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        2. Word from publisher
        3. Guaranteed visitors to your web site.
        4.  Advertising
        5.  5 Tips for Professional Looking Website
                    Guest Article by Blue Tapp
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============ Word from publisher (2)=============

We have some new views regarding classifieds in the
Will & Lorene Ward suggest in post "Advertizing"  that
newsletter like this shouldn't deal with commercial
I would like to see more feedback on that.

============= CONTINUING  (3) ==================

Subject:Guaranteed visitors to your web site.
From: "Chris Gibbs" <>

Hello Adland members:

I just thought I'd let eveyone know about two really cool companies which
offer guarnateed click
throughs to your site for FREE.
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Both of these are great ways of increasing traffic to your site.


Chris Gibbs
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=================New Post  (4) =============

Subject: Advertising

Hi gang,
It's been a while,again, since we posted, but I need to include my
comments before the next issue.  I don't believe that putting classified
in the digest is a good idea.  There are several 100  or 1000 places to
place a ad on the net.  The digest is not the forum for advertizing for
any one.  Adlands Digest started out as a news and help forum.  It
should stay that  way.  I know that when we first started we received
alot of help from the entire Adlands Community, without their help  we
could not have gotten where we are.

We are in complete agreement with Bob Cortez.  You have to have a main
theme to your page to keep your visitors there  and coming back as well.
If you don't have a main theme your visitors disappear as fast as they
came in.  It doesn't make any difference if your are selling a product
or just a personal home page.  Your main objective is to keep them and
keep them coming back.  do  not be afraid to put your name and address
on your page.  It makes it more personal and shows people that you are
interested and proud of what you have done.

As far as the  free sites go, there is a way around a long free site
name.  It is a domain transfer or forwarding of your doman name.  We
went to Domain Direct for this service.  It cost $25 per year with 2
years up front and to InterNIC  for registering our domain name which
costs $35.00 per year and 2 years up front.  With a domain forwarding
you don't have to give up your free site, but still have the clout of a
domain name.

My thanks go to Bogdan for his help in redoing our Meta Tags in our last
post.  It has helped tremendously in the amount of traffic that we are

Thank You,

Will & Lorene Ward

"We give away a Free Vacation Every Single Day!  To register for todays
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==================Guest Article  (5) ===================

Subject:5 Tips for Professional Looking Website
From:       Blue Tapp

As a professional website developer, my first suggestion is that you invest
to have a sleek professional website designed for your business! However,
with the superb web design software available on the market today like
FrontPage and PageMil, I realize that more and more businesses are trying to
create their own websites. If you choose to do this, it is imperative that
you DO NOT begin advertising your website until it looks professional. Get
opinions from some dependable web-familiar acquaintances for this. A poorly
designed website sends an unprofessional message to your customers.

Here are five pointers for creating a professional-looking site:

1.Spend the money, get a domain name!

It is cheaper now than ever and almost a necessity to having a
"professional" site. Web addresses that begin with the name of a free web
community simply sound like a personal home page. Your own domain name
( will not only be easier for customers to remember, but
will make your business seem more "important."

Your company name already taken? You can see if your company name is
available as a domain name by going to and using the
"Whois" search feature. New url extensions (.nu, .store, etc.) are in the
works but until then, the available names with .com extension are getting
pretty scarce. If your business name is not available, try inserting a dash
or coming up with a phrase that describes your business instead.

2.Clear objectives

When you're designing a website, always keep in mind that you only have a
few seconds to capture your visitor's interest before they move on to the
next site. Many websites are just too confusing. Make sure that visitors
know immediately what it is that you can offer them. Don't limit yourself by
putting important information within a graphic,remember that text loads much
faster than graphics. If you want to incorporate any information with
graphics, also provide the same information as text so visitors don't have
to wait if they don't want to.

3.Simple and Easy navigation

Again, remember that your website visitors are an impatient bunch! If your
website is not quick and simple to navigate then your visitors are history.
Give your visitors lots of options for navigation and ALWAYS ALWAYS include
a text navigation bar at the bottom your page. Visitors will look for this
if anything goes wrong with your other navigation elements. If you use
graphic buttons, make sure to supply alternative text so that viewers don't
have to wait for the buttons to download before moving around within your
site. If your site is more than a few pages, provide a site map to help out.
Remember that your site will work differently with different browsers, so
test your site with as many browsers as possible (iexplorer and Netscape for
certain!). And last but not least, don't forget to check all of your links
once your site is uploaded to the web. Make sure everything is working

4.Graphics or Not???

By all means, use graphics on your site. The internet is a wonderful
multimedium for text, graphics, and much more. Take advantage of it and be
creative. But don't get too fancy. Not everyone has the fastest modem
connections available and graphics always take longer to load than text. If
your pages use lots of graphics, be sure to designate an alternative text
view for each graphic so that your viewer will quickly get a sense of what
is coming and can decide to move onto your next page without waiting for the
graphics to download if they wish to do so.

Should you use animations? Too much animated movement on the page can be
annoying. If you want some animation, go ahead and have a few custom
animations made. Don't over-use all that cheesy free stuff off the net; it's
all been seen before and is becoming quite boring. Custom animation of your
company logo can help visitors remember you. But be careful of the image
your website conveys. Poor or humorous animation can sometimes suggest an
unbusinesslike attitude.

I can't neglect discussing background,white is your best bet. If your
background is anything but a solid color, your text will not be as easy to
read. I know those beautiful backgrounds are so inviting,resist the
temptation! Add color with a side bar and a few graphics.

5.Use Current Browsers

Finally, make sure you are designing and viewing your website through the
most advanced version of your browser. The most common browsers by far are
iexplorer and Netscape . Believe it or not, many people are still using
browser versions that are years out of date which is unfortunate because
lots of great features like mouseovers and frames don't work on the older
browsers. If you use these features, then your site won't work correctly for
viewers with older browsers. There's no excuse for this since the current
versions are available for free,so help promote the use of current browsers
by providing your viewers with links to the download sites above at the
bottom of every page in your website.

I hope these suggestions help you design a remarkably effective website for
your business! If you have any troubles, Blue's ArtHouse can help you at Good luck!

Article by Blue Tapp, owner of Blue's ArtHouse.
Blue's ArtHouse specializes in professional computer graphics, website
development, and internet research and marketing. She also created and
maintains Business Headquarters at

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