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                                   Vol. 1 issue #396 May, 18, 2004

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Topics in this issue:

Sponsor Message
Word from Moderator

C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n s (2)

1. Getting started
~ Rebecca Beasley
~ Michael Wells

2. Building a mailing list
~ Robert A. Kearse
~ Moderator Comment

N e w P o s t s (2)

1. Joseph Hinkle
Working with ebooks

2. Emily Garcia
I need help

Site Review Requests (1)

1. Robert C. Potter

Site Review Responses (1)

~ Mike Towle

G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)
1. 100,000 Subscribers In 30 Days?
By Willie Crawford

Joke of the Day

================== Word from Moderator ====================

Welcome to the 1,143 new subscribers since last week..

Hello gang,

Well, its been a mixed week here in Minnesota, temps in the upper 80's to
the 40's, rain, wind with the threat of tornadoes and some sun. But the
trees are greening up and spring is defiantly here.

The ads for this and that new program keep popping up in my In Box, so
that is one season that does not change. And in an effort to help those
readers who are thinking of getting into this online marketing game, I
wonder what you think is the biggest waste of time and money being
promoted today? And why?

Let us know what you think of the stuff you have seen come through your In
Box in the last month or so?

John Olson
Moderator Adland Digest
See my page at AdlandPro Community


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============

From: Rebecca Beasley
Subject: Getting started

Hi John.

I've been putting around for about 7 years now and tried just about
every technique out there, from fly in ads, autoresponders, safelists,
traffic exchanges, you name it.

The one thing that I'm finding works the best and you'll hear this from a
lot of people is working on your OWN contact list.

Traffic exchanges work too, but they work a lot better if you can build a
downline and refer the traffic exchange to other people.

Also I've found having your own safelist or FFA page is a must.

They're really inexpensive. Most safelists can be run by just paying for
the hosting and the host will provide the script and set it up for you,
but an ffa page, especially one that has an onsite submitter is the best
bargain I've found so far.

The owner takes care of the bounces, and they put the disclaimer in for
you, so the only thing you have to do is send out a nice thank you note to
everyone who posts their link on your page.

Of course, these leads are shared by everyone who owns pages in the
network, and everyone agrees to allow you to post at least once to these
leads, but if you include a hyperlink to your e-mail with subject
included, like this...

And offer them something that they might want, like a free e-book about
how to make money fast, you'll usually get replies and that gives you the
go ahead to e-mail them again.

Just make sure that you understand the spam rules, and that you include
your Real Name, Your e-mail, and your physical address and make sure that
your subject line isn't misleading.

Don't send something that says..."Validate Your e-mail" Or "Here is your
payment" or anything that leads them to think they're getting something
that they're not.

All you really need to say is something like...

Thank you for posting your link

As a special service to my subscribers,
I'm offering you a free report on how you can ???
for information, click here

Thanks once again,
Your Name,
Your e-mail
Your physical address,

And I even include my phone number. You never know, someone might really
call you and want to know more about what you do.

But please, I know it's tempting, but don't send them your URLs. You don't
like it when you get bounce back ads do you? So consider others as you do

Well...maybe just one, but make it like a part of
your signature.

I hope this helps you to succeed.

Rebecca Beasley

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (12)=============
From: Michael Wells
Subject: Getting started

John Fite

Here's A few suggestions for getting visitors to your site.

You may try ppc sites such as Kanoodle, Overture site-match or 123 Search

Write an e-course on a topic that you can use to promote your site such as
Advertising (use an autoresponder for your course) Place your links in the

You can use a service called "Lead Factory" For about $150.00 you plug
your new autoresponder course into the Lead Factory network, through
which they will promote your course until you've received a -guaranteed-
500 subscribers or one called "Hip Lists"

Do a search to generate a list of online newsletters or Ezines that
relate to you site and place your Ads there

I suggest you use an Ad tracker service to track your Ads so you will
know which ones are working and which ones are not.

Hope you find these suggestions helpful

Feel Free to contact me any time

Michael Wells

Unlimited Possibilities
Your Information Resource



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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============

From: Robert A. Kearse
Subject: Building a mailing list

Hi John:
RE: Building a mailing list.

"Let us assume that someone has a Website and
products or services to offer, but they need a
way of building a mailing list

What is the best way of doing that?
What do you have to do to get subscribers?
What do you need to do to keep people on the list?
Where can you get content to send to your list?"


Here is a solid plan of action in six steps to
build multiple mailing (opt-in) lists.

There is no cash required to follow any of the
six steps.

Subscribe to Jimmy D. Brown's FREE mini-course,
"Email Strategies Explained."

I have read and evaluated over two dozen reports
and ebooks on building mailing lists, and this
mini-course is THE BEST by a wide margin.

The mini-course explains not only how to build

One essential truth you will learn is that just mailing ads to your list

An absolute necessity is a good autoresponder.

This FREE autoresponder has NO ADS.

It has a very good user manual that you can
download free.

ALWAYS use an ad tracker in your advertising.

Here is a link to a comprehensive list of FREE ad trackers.

You need more than 1 good ad tracker. Sites go
down, get hacked, have server problems, and go
out of business.

YOU NEED BACKUP tools and resources.

Build multiple mailing lists by giving away FREE reports and FREE ebooks.

The only way you should distribute the download
information for an ebook is if those interested
fill out a form generated by your autoresponder.

You can download FREE these two ebooks which give
very valuable information to any one looking to
make money online.

Ad Tracking SuperTips:

Forum SuperTips:

Do not give away any ebooks, reports or mini-courses
that you have not read. Some free stuff is junk.

You want to give away QUALITY information.

Keep your mailing list members supplied with valuable information.

(A)Follow this link for valuable FREE advertising:

Targeted advertising is always the best kind, and
Igaroo has more than 80,000 web marketing related websites linking to it.

(B)Follow this link to earn CASH through using
this FREE 6MB email account:

Know anyone who uses email??

Through long-term promotion of this FREE email
account you can achieve substantial income with

(C)Effective advertising with NO OUT OF POCKET COST:

I do not refer to the two preceding programs as
FREE advertising, since you have to read email
messages to EARN the advertising.

They are both very effective, and you can make
a FREE offer and build your opt-in lists from
members of these two programs.

AllMyList is particularly strong since your
advertising credits do not get used up unless
someone CLICKS your advertising url.

As stated in STEP 3 ALWAYS use a tracking url
when advertising through these programs.

Use your FREE autoresponder to set up an AUTOMATED sequence where once a
week you supply valuable

Once a month slip in a commercial message.

Subscribe to The Tax Torpedo Newsletter

This is my bi-weekly newsletter which always
features valuable FREE tools and resources for
your Internet business.

If you are a subscriber to this ezine, you will
never run out of valuable information concerning exceptional free tools
and resources to pass on to members of YOUR mailing lists.

One key concluding concept:

If you have a HIGH LEVEL OF CREDIBILITY on the Internet, it has a

Furnish members of your mailing lists with valuable info, and you will
be able to cash in and monetize the credibility you have established.

Best of success,

Robert A. Kearse

Powerful FREE Work At Home Tools


==============Moderators Comment =============


There are a lot of what look like affiliate links in this post. I let it
go this time. But please don't make a habit of it.

What does everyone else think of Robert's ideas?

John Olson



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==============N e w P o s t i n g (1)=============

From: Joseph Hinkle
Subject: Working with ebooks


How do you use them? Where do you get them and how do you market them from
your web site? What is the difference between paid and free ebooks?

Joseph Hinkle


==============N e w P o s t i n g (2)=============

From: Emily Garcia
Subject: I need help

I started my online store in April, have done a lot of free advertising,
pay per click, and off line advertising. So far I have had 1 sale. Can
anyone tell me how long it should take to get customers, what I should
be doing to get actual sales.

Thank You!
Emily Garcia


=====================Site Review Request (1)===============

From: Robert C. Potter

I would like to find out what people think about the marketing copy. Is
it easy on the eyes? Does it capture your attention? Can it motivate you
to buy the product?

What can be done to improve it?
"The Ultimate Guide To Products For Resale"
Over 300 Wholesale & Surplus Supply Sources For
Ebay Auction Sellers, E-Commerce Websites, Flea
Market Vendors, and Retail Store Owners!


=====================Site Review Response (1.1)===============

From: Mike Towle


I like your site. It is clean with good use of graphics. The only
suggestion I have is about the 3 bullets under "products" - First, I
suggest that you align them instead of the odd spacing/alignment you
have now. Also, you should identify them clearly, and make the link easier
to find. It took me a while to realize that the bullet was the link. Until
then, I had no idea what they were talking about, or how to find out.

Also, with the "more info" link at the bottom. Why change typestyle for
this one link? You have nicely kept with the same typestyle throughout
the page, and then this is different. Stands out as odd.

Mike Towle
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=====================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)===============

100,000 Subscribers In 30 Days?
By Willie Crawford

Two years ago, I sat in Joel Christopher's "Master List Builder
Seminar" listening to ideas on how to build my list faster. The
room was filled with seasoned on-line and off-line marketers. They
all told us that the money was in the list... something we all
knew intuitively.

People in the room shared just about every method imaginable
for building a list. They covered what worked, what didn't, and
what you definitely should not do. They shared their personal
experiences and the results of their latest list building tests.

A few of the speakers had tremendous impact on me. One was
Paul Myers, whom I previously knew primarily from on-line
discussion forums. I had also enjoyed several LONG phone calls
with him. The other speaker whose message intrigued me was
Frank Garon. Frank spoke of buying lists of new subscribers for
less than a penny a name. He spoke of something called

Terry Dean also validated for me the impact writing good ezine
articles can have at that seminar.

Frank Garon REVEALED that he and other top marketers
regularly joined together and bought batches of tens of thousands....
maybe 100,000 names. These names were gathered via on-line forms
placed on high traffic websites. The forms offered more information
on the types of products and services that Frank and his friends
offered. The websites' visitors checked this box requesting more
information, and these names (along with datestamp, IP address
and other relevant information) was passed to the opt-in
name purchasers.

As I listened to this talk of building a list of 100,000 in a month
or less, I wondered, if it's so great, why isn't everyone doing
it? The answer that later became clear is that many of the top
marketers ARE doing it. It's not their only method of building
a list, but it's definitely one of their most profitable.

The next question that popped into my tiny mind was, "Are
these really subscribers or will I be accused of spamming if
I send emails to these people?" These people do actually opt-in
to receive more information about starting an on-line business.
They do physically check a box requesting more information
be sent to them. That does technically make them opt-ins.

Later, my coaches and mentors would share with me many
SECRETS. One was that when you have access to one of
these lists, it's all about return on investment. We all know
that names purchased via co-opt systems are less responsive.
They are less responsive because the subscribers don't know
you - they don't have a relationship with you.

These mentors went on to share that there was a proper
way to legitimately turn these opt-in "LEADS" into
subscribers. The method is very simple. In your first,
and every email to them, you remind them that they
requested more information of this type through an on-line
form. It doesn't hurt to include the date, IP address and
email address they subscribed from. Then you go on to
share some fantastic information with them... maybe in
the form of your ezine. In every contact with these
purchased names you also include an easy method for
them to unsubscribe.

If you provide genuine value, over time, you will build a
relationship with many of these leads. Many will
unsubscribe, but again - the important metric is return on
investment. That's what you need to track. If you start out
with 100,000 names but 6 months later that list has
dwindled down to 10,000 or maybe even 1000, what is the
lifetime value of those list members remaining? That's
the question you need to ask. You answer that largely
based upon what you currently earn for each subscriber
on your list.

Another concept that sank into my head at Joel's
workshop was the concept of building sub-lists. These
are lists that are kept separated based upon the source.
This allows you to send emails/offers to your lists based
upon list demographics or how they were acquired.

I now have many sub-lists. These sub-lists are from
articles I written, teleseminars I conducted, interviews
I given, course I've authored, website forms, joint ventures,
and co-registration purchases. Each list is generally
set up as an autoresponder that I can send select messages
to. My autoresponder system allows me to send out an
unlimited number of both scheduled and unscheduled

The primary system I use cost me $19 per month for
an unlimited number of autoresponders with an unlimited
number of messages. I can pre-schedule message for
up to 24 months. This fantastic autoresponder deal is
available through does have very strict policies on how
these autoresponders can be used to prevent spam accusation
problems! There is also a limit on the number of new names
you can import at a time. For that reason, I recommend that
when dealing with co-registration emails you use the
autoresponders at:

I also recommend that with co-registration names you not
email to them too often. I send them a few emails, spaced
over several months. In those emails, I provide information
of genuine value... on the topic of building an on-line
business AND I invite them to join my regular ezine list. In
each email, I inform them of how and why they are getting
the email AND provide a convenient unsubscribe link.

Over the years, I've spent many thousands of dollars on
co-registration lists. The quality has varied. The best deal
I have discovered is through the "Nitro Guys." They can
deliver 100,000 names in 30 days. If you want less, they
have an "auto-ship plan" where they send you 25,000 names
a month. These names are in CVS format which mean you
can import them directly into many list management and
autoresponder systems. Some systems, including, mentioned above, do limit the number
of names you can import at a time... so read the terms
of service before signing up.

I mentioned the "Nitro Guys. I was attracted to them by
the following intriguing headline:

"Ever Wonder How Top Marketers Get Thousands Of Subscribers
On Their Lists While Everyone Else Struggles To Just Get A
Couple Hundred?"

I clicked through to their site to complete the education I
had started at Joel Christopher's workshop.

They taught me all about the system a lot of top marketers
use to build their lists fast. Their service provides me with
a great return on investment. That's what keeps me going back.
For more on their services visit:

There are no real magic bullets. I've found the names purchased
through co-registration services much less responsive than the
names acquired from visitors to my website. However, I have grown
to consider opt-in co-registration names to be a vital part of my
marketing mix. Maybe you will too? Give it some thought. And
now. you know one of the secrets to building a mailing list of
100,000 in 30 days.

Willie Crawford has been teaching others how to build an
on-line business since late 1996. Frequently featured in
radio, magazine and newspaper articles and interviews, Willie
teaches the average guy what the top marketers are doing but
seldom talking about. For example, Willie demonstrates the
power of automated residual income through his system at:
http://ProfitAutomation.Com Visit now for a business boost.


=====================Joke of the Day (1)===============

Once upon a time the government had a vast scrap yard
in the middle of a desert.

Congress said, 'Someone may steal from it at night.'
So they created a night watchman position and hired
a person for the job.

Then Congress said, 'How does the watchman do his job
without instruction?' So they created a planning department
and hired two people, one person to write the instructions,
and one person to do time studies.

Then Congress said, 'How will we know the night watchman
is doing the tasks correctly?' So they created a Quality
Control department and hired two people. One to do the
studies and one to write the reports.

Then Congress said, 'How are these people going to get
paid?' So they created the following positions, a time keeper,
and a payroll officer, then hired two people.

Then Congress said, 'Who will be accountable for all of
these people?' So they created an administrative section
and hired three people, an Administrative Officer, Assistant
Administrative Officer, and a Legal Secretary.

Then Congress said, 'We have had this command in operation
for one year and we are $18,000 over budget, we must cutback
overall cost.' So they laid off the night watchman.



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