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                                         Vol. 1 issue #409 Aug 6, 2004


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Welcome to the 956 new subscribers this week!

Topics in this issue:
Word from the Moderator

Comments on last week's Word from Moderator (1)
Parlympics is far more worthy than Steroidlimpics
From: Mike Sullivan

Continuing Discussions (9)
1. Re: About MLM
Mike Sullivan, Cyndi Holmes

2. Traffic Exchanges
Cyndi Holmes

3. Am I missing something?
Mike Towle, Larry Strait, Robert Lee, Mike Sullivan

4. Your tutorial
William Hathaway

5. Credit Card Acceptance
Robert Lee
New Discussions (3)
1. How to increase your AdLandPro performance
Vera Cherneva

2. What am I doing wrong?
Jeff Chandler

3. Driving Traffic
Anom Suputra

Site Review Requests   (0)

Site Reviews (4)
1. Site review for Movies, money and more
Shirley Turetsky, Mike Towle, Andy Sparks

2. Site review for Bryan McHeyzer
Mike Towle

"Use Your Business Cards to Drive Loads of Visitors to Your Website" by G. Lee Mikules

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

Back home again, and Athens looks WONDERFUL for a change! Dressed up in all its
finery, with sparkling new buildings, highways and sports arenas, it's almost unbelievable
when you think that only three months ago the entire city looked like a huge worksite! This
transformation is almost an even bigger feat than our soccer team winning the Euro2004
championship! It shows what all of us together and each one of us individually can
accomplish when we set our minds to it. Sure, there are doubters, complainers, suspicions
and whatnot. There will always be talk of such things, because it is part of human nature to
disbelieve. I prefer to put on my rose colored glasses and see a city last year existed only in
our dreams, prepared for the biggest celebration in the world. I hope you all join us in body
or spirit, spend a moment remembering what the original Olympic ideals were all about and
most of all, have some fun!

Amalia Sotiriadou
Adland Digest
My AdLandPro Community page:





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Comments on last week's Word from Moderator (1)
Parlympics is far more worthy than Steroidlimpics
From: Mike Sullivan


As with all sports, I could care less now that steroids have blurred the line between all
athletes.  It has become painfully obvious that most athletes are pumped up with steroids, so
who cares about who wins anymore?

I know I don't, and that goes for all sports except for finesse sports which do not rely on
speed or strength. I watch NASCAR and INDY racing, pool, golf and maybe tennis, but
even that is now being questioned when a small tennis player can serve at 140 plus mph?

Paralympics should replace the regular Olympics in my opinion, for it is real, not phony
and commercialized.
Every sport is now tainted with steroid abuse, and look at how long the so-called designer
steroids have been around which defy detection.  Does anyone really think Bonds is not on
steroids?  What a joke sports have become in the last ten years.

Regards, Mike Sullivan

Take The Gamble Out Of Sports?



Continuing Discussions (3)
===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============

Re: About MLM......
From: Mike Sullivan


In reference to discussion as to MLM vs. affiliate programs, the line is becoming blurred. 
As more and more companies want to leave the MLM arena, they have adopted the word
affiliate.  As such, we now see many multi tier affiliates which could easily be called MLM.

It was mentioned that MLM was not the same as an affiliate, but in reality it is, at least
when there is two or more levels or tiers.  I am in agreement, I would prefer not to use
MLM as I have a much greater response rate to my affiliate promotions, 100 fold more, so
take it from there.
MLM is dead, multi tier affiliate is alive and growing. (g)

Regards, Mike Sullivan

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============

Re: MLM- Carolyn
From: Cyndi Holmes

From: Carolyn C

Is it true that it is illegal to recruit people to market some other company in order to receive
commissions from the products that your recruits sell?

Carolyn, I haven't seen a reply to you yet. I am not a lawyer, but have been 'around' MLM
for a number of years. (Well, my mom WAS in Amway before it got big! LOL)

Anyway, when you earn commissions from those you recruit who sell the product or
services of the company you represent, this is certainly NOT illegal.

Everything I learned in college about "Professional Sales" from my favorite teacher (who
had been a sales manager for Proctor and Gamble) is applicable to network marketing.

Karl (what WAS his last name?) had even consulted with MLMs and even attended a
meeting of an MLM I joined 10 years later.

Sales is sales. When joining an MLM though, a newbie needs to make sure it is a legitimate
product or service-based company that will be around for a while.

Lately, with the advent of the Internet, the number of MLM's launching (and going out of
business) must be huge. One very top leader I've had, (who has a top job at a blue chip
company you would know and does MLM towards his retirement income) got burned on 2
MLMs in the past year (not even new, but not heading in the right direction in the
honesty/hype department) and joined a solid 4-year-old company.

Best advice, "Don't be in a hurry to join anything!" Interview your sponsors and their
upline. Even if your sponsor is new, that could be OK if you upline will really be there to
train you. Call the company and find out what the average earning are. Get a company with
a product/service you love and can babble endlessly about (without offending folks, of
course!) --and can actually earn money selling even if you don't sponsor a soul!

What's NOT legal, is making money from 'recruiting' people. Legal MLMs may have a fee
to join, say $49.95. That fee is 'non commissionable'. If your sponsor/upline earns anything
from you, it will be from the products/services you buy personally; the products/services
you buy to resell; and or the products/services your downline (recruits) sell.

In this last case, (earning from what your recruits sell) it is just like a regional sales
manager who gets a percentage bonus from the sales of the salespeople he manages. (Or
like real estate brokers get a percentage from the agents in their office.) They get this
percentage for providing the leadership/training and management of those sales people.

Lastly, check your state's laws regarding MLMs (see Attorney General's website). The top
MLM's will know these and any special things about your state will be included in their
'distributor/associate' Application.
Cyndi Holmes (in process of updating!) Favorite Health Products: Under 30: s Over 30:


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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)============

Re: Traffic Exchanges
From: Cindy Holmes

Tony, maybe you could help us here. You look like quite the traffic exchange pro.

I experienced a bit of success with traffic exchanges, getting some good leads and sign-ups
at times, but did not work the exchanges regularly enough. I did play with doorway pages
and short, big headlines and collecting email. I used MPAM system, which I thought was
pretty good, with good instructions for newbies.

Could you write a few paragraphs with a 'what to do for 30 minutes every day' that could
help us do better?

Personally, my goal would be to generate leads for my main program. I think I would need
a good doorway page/email collector. Or is there a better tactic you would suggest?

IE, for the coffee program (a product based program) did you get many of your downline
by promoting the coffee program on the traffic exchanges or from 'back-end' emailing of
your traffic exchange downlines?

Would you recommend we stick with the 5star rated programs on your list (at -- for maximum results for those of us with little time?

I, for one, appreciate your input.
Cyndi Holmes  (in process of updating!) Main program:  "Looking for FX traders who would like a residual income also!"


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.1)============

Re: Am I missing something?
From: Mike Towle


Your site is extremely specialized, so if you got 7 responses, that may be a reasonable
result. Just remember that the more ways you promote, the more action you will see. Keep
on with AdlandPro, but also take some advice from Tony Tezak and do some promoting on
traffic exchanges.

I know you didn't ask for a site review, but I have a couple of comments.

You have a banner at the top of your page that points back to the same page. What's the
point of this? The site would be just as attractive if you deleted this banner and just left the
Beatles graphic border.

Also, I would be more inclined to look into your site if I saw the introduction on the first
page rather than just the table of contents.
Tell me who you are, what you do, and why you are doing it, and I am more likely to want

Good luck on your magical mystery tour.

Mike Towle
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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.2)============

Re: Am I missing something?
From: Larry Strait

 I see the ADLAND PRO as the best forum on the net. I believe we are all here to help each
other. We learn by asking questions and reading answers. The type of site you have doesn't
have any thing to do with it. What matters is what you want to do. Get more visitors
(traffic), improve your site (site review), increase sales (marketing). With over 20,000
members, someone is sure to have an answer. We're all just an email away and that's the
beauty of being a member.
    Larry Strait
Discover the world's #1 home business here:


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.3)============

RE: Am I missing something?
From: Robert Lee

To David Holmes,

I think you have to look at your site a little more commercially. Are you a fan site or a
business? Of course, you are a business. You want to make some $$$, just like the rest of
While you have a half decent design, you'll need to re-orient your site as a selling machine.
Not as a fan site done by some awake-late-at-night-fan.
Pages are too long, photos laid out in one column (very bad), front page navigation needs to
be clarified and easier to read.
Once you have made business changes to your site, you'll do well promoting your site in
Adland as a fan site with unique Beatle's items.
Good luck!
Robert Lee
BIZ domains on sale!


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (3.4)============

Re: Am I missing something?
From: Mike Sullivan

Greetings David,

I think you have a cool site and very informative, but as with all advertising, your results
will be directly connected to your audience.

By this I mean you are not targeting your audience on a pro business opportunity site in my
opinion.  I am here because I operate several online and offline businesses, and of course,
this is my target audience, entrepreneurs, those looking for a business opportunity, or a
method in which to earn more money.

Your Beetles site is great, and I enjoyed visiting it.  I think what you are realizing is the low
response is because you are off target.  It's not that you won't get business, it is just that it
will take more time to see results as it will be a hit or miss for those who are readers of
AdLand Digest.  This is not a music forum, or Beetle forum, so I hope that helps explain
why your results have been minimal to this point.

It is no different than going to the phone book for leads, you have no idea who likes what. 
Target marketing is critical if you want to maximize your time and money in marketing. 
You must take the time to think of all the people who would be most interested in your
products or services, then target, target, target.

Good luck, Mike Sullivan

Pre-register for FREE October release


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (4.1)============
Re: Your tutorial
From: william hathaway

I'm thoroughly impressed you can try to teach something without giving all your links and
selling. Also I'm impressed you can say what you want to say in a reasonable amount of
space. Thanks for redeeming the internet guru race I thought I had to read three pages to get
a tread of what they where talking about and never really tell you anything just send you
another link to sign up for another program anyway thanks again. I typed 15 words a
minute in high school and that was 30 years ago. Have a blessed day.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (5.1)============

RE: Credit Card Acceptance
From: Robert Lee

To Bertie Williams and all,
Listen up... if you can't afford a domain name, at less than US$8.00 a year, and hosting that
can cost less than $50.00 a year, why bother with your attempt at making any money online
at all?, a domain registrar, allows for electronic cash payments so
you don't need a credit card.
Really, you have to be serious, get serious and then move forward. There are more than 300
million domains out there and only a small percentage of them make any money - earnings
based completely on the webmaster's knowledge, dedication and ability. And having a 
domain is the first thing you need, next to owning a computer.

Robert Lee
BIZ domains on sale!


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==============New Discussion (1)==============

How to increase your AdLandPro performance
From: Vera Cherneva

Hello to all AdLandPro members,

What makes me to write this, is the bad experience a had last week when I tried to promote
my AdLandPro custom page. I rented an opt-in list and posted 2 ads one after another in
two weeks. Guess what happened - I was considered a spammer.
Conclusion: Never mail to an unknown mailing list. It is better to build your own.
Of course I'm not discovering the hot water now, but this is the truth.
Try to employ search engines, traffic exchange links, classifieds and everything you find
that works for you. There are many different techniques to receive visitors to your site. Just
use them.
Especially for AdLandPro members, I discover a way that will increase the traffic at no
charge. If anybody is interested in, let send me her/his AdLandPro custom page URL via e-
mail to
Subject: My AdLandPro custom URL
I'll send you instructions how it works in the beginning of September Regards
Vera Cherneva
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==============New Discussion (2)==============

What am I doing wrong?
From: Jeff Chandler

I have been trying to sell my product for two months, with no results, including eBay. Can
anybody help me? I don't have any more money to spend please take a look and let know
www.chandlersbooksnthings  (I am not trying to advertise I just need help) thx

Jeff Chandler




==============New Discussion (3)==============

Driving Traffic
From: Anom Suputra

Anybody knows how to make a website famous?
Please help me with simple step by step.

Thank You
Anom Suputra
Helping others financially



Site Review Requests   (0)



Site Review Responses (2)
===============Site Review 1.1 ==================

Site review for Movies, money and more
From: Shirley Turetsky

Hello Rocky, your site has a lot of great information.
I just can't get comfortable with your background color.
I love color and my house is full of it, your background color is not soothing or inviting to
me. I did save your site in my favorites though for I am a movie lover too and will visit
again at my leisure. As someone's message read in the adlandpro newsletter, it will happen,
just not overnight. I hope my two cents helps. Hang in there!
Central Florida's for sale by owner listings, tools, resources and our Do It Yourself FSBO
Tips newsletter. Helping you keep your money in your pocket.



===================Site Review 1.2 ========================

Site review: MoviesMoneyandMore
From: Mike Towle


When I went to your page, it took me a while to figure out what you were doing. It would
help if your header was more descriptive. Something like: "An ezine for people who love
movies" as a subtitle would tell me what you are doing and prompt me to look a little
further. This may be why people are not subscribing - they don't know that you want them
to, and what is in it for them. You explain that nicely, lower on the page, but my guess is
that most people see to top, think "more ads", and never get to the meat of the site. Attract
subscribers first, then try to sell them something.

Also, when the page first loads, what grabs my attention is an animated ad for Then I notice a lot of other ads. Starts to look like a site that is just a bunch
of ads. Maybe some original graphics that have to do with your site (and are not ads) would
attract more interest.

Do you have any competition? Are they more successful than you? Check out their sites for
ideas to make your site perform better.

I hope this helps.

Mike Towle
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===================Site Review 1.3 ========================

Site review of Movies. Money and More
From: Andy Sparks

I have been very busy in the offline world and haven't done a site review for quite some
time, so if I am a little rusty, please forgive me in advance.

I don't really know where to begin because this is a prime example of what not to do. 
Beautiful web site, loads fast but there is absolutely no reason to click on any of the links.  I
would be greatly surprised if most of your visitors get past the first page, I didn't and I am
attempting a site review.

The site appears to be a list of get rich quick schemes under the guise of a movie review
site.  I hate to tell you but that won't work, because all your affiliate programs don't have
anything to do with movies.  They come to your site (I guess you get traffic because your
Alexa toolbar raking is 833,876 which is quite good) for movies and you show them way to
much other stuff.

It is like inviting a bunch of vegetarians to a meat market, they might show up but they ain't
going to buy.

1. Your website is way too busy.  There are too many choices and to much going on. 
Decide what your web site is about and focus on that theme.

2. None of your affiliate programs have anything to do with movies.  If you are attracting
vegetarians, sell vegetables.

Someone once said, a website should be like a greased chute, once they get in, it should
quickly and smoothly slide them to the destination you want, which is making a purchase or
subscribing to an ezine.

Go to and take some of Dr Ken Evoy's free training, He understands how to make a website sell.

Andy Sparks
Real Estate for Sale by Owner and Agent



===================Site Review 2.1 ========================

Site review for Bryan McHeyzer
From: Mike Towle


You have a nice looking site. Very clean, with attractive graphics. I just have a couple of

The top headline, "Change your life too!" is somewhat confusing. Why not just say
"Change your life!" because most people are not interested in what you have experienced,
but rather what is in it for them.

Is your program available only to Australians? If it is available to other places in the world,
you should make some mention of that. Don't limit yourself.

I looked at the graphics going down the page, and wanted to click on them to see what you
are doing to "help Australian families..." or what you do to "care about our children..." or
"care about our environment", but without some link explaining, these just seem like empty
slogans. I too care about these things, and if you show me how you do them, and how you
can help me do them, I will be interested. However, if these are really just empty slogans,
they don't belong on the page, and will make people feel that they are being tricked into
looking further into your site.

Good luck with your venture.

Mike Towle
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   Now, as more and more people are doing business online, business cards are proving to
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And in today's volatile business climate, you need every advantage that you can get.

   Here's for ways to grab this advantage now....

   1) If you have cards already printed with your specific e-address on them, use a
highlighter pen and highlight the address before you hand them out.

   2) If your e-address is not already printed on your existing cards, then get a two line
rubber stamp made up with your e-address on the bottom line and - VERY IMPORTANT -
a concise, benefit oriented description of your site as the top line. Stamp this info on the
back side of each card before you hand any more out to others.

   3) If you don't have cards or, you need to get more made up, then have the two lines I just
mentioned, printed dead center on the cards in the biggest possible type. Put your name,
address, phone number, etc., in the bottom left hand corner of the card in much smaller
type. Reason: People don't really care about you, only what you/your business can do for
them. So say it, and say it big!

   4) Start distributing your cards now. Don't wait until you're asked for one. Give one to all
potential business contacts. Put them in Laundromats, air ports, restaurants, hotels or where
ever you go. Put them in all your out going mail. Have some printed up post card size and
mail them to your current list of prospects. Rent a mailing list of potential prospects, etc.
Think about different ways of getting your cards out there then, get out and do it!

   Your business cards are powerful, proven, inexpensive tools that can quickly drive lots of
interested visitors to your site. And by using any, or all, of the suggestions I just revealed,
you'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.
G. Lee Mikules has spent over 33 years researching and publishing unusual but proven,
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-----------------JOKE OF THE DAY-------------------

A husband with a computer addiction

My Dear Husband,

I am sending you this letter via this BBS communications thing, so that you will be sure to
read it. Please forgive the deception, but I thought you should know what has been going on
at home since your computer entered our lives TWO YEARS AGO. The children are doing
well. Tommy is seven now and is a bright, handsome boy. He has developed quite an
interest in the arts. He drew a family portrait for a school project, all the figures were good,
and the back of your head is very realistic. You should be very proud of him.

Little Jennifer turned three in September. She looks a lot like you did at that age. She is an
attractive child and quite smart. She still remembers that you spent the whole afternoon
with us on her birthday. What a grand day for Jenny, despite the fact that it was stormy and
the electricity was out.

I am doing well. I went blonde about a year ago, and discovered that it really is more fun!
George, I mean, Mr. Wilson, the department head, has taken an interest in my career and
has become a good friend to us all.

I discovered that the household chores are much easier since I realized that you didn't mind
being vacuumed but that feather dusting made you sneeze. The house is in good shape. I
had the living room painted last spring; I'm sure you noticed it. I made sure that the painters
cut holes in the drop sheet so you wouldn't be disturbed.

Well, my dear, I must be going. Uncle George--err--Mr. Wilson, I mean, is taking us all on
a ski trip and there is packing to do. I have hired a housekeeper to take care of things while
we are away, she'll keep things in order, fill your coffee cup and bring your meals to your
desk, just the way you like it. I hope you and the computer will have a lovely time while we
are gone. Tommy, Jenny and I will think of you often. Try to remember us while your disks
are booting.

Your Wife


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