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Topics in this issue:
Word from the Editor
Word from the Moderator

Continuing Discussions (6)
1. Re: Spam
Iris Brand, Jesse Kesler, V Lewis, John Murphy, A.L. Stieglitz
2. Re: Starting a website free
Robert Lee

New Discussions (4)
1. Advertising strategies
Rhonda Low

2. If You Don't Tell Your Name...?
From: Najam Anwar

3. Gold and other precious metals as a medium of exchange
Olagoke  Ajibulu-S

4. The Future Of The Digest (from the Digest Forum)
Mark Wade

Site Review Requests   (0)

Site Review Responses (2)
1. Re: hipenterprise.com
Michael Glenn

2. Re: Mike Diemer
Michael Glenn

How to Handle Jargon at Your Web Site - and Why, by Marcia Yudkin

Joke of the Day

<-------------------Word From Editor------------------------>

Hello Friends,

"The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty.
The activist is the man who cleans up the river."

- Ross Perot

I used this motto to start off today's little article.

As most of you know, Adland Digest has been accused of spamming
and was blacklisted by Spamhouse.org for about two months.
This was due to somebody's subscribing spamhouse's email
address to the digest.

The response to my latest request to notify spamhouse that
Adland digest is not a spam source has been overwhelming.

I have received about 92 copies of letters sent to spamhouse explaining
that the digest has been here for a while and people reading it, were never
subscribed to it unknowingly.
The messages were written professionally and I'm proud of all of you
who have taken the time to do this.

I can't respond to all your messages, but I'm thankful for what you
have done. Thank you again.

The Digest now is off the hook. We are not on the blacklist anymore
and I have long ago implemented measures to offer double opt-in.

I suggest that anyone who owns a mailing list, does this.

I have many more things to say about the whole issue, but for now
I will just state that I'm very disappointed with Spamhouse.org.

I'm not disappointed that they blocked me, but because of how they
handled the whole issue.

The company used lies to support their case in emails sent to
those who contacted them on my behalf and to display
a message on their site in reference to Adland's Digest case.

They twisted my words and stated that I have said
"that I won't do anything to correct the problem"
or they were citing me saying that "my subscribers are too
stupid to reply to double opt-in requests"

These things were totally made up.

I have sent about 5 letters to spamhouse where in two of them I have
ensured them that I have already double opt-in procedure in place.

Spamhouse responded only to my second email.

In addition two hours after I have sent my recent letter for help,
our listing magically expired from their database (after two months
of being there) and then two hours later it re-appeared with all the lies
mentioned above, then again one day later expired again.

As a business owner I know that things like this are being done
by some companies. I'm very disappointed that this
comes from the place which assumed the authority of being
spam police and is considered to be the biggest anti-spam

I hope that the fact that their database is the biggest doesn't
consist of cases like Adland Digest.

Coming back to my motto of Ross Perot.

If you are attempting to clean the world from spammers, just
don't point your finger and badmouth suspected sources.

Do some research and go after those who are the source
of the problem, not those who didn't do enough to defend
themselves against malicious individuals.

Otherwise you are the source of the problem not a solution.

Bogdan Fiedur

<-------------------Word From Editor  End----------------------->

Word from Moderator

Winter has finally come to sunny Greece. I know, most of the rest of you have
snowed under (literally) for weeks now, but we have been enjoying an extended
summer here, with people heading for the beach even last weekend! The weather
changed practically overnight to a chilly winter - bad for the pocketbook, in view of
the price increases in heating oil but good because it's reminding me that the
holidays are almost here - a good time for business, generally.
If you are not out there, advertising your products already, what are you waiting for?
How about some contributions from you - the REAL experts in MY opinion - on
how to best take advantage of the holiday business boom (preferably without
spamming!)  As for me, I'm betting on increased communications over the holidays
and in the future, so I took Bogdan's suggestion and joined Ubifone :)

Posting in the AdlandPro Digest Forum is ONE way of bypassing filters!
The AdlandPro Digest Forum can be found here:

Amalia Sotiriadou
Adland Digest
My AdLandPro Community page: http://www.adlandpro.com/directad/go/56876/
My Ubifone # 2105695863


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===========Continuing Discussions (6)=====================

===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============

Re: Overcoming the Spam BlackList for Businesses Accused Unjustly
From: Iris Brand

Hi, Got your letter about being accused of spam.


My company has also been placed on a black list and I have NEVER used email
marketing and don't even send out newsletters, for God's sake!

I called my ISP about this and they said it had to do with my using an old cgi form
script from MATT'S ARCHIVE.  (???)  Anyway, I didn't know how to fix this
problem but have found a simple way around it on my own.

I have alternate boxes with earthlink and cox communications and use these in my
REPLY TO email fields from EUDORA.  I presume you can do the same with any
email program.  The only problem is that when someone replies to these emails, it
goes to the earthlink or cox boxes and not directly to me which may cause a delay in
my response back to the customer.

Customers don't seem to pay attention to IMPORTANT messages requesting they
not hit reply bur rather email me at iris@abtn.com.  It's tedious to keep up with more
than one email box but that's life in the world of spam unfortunately.

EXAMPLE:  AOL customers can not receive any of my email from email box
iris@abtn.com because the server abtn.com somehow got on a black list
There is no way that I know of to get off that list!

BUT, ...if I send AOL customers replies from irisbrand@earthlink.net, they DO
receive my emails and can respond either to the links contained in my emails or by
replying to one or more of the emails mentioned within the email.

I hope this helps!

Iris Brand, President, ABTN INC
Advanced Business Technology Network
Document Processing Department

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============
Re: Honest Email- Bad Spammers
From: Jesse Kesler

I don't pretend to have all the answers to what to do about the spam problem; the
receiving and the being blamed for it.  I do have access to a fantastic tutorial that
really helps with the whole problem.  It's free and can be found at
http://www.the-travel-nurse.com/post I think it really hits most of the issues right on
the head and give real solutions.

Of course even if you get white listed you sometimes can't keep your e-zine or other
biz email out of the hopper.  I find that this really cool tool for checking my e-zines
keeps me out of the junk mail folder almost 100% of the time.
http://www.the-travel-nurse.com/spam.  It's free too.

Jesse Kesler
"A website is useless without traffic"

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.3)=============

Re: Spam laws in UK
From: V Lewis

Hi Bogdan

Here is the web site URL of Public Technology.net.


with lots of info on UK anti spam law.

Will send letter to Steve Linford. OK

Best of luck from V.Lewis at www.havehealthandwealth.co.uk

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.4)=============

Re: Spamhaus -Clowns-
From: John Murphy

Hi Bogdan:
The link: ftp://www.spamhaus.org/sbl/sbl.lasso?query=SBL19197
is no longer working - just a 404 page popping up.

However here is a link to a fellow Canadian Marketer who may have the answer for
you. He has certainly researched this spam thing.


Did you know that ICop and spamhauser were a spammers best friend?

Also the real big spammers are now hiding behind, Google, MSM, Yahoo and AOL-
- Lets see spamhause blacklist either one of them-- Ha -ha-  forget it, these guerrillas
would be down on spamhause  with a army of lawyers - and spamhause knowing this
is happy to stomp on weaker pickings whether they are legitimate small business or
not, is a minor technically..

Go to Ken Evoys site above and see what he has to say about a class action suite.

My own opinion is this; I believe that  when  a small business in country A is
indiscriminately attacked by another company in country B to the point where the
innocent small business in Country A is shut down, then some International trade
laws have to be broken..

This angle has yet to be addressed or explored..


John Murphy

A long time subscriber to Adland  Digest

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===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.5)=============

Re: Spammers
From: A.L. Stieglitz

Received your letter, I am sorry to hear that you would be considered spammer.  I
was taken to this link several years ago through a membership site owned by a
I have always found adland Pro to have top quality services and resources..
In no way should this company ever be considered in the same ranks as the true
spammers out there. This company is not even about lists to promote nothing but
sign ups with nothing in the way of content.
A top quality company, that not only has paid e-memberships, it also allows a free
membership, providing the internet user that is a little short on advertising funds a 
place where the resources are competetive  and appropriate in today's -market.
Thank you for your quality service.

April Stieglitz
http://www.ActivateSolutions.com   There is "A Solution" for everything,
It's all just a matter of perspective.

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm

===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============
RE: Starting a website free
From: Robert Lee

Hi Amalia,

Cathy Wagner had some very valid points on how to get started selling ANYTHING
online, but what she missed out on was providing places that offer free advice to also
get you going.
I've spoken with hundreds of people over the years that want to do what I do, work
online full-time and make a higher-than-average salary.
They aren't afraid of getting a domain name, getting hosting, finding products; it's
the technical support that stops newbies from first putting their toes in the water.
Where can they turn to for help when they need it. Help that is not going to cost them
anymore than what they've already spent (nothing!).
It's at that point I show then several different web site resources and how to search
Google effectively.
That makes all the difference.

Robert Lee
Adland Community Page

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=================New Discussions (2)===================

=================New Discussion (1)=====================
advertising strategies
From: Rhonda Low

I am a new owner of a website of novelties and so on, I am looking for inexpensive
ways to advertise my site. If any one knows of any secrets he or she would like to
share, feel free to email me.
Rhonda Low

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=================New Discussion (2)=====================
If You Don't Tell Your Name...?
From: Najam Anwar

Net Marketers often claim for not getting proper response from the public. You will
be astonished to know that many of them never introduce themselves. They tell
about their product but forget their own selves.
I have experienced that if you don't tell your name, nobody will know who you are.
So introduce yourself properly and repeat your name a few times to the customer.
Simply giving your visiting card won't bring business. People deal with people not
with cards.
Any Comments?

Dr.Najam Anwar is Homeopath and a net Marketer. He treats his patients with
medicines and prayers. Email him dr.najam@wah.cjb.net
mlmpakistan@yahoo.com  http://www.heartwarmers4u.com/members/?get_rich_slow

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=================New Discussion (3)=====================
Gold and other precious metals as a medium of exchange
From: Olagoke  Ajibulu-S

Hello Team, Is anybody out there thinking about gold and the other precious metals
as a means of exchange worldwide? And better still doing so electronically?
Archaic? Bullions? Ship wreck with bullions!! Why the trouble? How much of these
metals can I stuff into my pocket? May be we should support the e-gold, e-silver, e-
palladium stuff with card money.
There is plenty of gold in Africa; so, Africa may become richer than every other bloc
in the world. Wow! There must be more to precious metals than paper or card money
I think.
The pharaohs were said to have been buried with plenty of treasures.
Apparently there were no burial ground thieves in those days. The pyramids had no
gates perhaps. Please pay me in gold. View

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=================New Discussion (4)=====================

Re: The Future Of The Digest
Posted: 11-03-2004 05:51 PM
From: Mark Wade

Hi Bogdan, Amalia and Everyone,

I don't know if everyone received the same impassioned plea from Bogdan last night
about the future of the Digest because of the lastest spam complaint. Amalia and I
have been discussing this very same topic recently

I didn't know very much about Spamhaus until today and no doubt have more to
learn but now I have done some research into their operation. It is actually for all our
benefits that Spamhaus operates, voluntarily BTW, to eliminate spam. Unfortunately
Bogdan is only human I suppose and made the mistake of not verifying subscriptions
to the Digest. I'm certain he will correct that. The Digest is too valuable to lose!
Bogdan has asked for our support and I will send him an email of support before this
day is out, as I hope all will.
Bogdan requested we all send a professionally constructed email to Steve Linford,
the creator of Spamhaus, to show additional support and request the Digest be
removed from Spamhaus' Block List. I'm providing this for you because I
considered, after viewing articles about Mr. Linford and his project, that we might
have a challenge ourselves if we email him. He apparently is not all too open to
emails <tongue-in-cheek>, and responds poorly to anger and confrontation.

In one of the articles about Mr. Linford, written by The New York Times, it stated
that he published his address and phone numbers online. Well, I found them at one of
his sites - http://www.ultradesign.com/  and attempted to call him first rather than
send him an email. Guess what? His phone numbers have been disconnected! Now,
in all fairness, from what I've read, he is no doubt a very, very, busy human being
and his resources are stretched out very thin. He really is fighting (and no doubt
losing) a difficult war against spam so I might understand a disabling of his phone
numbers. I am posting this because I want anyone who gets involved in this plea for
Bogdan to have some kind of historical background info that a first attempt to
contact Mr. Linford with what were supposed to be publicly available phone
numbers has been met with failure. If, in turn, an attempt to put anyone of us on his
block list because we have emailed him is made, there is at least the beginning of an
explanation why.

Perhaps we all might also send him snail mail! Here is his address (according to his
web site)

Ultradesign Internet
The Phoenix
Taggs Island
Hampton Court
TW12 2HA
United Kingdom
Tel +44-020-8941-9555
Fax +44-020-8941-9666




FreeAd Central



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Site Review Requests   (3)

Site Review Requests   (0)

Want your website reviewed? Many or our members would be happy to do it.
Request below:

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Site Review Responses (2)
==========================Site Review (1) ======================
Re: hipenterprise.com
From: Michael Glenn

Hi Humberto,

I took a look at your site, and this is just a quick, bare-bones "appraisal" based on my
initial 5-minute tour:

The very first thing I noticed was your hipenterprise.com logo at the top of each
page.  To me, the shadow effect was really distracting.  I liked the Christmas borders
on your pages; why not design a "Christmas" logo as well?

I'd also like to see some images on your front page, so I get an idea right away of
what type of products you're offering.

I took a quick look at some of your product categories, and I think you have a really
good idea for a lasting business, however there are some technical, or design, points
that I'll take up here:

1. In your "Categories" box, separate the categories a little more.  It's difficult to tell
where one ends and the other begins.

2. Your "search" button is aligned left, while the shopcart and checkout buttons are
centered.  I recommend centering all three.

3. Consider using buttons for your other links as well - "Home" "Products"
etc.  I think buttons would have a little more appeal.

4. I followed your "Links" link, and there were no links!  I don't think a webmaster
should ever link to a page that doesn't have anything on it.  I also don't think an
online store should have any links that might take your customer away from YOUR

A few more suggestions:

1. Get rid of your FAQ.  The information on that page is already in your Store
Policies.  There's no need to repeat it on another page.

2. I was disappointed when your Specials of the Month link turned out to be nothing
more than a subscription form for your newsletter.

Recommendation:  Definitely offer a newsletter!  It's a great way to build a customer
base, and it allows YOU to contact your customers on a regular basis.  You could
even put something in your newsletter, like "Click here to see this month's specials!"

But if you're going to link to your Monthly Specials on your website,
*put* the specials on your website so that people can see them.

Now, having said all that, my last bit of advice is this:  Do a search on Yahoo or
somewhere for "Home Theater" or "Gift Ideas" or something related to your site. 
Check out some of the other sites out there that offer products similar to yours.  See
what they do differently.  And if you see something you like, incorporate it into your

Hope this information helps.

Mike Glenn

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==========================Sire Review (2) ======================
Re: Mike Diemer
From: Michael Glenn


I tried to visit your site and got re-directed to a "No User" page.  Did you leave out
part of your URL?

Mike Glenn

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----------------------------GUEST ARTICLE --------------------------

How to Handle Jargon at Your Web Site - and Why, by Marcia Yudkin

If you sell a technical product or service, you probably know you have jargon at your
web site - specialized terminology that the average person doesn't understand. 
While jargon does help you communicate precisely with peers, it seriously gets in
the way if potential and actual customers aren't as conversant with it as you are. 

Plenty of heart patients, for instance, don't know what a "myocardial infarction" is (a
heart attack).  Many pregnant women have never heard of a "doula," a woman who
coaches them through labor.  Movers and shakers thinking of buying another
company don't necessarily know the term "assessment of human capital."  Hardly
anyone would know what "global readiness solutions" are, since one company made
up the term.  The same goes for abbreviations and acronyms used without the
spelled-out versions, like "W3C, 508 compliant."

If you sell an ordinary product or service, you're also in danger of having jargon
serve as a barrier at your web site.  You may be using common words in ways most
people wouldn't understand.  For example, the sentence "We partner with creative
men and women so they reach their goals"
doesn't contain any unusual words or expressions, but most readers wouldn't grasp
that it means "Creative men and women hire us to help them reach their goals."  At a
real estate site, I once saw the headline "Not a drive-by!" and didn't know whether a
"drive-by" meant that you wouldn't want to stop or that you wouldn't need to.

Nearly everyone in business overestimates - usually greatly overestimates - the
extent to which customers understand their jargon.

In most instances, you don't need to eliminate jargon, but to include an explanation
so that the context makes the meaning clear.  You can do this explicitly, as in these

* Treatments for myocardial infarction (heart attack)

* Greta spent five years as a doula, a trained labor coach, before studying to become
a nurse-midwife.

* All of our web sites comply with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards
as well as the latest U.S. government regulations on accessibility to the disabled
(Section 508).

In other situations, you can add context so that when the unfamiliar term comes up,
its meaning will be clear.  For instance, see how the explanation precedes the term
"assessment of human capital" in the following passage: 

"Management's leadership abilities, operating abilities and personal motivations can
profoundly influence what happens after a change in ownership. In contrast to the
financials, the true strengths and weaknesses of a company's executives may remain
hidden, only to surface later with disastrous results.  To minimize risks, buyers need
to take care of due diligence on company management. This assessment of human
capital is a specialty of New London Management Associates."

By combining jargon with an explanation, you strengthen your message for those
who already know the technicalities.
 Skillfully using ordinary language along with jargon doesn't talk down to anyone or
"dumb down" your web site.
You also make the value of the services or products you provide more
understandable to someone who may need to sign off on a project but who is not
technically sophisticated.
Likewise, it becomes more likely that non-specialists who discover your site will
refer other companies or individuals to you.  Your web site thus becomes a stronger
marketing vehicle.


Marcia Yudkin marcia@yudkin.com  is the author of Web Site Marketing Makeover
and 10 other books.  A four-time Webby Awards judge and internationally famous
marketing consultant, she critiques web sites and performs web site makeovers for
clients.  Learn more about her detailed critique sessions on five different kinds of
web sites (including sites for consultants and multi-product sales
sites) at www.yudkin.com/websitequiz.htm.

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


-----------------JOKE OF THE DAY-------------------

This is an old one, but I still like it!

Why I Am So Tired 

For a couple years I've been blaming it on iron poor blood, lack of vitamins, dieting
and a dozen other maladies. Now I found out the real reason. I'm tired because I'm
The population of this country is 237 million. 104 million are retired. That leaves
133 million to do the work.

There are 85 million in school, which leave 48 million to do the work.

Of this, there are 29 million employed by the federal government.

This leaves 19 million to do the work.

Four million are in the Armed Forces, which leaves 15 million to do the work.

Take from the total the 14,800,000 people who work for State and City Government
and that leaves 200,000 to do the work.

There are 188,000 in hospitals, so that leaves 12,000 to do the work.

Now, there are 11,998 people in Prisons. That leaves just two people to do the work.

You and me . . . and you're sitting there reading jokes


Let's hear from you......

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