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                                         Vol. 1 issue #434 Jan 26, 2005


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Topics in this issue:
Word from the Moderator

Food For Thought (1)
Dream or Reality?

Continuing Discussions (5)

1. Re: Blatant Advertising - Reality Millions
Mike Sullivan, Elaine Currie, Moderator

2. Re: How do I post ads?
Stephen Murphy, John Miller, Russ Wilson/Webintel

New Discussions (1)
1. Some Personal Views on Jet99.
From: Sandra Hicks

Site Review Requests (0)

Site Review Responses (1)
Re: SITE REVIEW REQUEST from Russ Wilson/Webintel
From: Mark Wade

Website Tools and Resources, by S. Housley

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

What? It’s the middle of the week and we are issuing ANOTHER Digest issue?
That’s right… We are not going to allow posts to become stale and forgotten.
Let’s liven up the Digest and keep those posts coming!

Lesse… Bogdan has been giving us some terrific quotes in his forum: “Quote of the
Day” located at: http://community.adlandpro.com/forumShow.aspx?ForumID=861
and I certainly can’t top that!

However, as of today, a new item will be added to the Digest: “Food for Thought”.
I will do my best to provide some tasty tidbits in it and hope that you too will
contribute to the banquet!

Posting in the AdlandPro Digest Forum is ONE way of beating spam filters!
The AdlandPro Digest Forum can be found here:

Amalia Sotiriadou
Adland Digest
My AdLandPro Community page: http://www.adlandpro.com/directad/go/56876/ 
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=============Food For Thought=======================

Dream or Reality?

All, or at least most of us who are involved with online business are dreamers of a
sort. One day (or night, as it may be) we dreamed that we could actually leave
behind us the 9-5 rut and “seek out new life and new civilizations”… er…
opportunities in the cyberworld. Some succeeded, others are still trying and still
others are taking their first step right now.
Are we all delusional to think that we can actually make something strong, lasting
and worthwhile via the magic of the Internet or are there strong foundations we can
build upon?

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===========Continuing Discussions (5)===================

============Continuing Discussion (1.1)==================

Re: Blatant Advertising
From: Mike Sullivan


Egads, we all know that ads are not to be submitted on this forum, yet this one on
reality millions is just that, a blatant ad.

Regards, Mike


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============Continuing Discussion (1.2)==================

Re: New Discussion 2 - Reality Millions
From: Elaine Currie

I am a regular reader of Adland Digest and usually enjoy it.

I was disappointed in this particular issue when the article headed "new discussion
(2)" was merely an advertisement for Reality Millions. I was looking forward to an
interesting read but found instead just an advertisement I have seen a thousand times

This, to me, seems to be a way of spamming your subscribers.

Obviously, you need advertisers, but when you publish advertisements like this,
honesty demands that you should state that it is an advertisement rather than pass it
off as an article for discussion.

Sorry to be blunt, but I am having a bad day with spammers and finding myself
spammed by Adland Pro was just about the final straw!
Elaine Currie
finding the power to live my dreams:


comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm



I owe our subscribers a heartfelt apology for including the Reality Millions post in
the last issue of the Digest. It was a “blonde moment” or perhaps my brain was
taking a vacation! The truth is that I thought it was a testimonial and did not realize
otherwise until I reread the Digest when it came to my mailbox.
You are absolutely right. Ads are not considered posts and should never be presented
as such. You can all help me a bit with this difficult task of deciding what is what by
refraining from posting ads in the Digest posting area. As you can see, even if it slips
by me, our alert readers will catch you and show you (and me) up.



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============Continuing Discussion (2.1)==================

Re: Advertising
From: Stephen Murphy

Hi Louis,
It would seem you are new to Internet Marketing. That's Great! By just asking this
question puts you in the realm of all us new and pro marketers. First there are
countless places on he net to advertise for free. You just have to pick and choose
where you want to place your ads.
Be prepared though to have a lot of confirmations emails sent to you for this. Best
advice I can give you this advice, have a separate email address set up just to receive
and respond to the ad confirmations. Keep your regular address for private and
customer communications. You can also do offline advertising around your home
with flyers, brochures and the like. Find small newspapers in your area that allow
individuals or businesses to place ads. Most of the time you place these ads for
weeks at a time for under $50.00. Examples like the Penny Saver, Thrifty Nickel.
These are some popular ones but most communities have small ones of their own.
These can have a far reach into households and businesses. I have a local one that
reaches 62,000 households weekly. That's 248,000 a month that my small printed
may be seen. Granted that many people are not ringing my phone off the hook ( I
wish ) but I receive at least 4-5 calls a week form them and that pays for my ads and
gives me a small residual income monthly. The idea behind any marketing campaign
is a numbers ratio game. In my case my ratio is way under a 1/2% but still
developing an income for me. Just keep plugging away. If something doesn't work
then move on to something else.
Hope this helps you


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============Continuing Discussion (2.2)==================

Re: Best forms of free advertising
From: John Miller

I started out with free advertising and 3 methods still continue to bring be the best

1. One method uses a marketing system built around traffic exchanges. It is called
List Builders Club. You can listen to my audio testimonial at:

2. The other method uses a certified non adware/spyware toolbar to give you credits
for your own text ad as you use your internet regularly. It is called Instant Buzz and
you can review the details by clicking on the top box in the top right corner at

3. Writing and submitting content articles with your signature block ad at the bottom
is also very effective over time.

In addition to these free methods, ezine solo ads and pay per click search engine ads
can also bring good traffic for the cost. Always track your ads so you can calculate
your ROI.

John Q. Miller
I will "Pay It Forward" $20 to help YOU earn extra income and get an advanced
Internet marketing education.


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============Continuing Discussion (2.3)==================

Re: Response to Louis Thomason
From: Russ Wilson/Webintel


Posting ads is really simple; writing traffic pulling ads is the hard part.

To post:
1) Decide if you are going to post ~free~, or paid ads.
2) Locate the publication, or ad service you are going to post through.
3) Follow their guidelines for posting to the letter.

To find places to post ads: use a search engine to find them; here's a link to a great
one: http://get-me.to/webintel 

Ezines normally have targeted subscribers, and are a good source for advertising,
both ~free~, and paid ads can be run through them to their list. Pick an ezine that
appears to cater to the targeted leads that will have the most use for your particular

Writing your ads:

Before you spend a lot of money on paid advertising, go to your local library. Look
for books and articles on copy writing & marketing. Study the techniques you find
within; those people make their living just writing ads, and can give you the best

Always remember: FEATURES TELL! BENEFITS SELL! Make certain your ads
are benefit rich. Someone once said: "Sell the Steak, not the sizzle."

Writing great traffic pulling ads is not an easy task, if it were; the internet would be
populated only with wealthy people instead of so many trying to gain that wealth.

Look at the ads that are sent to you: decide why you clicked on one, and not the
other. What about it made the difference? Watch the ads on TV, which ones attract
your attention, Why?

Once you start critiquing the ads you see on a daily basis, you'll begin to understand
what it takes to make an ad pull, then you can begin writing your own traffic pulling

Always test the ad. Test the headline, and each element that comprises your ad. Test,
Tweak, Test, tweak, Test until your ad pulls. Don't fall in love with a particular ad
just because you wrote it.

I hope that this will save you not only time, and frustration, but money.
There are tons of folks on the web that will sell you copywriting tips that you can get
for ~free~ at your public library.

Wishing you the greatest success.

Russ Wilson/Webintel
Russ Wilson/Webintel is a Franchise Owner, & Pro Web Realtor.

WEB REAL ESTATE: is a “patented” “Search Engine Driven Web Advertising
BillBoard” Get yours ~free~ here: http://get-me.to/webintel 



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================ New Discussions (1) =======================

Some Personal Views on Jet99.
From: Sandra Hicks

Hi Group;

I sincerely hope this makes it to the digest. I know that Bogdan was supporting them
by having a link on the site. I now see it is no longer there.

I joined Jet99 when it first came out and thought the concept was great.
I signed up and got my two people. Then was put into the first matrix. I have not
heard a word about any cycling since.

Then they opened the 2nd phase. I did not want to be in the Conseige and have to
pay money every month and make nothing if I got no one in. So I never signed up.
Neither did my two signups.

We signed up my girlfriend the end of Sept. She had used her daughter’s credit card
to join and never signed for anything else. I know this since I did the initial signup.
That is not the good part yet. Then in November, Mazulah, Jet 99's collection
company, decided to give my girlfriend's daughter an account and start to charge her
$20 for the Travel Club from what I can see from her mom's back office. Then in
January her daughters card was charged 3 TIMES. When I contacted Mazulah they
didn't even deny this and told me to tell her to send in her Bank Statements and they
would do a charge back. That is illegal I am sure.
But, when asked why they had set up an account for Kelly using her Mom's info, he
had no reply.

So I would just like to alert everyone that is a member of Jet99 to check your credit
cards very carefully. With them getting rid of the CEO and going Public this needs
to be addressed. I have been asking for our money back since Phase 2 started. They
will not answer my emails other than to say that I have been in over a month and do
not qualify.

They used to have contact info on their website. I tried phoning them and got a
recording. I sent a letter to the address showing and it came back as no such person
at that address. This letter was sent on the 22nd of Nov, 2004. I still have it
unopened incase I have to send it to someone as evidence.

So thanks for letting me get this off my chest and I am putting them in to the Scam
International as well.

Sandra Hicks
Could you use 30 tools for doing your business? Could you use a conference room?
Could you use Video Email? Do you hold meetings and would like to record them?
For more info contact me at ceomom@telus.net


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===================Site Review Requests (0)=================

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================Site Review Responses (1)==================

Re: SITE REVIEW REQUEST from Russ Wilson/Webintel
From: Mark Wade

"I do have a site I'd like to get some critiques on. I'd really like to know what I can
do to make it better from a sales standpoint, and your responses in the digest will be
truly appreciated. Here's the link:

Hi Russ,

First off, thanks for sounding off about the forums in the last Digest. I noticed what
you had mentioned and agree with you. I've had the good fortune to work with
someone who is very successful online - Wayne Davies - and he has helped me
realize the value of free speech. You did NOT receive that in that forum because
someone who does nothing more than copy others' web pages into the forum
appeared to take your criticism as info they didn't want others to see. At least, that's
MHO, for what it's worth. It just isn't PC to provide info that doesn't "measure" up to
a personal agenda don't ya' know?

Anyway, I have a gripe about your web page LOL... I'm a firm believer, from long
experience, that it's the first 30 seconds that will make or break a prospective sale. I
noticed this is the absolute first time you posted this URL - it is a free redirect from
Bravenet. I understand that by putting the radsponder (search estate) affiliate URL
there instead, might generate the feeling it wouldn't get clicked on but these redirects
have been around long enough that many folks recognize them and you're probably
selling yourself short by using it. I've noticed quite a few posters in other, well-
known forums with no fear of posting the actual URL for this opportunity because
they believe in it. By using a redirect you may be telling someone that you really
don't believe in this opportunity.
And credibility is invaluable online! Just food for your thoughts... about what you
can do to make it better.

Have a great day,


Blessed To Be The Admin of -
comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


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====================GUEST ARTICLE =====================

Website Tools and Resources, by S. Housley

With new technologies, algorithms and sources emerging on a daily basis,
webmasters are constantly struggling to stay informed. The quality of content on the
web and the number of products available to webmasters can seem overwhelming.
The goal of creating a site that can be quickly found can be a struggle. Unless
webmasters have a well-established brand, a great domain name and a huge
marketing budget, it is important that they appear in search engines via specific
keywords. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of resources and products that
will benefit webmasters in their efforts to be found.

1.) Webmaster Articles & Tutorials -The Internet is rich with resources for
webmasters who are developing and optimizing web content. The web hosts a vast
variety of web design tutorials and articles. For the novice, sifting through these
resources can be daunting and overwhelming.

Site Point - New Articles, Fresh Thinking for Web Developers and Designers - With
a vast variety of web design tutorials and articles coupled with a vibrant and well
informed community, SitePoint is the natural place to go to grow your online

WebProNews - WebProNews is an article portal for Internet and Technology
professionals and has thousands of articles on web design and development. The
articles are from iEntry's network of expert writers through hundreds of relationships
with authors around the world.

2.) Webmaster Forums - Not only can participating in various forums and posting
your various views and ideas potentially bring new growth and life to your online
business, it can help you stay informed about industry news or changes. This is
particularly important when working in a new, quickly advancing industry like web
design and search engine optimization. The following forums are great places for
webmasters to participate and monitor.

ThreadWatch - ThreadWatch is a nifty tool. The concept of Threadwatch is very
simple: finding the signal amongst the noise of internet marketing media takes too
much of what we all value most, time. Threadwatch.org cuts through the chatter and
produces a clear signal for the time-starved professional Internet marketer.

Webmaster-Talk - The WebmasterTalk forum covers material related to Web
Design, PHP Help, Coding, Hosting, Domain Names, graphic optimization and
related webmaster topics.
The forum is extremely popular and generally, posts will receive almost instant
responses from knowledgeable professionals. Of course, like any forum, there are
bound to be opposing views ensuring that all sides of every issue are raised.

3.) Website Submission Tools - According to research more then 90% of Internet
traffic is generated by search engines.
Submitting your website to all major search engines is the most effective way of
promoting your website on the Internet. In order for web surfers to locate your site
you must be included in all the major search engines. There are a number of tools
available to assist with the submission process.

Internet Business Promoter - Internet Business Promoter is a suite of 10 professional
web promotion tools in one software application. All of the tools are designed to
assist web developers with all aspects of web site promotion and search engine
optimization. We found that IBP's strength was in the website submission options.
Once a site is created it must be submitted to search engines and directories. IBP
streamlines and simplifies the submission process, saving significant amounts of
time. http://www.axandra.com/ibp 

FreeWebSubmission.com - Free Web Submission is the source for free search engine
submission. They provide webmasters and site owners with free manual and auto
submission to the highest-rated, free internet search engines and directories.

AddMe - AddMe is a leading resource for webmasters and small-business owners
specialized in website submission and promotion in the search engines. AddMe
offers free online website submission to 14 major search engines in exchange for a
reciprocal link. AddMe is well known and respected in the industry.

Many of the online submissions require an e-mail address. In order to limit excessive
unwanted e-mail many webmasters will use a "throw-away" e-mail address that
would allow them to initially receive notification that the site is submitted but is
ultimately an e-mail account they can discontinue after the submission process. This
practice is suggested for anyone using a free service for site submissions.

4.) Online Tools - A number of resource sites are available on the web to assist
webmasters. The resources are generally free and contain useful analytical tools.

DigitalPoint - The DigitalPoint site contains a variety of tools specifically for
webmasters. The tools are a collection of useful online tools, from a Google AdSense
Sandbox that shows which Google AdSense ads will be displayed for any webpage
on the Internet, to web ranking tools that track Yahoo's web rank.

SEO Survey - Tools to help SEO specialists and webmasters automate some of the
important tasks involved in the routine of optimization.

5.) Webmaster Software - The aim of many applications is to save time, money or
productivity. Webmsters can often use software to replace a task they do manually,
freeing up their time to pursue other tasks.

FeedForAll - FeedForAll creates, edits, manages and publishes RSS feeds. As
webmasters realize the benefits to RSS, software related to RSS is becoming an
instrumental tool in their arsenal. http://www.feedforall.com 

TNT Screen Capture - TNT captures everything with only 3 simple capture modes,
from application windows to controls, to menus and popup windows. Many
integrated unique features like shadow options, transparency, quick scaling and
individual shapes make it quick and simple to create stunning screenshots at a
mouse-click. http://www.ec-software.com/tnt.htm 

6.) Free Content - Free content comes in all shapes and sizes. Understanding who
your target customer is and what appeals to them will go a long way in finding
content that will increase your site's value.

GoArticles - Providing a fresh stream of content-specific articles is a great way to
encourage visitors to return to your website on a regular basis. GoArticles is a
directory of quality articles that is searchable based on keywords.

Small Business Software - Collection of small business and marketing-related
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FreeSticky - FreeSticky provides a directory of content available to webmasters free
of charge. The available content is a variety of items including syndicated cartoons,
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RSS - RSS stands for really simple syndication, RSS feeds generally contain content
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RSS feeds to provide fresh website content. FeedForAll
http://www.feedforall.com/ free-php-script.htm has a free PHP script available to
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7.) Alerts - Using web alerts is becoming increasingly useful to webmasters
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Google Alerts - Google Alerts is a solution for monitoring your professional interests
online. Track the entire web for your personalized topics and receive new results by
daily e-mail. There are two companies doing this: Google Alerts,
http://www.googlealert.com  and http://www.google.com/alerts

PubSub - PubSub is a matching service that instantly notifies you when new content
is created that matches your subscription. Using a proprietary Matching Engine,
PubSub is able to read millions of data sources on your behalf and notify you
instantly whenever a match is made. http://www.pubsub.com 

Tools for Online Tracking Alerts - Article detailing additional tools available for
online tracking and alerts.

8.) Blacklist Checkers - E-mail delivery problems often occur when an IP address or
domain is black-listed. The following tools will ensure that your IP address and
domain will not have delivery issues.

DNS Stuff - DNSstuff: Free fast, advanced and comprehensive web-based DNS
tools, going beyond just ping, tracert/traceroute, WHOIS and DNS lookups.

SpamNews - spamNEWS is a concise aggregation of vital information relevant to
professionals in the anti-spam sector: Up-to-the-minute press coverage and topical
editorials about e-mail abuse, related online security matters, legal and political
issues, as well as articles on Internet marketing and privacy.

9.) Keyword Tools - Keywords to improve search engine placement and ranking.
Finding top Internet marketing keywords is critical in the quest to be found.
Choosing the right Internet marketing keywords will help your search engine
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WordTracker - WordTracker helps you choose the right Internet marketing keywords
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keyword research. Web marketing is all about search engine ranking, and that starts
with the proper Internet marketing keywords. Get a free keyword report and web site
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10.) Newsletters - Email newsletters continue to be one of the most important ways
to communicate and find information on the Internet. The following e-mail
newsletters contain great information for webmasters.

SitePronews - A free newsletter and webmaster resource site for Webmasters
focusing on web site promotion, submission, positioning, design and marketing. The
newsletters and websites contain articles by noted web experts. The SiteProNews site
was the first of more than 12 web sites that focused on niche areas of particular
interest to webmasters, marketers, newsletter publishers, authors and entrepreneurs.

iEntry - The iEntry network has a really great collection of useful newsletters. iEntry
publishes over 50 targeted e-mail newsletters that cover various aspects of the IT and
Business industries. http://www.ientry.com/ 

Like most of the copious amounts of information on the Internet, it is a matter of
sifting through to find relevant, accurate, helpful information. Occasionally we
stumble across some little-known gems. As a result, we have compiled these
webmaster tools.

About the Author:
Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll
http://www.feedforall.com  software for creating, editing and
publishing RSS feeds and NotePage http://www.notepage.net a
wireless text messaging software.

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm

================JOKE OF THE DAY==================

Wise-Guy Parrot

A magician was working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.
The audience would be different each week, so the magician allowed himself
to do the same tricks over and over again.
There was only one problem: The captain's parrot saw the shows each week and
began to understand how the magician did every trick.
Once he understood he started shouting in the middle of the show:
"Look, it's not the same hat"
"Look, he is hiding the flowers under the table"
"Hey, why are all the cards the Ace of Spades ?"
The magician was furious but couldn't do anything; it was, after all, the
captain's parrot. One day the ship had an accident and sank. The magician
found himself on a piece of wood in the middle of the ocean with the parrot, of
course. They stared at each other with hatred, but did not utter a word.
This went on for a day and then another and another.
After a week the parrot said: "OK, I give up. Where's the boat?"


Let's hear from you......

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