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                                         Vol. 1 issue #458 May 15, 2005


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Topics in this issue:

Word from the Moderator

Food For Thought
Do you have a sense of humor?

Special Section – Pressmania!

Continuing Discussions (2)

1. Re: Are you Making Your Vision Come True?
William Jaroske

2. Re: Effective And Profitable Posting To Forums
Robert A. Kearse

New Discussions (1)

1. An Often Overlooked Killer Affiliate Marketing Technique, And How To Use It
To Your Great Benefit
From: Jim Boere

Site Review Requests (1)
site review http://www.dumbexperts.com 
From: William Jaroske

Site Review Responses (1)
Website Review Reply to Nap Jones
From: James Pendleton

12 Tips for Effective Global Business Networking, by Kit Lum

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

Gee wiz folks! It seems like a spring fever epidemic is spreading among our Digest
members… Not that I blame you… I too would rather be out enjoying the spring
weather and gorgeous sunlit days than to sit cooped up in a room working on a
Why have I made this “spring fever” diagnosis? Well, basically because the posts to
the Digest this week have slowed down to a trickle. It can’t be because all your
questions have been answered… It can’t be because you have nothing interesting
going on in your life to report to us… It can’t be because you took a sudden dislike
to all your friends in Adland…
So… by the power of elimination, I, Dr. Amalia am now declaring a spring fever
epidemic for the month of May!!!
Oh, you want me to prescribe a cure? O.K., I can do that. Enjoy spring all you want
but DO spend a few hours each week posting for the Digest! After all, over 25,000
members are waiting for your input, your questions to answer and your words of
wisdom to get them out of their particular predicament. And hey, let’s not forget that
these same 25,000 members will get a chance to check out your website link in your
signature since you have been sooo helpful!! ;-)

Make sure you visit the chatroom at:

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Have a GREAT week!

Amalia Sotiriadou
Adland Digest
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=============Food For Thought=======================

=============NEW Tidbit==========================

Where is your sense of humor?

O.K., no one wanted to risk an answer to our last tidbit “Do you like people?”… I
wonder whether you guys found it a silly question or was it because you were a bit
ashamed to own up to the fact that there are people you really DON’T like? Hey, let
me confess to you, then… There ARE people I don’t like. There are people that have
hurt me, taken advantage of me or I just plain don’t believe I fit into their world and
they don’t fit into mine. No one is obligated to like EVERYONE, we just do our best
with whatever we have to work with.

With all that said, let’s go to today’s food for thought and lighten things up a little.
Let me start by stating that humor is about as individualized as the individual. Some
people roar with laughter at slapstick, others prefer the more subtle humor that brings
a smile, others still get their laughs with black humor or sarcasm and so on and so

I have always admired people that could memorize and repeat jokes at the drop of a
hat… my own memory is nonexistent for this type of exercise. I think the last joke I
recall, I heard when I was 10!! Sad, ain’t it? On the other hand, I try to find the
humor in each situation I find myself facing – something my old College roommate
taught me how to do. She part-timed as an emergency room nurse and after every
shift would relate to us these really tragic hospital stories with such humor that she
would have us all in stitches!! What a gift! Mary Ellen Symanski, if you are out there
somewhere, I miss you!

What does humor have to do with online marketing, you may ask. About the same as
it has to do with every aspect of our lives and how we relate to other people. Think
about it… would YOU rather deal with someone who always saw negative things
around him or her and complained and griped endlessly, or would you prefer to deal
with a cheery person that would put a smile in your face? I would prefer the latter.

So how about it? Are you someone I would love to associate with?

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===============Special Section – Pressmania! ===============

By now, you have all heard of Pressmania, but Bogdan suggested and I agreed that
this would be a good opportunity to reiterate some of the information, both for the
new members who have not had a chance to become acquainted with it yet, as well
as for the seasoned members who have sort of “forgotten” about it.

What Is PressMania?

PressMania is the product of several years of experience in the online classified
business. As a result of the rapidly changing and expanding Internet Marketplace,
we have created a solution which will cater to the classified advertising needs of
major geographical areas on a local, language specific basis. Partnering with major
local newspapers and classified ad websites, the goal is to deliver the most exposure
to your ad as possible and increase its impact in the local markets.

The site is a free, local language specific classified. It allows you to post and search a
broad spectrum of products and services locally and in a country language specific
fashion. We will be promoting this business locally and will introduce new areas as
we build it.


PressMania's overall goal is to provide a geographically localized and language-
specific classified ads network on a global scale. We do this by targeting specific
areas and displaying the ads that are relevant to that area only. This means that you'll
instantly find exactly what you need in a language you understand with our simple to
use search-and-go features.

PressMania is not only committed to providing classified ad services on a global
scale. We are also committed to improving the world on a global scale. Through the
efforts of our valued affiliates and our services, we will donate 5% or more of profits
to specific Charity Organizations.

We provide easy access to create a local community marketplace

Earn too!

Affiliates have the opportunity to Earn residual income simply by referring people to
Pressmania who place and activate ads, and who may also be interested in our
Auction program. At this point in time, Pressmania is paying 30 cents for each
person you refer who actually posts their ad for free!


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===========Continuing Discussions (2)===================

============Continuing Discussion (1.1)==================

Re: Are you Making Your Vision Come True?
From: William Jaroske

Digests and community forums next to blogs are becoming popular and are on the
increase. There will be people that will take advantage of those who are uneducated
and uninformed about business and promotion.

It also unfortunate that people who don't even understand the concept of this way
marketing or business opportunities and seek ways to criticize it and destroy it. Many
of these individuals have no idea how to research a business by doing real time
diligence. Would you think that most business trainers would stress that more often?
Really sad that they remain uneducated with no business ethics.

Doing diligence is either accomplished by passing the business plan along to a friend
or colleague who has the in the same experience in the area of the new venture or by
Comparison shopping a business opportunity. Do not sign any contract or make any
payment until you have the opportunity to investigate the business venture you are
looking at.

Even if they stated What to look for in a company is a strong, solvent, stable &
responsive company. Would the trainers get involved with it and stay at it in the long

A lot of them boast that you need am impressive high profile competitive and
consumable products or services that are actually in demand. But is the company
promoting it using ethical marketing tactics?

When it comes to getting help by your upline: “A simple turnkey highly efficient
and duplicable system with integrated company and upline support”, they state most
of the time. But is your upline joining and jumping from one MLM to another? You
know what most intelligent people would say. A rolling stone gathers no moss.

A terrible thing happens when you Avoid the Perils of Traditional Due Diligence.
You lose your shirt in the process. Checking too fast and focusing too narrowly can
lead you into disaster. Successful acquirers take a different approach: the disciplined
prioritization and organization of a number of fundamental-but often neglected-
principles. Traditional diligence relies on remarkably few information sources.

No matter how many people you'll hear say that they are swearing off MLM
completely eventually go back to it because they need to feed their addiction to
signing up will fantastically hyped MLM programs that usually fade out over the

You can learn a lot just by watching people join and go through programs like people
go through a bag of chips. The usual key words are tip offs such as "This is the one
that will make us filthy rich in two years"

Ever wonder about celebrity authors like Robert Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, and
Robert Kiyosaki advocating MLM. But in contrast develop a horrible reputation.

The main problem with MLM is finding individuals that have a stable personality
that I can work with instead of them fast talk prospects into signing up with a load of
useless hype. I refuse to entangle myself in those sites that pertain to quick riches
and become a millionaire. Like if that is likely to happen.

William Jaroske

Business ethics of the multi level marketing industry!!

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============Continuing Discussion (2.1)==============

Re: Effective And Profitable Posting To Forums
From: Robert A. Kearse

Hi Michael:

There is a lot to learn when it comes to getting the most out of posting at forums.
The most comprehensive and valuable source of information on forums is contained
in the free ebook, Forum SuperTips. You can obtain a copy here:

Benefits you'll realize include:

Know how to get your website indexed quickly by Google and other search engines

Know how to get targeted visitors to your website

Know how to make immensely profitable postings

Know how to get your posts read

And much more. . .

Here is a link which lists some valuable Internet marketing forums:


Best of success,


Robert A. Kearse
How You Can Know FOR CERTAIN Which Of
Your Ads Are Effective:

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=============== New Discussions (1) =======================

Guest article
From: Jim Boere


I always enjoy reading the Digest, so keep up the good work. Below is
my latest article. I thought it might be useful to many Digest readers,
so I'm submitting it for you to review. Perhaps you would like to
publish it?

I look forward to your reply. Thank you!
Jim Boere

MODERATOR: I thought this would make a good subject for further discussion,
team! What do you think?

"An Often Overlooked Killer Affiliate Marketing Technique, And How To Use It To
Your Great Benefit"

© Copyright 2005 by Jim Boere

Chances are you are currently promoting one or several affiliate programs as a way
to build a residual income for yourself. But are you really making the most of your
advertising campaign? Are you original, creative, or are you using the same standard
promotion techniques all your 'competing' affiliates are using too?

Here's a way to make your offer original. A way to stand out from the crowd, and
convert a much higher percentage of your prospects into affiliates.

I'm talking about 'bribing' your prospects!

The one question on every prospect's mind when they're reading your offer: "What's
in it for me?". Remember, they might see 20, 50, even 100 emails and ads every day,
trying to get them to join an affiliate program. So, what you need to do is make your
offer different, original, so that it captures the prospects undivided attention...and
'forces' them to ACT.

One of the techniques I like to use, is adding something to the 'standard offer'.
Something they don't get elsewhere. An exclusive bonus, if you will, for joining the
program through my affiliate link. A 'bribe'!

The bribe could be, for example, a free guide or tutorial that will help new affiliates
make a flying start with a particular program. You could offer this in the form of a
PDF report, an eCourse, a dedicated 'training page' on your web site, or even one-on-
one consultation by email or phone. Whatever you personally feel most comfortable
doing. The idea is to give prospects an extra incentive to take action and join

They will be very tempted to join, because:

You just massively increased your credibility. By offering to teach people how to be
successful with this program, you will be perceived as an expert.

You are not just 'one of those people only interested in growing their own downline',
you are personally committing yourself to help them actually succeed. You are
showing that you care, that you're willing to do more for them then 'all the others'

Since you - an expert - are offering to teach them how to do well with this program,
people will feel confident that they actually will do well. That they actually will
make real money if they join.

Using this technique will help you to bring in more affiliates. But you will also
create a much stronger, more personal relationship with those new affiliates, right
from the start. As a result, they will pay more attention to your future follow-up
messages and recommendations. Further increasing your (residual) income.

There are many ways to draw attention to your exclusive offer. A few suggestions:

* Notify your newsletter and other opt-in list subscribers by email.
* Put a text box on your web site.
* Install a popup / popunder / fly-in ad on your web site.
* Promote your offer through eZine ads, classified ads, banner ads, etcetera.
* Mention it in your email signature file.
* Mention it in the signature file of each of your forum post.
* Be creative and come up with more ideas.

Use this killer affiliate marketing technique to improve both your short and long term
results. And teach your affiliates to do the same!

Jim Boere is a published author and full-time online marketer. Visit
http://www.onlinebizpromotion.com/SFI.htm to join the program he recommends for
building residual income. You will be offered his free personal coaching
(automatically) within 48 hrs.

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===================Site Review Requests (1)=================
site review http://www.dumbexperts.com 
From: William Jaroske

This is a general request for a site review of my website

Does it present its information in a helpful way?
Could you use this information to its advantage?
Does it make sense to you?

Does the information help the proper target audience?
Is it easy to navigate present the message of the products and services clearly?

William Jaroske

Business Ethics and MLM advertising
Business ethics of the multi level marketing industry.

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


================Site Review Responses (1)==================

Re: Website Review Reply Nap Jones
From: James Pendleton

Hello Nap,

I checked out your web site. It has a solid lay out with great look and feel.
Navigation right to the point. Fast load speed. Those are great points for the visual
aspects of your web site.

As far as the other as aspects of your web site: Areas of you content from a
marketing stand point, Search engine position. Sales pitch anchor text and links meta
tags and structure. It needs some work.

Google is the bench mark. You have 0/0 Page Rank(tm). Your text explains your site
but is a bit dry. Your meta tags are not set well and are a bit short in keywords. Since
you are well established in the brick and mortar world, you may not be very
concerned about your site.

But if you are you will need web traffic. As it stands at this point, it won't be seeing
many visitors. Visit http://jgp-distribution.com for lots of free web information.
Contact me if you wish.

comments http://www.adlandpro.com/adlandpost.htm


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====================GUEST ARTICLE =====================

Who Will Passive Income Work Best For? by Erwin Tjong

Passive income is a good idea for almost everybody, but it is an even better idea for
people who do not have a lot of time to spend working at a regular job. In other
words, passive income is a great idea to eliminate debt for students. In fact, if you are
a college student with a lot of debt, creating passive income might be the only way
that you'll be able to get out of debt.

Passive income is best for people who:

-have enough creativity to get passive income going.

-are patient enough to wait and see if it works before giving up.

-who don't have enough time to actively work in order to make all
the money they need.

-who have large debts already (such as a student loan).

As you might guess, most of these describe college students. Therefore, if you're a
college student in debt, then you are one of the best people to be looking toward
creating passive income.

Students are not the only people who should think about creating passive income,
however. If you find that your job is not paying you enough money, but you
definitely don't have enough time to get another job, you should create passive

Erwin Tjong is an Internet Marketer and a member of Elite Team which a Marketing
System that specifically to provide SUPPORT and TRAINING for everyone who
joined the Financial Freedom Society Inc.)
To learn more about his business please visit : http://www.EliteTeamOz.com 

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================JOKE OF THE DAY==================

The Ventriloquist

A young ventriloquist is touring the clubs and one night he's doing a show in a small
town called Weipa. With his dummy on his knee, he starts going through his usual
dumb blonde jokes when a blonde woman in the 4th row stands on her chair and
starts shouting: "I've heard enough of your stupid blonde jokes. What makes you
think you can stereotype women that way? What does the colour of a person's hair
have to do with her worth as a human being? It's guys like you who keep women like
me from being respected at work and in the community and from reaching our full
potential as a person. Because you and your kind continue to perpetuate
discrimination against not only blondes, but women in general, and all in the name of

The embarrassed ventriloquist begins to apologise, and the blonde yells, "You stay
out of this, mister! I'm talking to that little prick on your knee."



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