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Topics in this issue:

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Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (7)

1.Need help with advertising
~Amalia Sotiriadou
~Cheeryl Hovey
~Morris Swinamer
~Devasish Gupta
~Cathy Wagner

~Tom Falco

3.The Scam Report???
~Mireille Carrier

4.Best Safelist
~Judie Urquhart
~Jason Hillard
~Susan Dugdale

5.Putting value into perspective
~Charles Green
~William Jaroske

6.Getting visitors to my website
~Peggy Feakes

7.The importance of the product
~Adrian Elman

N e w     P o s t s  (3)

1.Thordur Runars
~How can i target a 1000 people to see my free seminar  ....

2.Jeannie Hudson

3.Samuel Smith
~From Marketing Doofus to Marketing Pro in 7 easy steps!

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1.Mike Towle

2.Charles Green

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Greetings All

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3.  Place your offers or requests.
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5.  If you respond to somebody, new thread will be created
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Check it out here.

Here you can see some of the newest additions.

Each day we are adding new features.

Bogdan Fiedur

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Amalia Sotiriadou
Subject:Need help with advertising

Hi Robert,

There is no better way for those of us who are disabled to work than the
Internet. I have been at if for over 3 years now and I'm very happy with
it. As a matter of fact, my team and I are in the process of creating a
new enterprise that will make things a LOT easier for people that are just
starting out and have to rely mainly on the Internet to do their
promotions. Since we are not ready to go public yet, you are welcome to
drop me an email at and we can discuss it.

Best Regards,



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From:Cheeryl Hovey
Subject:Need help with advertising

Hi Robert,

I have to say I have had really good results from taking advantage of the
free weekly ads that many great newsletters have to offer. After
advertising with free ads for awhile it will give you an idea which
newsletters are the most effective for what you have to offer. Many
newsletters also offer the opportunity to enter free contests where you
can win top sponsor and solo ads. I have also won many of these.
Much Success To You Robert,

Cheeryl Hovey

Want to feel your absolute best with loads of energy? For the very best
nutrition products I have come across to date, with a well known and
dependable well established company.
Check us out!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From:Morris Swinamer
Subject:Need help with advertising

Hi Robert and fellow Adlanders,

This is my first time on here and much of what you are about to read is a
result of all the wonderful ideas gleaned from previous editions of this
news letter. Hands down...The Absolute Best News Letter around!

Robert, I notice that you said that you were using Free Advertising.

Here's my take on Free Advertising;

Personally, I use Free Advertising as a method to build a mailing list.

First of all, let me state that anything that you do for Free is not going
to deliver the expected results in sign-ups, that paid advertising does,
but for new people starting out, sometimes "Free" is the only option until
they can afford other methods.

Let's face it, most new people do not have huge prospect lists, RIGHT? The
problem is...Where are you going to get prospects?

The following is just a Suggestion: If you must use Free Advertising, be
prepared to get spammed.

Here's what I do and it works.
By the way, I call this type of campaign , "The Back Door Approach."

Not always, but almost every site that you place Free Ads, you can count
on one thing...These sites will be visited by email harvesters. Email
harvesting and spammers go hand-in-hand.
That in itself may not be a bad thing for you, once you become a bit
knowledgeable about email marketing on a shoestring budget.

What you want to do, is to use the email addresses that respond to your ad
(the spammers with their offers) and send your offer right back to them.

PLEASE REMEMBER:The main purpose of marketing this way is (Believe it or
Not) to get spammed.

Having said that,not all, but MANY of these spammers will send their junk
to you via useless, (fake addresses, autoresponders, etc.)...but you will
receive some addresses that are able to receive your counter offer and it
is THOSE precious addresses that will become your prospect list. Don't
expect to sell your Biz without exerting ALOT more effort...starting right
at that point.

You might respond to this prospect list with a message of your own, which
might look something like this. (Suggestion Only...Modify to fit your
Hello (their name),

Thanks for your offer. You must have seen my ad on X X

As you know by reading my ad, I am in a business of my own too.

I have a couple of questions for you:
1/ Are you really making a worthwhile income with your business?
2/ Do you find that you have more Free time as a result of your business?

Please respond with an HONEST answer.

Best Wishes,

(Your Name)

For those who are building a prospect list and don't mind investing some
extra time, the above (over-simplification) is one route to try, but
again, I caution that this method takes time!

Hope this helps you, Robert. I am currently in the process of putting a
series of HELP messages together to be delivered via autoresponder to
anyone requesting them. (It's a work In-Progress,so they're rough around
the edges)and can be obtained for free at:
The messages are free and can be stopped at anytime.

I wish you success in your venture.


A blank email to: will get you some FREE
helpful marketing suggestions geared to those on a shoestring advertising


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.4)=============
From:Devasish Gupta
Subject:Need help with advertising

Respected Robert Provencal,

You should take your time and check out Ken Evoy's site that's jam-packed
with all the information you need.
Make Your Site SELL! 2002-  "The definitive work on making ANY Web site

you'll find all the strategies and techniques of successful advertising
and promotion both online and offline ways.

wish you success,
yours sincerely,

Devasish Gupta
"Free E-commerce E-books for Effective E-business!"


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.5)=============
From:Cathy Wagner
Subject:Need help with advertising

Your situation is a very common one. Unfortunately most people conclude at this
point that free advertising doesn't work and start spending money before they
are ready, only to become discouraged and quit.

The truth is, most of us start off with poor ad writing skills and that is why
it is important to use free advertising in the beginning. My advice is to change
your ad copy until you can get at least some response with free methods.

Be sure your advertising really proclaims the benefits, as opposed to the
features of your product. Instead of saying, for example, "Try My High Quality
Nutritional Supplements," say something more like "Increase Your Energy and
Mental Clarity." The first example says to many prospects, "buy my product,"
while the second says "look at what I can do for you."

Get feedback on your ad copy. If you don't have anyone in the 3D world that can
give you a quality opinion, try asking business associates for advice or use a
free service like Headlines2Go
( ) to get some feedback
on your ad copy.

If you find that you are still not getting any kind of response to your
advertising, think about buying a book, taking a seminar or hiring a copy writer
before you invest your money into a paid advertising campaign with poor copy.

Have a Profitable Day,

Cathy Wagner

ONE STOP Internet Business Services
The Mother Lode of free and low cost
online marketing tips and tools.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Tom Falco

Marcus Wommer had some interesting things to
say about placing business cards all over the
place, but I found it really interesting that he is
sending people to a site (his own affiliate site,
in fact), to get "free" business cards from his
affiliate client, whom he is taking advantage of.

First of all, the cards you get "free" are crap
and crap reflects on your business. How many
paper and low class business cards has anyone
ever saved and used?

You need to promote your business with class
and style, not with the cheap way out. The
potential clients can see that you are going
the cheap way and truly reflects on your
business in a very poor manner. The business
card is the first thing people see many times
in the way of introduction to your business.
Cheap, free cards are not the way to go and
they never have been.

For those of us who sell business cards and
all sorts of promotional items for a living,
Marcus has some nerve. In other words, Marcus
wants to make a living, but wants people to
take advantage and scam off a website that
is having a "free" promotion to draw customers.
Yet, Marcus feels it is an unending well of
freebies for him to promote his own agenda.

Instead of trying the free cards out and giving
the site future business, Marcus feels that
the thing is to go in time and time again and
order freebies, in essence, putting the printer
out of business who is offering the samples.

Never ending samples for Marcus. That is what
it is about for Marcus. Try buying some cards
Marcus. See what it is like to actually make
a purchase.

Talk about no class.

Tom Falco owns, where you actually have
to pay for business cards and quality printing. But you do get what you
pay for. Class.




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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Mireille Carrier
Subject:The Scam Report???

Cathy Wagner says:  " I will look for these programs on the scam report"

That gave me a good laugh!

Cathy, I don't know how much credibility you give these clowns, but the
Scam Report is a scam itself.  I can't believe that anyone who's been
online for a while would put any trust at all in these people.  They
classify opportunities as scams, then turn around and SELL webmasters who
promote these "scams" their Scam Report Certified logo which is SUPPOSED
to mean scam free... while legitimate opportunities are labelled as scams.
Right... These guys really know their stuff! (sarcasm)

They don't care what people promote as long as they have money to pay for
their logo.  If a website displays the Scam Report seal of approval, all
it means is that the owner paid the Scam Report money.  It sure doesn't
mean it's scam free!

Their whole site is nothing but a joke.  They SELL everything!  They have
an affiliate program of their own, submit to FFA's, sell leads, etc. etc.
etc.  Don't fool yourself.  They're in this to make money just like every
other affiliate program online.  They just go one step further by claiming
to be a scam busting site to make themselves more credible.

You want good scam info, go to the World Wide Scam Network, and you'll get all the news for FREE.  Funny how the
Scam Report bashes WWSN, Rick Minard makes threats and uses foul language
when he replies to WWSN.  Only guilty people react this way.  At least
with WWSN you get BOTH sides of the story, not just the website's opinion
on an opportunity.  And WWSN won't try to sell you anything.

Just be very careful who you trust online...


BEFORE you spend another dime online...
Get the information you NEED to make an informed decision on affiliate
programs and work at home schemes.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:Judie Urquhart
Subject:Best Safelist

Here is a safelist I find I really like and what I like about it is that
you can go online and chat with a live person a get how this safelist
works or success with people who have used it.  You can get 600 leads a
month.  I just got my first list and there was more then 600 leads.
(which comes in a excel format)You also get there e-mail address which is

If interested take a look at

P.S.  does anyone have a good autoresponder that is cheap and don't have
to pay monthly fees?

Judie Urquhart


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.2)=============
From:Jason Hillard
Subject:Best Safelist

Hi Paul,

Without doubt, THE best safelist I have ever been associated with is this
one -

I will not explain why, but if you read what is on the whole site you will
see why I recommend it so highly.

Sure there are other safelists, but NONE of them can do what this one is
able to.

It is a POWERHOUSE of tools, not just a 'safelist'.

There are safelists and there are SUPER lists.

Email me for more SUPER lists.

Traffic Exchanges:
I would not recommend joining more than 20.

You would not be able to keep up with them all.

Generally, some of them are owned by same persons/company, so if they all
start to look the same, then they probably ARE!

There are distinct tactics to using traffic exchanges.

Hardly anyone is using these tactics.

More information on these tactics, write to me:
Subject Line = "Traffic Tactics"

Jason Hillard

Tactical Response: Safelists, FFA's, Traffic Exchanges,
List Building for Fun & Profit! Contact Me Here:


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.3)=============
From:Susan Dugdale
Subject:Best Safelist

Dear Paul,

I've checked through your lists on your site to see what you have and what
I could add.

The traffic exchanges below, I've chosen for the following reasons:
   # responsive admin. Quick and often personal replies
     to queries.Issues cleared and sorted.
   # hits are released in a timely way
   # facility to control release etc.
   # additional options on some: text ads;e-mail ads;
     lotteries for hits;rewards for use...





As for safelists, try this one.

It's not free BUT it is responsive.I've had a very good run with the links

And good luck. I liked your website, in particular the personal comment.
But why do you use auto-surf programs? They seem an oddity to me.


Simple Stepping Stones
Learn to earn online



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From:Charles Green
Subject:Putting value into perspective

Mireille Carrier wrote:
> HYPE SELLS!  And it doesn't matter where, how, who or what.  If
> you don't hype your product or service it will NOT sell.

Hi everyone,

While I think I understand the point Mireille is making, I do not
agree with her comment.

There are lots of products that sell without the need for any hype.
There are products that people need and want and they will buy them

Many products will sell better with hype than without, but I don't
agree with it.

My wife and I are involved with an extremely successful company with
extremely successful health products.  Due to the success of these
products, almost anything we say or write would seem like hype.  I
actually have to back off a bit and not tell people how good our
products are for fear that if I do, they won't believe me.

I do not condone ripping people off, deceiving them or being dishonest
or unethical in any way.  Why damage your reputation for the sake of a
few dollars?  I realise that there are many out there who couldn't
care less.  Money is money no matter how it is made.  I cannot believe
that the joy brought by money can exceed the guilt of knowing they
earned it dishonestly.

If you have a good product, share information with people sincerely
and educate them about the benefits, there is no need for hype.

I have a saying that applies to prospecting, but could be adapted...
"If you have to lie to people to 'get them in',
what are you going to tell them to keep them in?"

If you create an expectation that your product will do stuff that it
won't, there will be a lot of people who will want a refund when it
doesn't perform.  Many of these people will be less likely to believe
you next time.  Unfortunately, these same people may now be hesitant
to trust anyone, even those who are genuine.

> .... The majority join MLM
> to make their financial dreams come true based on hype rather than
> joining for the products they would be selling and USING. They don't
> use the products, they don't understand that they have to make a
> SHOPPING decision to shop through their MLM, they don't believe in
> what they're selling and why, they can't sell, they're afraid to
> talk to strangers on the phone or in person, blah blah blah.  So
> they fail.  The recruiters are as much at fault as the people who
> join them because they don't tell people that they will have to do
> any of this BEFORE taking their money.  And if people don't do it,
> they won't succeed.

In the past I have been guilty of not being clear enough about the
effort required.  This was not intentional.  I figured that people
were bright enough to figure it out for themselves.  Your effort leads
to your income.  More effort, more income.

I am trying now to make it very clear to people that you will need to
invest (at least) three things to succeed.  Time, effort and

Also, unless someone is a "sales" type, they will have a very hard
time promoting something that they do not use and/or have not had a
positive experience with.   I am not a sales person.  Anytime I tried,
I failed miserably.  But, I can successfully share information about
the products I use from our primary company because they work for me
and they work for my family.  I can speak and write with passion.

When you use your products, when you experience positive results with
your products, you can share those experiences with enthusiasm and
passion.  That shows through and people are much more likely to trust
that they may achieve the same.

Regarding the issue with the phone or talking to people.  I explained
this last week.  You MUST learn all you can about your company, your
products, your offer.  What benefits are there for your
prospect/customer?  The main reason people don't talk to people about
their business/products is because they are afraid they won't be able
to answer a question or respond to an objection.

You need to learn enough that the only things you can't answer cannot
be answered.  If you can't answer it, let the person go.  It's not for
them.  Just don't forget that sometimes your answer might be, "I don't
know.  But, I will find out and get back to you".  My downline have it
easy.  They can ask me anything, anytime.  If I don't know, no
problem.  The company provides a toll-free number with experienced
staff who can answer just about anything.

I hope that anyone reading this who is unsure of how to build their
business will apply some of the concepts.

I wish you well,

Charles Green

Charles & Kerri Green are Tahitian Noni International Independent
Distributors with downline on three continents.  Their prospects
often praise their "ANY questions, ANY time, Just Ask!" policy.



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.2)=============
From:William Jaroske
Subject:Putting value into perspective

Mireille Carrier said

"Well, hype is everywhere.  If you watch TV, you see hype.  If you read
newspapers, you see hype.  If you drive, you see hype on billboards.  Why?
HYPE SELLS!  And it doesn't matter where, how, who or what.  If you don't
hype your product or service it will NOT sell.

To associate hype with MLM only is absurd.  High priced items don't sell
and are not attractive to people?"

Mireille, I have commented that hype and MLM go hand in hand. I was not
saying that MLM is the only industry that was hyped.

then you lead in with store hype.
"If you take stores that sell overpriced clothing versus Sears, will you
look and feel better in a suit that costs you $1000 rather than $150?  Why
do people buy the more expensive clothing?"

The common reason is that they get into the (we need to keep up with the
Jones's mindset.) Which is the same as throwing hard earned money away.
Kind of foolish, don't you think? lets look at the $1,000 dollar suit over
the $150 suit. would it make more sense to buy the $150 suit over the one
that costs $1,000. That a $850 dollar difference in savings

Here is some useful information at

Young people are more vulnerable and more easily influenced with ads. The
programs, that these advertisers use to attract young viewers, are often
very violent.

Without even realizing it, many consumers find themselves spending much
more than they intended. They see a good buy on a CD component player for
$89 and walk out having spent $150. Even if they didn't fall for "bait and
switch" tactics, they can end up buying a service contract, a CD rack, a
CD cleaning kit etc.,

"Why do people buy a Ferrari when they can't use all the
best selling feature of the car?  Many have tried and died for it.  Was it
worth the extra money they paid for it?"

Again, that they get into the (we need to keep up with the Jones's mindset

John Olson said

"Let me explain, one of the things that I tell people to watch out for
when they first look at a new program or opportunity is, whether it's all
about the Money to be made or the Product. Most if not all the Schemes
and Scam's out there, are all about the money and hardly mention a product.

Now, look at CCI... What are the first pages all about? In fact, what are
most of the pages about...

The Money...

There isn't even a Link labelled "Products" is there."

John, now this is just making a nonsense excuse. The products are on the
Tools links.

"The products, it seems, are all related to promotion, not something the
normal guy down the street needs. Which is okay if the only people you
market to need the stuff."

John, I think you ended up not reading about the CCI Teaching Cinema.
There are literally hundreds of teaching videos and our staff is
constantly updating the library to insure that our members have the latest
and best instructional training available today!

This is an encyclopaedia on teaching tutorials for just about any
computer-related issue or software program how-to's.

Cathy Wagner said

"I looked at the game, my children are way too young for
it. What does this mean, "Sounds EASY, right? Well,
keep this in mind: The object of the game is to WIN. But,
the secondary object is to NOT let your opponents win.
This is what makes E-GADS! so exciting!" I'm not sure
if this really sounds like family entertainment. I don't go for
the whole I win and you LOSE philosophy. (Of course I
know that in every game some win and some lose, but I
don't want to teach my children that it is cool to undercut
someone so that they win"

Cathy, It does not sound very good depriving your family of Board games.
You give us the impression that your anti-board game by not buying games
in stores such as checkers and candyland.  So how could you deprive your
family the opportunity to teach them about good sportsmanship? I find this
very perplexing. I also find that this is kind of laughable. Please don't take this the wrong
way by saying that I'm attacking you. I'm so puzzled.

Another quote by Cathy.

"This $4,000 is probably
what the top earners receive when they refer 5 friends and
those friends refer 5 friends and so on and so on and so on.
No thanx, I didn't even click through the first page."

Good grief, where did you get into the thinking of referring 5 friends.
Geez,  I thought you understood the marketing arena. And why are you
labelling C.C.I. into another SFI (Six Figure Income) program.

Cathy. Please let me remind you that this nonsense whining does not do you
any good and certainly is not making your affiliates look good either.

William Jaroske

Is your opportunity up to par? Getting all the right facts and resources
before making a investment decision will make a real difference. The right
knowledge will set you free.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (6.1)=============
From:Peggy Feakes
Subject:Getting visitors to my website

Becky Brown wrote.

>I am very new to internet marketing.  I have signed up for countless
>opportunities to make money on the internet, and have lost some money in
>the process.  I am currently unemployed and working at home would work out
>very well for me.
>My problem is adding things such as HTML codes, visitor lists, etc.  I
>need step-by-step instructions.  I have no problem copying codes; my
>problem comes in when I can't copy these codes to my website.  Help!!!

Becky -

A useful site I have found is

The best book I have invested in is "Creating Web Pages for Dummies" by
Bud Smith and Arthur Bebak.  After reading that book I was easily able to
create my own web site using HTML.

Good luck to you!

Peggy Feakes



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (7.1)=============
From:Adrian Elman
Subject:The importance of the product

Hi Bogdan,

Reading the comments made in issue # 379
by William Jaroske, Jon Olson, Andy Sparks,
and Cathy Wagner concerning the need to
focus on the product rather than the money,
I couldn't agree more.

People have to understand that without a viable,
in demand product no opportunity can last.

Last week I signed up into
because I wanted their product. I think I must
have been unique because my sponsor was
quite put out when I told him I was not interested
in the opportunity.

The company itself has bombarded me with
training mails on how to make a mint with the
opportunity and they don't provide any method
for unsubscribing. Seems that buying for the
product alone just isn't the done thing! Shame
they don't realize that the product is there to
make retail sales with, not to be used as an
excuse to run a money game.

Jon Olson says he is always on the lookout for
a product focussed opportunity, something that
the average person would buy. William says
that the product must not be overpriced. Cathy,
on the other hand, believes that one should
stick to consumables so that you don't have
to keep searching for new customers. That is
something I have always felt also except that
it isn't necessarily correct. If it was then answer
me this...

Isn't it true that practically everyone has a TV
set? Most of us possess more than one, right?
So the market could be described as saturated.
And they last a long, long time! Nevertheless
no matter which town you go into you will find
at least one store selling televisions. What an
odd thing to be doing if there's practically no
market left!

Well for those of you who haven't figured it out
the reason is that despite the time a TV set will
last, technology is changing so rapidly that we
will purchase a new one long before the old one
is nearing its last legs.

That said, wouldn't you consider software to be
a bad product to get involved with if it's a one
time only purchase?

The answer has to be no, because it's useful
life is generally quite short as it will be replaced
by something newer and better. Just look at
Norton's anti-virus as a perfect example. You
don't get free upgrades for life and most owners
will upgrade to the new version every 2 to 3

Bearing that in mind, how about a software
product that around 80% of computer users
need and will want once they have tried it?

A software development company by the name
of IA Revolution released "Performance Pro",
a program that improves the performance of
your PC while providing you with maximum
security against hackers, worms, and all kinds
of ads. It does quite a bit more too however,
the company asks "How many people would
be interested in increasing the performance
of their PC without having to perform any
hardware upgrades or send their machine
back to the store?" The answer is obvious.

At under $40, it's priced to sell because the
only software that comes close, in all that it
can do, is Norton's Systemworks at 3 times
the price. But will people actually buy it?

A friend I recommended it to wrote to me this
morning and said "It's very nice but rather too
simple in operation. It has only 4 screens and
at the click of a button it does all the work for
you automatically." He saw that as a negative
so I pointed out that people want user friendly.
The easier it is to operate the more they will
want it.

I run 2 firewalls both of which are good but boy
do they require maintenance! My favorite is
Black Ice PC Protection. I have recommended
this to friends and family very often but the truth
is I shudder when doing so because I know what
they will have to go through when they install a
new program or update their anti-virus definitions.
If any of you are Black Ice users you will know
precisely what I'm talking about, unless you have
application protection disabled.

The average person is NOT a computer expert
and probably has no desire to become one so
given the choice between having to learn how
to operate and maintain his software or just
clicking on a single button he will definitely lean
towards the latter.

"Performance Pro" can be downloaded and
tried first so that you get to see the difference
before making a buying decision. Since its
launch almost every free trial has resulted in
a purchase which must tell us something.
Try it at

Jon Olson told me that he has to be excited
by a product before he will consider selling it
but he never tested the free trial version of
"Performance Pro" and to be honest it's only
once you have that you will see the potential
that exists.

Something I find fascinating about this product
is that you will not be exposed to the opportunity
until you have purchased and registered it. They
are 100% product focussed ...something rather
rare nowadays.

As they will launch more programs, based on
multimedia which is always popular, affiliates
stand to do well because existing customers
are likely to trust the brand having experienced
the power of Performance Pro.

Unlike the sales of health products this doesn't
require 100% of your focus. I truly believe that
leaving a small write up with a testimonial or two
on your site will generate sales automatically.

Let's hear more about good product focussed
opportunities because the money is nice but
that only comes when people need and want
what you are selling.

Adrian Elman

QuickTell Autoresponders
QT-Pro (all levels)



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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Thordur Runars
Subject:How can i target a 1000 people to see my free seminar  ....

How can i target a 1000 people to see my free seminar and to get my free
report on my side every month for free?

Thordur Runars

I'm new in internet marketing and i may sound silly to ask,but I'm like all
beginner or at least like most of them,and as a beginner i don't have money
to spend on advertisings, but I'm very interested to learn internet
marketing, its a very exiting world and its seems to me a very
underground with underground secrets,

i know at least one thing and that is if i don't have a huge email list and
big traffic i don't have a internet marketing business only website, so
when i sign me in this group i was hoping to learn something about to
promote my income opportunity on the internet ,my upline only knows how to
call leads in my book that's not internetmarketing,that is telemarketing,

i really hope that we will learn something from each other in stead of
promoting our thing,

I'm really happy with my company and what my opportunity is offering to
people, i know many people that is in this profession and i can say to any
one with a straight face what I'm offering, but i don't want to promote my
income opportunity here, because like i said I'm hoping to learn this trade
because this is something that i want to for a profession for the long

well i really hope that someone that knows how to teach me to get about
500-1000 to go at my side and see my seminar and maybe get my free report,
would be so nice to give me some tips to guide me in right way,

i thing that has to many beginners burn on all kind of bull, i hope that i
don't have to burn that way to,

Warmest regards, Thordur Runars,

and if you can assist me here is my email:


==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
From:Jeannie Hudson

I have started a small wholesale distributing business. I am not trying to
sell my products online, but I am trying to find people who want to work
selling my products.I have a catalog sales setup. Sort of like the Avon
lady. I can offer people a great opportunity to make a very profitable
amount of money from their profit's. I need to find someone who can help
People are looking for legitimate jobs on the net. I need to find out who
is looking for a job.I know that there is something called a email list.
But I don't know how to get it. I don't want to spam. So I need to get a
list of people who are actually looking for work.Every way I go all I seem
to get is someone trying to sell me a get rich scheme. I know there is
someone who can tell me what to do and how I should be doing it.Surely
there are still some honest people out there.Someone who is willing to
help me. Not someone who wants to sell me something.
     I am a beginner at using the net. I am not real sure on how I can
accomplish my goal. So any help would be greatly appreciated.

                      Jeannie Hudson



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From:Samuel Smith
Subject:From Marketing Doofus to Marketing Pro in 7 easy steps!

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=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:Mike Towle

To David B:

I went to your site, but it took me several minutes to figure out what you
were selling. I think you should get to the point sooner. The sponsor ads
can be placed at various spots within the page. Same thing for the
endorsements. Set the endorsements up so they are in a box, or indented so
that they stand out from your ad copy.

I assume you have the link to open the page in a new window because you
are using this page in traffic exchanges, and feel the page will disappear
before people have time to read it. This is ok, but doesn't need to be so
large that it is the primary thing you see when the page loads. The first
thing I wanted to do was click on that link, and then when what I got was
exactly the same thing, I just thought "what the..." and would have closed
them both without reading your message.

The page could use some graphics. Grab some free clip art or a freeware
art program and spice it up a little. It doesn't have to be Flash or java,
or anything too fancy. Just break up the type.

Give more links to the product you are pushing (I assume it CasHits).
If someone gets halfway down the page and is ready to find out more, where
is the link? It's ok to have several links spread throughout the page. If
you ask for action before someone is ready to take it, they will just keep
reading until they are ready.

I hope my opinion has been helpful.

Mike Towle

Promotion is simply a matter of persistence and patience. It's a game of
numbers. Here's some tools to help promote any website:


=====================Site Review Response  (2)===============
From:Charles Green

David B. wrote:
> My main concern is download time. I am on a fast internet
> connection so I don't know how it compares for dial ups.


I'm on dial-up.  I loaded it first in Netscape.  The first two lines
load almost immediately.  However, I then waited over a minute for
the rest of the page to appear.  It didn't.  I hit the STOP button
hoping some of it would load, but nothing did.

Then, I loaded it using IE.  Again, the first two lines loaded
straight away.  I waited another 42 seconds for the rest of the
page to appear (which it did all at once).

Opinion: Taking over 30 seconds to load, this page is unsuitable as
a leading page for use with Traffic Exchange and AutoSurf programs.

The "first fold" of the leading page I use with AutoSurf and Traffic
Exchange programs ( loads within
about 5 seconds.  That is the main thing I want people to see and
consider.  Anything else that loads and is looked at is a bonus.  I
tried to replicate the situation of someone who has not visited my
page previously and everything loaded within about 15-20 seconds.

This page gets results, so I keep using it.

> If you could tell me if this page grabs your attention and triggers
> your curiosity from what you see in the front window (what is
> visible on your screen when you first click on the page) that would
> be helpful. This page goes to a lot of page exchanges, that's why I
> want to know about the speed and curiosity factors.

Frankly, I was more excited about the ads on the right hand side.

If I were you (and I know I'm not), I would create a fast loading
page that outlines just a few of the main motivating factors relating
to your offers and have links from that leading to more detailed

Make sure that all links load in a new window.  When I visited,
neither your Adland banner or the Adland links opened in a new
window.  Goodbye visitors!

Submit the fast-loading page to the Traffic Exchanges/AutoSurfs.

Good luck,


P.S. - One reason my page loads quickly is that I still code by hand,
       not using Dreamweaver, FrontPage or other programs that seem
       to add lots of unnecessary code.

Charles Green recently began using optin leads supplied by
Names International  ( to
promote Tahitian Noni International on behalf of his TNI
downline   More TNI info:


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make a serious mistake?"

"Yes, was the reply, "I once cured a millionaire in three


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