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                                          Vol. 1 issue #408 July 30, 2004


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Topics in this issue:
Word from the Moderator

Continuing Discussions (3)
1. Re: Traffic Exchanges
From: Tony Tezak

2. Re: About mlm.
Philip Thompson, Johnny Ford
New Discussions (3)
1. Am I missing something?
From: David Holmes

2. Credit Card Acceptance
From: Bertie Williams

3. Hello I'm a new member

Site Review Requests   (1)
Bryan McHeyzer

Site Reviews (2)
1. Rocky Ramsey web site
Kate Lindemann

2. MoviesMoneyandMore
Mike Towle

Link Myths - by Scott Patterson

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

My, how time flies! It's time for another Digest, my vacation is almost over and my only
consolation is that I still have the Olympic Games to look forward to. The Paralympics
follow soon after, another extremely worthy event - possibly even worthier than the
original Olympics. Plagued by tetraparesis (that's severe weakness in all 4 limbs) myself, I
can't help but admire immensely all the athletes, healthy or not, who give all they've got
and then just a little bit more in order to win that all-desired medal. We should all be
inspired from their example in our daily lives. We may not be gold medal material but the
Olympic motto "Faster, Higher, Stronger" ought to be the flame that guides each and every
one of us in our daily quest for success in whatever field we have decided to apply
ourselves to.  Many people believe that the Olympic motto refers to the competition among
athletes. As a matter of fact it does not. It refers to each individual's effort to surpass his or
her own self - to do just a little better than he did last time. There may be no medals to be
won in every-day life, but there don't need to be. We know in our hearts when we have
gone "faster, higher, stronger" even without a stop-watch timing us.

Amalia Sotiriadou
Adland Digest
My AdLandPro Community page:





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Continuing Discussions (3)
===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============

Re: Traffic Exchanges
From: Tony Tezak

Hello All,

I have built downlines of over 44,000 people in different programs.  How?  Almost totally by using
traffic exchanges.

I do not use any auto-surf exchange nor any cheating software.  I only surf manual traffic exchanges.

Splash pages with only a minimum of words, work.  Use very short phrases.  The exchanges are quite
good for capturing leads by using lead capture pages.  You want their email address to send them the
full details of your program/service/product.  DO NOT SPAM them; only send them the information
they asked be sent.  Also, do not add them to a list without telling them up front.

Again using traffic exchanges, I have built a downline of over 100 in a coffee program, a downline of
over 14,000 in a traffic exchange, and was the Top Producer for 2003 another program plus my June
commissions for that program was $1265.

There are NO quick ways to make money on the internet.
It takes time, commitment and the discipline to accomplish tasks on a daily basis.

I did not mention any programs by name on purpose.  The thread was on traffic exchanges and not to
advertise the programs I am involved.


Tony Tezak



===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============

Re: About mlm.
From: Philip Thompson

Hello Bob,
I haven't written in quite a while but reading about the MLM opinions prompted me. I
promote a program that offers a level 2 payment, meaning that if I sign someone on as an
affiliate I get a percentage of that person's sales. I've never used it but still promote that
now and than. Where does that leave me?
I know it can't be illegal. This is not an MLM scheme, just an affiliate program. I make a
pretty penny from this just so you know and am not willing to drop it regardless of what
you say. Just curious.
What say you?

Have a great day.
Philip Thompson
409 West 6th street
Grand Island, NE 68801


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.2)============

Re: mlm's
From: Johnny Ford

 The problem is simple most people can not recruit others in a business.
Secondly most people are no good at sales. This is the reason for the 95% failure rate with MLM. The
industry depends on both recruitment and sales.
Both of which the company is great at because they are the ones that make money. As far as Watkins
they are a great company and good products.
However, most reps only make about 50.00 USD a month but a few at the top do well.
Every one has advice so here is mine to you. Don't start any business until you have business training.
Even then 70% of all new business fail with in the first two years.

If you're not willing to do your research before you spend your money then you're likely to fail. I am
all for you making it in business. Just approach it as a business not a hobby.

Best regards,
Johnny Ford



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==============New Discussion (1)==============
Am I missing something?
From: David Holmes

I've had Adland Pro for about two months. I have run my own ads and I've had about 7
responses. When I read these newsletters, it's like everyone is talking over my head. Maybe
you could help me?
My site is

Is it the wrong kind of site to gain from being a member of AdLandPro? Be honest.

David Holmes
No matter what happens, someone will take it too seriously...



==============New Discussion (2)==============

Credit Card Acceptance
From: Bertie Williams

Does anyone know if I can use a Credit Card Acceptance program on my Group site at
MSN or, is that not allowed?  I do not have a .com at this time and do not have the
capabilities to pay for one right now.  It would easy if I could use my Group site, but I do
not know if this allowed.  I also have a portfolio site on Yahoo and could use it there if that
is acceptable.  If anyone has any feedback on this I would be very grateful.

Bertie Williams
Graphic Design/Illustration



==============New Discussion (3)==============

Hello I'm a new member

Hello to all, I'm a new member of adland digest, hope we can share our experience and find
a better way to promote business. I'm seeking the best way to promote my own e business
until this time, and I find it's great to join this forum.


Site Review Requests   (1)

Could you please review my site?
From: Bryan McHeyzer

Would appreciate any comments or suggestions on this site that I recently published

Thank You
A refreshingly unique and effective way to build your list and income.
FR^EE to join




Site Review Responses (2)

Re: Rocky Ramsey web site
From: Kate Lindemann


I just spent about 20 minutes on your web site -tried to sign up for 3 different things but
none of the forms worked - did not go through after clicking on them

This might be part of the reason you are not getting sales.

Why pay full price when you can buy 'almost new' for deep discounts




Site review: MoviesMoneyandMore
From: Mike Towle


When I went to your page, it took me a while to figure out what you were doing. It would
help if your header was more descriptive. Something like: "An ezine for people who love
movies" as a subtitle would tell me what you are doing and prompt me to look a little
further. This may be why people are not subscribing - they don't know that you want them
to, and what is in it for them. You explain that nicely, lower on the page, but my guess is
that most people see to top, think "more ads", and never get to the meat of the site. Attract
subscribers first, then try to sell them something.

Also, when the page first loads, what grabs my attention is an animated ad for Then I notice a lot of other ads. Starts to look like a site that is just a bunch
of ads. Maybe some original graphics that have to do with your site (and are not ads) would
attract more interest.

Do you have any competition? Are they more successful than you? Check out their sites for
ideas to make your site perform better.

I hope this helps.

Mike Towle
Professional graphics can set your web site apart.
Banners, headers, or any other web graphics are available from the Banner





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----------------------------GUEST ARTICLE --------------------------

Link Myths - by Scott Patterson

As competition among websites increase, close attention is being paid to rankings in major
search engines.  Since a high ranking in a keyword can "make or break" a business,
webmasters are looking to find any method to increase their ranking.  By examining the
algorithms of Google and other search engines, it is easy to see that a high value is being
placed on the number of links (and quality) pointing to a website.  As a result, most
webmasters have realized the importance of finding partners to link to their Internet

Although link exchanges are vital to any marketing plan, there are some myths that are
perpetuated by many so-called "experts".  To run a smart link exchange campaign, it is
important to understand these myths and make sure that you do not fall for them.

Myth 1 - Link to every site

When I first started my link exchange campaign, I would link to every site possible.  As a
result, my rankings suffered.  As I learned more, I discovered that I could improve my
listings by linking to sites that complemented my own.  In order run a smart link exchange
program, it is important to focus on linking to sites that are closely related to your product
or service without being a direct competitor.

For instance, my original site sells Ethnic Jewelry.  So, I look for link partners among other
jewelry stores that do not sell the same type of jewelry that is listed in my store.

Myth 2 - All people will add my site if I add theirs first

To receive a link from an Internet business, most people will usually add the site's link first. 
Unfortunately, not every potential partner will add your link even if you have already added
theirs.  Sometimes a website is just not interested in linking with your site.  The problem is
many webmasters will not let you know that they are not going to link to your site.  So, you
might be linking to a website that is not returning the favor.

A great way to ensure that you are only linking to reciprocal sites is to put each link into a
"temporary position" until you receive validation that the site is listing your business.

Myth 3 - The name of my website should be in the title of the link

Another mistake I made when I first started out, was to have the name of my website in the
links that were pointing to my business.  Eventually I learned that many search engines,
especially Google, pay attention to the title of the link pointing towards your site.  So, if
you are looking for top placement for specific keywords, then they should be used in the
title of the link instead of your website name.

Taking the Ethnic Jewelry example from above, your link title would look like this:

Ethnic Jewelry Store:  Here we sell evil eye jewelry and Turkish jewelry.

Myth 4 - Only link to sites with a high Google Page Rank

In my opinion, the biggest "Catch-22" for webmasters is that many sites will not link to an
Internet business unless it has a certain "Google Page Rank".  But at some point, every site
has started out with a low page ranking. So how did they get a high ranking if no one would
link to them in the first place?

Instead of focusing on a page rank, many successful websites look instead at the quality of
the Internet business.  If it is evident that the webmaster has taken the time to create a
quality site, then you can rest assured that a high ranking will eventually happen!  By
linking to a well designed website, you can be ensured that the value of your link will
increase as the website gains a high ranking.

Myth 5:  Put all the links on one page in no particular order

When the Internet first gained popularity, webmasters used links as a way to help their
visitors.  Initially, they placed links as way to complement the content of the website.  As
the importance of links increased, the focus shifted from helping the visitor to helping the

Instead of dumping your links onto a single page, you can help both your partners and
visitors by creating a directory.  Here, you place each link partner into a specific category. 
This will help visitors (and search engines) navigate your site with ease.

Myth 6:  I should avoid all types of "automatic" link programs

Many Internet marketers recommend avoiding automatic link exchange software.  They feel
that using these programs will actually hurt your rankings rather then help.  But, there are a
lot of great link exchange websites that automate the process of finding links hurting your
search engine rankings.

For instance, and are two excellent sites
that allow you to shop for link partners.  When you find sites that are complementary, you
add them to your "basket" and the link exchange websites sends out an automatic email
requesting the link.  These two sites allow you to save time, while avoiding the "black hat"
techniques that are prevalent among many automatic-linking services.

While exchanging links can be a time-consuming process, it is well worth the effort.  By
taking time to properly link to complementary websites, you will find that your rankings in
important keywords will improve.

Scott Patterson brought his online store:  to the top of the
Google search engine by exchanging links.  To find out how he did this and other
techniques with NO computer experience, check out his




-----------------JOKE OF THE DAY-------------------

Executive Decision

A hardworking female executive dies and meets St. Peter at the pearly gates and he says,
"You've shown an outstanding aptitude for making business decisions. Choose whether you
will go to heaven or to hell."

"I don't know!" she flounders.

"Tell you what," St. Peter says, "You can have 24 hours in heaven and 24 hours in hell.
Then you have to decide where to spend eternity."

"Okay then," she says. "I'll start with heaven since I'm here already."

She goes in the pearly gates and makes some acquaintances. They have a nice walk among
beautiful gardens. They have a nice quiet lunch. They have a nice stroll along a pristine,
white, sandy beach looking out on brilliant blue ocean. At the end of the day she is shown
to a nice room, and has a quiet meal on the balcony, looking out over the setting sun and the
ocean. She marvels at the scenic beauty of heaven.

The next morning, St. Peter takes her to the fiery gates of hell and hands her off to Satan.

Satan takes her to a power breakfast given in her honor. Then she is escorted to a tennis
club where she is greeted by her old boss, some co-workers, and previous business
acquaintances. She plays a few sets of tennis and catches up on the gossip. At lunchtime her
old boss takes her to a gourmet restaurant and she has an excellent meal with vintage wine.

After lunch he takes her to an exclusive golf course and they play 18 holes of golf. She runs
into other business acquaintances and catches up on news and gossip.

After golf, he drops her at a spa where she is pampered and spoiled by beauty and body
treatments. When she is finished at the spa, an acquaintance takes her shopping at designer
stores. She picks out a fabulous evening gown, and Satan himself takes her to a huge party
with drinking, dancing, gourmet food, and famous people.

At the end of the evening, a stretch limo drops her off at a five-star hotel. As she soaks in
the Jacuzzi tub, and sips the complimentary champagne, she ponders eternity.

The next morning, she meets St. Peter at the pearly gates.

"Well, have you made your decision?" He asks.

"I've decided on hell," she announces.

"So be it." St Peter waves goodbye and she reappears before the fiery gates of hell.

Once inside she is teamed up with her old boss again, only this time everyone is wearing
rags. They are filthy, diseased, malnourished, and living in a barren desert. They have to
scrounge for food, water, clothing, even shade.

"What happened!?!" She exclaimed.

"Well," said her boss, "Yesterday you were a recruit. Today you are staff."


Let's hear from you......

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