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Topics in this issue:

        1. Sponsor Message
        2. Word from publisher
        3. Advertising
        4. Directories with Voting Links generate Traffic
        5. Free Web Hosting and More
        6. Request help & criticism
        7. Adland Tip

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============ Word from publisher (2)=============

We have some more opinions on advertising.
I'm glad that this discussion group becomes more
If I don't get any more posts regarding this topic
classified ads won't be part of this newsletter.

I had few postings in the past in html format.
Please refrain from using this type of email if you sending
it here. It causes more work as I have to translate it to
plain text and extract embedded links.

============= CONTINUING  (3) ==================


Dear Sir,

Thanks for the ADland Digest.  Also I appreciate your decision for excluding
advertising within your newsletter.  This option has been very annoying in
other e-zine pubs.

Keep it up and visit with us sometimes.

Stay Healthy and Get Wealthy, Sincerely
Gene Brown
The Herbal Marketplace

============= CONTINUING  (3) ==================

From: David Grant <>


I would like to comment on the idea of advertising in your news letter.
I am new to the internet, and subscribe to newsletters primarily to
gather useful information. My experience of publications that carry ads
are that you end up with one paragraph of information, and two pages of
adverts. Having said that however an effective place to advertise is
also useful, so would it not be possible to send two issues of your
newsletter, one informative and another issue to carry just advertising?
Alternately maybe a opt-in list?

David Grant

=================New Post  (4) =============

Subject:Directories with Voting Links generate Traffic
From: Franklin Banker <

I have recently been using the free services of 3 different online
directories which contribute heavily to the daily traffic to our site.
Unlike other big search engines which categorize millions of sites,
these are more selective, and if you take advantage of their voting and
rating links at your site, it can make a big difference.  Adland's
system is somewhat similar, but concentrates on the Classified Ads
genre.  These 3 directories are general directories which will include
most online business except adult.  I recommend them.



Helpware Sites

I promote all 3 on my various pages, and in my opinion, they all are
very well worth the small file space necessary for cross linking.  Check
them out!

Franklin Banker
BBL Internet Media

=================New Post  (5) =============

Subject: Free Web Hosting and More
From: Fitzgerald Ind <>

Most of you have read the current articals in the Adland Digest and
have probrably come to know that having a Domain name is a great way
to make your buisiness grow, It will give you and your company
credibility in the Internet community.
   Now for those of you that are new to this digest,or dident catch
the latest issue, Getting you own Domain name is easier and cheaper
now than ever before. For 35 dollars a year(prepaid for 2 years) you
can get your own Domain name at Internic simply go to and search for the name that you want to use in
the whois section of there site, once you find a suitable name, the
registration process is very simple and will talk you thru the process
as you go.
   Once you have your Domain name you will need a Host to operate your
site from, This will be where your site will be built and maintained.
I have recently found a new server that will Host your business site
for Free. The company is called HYPERMART and can be found at The hosting of your site is Free
as long as you allow them to put a banner at the top of your pages,
this dosent seem to be a problem for most businesses because almost
everyone has banner ads on there sites already,
You also can get rid of the banners if you want by subscribing to
there ad free hosting for only $99 a year which not only gets the
banners off your site but gives you an extra 10MB of space,unlimited
autoresponders,priority email support, and unlimited email forwarding
addresses. So for those of you that are just getting started this
would be a great way to go.
   I would also like to make an offer to all of the Adland
subscribers, I operate a subimittion service and would like to offer a
one time free submittion of your site To 2400 Search engines,links
pages,and Classified ad sites for FREE just for being a member of the
Adland digest. Simply come to my free web page at provided by GTE and sign
up to be on my mailing list.
you will then recieve instructions on how to submit your site. then
put (Adland member) in the subject line and I will submit your site
for free. You do not have to actually join my list. If you do not want
to be on my list simply dont reply to the listbot E-Mail that is sent
to you.
    Have a great and prosperous day

Dan Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald Ind.

=================New Post  (6) =============

Subject: Request help & criticism
From: "lester" <>

Hello Adland members.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Lester Coffer. I am 39 years old. I've
been married for 15 years and have one child. I work for the federal
government. I have the same joys & pains that everyone else has. For the
past 25 years I've been searching for the truth regarding life, death,
purpose in life, how to enjoy life, etc... After experiencing 39 years of
ups and downs, good times and bad times, I finally wrote down what I call
the "Secret Key to Enjoying Life". It is a 29 page book that teaches the
secret to truly enjoying life no matter what circumstances you may be in.

I'm new to the internet, and also a new subscriber to Adland digest. I just
received Vol. 1 # 43, and found it to be most informative. I've never
participated in a discussion group before, so I hope what I'm about to do is

When I read how Bob Cortez helped Judy Kruk with her web page, I said to
myself, "that's what I need".

I need help from Adland digest members. I want to sell my book via the
internet using my web page. My goal is not to attract the attention of 2
million curiosity seekers. My goal is offer my book to those persons who are
already seeking ways to improve their lives. I would like the Adland digest
members to visit my web page and give me advice on how to improve it, what I
should or should not do, tips on how to best market my book, etc... I really
need your help.

My web page address is   my e-mail address is  .
Please help me. I poured my heart out in this book, and I think it is
desperately needed by many people.

Thank you for your assistance.

Visit Happiness Secrets Today:

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