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Topics in this issue:
Word from the Moderator

Continuing Discussions (2)
1. Re: Mentors in Motion
William Jaroske
2. Re: Starting a online business
Cathy Wagner

New Discussions (2)
Tom Falco

2 Greetings
Sandi Holten

Site Review Requests   (3)
1.  http://www.ffsi.com/index.php?
Mike Diemer

2. www.hipenterprise.com
Humberto Patch

3. http://gsminc.bravehost.com
Michael Glenn

Site Review Responses (0)

Are YOU Headed for Burnout? By Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

Well, it was bound to happen! I have been worrying about the Digest being blocked
by your isp's and I knew something was wrong, because I've been receiving a lot
fewer contributions to the Digest. For a while, I thought it might be my own inept
moderating that is driving people off. Hmmmmm..
It seems that what has REALLY happened is that we've been "blacklisted" by
How did this happen?? Does the Digest actually SPAM anyone? Are we the guys in
the black hats and the sinister grin?
Bogdan got to the bottom of it. Apparently, some REAL villain subscribed the email
address "project-admin@spamhaus.org" to the digest and since we are not verifying
this through double opt-in, they assumed that we have subscribed them to our list.

Here is what Spamhous says:

"24-Oct-2004 10:23 GMT | SR01


Amazing how Spamhaus' Admin Role Account magically "subscribes" to mailing
lists all by itself..."

You may read the full post here:

Apparently, folks, there are shadowy figures out there in the cyber world who delight
in getting honest businesses in trouble. The Digest is not the only online publication
that has been falsely accused of spamming. I had to stop mailing my personal
Newsletter to my list and I only post it online now for the same reason. and I had a
double opt-in system too that I paid dearly to maintain too! Many, many e-zines and
Newsletters are closing up shop either due to spam complaints or due to overzealous
isp filters.
You would think - great! Less email!! But is it really less email or is it more TRUE
spam email and a lot less legitimate email? The true spammers have ways and means
to bypass the filters. it's the honest folks that are being shut out. It's your family
and friends that can't get through to you. A friend of mine with aol had to lodge a
formal complain because all my personal email ended up in her junk folder. My own
isp blocked an important e-mail from a business associate, labeling it "spam". I
would have never known about it if this gentleman did not have an alternate way of
reaching me.
What are your experiences on the subject and what can we "average Joes and Janes"
do to protect ourselves and our businesses? Your thoughts please.

Posting in the AdlandPro Digest Forum is ONE way of bypassing filters!
The AdlandPro Digest Forum can be found here:

Amalia Sotiriadou
Adland Digest
My AdLandPro Community page: http://www.adlandpro.com/directad/go/56876/


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===========Continuing Discussions (2)=====================

===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============
Re: Mentors in Motion
From: William Jaroske

Mary Rita Earle

I have one question for William Jaroske who has bashed Val Smythe and Mentors in
Motion in this publication. Have you even attended the seminar? I have and I found
it both helpful and enlightening.

No Rita I did not attend and I won't attend it after all the baloney I found.  This is
nothing more than a robbing Peter to pay Paul kind of deal.

For someone to make a big stink about bashing And can't see that Val's system
bashes three-way calling and party plans just to name a few.  Makes a whole lot of
sense doesn't it? Not only that, it puts poor people all in one category and bashes
them as well. If you want to see bashing Rita, then take a look at the whole system.

As for mentorsinprofit.com, www.mentorsonamission.com not having anything to do
with Mentors in Motion is also hogwash. They are all teaching bashing, trolling, and
unethical high pressure sales tactics.

William Jaroske
Take a step towards success by empowering yourself with education and knowledge

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
Re: Starting a online business
From: Cathy Wagner

I have a feeling I'm going to get blasted for this one, but I DO believe it's possible to
start an online business for free is you choose to sell someone else's product. If you'd
rather start your own, you can still do it with only minimal upfront costs, provided
you already own a computer.
To me, the most expensive part of starting an online business is the web site
complete with design. Web designers aren't cheap, but I know resources that can set
you up with domain and hosting for a year for less than $20. Couple that with the
wide variety of free web site creation tools available today and you've got yourself a
business for far less than anyone would ever have expected.
Of course you won't be able to build a state of the art web site with all the bells and
whistles for free, but I can't believe anyone would expect that you could. I think
content and copy is THE most important factor for any web site and I personally
recommend site building resources such as:
- free and easy WSIWYG HTML editor that lets you see your design while you work
on it
- free instant web page creator
- free keyword tool
- free FTP program
- free tool to test your HTML code, loading speed and browser compatibility
- free logo makers
- free banner makers
- free image converter
- free script resources including one that will transform your site into a members site
complete with login and database
- free tutorials that can show you how to use these types of tools
- free mailing list manager
Many people think that marketing their business is where they have to spend their
money, but I can tell you that you will benefit by focusing on your presentation, site
copy and ad copy first before you spend your cash. There are also a variety ways to
effectively promote any offer online for free.
Of course if you are an experienced online business person who is already skilled at
writing good copy, you might be ready to spend money on an advertising campaign
(although I always recommend testing it for free first and do this myself.) If you're a
beginner, you are much better off saving your money until you've learned and done
as much as you can for free.
Have a Profitable Day,
Cathy Wagner
Online Business Expert
Providing Freedom-Seeking Entrepreneurs with
Low-Risk, Online Profit-Building Guidance.

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=================New Discussions (2)===================

=================New Discussion (1)=====================
From: Tom Falco

1) Ignore emails or take too long to respond.

The correct form is to reply to emails within 24 hours. Even if you don't have the
product or service the customer is asking for, the proper etiquette is to respond and
not ignore the request.

When you respond, you can lead them to someone who has the item they desire, or
steer them to something else you might have to offer.

2) Responding to email, but giving no information.

Email is the most effective tool for on-line business communication. Make sure you
get all you can out of your emails. When a client or potential customer emails you a
question or comment, it is very important to reply and if possible, keep a dialogue
going. Your objective is to sell. Place links to certain items or services you would
like the client to see and actually come out and tell them to click on the link to see
the item.

3) Being rude because they were rude to you.

If a customer sends you a rude email complaining about something, DO NOT
respond in kind. Be polite and professional. Many times people get frustrated and
they fire off rude emails and then it's too late to take them back.
Just forgive and forget, answer the person's request and go on. Lead them in the right
direction with a website link if necessary, but don't be rude in return.

4) Taking too long to send the item a customer ordered.

Many times items are back ordered or lately, it seems, the shipping companies from
UPS to the U.S. Postal Service have been delaying many shipments, especially
packages weighing over 16 ounces.

If you don't have an item in stock, give the customer a choice of waiting for it,
replacing it with another item, or canceling their order. Be fair.

If there is a delay for any reason, be up front with the customer and don't ignore the
fact. Tell them before they have a chance to email or call to complain. They'll
appreciate the honesty and professionalism.

5) Having a slow moving, slow downloading hard to navigate website.

We have said time and time again. No one cares about your java genius. People want
to get in, get what they want and get out. They don't want to see a star and light show
that you learned in your last java class. Make it easy for people to navigate around
your site. Lead them to the products or services they desire without delaying any
page downloads.

6) Using annoying pop up windows

People hate pop up windows and the more you use them, the more likely they will
leave and never return to your site. The worst is when they try to leave and windows
keep popping up, keeping them hostage. This does not work in getting customers. It
only repels customers.

7) Not posting your return policy and not guaranteeing your service or products

People want to see what their options are if they are unhappy with your product or
service. Post a return policy and use it. If a person is unhappy for some reason, give
them a full refund. This will impress them and they will surely be back another time.
Tom Falco is owner of TheDiscountPrinter.com For all your printing and
promotional needs, visit:

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=================New Discussion (2)=====================
From: Sandi Holten

Hello to all,
Just wanted to drop in and say hello and introduce myself. I am Sandi and am trying
to start a small internet business. If anyone has any suggestions, I will take any that I
can I get.

Thank you

Sandi H.

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Site Review Requests   (3)

Site Review Request   (1)

From: Mike Diemer

It would be greatly appreciated if you could review my site and see if it is to your

We offer an outstanding service and it is positively considered to be an outstanding
service to all of your subscribers.

Please take a moment to see Financial Freedom is REAL To attend 24/7 recorded
seminar just go to:

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Site Review Request   (2)
From: Humberto Patch

Hello, I have recently opened my own online store.  It is packed with a lot of goods
and I have had quite of bit of help from the people that started me out with this.  I am
basically looking for another honest but not too brutal opinion.  I have really loved
your digest these past few weeks, and look forward to reading more.  My website is
at www.hipenterprise.com.  I would love to hear any comments that could help
spruce it up or give a more polished look.  Thank you.
Humberto Patch

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Site Review Request   (3)

From: Michael Glenn

Greetings All,

This isn't a request for website review so much (though I would appreciate that, too!)
as it is for a review of a 3-day email article I just wrote to promote a web
hosting/marketing package.  The article is delivered by autoresponder for 3 days,
then 3 days after that the 'responder sends a follow-up email to promote the package.

I'm really new to Net Marketing, and while the article I wrote *seems* to make sense
to me, I just don't know if it's really *worthwhile reading.* So any feedback,
suggestions, complaints, criticisms, etc. are VERY welcome.  If you think it's
horrible, *please* let me know, before I spread it online and everyone starts saying
"That Michael Glenn guy don't know nothin'."

You can get the article by sending blank email to e-report@freeautobot.com

Michael Glenn

P.S. You're also welcome to review my site - again, if you think it's awful I want to
know!  I *won't* be offended.  It's at http://gsminc.bravehost.com

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Site Review Responses (0)

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----------------------------GUEST ARTICLE --------------------------

Are YOU Headed for Burnout? By Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

Personal Excellence Mentor
2004 All Rights Reserved.

If lately you're finding the tasks and responsibilities in your work schedule more than
you can bear, you may well be approaching "burnout."

Burnout is not an imaginary condition that's "all in your mind." It's a very real mental
and physiological condition caused by a stress overload.

Burnout arises when we're overworked, overtaxed emotionally, or physically
exhausted -- and as a result find it increasingly difficult to cope with everyday

A common sign of burnout is loss of enthusiasm for one's job, social life, personal
relationship and normal personal interests.

A True Burnout Story
I once had a "crisis call" from a CEO I was advising in Silicon Valley. He had a
serious problem on his hands.

Like many CEOs of growing companies, he was balancing a heavy work load.

He wanted to increase sales, and was impressed by the personal presentation of a
senior representative of an outside marketing organization. He signed a binding
contract for their services.

Then less that one month later, after the outside company was all geared up and
going out to his customers, he realized he had made a critical mistake:

He had signed a contract giving the outside reps three times the commission he was
paying his own "in house" marketing reps.

The immediate outcome: Two lawsuits totaling millions of dollars.


Because Bob (not his real name) had been so stressed when he signed that contract
that his higher brain has been shut down. (This is a common symptom of chronic

He told me he actually could no longer understand what he read, and was incapable
of mental focus. Bob was gripped in an "adrenalin high" trap, and had not realized
the consequences.

The "Adrenalin High" Trap
Many executives and entrepreneurs claim they "thrive" on stress. What they are
responding to is the physiological excitement from an "adrenalin high."

But the truth is, adrenalin highs are actually part of the stress response that prepares
your body (and mind) to either fight or run.

What happens is that your higher thinking centers close down, and older, more
primitive portions of your brain prepare you for emergency.

Over a period of time this leads straight to stage 2 burnout - serious mental and
physical exhaustion.

And if you think YOU are immune, you're seriously kidding yourself - just like Bob,
that Silicon Valley CEO did!

The Major Factors in Stress Overload
Stress occurs when the demands around you exceed your capacity to meet them.

The four major factors in stress overload are:

Time pressures

Excessive responsibility or accountability

Lack of adequate support

Excessive expectations by yourself and/or those around you

The Stages of Burnout
Burnout is a process that progresses through stages of stress overload. With some
self-monitoring, you have the opportunity to take steps to stop the process. The three
stages of burnout include:

The stress arousal stage,

The low energy stage, and

The exhaustion stage.

The Stress Arousal Stage. Excess stress arousal is accompanied by both
physiological and psychological responses. Some of the common behavioral include:
irritability, anxiety, forgetfulness, and an inability to focus and concentrate.

Common physiological signs often include: flare-ups of high blood pressure,
bruxism (grinding teeth during sleep), insomnia, headaches, and acute
gastrointestinal symptoms.

The Low Energy Stage. As your stress becomes more and more chronic, your body
tries to compensate for growing mental and physical exhaustion. The feeling of low
energy so common with chronic stress is probably a sign your body is trying to
compensate for exhaustion by shifting into an "energy conservation mode."

Behavior consequences often include: forgetfulness, more serious inability to focus,
excessive lateness, procrastination, excessive time off from work, lack of interest in
your work or business, loss of hope and enthusiasm, decreased desire for intimacy,
and a persistent feeling of tiredness or exhaustion.

Other common signs include: social withdrawal from friends and family, cynicism,
resentment, apathy and increased substance use (nicotine, caffeine, alcohol,
prescription drugs).

The Acute Exhaustion Stage. The acute exhaustion stage is where most people
finally get a clear sense that something is seriously wrong.

The signs of acute stress-related exhaustion often include: chronic sadness or
depression, chronic stomach or bowel problems, chronic mental fatigue, chronic
physical fatigue, chronic headaches or migraines, difficulty reading or understanding
communications, and almost total inability to focus.

Other common signs may include: the desire to "drop out" of society, quit work, or
abandon one's business or profession -- and the desire to avoid family, friends, and
social situations.

Visit Quantum-Self.com, the web's premier Personal Excellence portal. It's sizzling-
unique-intelligent-inspiring! Great fr.ee self-tests, brain teasers, and mind-building
original articles. FR.EE abundance course for new ezine subscribers.

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-----------------JOKE OF THE DAY-------------------

Marketing Dictionary

. Advanced design: The advertising agency doesn't understand it.
. All new: Parts not interchangeable with previous design.
. Breakthrough: We finally figured out a way to sell it.
. Broadcast quality: Gives a picture and produces noise.
. Built to precision tolerances: We finally got it to fit together.
. Customer service across the country: You can return it from most airports.
. Designed simplicity: Manufacturer's cost cut to the bone.
. Distinctive: A different shape and color than the others.
. Direct sales only: Factory had big argument with distributor.
. Field-tested: Manufacturer lacks test equipment.
. Foolproof operation: No provision for adjustments.
. Futuristic: No other reason why it looks the way it does.
. Hand-crafted: Assembly machines operated without gloves on.
. High accuracy: Unit on which all parts fit.
. High reliability: We made it work long enough to ship it.
. Years of development: We finally got one that works.
. Improved: Didn't work the first time.
. Latest aerospace technology: One of our techs was laid off by Boeing.
. Meets all standards: Ours, not yours.
. Microprocessor controlled: Does things we can't explain.
. MIL-SPEC components: We got a good deal at a government auction.
. New: Different color from previous design.
. New generation: Old design failed, maybe this one will work.
. Performance proven: Will operate through the warranty period.
. Re-designed: Previous faults corrected, we hope.
. Revolutionary: It's different from our competitors.
. SMPTE bus compatible: When completed, will be shipped by Greyhound.
. Unmatched: Almost as good as the competition.
. Unprecedented performance: Nothing we ever had before worked this way.


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