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Topics in this issue:

Word from the Moderator

Food For Thought
Are you making Your Vision come true?

Responses to Previous Tidbits (2)
Ken Webb, Judi Copeland

Continuing Discussions (4)

1. Re: HYIP and PIPS
Eva Marie Farrell

2. Re: Words Can Sometimes Be Taken Out of Context
Judi Copeland

3. Re: Responding to Cathy
Ken Webb

4. Re: Yvonne Finn's Lost Domain
Kindra Martinenko

New Discussions (4)

1. Goals..Yes you need Them
From: Bruce Tyler

2. Hello
From: Wendy Powers

3. Forum Posting
From: Michael Anderson

4. The Biggest Myth Of Starting A Killer Internet Business
From: Wai Khuen Lai

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Site Review Responses (1)
Re: Pressmania
From: Nan Kietzke

Multiple Income Streams from Niche Markets, by Fred Farah

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

I’m back!! Miss me?? LOL
First of all I want to thank Michael Dela Cruz for filling in for me last week while I
went canal-hopping in the beautiful city of Amsterdam – a trip my husband and I had
been dreaming of for a whole year but weren’t sure we’d be able to take until the
very last minute. We had many obstacles to overcome, but in the end everything fell
into place and hubby piled me and our bags into an airplane and we were off!
With my head filled with new images and a load of beautiful memories that will last
a lifetime, I am back and ready to dive into this wonderful Digest of valuable
knowledge, opinions and wisdom that you, our readers, provide for Adland :-)

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=============Food For Thought=======================

=============NEW Tidbit==========================

Are you making Your Vision come true?

I suppose before you answer the above question you would need to determine
whether you HAVE a vision or visions! But is it a clear vision of what it is exactly
that you want, or is it just a fuzzy idea such as: “I want more money”? It is Step #1
before you set out to achieve success to know, see, feel and taste what it is you want
– visualize your goal. Assuming you are already past Step #1, what exactly are you
doing to make your Vision come true?

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=================Responses to Previous Tidbits (2)==============

=================1st Course==========================

Re: What Makes a Good Salesperson?
From: Ken Web

In my view you must first truly believe in the product.
Naturally it would be a huge plus if you also use it yourself, although this is not
essential. For instance a teenager would not need to use Anti Wrinkle Cream but
might still believe in its benefits to the elderly. Some people could sell ice to the
Eskimos but does this make them good salespeople or are they simply very
accomplished con merchants?
(I expect some feedback on this one)

Once you know and believe in your product then you have to convince your
customers that what you are offering is superior to your competitors.
And this, in my view, is where true salesmanship comes in.

Grab some software while you can, this site is about to be removed:

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=================2nd Course==========================

Re: What's Your Story?
From: Judi Copeland

I am 38, married for almost 14 years with 2 children ages 7 and 9.

I started my business pretty much by winging it. I graduated high school, but
dropped out of college after one semester. The only types of jobs I could ever find
paid minimum wage, or at least very close to it.

Then I had my first child who came into the world 3 months early. I could not really
keep a job at that point and wanted to be a stay at home mother anyway, but it would
have been extra stressful on my husband to be the sole provider. He had to take on a
second job while I did odd jobs around the house, including specialty phone work
which paid me to make calls to men.

Then I stumbled on an offer to get a computer, lured in by the idea that people are
making a decent living by conducting business on the Internet.

I got the computer and was pointed in the direction of free web hosting sites and
started my first project - learning how to design a site. I found software which
helped me learn how to do html and basic java scripts. Then I wondered how on
earth I could make money with this web site.

I had no clue about the basics of how to get traffic to your site, but I did know from
my time working with people that if you want satisfied people who keep coming
back for more - give the people what they want and give them the best you have to

I learned a lot through publications like the Adland Digest [and have been a member
for quite a few years now.] I have read everything I could get my hands on about
conducting business online, getting traffic, and affiliate programmes.

So I wanted to create a site featuring all I learned and all I knew about life in general
along with my basic opinions then my first web site evolved from that point.

It took a good 2 years to develop a regular, steady flow of traffic to make a decent
income, but I am rather happy with my results.

The bottom line for me is I like people. I like to entertain people. I want them to be
happy and I give them the best I can give. If I help at least one person a day walk
away with new insight, I've done my good in the world.
AAA Resources

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===========Continuing Discussions (4)===================

============Continuing Discussion (1.1)==================

From: Eva Marie


HYIP is a high yield interest rates possibility of losing money or being scammed by
the scammers
PIPS is NON-HYIP A secured Investment with very small or minimal risk.
He is trying to compare the difference between HYIP and PIPS. I am also one of the
investor of PIPS
Hopefully this will help.

Thanks, Eva Marie Farrell

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============Continuing Discussion (2.1)==============

Re: Words Can Sometimes Be Taken Out of Context
From: Judi Copeland

I agree with Ken to a certain point. Words don't always seem to convey the intended
point due to the writer's experience with writing, grammar, and overall grasp of
language skills. Add to that one must consider the writer's point of view, experience
in life and mood when writing any statement.

Unfortunately, it is really hard to tell at first glance what a writer may be saying
when it comes to any form of Internet communication because often we are
communicating with total strangers.

Old fashioned manners and a basic respect for the language would be very much
appreciated in a business setting. If you are in business, it would serve you wisely to
think before you write and evaluate how your words may come across.

When it comes to informal communication, this has no place in the business world.
On a professional level, you do not want to come across as a teenager BY TYPING
IN ALL CAPS - or worse - lIkE tHis. Those are annoying and put off any serious
intention you may wish to convey.

My mother always told me as a child to think before I spoke for fear I may hurt
someone's feelings or say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Most people I knew
grew up with parents who expected this kind of respect out of their children. What
happened to the basic principle of respect for others?

All capital letters, variations of capital and lower cased letters, non-standard
abbreviations, slang, profanities, hard to read fonts and colors are all examples of the
bad elements that have come into communicating with people on the Internet. The
people generally mean no harm, but some do. Unless you really know the person
who is writing the message, you can only guess.

I guess I will stand off my soap box now.
Official Site Of Callen Damornen

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============Continuing Discussion (3.1)==============

Re: Responding to Cathy
From: Ken Webb

Hi Cathy,

I am grateful for your feedback as this is a topic close to my heart.

I am a firm believer in positive thinking having used it myself. I have not added a
link to my website here because I don't want this to be seen as a plug. I hope that it
might give hope to others who are in a similar position to where I once was.

A few years ago I was a single dad with three young sons to support. This is the first
time I have ever admitted this openly on the web. My youngest son was only three. I
was living off state benefits and had no future. After about three years of struggling
along I was totally broke and depression set in.

I stumbled upon something called the Realisation System in a local charity shop. I
think it was something like eight volumes, all about positive thinking, self hypnosis
etc and it only cost £1 so I bought it. I took it home and concentrated on the volume
regarding positive thinking and how you can replace the negative thoughts in your
subconscious with positive ones. I still practise this today whenever I am feeling low.

As you say the process is slow and I didn't really notice any sudden changes at the
time. However, six years later I was the National Operations Manager for one of the
biggest corporations in the UK. Not bad for a former unemployable father of three.
My sons are very proud of what I have achieved since then. I have travelled around
the world and purchased property in both the UK and Spain.

Now, I would not want to stand up in a court of law and say emphatically that this
was all down to the Realization System, but I do recommend that anybody who feels
depressed, or is in a rut, take a look at Positive Thinking. I have no doubt at all it
worked for me.

The Realization System is no longer available, which is a pity, but there are plenty of
websites that cover similar topics.

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============Continuing Discussion (4.1)==================

Re: Yvonne Finn's Lost Domain
From: Kindra Martinenko

As you said, your domain is technically not lost, it is just "locked".
A personal comment on my part is that I don't trust Bravenet. They seemed sketchy
to me and they still do to this day.

With that said, you can take some action. I did some research for you.
Dodora is supposedly (according to their site) an ICAAN accredited registrar. But
guess what? They aren't! You go to ICANN (www.icann.org) and search them in
their registry look up and Dodora nor WLS Registrars are listed. SCAM! So you
need to go to http://www.internic.net/index.html and file a report immediately. Get
the authorities involved and take action. I would personally get an intellectual
property rights lawyer involved and sue, but that is completely up to you. You are at
least entitled to your domain and to fair value for that domain.

You are entitled to switch registrars within 60 days. My second recommendation is
to try and switch as soon as possible and go to GoDaddy (www.godaddy.com).
Follow their directions for switching registrars for your domain. They might even
help you resolve the issue. I have several domains with them and they are the most
reputable domain registrar on the planet and have the best customer service around.
You still pay around $8.95 a year, and they ARE registered with ICANN.

Good luck to you Yvonne!

Kindra Martinenko
Owner, Cascades Internet Solutions

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=============== New Discussions (4) =======================

=============== New Discussion (1) =======================

Goals..Yes you need Them
From: Bruce Tyler

Recently, I spoke with a client who wanted me to do a workshop at an upcoming
conference. I offer a number of different talks, so I asked her what the focus of the
meeting was in order to be able to suggest a relevant topic. She said that although the
committee members had already picked several programs, they had not yet identified
a focus for the conference. My first thought in response to this was, "If you don't
know what you want, then how are you going to get it?" However, I am savvy
enough not to insult people, so we spoke a little longer and we came up with a
program that she wanted me to present.

It never ceases to amaze me that people do not identify outcomes they wish to
achieve. While the above example is related to a conference, it is by no means
limited to that area.

Many people engage in activities in their careers and businesses, but they haven't
defined what they want to attain. They are completing tasks, but they aren't focused
on accomplishing clear-cut results.

When I was a human resources executive, I often worked with people to determine
the appropriate jobs that were needed in their groups. Many department heads would
complete job descriptions for key jobs, which described all of the tasks that the
employees would be required to do. It took a great deal of effort for me to get these
individuals to realize that employees in key positions are not paid to perform tasks,
they are paid to produce results. Through much coaching on my part, we were able to
identify the outcomes that the individuals were expected to achieve in the various

Why is it so critical to determine outcomes for a job, a meeting, a department, or any
other situation? Because if you don't know what your outcome is, the odds are that
you will spend a lot of unnecessary time and money trying to reach a fuzzy target.
And there is a very strong chance that the target will not even be reached. Outcomes
let you know where you are going. They give you important information about how
to use your resources - time, money, and employees. When you know your outcome,
you can continually make important decisions - is this going to help me reach my
goal or will this take me further away from my objective?

Clearly defined outcomes can also be very motivating. I worked with a coaching
client who had an idea about a new business that she wanted to start. When she first
got the idea, she was very excited about it; however, she never took action to get the
business moving. She continually came up with excuses about why she wasn't doing
anything to make the business a reality. I finally got her to sit down and write a
detailed description of what the outcome was that she wanted to achieve with the
business. That was the missing key. As soon as she wrote down the detailed
outcome, she began to do the things that were necessary to get the business started.
For her, defining the outcome spurred the action that is required in any business.
Five years later, she has a very successful business that she absolutely loves.

Some people have a great deal of difficulty in trying to determine outcomes. It is
because they are looking into a future that isn't certain and they can't identify what it
is they want. An easy way to get around this is to imagine that the outcome has
already been achieved and then to describe what it looks like. Going back to the
situation with the meeting planner, the question that I asked her was, "Let's assume it
is six months after the conference and you know that it was a huge success. What
would have happened to let you know that it was successful?"
People are much more able to describe the past then they are to identify an unknown
future. By asking the question this way, I was able to find out that according to the
planner, the criterion for a successful meeting was that the attendees would have the
tools they needed to be able to more easily and effectively handle the many changes
that were going on in their industry. When I discovered this outcome, I was able to
suggest a program that would help the organization achieve this desired result.

Before you take action (small or large), you need to identify what your outcome is –
what do you want to achieve? When you do that, you will cut down your time,
streamline your efforts, accelerate your progress, and reach your desired goal. When
you know where you are going, there is a good chance that you will end up getting

Bruce Tyler
The Gold Mine

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=============== New Discussion (2) =======================
From: Wendy Powers

Hi just want to introduce myself. My name is Wendy and I'm from BC, Canada. I'm
interested in building a solid, productive business and I'm sure this forum will help
me and others to achieve their goals.

Wendy Powers

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=============== New Discussion (3) =======================

Forum Posting
From: Michael Anderson

Is anyone having any luck getting traffic to your webpage by posting in forums? I
seem to be getting into many forums that don't allow any advertising your webpage.
I am trying to sell Health Products and bring more people into my business. I have
tried yahoo groups but so may people are advertising in there it horrible to stay on
top of all that going on.
Any suggestions?

Looking to Network
Michael Anderson

God Bless You Do the Rest

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=============== New Discussion (4) =======================

The Biggest Myth Of Starting A Killer Internet Business
From: Wai Khuen Lai

Here is the biggest myth of making money on-line. The following messages can be
seen all over the Internet every single day.

"Easy to do."
"Perfect for you."
"Anybody can do it."
"Use our web site templates and the money will come flowing in."

Yeah, right.

If it is so simple, and a web site is all you need to make your millions, everybody and
his dog with a web site would be millionaires by now.

"Snap!". Just like that. Overnight.

It's amazing to see how many people out there actually believe that.

I checked a keyword search tool just now and it amazes me just how many searches
were made with the following keywords in one particular month:

"make money fast" - 7,511 queries
"make money quick" - 1,047 queries
"way to make money fast" - 1,244 queries

Now I could easily set up web sites with those keywords thrown in and sell more
copies of my manual than ever.

But I simply can't lie to you or anybody.

You see, making money on-line in terms of effort is no different from making money
in the off-line world.

Just like there is no quick way to make money in the off-line world, similarly there is
no quick way to make money in the on-line world.

There simply isn't a way like that.

Otherwise everybody would be doing it by now since the Internet is not new.

You wouldn't be on your discovery journey only now.

Does that make sense to you?

It's not true in the off-line world, and it's not true in the on-line world.

Oh, there is one way in the off-line world.

Go buy the lottery.

It's easy, and you can be a multi-millionaire overnight - IF you strike.

It's the easiest possible way I can think of for you to make it rich in the shortest
possible time.

Just pop into a store and buy a few tickets on your way home. When the draw results
are announced, just check your tickets against them to see if they match.

Nothing to it, in terms of time and effort. Just a few minutes for buying and

If you have never bought a ticket before, and you buy one now, and you strike with
your first purchase - you've just experienced the fastest way of making money with
the least amount of effort.

But the odds against you becoming rich this way are truly astronomical.

Something like a few million to one.

You have more of a chance of being struck by lightning than winning the lottery.

Which means that you might as well be throwing your money down the drain.

Here's a truism:
Your efforts in becoming rich are inversely proportional to your chances of striking
it rich.

In other words, because you didn't invest a lot of hard work into your venture, the
odds against you becoming rich are very high.

Low efforts, higher odds.

By the same token, the more hard work you put into your efforts, the higher are the
chances that you will be rich.

High efforts, lower odds.

And if you add your high efforts with the right guidance, your odds of not making it
rich decreases DRAMATICALLY.

Realise this:
HARD WORK and a some GUIDANCE in the right direction is required to make
your dreams a reality.

The super successful Internet Entrepreneurs didn't achieve their success overnight.

They worked hard and long at their business to get where they are currently.

You can see their efforts from their web site and their products.

Even the simplest web sites from these Super Internet Entrepreneurs have a lot of
hard work hidden from your eyes.

The hard work behind the scenes that you don't know about.

And of course, some of them reveal that hard work behind the scenes for you in their
manual they're selling you.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against them doing this, as long as they sell you
quality stuff.

The REAL Super Internet Entrepreneurs all sell quality stuff to you.

They don't promise you easy money with no effort thrown in.

They've been there, they know it isn't easy.

But they're willing to stick it out and play it until they win in the end.

The question is - do you have the Super Internet Entrepreneur mentality?

Or is yours one of the "quickly and easy" type - like so many others out there?

Most people can be buying the lottery for YEARS AND YEARS and still wouldn't
be able strike it rich in their lifetime.

In the process, they end up spending a fortune looking for the easy way out.

The only one who made a fortune from all the others looking for the quick and easy
way out is the operator of that lottery.

You can go on searching for the "quick and easy" type of Internet Business to do for
years and years and you will never find it.

Because there's simply nothing easy with making money on the Internet.

But this doesn't mean that you cannot make it AS EASY AS POSSIBLE with some
automation and smart advice.

You can do that - but FIRST you'll need to invest some effort into making it run with
the least amount of effort from you LATER.

You'll be spending your time and effort into building that boat that will take you
smoothly down the Internet river to your pot of gold.

Build that boat properly, and you'll have one that will last you for years and years.

Only YOU know best what you can or cannot do.


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================Site Review Responses (1)==================

Re: Pressmania
From: Nan Kietzke

I am a little late in answering your question as to what I think about Pressmania.
I thought about using it.

It is going to be great I believe, from what I see at this point.
However, there is one topic noticeably missing - Businesses.

It is not correct to place a business ad under JOBS. People get mad when they
answer an ad thinking they are applying for a job only to find out it is a business

It is not what you join, but who you join !

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====================GUEST ARTICLE =====================

Multiple Income Streams from Niche Markets, by Fred Farah

Multiple income streams, do you find the term confusing? Don't, it's really quite

In the world of Niche Markets in Internet Marketing, multiple income streams
simply means having more than one source of income. This is achieved by making
money from more than just one online business.

Each different web site would generally be a different business. They could relate to
each other, but not necessarily. You could have businesses that have nothing to do
with each other. Both methods are quite successful.

Let's look at different scenarios. How to market unrelated products? In the offline
world, we are quite accustomed to seeing a little bit of just about everything sold in
department stores, from razor blades to baby clothes to fashion dresses to living
room furniture to washers and dryers, and so on.

Is this how it's done in the online world? Absolutely, but it is not the only method.
Mega Internet stores have evolved in such a way that to compete, you must be huge,
and have tons of money to finance the operation, including the cost of the ever-
changing web site. The competition and horrendous costs leave no room for the little
guy, so he has to find another way to do business.

Enter the newcomer, looking for a way to make a living on the Internet. Seeing he
can't compete selling a large mix of hard goods and soft goods, he can decide on a
"niche" product to market. A niche product simply means specializing in one key
product, or just a few related products.

This concept applies to both hard goods (items that must be shipped), as well as to
downloadable information products.

This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and it means a whole different way
of conducting business. Specialization is often achieved using mini-sites that sell
only one product. The mini web site might have from one to five pages, but usually
just a single page.

Your information product that you want to sell needs a web site, hosted by a web
hosting provider that provides you their service at a reasonable cost. Let's assume
you started selling your product, and after a few months it is bringing in some
income. It might amount to $1,000 up to $3,000 per year.

That's not too bad, and is worth keeping, but certainly not enough to make a living
with. This is where the concept of multiple income streams comes in. During the
months that your business is building, you could be looking for other ideas. You find
one that excites you, and more importantly you do the research and discover a good
potential for attracting customers. So you go ahead with a second web site.

You have now achieved multiple income streams! Over time you have other great
ideas. Actually, you are now up to four web sites with different ideas. Two of them
are related information products, and the other two are hard goods.

All four are successful. Each one separately does not make enough to live on, but the
combined four bring you in respectable dollars.

But how are we controlling our costs? This is important to do, seeing we have the
cost of some advertising as well as the web site costs. We found it necessary to build
a customer list for each different product, and periodical emails are sent to your list.
All these costs can become quite extensive, almost prohibitive.

So, what do we do? How can we maintain our businesses, yet keep our overhead
down to where it isn't cutting hugely into profits?

One critical aspect to look at is your hosting and to look for a web site hosting
service that includes all or as many tools that you need in order to do some serious
Internet business.

The tools aren't all you need to consider. Sure having a hosting service that gives you
an autoresponder is certainly a huge help. But, we have four sites here to market and
at the average rate of $24.95 a business, that's close to $100 a month, a pretty steep
bill especially if you are just starting out.

Now we are looking for a host that will provide all the tools we need to run our
businesses, plus we want one that will allow sub-domains in case we have closely
related businesses. Can we get it all at one low and affordable price.

In addition to the tools we need and the overall hosting package we need for FOUR
businesses, we are all about multiple income streams, so let's see if there is a way to
benefit (PROFIT) from the hosting company as well.

Many hosting companies now offer an affiliate program where you can earn a
commission by referring a business and gaining customers. That's pretty much a
given, however the KEY is to ensure that the commission is recurring and not just a
one time commission. Not sure what I mean about recurring income? Check the link
out below for more information on recurring income streams

This is all great but the question now "Is there really a hosting company out there
that will give me all the tools, let me host multiple sites for one reasonable price
AND on top of that let me build another income stream?"

The answer is yes and you can read my review of Recurring Income Streams and
how a company called "ThirdSphere" is an excellent example. At the same time you
can learn the difference between Multiple Income and Recurring Income Streams.
Read about it here: http://www.bestaffiliateproducts.com/thirdsphere.html 

Having Multiple Income Streams from Niche Marketing is mandatory in today's
Internet Marketing world, if that is, you want to make any serious money. Internet
Marketing today has become much too competitive, and the newcomer has very little
chance of breaking in.

Niche Markets, each with their own web site and relevant content is THE best
solution. Niche Marketing is the hottest topic on the Net today. Niche Marketing is
featured on my web site at Best Affiliate Products, and you can learn much more
about it at http://www.bestaffiliateproducts.com/nichemarketing.html 

I'll catch up to you in my back yard in Niche Country.

Fred Farah

Best Affiliate Products and Niche Market Strategies
Subscribe to Niche Market Strategies Newsletter
And Niche Madness 7-day email course

Copyright 2004

About The Author

Fred Farah

Long time businessman who is willing to share his expertise using his web site Best
Affiliate Products.

It's all about affiliate marketing to niche markets.

Lots to learn from the Niche Madness 7-day eCourse, as well as the Niche Market
Strategies newsletter.


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================JOKE OF THE DAY==================

Generous lawyer

A local United Way office realized that the organization had never received a
donation from the town's most successful lawyer. The person in charge of
contributions called him to persuade him to contribute.

"Our research shows that out of a yearly income of at least $500,000, you give not a
penny to charity. Wouldn't you like to give back to the community in some way?"

The lawyer mulled this over for a moment and replied, "First, did your research also
show that my mother is dying after a long illness, and has medical bills that are
several times her annual income?"

Embarrassed, the United Way rep mumbled, "Um ... no."

The lawyer interrupts, "or that my brother, a disabled veteran, is blind and confined
to a wheelchair?"

The stricken United Way rep began to stammer out an apology, but was interrupted

"or that my sister's husband died in a traffic accident," the lawyer's voice rising in
indignation, "leaving her penniless with three children?!"

The humiliated United Way rep, completely beaten, said simply, "I had no idea..."

On a roll, the lawyer cut him off once again, "So if I don't give any money to them,
why should I give any to you?"


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