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                                          Vol. 1 issue #407 July 22, 2004


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Topics in this issue:
Word from the Moderator

Testimonials (2)
Bertie Williams
Callie B.

Continuing Discussions (5)
1. Re: Reply to traffic exchange sites
From: Colin Fyfe

2. Re: Comments to Bob Teske re Trouble getting started.
Walter Lyons
David B
Judith Tramayne-Barth

3. Re: MLM'S
From: Carolyn C
New Discussions (0)

Site Review Requests   (1)
Rocky Ramsey

One-Product Sales Sites:  Avoid These Top Blunders, by Marcia Yudkin

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

Although my husband, Vassilis, and I are currently enjoying the sun and sea in a beautiful
little island in the Saronic Gulf in Greece, the Digest MUST be published and I could never
leave the loyal readers of this fine publication hanging! Not that I would do that anyhow - I
am impatient to share with you our contributors' points of view, their questions and their
In the last Digest I asked whether you can think of some win-win situations in business and
Internet Marketing. I meant it to be a theoretical discussion, sharing various points of view.
Instead, I received many joint venture offers and ads. As you are all aware, we do not
publish blatant ads disguised as discussions in the Digest. I would like you all to think
beyond the narrow confines of your own offer or business and truly contribute to an
animated discussion.
Let me get the ball rolling. I have seen e-books offering to teach you how to approach
successful marketers for Joint Ventures. I have also been the recipient of people trying to
apply this advice. What it comes down to, usually, is an invitation to advertise someone's
business in exchange for a commission. Usually, these people have not even bothered to
research me or my business, they don't know me, they are not my customers or subscribers
and from my point of view, all they want is free advertisement. Now, why would any
successful marketer (not necessarily I) be interested in becoming - in effect - the affiliate
of someone he/she doesn't know? What would be a better approach in your opinion?

Amalia Sotiriadou
Adland Digest
My AdLandPro Community page:





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-------------Testimonials (1) ------- --------------------

Dear Bogdan,

I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with AdLandPro. 
I have been consistently receiving email with numbers of hits
and requests to network.  I am gaining a great deal of exposure
and it is international.
I think you have a wonderful site and I am highly satisfied
with the results that I am getting.
Bertie Williams

-------- Testimonials (2)------------------------------
Hello Bogdan,

I gotta get this out... Adlandpro ROCKS!  I have gotten tons of
advertisement hit notifications, especially from the Community
Network.  I am now really beginning to receive personal messages
and friend invitations from all over the US.  I have even become
a business associate with an Australian!

As for you Bogdan Fiedur, Adlandpro's owner/administrator...
you are by far one of the  best!  I really appreciate your courtesy
and prompt personal assistance.  I will always be a loyal member of
I can't wait to see what new and exciting features will be
added next!

Ya'll keep on "Rockin" it!!


Callie B.



Continuing Discussions (5)
===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============

Re: Reply to traffic exchange sites
From: Colin Fyfe

I agree, they do not seem to give very good returns and time spent surfing for credits is a
waste of time. You must utilise your time more carefully, create friendships and get to
know what your prospects want.
Time is precious and not to be wasted on traffic exchange sites.
In my network, that is what we promote, see for yourself at
Thanks, Colin.
Please visit my site



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============

Re: Comments to Bob Teske re Trouble getting started.
From: Walter Lyons

That was a very interesting response and in some cases informative and enlightening.

As far as MLM it is not all bad and all MLM is not a Ponzi scheme.

You mention companies such as Watkins among others. Watkins must be doing something
right since they have been in business since 1868.  I am representing a similar company at
this time, Fuller Brush, who have been in business since 1906.  Fuller Brush offers various
methods of selling their products such as internet marketing (they give you a free web site)
catalog sales, direct sales, home parties, etc.
Even though they have an MLM program you do not have to ever sign up anyone to make
money. As a matter of fact if you just wanted to buy their products at 20% off you just sign
 up as a dealer and order for yourself.
There are no sign up charges nor minimum orders.
So this is to say that there are companies such as this out there.
As far as commission sales, what's wrong with that?  You get paid for the effort you extend
whether it is offline or online.
As far as manufacturing or developing your own product, how many of us are able to do that?
Have you visited a department store or supermarket lately?  How many of those thousands
of products do you think they manufactured themselves.
They are just a middleman the same way we are when we join an affiliate program.

I did appreciate your posting though since it did get the thought processes working.
Walter Lyons
Adland Pro member since 1998


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)=============
Re: Response to Bob Teske's articles
From: David B

Hi Bob

I just wanted to refute a few of your points because they have clearly been written by
someone who has a grudge against the multi-level marketing industry.

First off there is nothing morally or ethically wrong with MLM. Yes, for the most part they
are selling organizations and people should understand that when they join. I had terrible
success in the offline world of MLM because I am not good with person to person sales,
recruiting or team building. That totally changed when I became and online marketer
because there are so many useful tools for training a building teams that the chances of
success have greatly improved.

Secondly, aside from the sales opportunity, MLM IS a great business opportunity but
ONLY for the choice few who have the skills to build and manage a large team of people.
If you have neither the skills nor the desire to work with a large group of people then you
 may as well not join a MLM program. There are other opportunities out there for people
like that. It is called a full time job.

Thirdly, when you look at it objectively, ALL businesses work on the MLM structure.
There are a few key differences though. Take Mcdonald's for example. Does the CEO and
board do any 'selling'. NO! But they are 'making money off the little guy' who goes out and
sells their hamburgers every day. As a matter of fact a good portion of the McD team has
very little to do with selling, they are the ones in the background doing everything they can
to make the sale possible from cooking the food to cleaning the stores to making TV ads to
 draw people in. Are they exploiting the little guy? NO!

That is the same for the MLM industry in my opinion. The difference is that they will give
a portion of all sales to people who go out and manage, train and motivate a team of sales
people. That's all it is. No exploitation done there. They also use independent marketers
instead of employing a marketing division like McDonald's does to sell their products and
those rewards and savings can then be poured into the hands of commission sales people

You said:

<<These things are illegal because if - as in a dream world - they really worked, by the time
one person had attained level number five, he would have "signed" everybody on the face
of the earth with only the first two levels receiving any of the money. There would be
nobody left for the third, fourth and fifth levels to sell to.>>

Here you are just plain wrong. It is clear you never have had any experience building a
team. If you understood anything about MLM you would know that only about 15% of the
people duplicate your efforts because only about 15% of the people have the TALENT or
DESIRE to duplicate you efforts so the organization will NEVER run out of people. Plain
and simple. I know this because I have the statistics to prove it. I have quite a few 100+
member downlines and consistently only 15% of the people become team building stars
while another 35% or so just become customers to the opportunity. The rest lie dormant. I
have written an extensive article on this and people interested in building a perpetual
motion downline can read it in full here:

Sure the MLM industry has its faults. Building false dreams and hopes is one of them. Not
telling people job one is to move product is another and having an overpriced product that
can't compete with the likes of a Walmart is probably the worst but it doesn't mean MLM
doesn't work. It just means people need a clear understanding of HOW they work and WHY
they work so they don't create disgruntled dream crashers like Bob.
Get 1,OOO hits per day to ANY website with NO Autosurfing!
Get a downline of up to 2500 in as little as a week!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.3)============

RE: Trouble getting started (Shawn Hansen)
From: Judith Tramayne-Barth

RE: Trouble getting started (Shawn Hansen)
From: Bob Teske

You want to make money on the internet? Create your OWN niche, your OWN product or
product line.  Who was that said, "You will never get rich working for somebody else.  You
need to have a business of your own." Ah, yes, that was J. Paul Getty.  As an affiliate, you
are in all reality working for someone else.  They get the lion's share, you get a tiny

End Quote
Bob, I have to commend you for being totally honest on this forum and telling it like it is.  I
have been on the Internet for 6 years and have received Adland Pro Digest for the same
amount of time.  In fact, Bogdan saved my sanity the first month I was online.  What I've
learned in the last six years is there are no get rich schemes that will work if you haven't
created the original product.

I've only received one commission check from an affiliate and I only have two I endorse.
One is for my web hosting company which I think is superb and the other is for an ebook
compiler I use to make my ebooks.  Both I have used for the last six years.

Do I make my living off the internet -- yes.  Do I have my own products -- yes.  Have I ever
considered starting an affiliate program -- no.  Why?
Because I do not want to feel responsible if the people do not make money hawking what I
have to offer.

So through diligence, perseverance and patience, I AM now quite happy with the life I've
created.  Was it easy -- not in the least.  Did I work 12 to 16 hours a day?  Yes and still do
but I AM doing what I love, sitting on my tush in my own home.

The key here was I created my own products and did not work for someone else.  I still see
the absolute potential of the Internet to make money but only if you are offering a service or
product the people can use to create a better life.  And, MLM only does this for the very top

As to marketing -- I no longer have to do it because I've learned the best marketing method
on the Internet and have used it to my advantage.  My free article section will tell you what
this is :-)

"Sharing is the key to all our Success"

--------------- -----------------------------------------------------

===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)============

From: Carolyn C

Is it true that it is illegal to recruit people to market some other company in order to receive
commissions from the products that your recruits sell?



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New Discussions (0)

Site Review Requests   (1)

From: Rocky Ramsey

I've worked for weeks designing and redesigning my website.  I'm getting a fair number of
hits, but people aren't clicking on my affiliates or subscribing to my ezine.

I'd like my site reviewed:

Any positive suggestions you can offer would be greatly appreciated.




Site Review Responses (0)


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----------------------------GUEST ARTICLE --------------------------

One-Product Sales Sites:  Avoid These Top Blunders
by Marcia Yudkin

One product, one long web page:  this kind of web site is sometimes called a sales letter site
or mini-site, and it focuses on one and only one goal, as many sales of that one product as
possible.  With a one-product sales site, no distractions, no subsidiary goals, such as
newsletter signups, are allowed to interfere with that goal.  So let's look at some common
mistakes and omissions for a sales letter site.

Your headline serves as the key point of orientation for the reader and should be as strongly
worded and pointedly targeted as you can manage.  Do not use the name of your product as
the headline - that's a weak marketing message.

Instead, dramatize either the problem solved by your product or the solution offered, or
both.  For instance:

     Discover Your Family's Roots Through Easy, Fun  
     Internet Research

You can often add a subhead after the headline for even greater punch:

     Turn Words into Money with Copy That Even a Skinflint
     Can't Resist!
     Get a Juicier Return on Investment from Your Marketing
     With the Easy-to-Apply Secrets in This New Manual

Normally you want to start your sales page by building rapport with the reader with respect
to the problem or goal at hand.  Make sure, however, that you not only make your case in a
positive way for your product but also address and head off each and every worry, objection
or doubt the reader might have about buying your product.  For instance, how can you
know so much about knee injuries if you're not a doctor?  Or, do these money-saving
strategies apply if I live in Canada or Bermuda?

The biggest worry people have buying online from companies or individuals they've never
heard of is, are you trustworthy?  Am I going to get what I order and have some recourse if
it's a pile of crap?  A money-back guarantee goes part of the way toward assuaging this, as
do testimonials, but just as important, and much more often neglected, is posting a mailing
address and telephone number for the vendor.

If it's a physical product that will be shipped, make sure you explicitly say how and when it
will be shipped and whether you can ship it anywhere in the world for that price.  Don't
make the reader click through to the order form to learn how much your product costs, or
how much it costs with shipping.

As your copy builds toward its conclusion, remember to include what marketers term the
"call to action":  explicitly ask for the order.  Do so prominently, so that someone skipping
down the page can quickly find the "order now" button.  Even better, insert an order button
or link near the top of the page so that someone who arrives already wanting to buy can do
so immediately.

When you've built the strongest possible case for your product and orchestrated your pitch
properly, consider the formatting of your sales page.  Since this sort of site doesn't have a
left navigation bar, the column of text often ends up much too wide for comfortable
Studies have shown that paragraphs wider than six or seven inches are difficult to read on a
computer screen.  Add blank columns to the left and right of your sales copy to narrow it to
that width.  

Make sure too that paragraphs go on no more than seven lines, and a long run of paragraphs
is broken up by subheads.  And make those subheads interesting and meaty. 
Someone who skims down the page should be able to get the gist of your marketing
message just from reading the subheads.

Marcia Yudkin <> is the author of Web Site Marketing Makeover and
10 other books.  A four-time Webby Awards judge and internationally famous marketing
consultant, she critiques web sites and performs web site makeovers for clients.  Learn
more about her detailed critique sessions on five different kinds of web sites (including one-
product sites) at .




-----------------JOKE OF THE DAY-------------------

Job Fair

A jock and a geek applying for the same job.

The boss said, "Boys, you need to take a test before you can get this job."

So they took the test and the next day they came back to see who the boss chose.
"Well," he said, "Both of you got the same score except I'm going to choose the geek."

The jock complained, "Don't you think that's prejudice or something?"

"Well," the boss said, "Let me tell you what happened. Both of your papers were right
all the way through until the last question came up, and the geek answered 'I don't know,'
and then when I looked at your paper, you answered, 'Me either'.



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