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Topics in this issue:

Word from the Moderator

Food For Thought
Can you be #1?

Responses to Previous Tidbits (2)
Mike Sullivan, John Russo

Continuing Discussions (1)

1. Re: Posting on forums
William Jaroske

New Discussions (2)

1. I am trying to contact my husband Robert Kyoshi Aoki
From: Wendy Aoki

2. Re: Search Engine Placement and Web Promotion
From: James Pendleton

Site Review Requests (0)

Site Review Responses (1)
Re: Site review http://www.dumbexperts.com 
From: Kimberly Gordon

Setting Goals That Empower The Business Owner, by Terry Strom

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

You are the one…
My number one…

Sorry, I can’t get the tune out of my head! he he

Elena gave Greece 1st place in the Eurovision contest last night and the party is still
raging over here!! Elena’s victory in Kiev last night, gives Athens the opportunity to
host next year’s Eurovision gala, which has become a very popular event in Europe.
The sound of the Lira, a traditional string organ in the island of Crete and of the
Greeks that lived in Pontos, in the Black Sea, was probably the clincher in Elena’s
victory and made us especially proud.

What does all this have to do with business? Well, nowadays, everything is related to
business. Elena may not have won if a great marketing campaign with many concerts
in several countries had not preceded her appearance in the contest last night. The
results of her victory means increased tourism for Greece next year or even this year.

Was the 500,000 Euros for promoting her well spent? You bet!! Turkey’s victory a
couple of years ago saved them millions of Euros in advertising that they had
budgeted to spend, according to news reports. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned
in there somewhere… think abut it.

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=============Food For Thought=======================

=============NEW Tidbit==========================

Can you be #1?

Today’s tidbt is inspired by the song ;)

Obviously not everyone can be #1… or can they?
It is a common “guru secret” that if you love something very much and you work
hard at it for a long time, you CAN eventually reach the apex of your field.

How hard and long would you be willing to work for YOUR passion and how much
would you sacrifice in order to reach the top?

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===========Responses to Previous Tidbits (4)====================

====================== 1st Course====================

Re: Can you "smell" a scam response.
From: Mike Sullivan


This subject has always been of interest as I too was taken years ago, and I now
consider myself an expert at identifying a scam, but is that enough?

As was pointed out, anyone can be taken, but first, you must identify the intent of the
enterprise or person who is accused of scamming anyone.

Sadly, this is often impossible, as there are many well intended business
opportunities that go bust, fail, don't deliver, etc., but does this mean they were

As you can see, it is not an easy task to identify a scam, but before sending money to
anyone for any reason, product or service, DO YOUR OWN due diligence. The
biggest mistake people make is to take someone else’s word on checking out deal.

Most people are lazy, and it is far worse today than when I entered the business
world. It is so much easier to take a friends word, family member, co-worker,
whatever, rather than take the time and effort and check it out for yourself.

Scams, on the other hand, are getting more and more difficult to identify. It is one
thing for a new venture to fail, as mentioned above, but it is an entirely different
animal when a venture is designed as a scam, and the intent is to rip people off.

Scams come in all sizes, shapes, colors and smells, so use your senses carefully. We
have all heard the basic term, if it sounds too good to be true, it isn't. Sound
familiar? Well, that may be good advice, but I can tell you from personal
experience, it is not an absolute, and if you live by that advice, I can assure you, it is
impossible to succeed if you approach life as a sceptic.

Yes, you have to be sceptical to a degree, but don't discount everything which may
sound to good to be true or you will end up never taking a chance, and chance is the
key word when seeking to better yourself. I know tons of people who have never
taken a chance, and every one of them is stuck in a job the hate, and fearing the loss
of job every day, never mind loss of pension and security.

People look for ways out of this trap, and when they do, they make mistakes, and the
reasons are obvious, they have no experience evaluating business offers and
opportunities, so they are more likely to fall for a scam. I have seen it a thousand
times, and this is a sad situation as most people who fail once, will never try again.
Now they are trapped in a job forever. Not that a job is bad, that is not my point,
some people like working for others, but most don't.

If you have a job, if you could own the company and work for yourself, would you
take the chance? Not everyone is cut out to be their own boss, but I think if most
people had the choice, they would. We all know a job is not as secure as it was for
the last generation of workers, and it is only going to get worse, so the subject of
avoiding scams will become more and more important.

Sadly, no one can avoid a scam at some point through their life, there are just too
many. But, there are ways to limit your risk of getting burned, and that is what I
started out saying, DO YOUR OWN due diligence. Check out company, owners,
history, business history, proper registrations, how well capitalized are they, do they
have COO, accountants, managers, etc. Most of this is easy to find on the internet,
but make sure you check it out.

The rest is common sense for the most part. If it is a product or service type
business, ask yourself, would you purchase this without the business opportunity
attached? I think this is one of the most important issues to address up front, for if
you say no, run, don't walk, and look elsewhere. I have researched and seen
thousands of businesses and if I can't answer that first question with a yes, I pass.

Of course, there are many other indicators of a scam, but don't automatically
discount anything that sounds too good to be true or you will miss that golden
opportunity. No risk, no reward, this is the best advice I have learned over the years.
Don't be afraid to take a chance, but do your due diligence and then rely on a little
good luck. (g) If you do all the above and still get scammed, don't give up, try and
try again and you will succeed.

Good luck, Mike

No Risk Profits
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====================== 2nd Course====================
Re: Smelling a scam
From: John Russo

I have spent a lot of time on the internet for the past four years. By now I have sifted
through quite a few business offers and info ads. I also spent a few years furthering
my education studying financial investing. BY now I can spot a bad offer in 30
seconds. Look at all the ads out there. You find everyone trying to push their
programs, sell you upgrades and promise you riches beyond your wildest dreams.
Then you have the reckless use of the word free. On the internet free almost always
means pay.

In the real world when you work for a company they don't charge you, don't force
you to buy monthly allotments of product and have no sign up fees. Those are all red
flags. I hope you don't spend your days reading 20 pages of copy from a "net guru"
trying to squeeze some money out of you for his "secrets.” If someone tells you, you
can legally not pay taxes bake them a cake with a file in it. The IRS will bankrupt
them and send them on a free vacation to a local prison. The bad ideas just keep
flowing. Would you hand me $500.00 then go ask two friends to each give you
$500.00 in hopes of someone giving you back $2500.00 This is great way to lose
friends and irritate your family. You could take the same $500.00 put it in another
company and in a year make over $3000.00 cash and still have $2500.00 left in your
account and no selling or recruiting. Yes you can. Your best defence against bad
deals is education and research. Always keep an open mind, ask questions, drop the
defensive attitude, leave your family and friends out of bad ideas, don't respond
unless you have the correct answers. If you're curious about that money growth
transaction I'll explain it to you. Just email me. If you’re new or unsure about some
offers ask me. I'll look at it, evaluate it and give you an opinion. Life has simple
answers. We just make them complicated.

John Russo
email johnrusso2001@yahoo.com 


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===========Continuing Discussions (1)===================

Re: Posting on forums
From: William Jaroske

Susan said

"I post in forums and receive quite a bit of traffic to my website as a result of these
postings. I don't advertise my product, I simply share with others information and I
develop relationships with these people. It is time consuming but my goal is to help
others so it's ok"

This is nothing more than twisting wordage to suit and confuse marketers online.
You can post on forums without links or information leading to a product or service
you are offering. Then safely say that you are not advertising a product. However, if
you are sharing your info with others is no problem. But to deny that your
advertising a product is misleading.

You can say you’re not advertising all you want ‘til your blue in the face. You are
still advertising. Weather it is called sharing, promoting, selling. It’s advertising.

The bottom line is that you’re not going to be building the right kind of relationships
by telling people fibs and a fantasy.

There are forums to post productively and there are ones that you should avoid like a
plague. Forums and the forum posters that advocate ignorance and stupidity are
destined to fail. It's that simple.

William Jaroske
get paid back for products you buy

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   =============== New Discussions (2) =======================

================New Discussion -1 =======================

I am trying to contact my husband Robert Kyoshi Aoki
From: Wendy Aoki

I have been trying to contact him for some time now and don't seem to be getting
anywhere at all!!! If anyone out there could please help me I would sure appreciate
it!!! I am living in Calgary Alberta, Canada and as far as I know he lives in
Washington and maybe he has a few other places in the country as well, so if anyone
could please get him to contact me that would be so great!!! Thanks so much for
your time,

Wendy Aoki

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================New Discussion -2 =======================

Re: Search Engine Placement and Web Promotion
From: James Pendleton

This latest article was recently published in EntireWeb News letter!! If you want
massive traffic write! Write! and write some more! Enjoy!

Search Engine Placement and Web Promotion

By JGP Copy Rights 2005

Wow how time flies! It has been around 10 years since my arrival to the WWW.
Seems like only yesterday I was surfing the web looking at various web pages with
out a clue on how they worked or what made them tick. It did not take me long to get
curious and begin to click on view source and begin to look at that mysterious
HTML code. Now long since taken over by DHTML, XML and others. But still
there just in another form.

Then after 5 years of surfing, came the questions from friends and others about the
web. What a wonderful experience seeing the light bulb turn on in others. I set out to
learn all I could but actually never specialized till now. Gaining a strong working
concept of various web topics I set out to share information about the web and web
promotion for free.

It has been a great success over the years. The Web information Resource for
Newbies has survived many ups and downs and has had almost a million unique
visitors over the years. Don't say wow because that is nothing for a web site. It’s
actually low to moderate traffic. The major players receive that many uniques in
days weeks or months.

I decided it was time to shift my focus and actually specialize. I decided after much
thought to enter the SEO arena. It’s very competitive and full of expert professionals.
Highly skilled and knowledgeable in search engine optimization. But hey!! I am a
self made, self taught Master of the Web that has enjoyed the full exposure of the
internet. Now I have entered the fray with lots of experience in web promotion
information and knowledge. I built my world on the web the old fashion way. With
one on one contacts. Having been in all the major Search Engines all this time with
my little mom and pop web site. But having good indexing and better ranking than
some that are pulling out all the stops.

But enough about me. How about you and your web site? Is it a new site?
Is it a older site some what established? How is your title? Do you have key words in
you meta tags? Are you using robot text files? Are your keywords distributed in your
body text? Are you using anchor text and hyper links that anchor your theme? Are
you linked to and linking with other sites? Do you have P/R by the bench mark web
sites and search engines. How many pages does your web site have that are spider

Have you submitted your web site to the major search engines? Have they been
submitted to directories? Have you avoided FFAs? Are you using the various forums
and blogs that fit your theme? Can your site be found in the major search engines
using your specific key words and or phrases? Do your keywords phrase and anchor
text have relevance against the theme of your web site and its web pages? Are your
hyper links well placed? Are you using a site map?

The trick to it is being able to answer a resounding yes to all of the above! There are
more questions but those are some key areas. If you can answer yes to at least half,
then you are on your way. If you answer no or maybe to most you need to rethink
your layout and site structure. If you are thinking about building a new site, take your
time and think it out. Build it for full optimization and placement the first time. That
way you will not have to go back an revamp your site. Even more so if it is not using
CSS style sheets shtml, cgi or data base drive content.

Setting down on paper your theme and content is the most critical part of building a
new web site. Starting from scratch with subject topics and intent is the first step.
Then build on the content. Making note of key phrase and key words. Considering
their placement on each web page.

Words have become the hinge pin of the net. Now they literally have monetary
value. Words can also be a significant hook for your visitors. They can mean the
difference between a person hanging around on your site as a potential sale, or
immediately clicking away lost for ever.

Choose your words wisely. Even more so if you have not purchased your domain.
The name of your web sites domain can make you or break you when it comes to
placement and visibility in the search engines. It should match your web sites theme
as close as possible. Availability of domains can have an effect on what name you
choose. The use of a thesaurus online or off line can be a big help and a great tool. It
can help you find alternative words for your web site and its theme.

Once you have settled on some ad copy and relevant text. In other words, your theme
and keywords and phrases. The rest comes in the structure of your Title, Meta tags
and body text. Also your link structure, and coming up with ways to get reciprocal
links. How your sites web pages will be created. How you will maintain and manage
your web site once it is build.

You might say to yourself. How in the heck can I do all of this? Well it is a lot of
work. But it can be done with time and effort and some thought. Doing it right the
first time will save you lots of headaches in the future. Your web sites success in
visibility and web traffic will begin slowly but surely it will grow over time.



===================Site Review Requests (0)=================

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================Site Review Responses (1)==================
Re: Site review http://www.dumbexperts.com 
From: Kimberly Gordon

Ok, you asked.. so, in my own opinion and from 5 years of experience online in
marketing and in building my own sites. Here are my suggestions. This is
constructive and not meant to be-little, only to help.

#1. Go to a White background- The yellow looks like a cheap website just thrown
together. (Others may perceive this as well)

#2. Put ALL of Your Content (which is good by the way ;-) Into a Table. Meaning...

Create One Table for the entire website. Then put all of your content into it. It is
okay that the content at the bottom is in a table. It will just be a table in a table. You
will still have it separate from the top but all of it will be in one for the main site.
This creates a more formatted, professional looking site.

3. Create a logo or graphic banner or something instead of just the title. The heading
will also improve the over all look of your website.

As far as the rest of the site, the content is helpful and I didn't see any spelling errors.
This website has much potential.

If you need any kind of help with this I would be glad to assist you.

Otherwise, good job and good luck!
In His Grip!
Kimberly Gordon
"Helping Others Get What They Want, Helps Me Get What I Want!"

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====================GUEST ARTICLE =====================

Setting Goals That Empower The Business Owner, by Terry Strom

To succeed to the greatest extend possible, you need to set goals. But those goals
must be reachable and stretchable. Reachable so you will believe that you can attain
them, and stretchable so that when you attain them, you will have moved forward. I
feel you need a monthly goal, a six month goal, a yearly goal, and even a three year,
five year and 10 year goal. If you have ever played darts, you know that it is
impossible to play without a target. Therefore, you need a target when you play the
game of life and business.

Your goals need to be reachable do-able, because if they are too hard to attain or too
far away, you may just look at your goal and say “whoa, that is too far away to look
at and I don’t believe I can do it”. Therefore, you can’t get inspired by that goal, and
as a result you will not spend the proper time and energy working on it, which means
it will not happen. Then, when it does not happen, you create for yourself a failure,
which lowers you self confidence and decrease your personal power for future goals.
In cases like this it is much better to set smaller more attainable goals for yourself.
Therefore, when you attain the goal, you will have moved forward and created a
success for yourself that increase your self esteem and therefore it also increases you
personal power for future successes.

You are your biggest and most influential critic of yourself, meaning that if you fail
in your own eyes you can hold it against yourself 24/7 in the most negative way;
which can play tremendous havoc on your ability to believe in yourself. The problem
that occurs with people that continue to create goals that they don’t attain is that they
stop believing themselves when they set a goal. Therefore, each time they set a goal
that little (or big) voice inside them says “what makes you think you are going to
compete your goal this time, you have not completed the other goals you set? “

I have a saying I use went putting together compensation and incentive programs for
sales teams, “you get what you reward”. Well this also works with goals you set for
yourself as the business owner. Therefore be very careful with the goals you set. If
you set goals that do not inspire and excite you, you will not put the energy and
effort needed into completing those goals.

As an executive business coach for business owners, I work with the business
owners to set goals that are very personal which will have a direct result in bettering
their life. I do this because I have seen too many business owners set up goals that
may have seemed noble, but had very little potential personal benefit to the business
owner, and therefore, it did not inspire them to action. Below is one of the examples
of a personal goal I used to get my first direct sales company up and running.

When I started my first direct sales company my wife and I set a very personal goal
that ended up being very motivating for both of us, and it was a lot of the reason for
our early success in that business. When we started that company, my oldest son was
19 months old, and my wife was eight months pregnant with our second son. She
was a teacher and wanted to come and be home with our sons, but we could not
afford for her not to work at that time. However, I knew how very important it was
for my wife to be home with our children, so I made a goal (and a commitment to my
wife) that within one year I would get her out of her job. The goal was a very
personal, specific, and attainable (although stretching) for us; and as a result it
worked. My wife came home from work within one year, and has never gone back to
work (and my oldest son is almost 18); and our direct sales company was extremely
successful by the end of that first year.

Goals should be set in a stair step fashion that build on each other and lead to the
completion of a major goal. Meaning you set your key goal for 6 months, 1 year, 3
years, or 5 years, etc. Then you set shorter term and intermediate term goals that lead
to the completion of the key goals. By doing this, you always have a reachable and
attainable goal in close reach to where you are so that you don’t get discouraged
when looking at the key (long term) goal. The personal story below gives a perfect
example of keeping reachable goals constantly in front of you as you strive towards
your major goals.

I used to take this run when I lived in Glendora in Southern California. It was located
about 15 miles east of Pasadena where the Rose Bowl parade takes place. The run I
took went up in elevation 3000 to 4000 feet to the top of a ridge (long term goal). It
was about a nine mile run one way, and then you had to come back down that same
nine miles. It had a lot of curves and was quite steep. I’d start running and I’d look
up at the next flat spot where it curved and went up further, and I would say to
myself “oh my gosh, that is such a long (steep) way up”. Just by looking at the steep
elevation gain to that next flat spot were it curved to go up further (intermediate
goal) would make me want to give up right then. Therefore to lessen this feeling of
wanting to give up, I learned to start looking at my feet instead of the steep jogging
trail ahead of me. This helped me greatly, because if I looked at my feet, my feet
only went up the steep hill a little bit with each step (short term goal); and then if I
just kept looking at my feet eventually I’d get to that next flat spot that curved to go
up further (intermediate term goal). Once I reached that flat spot I would get a little
bit of success which would give me a euphoric feeling because I had attained that
intermediate goal (a small success). This euphoric felling would then propel me to
the next flat spot that curved to go up further (next intermediate goal). Then I would
continue to go from flat spot to flat spot (intermediate goal to intermediate goal and
small success to small success) using the same technique until I attained my long
term goal (the end of my uphill run at the top of the ridge).

Through this example you see how you can use short term goals to reach
intermediate goals, which help you reach your long term goals. However, the
greatest thing about successfully meeting a goal is the awesome feeling of
empowerment and the release of endorphins (natural pain killers created by your
body), that made me feel awesome for hours later. Therefore, when I would get to
the top of that ridge I would feel great and unstoppable for hours after that run (and a
little tired). But to do this, I had to start with completing the short term goals, then
the intermediate term goals, and then finally the long term goals. In the same way,
you can use this technique with your business in order to meet the goals you set for
yourself and you company, and to create the self confidence and empowerment that
comes with completing those goals.

Lastly, it is extremely important to reward yourself when you complete a goal. You
must have smaller rewards for the short term goals and larger rewards for the longer
term goals. However, you must make sure that you do not give yourself the
appropriate reward until you have completed the associated goal. Moreover, the
rewards you set must be something that excites you and inspires you to action for it
to be effective. It could be as simple as going out to dinner at a special restaurant
when you complete you short term goal, or a weekend at a exciting resort for
completing your intermediate range goal, or an awesome Caribbean cruise or a sports
car for completing a long term goal. Whatever rewards you set for yourself, have fun
with it, so that it will truly be a motivator for you.

Copyright 2005 Terry Strom

About The Author

Terry Strom is a business coach, author, and professional speaker in the areas of
motivation, sales, and communication skills. He has spoken in front of over 250,000
sales professionals, and has been the Vice President of three corporations. You can
contact him at www.optimizeyourcompany.com 



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================JOKE OF THE DAY==================

Suitable Clothes

The lookout aboard a clipper ship spots a pirate ship approaching, and yells down to
the captain. The captain orders the bosun to bring his red shirt. The captain puts on
his red shirt, and successfully leads his crew in fighting off the pirates. The next day,
the lookout spots TWO pirate ships approaching. He yells to the captain, who again
orders the bosun to bring his red shirt. The captain again wears the red shirt as they
successfully repel the pirates. After the battle the bosun asks, "Captain, why do you
always wear the red shirt in battle?" The captain replies, "Because, if I am wounded,
the crew will not see the blood and lose their courage." The next day the lookout
spots SIX pirate ships approaching and yells to the captain. Anticipating the order,
the bosun immediately brings the red shirt. "To heck with that!" says the captain.
"Bring me my brown pants!"


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