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                                         Vol. 1 issue #452 April 11, 2005


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Topics in this issue:

Word from the Moderator

Food For Thought
Are you a Salesperson?

Responses to Previous Tidbits (3)
Cathy Wagner, Angelo Minneboo, Rebecca Beasley

Continuing Discussions (6)

1. Re: Why do Internet marketers lie so bluntly?
Sharon Bray-McPherson, Ervin Hoath

2. Re: Responding to Joe Stewart
Ken Webb. Paul Skinner

3. Re: Are Affiliates Being Short Changed - Follow Up
Paul Skinner

4. Re: Green Zap
From: Ken Webb

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Lessons from Ray Kroc, by Jim Laube

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

Boy, it’s HARD to have to think of something new to say every 3-4 days… because
that is how often the Digest is being published now, thanks to the contributions from
YOU, our dedicated members. So… this is not new, but next to April in Paris, I
think the next best thing is April in Greece. Or May or June all the way up to
October as a matter of fact ;-) It has been beautiful outside this weekend and
dragging myself to the computer has been difficult. I hope you are enjoying spring if
you are in the Northern hemisphere too!

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=============Food For Thought=======================

=============NEW Tidbit==========================

Are you a Salesperson?

I’ve heard it said that some people are just born with the charisma of a salesperson
and others are not. Personally, I do not consider myself a salesperson – I think that if
my life depended on going from door-to-door selling makeup or whatever, I would
probably starve to death. Nevertheless, I am in online marketing, which most
definitely includes selling, and if you are receiving this publication, so are you.

So, tell me… are YOU a salesperson and what does it take to be a good one?

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=================Responses to Previous Tidbits==============

=================1st Course==========================

Re: Are you a positive thinker?
From: Cathy Wagner

Hi Amalia,

For some reason I haven't been receiving recent issues of the Digest and so I decided
to come looking for it. :) I'm glad I did! I love this question.

I've been working on my thought patterns too and I don't think success is just a
matter of thinking positively, although that is very important.

What I am learning is that personal energy, although unnoticed by many people, is
very powerful. We use it all the time whether we know it or not. We attract what we
focus on. If we dwell on the negative, we attract more negative events, but if we
focus on the positive, we will attract more positive events.

But, beyond that, if we want to improve the situation we are in, we must encourage
our subconscious to feel the success we desire in order to attract it. This can be
tricky, because our subconscious resists what it believes to be untrue and so it takes a
concerted effort to literally retrain the subconscious to accept prosperous thoughts.

Some will think this sounds far fetched, but it really is true and I am living proof. :)
I've been working with a prosperity mentor to retrain my subconscious thought
patterns and so many things have gone from good to great in my life, in such a short
period of time that it's nothing short of miraculous.

I'm not the only indicator either. You probably know Joe Vitale's new bestselling
book deals with this exact concept. More and more people are realizing their true
success potential lies in their attitude.

Have a Profitable Day,

Cathy Wagner

Online Business Expert
Providing Freedom-Seeking Entrepreneurs with
Low-Risk, Online Profit-Building Guidance.

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=================2nd Course==========================

Re: food for thought
From: Angelo Minneboo

Hello everyone,
Although my previous 'bit' was leaning heavily towards negativity, I would like to
follow up to that with expressing Who I am and how I act and react towards my
environment. I am by nature a very happy person; I do not need nor want very much.
I try to bring something real, friendly and good to every situation I encounter, that
way I can be sure that whatever happens after that situation I know I am most likely
to receive what I have given. At least that is my 'way of thinking’! However when
reality sets in that can be something quit different than what my frame of mind tells
It's rather like the Afilliate (programs) or games we play on the Internet, we get
hyped up by a program that promises us Golden Years are coming If only You ....
But then when reality sets in (at least for the Majority) wooops that’s a whole other

And there is negativity roaring its ugly head around the corner again!!
But can anyone be blamed for that?

Admin@MadCashCentral.com,  Madhouse909.com

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=================3rd Course==========================

Re: Negative Actions, Positive Reactions
From: Rebecca Beasley

How do you turn a negative into a positive?

This is something I practice every day and sometimes it's really difficult. You have
people who get out of bed on the wrong side and are bound and determined to ruin
your day as well as theirs. And if you don't deal with them in a positive way, they
can accomplish their goal and you find you've wasted your entire day arguing with
them over nothing.

Remember… for every action, there is an EQUAL and OPPOSITE REACTION. In
simple terms what this means is that you will either have an equal reaction… as in…
I walk up and punch you in the face, you're probably going to do the same to me

Or an opposite reaction...
You walk up to me and punch me in the face and I say...

"I'm sorry you had a bad day. Is there something I can do to help you?"

Would you feel bad then about punching me in the face?

Wouldn't you be likely to say… "I'm sorry I don't know what came over me!"

This is a really drastic example… but the same thing applies to how you deal with
people who might get in your craw or bug you all day asking one question after
another. If you respond with kindness no matter what, they will be more likely to see
you as a strong leader who can keep their cool... and they will probably want to be
more like you.

Do you have the patience to keep your tone of voice or your replies in instant
messenger friendly and professional even when they are being a pain in the
backside? This is something that will make a big difference in the number of people
who will come to you asking for help and advice, and you will be building your
business with respect and teaching your members at the same time. But it takes
practice. And sometimes you have to bite your tongue and just shut up for a while
before you say what you really want to say, but it is sure worth it in the long run.

Don't let them know that you're not doing well...
Never speak negatively about someone else's business... unless of course you know
for a fact it's a scam and can prove it with documentation from several different
places, then you would be saving them the trouble of finding out the hard way...
Never tell a member of your downline or a prospect about your health problems,
your religious preferences, sexual preferences, or anything else that doesn't
specifically pertain to business unless THEY bring the subject up, and even then
don't try to outdo their aches and pains or their horror stories. It will make you look
bad and possibly make them decide against joining under you. Use phrases like
"great job! Wow that's awesome! You've really come a long way! You are going to
make it!

Don't say things like… If I had the money I would join this program or that… Or I
just don't have time to do this on top of all my other jobs.

Give the impressions that you’re doing well… you’re not worried about it, and you
KNOW it's going to work out. If you have problems, deal with your upline, but don't
use your downline for a sounding board. And for heavens sake never ask your
downline members for money to bail you out of a problem! That's just not kosher!

Do you want them to think that you're incapable of earning money without asking for
a handout?

When someone asks how you're doing, your best reply would be I'm doing great
today! And I will even be doing better tomorrow!

Rebecca Beasley

Come and create your very own blog…Rss (real simple syndication) feeds and

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===========Continuing Discussions (6)===================

============Continuing Discussion (1.1)==================

Re: Why do Internet marketers lie so bluntly?
From: Sharon Bray-McPherson

In response to the following comments by William Jaroske found in the last issue of
the Digest:

"The answer is very simple. They do it because they are desperate. So desperate, that
they are willing to telling you anything just to get you to sign up.

These very people I have no respect for... However, the people tend to hang out on
certain areas of the web. I'm sure you find a lot of them on WAH oriented sites and
mlm forums.

Why on earth would someone tell you that there is a way to make tons of money
quickly? You can do that working a regular job. That is the only way you can make
money fast next to holding garage sales, but who ever got rich quick having garage
sales? That is the most outrageous thing I ever heard LOL."

William, it appears that once again you have opened your mouth before doing your

Think nobody gets rich from Garage Sales? Take a look at:
http://www.garagesaletip.com or

BTW, I do not own either of these websites nor am I associated with the owners or
using affiliate urls.

In the area where I live you now have to get a business license if you hold more than
4 garage sales per year so taxes can be collected from those that earn their FULL-
TIME INCOME with garage sales. I might add that most of those making "full-time
garage sale income" have become quite wealthy - doing the most outrageous thing
you ever heard.

Also William, unless you run your online business from an outside office I'm
assuming that you, like the majority of internet marketers, operate your business
from home. Does that not mean that you also WAH? And your inference that you'll
find most of the lying internet marketers hanging out on MLM forums is so
ridiculous that it does not even warrant a response.

Sharon Bray-McPherson


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===================================================== .

============Continuing Discussion (1.2)==================

Re: so true ken
From: Ervin Hoath

Good post Ken. You are so right about being held liable for making false claims.
When I first started out if I signed up to a program I would not use the sales letter
they provided as it made claims to something I had not accomplished yet and I still

I do think, however, if a court case was made against an up line for using a sales
letter from the owner that that owner would also be help responsible for providing
the letter in the first place. Most legit owners do put in their sales letters that you use
that so and so did this in xx# of days and so on and they usually have documented
proof of it. It’s when some one takes these letters and edits them to make false claims
that they are lining themselves up for trouble.

I know in Canada that it is against the law to make these claims even if it is true. If
you put in any claims at all it has to be the average numbers not what the few highly
motivated people make.

It does strike me as kind of a ridiculous law as they have no problem advertising
showing people on the beach on some exotic island some where with there lottery
winnings. You would almost have a better chance of being in an MLM and do
nothing than you would to win a lottery but this is O.K. to the gov.

People that make the big money doing fraudulent things only make that money
because of people’s greed and the need to get something for nothing.
That’s why these programs work. They never seem to stop and think is this for real
and check it out. I know if I see a claim to make 10000 in two days I turn and run the
other way. I am in this for the long haul and besides working for your money helping
others do the same is far more rewarding and it last a lot longer.

Have a great day.

Can't be with family on those special occasions? Want to train or meet with
associates but don't have the time to travel? Why not try Hot Conference

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============Continuing Discussion (2.1)==============

Re: Responding to Joe Stewart
From: Ken Webb

Sorry Joe but I think you missed the point regarding cookies.
If an affiliate program relies on cookies for the sale then it doesn't matter how many
follow up messages you send, the chances are you will not get the commission.
Cookie crunchers will see to that.

Problem is nobody has yet come up with a solution.
Until they do then promoting affiliate programs that rely on cookies is a lottery.


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============Continuing Discussion (2.2)==============

Re: Joe Stewart about commissions lost depending on method of promotion
From: Paul Skinner

Hi Joe,

I have to disagree with some of the comments.

Firstly, the reason I asked the question on affiliates being short changed is that I have
my own link tracking software database. Not only do I log a visit to a sales page, but
I track the clicks on a order link on that page. When I start seeing 200 visits on an ad
page and 100 click the order link, hence they want to buy it (presold!), and only 3
commissions show up the next day I start to ask questions, was the referral ID lost
cos of the security of peoples pcs now?
This is just one example. and that one was just for CB hop links which have been
improved recently but still use cookies for tracking the order from the vendors site.

Secondly, even if you grab the person email and follow up, it doesn’t mean you don’t
have to worry about if its tracked and forget about security and the cookie being
blocked.. as you still wont get the commission from your sales page as your id is
lost/blocked when the order happens.
Even if you send a follow up email with a hop link say, and they use Norton’s or
some spyware cookie muncher means you loose out. The merchant gets the lot of
cash. You zilch.

The net evolves, so the affiliate tracking must evolve or die. ie sessionless cookies
and server db tracking visits, not rely on clients pc to hold your info.

Submit your free Ad on my site

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============Continuing Discussion (3.1)==================

Re: Are Affiliates Being Short Changed - Follow Up
From: Paul Skinner

Hi All,

Seems at least Clickbank have changed the hop links to bypass some of the new
security blocking affiliates tracking and them in turn not being rewarded a
commission. So basically it’s more like a dedicated link and follows similar to what
amazon have done with their direct linking to products.

If you have not read the weblog lately here is a copy for your benefit.

hmm, I wonder if they read adlandpros discussion and got on to it. LOL. Nah just
consequence but it has been needed for ages now..

Means better fits with search engines and ridding variables is a must. Still it must
write to a cookie in the jump and not store temp. on their server since it still supports
the old hop method so means one could be short changed if cookie is blocked still.


2005-04-06 16:35
Re: New hoplink format added.
A new, simpler hoplink url format has been added. The format is as follows:


Affiliates may find higher conversion rates using the newer format because the
personalized domain name will not be recognized by filters and spyware that block
advertisements. Also, vendors may appreciate the new format because it is easier to
explain to new affiliates.

Note that we have seen some message forums posting the wrong format.
The format above is the correct one. Note in particular that AFFILIATE comes
before VENDOR, and no "?" or "/" is needed at the end.

Also note that you are completely free to continue using the regular
hop.clickbank.net format if you like. The tracking on our end works exactly the same
for both.

ABMA+1clicktraffic Mgr, NZ
Post your free advert or get your own adboard here

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============Continuing Discussion (4.1)==================

Re: Green Zap
From: Ken Webb

I just noticed a link to Green Zap in today’s edition.
I hope you checked the program out thoroughly before you joined because I am a
little concerned.
If they are a viable alternative to Paypal they would not need to give you $25.00 to
This seems overly generous to me.
No doubt to get the $25.00 you will need to give them your bank details?
Maybe I am overly cautious but I do suggest you investigate thoroughly before
getting involved.


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================Site Review Responses (0)==================

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====================GUEST ARTICLE =====================

Lessons from Ray Kroc, by Jim Laube

You may be wondering what an independent business person could possibly learn
from the man who created the McDonald's empire. What could you possibly have in
common with that huge corporate monster that serves in excess of 25 million people
a day at nearly 20,000 outlets world wide?

>From an operational standpoint, you may not have a lot in common with McDonalds,
however, Mr. Kroc's ingenious approach and guiding principles are not only relevant
but, include gems of wisdom every restaurant owner should know. His leadership
and business sense helped make McDonald's the biggest restaurant chain of all time
and made more people (his franchisees) into millionaires than any one organization
in history.

Just how Ray Kroc was able build such a massive and extremely profitable business
operation in a relatively short time span is certainly deserving of some attention.

Going to Work "On" The Business
When Ray Kroc secured the master franchising rights to McDonalds, he didn't go to
work "in" a McDonald's "restaurant". He went to work "on" McDonald's "the
business". To Kroc, the first McDonald's restaurant was just a model or prototype
that could be reproduced again and again in cities and towns all over the country.

Instead of personally rolling up his sleeves to run the joint, he instead began
analyzing every operational function of the original McDonald's from purchasing to
prep to the cooking and cleaning. Without changing the essence of the concept, he
made refinements and proceeded to develop a comprehensive set of standards and
procedures, essentially a SYSTEM for running a hamburger stand "the McDonald's

When Mr. Kroc had completed his first objective of building a complete "set of
instructions" for operating a McDonald's restaurant, he then he moved on to the next
phase of his plan. He was now able to show others, in this case franchisees, exactly
how to run a McDonald's restaurant.

Ray Kroc told his franchisees that following the McDonald's system would enable
them to give their customer the same food and service as the original McDonalds
AND give them the best shot at becoming successful business owners. We now
know that it worked, almost without exception!

The Tyranny of Working "In" Your Own Business
By contrast, many independent business owners never stop working "in" the
business. For example, if their business is a restaurant business, they start out as
doing the work of the manager, chef or maitre' d, which, of course, may be the only
option in a new restaurant, but five years later they are still doing the same thing.
They continue to function, not as an owner, but as another employee.

Recognize the implications in the way you approach your business and how you
function in it. If you're spending most of your time and energy running the
restaurant, chances are your business isn't achieving its potential for success and
chances are you're not having much a life outside of the business either. The reason
is that you're not focused on the things an owner of a business, any business, should
be doing.

The Difference Between a Restaurant and a Business
The problem is that most people who open their own restaurant have always worked
in one (no that's not a typo). There's a big difference between working in a restaurant
as a cook, chef or manager and building a successful business. A restaurant is not
just a restaurant, it's also a business and the knowledge, understanding and skills it
takes to manage a successful business is very different from the knowledge and skills
it takes to run a restaurant.

Basic business skills would include an understanding of the three main functions of
any business - operational, financial and marketing. These areas are discussed in
detail in the Toolkit section. However, we suggest that you continue to read and
reflect on the remaining topics in this section first.

A Shift In Thinking
As we noted in the introduction of "Food For Thought"*, these articles are designed
to make you "think" about your business and the role you play in it. We believe that
it's impossible for you to change your business without first changing the way you

All we ask is that you try to keep an open mind. See if you can validate some of what
is said based on your own experience. If you aren't achieving the level of success you
want, maybe it's because there's something you haven't learned yet.

Our initial goal is to challenge your current way of thinking. We want you to gain a
deeper understanding of some principles that will cause you to change the way you
look at your restaurant and the way you function in it.

*not related to our column in this publication

Copyright © 2005 RestaurantOwner.com
All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without permission prohibited.

Reprinted by Special Permission from Bob Dignard-Fung of MagneticThinking.com

The best way to SHIFT the THINKING on what is possible for you and your
prospects is by attending the next www.MagneticThinking.com symposium for free.
Next meeting: April 15. Check the website for details.


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================JOKE OF THE DAY==================

Knock On Wood

Three old ladies are sitting in a diner, chatting about various things. One lady says,
"You know, I'm getting really forgetful. This morning, I was standing at the top of
the stairs, and I couldn't remember whether I had just come up or was about to go
The second lady says, "You think that's bad? The other day, I was sitting on the edge
of my bed, and I couldn't remember whether I was going to bed or had just woken
The third lady smiles smugly. "Well, my memory's just as good as it's always been,
knock wood."
She raps the table. With a startled look on her face, she asks, "Who's there?"



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