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Topics in this issue:

Word from the Moderator

Special Announcements

Food For Thought (2)

1. Gurus and the devil’s advocate
2. Being a Business Person

From: Kindra Martinenko

Continuing Discussions (5)

1. Re:  Monopolizer

Alexander Sullivan, Amalia Sotiriadou

2. Re: Russ Wilson/Webintel - Digest #435

Mark Wade

3. Re: Spyware???

Sandra Hicks

4. Re: Is Reality Millioms A Scam?

Rudolph Burgzorg

New Discussions (4)

1. RSS Feeds

From: Kindra Martinenko

2. Search Engine Ratings

From: Sean Bracken

3. Advertising my new site

From: Steve Matthews

4. Thank you

From: Neva Allen


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Computers: A Basic Introduction, by Roger A. Pendey


Joke of the Day


Word from Moderator


Time for another Digest folks! I hope you are all enjoying reading it and
participating in it as I am enjoying moderating it :) You know, I have published |
other newsletters in the past, and it usually feels like you are just “shouting in the
wind” for all the response they got. Perhaps it was my fault, I don’t know…
 Certainly Bogdan did a wonderful job eliciting your participation in this Digest and
I truly hope it keeps on coming!


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The AdlandPro Digest Forum can be found here:



Amalia Sotiriadou


Adland Digest

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=============Food For Thought=======================


=============NEW Titbit==========================


Gurus and the Devil’s Advocate



I like to play the “devil’s advocate” quite often. I find that debating an issue back and

forth gives people a much better understanding of the “whole picture”. Plus, I have

never learned to take someone’s word at face value – it goes against the grain!

This is one reason that I’m quite sceptical when a “guru” tells me that he (or she) has

the perfect solution for me to make a lot of money. My question for the day then is:

How much do you believe in the “methods” that are making the rounds on the

Internet that will make you rich and successful overnight – or at least within a year

or two – how eager are you to try them and what have your results been?

When it comes right down to it are you a follower or a leader?



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==================Responses to last titbit======================


Re: Being a Business Person

From: Kindra Martinenko


I would have to say that yes, I am a "business-person".  Not so much in my

schooling, but in how I conduct my business in a professional, ethical, and hard-

working manner.  I think that on the Internet, a good business person is willing to

reach out to customers rather than sit and wait for them to come knocking on your

virtual door.  You still have to connect in some way, and never let people forget that

there is a human being with real-life decisions to make behind that computer.


I recently was told by my eye doctor that if I didn't cut back on Internet use, then my

eye-pressure would be aggravated...since I am getting close to having Glaucoma, a

degenerative eye disease.  Consequently, I had to tell my entire Ezine subscriber base

that I would no longer be publishing my Ezine, which was easily taking me about 15

hours per issue to research for and write (it was a substantial ezine).  Luckily for me,

I have a great subscriber base with little attrition and I frankly, at times I didn't think

that anyone was reading my newsletters.  After I sent out the email about having to

discontinue the Ezine, I got an overwhelming response from people letting me know

that their thoughts were with me and how much they enjoyed my Ezine.  That really

made me feel good about what I was contributing and reaffirmed my decision 6

years ago to become a part-time Internet Marketer.


So I guess the big difference between a brick-laying business person and an Internet

Business person is a computer sitting in between you and the customers.  I see the

Internet as a tool for helping network and reach out to people all around the world.

Business on the Net is conducted at the speed of thought, rather than through board

meetings, brick laying, and hand-shakes.


Kindra Martinenko

Cascades Internet Solutions






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===========Continuing Discussions (4)===================


============Continuing Discussion (1.1)==================


Re: Monopolizer

From: Alexander Sullivan


I commented on the article that was recently written concerning Monopolizer. I too

thought it suspicious that a company could make good on the claims it provide PAID

signups to my business. It's an idea that could work if the people involved are



As of this date, I've received several emails from the company informing me that my

order is soon to be fulfilled and they wanted to make to sure my URL was correct.

I've done this process at least 5 times with each "update".


Now, their email address is no longer valid. It appears that once again, the internet

company has been scammed by unsavory characters.


Alexander Sullivan





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============Continuing Discussion (1.2)==================

Re: Monopolizer

From: Amalia Sotiriadou


Guess what? Much to my shame, I have to admit that I bought into Monopolizer’s

claims too. When I first saw the site, I thought: “This is too good to be true” and my

second thought was “if it is too good to be true then it probably isn’t true”.

Unfortunately I had a third thought – the fee they charged wasn’t too big and IF they

happened to be telling the truth, I might come out way ahead. Fully aware that I was

probably kissing my money goodbye, I kissed my money goodbye. For three months

they kept promising and I kept waiting, They even said they mailed me some money

from a parallel promotion they did in order to compensate me for the delay. Needless

to say, I never saw that check. The last letter I received was sometime in December

and I haven’t be able to reach them since, Scam? Technical problems? I have no idea

but I would certainly not recommend them.






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============Continuing Discussion (2.1)==================


Re: Russ Wilson/Webintel - Digest #435

From: Mark Wade


Hey Russ,


I too appreciate your feedback.


I guess it's just the "idealistic" inner child in me LOL. I suppose I would rather have

seen you with http://webintel.com/ than a redirect as far as branding goes. That

would, to me, be more in tune with "I'm certain that you know the importance of

'Branding' so that you stand out from the crowd, and gain recognition."


If you click on that link BTW - that site is being auctioned off as of today (01/31/05).


Plus, the pop-ups are annoying (which could send sales away) and it doesn't appear

you have control over them, I may be wrong. Do these pop-ups have anything to do

with you or what you advertise? Aren't they Bravenet's?


I'm not a member of Search Estate, got a lot going on elsewhere that I'm happy with,

so, how much control over what shows on that page do you have?


Well, that certainly looks like it boils down to control eh?


I'd personally rather be able to change whatever I wanted to on my page.

That being said, let me be the last to tell you that change is necessary if it’s working

for you. If, as you asked, to make it better from a salespoint...


Other than that, the page looks like it should be just fine.


Have a great day,





Blessed To Be The Admin of -








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============Continuing Discussion (3.1)==================


Re: Spyware???

From: Sandra Hicks


I use Zone Alarm and Ad-AwareSE.  I got these right from the site. I know that Zone

Alarm stops a lot of things from coming into my computer, I think.  Now you have

me wondering.  Will be interesting to see the comments from this thread.


Sandra Hicks


We are closing to Founders Feb. 7

Our tools will be used by every online marketer.

No downloads, hands free conference rooms and more Cost will be $26.95/m for a

20 person room.





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 ============Continuing Discussion (4.1)==================


Re: Is Reality Millions A Scam?

From: Rudolph Burgzorg


Digest Members,


This question was posted on scam.com.  My reply is as follows:


Forum Members,


There are five pieces of Information that may clarify whether Reality Millions is a

Scam or not:


1. The article in question was written by the managing director of Merrill Lynch,

Hannah Shaw Grove and the president of Prince & Associates, Russ Alan Prince –

both highly regarded in financial circles! It is well worth a read. It surely opened my

eyes to all the cash floating around!


If you click on this link

http://www.realitymillions.com/index.php?ref=SuccessB , it will take you to the main

page where this article is displayed.


It is called "Interesting Article", and is on the left menu under the "Questions and

Legal" section. Click on it and it will take you to the Article.



2. The following is an excerpt of PAUL CANNARIATO'S, the owner of Business-

World List. Contact me at rudolphburgzorg@yahoo.com if you wish to see the entire



The opportunity he created is simply sensational. I read and read - I mailed him with

the questions I had in mind and he replied in person. I went to his FAQ section and

read every word. I went to the forum and read up what other people were

experiencing and what they thought of RM.

What really struck me, was how everyone involved are so positive about this brilliant

combination. They share their thoughts, opinions and add their comments without a

hint of negativity. I read what online novices and marketing professionals alike had

to say... and yes, I did join (first as a free member, then to an active member a short

while later)!


My days are now filled with a new outlook, hope, trust and something "real" to look

forward to!


I wish you the very same and therefore want to invite you the same way he did. No,

you do not have to rush over to the site as I did - click on the link below when you

have the free time to do so. After all, it is your time, your future and your decision.

here is the link:




3. If you really want to find the name of the owner of Reality Millions you may be

able to find it at the Copyright Office:




Copyright 2004 - All rights reserved Reality Millions. No part of the material

protected by this copyright notice may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by

any means, electronically or mechanically, including photocopying, recording or by

any information storage and/or retrieval system, without written permission from the

copyright owner of Reality Millions. Any violators will be prosecuted to the full

extent of the law in the jurisdiction governing Reality Millions.


4. Guarantee


The 100% Money Back Guarantee extends to every person that invests in the Reality

Millions Package. I cannot guarantee that you will make a million dollars, as the

success of each individual depends on the amount of work they do and the

commitment they have. I do, however, personally guarantee your principal amount

invested in any of the Midas Money Maker or Midas Private Funds. This guarantee

is based on mutual trust and yet another way of ensuring you are satisfied and

successful with this incredible income opportunity.


5. General Information


Days in Action 178

Total Accounts 18857

Active Accounts 6552

Total Deposits $4,343,965.38

Withdrawals $273,622.06

Visitors Online 1337

Logged In 136


Date Launched

Jul 25, 2004


Last Info Update

Jan 19, 2005


If it were a Scam why give the public this information?


I am a member of Reality Millions and I have invested in the Midas Fund.


True, the Internet has degenerated into a Cesspool of Scams, Crooks and Con Artists

but I would hate to think that there are no more honest business operators left on the

Internet - few though they might be.


Only time will tell if Reality Millions was a Scam and if it was it would be the Scam

of all Scams.


Forum Members, I implore you to read the foregoing with an open mind.


Rudolph Burgzorg



True, the Internet has degenerated into a Cesspool of Scams, Crooks and Con Artists

but are we to believe that there are no honest operators left on the Internet -God

forbid, few though they may be.






comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm



MODERATOR: Although deep down I believe that this is another covert attempt by

Rudolph to promote Reality Millions via an artfully concealed post, I think it is up to

our members to decide whether they want to hear more about this subject or not by

responding accordingly.



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================ New Discussions (4) =======================


================ New Discussion (1) =======================


RSS Feeds

From: Kindra Martinenko


I would like to thank AdlandPro for adding RSS to their long list of features.  I

would like to add some additional information for webmasters who would be

interested in incorporating this feature for their own website and/or newsletter.


While there are literally thousands of RSS Feed readers and tutorials out there, I

learned how to easily create a working and wonderful news feed page in XML/RSS

by reading the article found at this website:




Dan Sullivan gives an excellent tutorial here and I was able to teach myself how to

do it in a couple of hours.


As for promoting your feed, you must submit it to RSS Feed Syndicators.

You can find a listing of syndicators by just typing in "news feed syndicator" into

your favorite search engine.


Very easy to use and understand RSS feed aggregators (in my opinion...these are the

least invasive to your computer system):


Pluck (http://www.pluck.com )

Aggreg8 (http://www.aggreg8.net)--for Mozilla users


Best wishes,



Kindra Martinenko

Owner, Cascades Internet Solutions


RSS: http://www.cascadesinternetsolutions.com/news.xml 





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================ New Discussion (2) =======================


Search Engine Ratings

From: Sean Bracken


Hi Everyone,


Does anyone understand how to balance search engine ratings between Google and

Yahoo? I find that I can achieve top 10 results for my sites http://topup.ie and

http://freetextworld.com in yahoo, normally coming in at around 5th or 6th place

with a search for "free text messages". The same search in Google produces no

results at all. Is it possible to create similar results from all of the search engines or

are their criteria so different that a high rating from one precludes a high rating from

the others? I would really appreciate any advice from other readers of the newsletter.


By the way congratulations to all in Adlandpro for a really great service.




Sean Bracken


Sean Bracken








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================ New Discussion (3) =======================


Advertising my new site

From: Steve Matthews


Can any one please help me. I have just set up a small business site and have been

trying to get it promoted. I am on a very small budget. Can any one supply a list of

FREE or near FREE sites that i can place adverts on. I have already placed on adland

pro but were else is there that wont break the bank?


Steve Matthews





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================ New Discussion (4) =======================


Thank you

From: Neva Allen


Thank you for adding me to your list. I look forward to meeting everybody to our

success Neva


Neva Allen





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====================GUEST ARTICLE =====================


Computers: A Basic Introduction, by Roger A. Pendey



When you mention the word "technology," most people think about computers.

Virtually every facet of our lives has some computerized component. The appliances

in our homes have microprocessors built into them, as do our televisions. Even our

cars have a computer. However, the computer that everyone thinks of first is

typically the personal computer, or PC.


A PC is a general-purpose tool built with a microprocessor.

It has many different parts- memory, a hard disk, a modem, etc that work together.

"General purpose" means that you can do many different things with a PC. You can

use it to type documents, send e-mail, browse the Web and play games.


Let have a close look at some of the main components of a computer system.


Central processing unit (CPU): The microprocessor "brain" of the computer system

is referred to as the central processing unit. The CPU oversees everything that a

computer does.


Memory: This is very fast storage used to hold data. It has to be fast as it connects

directly to the microprocessor.

There are several specific types of memory in a computer:


Random Access Memory: It stores the information that a computer is currently

working with.


Read-only memory (ROM): A permanent type of memory storage used by the

computer for important data that does not change.


Basic input/output system (BIOS): A type of ROM that is used by the computer to

establish basic communication when the computer is first turned on.


Caching: is used to temporarily store a copy of information that has been requested

by computer.


Virtual memory: Space on a hard disk used to temporarily store data and swap it in

and out of RAM as needed.


Motherboard: This is the main board to which all the other components are

connected. The motherboard consists of the CPU and memory. Other systems may

be directly or indirectly connected to it through secondary connections. It is the heart

of the computer.


Soundcard: A peripheral device in the form of a card used for producing sound and

music. Although PCs come with a built-in speaker, it was usually tied to the CPU

and does not do a good job of reproducing complex sounds. All soundcards have

connectors for speakers.


Hard drive: This is the main storage device of a computer.

It stores information including the OS that allows you to access it all. Most common

OS for PCs is Microsoft Windows.

And Apple computers use the Macintosh operating system.


Other drives: The majority of computers also make use of floppy disk and CD drives.

These vary from system to system, however all work the same way, reading

information stored on disks. These are necessary for maintaining and updating the

computer's software and operating system.


These are a few key components required to make a computer system. Lastly, it is

difficult to live without computers.

Computers have changed our lives.


Roger A. Pendey is the webmaster of

http://www.fifocomputer.com  – FIFO Computer

Be sure to visit the complete Computer Article Archive here:






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================JOKE OF THE DAY==================


Totally Useless Info



1. Coca-cola was originally green.

2. Every day more money is printed for Monopoly than for the US Treasury.

3. Smartest dogs: 1) border collie; 2)poodle; 3)golden retriever.

4. Dumbest dog: Afghan

5. Hawaiian alphabet has 12 letters.

6. Men can read smaller print than women; women can hear better.

7. Chances that an American lives within 50 miles of where they grew up: 1 in 2

8. Amount American Airlines saved in '87 by taking out 1 olive from each salad

served in first class: $40,000

9. City with the most Rolls Royce's per capita: Hong Kong

10. State with the highest percentage of people who walk to work: Alaska

11. Chances of a white Christmas in New York: 1 in 4

12. Portion of US annual rainfall that falls in April: 1/12

13. Percentage of Africa that is wilderness: 28%

14. Percentage of North America that is wilderness: 38%

15. Estimated % of American adults who go on diet each year: 44%

16. Barbie's measurements if she were life size: 39-23-33

17. Average number of days a West German goes without washing his underwear: 7

18. Percentage of Americans who say that God has spoken to them: 36%

19. Percentage of Americans who regularly attend religious services: 43%

20. City with highest per capita viewership of TV evangelists: Washington DC

21. Percentage of American men who say they would marry the same woman if they

had it to do all over again: 80%

22. % of American women who say they would marry the same man: 50%

23. % of men who say they are happier after their divorce or separation: 58%

24. % of women who say they are happier after their divorce or separation: 85%

25. Number of different family relationships for which Hallmark makes cards: 105

26. Cost of raising a medium-size dog to the age of eleven: $6,400

27. Average number of people airborne over the US any given hour: 61,000.

28. Percentage of Americans who have visited Disneyland or Disney World: 70%

29. Average life span of a major league baseball: 7 pitches.

30. Portion of ice cream sold that is vanilla: 1/3

31. Portion of potatoes sold that are French fried: 1/3

32. Percentage of Americans that eat at McDonald's each day: 7

33. Percentage of bird species that are monogamous: 90%

34. Percentage of mammal species that are: 3%

35. Number of US states that claim test scores in their elementary schools are above

national average: 50%

36. Portion of Harvard students who graduate with honors: 4/5

37. Chances that a burglary in the US will be solved: 1 in 7.

38. Portion of land in the US owned by the government: 1/3

39. Only President to remain a bachelor: James Buchanon

40. Only first lady to carry a loaded revolver: Eleanor Roosevelt

41. Only President to win a Pulitzer: John F. Kennedy for "Profiles in Courage"

42. Only President awarded a patent: Abe Lincoln, for a system of buoying vessels

over shoals

43. Only food that does not spoil: honey

44. Only person to win $64,000 Challenge and $64,000 Question: Dr. Joyce Brothers

(subject is boxing)

45. Only bird that can fly backwards: Hummingbird

46. Only continent without reptiles or snakes: Antarctica

47. Only animal besides human that can get sunburn: pig

48. Ostriches stick their heads in the sand to look for water.

49. An eagle can kill a young deer and fly away with it.

50. In the Caribbean there are oysters that can climb trees.

51. Polar bears are left-handed.

52. Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

53. Eskimos never gamble.

54. The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9 and lived in China in 1910.

55. The youngest pope was 11 years old.

56. Mark Twain didn't graduate from elementary school.

57. Proportional to their weight, men are stronger than horses.

58. Pilgrims ate popcorn at the first Thanksgiving dinner.

59. Your nose and ears never stop growing.

60. Jupiter is bigger than all the other planets in our solar system combined.

61. Hot water is heavier than cold.

62. The parachute was invented by da Vinci in 1515.

63. They have square watermelons in Japan. They stack better.

64. Cream does not weigh as much as milk.

65. Starfish have eight eyes-one at the end of each leg.

66. Iceland consumes more Coca-cola per capita than any other nation.

67. First novel ever written on a typewriter was "Tom Sawyer."

68. There are more collect calls on Father's Day than any other day of the year.

69. Heinz Catsup leaving the bottle travels at 25 miles per year.

70. It is possible to lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs.

71. Men get hiccups more often than women.

72. Armadillos can be housebroken.





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