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Some classified results - Rick Doan
Costs of websites: - moderator
Poll Results
From:             "Rick Doan" <>

Hi, and thanks for putting out such a wonderful newsletter!!
Here is something that should be of interest to all! It has REALLY
worked for me. I just ran a few free classifieds and WOW!! My website
has exploded! (Not to mention my mail box). Works GREAT offline too!
Rick Doan

Start a STAMPEDE to your website!

Moderators' comments:
Hi Doug,
Thanks for the encouragement and we're glad to have you aboard and
However, Doug, I want you to take this as constructive criticism and
it's my way of further delineating the rules a little about posting
to this digest.
One of the criteria of a post that I look at is how it will benefit
all the others. Doug's post which has not been altered is a great
lead-in ad teaser. Couldn't be better. But, it really has no meaning
for anyone else because it does not tell the why or how. There are
just to many variables in any given ad for any percentage to have
meaning for anyone else. Except to say, Great, your doing something
right, keep doing it. Now, what are you doing differently, why is it
working for you? Can it be applied to my situation?
Now what only Doug knows, I altered his signature severely. It was a
blatant ad which followed his teaser. Check on other posts, other
discussion lists, use mine as an example which I have put on the
botton of this issue.
Count yourself lucky, Doug, yours made the digest. There have been
several, already, that will not make it because they were simply ads.
Actually, I think, they were posted by a few who did not read the
policy and standards, but who posted as many of you did before we
decided to make this a discussion list. For those, please check the
information page at
I will ask Fiedur to add the policy standards to it. They were in the
first issue, but I will assume you did not archive it and we have not
set up any archive as yet either.

Costs of Websites: Moderator

In this weeks issue of "Business Marketing" Matt Carmichael wrote on
the national survey conducted by Advertising Age, the publisher. The
costs have risen for small and medium size businesses and dropped
slightly for fortune companies. Since we all fall in the small, based
on our poll results below, the average medium website costs $44,500.
The high is $653,000, the low at $5,645.00.
If they had included all of us, we could have dropped the average
even more, I believe.
The low end however is quite applicable for many of us. Most newbies,
either to business or getting on the web, fail to consider all the
actual costs of doing business. I've had some tell me that they got
their website up in a few hours and it didn't cost much. What much
meant to them, I'm not sure.
But if you have web access you probably have invested in  computer
equipment, software within  the average of $3000. You have a
website, domain possibly that is averaging $30 per month. Web access
- ISP - at $20.00 per month. Then the most important, often forgotten
element, your time. What is it worth? How much time do you spend
doing your business? Just using these figures they are not far off
the low end of the survey for small businesses.

So with that here are the results from our recent poll. If you have
not returned your tally, you can still do so, we will retabulate and
give you an updated version later. We had 11 returns. At the time it
was originally sent, this comprises a 7% return. We have almost
doubled since then.

How long have you been in business?
(6)-- 0 - 6 months
     -- 6 - 12 months
(4)-- 1yr - 3yrs
(1)-- longer than 3 yrs

Do you consider yourself part-time or full time?
(1 )-- full time
(10)-- part time

How long have you been on the web with your business?
    -- planning a website
(1)-- developing a website
(5)-- 0 - 3 months
    -- 3 - 6 months
(1)-- 6 - 12 mo
(3)-- longer

How many employees, including yourself?
(7)-- 1
(2)-- 2 - 3
     -- 4 - 6
     -- 7 - 10
(1)-- more than 10

If you are operating as a one-person business, do you contract out for
services you cannot perform?
(3) -- yes
(5) -- no

Do you employ the barter arrangement with others on the web to secure
services you need with those you supply?
(3) -- yes
(6) -- no

How do you use the web for your business?
(4)-- product sales
(4)-- service offerings
(1)-- lead generation
(3)-- recruitment
(2)-- information dispenser - brochure
(2)-- no website, email only
     -- market research
(3)-- better communication with customers, lower cost option.
(2)_ all the above - ( was not on the list)

What is the size of your monthly  budget online?
(2)-- 0
(6)--$ 1- $50
(2)--$51 - $100
    --$more than $100
(1)-- any greater then $500

What is the amount of your monthly  budget offline?
(2)-- 0
(4)-- $1 - $25
(2)-- $26 - $50
     -- $51 - $100
     -- more than $100
(2)-- any greater than $500

What is the amount of your monthly revenue?
(1)-- $0
(2)-- $1 - $50
(1)-- $51- $100
(3)-- $101 - $500
    -- $501 - $1000
(2)-- more than $1000

So far, for those who have a web presence, have  marketed for a
short time, what online method has worked best for you?
(1)-- banner exchanges - as in LE type
(1)-- banner exchanges you initiated with other sites - reciprocal
(7)-- classified listings - free listings
(3)-- direct email - using opt-in lists
(4)-- marketing via newsgroups
(3)-- marketing via discussion lists - as this one is an example
(2)-- marketing via email newsletters
    -- paid banners on other sites
(1)-- paid classifieds
(1)-- contests
(1)-- press releases
-- other ------------------?
   (1) affiliate program
   (1) Bulletin Boards
   (1) Forums
   (1) answering email

I want to thank all of you who took the time to do this unscientific
poll.  It was interesting but consistant. I hope that it also sparks
some discourse from you.
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