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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Publisher

C o n t i n u i n g   D i s c u s s i o n s (5)

~Rebecca Beasley
~Mireille Carrier
~Neil Reinhardt

2.Autoresponder without monthly fee
~Cathy Wagner

3.World Wide Scam Network
~Charles Green

4.Putting value into perspective
~William Jaroske

5.Cash Culture Question
~Chris Counsell

N e w     P o s t s  (2)

1.Callie Canrinus
~Pre building a downline was on my Wish List!

2.Kirk Meyer
~Merchant affiliate question

Site Review Requests   (0)

Site Review Responses   (1)

1.Paul House

G u e s t   A r t i c l e    (1)
1.How to Stay Sane Working at Home
By Michele Miller

Joke of the Day

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From:Rebecca Beasley

I still maintain my support of Melaleuca as a great company to work for.

One thing that no one brought out in the other comments is the fact that
you can get a 100% money back guarantee from the time you enrol up to 4
months into the program.

All you have to do is return the empty bottles and your business kit
intact and call the company and your sponsor and they will help you to get
your money back.

The ones who have stated that they had problems getting "retail"
customers, that kind of threw me off a little. We don't try to get retail
customers for one thing, so that didn't make a lot of sense to me.

This is not a buy wholesale sell retail kind of business, and if you're
doing that, you defeat the entire purpose.

Everyone enrols, pays for their business kit and buys products every month
to keep their preferred customer status. This entitles everyone to buy the
products at wholesale prices. There are no retail customers.

And as far as price goes, if you shop on the site or out of the catalog
and take your time, look for the bargains, and they are there. We have
specials every month and also seasonal specials.

Every month that I've ordered since starting, I've gotten a lot of good
Compared to the prices in stores and considering the concentration it's a
bargain no matter how you look at it.

One month I paid $65 for my products, and what I got was very much worth
it. I got toothpaste, mouthwash, 2 bottles of shower gel, shave cream,
shave lotion, body lotion, bath soap, liquid soap, dental floss and 2
flossers and a bath puff.

If I had bought all this at a store here in town, for one thing, I would
have had to use my car and gas to get there, and I would have had to walk
all over the store looking for the items, spent time comparing prices,
reading the labels for the ingredients, (which don't have to be disclosed)
and they would not have handed me a check when a few weeks later to pay me
for my efforts, and no matter how good the store was, if I told my friends
about it they would not be paying me for that either.

Tomorrow when I got out to my mailbox, there will be a check waiting for
me. It's not for a lot of money, but it's more than I was getting before
working night and day doing network marketing. And it will help me buy
things I need to finish out the month.

I simply invite people to the in-home webcast, or the phone presentation
and I don't fret about whether or not they enrol. They'll see the value
of this in time. And I still plan to be here when they do.

It's not a hardship to do this, it's a joy, and it's like getting
Christmas every month. I really enjoy the products and I feel better, I'm
living better, and i have more time to do things I really want to do and
spend more time with my family.

It's not for everyone though, and not everyone can do this, or would want
to, but for anyone who is looking for a business that will pay you for
your efforts, this is a great one.

The key word is efforts. If you put forth just a little bit of effort
every day, you can succeed.

If you are willing to listen and be coachable, and not try to reinvent the
wheel, you will make it.

But if you expect spillover or for the work to be done for you, then
you'll be very disappointed with this, or any other business for that

It's entirely up to you if you want to do well or not.

Rebecca Beasley

My Website



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From:Mireille Carrier

Hi Diane,

I'm sorry about your experience with Melaleuca.  It's people like the
person who introduced you to the company who give the MLM industry a bad

The base point system is far from complicated and quite easy to
understand.  It's evident that you were not explained the details of the
compensation plan properly.  You couldn't meet the base point requirement
because you were misled by your "recruiter", obviously, that's all he/she
was - his/her bottom-line is all that mattered.  That's very unfortunate,
and you see tons of recruiters in every MLM.  They all have one thing in
common:  they lose their downline/customers because they lied to them,
leaving behind dissatisfied ex-members and people who had a bad experience
with the company.

To be honest, I found your post quite refreshing.  Most stories all over
the internet from people with a similar experience as yours (with ANY MLM
company) totally bash the company and the products, and many even make up
lies to justify their stand.  Others find these stories, read them and
take it all for facts and without doing any further research, believe
these lies to be the truth.  You projected a professional attitude even
though your post was negative towards Melaleuca.

If you had been told right from the start what Melaleuca was really all
about, maybe you could have sponsored others with similar concerns based
on the quality of the products.  Who knows, maybe you could have made
enough to get your products for free every month.  Or you would have opted
not to buy from them at all because it didn't meet your needs.

I am single, and I have no problems ordering more than the required
minimum every month.  It would be very easy for a couple, and especially a
family, to order more products than the minimum requirement on a monthly

If you didn't have all the facts when you signed up, you were lied to or
misled, and you had no idea that you were buying from a MLM company, it
will most likely leave you with a sour taste for the industry.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with Melaleuca.  The one to blame is
the person who recruited you for hiding, or not disclosing, all the facts
to you before you made your decision.  MLM is a tough industry for sure,
and most definitely not one that fits all lifestyles and budgets.

I wish you great success with your company!  And I applaud you for finding
alternatives to chemicals and toxins.


BEFORE you spend another dime online...
Get the information you NEED to make an informed decision on work at home
programs and home businesses.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============
From:Neil Reinhardt

I was in Melaleuca years ago and I still buy some of their excellent
products from someone I got in the company.

I am writing as I take exception to Diane's comments.  Based on what she
said, she is blaming the company for the actions of one distributor and I
feel that is wrong.

Next, she talked about how expensive their products were. From her other
comments and the length of time she was in the company maybe she did not
know that on a cost per use basis, they are usually less expensive than
other products.

She probably did not know about how one bottle of a Melaluca product can
be diluted (as it should be) to make the equal of MANY bottles she would
have to buy from some other source.

Plus, Melaluca's products do not contain the dangerous chemicals that the
products from nearly every other company does.  I will bet that the
products Diane is now using are NO where as safe as the Melaleuca ones

As I said, I am not in Melaleuca and have not been for many years. I just
do not like to have inaccurate information being passed around.

As far as people saying Melaleuca is not an mlm, they is totally wrong.
Any company who pays on more han ONE level IS a Multi-Level! Period! End
of story!  And it makes no difference if they admit it or not.

Please, Take Care!

Neil C. Reinhardt


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
From:Cathy Wagner
Subject:Autoresponder without monthly fee

Thank you, Adrian for your clear and informative summary of the different types
of autoresponders. I will save your comments for future use, unless you have a
URL where I can find this information as an article. Please let us know.

Have a Profitable Day,

Cathy Wagner

ONE STOP Internet Business Services
Providing Freedom Seeking Entrepreneurs
with Low-Risk, Profit Building Guidance.




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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)=============
From:Charles Green
Subject:World Wide Scam Network

Hi everyone,

While WWSN is being discussed ever so delicately, I figured
I'd throw in my two cents.

There are several sites reporting and/or discussing scams.
WWSN is just one of them and happens to the one I have used
a few times.

Before I last joined Amway in 2000, I looked it up at WWSN.
No real surprises.  Same stuff that's been thrown around for
ages.  Most of it true, but a little out of context at times.
For what it's worth, Kerri and I still renew each year.
Only because we have our life insurances through them and
the rebates are about the same as our renewal.

However, when I read about Tahitian Noni International
(originally Morinda) in mid-2001 at WWSN, I was pleasantly
surprised.  WWSN checked the company right out and gave them
a POSITIVE review.  That is rare on the WWSN site.

The report ends with...

"We were very impressed with the Morinda company and
appreciated their eagerness to answer our questions and
provide us with any information we requested. We have
confidence in the good intentions of the company and its
people. We have no "scam" to report regarding Tahitian Noni.

And, believe it or not, we are very happy to be able to say

As best as I can tell, WWSN gets the facts, tries to get
them direct from the companies concerned and reports the
findings.  Quite often the reports are negative, which is
to be expected.  The main reason someone asks WWSN to check
out a company is because something doesn't seem right.

I cannot comment on the forums or whatever as I have not
visited them nor do I expect to.

Considering what I've read here, it would seem that people
post whatever they want without necessarily getting all the
facts or giving a balanced view.

If I wanted to entertain myself reading as people argue
about what is or isn't a scam, I'd read the Adland Digest.

Hang on.  I already do.  ;->

Summary: World Wide Scam Network receives comments and stuff
from regular people and "seems" to do their best to contact
the companies and owners, etc for their side of any issue.
They then compile a report or two on what they find.

While the reports are based on opinions of WWSN, at least
they are usually informed opinions.

As with anything you read online, use your common sense, due
diligence, brain power, etc, etc, whatever, to make your own
decisions.  Informed decisions.

Before I go, let me direct you to a little light humour.  Do
not get me wrong, but I had to laugh as I read the following
page.  It's about Neways.  A distributor wrote to WWSN
giving them a piece of his (I hope it wasn't her) mind.

Bye for now,


P.S. - Yes, before anyone asks, I am aware that WWSN seems
       to fixate on a few scams at a time and the website
       looks to be bunch of negative articles, put downs,
       etc. etc.  Perhaps they get a bit carried away.  ;-)

Charles & Kerri Green are Tahitian Noni International Independent
Distributors with downline on three continents.  Their prospects
often praise their "ANY questions, ANY time, Just Ask!" policy.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)=============
From:William Jaroske
Subject:Putting value into perspective

[Quoting Cathy Wagners twisted and irrelevant post]

[Quoting William's post] "When I see a web site that uses such an
claim as $4,000 a month for life as the sole content
for their main page, I do not look any further. Having said this"

"I don't think you addressed John's points either, except maybe
to illustrate them further. Products are not the same as Tools and
if CCI expects that visitors will read every page in order to get a
clear understanding of their program, then they are expecting far
too much initial interest from their prospects. They should spell it
out on the first page"

So Cathy, as you are saying if it does not look like your website,
talk like your website, market like your website and its not a
worthwhile website at all the way you put it?" [end quote]
[End quote]

Cathy, that is the most twisted and irrelevant thing you can do. You took
a quote in the post and twisted it as you see fit. As I recall  ("When I
see a web site that uses such an outrageous
claim as $4,000 a month for life as the sole content
for their main page, I do not look any further. Having said this") was
your quote in your own words. You have twisted it around to make them my

Before you ask me to go back and read it again. Answer my questions first.
Why don't you go back and reread it instead of me.

Cathy's quote
"I really should have ignored this silliness, but I would hate to think
others might have made the same gigantic leaps of "logic?" that you have."
End quote.

Go ahead and do that and ignore the people that have common sense and have
a better sense of logic. As you stated that you have no use of scam
reporting websites. Then claim that you can spot a scam better than anyone
else. Is that correct?

So you appear to ignore the scam reporting websites. I suppose you ignore
sites such as the FTC which also reports fraud and scams. Cathy, that is
incredibly ignorant. Cathy still hasn't answered my question on the board
game issue. I'll ask it again. Can you tell
us what games on the market is good or bad since you are such an expert on
board games.

John Olson said
"Here's a list of the things I look for now (though I'm not really
interested in joining anything new) and recommend anyone who is looking at
any program with the idea of joining look for:

1. A Real Product or Service.
2. Reasonable cost for any Products or Services.
3. The ability to retail the Product or Service without having to talk
about the opportunity.
4. Good contact information about the owners.
5. Promotion of the Product or Service above the opportunity.

There are other things to look for, but these 5 are a good start."
[End quote]

John. The above does meet your criteria on CCI. Why don't you log on one
of the scheduled calls this Saturday. Or do I have to spend a few hours on
the phone to explain it in detail.

William Jaroske

Top ten scam reporting websites for free at
List of the C.C.I. tutorials


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)=============
From:Chris Counsell
Subject:Cash Culture Question

I'm sorry, but what a bunch of whiners !
Cashculture pays good money to those that put the effort into promoting it
AND supporting their downline, I personally have been making approx. $100
per month from this programs (and more from some others too). Perhaps you
whiners don't know how to build your business (or are you treating your
business as a 'hobby'?) ... please feel free to contact me to learn how I
do with an easy duplicable marketing system.

Chris Counsell

Join my team - make money online :o)



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==============N e w P o s t i n g  (1)=============
From:Callie Canrinus
Subject:Pre building a downline was on my Wish List!

I've joined a number of Internet business's, programs, etc., and
practically all of them have a Free 30 day trial period.  That's a good
thing, IF you are a real
go getter and have access to 100,000's in your mailing list and have a
bullet-proof mailer.  But what is anyone to do if they are just starting
out in Internet business?

It's a real mine-field for the newbie and they can spend hundreds or
thousands of $$ while learning the ropes of Internet marketing.  Even for
those of us who have been at it awhile, but don't have a lot of Free cash
floating around to advertise/promote our biz op - It's still tough to get
a targeted mailing list of committed Network Marketers in place.

And even then, not everyone is interested in the same type of business.
The only kind of Internet Opportunity that Interests EVERYONE - bar none -
Is one that can make the person starting out, at least $300 per month
right from the get-go.  Cold hard cash speaks all languages and will make
devoted followers out of even the most select Internet marketers! As long
as the means to get it doesn't go against their moral principals, that
is - Am I right??

Well, who offers that, right off the bat, especially to the Newbies?

The best I've come across is the Global Investors Database.  They compile
interested marketers names in a database until there is a downline of 120
people placed under each of them.  As soon as an individuals downline
reaches 120, they notify that person to sign up at a member-to-member
program, and you start earning some income almost immediately.

Their ONLY requirement is that you refer 3 people to the database, but
then you just sit back and wait.  Sometimes it takes almost 3 months,
especially if the people in a group don't do anything, but most people
will get their 120 downline in a really short time because referring 3
people really is peanuts.  There is NO charge to join the database, and
they have a really simplified way of adding people to the database so you
get credit for the people you refer.

They use INTGold as the method of payment and send you the links to join
up under in plenty of time to fund your account so you can be ready to
participate when your 120 are ready to go under you!!  It's actually a
pretty cool idea, and you don't have to freak out waiting for a "Launch"
to make sure you get in first, and all that foolishness.

I'll hook you up with more info about them if you want, but I just want
you all to know that there is a really new and unique way for Newbies to
break into the "Biz" we've all been enjoying for so long.  I personally
have been with Melaleuca for 3 years now, but haven't made a huge amount
of money with them.  Most of these businesses require lots of time on the
phone to advance, but I'm not a phone kind of person - But I LOVE their
products, so as long as I make some money with them, I'm happy.

Anyway, check these Global Investors Database people out - I think it's a
long-overdue idea that just might work out for us all!



==============N e w P o s t i n g  (2)=============
From:Kirk Meyer
Subject:Merchant affiliate question

Does anyone have the knowledge of how to get our
affiliate links offered or accepted the most places.
Or how to contact the most newsletters or ezines for an invite to our free
online auction classes.
We pay $700.00 per sign up for our advanced classes and are fully set up
with a 3rd party affiliate system.
Our average affiliate checks are $18,650.00 per month.
Can anyone help reach the masses?
thank you
Kirk Meyer

831 336 5406



=====================Site Review Response  (1)===============
From:Paul House

This may come off as harsh, but here goes.
1. Frames are for 4th graders.
2. Choose a font OTHER than Times New Roman.  Pick Arial or another sans
serif font instead.
3. You flashing logo is cute, but the font you used says "cute" rather
than "professional".  If you're making any money at this at all I would be
highly surprised.  You can shoot for the middle and get both "cute" AND
"professional" simply by making it easier to read.
4. Where's the focus?  I didn't see one thing that told me what the site
is supposed to be about.  You're all over the place.  Pick a lane.

Much love to ya,
Paul House.

Saving the World,
One Stroke at a Time.




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=====================G u e s t   A r t i c l e   (1)===============
How to Stay Sane Working at Home
ByMichele Miller

It's great working at home, being your
own boss, but for some people it's not
what they expected.

I've heard several people say they get
lonely and miss being around work
associates; others find it hard to stay
disciplined, or they just find working
at home boring.  I personally don't find
it to be any of those things myself and
love working at home, but everybody's

Some people are almost forced to work at
home, such as disabled people, single moms
that can't afford daycare, or don't want
to put their children in daycare.  For
these people that didn't necessarily choose
a home career it can be quite depressing.

For those that chose to work at home, and
don't want to change that part of it, often
times another problem arises.  It can be
called, "wearing all the hats syndrome".
Not only do you run a business and play
manager, employee, billing clerk, sales
person, inventory manager, etc., with a home
business, you might find yourself cleaning the
house, taking care of the kids, cooking meals,
folding clothes, running errands, and paying
bills, all during working hours. This problem
tends to arise when there is no set work
routine.  It leaves one feeling overwhelmed
on a daily basis.

To really enjoy a home business and keep
yourself sane, it's necessary to establish
business hours and a routine.

It's best to get dressed every day at a
reasonable hour, otherwise you find the
whole day's gone and you're still in your
night clothes.  It's great to be able to
do that, it's just not good to do it.
You can bet the doorbell will ring on the
days you slack off on this one!

Give yourself a lunch break and try to
eat healthy.  It's so easy working from
home to walk by the fridge every thirty
minutes and get a snack.  Soon your body
expects to be fed every couple of hours,
just like a newborn.  Not a good thing,
especially when you start packing on the

Try to get some fresh air every single day.
It's not good to get out of the house only
once or twice a week.  When you feel mentally
happy and healthy, you will be able to stay
sane with a home business.

Remember, working at home can be harder than
working outside the home.  It's all up to you
how your business turns out; it's a lot of
responsibility.  So, try not to stress yourself

Use phone time wisely.  Enough said.

As far as housework goes, and all that other
stuff that messes up your work day, I found
something that works and may work for you.
I get up and get showered and dressed and
then I spend about an hour cleaning the house.
I'm usually ready to sit down and start work
around nine, but if it's ten o'clock that's fine
too.  Routine, routine, routine, is the key to
being successful and staying sane in a home

Michele Miller is a home-based business owner and author of an Ebook about
medical transcription.  You can visit her website at:


=====================Joke of the Day   (1)===============

After getting all of the Pope's luggage loaded into the limo (and he doesn't
travel light), the driver
notices that the Pope is still standing on the curb.

"Excuse me, Your Eminence," says the driver, "Would you please take your seat so
we can leave?"

"Well, to tell you the truth," says the Pope, "they never let me drive at the
Vatican, and I'd really
like to drive today."

"I'm sorry but I cannot let you do that. I'd lose my job! And what if something
should happen?"
protests the driver, wishing he'd never gone to work that morning.

"There might be something extra in it for you," says the Pope. Reluctantly, the
driver gets in the
back as the Pope climbs in behind the wheel.

The driver quickly regrets his decision when, after exiting the airport, the
Supreme Pontiff floors
it, accelerating the limo to 105 mph. "Please slow down, Your Holiness!!!"
pleads the worried driver,
but the Pope keeps the pedal to the metal until they hear sirens.

"Oh, dear God, I'm gonna lose my license," moans the driver. The Pope pulls over
and rolls down the
window as the cop approaches, but the cop takes one look at him, goes back to
his motorcycle, and gets
on the radio.

"I need to talk to the Chief," he says to the dispatcher. The Chief gets on the
radio and the cop
tells him that he's stopped a limo going a hundred and five.

"So bust him," said the Chief.

"I don't think we want to do that, he's really important," said the cop.

Chief exclaimed,"All the more reason!"

No, I mean really important," said the cop.

The Chief then asked, "Who ya got there, the Mayor?"

Cop: "Bigger."

Chief: "Governor?"

Cop: "Bigger."

"Well," said the Chief,"Who is it?"

Cop: "I think it's God!"

Chief: "What makes you think it's God?"

Cop: "He's got the Pope for a limo driver!"


Let's hear from you......

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