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                                         Vol. 1 issue #403 June, 26, 2004

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Topics in this issue:
Word from Moderator
** Lowering Prices **
** Contest **


C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n s (4)

1. Affiliates beware the bait and switch
~ Charles Green
~ Robert Lee

2. Timeshare
~ Tom Falco
~ Eleanor Talley

3. Viral Affiliate Programs?
~ Geoff Dodd

4. Mistakes
~ Amalia Sotiriadou

N e w P o s t s (4)
1. I'm finally learning:)
~ Rebecca Beasley

2. 5 main reasons people fail
~ Johnny Ford
~ Moderator Comment

3. Speaking of Giving Away E-Books...
~ Rebecca Beasley

4. How do you sell a product?
~ Sherri Miller

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G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)
1. Realize Your Goals
by Bob Osgoodby

Joke of the Day

================== Word from Moderator ====================
Welcome to the 769 new subscribers since last time.


Last time I asked you to think about what mistakes you've made
in this online marketing game. So far we've only had one of you
answer that question. I know there are more out there.

I think it's instructive to let others know what you've tried and
what hasn't worked. If we don't share and learn, then what are
we here for?

So again I ask, what Mistakes have you made and I'll add, how
did you over come them?

Reply with the word "Mistakes" in the subject line.

John Olson
Moderator Adland Digest
See my page at AdlandPro Community

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My Friends,

I would like to thank everybody who gave me their suggestions
for the Adlandpro community name.

The following subscribers gave me their suggestion and I would like
to reward everyone by placing your ads in following issues of Adland

Please send me your ad (one each) to this address

Brian Lawrence
Tom Laing
Leslie Hines
Doug Appleby
John McIlwraith
Rudoph Burgzorg
Jerome J. Pinckney
John Halls
Geoff Dodd
John  Murphy
Nathan Stevens
Larry Strait
Marion Flores
Greg Winski
Russ Wilson
William Jaroske
Vivien Tan
Ken Gregory
Amalia Sotiriadou

I have found couple very catchy suggestions but they appeared to me too
hard to remember for non-english speakers, and I want to make sure
that Adlandpro Community is used by international audience.

I've got couple  some other interesting ones but they couldn't be

We have currently registered three domain names which over the
time will be used in conjunction with the community.

We tried to make sure that they are easy to remember and are
describing what they are about.

If you would  like to tell us which of those names you would consider
as a good name for the community, please send me your vote to

By the way, check out this lady's community profile.
She invited 56 friends.

and this gentleman invited  39 friends.

Do you know why they need friends?

Anyone visiting their friends profiles, will find them as their
friends which is just one click away from there.

In short, free publicity, free link. If you ever wanted traffic, just
become friends with those who have it already.

Get it?

Bogdan Fiedur

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Because we are mailing the Digest more often, we have LOWERED the
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Get your Ads in Early, the spots will fill fast.

===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
From: Charles Green
Subject: Affiliates beware the bait and switch

Richard French wrote:

> Hello Group,
> I've had trouble finding an up to the minute honest affiliate program
> that works. The ones that I signed up for like, even
> though I used a proxy to check to see if the clicks registered on
> their  website, it never ever had registered a click. I reloaded the webpage also.
> Anyone have an affiliate program that sells and has accurate stats?

Hi Richard,

Have you run across Clix Galore?

Affiliation with Clix Galore allows you to choose from a huge number of
programs, services, products, offers, etc.  You simply register, than
choose what you want to promote.  You can even have the system send you
an email when a new merchant adds an offer that meets your criteria.

I'm been with them since 2002 and haven't had any problems.

Check it out at

Good luck,


P.S. - I'd certainly welcome feedback from other Clix Galore affiliates.
Just because my experience has been good doesn't guarantee that others
have fared so well.

Charles & Kerri Green are Tahitian Noni International Independent
Distributors with downline on three continents.  Their prospects
often praise their "ANY questions, ANY time, Just Ask!" policy.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
From: Robert Lee
Subject: Affiliates beware the bait and switch

Hi Richard and all,

Richard, there are many reasons why you did not see a registered click,
first being that you are working on the internet and these things happen,
there are missed referrals all the time due to lost packets, etc.

Secondly, does your proxy send referral header information? If not, then
you have fallen into the grey area of 'no cookie registered, no hit
recorded'. Third, and most other companies that offer
affiliate programs do not offer real-time tracking. Not only because of
the bandwidth required, but a hit isn't actually registered until the user
session has ended. And it's tracked.

You can use a simple cgi script to track the visitors that leave your
site and head to using your link, but even that does not
guarantee accurate traffic, your referral may be slow, the
page may load slowly and the visitor goes elsewhere, etc. Lot's of
reasons for them to not complete the visit and you'll see no recorded hit.

I have dealt with hundreds of affiliate programs. Out of the more than
200 I belong to now, 6 earn me more than 80% of my income. But the
remaining 194 pay me an average of US$100.00 a year (not a month!)
but that is still almost 20K annually.

Richard, start slow, build your business one affiliate program at a time.
It will take years, patience and a lot of effort.

But in the end, you can succeed.

(BTW: my site information works for more than just dating affiliates!)

Robert Lee
Dating B2B
Earn $$$ Become An Online Dating Service Affiliate Today!
Content! Stickiness! Traffic Tips!
Learn At Your Leisure For Free!



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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)============
From:  Tom Falco
Subject: Timeshare

Hoan asks for a cheap or free way to advertise his time share.

The best way is through barter. If you offer free accommodations for
free advertising in major publications, that will usually work best.

Many large newspapers and magazines will barter. Just send out letters
explaining what you would like: you can offer them a free week or two
for a full page ad in their publication or possibly something smaller. The
barter should be of equal value.

You don't have to offer your best weeks or booked weeks, usually the
publication running the ad(s) will know that there are black out dates
and they are only able to visit your time share at certain times specified
by you.

Tom Falco owns,/ where you can get the
best promotional and advertising products at wholesale prices.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)============
From:  Eleanor Talley
Subject: Timeshare

Hi Hoan,

Timeshares are almost impossible to sell, in my experience. I hace been
trying to sell one for sometime. I have done paid advertising and now I
going to my Home Page to see if they have free advertising. Let me know
if you find anything.

Good Luck,



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)============
From: Geoff Dodd
Subject: Viral Affiliate Programs?

Hi John and Bogdan,

Morris and Rudolph have expressed some doubts, but
isn't that the whole point - The Name of The Game
in selling is CERTAINTY: Pumping up the positivity
then infectiously motivating others into a line of
action.. Exciting the brain-cells. Hyperactivity.

And don't you fundamentally BELIEVE in the Viral
principle? Heck, life at a cellular level works
exactly like that, so business is ideally suited
to adopting this principle of self-duplication,
and heck - have you tried. I mean really TRIED?

Rudolph, you simply introduced another 'latest thing'
to chase and to break the focus. One program that
works. Focus. Nothing else. (I can't stop joining..!)
Do we forget to PERSERVERE with ONE thing?

I agree that 99% of people are looking for buyers,
Rudolph, but if 'Net expenditure is currently going
from billions to trillions, then obviously 99% are
ALSO huge buyers (of tools, hosting, How-to manuals
and of books, electronics, financial services, etc.)

Your goal here has been beautifully put by Marlon
Sanders:  (NICHE finding)    :-)

'Find a group of people with a problem you can
provide a solution to. Or a group of people who
want something in common.'

That's the test for ALL our programs!

Geoff Dodd


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)============
From:Amalia Sotiriadou
Subject: Mistakes

I think that there is way too much emphasis placed on the mistakes
we make and the things that go wrong in this business. I was reading
the Digest today and I felt pessimism just overflowing from it. Sure,
everyone makes mistakes in judgement or in execution. Most people
that have tried to make a go of it on the net have at some time joined
"the wrong program", been "taken in by hype", followed "the wrong guru".

The truth is that mistakes are inevitable in life - they are part of the
learning process. The trick is how you actually learn from these
mistakes, how you pick yourself up and go on and whether you persist
despite the mistakes. If a baby gave up on its first fall, it would never

Wail if you must on that first fall, but do dry up those tears and try

All programs on the net are not scams. All advice people give is not
useless. Not everyone is out to cheat you. It's all a matter of attitude.
If you go in expecting the worse then that's what you will probably get.
If you go in ready to pull your sleeves up and work, if you allow
yourself to make those mistakes and learn from them, then chances
are you will succeed.

Success doesn't come overnight to most of us. It is the result of trial
and error. Building a business on or off the net is not a simple thing
unless you have tons of money to invest into it, and even then it's iffy.
Keeping a positive attitude and more important - spreading that positive
attitude around you despite all the problems - is probably the best way
to catch that gooden ring.

Become a Marketing Professional - AUTOMATICALLY



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==============N e w P o s t i n g (1)=============
From: Rebecca Beasley
Subject: I'm finally learning:)

I want to thank everyone at Adland Pro and especially
Bogdan for having such wonderful teaching tools.

It's finally starting to sink into my thick head that
just putting up a website with links to high paying
(supposedly) products doesn't mean that you will make

I'm learning how to target the audience of people who
visit my site, with the content, what it's all about,
which in my case is people. People have a lot of needs
don't they? So I cater to people from all walks of
life and what they need to be able to be successful and
save money, earn money, and learn how to do both.

I'm already targeting families who work from home and
offering them business tools and resources to help
them earn more money, make more sales, and get more

Next I plan to incorporate the things that all families
need. Good affordable housing, medical care, health
and life insurance, automobiles, auto insurance,
grociery coupons, dental and pharmacy plans, and for
the kids I also plan to incorporate things like cheap
reeds  and strings and such for band instruments, sheet
music, educational products, clothing, shoes, baby
products, and whatever else I think would benefit a
growing family.

I'm finding affiliate programs that meet all of these
needs and I'm looking for quality sites to link with
as well.

I'm getting a lot of response so far.

I'm writing a newsletter and giving away ebooks.
I have a safelist and forum. And I'm adding more every
single day.

I would welcome any input that anyone would be willing
to give me. Have I got enough content? Is there
something else I should do? Are the pages formatted
correctly or should I change them?

If you have anything that you'd like to offer in the
way of advice, please feel free to do so.

I value your opinions.

Join Home Earners Newsletter for a free
gift every week.


==============N e w P o s t i n g (2)=============
From: Johnny Ford
Subject: 5 main reasons people fail

The lesson today is 5 main reasons people fail at their home based

1.They treat it as a part time job and not their business.
2.They are self center instead of servant centered.
3.They try to manage time instead of managing themselves in time.
4.They fail to realize there is but 2 forces in the earth.
5. They quit!

Your home based business is just that, it is your business.
If you treat it as a part time job you will never build it to a point
that it will produce a income stream or streams large enough for you to
live on.

If your self center and owning your own home based business is all about
you getting what you want in life. You have already failed.

Learn to flow in your day, have fun it doing your business. Manage
yourself in time.

All the forces in the universe are either working for you or are working
against you!

Do good recieve good!

Never Quit!

Johnny Ford


==============Modorater Comment =============


I posted this even though it first sounded like a self promotion piece,
because he raises some good points.

Any comments gang?




==============N e w P o s t i n g (3)=============
From: Rebecca Beasley
Subject: Speaking of Giving Away E-Books...

I finally caught on to the way to set this up and so far so
go good!

All that's required is a website where you can upload files,
and you can do that on a free one just as well as your own
domain. If space is limited, you can always delete the old
files when they're no longer needed.

First you'll want to brand your ebooks or software
with your own name, website and e-mail address. Some
even allow you to sign up for some of the programs
and brand the ebook with your links.

Once you have your own branded version, use a program
like winzip to zip the file back up again.

Now go to your ftp or your upload button and upload the
file to your site.

Now make a new page. This can be a newsletter, or a
simple page that tells about your site, and how it
will benifit people. At the bottom, if you don't have
a lot of images and text that make the reader have to
scroll down too far, you can just give them a copy
for visiting your page or signing up for you ezine or

Most ebooks come with an image file, and then you have
your zip file uploaded so all you need to do is say,
Thank you for visiting..signing up, etc...

And make a link to your zip file, such as this one..
And you'll want to link it to an image for the ebook.
(this isn't real, just an example)

This is a generic link so don't go trying to go somewhere when you click
it. It won't work.

<a href="urlofyourebookfile" target="_blank"><img src="imagefile"
border="0"></a>This will help you to....whatever it will help the reader

Explanation of the target="_blank"> in the code is this: It makes the
page open in a new window so when they go to download the ebook
file, they won't leave your site. You might want to keep them on the page
long enough to sign your guestbook or sign up for your newsletter, etc...
And the border="0"> I set it like that so that there isn't an ugly red
line around the image. This looks really unprofessional. It's a lot more
clear and nice looking not to have borders.

Anyway, hope this helps.

For business tips and tools, visit


==============N e w P o s t i n g (4)=============
From: Sherri Miller
Subject: How do you sell a product?

I'm very serious. In all the time I've been online, all
I've done is sold service. I chase them down, show them how 
I can help, give them examples and they either decide to hire
me or not.

Finding myself flat broke, I put together a compiliation of 11 of the
products that I have resale rights to, gave it a name and a web
page and I have NO IDEA what to do now.

You see how I'm writing? The sales page is only slightly better and
that's only because it's mainly bullets.

So, how do you sell a product? I mean, how do you know how to
price it? Who's going to buy it? How do get people to your web
page? All that good stuff.

As I said, I chased my customers down, I can't very well do that with a
product. I'm stuck and still flat broke. =/



Sherri Miller
Internet Marketers! Tired of WASTING your money?
Join us! Free subscription,

or come visit us online at


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=====================G u e s t A r t i c l e (1)===============
Realize Your Goals
by Bob Osgoodby

It doesn't matter how great your product is or how wonderful your
service, if you don't have customers, all you have is a skill, or
a product. People don't go into business normally as a hobby,
although a lot of hobbies do turn into a business. The trick
however, is to turn it into a positive cash flow to realize your

If you're serious about doing business, you must plan for the
long run. Successful businesses don't normally just happen.
They are the result of long hours of planning, and a great deal
of work.

There must also be a "war chest" of funds available until a
positive cash flow is achieved. One of the major problems that
many encounter when starting up, is that they overextend their
financial resources. No matter what your business, or how it is
run, you must be able to meet current bills when they come due.

Every business has its peaks and valleys.  During the Holiday
Season for example, retailers have their peaks. Other businesses
may suffer however, but even during the "lean" times they must
still meet their monthly obligations.

The pundits may argue that the economy is what is causing turmoil
and business failures.  A business that does fail however, most
likely has overextended themselves, to the point that their cash
inflow wasn't enough to cover their expenses.  When their "war
chest" was depleted, they were gone. How does this affect the
small entrepreneur? Can we learn a lesson from this?

Let's examine a program that the average person can get into.
Affiliate Marketing is the current "buzzword" for Multi-Level
Marketing, or MLM for short. MLM got a bad rap over the past six
or seven years, due to the scamsters that abounded. A number of
companies were founded that were simply "Ponzies" in disguise.

The majority of their cash inflow was the result of signing up
new members. When the cash flow from new recruits dried up, so
did the investment of those who had joined.

Are there legitimate companies out there - sure and many have a
great track record. They don't rely on attracting high priced
recruits, but have a legitimate product or service that they
offer. If you are going to get involved in one of these
companies, that should be a major concern.

So - assuming you found such a company, it is time to investigate
the feasibility of you going into business with them. They
provide the product or service, and you must set yourself up in
business. Here is where the cash flow comes into play.

Can you afford the monthly amount you pay them? Can you afford
to promote your relationship with this business without immediate
income? If the answer to either question is "no", you'd be well
advised to reconsider.

If the answer is "yes", how are you going to promote it? Most
companies recommend you exhaust your "warm market" first. Your
"warm market" is your circle of family and friends that you might
convince to join in with you. Eventually however, you are going
to exhaust this market and must start seeking people outside that

One way to attract new people is in the online arena. While this
will not replace the "face to face" contact that is necessary, if
it is done correctly, it can add a valuable source of additional

Many people make the mistake of using a web site supplied by
their company. While this can be a valuable tool, it really ties
you into their product. If you get your own site, you can use it
to highlight your offerings. It is of course necessary to
advertise your web site, and ezines and newsletters usually give
you the best return on your investment. With a modest investment
on your part, you can realize a decent return.

Usually, for less than a few hundred dollars, you can get a web
site and advertise in ezines targeted to your potential market.
Most people can afford this without counting on their cash intake
to cover the expenses. Determine what you can spend out of
pocket to make something like this work. Then, as your cash flow
improves, expand your advertising to include a broader market.

While this is a modest start, it doesn't put you in the position
where you must realize income to make expenses. Above all be
patient and realize it will take time and effort to realize your


Did you know that subscribers to Bob Osgoodby's Free Ezine the
"Tip of the Day" get a Free Ad for their Business at his Web
Site? Great Business and Computer Tips - Monday. Wednesday. and
Friday. Instructions on how to place an ad are in the Newsletter.
Subscribe at:


=====================Joke of the Day (1)===============

Advise from Children

1. Never trust a dog to watch your food. - Patrick, age 10

2. When your dad is mad and asks you, Do I look stupid?
don't answer him. - Michael, 14

3. Never tell your mom her diet's not working. - Michael, 14

4. Stay away from prunes. - Randy, 9

5. Never pee on an electric fence. - Robert, 13

6. Don't squat with your spurs on. - Noronha, 13

7. Don't pull dad's finger when he tells you to. - Emily, 10

8. When your mom is mad at your dad, don't let her brush your hair. -
Taylia, 11



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