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                                         Vol. 1 issue #449 March 31, 2005


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Topics in this issue:

Word from the Moderator

Food For Thought
Are you a Person or a Product?

Responses to Previous Tidbits (8)
Charles Green, J. Short, Eva Marie Farrell, Judy Woodson, Freida Holcomb,
James Pendleton, William Cox, Rebecca Beasley

Continuing Discussions (8)

1. Re: Ken Webb’s posts
Darryl Miller, Monique Bizzell, Mike Sullivan, William Jaroske

2. Re: Are Affiliates being short changed?
Monique Bizzell

3. Re: How Big is Your Blog? Reply to Rebecca Beasley
James Pendleton

4. Re: PressMania.com
Mal Robertson

5. Re: Rudy
Ervin Hoath

New Discussions (1)
1. Ad writing tips
From: T Ann Bowlen

Site Review Requests (0)

Site Review Responses (1)
Re: Site Review # 29
From: Yvonne Finn

Long Copy Secrets - Keys To Mental Engagement, by: Daniel Levis

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

What can I say as an introduction today? Not much, really, because there are TONS
of WONDERFUL posts that say it a lot better than me! There IS one comment I
want to make, however, not as criticism, simply as an observation. You will see quite
a few disheartening posts today, having to do with the future of Internet Marketing. I
respect every opinion and there is nothing better I like than to learn what is in your
hearts and your minds. This doesn’t mean that I always agree. Specifically, today,
while reading the posts, I would like you to consider: is it that the Internet Marketing
is dead, or is it that our VISION for success via this still very new, fast developing
and – in my humble opinion – exciting medium has faded?

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=============Food For Thought=======================

=============NEW Tidbit==========================

Are you a Person or a Product?

I receive thousands of emails every day. Each one of them advertises a product or
service. I know very few of the people that send me these ads; as a matter of fact
quite a few of them are anonymous. Many of them are carbon copies of hundreds of
others. You know what I mean, you get them too. So let’s go to my question of the

Why would you expect me (or anyone else) to buy your product or service when I
don’t know ANYTHING about you? More important, YOU don’t know anything
about ME, and MY needs!
You just appear in front of me masked as a pill, as miracle-juice, as a great
opportunity that will take me out of my miserable poverty, as a link.

So… are you a PERSON or a PRODUCT?

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=================Responses to Previous Tidbits==============

=================1st Course==========================

Re: What would you advise…
From: Charles Green

> What is the first thing you would advise your newly recruited people > to do? (It
can be more than one...

Amalia and my fellow subscribers,

For a long time, I just went with the flow. I allowed our new distributors to pretty
much do what they wanted (and wondered why the results weren't spectacular).

They either did nothing or they just got frustrated doing the wrong things.

These days, I provide our new distributors with some pretty specific
-- but still flexible -- advice.

1. Ask lots of questions.

2. Keep updated.

3. Share the business and share your story.

4. Keep in touch and keep asking questions

The company we are involved with is Tahitian Noni International. We registered
back in 2001, but wasted a lot of time in the early days.
The stuff I share below has taken me a while to learn. I'll try to do so briefly so I
don't seem to be taking over the entire digest. ;->

While this is the stuff I'd tell our new TNI distributors, I believe the same general
comments apply to pretty much any program. Most people will gain something..

1. Ask lots of questions

This one is self-explanatory, but so often overlooked it annoys me.
My policy is "ANY Questions, ANY Time, Just Ask!"

In addition, the company provides more support than I've experienced anywhere else.
Getting an answer from TNI is as simple as sending an email or picking up the phone
and dialing a toll-free number.

2. Keep updated

The company sends out constant updates of what they're doing, what's coming up,
what's new, company progress, research and even sales figures. Make sure the
company has your email address on file.

I created a Distributor Updates Archive at http://archive.nonilead.com and included
selected messages from Kerri and I, our upline and the company. I also added
several articles by people whose names you probably recognise and respect.

A few of the updates/articles of most use to new distributors are "How to make
US$5000/mth with TNI", "Q&A - How Much, How Often, For What?", and "Four
Steps to MLM Success".

I need to get back into the swing of adding the updates regularly.
There are over 70 sitting in a folder on my computer spanning the past nine months.
Coincidentally, that's about how long Kerri was pregnant for. See our baby boy at

Plug into the various conference calls. But, not all of them.
Man...there are so many. The company puts them on. Our sponsor puts them on.
Dayle Maloney (one of our upline) puts them on. The primary site we use puts them
on. Even, I'm preparing to put them on for use by our downline to practice the
current technique we use to sponsor people and help them earn good money quickly.

EVERYBODY should visit Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter's http://www.fortunenow.com
site. I seem to direct people to Tom's site quite often. I'm subscribed to his
newsletter and receive so much valuable training that simply has to be shared. I
KNOW that Tom's site will help you in any business.

3. Share the business and share your story.

Because we have downline on three continents, it is obvious that online is where I
excel. If people want to build their business offline, there are plenty of options and
we'll certainly help, but most want to build online.

TNI provides a free basic site. There's information for prospects and customers,
along with a members area where the distributor can view their business stats, read
their messages, place an order, etc, etc.

There are several great sites put together for use by distributors.
While I have used four in the past, the ONLY one I now recommend to new
distributors is Success Online Now (http://system.nonilead.com).

There is an enormous amount on information on various aspects of the products,
company and business, several forms where people can request further information
and a lot of really neat stuff to help you build your business. Amongst the best
features is the Voice Cafe. The site even hosts weekly LIVE conference calls to help
you educate your prospects.

Use the tips and training from Tom's FortuneNow site. As you read through the
articles and stuff in our Downline Updates Archive, you will come across other great
training sites as well. I hope you will take advantage of every training opportunity.

4. Keep in touch and keep asking questions

I can't build your business for you, but I can help you to build it.

It is extremely important that you keep your sponsor informed. Let him/her know
what you plan to do. Ask for help, suggestions, guidance.

Don't lie to your sponsor or upline, either. If you say you'll do something, do it. If
you can't or won't, let them know. The sooner they know, the sooner they can
suggest an alternative. Your upline wants to help. It serves no purpose to lie.

Well, I'm not sure Amalia wanted such a detailed response, but I sincerely hope
enough people can adapt and apply the principles to their own business.

Good luck,


Charles & Kerri Green are Tahitian Noni International Independent Distributors
living in beautiful Qld, Australia enjoying time with their four children, including
two "noni babies". Read more about Charles & Kerri at http://www.greenaus.com

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=================2nd Course==========================

Re: Advise for newly recruited.
From: J. Short

First things first. We did reply to the digest about writing skills with a post about co-
publishing ezines. Please review post on top-10 ezines from cloud9cowboy.
Learn the ropes! Read, read, read, and read some more. We all have to go thru the
novice stage first. Right? We're not all born Pros. So best advice is the big[E].
Education. The best way to gain that is email ezines & ebooks from the gurus that
know. We have one of the best in the Biz. The Bullseye Broker Bulletin. You can
subscribe Free. Just email jass4mcoop@getresponse.com or visit our website for
more subscription information.

.... Cloud9cowboy

P.S. I also submitted a post about blogs that are also an exceptional educational tool
of the trade too!
We have what you need to succeed. Guaranteed.
J. Short

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=================3rd Course==========================

Re: Advice
From: Eva Marie Farrell

The First thing that you should do to your new Referral: supervise them as much as
possible. Show your concern that you really care for them. Keep in touch by means
of sending email or calling them by phone if you have too and be supportive in case
they need help.
A Leader must be a good follower and that's your obligation to guide those people
under you. This is not only for business matter but its about Human Relations as

Thanks, Eva Marie Farrell


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=================4th Course==========================

Re: First thing you would advise your newly recruited people to do
From: Judy Woodson

It depends on the program, of course, but the main idea is to get them to go to their
back office and do something. If there is a forum or something fre e or fun there,
that's perfect. The idea is to get them familiar.

"What do I NOT do?". Encourage them to upgrade.
Ever Want Your Very Own Newsletter? Here it is!
It's fun, it's easy, and it's yours to try. Check it out!

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=================5th Course==========================

Re: First thing to do----
From: Freida Holcomb

In answer to the question presented "What is the first thing to advise newly recruited
people to do?"----- I think the MOST important thing is to read ALL the information
presented and become VERY familiar with all aspects of the opportunity offered.

Without understanding how can one pursue the opportunity with any kind of
success. The training tools and training calls are usually offered and encouraged, but
has anyone realized how many people do not READ and LISTEN.

I am truly amazed as I listen to the training calls and hear the same questions over
and over. These questions have been answered if the person asking would just
READ the information offered.

Enough said.


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=================6th Course==========================

Re: What is the first thing you would advise Tid bit
From: James Pendleton

Ahhhh another food for thought tid bit.
Actually there is a knack to writing. Myself I become inspired by some form of
For example my full thoughts go into my blog.

Read the rest of the story here:

Get a free SE Report

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=================7th Course==========================

RE: What is the first thing you would advise your newly recruited people
to do?
From: William Cox

There are a lot of complicated things your affiliates need to know, not only how to
use the tools available and what good marketing tools to use but how and where to
advertise to get the best response.

Those are only guidelines and without a very good and unique ad the ROI can be in
the negative. Most new Internet marketers won't have any idea how to write a good

There are many programs on the net to teach this but even that won't make you a
good writer. To sell your products or services to an individual you have to find out
what their particular situation and beliefs are, you have to understand how they think,
you have to become them and sell to yourself as if you were them.

Though this seems extremely difficult, in reality it's not.

I tell my affiliates that the ad copy is the most important factor to their success. Don't
use the ads the program supplies for you. Yes they worked once when they were new
and unique but now hundreds of that program's members are using the same ads and
subject lines.

If you as a prospect have seen this before you are going to no doubt delete or click
off immediately without looking at the site.

1) Ask questions of your prospect to get information about their needs and desires.
2) Give them feed back that will answer their needs and desires. If your product or
service can't supply all the answers find one that does and lead them to it. This will
gain massive trust in you as a person.
3) You must sell yourself first!!!! No one will buy from you if they don't feel like
they know you and can trust you.
4) Call them by their first name as if you were their best friend. Show them that you
care more about them than just the sale.
5) Keep in contact!! Weekly if possible but no less than once a month.
On holidays send them a holiday wish. Let them know they are forever in your mind.
Follow up and make sure they are doing well with their new product or service and if
they have a problem, work with them to find an answer. Never leave them in the cold
by themselves.

When you get a direct downline affiliate you are now and forever their mentor. They
will totally rely on you for guidance and inspiration.

As a prospect, I want reassurance, I want guidance, I want to know that what you
have me involved in is certainly working for you. I want total honesty from my

If you don't fully believe in what you are selling neither will your downline. So
always remain positive and if whatever you’re selling or doing isn't working the way
it should, let your members know. Be truthful always and they will follow you where
ever you go because they know you are looking out for their best interest and you
can recognize a bad situation and be smart enough to get out before your world
crumbles around you taking your members down with you.

Sorry got carried away with this :)

Hope this helps someone out there.

Best to all,

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


=================8th Course==========================

Re: Your Advice
From: Rebecca Beasley

I must have missed the one where you asked about what to do if you can't write. I
would have been Johnny on the spot to answer that. Writing is my favorite sport.

If you can't write you can either take the time to go to your local community college
and take a short course in writing, or you can copy text (with permission) from
newsletters and blogs of interest.

Always give credit where credit is due. This gives the person who's writing you are
copying a chance to get 'out there' more, and gives you some added content for you
own newsletter or blog.

You could even start a showcase of your favorite ezine writer's articles and give
them a place to see your work as well. Just write them and make sure that they ok it
first. Then use excerpts (did I spell that right?) of their work in your newsletter, or
reference it at least and give a link to the actual location. You'll be helping them and
yourself at the same time.

And to the second question, the best advice I can give to someone just starting out
would probably have to be to treat others as you want to be treated. You don't like
junk mail, you want your sites to be visited, and you want your emails to be read…
Don't even think of trying to sell anything until you've built a good strong database
of contacts who trust you. You're wasting your time sending ads to strangers who are
sending ads to other strangers. If you were a salesperson going door to door, you
wouldn't knock on their door and start pushing products right off the bat. So what
makes you think it works online? This isn't a fish market!

And always try to put yourself in their shoes. Before you make a comment… think…
will this help or hurt?

Constructive criticism is a good thing, but just downright pointing out other people's
faults SUCKS!

Just try to think if you would like it done to you. If you wouldn’t then that's your

Basically, the golden rule applies to everything you do. Do unto others first then
RUN... (just kidding)

We were all taught this in kindergarten. Remember?

Who is in your critical chain?


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MODERATOR: Whew! I don’t know about you, but I’m FULL!!!! A ROYAL
BANQUET, don’t you think? KEEP COOKING!!


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===========Continuing Discussions (6)===================

============Continuing Discussion (1.1)==================

Re: In Response To Your Article
From: Darryl Miller

Hi Ken,

Thanks in advance for the articles "The Death of Internet Marketing as We Know
it?" and "Internet Marketing" in Adlandpro Digest #448.

I have seen a decline in affiliate marketing programs in the past year or more. I see
this as a good thing.

The FTC and other governmental units have cracked down on the scammers and
programs that take advantage of the little guys.

When the bad guys run and hide, you start to see the real programs that are the true
winners of internet marketing success and financial reward.

I know in advance that you wrote these articles to:

1) provoke a response from those willing to respond to confirm that newsletter
articles work, and

2) verify what works currently in marketing.

I'm here to do both.

Hopefully, I'll play it smart and provoke interest in those seeking solutions to many
of your very questions.

If you want to know what works for over 170,000 members of 2 networks for
marketing and income, please take 1 minute to visit my little site for the details and
instructions for our success.

Best Wishes,

Darryl Miller

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===================================================== .

============Continuing Discussion (1.2)==================

Re: Has Internet Marketing become history?
From: Monique Bizzell

The marketing you mentioned had become dead. Way too much saturation.
These tools are old and from a less crowed internet, in today’s internet there are too
many doing this for it to be effective with the current code.

The email code can do digests or keep things on the server and limit message size
but spammers will still make email unbearable to read.

Every time there is a scam, that makes every next new sale harder.

What's funny about this is just a few hours ago I put up this info at my blog:

http://getbiz.tripod.com/themoney/ it writes about my experiences on trying to
make money online and of course this topic is there.

You are better off doing off line traditional marketing, working on search engine
rankings - that's reciprocal linkages and search engine optimised pages and
ppc(expensive). It is best to build your own lists and to really find some niche to
stand out from the rest and build from there.

The FREE doesn't really return results unless you blatantly lie or do something
weird. Most aren’t even looking at the screen and there is a js file going around that
will auto load your sites in a window for you, you can minimise the window and the
script will loop through an array of your autohits sites until you close the window,
blast programs are the reason no one really watches these screen.

There is an outfit that lets you advertise on screen savers, but only on the screens that
download your links of the screensaver code and form i.e.

A lot of things out there can be found for free and the programmer’s site, matt's
script, internet.com have links, the flying windows, I put code out there in 1997 and
1998 and have seen it turned into a product by others.

>From my experience and waste of money it's best to do the more traditional form of

1) Reciprocal linking

2) Real ezines and Newsletters where a third party verifies the membership figures,
number of members, number of times member opens emails, number of times
members click thru ads.

3) Offline classifieds. Make sure the ad is good copy even a big paper can't
guarantee results, plus you really have to do the ad repeatedly to finally get results.

4) Direct mail campaigns

5) Community of webmasters - you can get linkages and good advise.

6) Banners - Very High Traffic places though

7) Search Engine Keyword - But only at the engines that get visitors

Other : =

A cheap way to track your links and hide affiliates links is to frame and then dump
all your links into meta redirects and load into the frame (the frame hides the links in
the address bar from the user). It’s quick, dirty and FREE, others charge $30 per
month to do this for you.

http://www.linkvalet.com  (under construction)
http://www.findsomemoney.com  - money search website

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm

============Continuing Discussion (1.3)==================

Re: Internet Demise
From: Mike Sullivan


I agree with Ken Webb that the internet as a marketing tool is just about finished.
>From a pure marketing standpoint, he is correct, but there is still value in using the
internet to maintain your existing clients with service and product announcements,
but as far a searching for new business, it does not compute.

Having been online with the internet from its very beginning, even before
commercial use, it was the tool of the decade, and for this we should all be grateful.
But now it is a different story entirely with thousands of scams popping up every
month. This, combined with the government witch hunts has created a bomb zone.

Currently, I have pulled all my search engine ppc campaigns as they were becoming
useless. Thousands of hits, but very little increase in internet sales. The internet is a
great research tool, but I too no longer feel it is a great marketing tool.

Granted, we have seen success through the internet, but like all things, it must come
to an end. Too much spam, too much garbage, too much theft and too much money
is now being wasted on the internet in my experience. Even in my own research for
products and services I find I use the internet for the research side, and certainly will
not make a purchase from any spam I receive. Times are a changing, so what will be
the next great marketing tool?

Good luck, Mike

Risk Free Profits

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


============Continuing Discussion (1.4)==================

Re: Internet Marketing
From: William Jaroske

Ken Webb Mentioned,

(Safelists are dead; nobody ever sees your ads.)

I believe I said this Before, Safelists are the kiss of death to marketers.

(Auto Surfers are useful only for increasing your website hits, and some engines will
ban your domain if you use them.)

There is a systematic flaw with Auto Surf Exchanges. Now one will ever look at
your page since they can log on to Surfing and just walk away from the computer
and collect a bunch of hits.

Exit Exchanges are one of the worst advertising mediums ever designed and there
are just too many scams running rampant for the world’s governments to get a hold

It seems that people are flocking to buy and sell or marketing scams and the usual
garbage that comes with it.

William Jaroske

Invest in excellence instead of stupidity.

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


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============Continuing Discussion (2.1)==================

Re: Are Affiliates being short changed?
From: Monique Bizzell

Yes affiliates are getting ripped off cookies or not. Even larger outlets are only
tracking the first sales, some the user has to do a completed sale from your link the
first time, if that user decides to go to some other page hen later to the sales page you
won't get paid.

I always try for per referral or visit and not per sale.

Also, we should not use cookies hat should be the standard. The users’ computer is
their property, cookies made some lazy and these days so many aren't keeping them
on it's best to by pass cookie code, you can not rely on cookies to do critical things,
it's basically good for last visit and to redirect based on that for non-members visiting
your site.

Too many are turning them off. It's been abused by too many companies.

http://www.linkvalet.com - When you're ready!(under construction)

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


============Continuing Discussion (3.1)==================

Re: How Big is Your Blog? Reply to Rebecca Beasley
From: James Pendleton

Hi Rebecca Beasley,

How about this for a suggestion.
Create a directory specifically for your blogs. Organize them for their specific topics.
Then you will have them organized and not willy nilly.

Get a free SE Report

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


============Continuing Discussion (4.1)==================

Re: PressMania.com
From: Mal Robertson

WOW Bogdan,

That is a terrific site. I have seen lots of similar sites but Never one so Focused!
I took my time to look around and am very impressed by the quality of the site and
its content.

The look of the site is clean and tidy with all the various areas easy to find thanks to
the sub-headings.
Something I did miss is the online business opportunities and business to business.
Then I thought about the bigger picture. We have AdlandPro for those opportunities
- this is providing a significantly wider diversity of advertising to a much greater
range of users for a whole community, both online and offline.
Quite rightly the online business opportunities are included in "Jobs" or Sm.Biz.Ads
under 'Services'.

I look forward to this becoming available in the UK where I live.
However, Internet Business is worldwide anyway so advertising on any of the sites
will provide targeted ads that will help in the promotion of ANY online business.

Many congratulations Bogdan, you have done it again.

Wishing you the Blessings of Good Health, Success and Prosperity.
Kind regards
Mal Robertson

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============Continuing Discussion (5.1)==================

Re: Rudy
From: Ervin Hoath

I'll keep this short. If you keep complaining about Rudy and his ads he is going to
keep getting exposure. So if it bugs you that much send a private email to the
moderator with your complaint rather than giving focus to his trick.

Don't like the cold? Need to hold seminars.
Save on gas and long distance calls.
Get your people all in one place for training.


comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


=============== New Discussions (1) =======================

================ New Discussion (1) =======================

Ad writing tips
From: T Ann Bowlen

First make it about them. Not about what you or what you think, always think in
terms of the reader.

Next use your dictionary or thesaurus to come up with more interesting words.

Make the headline grab their attention. I.E. Hiccough, Excuse me. Your Success
(diet etc...), Hic...

Give them as much pertinent information as they can read in 8 seconds.

Give more details, for those who have real interest.

Be clear and concise.

Let them know how to do what you would like them to do.

Have a sense of humor.

A Good copy writer. Bet YOUR best earring!


comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm

===================Site Review Requests (0)=================

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


================Site Review Responses (1)==================

Re: Site Review # 29
From: Yvonne Finn

This is a very professional looking site.
It seems to have all the things we have been told that make a site credible
trustworthy and interesting.

Clear, unhyped copy that is offering a much needed service.

Good grammar with no "typos".
It makes the case for the offer, by asking and answering questions.

Much like a one on one conversation.

The copy is long, but that is sometimes a good thing, as it in this case, when the
merchant is trying to show why his paid offer is better that one that is available for

I like that the testimonials have full names, much more believable than, John R.

The colour contrasts are dynamic yet remain professional.
All in all, I like this website and the product seems well thought and has a lot to
Good luck, Chris!

Yvonne has been helping her family, friends and now her customers, find and chose,
natural skin care products for over 30 years.
Visit her at http://www.herbalhealthyskin.com to make some healthy choices of
your own.

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====================GUEST ARTICLE =====================

Long Copy Secrets - Keys To Mental Engagement, by: Daniel Levis

Master copywriter Robert Collier often used a technique to get people to read more
of his sales letters. You can use this same technique right now to increase the
readership of your web pages and emails.

I'll get to it in a moment. For now, let me tell you a couple of things about readership
in general, and the importance of using long versus short copy, in most cases.

If you're one of those marketers that rebel against the idea of long copy, and insist
that people don't read it, listen up. If you're copy is boring, or unsubstantiated, or
fails to promise the delivery of an expected benefit, then you are absolutely right.

But if you promise the expected benefit, and use engaging copy that's firing on all
cylinders, effectively attracting attention, building interest, desire, and action, have
no fear.

Your prospects will read as many words as necessary to convince themselves to
become buyers. That could mean thousands of words, depending what you are
asking them to do.

If the price is significant, or the thing you are selling demands a significant change of
behavior, or even if you are operating in a very mature, hotly competitive commodity
market, you just cannot expect people to decide favorably with minimal information.

They need enough sound reasons to buy, and they need those reasons appropriately
substantiated. Too many marketers paint pretty pictures, but fall down when it comes
to demonstrating proof.

Anyway, getting back to that little technique that Robert Collier used that I was
telling you about.

Collier observed that human beings possess a couple of inborn traits that he used to
get them to read his letters. I'm assuming you're one, so I'm going to include you in
this ;=)

A) We're naturally curious. We have an inborn "desire to know" hard wired into our
brains. It's instinctive, part of our survival program.

B) We just can't stand having a half baked thought or idea, hanging around waiting
to be finished. If there's an open loop, we want it shut.

So how did the legendary Collier use these to his money making advantage?

He would set up a story, and build up a primary point, and then before taking that
primary point to its logical conclusion, head off in a secondary direction, while
promising to return to the first one momentarily.

His readers hung on his every word, because they were curious about how the story
would end, and they couldn’t stand to leave the first thought unfinished.

You can use this same technique to great effect online. Or you can turn it upside
down like this in an autoresponder series.

Instead of introducing the secondary point toward the beginning of the copy, you
introduce it toward the end, leave the thought unfinished, and promise to close the
loop in the next installment. Collier did this constantly to create a sense of
anticipation in the minds of his periodical subscribers, and you can see the same
technique used frequently in the theatre and in soap operas.

To give you an idea of how powerful this idea is, get this...

Psychologists took to studying the behavior of wait staff in Restaurants. At regular
intervals they would question the waiters and waitresses about the orders they had

Almost without fail, the waiters and waitresses could remember what the people who
were still in the Restaurant had ordered, with a high degree of accuracy. But almost
always, they totally forgot what the people who had already paid their bill had
ordered, even though those patrons had left the Restaurant only minutes before.

Because the mind hates unfinished business, it remains engaged until the event or
subject of attention unfolds and resolves itself in a logical conclusion. In this case,
the payment of the check.

And in the case of your sales letter or email sequence, the close. That's a big deal,
because that's where you ask for the money, right?

Copyright 2005 Daniel Levis

About The Author

Daniel Levis is a top marketing consultant & direct response copywriter based in
Toronto Canada. Recently, Daniel & world-renowned publicist & copywriter Joe
Vitale teamed up to co author “Million Dollar Online Advertising Strategies – From
The Greatest Letter Writer Of The 20th Century!”, a tribute to the late, great Robert

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