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                                         Vol. 1 issue #429 Dec 31, 2004


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Topics in this issue:
Word from the Moderator

Continuing Discussions (1)
1. Re: Debit cards vs Credit cards
David Holmes

New Discussions (2)
Gudolph Burgzorg

Rudolph Burgzorg

>From the Forums
The definition of success...
Mark Wade

Site Review Requests (1)

Site Review Responses (0)

Kick Start Your Motivation: An Easy 5-Step Strategy, by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

Well, it’s not quite 2005 for me yet, but this issue is going out exactly at midnight, so
it will be 2005 by the time you receive it ;)

I don’t know about you, but 2004 left me with many mixed feelings. It was a great
year in some ways – in Greece we won the European Soccer Cup and we managed to
organize terrific Olympic Games. On a more global scale, however, the war still goes
on in Iran, and the year ended with over one hundred thousand dead and hundreds of
thousands displaced from the killer tsunami in South East Asia. Probably the most
tragic event I have ever seen…

On a personal basis, it was a mixed year as well. Some of my efforts went
unexpectedly well, while some others went just as unexpectedly badly. It’s time for
all of us to take stock, evaluate where we went right and were we went wrong and try
to correct the wrongs, as much as we can. There is no reason why this should be
done only at the end of the year, but January 1st is a vivid marker in time. It feels like
CHANGE, gives the impression that we can do away with the old, the expectation of
new and better things to come, the hope of rebirth and a good year ahead of us.

Every year that goes by, I learn something new. Even now, with half a century under
my belt, I know that there is an immense amount of knowledge and skills I do not
possess and I will probably never possess. Socrates said “There is one thing I know,
that I don’t know anything” and I am no Socrates! Nevertheless, I am willing to learn
and hopefully become just a tiny bit wiser during the next year.

Learning is what this Digest is all about. It’s about members sharing their knowledge
and their experience with others, it’s about asking questions and getting answers, it’s
about improving ourselves with every new word we read.

I want to wish the Digest, our terrific publisher, Bogdan Fiedur, and all the members
a Happy and Prosperous 2005!

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The AdlandPro Digest Forum can be found here:

Amalia Sotiriadou
Adland Digest
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===========Continuing Discussions (1)===================

===========C o n t i n u i n g D i s c u s s i o n (1.1)=============

Re: Debit cards vs Credit cards
From: David Holmes

In response to Sandra, I have never had any problem using my debit card to make
purchases anywhere on the net.

I bank with National City and when they sent me my ATM card there was a note
attached saying that if you didn't tell merchants this wasn't a credit card they'd never
know. I have the 3 digit security code on the back and believe me, if I have the
money in the bank it's a credit card. I even was approved for Dish TV with my
"Visa". And now I have the same "credit" card with Pay Pal. It's really nothing more
than an ATM card, but the numbers make it a Master Charge credit card.

BEATLES FANS! http://beatlesnumber9.com

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================ New Discussions (2) ========================

==================New Discussions (1.1) ====================
From: Gudolph Burgzorg

Dear Forum Friends,

I take great pleasure in bringing to you PAUL CANNARIATO (owner of
Businessworldlist) testimony about Reality Millions. His testimony has allayed my
fears that the Internet has degenerated into a CESSPOOL of SCAMS. He has
renewed my faith in the Internet as a place in which you can find (at least)a handful
of HONEST businessmen and women.

The following is part 1 of Paul's Testimony:

Dear Friend

I cannot change the way you think about online work, the internet, emails and
everything else that make up our daily life as humans; sitting in front of a computer
screen doing what we think we do best... trying to earn that extra dollar at the cost of
our own time and the time of people who really care about us - family that really
need to spend the time with a father, mother, husband, wife or partner!

I do know that you and I share one common goal of "making things better" - making
our time count in a way we want it to count. Making the money we have always
dreamed of... achieving the success that will realize our every dream and goal. If I
asked what your time per hour is worth, you would probably hesitate and not even
know. I would do the same, as I am not always sure what I am earning or what I am
worth and inevitably end up selling myself short!

This email is not about changing your set ways or trying to entice you into one of
those "wonderful online businesses". It is about giving you a single shot at success...

This is part of a message from a person I recently met online:


"My name is Midas. I am a real 38-year old Internet Millionaire with a passion (and
a family)! I made my millions in your time, starting with no internet knowledge and
from minus zero $ on 14 December 2002.
No, I am not the biggest Dot Com millionaire out there. No, I did not inherit millions
from a deceased estate. I am a normal person like you...

Yes, I do have a web site and yes, I am creating success for people from all walks of
life (even professional people more qualified than I am). You may or may not
believe me, my site or what I have to offer, but then again you will never know until
you decide for yourself. I am not here to convince you to do anything, but to give
you a real opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people that surround you...
I want to offer you a single shot at the success you have always dreamed of!"


Offshore Investment - A genuine Dot Com Millionaire is SHOWING average people
like you and I, how to earn HIGH rates (25% ompounded)usually reserved for your

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==================New Discussions (1.2) ====================

From: Rudolph Burgzorg

Yes, I did visit his site and above all, I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw...

The opportunity he created is simply sensational. I read and read - I mailed him with
the questions I had in mind and he replied in person. I went to his FAQ section and
read every word. I went to the forum and read up what other people were
experiencing and what they thought of RM.
What really struck me, was how everyone involved are so positive about this brilliant
combination. They share their thoughts, opinions and add their comments without a
hint of negativity. I read what online novices and marketing professionals alike had
to say... and yes, I did join (first as a free member, then to an active member a short
while later)!

My days are now filled with a new outlook, hope, trust and something "real" to look
forward to!

I wish you the very same and therefore want to invite you the same way he did. No,
you do not have to rush over to the site as I did it is your time, your future and your

Yes, we work on mutual trust and a rock solid guarantee from the owner himself.
You may not be part of RM yet, but out of past association I believe you are a person
with a passion for success! For this reason only, why not take a look at the forum
while you visit the site (the link will be on the left menu) and stand as judge; trusting
your own business skill and gut feeling to make a decision.

I trust I have not wasted your time, but provided you with an online gift you only
have to grasp at.

Enjoy the rest of your Holidays!

Finest Regards

Your Bank takes your Fixed Deposit or Savings and invest it at the High End of the
Market and makes 25% compounded monthly. What does the Bank gives you less
than 12%. Go to: http://www.realitymillions.com/index.php?ref=SuccessB


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======================= From the Forums ===================
The AdlandPro Digest Forum is located at:

Re: The definition of success...
Posted: 12-27-2004 02:35 PM
From: Mark Wade

Happy Holidays Amalia,

It's time to go back to work to make 2005 a new adventure.

I hope you don't mind me replying here in the forum to your question in the Digest.

To quote you - "I would like to put it to you that I disagree with those so-called
"gurus" that preach "grab the opportunity now or you lose." "Lose" and "Win" are
relative terms anyway. Life is all about trade-offs. Success is measured only by
subjective means.
Is the millionaire more successful than the writer and is either of them better off than
the housewife with a wonderful family? In Western society we tend all too often to
measure success in terms of money, forgetting that money is simply paper - or the
means to an end. And the end we seek is happiness."

My response - I agree first of all. Why I agree?

Well, I was taught a marvelous lesson years ago by a good friend. He posed a
question to me. The question (in its short form) was - "Two boxers enter a ring.
Which one is the winner? I replied, in my ignorance, the one who knocks the other
one out. My friend cared little about my feelings because he knew I needed to learn
this lesson. His reply probably could not be printed here in full so what it amounted
to was that each one was a winner the moment each slipped through the ropes to
enter the ring. Why? Because they were taking the risk! And because they took the
risk each was a winner!

I doubt that very many folks who enter this online arena, once they get past the fear
of placing themselves online, realize that in putting yourself in the global ring you
are a winner. How many consider the "real" exposure we all give ourselves? I still
remember the first web page I put up and how afraid I was that I would be exposed
to the whole world! LOL!!! Never considering that no one would know that page
was there! Today, I have communications and relationships with people of all
nationalities and ilks. And it's a success beyond any wild dreams. Not to be measured
in money!

Years after my friend taught me that lesson, I heard another phrase, "Risk Takers
Find True Freedom." How true! There are folks here online who live in worlds that
doing things like we do to be exposed places their very freedom and lives at risk.
How can you measure that?

I am Lovin' Life! Have a beautiful 2005!


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Other interesting Forums:
I warmly recommend the UBIFONE Forum for everyone that is involved in this
opportunity via AdlandPro and for all those who are thinking about joining a very
promising, hi-tech, wave-of-the-future opp.

The UBIFONE Forum is located here:



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===================Site Review Requests (1)=================

Re: Site Review http://www.todaysads.net (Repost)
From: Shirley Turetsky

Hello everyone,
I would like some feedback on my site. My ratings in the search engines are good
except for google and I am getting ready to do some ground advertising but thought
I'd ask for some suggestions or comments on my site.
Any feedback is welcomed. Thank you in advanced.
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!
Shirley Turetsky <a href="http://www.todaysads.net">TodaysAds.net</a>
Central Florida's for sale by owner real estate classifieds.


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================Site Review Responses (0)==================

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====================GUEST ARTICLE =====================

Kick Start Your Motivation: An Easy 5-Step Strategy

By Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler
Pioneer brain/mind researcher
© 2004 All Rights Reserved.

If you get frustrated and mentally stressed by your inability to stay motivated when
your are pursuing a goal, here's a proven way to kick start your motivation.

In a way -- goal accomplishment can be compared to driving your car.

You can push down on the gas pedal as hard as you wish -- but you won't move
forward if your other foot is planted solidly on the brake. To get going, you first need
to take your foot off whatever is putting the brakes on your motivation.

You know what it feels like to be "stuck." And you also know that once your
motivation weakens, it can be tough to get re-motivated. This is often the "missing
link" in goal attainment.

But getting motivated and staying motivated is really only a question of developing a
winning strategy. Once you know how, it becomes second nature!

So what can you do when you just can't seem to get yourself in action?

** A Strategy That Works
Here's a strategy I use to deal with heavy work overloads that try to "put the brakes"
on my motivation:

1. First, I identify one thing I can do right now. It really doesn't matter how small
that one thing is. I just start somewhere -- usually with shortening my "to do" list to a
"short list" of five things I *know* I can accomplish today!

Because let's face it: If we start out with a to-do list of tough tasks as long as our
arm, we're setting ourselves up for failure.

2. Next I select one thing on my "short list" that I feel capable of starting and
completing right now.

Let me give you an example. Every so often I find I have collected such a huge pile
of papers, books and notes on my desk that the clutter is driving me to distraction. I
can't find anything.

The first thing item on my "short list" is to organize my desk.

I put away any books I'm not actively reading or using. Then I sort those piles of
paperwork into three piles: Discard, file, and take action. All the paperwork then
goes into the trash can, a "to be filed" folder, or a "hot pile."

I have now started and completed one very important task!

2. Then I tackle item #2 on my short list. This item is usually to organize my "hot
pile." My technique is to divide these items into separate folders labeled:

• Critical
• High Priority

As I do this, I always find some items have such low priority they get tossed, or are
added to my "to be filed" folder.

This is easy to do, and I always end up with a great sense of accomplishment.

** Try This Simple Approach
If you are feeling overwhelmed with a big project - this strategy works equally well –
- and often effectively dissolves stress and frustration. Try these steps:

(1) Pick a task you want completed, but can't seem to get started on because it seems

(2) Ask yourself: "What is the one little thing I CAN do right now? It does not matter
how small it seems - because that one thing WILL get you started.

(3) Do it!

(4) Repeat step 2. Again ask yourself: "What is next single thing I CAN do right

(5) Do it, now!

Don't put yourself under pressure. Even a tiny step forward is still a step forward.
And each one will move you away from that uncomfortable feeling of overwhelm
and motivational paralysis.

** Take It To The Next Level
This same approach can be applied to huge goals. To keep yourself motivated on
target, break your goal down into smaller and smaller sub-goals, until you reach a
"task level" list of things that can be completed in one day.

There is a very powerful way to dramatically improve your goal achievement results.


Come visit the exciting Self Discovery Community. Discover the most interesting,
unusual, stimulating and creative methods of self discovery on the web today! Free
sizzling weekly ezine, and the web's first Brain Gym ezone.

================JOKE OF THE DAY==================

New Years resolutions you can keep..

Are you sick of making the same resolutions year after year that you never keep?
Why not promise to do something you can actually accomplish? Here are some
resolutions that you can use as a starting point:
1. I want to gain weight. Put on at least 30 pounds.
2. Stop exercising. Waste of time.
3. Read less.
4. Watch more TV. I've been missing some good stuff.
5. Procrastinate more.
6. Drink. Drink some more.
7. Take up a new habit: smoking.
8. Spend at least $1000 a month on Ladies of the Night.
9. Spend more time at work.
10. Take a vacation to someplace important: like to see the largest ball of twine.
11. Stop bringing lunch from home: I should eat out more.
12. Quit giving money & time to charity.
14. Start being superstitious.
15. Have my car lowered and invest in a really loud stereo system. Get the windows
tinted. Buy some fur for the dash.
16. Speak in a monotone voice and only use monosyllabic words.
17. Only wear jeans that are 2 sizes too small and use a chain or rope for a belt. Only
wear white T-shirts with those fashionable yellow stains under the arms.
18. Bring back disco.


Let's hear from you......

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