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Vol. 1 issue #424 Nov. 19, 2004


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Topics in this issue:
Word from the Moderator

Continuing Discussions (3)
1. Re: John Murphy's Comments
Sharon Bray-McPherson, John Murphy

2. Re: Starting a online business

New Discussions (5)
1. Help to get traffic to website
Paul and Penny Smith

2. Why Web Page Titles Are Important
Tom Falco

3. What does this all mean to you?
Rudolph Burgzorg

4. Protect you from internet stealing your affiliate commissions
Eva Marie Farrell

5. Thought For All Times!
Rudolph Burgzorg

Site Review Requests (0)

Site Review Responses (3)
Roger Gonzales, Dwight Stickler, Susan Dorey

Understanding Affiliate Programs, By S. Housley

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

Did I ever tell you that I am a Science Fiction nut? Well, I am. I grew up with
Asimov and Heinlein as my mentors. I was reading and dreaming of global computer
systems, cell phone type communications devices, speech recognition technology
and artificial intelligence when the only way to input data into a computer was via
keypunched cards. “What does this have to do with online business?” you might ask.
Quite a bit actually. People who are in this business medium are visionaries. Whether
they know it or not, they are changing society. They are drawing others away from
the crowded traffic jams and into their home, from where everyone can do their
shopping, be entertained, make friends and yes, even order pizza. Oh, and let’s not
forget… make money too, so they can go on that vacation they have always dreamed
Yes, we still have a long way to go before what I describe becomes the norm, and
perhaps that is a good thing. There is still a real world to enjoy out there! Yet the
trend is there and the end is probably inevitable.
In this week’s Digest then, I want to pose a fun question. How has working online
changed YOUR life and what is YOUR vision of the future?

Posting in the AdlandPro Digest Forum is ONE way of beating spam!
The AdlandPro Digest Forum can be found here:

Amalia Sotiriadou
Adland Digest
My AdLandPro Community page:
My Ubifone # 2105695863





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===========Continuing Discussions (3)=====================

===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============

Re: John Murphy's Comments
From: Sharon Bray-McPherson

Re: Spamhaus -Clowns-
From: John Murphy

"Did you know that ICop and spamhauser were a spammers best friend?"

Dear Mr. Murphy,

I just now read those comments in the Nov. 6th issue of the Adland Digest.

I'm hoping that what you wrote was just a slip, and that what you really meant to
write was,

Did you know that SPAM COP and spamhauser were a spammers best friend?

Because if your comments were actually targeted toward iCop, you are most
definitely ill-informed sir.

I have been a charter member of iCop almost since its inception. And during that
time I have seen Dr. jl Scott and iCop members do more to stop the infestation of
spam, while still making it possible for small online businesses to make use of email
as a viable marketing tool than any other organization online.

Sharon Bray-McPherson
A PROUD iCop Charter Member

The online home of SBM
Fuller Brush Distributing


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.2)=============

RE: Clowns
From: John Murphy

Hi Bogdan:

You can have a friend that you do not know.

You can have a friend that you choose to ignore.

You can be considered a friend by someone that you despise because they profit by
taking advantage of your weakness, whether it be pride, anger, sensitivity or

I will make this as short as I can without reverting to shorthand..

Many many moons ago I was surfing web-sites through an anonymous server when I
came across a site that had an unusual offer, for about $5000.00 bucks US they
guaranteed that I could make a lot of money with products of their choosing. At least
$10,000 on my first mailing through them..

To make a long story short; I expressed interested and the emails went back and
forth; something like this..

You don't know me, so how can you guarantee- etc-etc- blah blah..

Do you know how many million emails we can blast out at one time over multiple
servers? [He then proceeded to provide me with some stats]

But if you are broadcasting so much mail, how do you avoid spam complaints and
having your servers shut down? Like before you get my mailing out... etc--etc…

We don't actually own the servers, we go with the flow, there are thousands of IP's
all over the world Russia, France, USA, Canada.

To help you understand let us put it to you this way.
The Net is big, but the net is fast, and here is how in one case we took advantage of
the system to make a killing and destroy a competitor.
First we had some of our members sign on with our competitor as affiliates, then we
had another member sign on as a customer of the competitor’s ISP.

Within a day or so in our phase 1, we had our member blast just over one million
emails promoting our product.
Then in our phase 2, within the hour we had our members who had signed on as
affiliates send out a pile of mail to addresses that we spider'd off the net, making
sure that we included addresses that ended in .org .gov edu, and known spam
complainants that would immediately run screaming to the self appointed Spam
police. Or any other self proclaimed white Knight - -whatever.

Anonymous continues.
This strategy was pure genius, the white knights struck with a vengeance, the
competitor was shut down and we took his ISP out so that he would not soon start up
again, we guaranteed that we practically had the on- line market to ourselves for at
least a month or more. We made a killing. [the ROI for email was much better back

Also with our regular mail blasts it don't matter about the ISP we use being shut
down - we just move on to a new one under a different id.

End of story

At the time I didn't know if I should believe him or not. Was he just hyping me ?-
like the Nigerian letters. Get me to spend my money and disappear?

I broke off correspondence but was careful to keep quiet, if what I was told was true,
these guys could shut me and my ISP down in the bat of an eyelash just for annoying

He did inform me of other things concerning the backbone companies and why he
had no fear of them. He also made a couple of predictions concerning them, and
during the past 5 years they appear to have taken shape.

I have come to the conclusion that I had been in contact with someone, who was a
Machiavellian, professional, and of ruthless character…


Within a few months after this contact, a business named Six figure income was
shutdown for spamming.
According to the discussion boards six figure's web-site could not be seen because it
was blacklisted by its backbone carrier, [I believe it was UUnet];

However my ISP was with another backbone carrier at the time [Sprint 1] and I
could access SFI.

Now the owner of SFI was not some poor smlick behind a computer trying to etch
out a living. He had established himself in direct mail order business before his foray
unto the net. He had a battery of lawyers go after those responsible for this unlawful
denial of trade.

He was searching for a way to sue under international law, but was re-established
back on-line before he could pursue it...

However he was off-line for several weeks and had to re-establish his business-- he
had a strict no spam policy at the time, and dismissed the offending affiliate. But that
didn't matter to those who were intent on bringing him down just because they had
the power.

Unlimited power is a dangerous thing, and is the reason why we have democracy
with checks and balances.

Over the years I have seen small innocent ISP’s blacklisted, and small mom and Pop
online enterprises destroyed by the zealous self appointed…

I understood that the peculiar gatekeeper Known as Icop was bought out some time
ago by Spamhause, who has not made any effort to see other than what they want to

I checked out Icop on Google and came across a web-site that had no resemblance to
the icop of past years, This new Icop is a web-site that insures good content, and
gave some sort of good housekeeping seal for legitimate on-line businesses,
something like the BBB or Vari-seal provides.
And I do apologize to MR. Scott for getting his organization mixed up with the
earlier version. There is no comparison between the two. ..

However--no matter how good it sounds, everything on the net should be tested, and
is tested, So I would propose that if some of the readers sign on with Icop for their
wonderful benefits, to give them an integrity test.

Sample of a simple integrity test.

When you get spammed by companies like the large retail companies.- [You may
have used your credit card with them, but you certainly didn't sign anything once or
twice that gave them permission to spam you with their offers]. - report them to
Icop as spammers with the offending emails as proof.

Sit back and observe what happens.

Give it a couple of months. Then contact an adventurous ezine publisher and tell
him/her that you will sign up as a member and as a test of Icop’s integrity you and a
few of your friends will report him/her to Icop as a spammer with all the offending
emails supplied as proof. And of course s/he will get to write all about it in his/her

Sit back and see what happens.

If Icop handles both cases fairly and equally, nothing will happen, both large retailer
and small publisher would be informed of the complaint and allowed to take the
appropriate action… no denial of service, no blacklisting. Good!

Now you could remain a proud member of Icop as you have proved it deals even
handed with complaints, in an ethnical and professional manner.

This action would not be out of line with how Consumer Reports or 60 minutes carry
out their enquiries.


John Murphy

PS: A small business sends out information emails, 4 people from a neighbourhood
take offence. They go to town, track down a Policeman, show him the offending

The policeman proceeds to the business, closes it down and secures a yellow ribbon
across the doors. The owner and 10 employees will only be allowed back when they
prove their innocence.

Where could this scene take place? Canada, USA, UK, Italy?
If you guess all 4 you are right, Italy under Fascism in the 1930'S again becomes a
victim of fascism 65 years later ah-la the Internet… Fascist get away with it through
divide and conquer, through fear tactics and intimidation of small unorganized
groups of citizens and small business people who outnumber them greatly.
There has to be a better way to solve problems like electronic spam without reverting
to fascism, communism or feudal oligarchy.


===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (2.1)=============

Re: Starting a online business
From: Rikie

Re: Starting a online business
From: Cathy Wagner

Well HELLO Cathy! It is so refreshing to see someone with the same thoughts as
myself. I can see no reason for you to get blasted for telling it like it is, although the
'high-flyers' and big businesses online may see it a little differently.
I've been working online for about 5 years now and although I only do it as a hobby
have found that there is a veritable wealth of information available free to those with
the time/patience to seek it out. For my own part, I have attempted to create a
website where a lot of this information is collected for FREE access and use of all
that find it, @
http://rikies-biz.com/Freebies. As I offer this all for free, I don't do
the paid advertising - otherwise I would go broke!
Initially I worked through some of the wysiwyg editors and then taught myself to
work with html. Although my site isn't perfect, and I have a long way to go, I think
I've done a reasonable job and can only offer my "discoveries" to others as I had a lot
offered to me.
Feel free to use anything you can find from my site and if anyone wants to link to me
they are welcome. Also I gladly accept any offers of money however slight *L*.

Keep smiling,



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=================New Discussions (5)===================

=================New Discussion (1)=====================

Help to get traffic to website
From: Paul and Penny Smith

How do you get people to hit your website and build a client base?



=================New Discussion (2)=====================

Why Web Page Titles Are Important
From: Tom Falco


Page titles are very important in getting your site to the top of the search engines.

Although we have discussed meta tags (key words) and description as being
important combined with titles, the title is the main thing read by the web crawlers
and editors of the search engines.

What is in your title? The title is the copy that is in the top bar of the web page when
it is open; it's usually blue on most computers.

What do you have there? Nothing? Many pages you open have "page 1" in the spot.
What a waste.
No wonder they are nowhere to be found on the search engines.

It's important to use that title to define the page that is being "titled." It must be
accurate, too. You cannot put "Paris Hilton" as the title of your page and expect to
fool the search engines. Those days are gone.

Unless you have a famous website or name, you don't need to include that in the title.
If you sell dolls for instance, the best thing in the title would be "dolls, Barbie, toys,
girls’ toys, etc." These are the keywords that people will be using if they are looking
for dolls.

Each page of your site should have its own title and be specific to the item being sold
or promoted on that particular page. It must be relevant. The search engines love this.
When you are relevant it makes them relevant.

If you sell insurance, the title should have words like: insurance, homeowners
insurance, Allstate, State Farm, auto, car insurance, etc. Try not to repeat words too
much. Search engines don't like that either.

Titles are very important in getting your pages categorized by the search engines. It
would behoove you to go through your whole website, page by page and make sure
each page has its proper title. This will help your listing in search engines

Even if pages are similar, it would be a good idea to have different words in the
titles. This will allow the search engines to list you more than once under different

We sell calendars. We have puppy calendars and kitten calendars. So since the
calendars are on different pages of our site, we can get listed under "puppy," kitten"
and so on. This allows each page to have its own separate identity and makes the
keyword search relevant. We of course include "calendars" in the titles, but the
actual words "puppy, puppies, dogs, pets" and so on make the pages more specific.

Tom is offering $20.00 off orders placed between now and November 30, 2004. Use
the coupon code FF20 in the shopping cart as many times as you like at:



=================New Discussion (2)=====================

The Creative Science of Advertising
From: Ron Hickey

What I am about to show you will increase your website visits and produce more
sales, sign-ups or subscribers as it Has for me, Ron Hickey.

Create a powerful headline\subjectline that stimulates the targeted reader and 80% to
90% of the targeted readers will visit Your website and become potential sales, sign-
ups or subscribers.

Your headline\subjectline is the most powerful ingredient of your ad.

This is really a no-brainer.
How many ads\e-mails have you read without reading the headline\subjectline?

Your headline\subjectline must stimulate, distract and command attention as well as
target the reader.
All of this must be done using about 8 words or less...most times less.

A few questions?

Do you watch TV for the commercials?
Do you buy magazines to read the ads?
Do you visit your favorite website to read the sponsor ads?

Most people will try to avoid reading ads.
It is asking them for their valuable time.

Distract the reader.

Target your reader (Use your product\service or words that associates\identifies with
your product\service), this is a great way to distract the reader.
How many times have you skimmed through a webpage or email and thought you
seen something that you wanted or interested you and you back tracked to try and
find it?....Target Your Reader!

Command Attention to YOUR ad.

Headlines\subjectlines using all capital\uppercase fonts are difficult to read.
However, I found that making a power word all capital\uppercase will command
attention and greatly increased response to my ads.

Stimulate the reader.

Your headline\subjectline should Scream the biggest benefit your product\service
offers and stimulate: Excite the readers’ imagination and rouse a sense of Want,
Need and\or Curiosity. This will motivate the reader into the rest of your ad.

The body of your ad should be just as powerful as your headline\subjectline.
It should tell the reader how they can greatly benefit using your product\service
and\or why they need and must have your product\service.

Make the reader hungry, and your product\service is the seven course meal they
hunger for.

You must test your ads.

Some ads will get great response and some will get little to no response.
Ads that get no response, is mostly due to poor headline\subjectline.
The difficulty of creating ad copy is, you must write it from inside the readers mind.
The best way to achieve this is write your ad and then try to read it like you know
nothing about your product\service and each word is giving you new stimulating
information about the product\service.

16 Words that stimulate\give ads power and are used more over in

Free New Money Now
Get Save Your How to
Sale You Be a Value
Best Deal More Make

Advertising is a Creative Science.
A definition from Webster's New World Dictionary for the word creative:
"Stimulating the Imagination."

All the Best to You and Yours,
Ron Hickey,



=================New Discussion (3)=====================

What does this all mean to you?
From: Rudolph Burgzorg

New Domain Name Growth Report from Verisign

According to a new report from Verisign, 4.6 million new domain names were
registered in the second quarter of 2004, representing a 2.5 percent growth over the
first quarter, 2004. In all, worldwide domain name registrations reached a peak of
64.5 million domain names, a 7 percent increase over end of year 2003.
The report reveals that growth statistics for domain name registrations have reached
levels previously seen during the height of domain registrations in the late 1990s.

Country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) now account for 39 percent of all
domain registrations. A ccTLD is a top-level domain extension that is assigned to a
certain country. This includes the dot ws extension, which is the country code for
Western Samoa [read more about this].

Key factors for the growth in domain registrations and renewals include the
increasing utilization of the Internet among consumers and small business owners
who are seeking to connect with the growing number of global Internet users, and the
increasing availability of domain names in markets previously underserved by
domain name resellers.

The VeriSign Domain Report marks the third issue in VeriSign's report series.

The series provides Internet users across the world with key statistical and analytical
research on the domain name industry. Each quarter, the domain report showcases
key data related to important Internet trends and highlights new aspects of Internet
usage around domain names.

Findings in this quarter's report include both an increasingly strong rate of new
registrations, a growing base for ccTLDs, and strong renewal rates.

Following are some highlights:

-- Overall Growth: Total domain name registrations reached a peak at 64.5 million
domain names, representing a 7 percent increase over end of year 2003. New domain
name registrations in the second quarter, 2004 reached
4.6 million, a 2.5 percent increase over the first quarter, 2004. Finally, 70 percent of
total new .com and .net registrations in 2004 were for domains never previously
registered, indicating a steady supply and demand for names with "new" brand

-- Increasing Globalization: ccTLDs account for a growing portion of overall domain
names, and currently represent 39 percent of all domain names registered in the
world. The majority of ccTLDs are registered in Europe, including .de (Germany)
and .uk (United Kingdom), which hold the number one and two spots, respectively,
as of September, 2004. ccTLDs (including .ws) represent the fastest growing TLDs
in the world, indicating a proliferation in the use of the Internet locally and
"What's significant in looking at today's Internet infrastructure is that not only are
domain registrations themselves continuing to grow, but so are the numbers of
Internet users and overall Internet usage," said Raynor Dahlquist, acting vice
president of VeriSign's Naming Services. "The numbers of overall domain
registrations coupled with the number of lookups processed each day by VeriSign's
global Registry, indicate that Internet users are setting up more Web sites and using
those Web sites to perform commerce and communications on the Internet in greater
frequency than ever before."

The overall trends in growth, utilization, and globalization found in the Domain
Report this quarter are similar to Internet usage increases that VeriSign has observed
over the last two quarters in operating other intelligent infrastructure services for the
Internet and telecommunications networks, including payment networks supporting
eCommerce and SS7 networks on behalf of telecommunications carriers.

What does this all mean to you?
Global Domains International, Inc. (aka "GDI") Inc500 listed, debt free corporation
IS GIVING you Domain names, Hosting, etc., etc., for $10 per month. This is a
steal. Check out:




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=================New Discussion (4)=====================

Protect you from internet stealing your affiliate commissions
From: Eva Marie Farrell

Killer Ebook Sales Tip:

"Defeat Affiliate Link Hijackers"

Let's face it - more people are going online everyday and they are looking to make or
save a buck any way they can.

The majority of people who click on your affiliate link will go ahead and purchase
without giving it much of a thought...
but some won't!

Some will hijack you while others won’t.

As product prices go up, people who know how to manipulate the system will
sometimes replace your affiliate ID with theirs and "hijack" your commission.

Others can't stand the thought of you earning a commission so they just bypass you
by chopping off the end of your link or re-entering the website address once they see

To help you fight these affiliate link hijackers I offer a couple of my best tips which
will confuse and even disarm these hijackers completely.

Note: If someone really, really wants to steal your affiliate commission, they will
find a way to do it; however, most hijackers are usually just opportunists who will
act if they see an easy buck.

If it's not obvious that there is an affiliate connection, or if they don't easily see how
to bypass your link, most people who would have hijacked you just go ahead and
buy through your link.

The first and cheapest way to hide your affiliate links is using a java script refresh
page. This is where you hide the link in a page on your site that redirects people to
your affiliate link using a simple java script.

It works great not to expose your naked affiliate link in your actual email messages
and ezine ads, but once people get redirected to the true link many affiliate programs
expose the affiliate link with your ID in the browser address bar.

Thanks,Eva Marie Farrell



=================New Discussion (5)=====================

Thought For All Times!
From: Rudolph Burgzorg

Fellow Subscribers,

I want to tell you a story about a touchstone. Now if you don't know what a
touchstone is, it is a stone that if you touch it to any kind of metal it turns it to gold.

This story starts in the city of Alexandria in ancient Egypt.

There was a great fire in the great library of Alexandria. This library was the largest
library in the world at that time. This fire destroyed the building and a lot of the
books as well.

There was a very poor gentleman who used to hang around the steps of the library
because he was not allowed to enter due to his social status. He started to rummage
through the remains of the fire. Upon doing so this gentleman discovered a few
books that could still be read.

As he was going through one of the books a piece of parchment paper fell out of the
book. As he started to read the parchment he discovered that it talked about a
touchstone and had a map of where the touchstone could be found on the shores of
the Black Sea. The parchment said that you could recognize a touchstone if it was
hot when you placed it in the palm of your hand.

So he decided to take the belongings that he had, which was his donkey and tent and
journey to the shores of the Black Sea.

As he reached the shores of the Black Sea he began to think to himself, "If this takes
me 20 or 30 years it would be worth it."

As he started to pick up the stones to find the hot one, he thought, "How will I know
which stones I have already picked up?" So he decided that as he picked up the
stones he would throw all the cold ones back into the sea.

So he picked up his first stone. It was a cold one so he tossed it into the sea. He did
this all day long, picking up stones and tossing them into the sea.

The second day came, same thing... pick up stones, cold, throw it into the sea, cold,
throw it into the sea, cold, throw it into the sea.

This turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months and the months turned into in
years. But he had a goal and he knew what he wanted to get, so he kept working.

Year after year, 5 years, 6 years, he picks up the stones, cold, he throw them into the
sea, cold, he throws them into the sea. 10 years, 15 years, 16 years day after day he is
working his way around the shore of the sea picking up stones, cold, throws them
back into the sea.

Now he is into twenty years. Finally into 21 years and a few months, he gets up one
morning and he goes out and starts picking up the stones just like he's done every
day for the past 21 years, here's another cold one, throws it back into the sea, here's
another cold one, throw's it back into the sea. Picks one up, here's a HOT one ...
and he throw's it back into the sea!

Now, why did he do that? It was a habit. He was so used to failure and
disappointment after 21 years, that when he had finally found what he had been
looking for he threw it away.

What I want to suggest to you is that Reality Millions is your touchstone of Internet
network marketing because nobody on the Internet has what RM has. Maybe you
have had so many disappointments and so many failures, so many things that have
not worked out that when you see the real McCoy, you throw it into the sea.

And hopefully after today you'll have some ideas inside yourself, that you won't just
throw it into the sea. Because we have something so incredible here.

Would it be worth 20 or 30 years to you if you could find a stone like that? To
dedicate your life to finding that stone?

Walt Disney once said,

"All our dreams can come true -- if we have the courage to pursue them."

How about you?

Do you have the courage to pursue your dream?

Reality Millions was designed to help the average guy who cannot join the ranks of
top earners yet. It consists of two main tools,- use both or just one.




===================Site Review Requests (0)=================

Do you want your website reviewed? Our expert members will be happy to do it!



================Site Review Responses (3)==================

====================Site Review (1.1)=====================

Website Review -
From: Roger Gonzales

Hello Steve,

Your site looks great, very professional.

Some suggestions,

You need a form to capture first name and email address, on every page right top

You can create a newsletter that shows your special offers or new products (Just cut
and paste your web pages + date one by one every week) and email them weekly or
on special occasions.

Your pages are short so you can add a column with adgoogle or small articles related
to your products, free information.

When there is no answer to a search field you should return to your home page, not
to an empty page.

On the Item name you could ad "...more details"

I just finished these courses, and I have not corrected my sites yet.

Here is the list of these three free courses.

Get Your FREE Web Design Mastery Chapters...




"How to skyrocket the profits of any website quickly and easily"

Roger Gonzales



====================Site Review (1.2)=====================

Website Review of Electexcellence.com
From: Dwight Stickler


My guess is that some paid reviewer or SEO suggested all those keywords in your
keywords metatag. Or maybe you decided to put all those repetitions and commas in

Your keyword metatag would be considered "keyword stuffing" by most Search
engine Spiders or bots and penalized heavily or banned completely.

Use the same keyword no more then once, lose the commas and contain this tag into
no more then 200 characters including spaces. For more effective key phrase
targeting place the keywords you are using in an order as to target key phrases as
well as words.
Once you have fixed this issue, resubmit your site for recrawling.

For information and free resources on more effectively communicating on the
internet, visit


====================Site Review (1.3)=====================

RE: Website Review -
From: Susan Dorey

Hi Steve I went and had a look at your site. I found it to be a very pleasant site,
nothing annoying or difficult, navigation is good, shopping cart seems to work fine
and it's simple.

One thing that I was thinking as I was looking around. Many sites offer a compare at
price to indicate the great value you are offering on your site.

The other thing I noticed was on the sale items you don't show the regular price.
People like to know what a great deal they are getting, often sites show the reduction
percentage, like 40% off, or 50% off. Really beef up the great value.

I wasn't thrilled with your return policy. 15% restocking charge, at your
discretion.....hmmmmm, trouble is I can get pretty good value at Costco and no
hassle returns. I might consider rewording this area to sound less harsh.

Best of luck in your marketing.

Susan Dorey


====================GUEST ARTICLE =====================

Understanding Affiliate Programs, By S. Housley

Affiliate programs are commonly misunderstood. In order to understand affiliate
programs lets start with terminology.

For clarification purposes, an affiliate is defined as any "referrer" or website that
promotes a product in an effort to earn revenue. A merchant is defined as someone
who owns a product and is sharing revenues with an affiliate based on the affiliate's
performance. Affiliate programs can drive targeted traffic to your website.

There are 3 basic affiliate programs, though only the first two are commonly used.

Pay Per Click - this is when an affiliate is compensated for sending traffic to the
merchant. (AdSense is an example of PPC affiliate program)

Pay Per Sale - this is when the affiliate is compensated by the merchant if the referral
generates a sale or purchase.

Pay Per Lead - this is when the merchant agrees to pay for a qualified (or sometimes
unqualified lead), which is very uncommon because it is subjective and up to the

Affiliate websites tend to provide information, entertainment, and content services to
their customers. The online merchants sell products, goods and services online.
These are programs permitting affiliates to earn money based on the visitors to your
site who click through to another's website. Some pay a token amount for the click
through and others provide a percentage of sales when a visitor "clicks through" to
your site and buys a product or service on the other party's site. This could represent
a value added service to your visitors.

Affiliate programs allow you to pay and track incentives from other websites that
send web surfers, leads or paying customers to your website. Commissions based on
purchases made by traffic sent from the referring website can be paid.
Besides a commission, an affiliate can receive a flat fee, or other incentives for all
valid transactions it refers that generate a sale or lead.

Be careful that the affiliate's web page is not cluttered with banner ads that may
crowd out your link, or that be annoying to customers. Affiliate programs enable
affiliates to leverage their traffic and customer base in order to profit from e-
commerce while merchants benefit from increased exposure and sales.

Commonly traffic to merchant sites is measured and affiliates can clearly see
conversion rates. Meaning, they track the percentage of people they are referring,
and how much of it results in earned revenue. If the affiliate finds a very low
conversion, they will find a better way to monetize that traffic, quite possibly with a
competing merchant product.

In order to be a successful affiliate, the affiliate site needs to either have tons of
traffic or target a specific audience, frequently one untapped by the merchant. It has
been my experience, the closer the affiliate site content resembles the merchant
products, the higher the likelihood of a good conversion rate.

Once you are committed to the idea of affiliates, the next step is to determine the
kind of tracking system you are going to use. Sales can be tracked by HTML code,
which is placed in a shopping cart or on the 'order confirmation'/'thank you' page,
and cookies, which are created after the customers click on a banner ad. Cookie
killers have been a problem for the affiliate industry.
Software vendors have an advantage over other merchants in that new technologies
allow software developers to better control compensation. Vendors can 'wrap' their
software insuring that their affiliates are compensated for referrals, even if the
customer downloads a trial version prior to purchasing. Buy now buttons in the
software have affiliate ids imbedded in the download. Combined tracking systems
have more success than those that rely on a single tracking technology.

In order to develop a successful affiliate network, merchants must realize that
affiliates spend ad dollars on site, and product promotion. If the affiliate is not
compensated fairly they will not remain in the merchant’s network. The bottom line
is that affiliate relationships are partnerships, when both sides feel the situation is fair
and equitable the relationship will be a success.

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for NotePage, Inc.
http://www.notepage.net a company specializing in alphanumeric paging, SMS and
wireless messaging software solutions. Other sites by Sharon can be found at
http://www.feedforall.com, http://www.softwaremarketingresource.com and



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