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        1. Sponsor Message
        2. Word from publisher
        3. New to doing Internet Business.
        4. Getting Listed and E-mail Exposure Too!
        5. If your just starting out
        6. Freeshop
        7. Links
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============ Word from publisher (2)=============
Hi everybody.

No guest article today.
We had to many  postings this time.
Some of them  were pure ads and didn't get included here.
Consider your signature as advertisement, otherwise provide
only useful/non-commercial information.

Question to everybody.
I could include classifieds section in the digest for about
5 ads in each issue.
To start these  ads would be FREE.
Please give me your feedback if you like this idea.

============= CONTINUING  (3) ==================

Subject: New to doing Internet Business
From: Terri <>

Hi Judy!
I visited your home webpage at geocities and just wanted to mention that it
took a very long time to load your background.  You can go to and submit your http address to have

a complete inspection done for free.  It will tell you if you have any
errors in your coding, as well as how compatible your page is with
different browsers.
Your address came back with an error in my Netscape - it
didn't find that domain at all

DebtZapper did not work out for me, but I did enjoy all the great articles
they have about getting out of debt.


============= CONTINUING (3) ==================

Subject: New to doing Internet Business

To Judy Krug
Consider transportation sales! We are a full line freight broker always
looking for ambitious people wanting to work at home. (That's where we
We need someone either with the desire to learn of the experience in this
industry to sell our services to industrial clientele thruout the US. We pay
50% commissions so the rewards are there. You need a willingness to learn
about transportation sales, a telephone, and Internet access to Yellow Pages
company listings. We can tell you who to contact and what to say.

Interested contact
John McLinn
JMTSFastPath Transportation

============= CONTINUING (3) ==================

Subject: New to doing Internet Business

Hello to all,

Judy, I do several businesses from home, but I really like being an outside
independent travel agent...this can be done at the kitchen table by phone
you'll be surprised at all you learn and the many ways you can save money as
well as make money. To get more with Perks in the subject.

Also, you didn't say if you wanted something that's not computer related, so
I'll suggest a magazine that offers a lot of ideas...Income Opportunies has
lot of articles about every day people that start their own businesses.

All the best,
Winnie Rucker

============= CONTINUING (3) ==================
Subject: New to doing Internet Business

Dear Judy
I saw your post in the adland Digest and thougt you might be interested in
program..We help you build your business & your downline..
I would love to talk with you and see you reach your financial goals.
me today and we will discuss how YOU can retire in 4yrs with a 6 Figure
Monthly Income !!

Veranna Huscher

============= CONTINUING  (4) ==================

Subject: Getting Listed and E-mail Exposure Too!
From: Terri <>

>From:  Debbie <>
>Did you know that by adding your link to: WHAT'S NEW -- Keeping You up
>to Speed with the Internet, you also get free
>e-mail exposure?

Debbie, thank you so much for this!  I was just racking my brain trying to
figure out how I could find a good place to advertise for my company online
without spending all my advertising budget!


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*   Queen's Smoke *Shop Wild Women of the Web  * Cherokee Princess
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=================New Post  (5) =============

Subject: If your just starting out
Lorenz Plourde <>

If your just starting out in either designing or promoting your site you'll
find that there are a wealth of free resources on the net. Finding them
however can mean surfing to a great many sites before you get what you want.
To assist people starting out in web design I've put together a list of
resources that will give you a good foundation to get started from and of
course the best part is that it is all free. Aproximately 2000 downloadable
backgrounds, banners, buttons, bars, bullets, midi's and gif animations.
About 600 free business listings as well as design tutorials and other aids.
No one site can capture everything the net has to offer but you'll save
yourself a lot of time by coming here first. Please help yourselves to all
these resources and the best of luck to you on the web.

=================New Post  (6) =============
Subject: Freeshop
From: David Grant <>

Hi to all at adland

I am just starting my internet business and was very interested when I
came accross a company called FreeShop at You
can either host your entire shop with FreeShop so there is no need for
your own domain, or link to your existing site. They will provide you
with on line, easy to use templates to set up your own 'shop'. You can
upload text, images, delivery, prices and tax data.
Transaction details are made on their secure server with credit card
handling protected behind a firewall (you will need your own merchant
account,this is not supplied). Full access to your shop is available so
you can modify and update on line when ever you want, with no
programming skills required. No set up or monthly charges are made, just
a simple 4% (percent) commission on your turnover. I am taking advantage
of their services and have been impressed with the operation so far.

I hope this information will be of interest your readers.

Thanks.    (always look forward to the Adland newsletter. Keep up the
good work)

David Grant.
David Grant

=================New Post  (7) =============
Subject: links
From: "Dirty Dog" <>

Finally got my site up and running. Enjoy reading Adland
as it has a wealth of information. Got my first order after
about 250 visitors. What a neat feeling when a plan finally
comes together. Would love to have everyone drop by and
check it out and give me some feedback.
Thanks in advance,

D Dog

=================New Post  (8) =============
Subject: How to become Adland digest sponsor

Just wanted you to know that signing up to receive Adlands Newletter was one
of the best things I've ever done.  I look forward to reading it.  Thanks so
much for your efforts.  It is very much appreciated.

I would be interested in posting my URL site on one of your issues.  I am
not sure what to do.  Can you expand on that for me???  Thanks again.

Sandi Shields
ECSW Company

Note from editor.

We have one package right now.
For $50 we will send your message 4 times to  almost 2000 subscribers.
If you are interested send your check to

Softfornet Solutions Ltd.
23-845 Dakota Street, Suite 332
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make it payable to Softfornet Solutions Ltd.

Send also 4-5 lines sponsor message which you would like
to be included  in the digest.

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