest person in the world, I do know where everything is. If I
get a call from a client, I'm not fumbling about looking for the
information I need. A filing cabinet next to your desk goes a
long way.

When you get an email, take appropriate action the same day, then
file it in a place where you can find it. Delete all emails in
you "in-basket" older than 30 days. If they're older than 30
days, they're not worth anything anyway.

If you don't fall into these "traps", which many folks do, those
"visions of sugarplums" just might come true.


Did you know that subscribers to Bob Osgoodby's Free Ezine the
"Tip of the Day" get a Free Ad for their Business at his Web
Site? Great Business and Computer Tips - Monday thru Friday.
Instructions on how to place your ad are in the Newsletter.
Subscribe at:

=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============
Provided by Marianne Payton

Deep Thinking

1) When I die, I want to die like my grandfather--who died peacefully in
his sleep. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car." --Author

2) Advice for the day: If you have a lot of tension and you get a
headache, do what it says on the aspirin bottle: "Take two aspirin" and
"Keep away from children" --Author Unknown

3) "Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support
group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar." --Drew

4) "Instead of getting married again, I'm going to find a woman I don't
like and just give her a house," --Rod Stewart

5) "The problem with the designated driver program, it's not a desirable
job, but if you ever get sucked into doing it, have fun with it. At the
end of the night, drop them off at the wrong house." --Jeff Foxworthy

6) Do you know why they call it "PMS"? Because "Mad Cow Disease" was
taken. --Unknown, presumed deceased


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