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        1. Sponsor Message
        2. Word from Publisher
        3.  New to doing Internet Business
        4.  Getting Listed and E-mail Exposure Too!
        5.  The Traffic Generating Secret!
                    Guest Article by  Karl Moore
        6. Adland Tip

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============ Word from publisher (2)=============

Hi everybody.

Judy Kruk asked in today's digest about suggestions regarding
internet business. Please send your suggestions to digest, but
make sure that messages you send  are not ads.
Please add your personal opinion advantages and disadvantages.
Try to be helpful not thinking how you can benefit from it.


Also if you would like to suggest helpful articles
send them to me.

=================New Post  (3) =============

Subject: New to doing Internet Business
From: (Judy Kruk)

I'm just started out. I'm trying to find a business I can do from home.
I would everyone to visit my webpages and give me their comment to me on
what they think of them and How I might do them better.
Home webpage

Office webpage

At the moment I'm involved with promoted different types of businesses.
FREE classified ad submits and more...$/?

=================New Post  (4) =============

Subject: Getting Listed and E-mail Exposure Too!
From:  Debbie <>

Here is a unique advertising idea I would like to share with the group
at Adland Digest...

Did you know that by adding your link to: WHAT'S NEW -- Keeping You up
to Speed with the Internet, you also get free
e-mail exposure?

What's new sends out a weekly e-mail bulletin for each category to a
specific volunteer group of people that are interested in the categories
that they them selves choose at What's new.  This is great exposure for
your URL and business ad.

There are specific guideline rules though.  You can only submit once in
six weeks for each Unique URL and there is also a limit on how many URLs
to one category per six weeks.  But when you follow the rules and guide
lines, you have a great Free marketing tool.

Give it a try and watch your hits climb on the day the bulletin comes
out with your ad in it!

Wishing all the best with your online marketing!

Sincerely, Debbie Ducker
Ducker Signs plus:

For more Online Marketing Ideas -

==================Guest Article  (5) ===================

Subject: The Traffic Generating Secret!
>From : Karl Moore

Folks, there are dozens of ways to promote your website.
Press releases, banner ads, newsgroup postings, spam,
bribing magazine editors, winning creditable awards, etc.

I've tried all of these for my baby, IT , an Internet
news and computer industry gossip site. And some of them
worked. And some of them cost $$$. But only one performed
really well - and it's the essence of good communication - being
observant and personal!

The Internet is a busy, detached ghost town. It's rare to find *real*
people - that's why community sites such as GeoCities at The
Globe have become so popular. And that's why developing
personal relationships with other site owners is so important.

Imagine receiving e-mail, reading: "Hello there. I visited your
site this morning. Would you be able to link to my really cool
site at I think your visitors will like it. Thanks, Zach"

Hmmm, not too personal, is it? Let's take a minute out to
observe the golden rules of asking for a link...

(1) Try to find the name of the Webmaster when contacting him/her.
"Dear John" sounds better than "Dear Webmaster"

(2) Open the e-mail with flattery. Saying you've just "visited" the
site isn't enough. Make an intelligent, complimentary comment
about an area deep within the site

(3) Tell them you've *already* placed a link to their site on yours -
and provide the URL of the page(s). Trust me, they'll take a look -
so make it a prominent link alongside a glowing review

(4) Explain what your site has to offer - and hint towards a reciprocal link

Easy, huh?

Now put yourself in those ol' surfing shoes. Visit a search engine
and tap in keywords you'd think Netizens would use to locate a site
like yours. Then get down and boogey with the site owners. Cool!

Trust me, this is a really powerful traffic-generating tool!

Until my next article, folks. Bye!


Article by Karl Moore,
Head Honcho of IT Karl Moore
is a UK Internet Journalist with a specific interest in computer
industry gossip and Internet rumour. In 1997, he started
IT, a link website
focusing on these elements -
and the site has since grown to an award-winning start page.

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