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Topics in this issue:

        1. Sponsor Message
        2. Word from publisher
        3. Advertising in  Digest
        4 .Request help & criticism
        5. Request for feedback and suggestion
        6. A potentially explosive promotion scheme!
        7. Search Engine Tips
            Guest Article by M. Declan Dunn
        9. Adland Tip

================Sponsor Message  (1) ========================

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============ Word from publisher (2)=============

Again few new views on  classifieds in digest.

To make everybody happy I suggest following
solution. Instead of posting classifieds but still allowing  for
opportunity to be announced here, I would open section
called "Request for help and criticism".
This would create opportunity for being mentioned here,
but at the same time open the door for critique and useful
feedback on site in question.
Responses would be posted here.
Section this would contain
not more than three requests per issue.

Request would have to contain following info.

1. URL of the site
2. Purpose of the site  (one sentence)
3. Name and email address of requestor
4. What kind of feedback is expected.

What do you think about that?

============= CONTINUING  (3) ==================

Subject: Advertising in  Digest
From: de <>

Of course we want Ads, need Ads!

The WEB can be the ultimate BLACK HOLE or the coolest, warmest global
community that ever existed. it all depends on what you make of it.

If you're interested in making some money, well, you join a fabulous
community, the good, the bad...scambusters, idealists, people who share,
people who hoard.You find you level. You establish YOUR community: people
you relate to. Some you actually contact and exchange mail. Some, you don't
even get that far with, but you look forward to their ezines. YOu admire,
laugh, hate, scorn them but they become part of your world.

People have very differet 'voices' on the NEt. Some scream, yell, heactor,
bully. (Guess what continent these predominently come from? I'm not looking
for fight: I love them all.

I'm an EZINE addict. I subscribe to every ezine. CYBER LAWs mean I have to
UNSUBSCRIBE as the same rate as I subscribe. But i love it. Often i
shamelessly resubscribe to check out some ald acquaintance.

Often I devour ads and more ads. Looking for info. Looking for techniques.
Loosen up any one who objects to ADS! You don't have to read a single
AD.Skip them. Trash them with a press of the button. Unsubscribe if the
EZINE doesn't tweak you.

YOu could'n't read an EZINE crammed with EDITORIAL. Go to a LIBRARY. Buy a
BOOK for that.

This is an exciting fast moving world. This is the new MOUSETRAP! We need
to open up, suck in nourishment from whereever if comes: even from ADS

Keep going ADLAND...We need you!!!


Viv Abbott, MA, "HOME BIZ LIFELINE" Sensible Web Money Making Info. And
FREE Subscription  NOW. It's all here for you. FREE for NOW!!! Rush me an
email. subject=Send me a Lifeline!   (I'll send you a HOT
NET SCAM Report as well)

============= CONTINUING  (3) ==================

Subject: Advertising in  Digest
From: "Dan Lowe" <>

I certainly don't see why advertising in this newsletter is a
problem.  While some newsletters are filled with more ads than
paragraphs, I think Adland has been a nice change.  Every issue
there is one sponsor message at the first and that is it.  Is that
such a problem?  Sometimes I'll read the sponsor message for the
day and sometimes if I don't want to, I'll just skip right over it.  That
is all there is to it.  I don't find advertising in this digest a problem
at all.
Motivation, tools and resources for success.

============= CONTINUING  (4) ==================

Subject:Request help & criticism
From: "lester" <>

Wow ! Thanks for printing my cry for help with my web page in Adland digest.
I have received some really great responses and suggestions for improvement
from your members. I am impressed with the feeling of caring that I have
received from each of them. I thought the internet was supposed to be
impersonal and uncaring. I was wrong. What a great bunch of people.

Thanks again.


Visit Happiness Secrets Today:

Editor Note

Nobody posted any of the responses to the digest.
This could be good and valuable resource for those
who just lurk  and try to get the feel for what is this place
about. By submitting this kind of feedback here, you are
giving your knowledge to more than one person.
Not everybody has courage to ask for criticism,
particularly those who are  new to the internet.

=================New Post  (5) =============

Subject:Reqest for feedback and suggestion

Hello Adalnd!
How fortunate we are to have this valuable resource!
I read Lester's question in digest #49, and I have a similar one.  I have an
audio tape called "A Life Changing Message Every Woman Should Hear".  The
is by a physician, and every woman should hear it.  The tape is incredible.
There are so many women who could benefit from it.  The thing is, I want to
GIVE it away, therefore, I can't spend $$ to promote it!
Are there any free places where I could offer the tape?
Thanks so much!


=================New Post  (6) =============

Subject: A potentially explosive promotion scheme!
From: "Chris Gibbs" <>

Hello Adland members:

I just thought I'd let eveyone know about a scheme which could
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your URL will move one place up the list. By the time it reaches the
top, millions of people could have visited your site! To find out more,
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Chris Gibbs
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=================New Post  (7) =============

Subject: Search Engine Tips
From: "Charity Adams" <>

Search Engine Tips
Doorway Pages

Is your site getting listed in the search engines and getting ranked well if
not you might want to try doorway pages.  Doorway pages are pages
specifically designed for a specific set of keywords or keyword phrases.
Search engines are over run with web sites and it is getting more difficult
to get your well designed quality web page to the top of the search engines
without using specific positioning techniques.

Doorway pages are just one of those techniques.  Choose a couple of keyword
or phases and build web pages for those keywords.  These doorway pages will
lead your vistors to the information you are trying to share.  Design you
pages well for content and usefulness.  A page full of nothing is still a
page full of nothing and a visitor will more than likely continue to search
if your web page isn't eye catching.

Be careful not to use keywords or phrases that do not pertain to your
information just to get a top ranking in the search engines.  Visitors and
site reviewers will consider this spam.  If you know anything about spam is
that it will give you and your site a bad reputation.

Be sure to learn more about doorway pages and other web site ranking
techniques at

Charity Adams
Adams Acres Internet Services
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==================Guest Article  (8) ===================

From:Declan Dunn

Affiliate Programs: Targeting a customer base and the web sites they
most frequently visit, a business sets up an Internet sales system
that moves the consumer from visiting another site to a point of sale
at their Web site. Sometimes called an affiliate or associate program,
resellers, revenue sharing programs, per inquiry/per click-through
sales, or per sales commissions, the online affiliate programs simply
make it easy for your customer to find you through high traffic, niche
sites on the Internet. In exchange for forwarding you customers, the
Web site owner/affiliate is rewarded each time one of their consumers
makes a purchase at your site. is the most famous example
with its Associate Program.

Discover how to target your customer base and affiliates to generate
leads, along with innovative means to convert those leads into sales.
Most businesses think it is just about generating traffic, but your
conversion and follow up process are crucial. The following is an
excerpt from my book. Order your personal copy at
< > and start
building those additional channels.

1. Target Your Customer Base and Niche Web sites Where They Are
   Meeting: Qualify your Affiliates and Build Your Network

Right now your target prospects are out there looking on the Internet.
There are over a million commercial sites to choose from, so it's not
easy. To develop your business and traffic, you have to do what few
others are doing: clearly and quickly defining your value to these
target prospects through the Web sites that they are already meeting

Go out on the Internet and act like your customer; what key words do
they use to find your product or service? What are related hobbies,
discussion groups, or subjects you find? What are the key frustrations
your customer runs into? More importantly, what are the sites that
solve these problems?

2. Focus on your "SellThrough" Measurement by Tracking Your
   Affiliate's Traffic and Counting the Percentage of Sales to that

Customers are very simple; they will not work hard to work with you.
Your ratio of sales to traffic is a critical count to measure; it is
the most accurate way to gauge your success. Why focus on click
through ratios when you can focus on the sell through:

SellThrough: The conversion rate of visitors to buyers from a specific
affiliate Web site. Create a general measure of your sell through
ratio from targeted sites, and rank your top affiliate sites in terms
of the sell through ratio.

3. Give Your Affiliates the Marketing Tools to Succeed

Now that you have targeted your market and determined your sales goals
in terms of the SellThrough, it is time to create the best means to
drive people from other Web sites to yours quickly. The Internet is a
direct response medium - people literally have to take an action by
clicking their mouse to make anything happen. For your affiliate
program to succeed, you need to invent the best lead generating items

A. Banner Ads
B. A Personal Endorsement from an Affiliate is the Most Powerful Tool
   of All
C. Give them Pictures of your Product and Service, and Encourage a
   Text Link
D. Create and Distribute Free Reports to Post At Your Affiliates'

4. First Contact Sales Strategy: Give Them a Specific Offer On Their

Perhaps the most common, online marketing mistake is sending someone
to a home page from an affiliate's link. Home Pages are often filled
with so many choices, so many products, so much noise that your
prospective customer can't process it all. Focus them on one product,
one choice, when you market.

Your target customers do not care about you or your product; they only
care about themselves. If you start by focusing on the benefits, the
reason your product or service is important to your customer, and
position yourself from your competition with a clear, direct message,
you will increase your Sell Through.

5. Develop your Lead Product, Back End Product, and Other Related
   Products and Services

Think through your affiliate program and forge your long term
relationship with your customer by building a sales process that takes
them from first contact to close, then follow up with more products
and services - more reasons to visit your Web site and buy. It all
begins with considering your product line, and the first product you
introduce them to when visiting from your affiliates' sites.

6. Convert them Quickly at your Web site and build in follow up mechanisms
via email: The Power of Loyalty Programs
Loyalty Programs are the best way to follow up; give your long term
customers status (special pricing, rebates based on buying volume, and added
bonuses are good programs) as a benefit for giving you permission to contact
them after they have visited. If you do not give them a reason, they will
not understand the next time you contact them. Follow up via email is a
critical part of your success.

7. Create an Exit Strategy
Have you noticed that most Web sites focus all their energy on the entry
point, either through a home page or a specific product/service entry page,
but pay little or not attention to how that customer leaves?

This key is quite simple; your customer will leave your site. No one can
keep them entertained forever. Once again you can build your affiliate
program through the idea of an Exit strategy: Since your customers will
leave, identify those pages that the will likely leave from and point them
to related sites, even other affiliate programs. Many visitors will leave
via a links page; turn your links into commission sales links by joining up
with other affiliate programs.

8. How to Reward your Affiliates, and Reward Your Best Affiliates Even More
An affiliate who generates you many sales should be rewarded for
performance. Many affiliate programs set the same fees for every affiliate;
the person who sells one of your products makes the same as one who sells
100 of your products.

Create an affiliate program that follows the 80/20 rule; 20 percent of your
affiliates will generate 80 percent of your business. Treat those top 20
percent differently by rewarding them with improved profit margins as they
sell more; the best sales force is given reason to increase sales.

9. Testing and Sales Tracking your Process: The Importance of Repeat
Your ratio of repeat visitors is an essential part of your tracking. As
Internet traffic grows, consumers will swamp all sorts of Web sites looking
for what they want. Those who only sell them once, and leave it up to the
customer to remember the Web site and to return, will likely lose their
market share in the long haul. To build your market share, you must test
your approach, and track the results.

10. Get them to Remember You...Your Brand
The final key is to develop your business's reputation in the minds of both
your affiliates and your target customer base. Be sure to:

A. Include your company logo or symbol in your advertising; it will develop
a visual symbol that people can remember. From banner ads to a simple link
with the company logo next to it, this means of "branding" simply puts your
company's image in their mind. Without it, you only have text or a simple
banner ad, which could apply to any company.

B. Spread the word about your program and get your company logo in important
sections of other Web sites. When you go to a search engine and see's symbol, it reminds you that the company is seemingly
everywhere. As people visit other, affiliate sites, it builds up the
consumer's retention of your business simply through good repetition.

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======================ADLAND TIP=======================

Let's hear from you......

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