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                                         Vol. 1 issue #453 April 15, 2005


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Topics in this issue:

Word from the Moderator

Food For Thought
What is your PASSION?

Responses to Previous Tidbits (6)
Cathy Wagner, Andrew Anderson, Yvonne Finn, Charles Green, Andrew Anderson,
Ken Webb

Continuing Discussions (6)

1. Re: Vol. 1 issue #451 April 8, 2005
From: Russ Wilson/Webintel

2. Re: Why do Internet marketers lie so bluntly?
From: William Jaroske

3. Re: Responding to Ervin
From: Ken Webb

4. Re: Responding to Paul
From: Ken Webb

5. Re: Responding to Rebecca
From: Ken Webb

New Discussions (2)

1. I have noticed many people leaving the marketing scene and joining HYIPS
From: Paul Skinner

2. "Using Your Intuition"
From: Gerri D Smith

Site Review Requests (1)

Re: http://www.onestopinternetbusiness.com
From: Cathy Wagner

Site Review Responses (0)

RSS Meets the Needs of Direct Marketers, by Rok Hrastnik

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

You may have already seen this bit of news, but just in case you haven’t, I thought
I’d post it today. It’s all about that scourge of the Internet: spamming!
Here is the excerpt:

“Judge Sentences Spammer to Nine Years

Published: 4/8/05

LEESBURG, Va. (AP) - A man convicted in the nation's first felony case against
illegal spamming was sentenced to nine years in prison Friday for bombarding
Internet users with millions of junk e-mails…”

Read the entire article by clicking below:


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=============Food For Thought=======================

=============NEW Tidbit==========================
What is your PASSION?

Well, we’ve been having some terrific interactions in this column; many people are
bearing their souls and giving great input to the rest of us, so I thought I’d take it a
bit further for you today. I have heard it repeated often that you won’t become a
huge success unless you are PASSIONATE with what you are doing. Makes sense.
No ballet dancer will become a Prima Dona unless she loves dancing so much that
she is willing to sacrifice all of her time and most of her life to her art.

I was wondering: How do YOU look at YOUR work? Are YOU passionate about
what you are doing and if not, what are you going to do about it?

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=================Responses to Previous Tidbits (6)==============

=================1st Course==========================

Re: Are you a Salesperson?
From: Cathy Wagner

Hi Amalia,

I am a salesperson, but I didn't always know it.

I've guess I've always considered myself a persuasive person. I like to debate and am
careful to choose my words in such as way at to get my point across succinctly.

At the prospect of selling, when I first came online, I thought, "OMG, I'm gonna be a
salesperson?!" But I rose to the challenge and started developing those skills.

As I developed those skills, I realized that I was a salesperson all along!

Think about this:

Your husband is trying to choose between two opportunities. You understand the
benefits of both and decide that you like one better than the other. You then try to
persuade him that your preferred opportunity is better or, in other words, sell him on
the deal you like.

Or this:

Your kids want a snack. They want cake, but you want them to have fruit instead.
Most of us don't go right to, "You're going to do what I say!" and so you try to
persuade them to eat the healthier snack or, in other words, sell them on snack you

Whether we realize it or not, we are all salespeople. We all have sales skills and we
use them everyday. Successful salespeople realize this and apply their persuasive
skills to telling people about their business.

Have a Profitable Day,

Cathy Wagner

Online Business Expert
Providing Freedom-Seeking Entrepreneurs with
Low-Risk, Online Profit-Building Guidance.


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=================2nd Course==========================

Re: Are you a salesman?
From: Andrew Anderson

Great topic and learning opportunity here. That question gets a resounding no from
most people. Those people that don't believe they are salespeople need to step back
and look at their lives.

How many times in your life have you been hired by a new employer? How many
times have you asked and received a date with a member of the opposite sex? Are
you married? Do you have insurance? Do you have a credit card or home loan?

There is not a person alive who has not done at least one of these things, and to
every extent, these are sales.

Product= You and your reputation, they must wind up believing in you at the end of
the pitch or you wouldn't have come out on the winning end of the proposal.

The pitch= You approached each of the people responsible for the outcome and told
them about the product and left them interested and wanting to know more.

The sample= You stood before them with all your good works, highlighted the best
about your product and got them to believe in you.

The close= You left them an image of the person you are, the person you would like
to be, and a vision of how things would be if you were a part of their world.
Everything on the line and you created a cense of belief, and necessity to purchase
your product.

Each person spends a lifetime selling themselves and their image to people they
meet. The hardest thing on the planet to sell is yourself, you know your flaws, you
know your act and still you get people to believe in you, to take a chance and to
invest time and sometimes money in the person in front of them. You are a salesman;
you just need to find in yourself the ability to apply those same life situations to any
product you sell. You need to be confident and say I can do this; I have been selling
something every day of my life.

Submitted by Adland pro member Andrew Anderson.
AKA: Andy "Zeus" Anderson
Owner Anderson Mega Mall http://www.andersonmegamall.com 

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=================3rd Course==========================

Re: Are you a salesperson?
From: Yvonne Finn

Before I started my own business, I had only bought into the negative connotation of
a salesperson. You know, the person who doesn't care about your needs and only see
you as a dollar sign.

However, since I have been marketing my own business, I have learned that that is
not the way to get customers and to keep them.

First, I don't try to convince anyone that they must buy my product or service.
I use and if it works for me I then recommend it to my customers, based on their

As a matter of fact, I have no problem recommending a competitor's goods or
service, it that better suits the clients’ situation.

Believe that keeps my clients coming back!

Yvonne Finn

Natural health and beauty care is on the rise, because wise consumers know that
taking care of their bodies and the environment is a connected process.
Come make the connection at: http://www.herbalhealthyskin.com 

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=================4th Course==========================

Re: Are YOU a salesperson?
From: Charles Green


No. I'm no salesperson. Well, I don't consider myself one, anyway.
I'd have more success as a stand-up comedian... telling stories about my failed
attempts at sales.

Some would say I am a salesperson. People do purchase as a result of my efforts.

I can tell stories. I can relate my experiences. I can share information.

There are people receiving this Digest who may be thinking, "Arrghh, another guy
saying 'I don't sell. I just share information.' More MLM hype"

But, honestly, that's all I can do. If I could sell, believe me, I'd give it a go. I'd use
those skills to "close" everybody, because I sincerely believe that everybody,
everywhere needs what I have.

Instead, I just let people know what I know, show them how to find out more, and
give them the opportunity to ask any questions at any time.

I don't really like salespeople much. And, since, I'm pretty normal, I reckon most
people probably feel the same way. So, it may be best that I'm not a salesperson. It
probably increases my likeability. :)

I look forward to seeing what other subscribers have to say on the subject.


Charles & Kerri Green are Tahitian Noni International Independent Distributors
living in Qld, Australia with their four children, including two "noni babies".
Read more about them at http://www.greenaus.com 

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=================5th Course==========================

RE: Are you a positive thinker.
From: Andrew Anderson

Another great subject. I have found the 4 keys to success to be as follows.

Strong mind: Knowledge about your chosen field, spend your whole life learning and
apply what you know.

Strong body: You must be able to pull the long hours, to work hard and outperform
the competition.

True heart: Be honest with yourself and those around you. Be ready to admit your
flaws and ask for help. This will gain you respect.

Faith: You must believe in yourself and your abilities. You must exude confidence to
those around you and be a leader not a follower.

When you apply those 4 keys to your life you will find a new and positive attitude
that will pave a path to success like no other.

AdLand member: Andrew Anderson
AKA: Andy "Zeus" Anderson
Owner: Anderson Mega Mall http://www.andersonmegamall.com 


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=================6th Course==========================

Re: Positive Thinking - In Response to Cathy.
From: Ken Webb

Hi Cathy,
Do your sessions with your mentor involve Subliminal Messaging, Self Hypnosis,
Lucid Dreaming or any similar process?
This is something I have taken an interest in recently. I really would appreciate your
comments on this.
Subliminal Messaaging

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===========Continuing Discussions (5)===================

============Continuing Discussion (1.1)==================

Re: Vol. 1 issue #451 April 8, 2005
From: Russ Wilson/Webintel


You're doing an excellent job as the moderator, thank you.

This issue was one of the better digests I have read.

Though provoking questions:

1. Are you a positive thinker?

Absolutely! Otherwise why would any sane individual invest lots of money, and
hours, and hours marketing and working to build a dream? Why would anyone sane
or otherwise put their ego, hopes, and finances at such risk?

Because we have no other choice if a dream is to become reality.

2. Do we think Globally, or locally?

Without a doubt, I think Globally. My business is a Global business. I have Hard
goods, soft goods, and digital goods, all can be had with the click of a mouse, and an
easy to use payment system. And why with the Global outreach of the Internet
would anyone online even consider limiting themselves to the local inhabitants?

No, I never fear the worst. Why bring disaster on yourself? "Thoughts are things"!
"Whatsoever you ask for, Believing; you shall receive."

3. What's the first thing you should tell your affiliates, or downline?

Learn the Program. Learn how it works. Learn how it will help someone. Learn
how it pays. Learn all it's components so that you will know how to work it,
promote it. Don't be in such a rush to market the program, that you're stumped when
someone asks you the hard question.

ready, and able to be successful with it.

4. Why do Internet marketers Lie?

I being a positive individual, believe it happens because they don't know their
program, and as stated by another digest reader, they are simply repeating their
uplines’ information, and want to believe it themselves.

Now, I'm not naive, and I know that there are scammers, crooks, and otherwise
unsavory characters in the world; the daily "murder, robbery, rape, inhumanity to
man" report that we bring into our houses as 'THE NEWS" tells me that such people
are about to prey on the gullible, and innocent. But I don't think most marketers fall
into any of those categories, the simply haven't taken the needed time to LEARN
THEIR PROGRAMS. So, they rely on erroneous information that's been handed on
to them.

5. Has Internet marketing become History?

If you mean has Internet marketing made History, then a resounding yes is in order.
More people have become wealthy with the Internet as a medium than with any other
medium known to mankind. Where else throughout history have so many had
inexpensive opportunities put in front of them that can build dreams into reality?

It is also true that many have failed because they didn't believe in themselves, or
their dream. Some one said, and I don't remember who, "That all too often people
give up just when the next step would have brought success."

6. Are affiliates short changed?

Yes in a number of ways.

• You're only paid a percentage of the retail sales price of the product.
• The owner of the product may simply quit business.
• The company may decide they don't need affiliates anymore.
• Because; all the leads they have captured coming from your link to them now belong to them.
• Because you have no way to capture the leads for your self.
• Because you pay for the advertisements that bring the company business.

Can you be successful marketing someone else's program, or product?
Yes, some make a very good living at it. Would I rely on it only? Not a

7. Conference Calls:

They are always scheduled at a time I find inconvenient, and I rarely attend. Can
they be useful? If they are set up as training sessions and hold to that format; then
definitely. However, as Ken stated, all too often they are nothing more than hype
sessions, or sales sessions trying to get the audience to upgrade to their latest, and
greatest revision of their program.

8. The Magic of Thinking Small, by Mike Litman

Great article! More truth and honest that any politician would ever dare to utter.

Hard advice to follow. When your dreams are so big, it's hard to think small. We
forget all too often that you build a business "one brick at a time". And that as you
continue to add bricks, the rewards are growing too. Unfortunately, because of the
instant gratification mind set humanity has grown into since; well, mankind has
always dreamed big, and wanted everything they dreamed of "RIGHT NOW", I don't
believe I can tell you the 'since when' That we started wanting instant gratification,
probably since "Adam, and Eve". However; we should remember too: It's not going
to happen overnight: and see it happening a piece at a time; as Mike Litman so
eloquently wrote.

Really a Great article Mike, Thanks.

9. Things to do in an elevator:

Only one of the given options appealed to me. It would be a fantastic Ice breaker, if
said with a friendly smile. Opens all sorts of ways to introduce myself, and my
business card.

9) When the doors close, announce to the others, "It's okay, don't panic, they open

All the other options left open to many harmful scenarios for myself, and the other
passengers. Best delete them, most aren't even cute, just mean spirited.

You did great Amalia: This digest had the right mix. I wonder how someone runs a
full time business, and has the additional time to take on the job of moderator of the
Digest. I’d sure like to know your secret to doing that.

Russ Wilson/Webintel

Ps. See Amalia, no ads.

Russ Wilson/Webintel is a Successful Franchise Owner,
http://webintel-home-income-portal.com & Professional Web Realtor.
WEB REAL ESTATE: "Search Engine Driven Web Advertising BillBoard" ~free~
here: http://www.search-the-web-with-webintel.com 

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============Continuing Discussion (2.1)==============

Re: Why do Internet marketers lie so bluntly?
From: William Jaroske

"William, it appears that once again you have opened your mouth before doing your

Think nobody gets rich from Garage Sales? Take a look at:
http://www.garagesaletip.com or

BTW, I do not own either of these websites nor am I associated with the owners or
using affiliate urls."

Sharon, if you go back and read what I posted, you will find that I never claimed or
denied of get rich quick with garage sales. Your point is pretty much frivolous.

"And your inference that you'll find most of the lying internet marketers hanging out
on MLM forums is so ridiculous that it does not even warrant a response."

So Why respond?...

1) To educate internet marketers.
2) Expose the lying internet marketers hanging out on MLM forums.

If you can't do either, you don't deserve to be in business.

Maybe you should think for awhile before debating me.

William Jaroske

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


============Continuing Discussion (3.1)==============

Re: Responding to Ervin
From: Ken Webb

Many thanks Ervin for putting me straight.
I do agree that the owner could also be held responsible but they have normally
"Done a Bunk" by the time it gets to that stage. It is because of this that many
affiliates are now going after the uplines, particularly if they feel they have been lied
to by their sponsors. Naturally they have to prove wrongdoing but I assure you Class
Action Lawsuits are on the increase.

Unscrupulous program owners cover their tracks very well and I know from
experience that they generally surface again pretty quickly with another new scam.
It is how they continue to do this and get away with it that is alarming.
I used to keep a list of names of people I would never do business with.
Many still use their real names time after time and continue to poke their fingers at
the authorities.
As I no longer involve myself with MLM it is not now a problem for me personally,
but I felt it my duty to warn others.

Refer Ads

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


============Continuing Discussion (4.1)==================

Re: Responding to Paul
From: Ken Webb

Hi Paul,
This is indeed good news.
As you know, I was on the verge of giving up on affiliate programs that rely on
It is a blessing that somebody has taken the problem on board and decided to do
something about it.
Only time, and testing, will confirm if this is to be the solution, but at least it gives us

Paid Reads


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============Continuing Discussion (5.1)==================

Re: Responding to Rebecca
From: Ken Webb

Hi Rebecca,
Great article, I really enjoyed this. You made some very valid points.

Just one point however, if somebody punched me in the mouth my natural reaction
would be to hit back. I realize you used an extreme case to make the point but it is
natural for people to react when they or their family are threatened.
What happens if you don't react or act in the way you suggest?
In my view many will see this as weakness and walk over you some more.
I wish this were not the case but I fear it is.

Free Software Downloads

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=============== New Discussions (2) =======================

================New Discussion 1 ==========================

I have noticed many people leaving the marketing scene and joining HYIPS instead
From: Paul Skinner

Hi All,

I have noticed many people leaving the marketing scene and joining HYIPS instead.
A place they can make big fast cash without having to promote or recruit, any more
(being Lazy) and relying on the HYIP to manage your money like a bank investment,
not being a ponzi (although it seems most are scams). HYIPS are meant to grow
money by buying and selling stocks, gold, products and land or renting for the
interest payments back to you from the capital.

I know it’s possible to get gains of up to 300% a day and heard there are websites out
there that can train you to do own investing instead of joining hyips.
Has any one came across these and do they really work?

I have only joined one HYIP (to check it out myself, one recommended and running
for a while so less likely to be a scam), I started with $100 and now it claims I have
$800 in 6 months… with daily interest of $8 a day!.. I have been taking out money
and reinvesting mostly... but its one guy that runs it I believe.. So if he died then
what? Good question.

I’ve made a website months back to show how its been going with a cut and paste of
transactions. I no longer add my own real funds so playing around with it. But yet to
take out the $300 of the $800 of my real cash though so at least I break even if goes
to wall. See signature for url.

Most use egold or bankwires and operate outside the USA laws. So maybe not a
good bet there, although I heard a while back, the banks are controlling and tracking
cashflow to egold soon.

wasn’t Pips the first HYIP? Scam sites talk about it a lot now.

So what’s your feeling of HYIPS? Good, Bad, Don’t rely on totally?

Paul, ABMA Mgr, NZ

HYIP Investing, My early results. Make your own mind up:
Email 1 million contact safelist emails:

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================New Discussion 2 ==========================

"Using Your Intuition"
From: Gerri D Smith

Copyright, 2005

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are
powerful beyond measure."
-Nelson Mandela, Inaugural Speech, 1994

Intuition is divine guidance. Sometimes it is known as a "hunch."
Whatever you choose is call it, intuition is a mighty powerful lead that directs you to
take immediate action. Do you follow your intuition or do you allow doubt and
reason to step in?

A sudden lead or intuition comes to you in a quick moment. When it feels right and
works, you must give in to it. And in order for it to benefit you, it must be nurtured,
practiced, and demonstrated. This happens when you act on your inner voice, that
unexplained thought, or when you make a decision that turns out to be exactly the
answer you were looking for.

It is the same as when you get a spiritual revelation to help someone in need with
either your time or money. This too, is a demonstration of your intuition in action.
That good deed will be returned to you in multiple ways. It works in your business
life as well as your personal life. How many successful people do you know who
started out with just an idea or thought that came to them unexpectedly? How about
McDonald's? Wendy's, the World Wide Web? Most ideas are based on intuition.

Sometimes your intuition or your "hunches" are unexplainable. When that happens,
it is God's way of guiding you to take a step in a different direction, or to trust His
lead. It always turns out to be a perfect idea.

How many times have you ever gotten a strong urge to obey a certain thought? Did it
come at an unexpected time? Did you act on it? Did you get an unexpected surprise?
On many occasions my intuition has led me to an unexpected surprise.

While taking a walk on my lunch hour, I can walk in several different directions,
either when leaving or returning to my office. In deciding which street to turn on I
usually follow my intuition. And in doing so, I often run into someone I hadn't seen
for months; or someone I'd lost contact with, or someone I used to work with and the
re-acquainting moments and emotions are always so precious.

Later, in thinking back, I might wonder at how I might have missed the opportunity
if I hadn't followed my intuition and hadn't walked in the direction that I was guided
to go. If I hadn't followed my inner voice, those precious moments of a chance
meeting would never have happened.

So, never question your intuition. It is unexplainable, mysterious, and many times it
is divine law in action. Give thanks for your intuition. Whenever you follow your
divine leads or your inner guidance, you are blessed with receiving an unexpected
surprise. Though, to follow your inner voice, it often takes an act of faith.

However, when you are indecisive and not sure which way to go, try to be at peace
with your choice - whether good or bad. Since all effort is an act of faith, nothing
will be lost even if you make a wrong decision or miss a big opportunity. Learn to
forgive yourself and remember: "if one door closes, another one soon opens." This is
God's way of showing you that your life is a part of His perfect plan.

Trust your intuition. Trust your "hunches." Trust your inner voices or urges. They are
all blessings for you to use to their fullest. Trust your small decisions as well as the
major ones. Trust your business decisions as well as the ones that affect your
personal life. Everything that happens to you happens for a reason. And remember,
intuition is a powerful force that must not be resisted to work. It gives God a chance
to give your life His perfect pleasure.


Gerri D Smith publishes a Free inspirational newsletter to encourage and support
individuals, small business owners toward business and personal success. Visit

===================Site Review Requests (0)=================
Re: http://www.onestopinternetbusiness.com
From: Cathy Wagner

Hello Everyone!

I am so pleased to see such lively conversation once again here in the Digest! But
what's happened to the web site reviews?

I submitted a review request a while back when things were slow and didn't get any
replies. Since then, I've changed all the sales copy and would really like to get some
feedback. I hope this time you'll be able to take the time to give me your comments.
:) http://www.onestopinternetbusiness.com 

I am really interested in your feelings on the copy. I removed the long sales letter
from the main page and hope the new copy is much more direct, but I want to be sure
that I haven't left anything out. Does it leave you with any questions?

Do you feel inspired to buy? If so, what service is of interest? If not, why?

I've also raised a lot of my prices to reflect the true value of my services. Do you
think the prices are fair for the value as presented by the copy?

I'm very excited about these changes! I see this new focus as a way to launch my
business from good to great! I'm ready to venture offline and make my bid for the
big time, but I want the site to be absolutely perfect before I do. :) Any comments
will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

Cathy Wagner

Online Business Expert
Providing Freedom-Seeking Entrepreneurs with
Low-Risk, Online Profit-Building Guidance.

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================Site Review Responses (0)==================

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


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====================GUEST ARTICLE =====================

RSS Meets the Needs of Direct Marketers, by Rok Hrastnik

Contrary to general opinion, RSS meets the needs of even the most demanding direct
marketer, actually providing most of what e-mail marketing does, except for the
strong push factor.

Most direct marketing reasons against RSS are in fact the result of inadequate
understanding of RSS by most marketers.

a] Scheduled and autoresponder messages

There are already a few services and software packages on the market that allow for
scheduled and autoresponder messages via RSS feeds. Once your visitor subscribes
to your special RSS feed, he can receive a pre-determined set of messages in a
specific time frame, determined by you. Use these messages to welcome your new
reader to your RSS feed; thank your new customer after the purchase, send him
additional information about the ordered product and give him the opportunity to buy
an additional product at a lower price tag a couple of days later, and so on.

b] RSS metrics

RSS can in fact be tracked: track anything from the number of your subscribers, their
reading habits, their reading frequency to your click-through rates and activities after
clicking-through from your feed. This includes tracking which of your RSS feeds are
performing better, are more interesting to your readers and drive more sales ... and
the same for individual content items.

c] Message targeting

Since RSS feeds can be dynamically generated on a per-user basis, you can easily
track the interests of your individual subscribers and then target marketing messages
directly to them, making each message relevant to their needs and interests in order
to increase your sales success.

d] Message personalization

If you generate your RSS feeds for each individual user, you can also personalize
these feeds. Basic personalization includes elements such as the reader's first name,
while more advanced personalization might include personalized content and product
recommendations and so on.

e] Data capture

E-mail marketers have already become experts at using opt-in forms to get as much
information from the prospect as possible; the prospect's name, his interests, the
current products he is using, his current position in the purchase cycle and so on.
RSS can be used in the same way, giving your visitors access to the RSS feed only
after they've filled in a simple or complex opt-in form. This can work with e-zine
subscriptions, as well as forms you require your visitors to fill in to either register on
your website or download your free report or whitepaper.

Good news for direct marketers is that these capabilities are already available in
many RSS publishing/marketing solutions, available at very acceptable prices,
accessible even to the smallest companies.

Copyright 2005 Rok Hrastnik

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================JOKE OF THE DAY==================

Explanation of Microsoft computer messages

It says: "Press Any Key"
It means: "Press any key you like but I'm not moving."

It says: "Press A Key"
(This one's a programmers joke. Nothing happens unless you press the "A" key.)

It says: "Fatal Error. Please contact technical support quoting error
no. 1A4-2546512430E" It means: "... where you will be kept on hold for 10 minutes,
only to be told that it's a hardware problem."

It says: "Installing program to C:\...."
It means: "... And I'll also be writing a few files into c:\windows and
c:\windows\system where you'll NEVER find them."

It says: "Please insert disk 11"
It means: "Because I know darn well there are only 10 disks."

It says: "Not enough memory"
It means: "I don't CARE if you've got 64MB of RAM, I want to use the bit below

It says: "Cannot read from drive D:...."
It means: "... However, if you put the CD in correct side up..."

It says: "Please Wait...."
It means: "... Indefinitely."

It says: "Directory does not exist...."
It means: ".... any more. Whoops."

It says: "The application caused an error. Choose Ignore or Close."
It means: ".... Makes no difference to me, you're still not getting your work back."



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