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Topics in this issue:

Word from the Moderator

Food For Thought
When Worlds Collide

Responses to Previous Tidbits (4)
Elizabeth Franks, Monique, Zelma McPherson, Georgia Hatton

Continuing Discussions (4)

1. Re: Blog advertising
Tom Falco

2. Re: Offering help
John Layton

3. Re: Traffic
Monique, Mohamad Zaki Hussein,


New Discussions (0)

Site Review Requests (1)
Site Review - http://www.healnaturallybooks.com/index.html 
From: Andy Bryant

Site Review Responses (0)

Building Community Websites = Success Online, by: Martin Lemieux

Joke of the Day

Word from Moderator

Hello everyone!

It’s time for another Digest thanks to the contributions of many of the readers.
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question” for the Digest. Any question you have, you can just bet that there are
hundreds more in “the silent majority” who are asking themselves the same thing.
I don’t want YOU to be silent any more. SPEAK UP! We want your input and
observations. We want to be happy with you when you have successes and help you
out when you are facing problems.
No man (or woman) is an island and sharing is the only way to find your way to

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Amalia Sotiriadou
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=============Food For Thought=======================

=============NEW Tidbit==========================

When Worlds Collide

There has been a very interesting discussion going on in the Forums recently,
entitled “What makes you a likeable person”, by Emmanuel Ebeh,
http://community.adlandpro.com/forumShow.aspx?ForumID=3371 and many of
AdlandPro members became involved, including yours truly.

What does it have to do with our “Food For Thought” section and why the strange

Let me explain. Those of us who have been working on the net for a long time, have
come across the idea that “positive thinking” is the key to success so many times,
that we (or at least I – to speak for myself) tend to take it with a grain of salt.
Don’t get me wrong. I DO believe that a healthy dose of enthusiasm and the
expectation of positive results are an important ingredient to any success story;
otherwise I wouldn’t be involved with some of the projects I am involved with.

On the other hand, although it may not be Politically Correct to admit it, thinking
positive at all times is not exactly a piece of cake. Each one of us comes from a
different background and has a different history and set of experiences. This is what
makes us individuals.

If your life experiences have been negative or difficult, trying to “switch on” the
positivity can wreak havoc on the psyche. Being on the path to finding a better way
for myself, has sometimes left me empty, with a lack of identity. A good dose of
cynicism is part of what I am. So is never accepting anything at face value. Try to
substitute these traits with the conviction that “it’s all for the best” and “all is good in
the world if I just say so and believe it” starts a raging war in my subconscious. Like
two different worlds colliding.

At this time, I’m not sure which part of me will win the war and what the aftermath
and the collateral damage will be, but I believe the question is important enough to
find its place in this publication:

How easy is it for you to think and act positively?

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=================Responses to Previous Tidbits (4)=================

=====================1st Course===========================

Re: My obstacles working online
From: Elizabeth Franks

It seems my biggest obstacle working online is: I’m a single mom taking care of 4
small children, plus a 25 yr old disabled niece with her two very small children. I
work full time and when i get a chance to work online it seems everything in the
house goes berserk! Makes it hard to concentrate, and gets frustrating, sometimes I
stay up really late to work, knowing I have to be at work early the next morning.
If anyone has any advice for me Please let me know. Thank you

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=====================2nd Course===========================

Re: Working Online
From: Monique

WOW! I'm glad you brought this up, it's true. I've been busy in my learning curve.
I'm glad I have a technical background or I wouldn't be able to do what I need to.

I think the www is so saturated that you need some unique way to gain a niche
market, like any industry that have left her infancy phase in life.

I was on my way to ask the community, since there are a ton of coders that do all
sorts of things about a platform question. So, yeah, thank goodness for a good
community to throw things to.

I'm writing 2 apps, I did a lot of prep work so that I only have to have the right
platform to tie the pieces together. The mysql db design uses dba standards so it
makes coding easy. The design allows me to more easily build the apps
simultaneously since only one or two modules are different. It's similar to the
monkey-human DNA thing, there's a about 2% differentiation making it a
completely different beast.

I've decided it would be best to create a client app that remotely accesses the mysql
for data updates. This will save me server side resources since I can put a lot of
functionality, that would have be used by php code and bandwidth heavy, in the
client app and save on the users pc. (It's similar to the NetObjects UI, excepting the
data updates)

I'm doing it in java and I think I have the correct platform features, I've been
studying eclipse, hibernate, spring framework and came across myeclipse. I haven't
plunged on any frame work because I can't decide which to commit to. I was leaning
towards Spring, but myeclipse which I found later has led me back to eclipse.

I like eclipse because of all the plug-in support but spring seems to be best for

Does anyone have any input to offer?


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=====================3rd Course===========================
Re: selling on the phone
From: Zelma McPherson

I have a problem making contact with leads to interest/sell them my program.

Zelma McPherson

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=====================4th Course===========================

Re: NOT! Making money on line
From: Georgia Hatton

My problem is I can't find a thing that is interesting to me. I keep hearing Donald
Trump saying over and over." You have to like what you’re doing." I see the same
offers all the time. Are there any new web pages out there? Is everyone doing the
same business?

My interests are:
Writing, Not sales letters!
Old items
Taking pictures

So, if anyone can help me out it would be a pleasure to hear from you.


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===========Continuing Discussions (4)===================

===============Continuing Discussion (1.1)==============

Re: Blog advertising
From: Tom Falco

We love blogs. We have found that we get better results through blogs because they
are read. The problem with newsletters these days is that most end up in the spam
folder or are deleted without being read.

Blogs are read. People make a point of going back day after day to read them. They
look forward to reading them.

We have various subjects from Pop Culture to Local interest and all the blogs draw
in business.

You may see a couple at:

Tom Falco is owner of TheDiscountPrinter.com. For the
best deals on promotional items, check out:

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===============Continuing Discussion (2.1)==============
Re: Offering help
From: John Layton

This is in response to a message posted by Eileen Rozelle:


From: Eileen Rozelle

I too have just started to use Adland again after some time off. I am happy to see you
are affiliated with Global Domains International. I have been with them only a short
time, so I am wondering if you have good luck with the program. I am 74, and don't
know too much about websites. I have mine parked because I don't really know how
to get it up and running. If you go to your upline, one of them will help by giving
you a list of email leads. Good luck and welcome.

Eileen Rozelle



Dear Eileen,

My name is John and I enjoy working on the computer and the Internet.
Unfortunately, I have never made one thin dime while working online. The one thing
I have come to realize is that you must spend money first to make money online.
Whether for a domain name or advertising space, I just haven't been able to afford it

One thing I do know how to do is to put my website online. You can check mine out
by following the link in my signature line. If you like, I would be more than happy to
help you get your site up and running. No strings attached, I promise. If you would
like for me to try to help you, send me an email (just click on the link "Contact
Webmaster" at the bottom of any page of my site).

Good Luck!
John Layton
The Rebel Computer Guy has lots of info about working on the net.
Topics include; Working On The Web, How To Write HTML, Ebooks, Reports,
Articles, and Tips. Great for beginners.

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===============Continuing Discussion (3.1)===================
Re: Traffic
From: Monique

I can kill 2 birds with one stone with this post.

I have a blog @ http://getbiz/tripod.com and it's my accounts on trying to earn an
income online, I have had good reviews on the topics touched, but am told to do
more posts.

I post about once a month.

My last post was on search engines and some tricks and the next which I hope to post
with in the next 7 days will be more detailed on some things I learned about getting
your name out there online.

I'll add some of the experiments I've done to get listed; the quickest was done in a
few days because of the timing.

Jayde puts out SEO news which is a really good FREE SEO newsletter, but they do
send too many solo ads, about 4 a week it seems. The articles are really good, Jayde
is an SE insider and boost clients like Overture and Microsoft for its email marketing

If you get yourself on a news orgs community bulletin, in particular a tech news orgs
bulletin using a tag with your url, you could get listed sooner. There are some big
ones that allow html in the post and index all links in the bulletin.

Tripod blogs apparently is on the Google spider and you can edit the blog to include
advance meta data and your urls.

You can also search, some places may have a good list of a SE's spider db for the
auto spidered domains, but this is a secret the engine is supposed to maintain to
prevent cheating.

Google filed for a pattern last month I think and many of the SEO news feeds on tech
news site mentioned some aspects of the pattern. The age of your reciprocal links
will play a greater role in how you rank. The older the relationship the better. Also
the number of real click-thrus will weigh in on ranking and if you gain too many
reciprocal links in too soon of a time frame your url may get flagged as a cheat.

The url to the article (Cracking the Google Code... Under the GoogleScope) from
SEO news on the matter is:


If you have IIS there are some ways to get your local host advertised to businesses
out there for FREE. MS allows for publicity of your IIS enabled local host as a web
service across the internet for this setup.

I'll put some more of the things I've come across over the years to market in the next
post at THEMONEY blog within the next 7 days.


(I did a redirect to this root blog domain from the old
http://getbiz.tripod.com/THEMONEY/ url for anyone that visited and bookmarked



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===============Continuing Discussion (3.2)===================

Re: Search Engine is Not the Only Way to Get Traffic
From: Mohamad Zaki Hussein


I read Jerry Combs post via Adland Digest Vol. 1 issue #461 July 2, 2005, in which
he said: "As far as I can see the only way to get traffic is to get your web-site listed
in the search engines."

Now, I completely disagree with this exaggeration statement. While I agree that the
major search engines are one of the biggest sources of targeted traffic in the net, but
it is not the only way to get traffic.

Here's a fact that I got from Jack Humphrey special report, "What if Google Didn't

In this report, he shared one of his sites' stat in April 2004 and guess what? From
71,444 unique visitors that he got at that month, "google search" referred only a
small portion of them, i.e. 0.07%.

Another fact is related to my blog. Up till I wrote this comment, my blog rank in the
no. 11 (the second page) for the keyword "increase on line traffic" in Yahoo (you can
check it out, its titled is "How to Increase On Line Traffic"). This keyword, "increase
on line traffic," according to Overture (now called Yahoo Search Marketing) has
6706 searches in April 2005, and so it is a searched keywords (not empty keywords).
And commonsensically, it should have far more searches in the Yahoo search then in
Overture (cause Overture is a PPC, while Yahoo search is a "public search engine").
But guess how many traffic that I got? Nothing, nil.

This comment is not meant to stop people from getting high ranking in the search
engines. In fact, people should do this because yes, major search engines are huge
traffic resources and "search traffic" is of high quality. As a matter of fact, I'm still
pursuing this search engine traffic. But saying the search engine as the only way to
get traffic is not right and it underestimates other ways to get web traffic to our


Mohamad Zaki Hussein, webmaster of the http://wwww.webtrafficideas.com

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=============== New Discussions (0) =======================

What? No one finds anything new and interesting in the world???
Come on, people! I’m SURE there is SOMETHING going on out there we haven’t
heard about yet!


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===================Site Review Requests (1)=================

Re: Site review - http://www.healnaturallybooks.com/index.html 
From: Andy Bryant

Hi All-
I'm one of those "silent members". Although I have posted in the forums before, it
was only once and I mostly just try to read and learn from all the posts in the digest
and I have learned A LOT. Last January I didn’t know how to turn on a computer,
literally. I'm still a newbie but boy have I come a long way. Been ripped off plenty
and learned things the hard way all on my own. No books, no teachers. Now I need
to be taken to school by some of you guys. I always see site review requests on the
digest and then I can't wait to see what is said about the sites by a lot of you old hats
(no offence meant, it’s a compliment). Now I'm ready to get shredded by the best of
you. I would like my site reviewed because although it looks good to me, I know
there must be (lots) things wrong with it and its time for me ask those who would be
so kind as to take a look at it and then make me cry
Go ahead and be truthful and brutal (if necessary!) because I know it will help me
get to the next level. I have achieved some first page search engine results on some
keywords and have made a few sales so that is fun but things crawl along very
Thank-you for your consideration and I'll be waiting for the next digest with a box of
tissues close by while I'm hugging my teddy bear for support!

Andy Bryant
Member 233192


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================Site Review Responses (0)==================

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====================GUEST ARTICLE =====================

Building Community Websites = Success Online, by: Martin Lemieux

In this article I will discuss how important is it to build community websites rather
than straight forward sales pitches. Selling online is about bringing people together,
not about stuffing products down your visitors throws and expecting them to buy
from you.

We have conditioned our minds all of our lives to accept advertising billboards, radio
ads, newspaper ads, commercials, and all sorts of other advertising materials
wherever we go. The same applies on the internet. This "conditioning" has enabled
us to see past all the ads and look directly for the pertinent information that we are

People who are new to the internet are more likely to click on your ads for no
apparent reason but to simply search and keep searching. Others that have been
online for years now, tend not to pay attention to as many ads on a daily basis like
they used to.

If you are serious about making money online without having to spend too much of
your budget, create a "community online". It is in our nature as human beings to
want to belong, or to be involved within a community setting. Communities come in
all shapes & sizes and are not limited to gender, race, nationality, or religion. A
community can cater to whatever topic you wish and welcome whomever you desire.

Same concept applies to your website!

Building a community within your website is the key to increasing your business,
keeping visitors coming back, and keeping your advertising budget in the bank.
Show your visitors that you aren't just here on the internet to sell them something.
For example, we (Smartads), we are here to teach what we know about internet
marketing. By teaching, we too learn more, gain more business, and attract new


As I’ve always mentioned to my clients & readers, getting people to your website is
the easy part. Anyone with a $500 credit card can get traffic to their website, it's
keeping them there and getting your visitors to come back on their own time is what
makes owning a website a difficult proposition.

Visitors always come back to communities they can relate to!

I always to go back to internet marketing communities online like:

and so on... There are many internet marketing resources available for business
owners. We are fortunate to have access to the vast amount of resources that we do,
in order to increase our business & to increase our knowledge.

More resources online also increases competition. There are literally millions of
websites out there and many of them might possibly be your competitors. Without
building a community, people won't remember who you are, or what it is that you do.
In fact, if you are spending all of your money on banner ads, pay per click
advertising, affiliates, and other marketing areas online, and at the same time you
aren't paying attention to increasing your home base, when your advertising budget
runs out so too will the bulk of your traffic.

If your website isn't good enough, your sales won't be good enough. Granted;
building a website can be very time consuming but just remember that you don't
need to create an empire over night. Just a little here, a little there, and before you
know it, it all adds up to something you can be proud of. Over time, your website
traffic will constantly be increasing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you stop advertising, your traffic won't grow. Growing your
website is all part of the whole plan.

What do we need to create a community website?

You always want to add extras to your site that interest you. By doing so, you will
also attract people with similar interests and help to bridge the credibility gap online.

You can always add these to your website:

Personal blog
Helpful tips
Mini-ebook courses (on how to be a better client for you)
Other people's articles
Chat forum (requires a lot of maintenance & promotion)
Free business directory listings
Family albums for users
Fun online questionnaires
Mind benders
Contests (with actual prizes)
"How to" articles
Government resources
Local community resources
Support local companies & vice versa
I think we can now get a sense of what building a "community" website means. The
key is to take your industry (even if it is boring), and teach someone about what it is
that you do. The internet allows us to take in more information than we could ever
imagine. There is always someone out there who wants to learn about your industry.

The key is to add on a little at a time. Talk to your web designer. Try and find unique
little ways to build a community website online. Ask people what they look for
within your industry. After time, you will know what it takes to keep creating more
for your company online, and your wallet will love you for it.

Just remember the more you build, the less your advertising budget will be when you
get there. Just keep it up until you get there, don't give up on yourself, your
company, or your future.

I hope you've enjoyed this article!

Martin Lemieux
Smartads President
Smartads International: http://www.smartads.info 
Internet Marketing Tips: http://web-marketing.smartads.info 
Business Resources: http://mindpower.smartads.info 
Smartads Canada: http://www.smartads.ca 
Canadian SEO Consultants: http://www.seoconsultants.ca 
Smart Ad Search: http://www.smartadsearch.ca 

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================JOKE OF THE DAY==================

Fidel Castro

Fidel dies and goes to heaven. When he gets there, St. Peter tells him that he is not
on the list and that no way, no how, does he belong in heaven. Fidel must go to hell.
So Fidel goes to hell where Satan gives him a hearty welcome and tells him to make
himself at home. Then Fidel notices that he left his luggage in heaven and tells Satan,
who says, "No hay problema, I'll send a couple of little devils to get your stuff."

When the little devils get to heaven they find the gates are locked - St.Peter is having
lunch - and they start debating what to do. Finally, one comes up with the idea that
they should go over the wall and get the luggage.

As they are climbing the wall, two little angels see them, and one angel says to the
other, "My goodness! Fidel has been in hell no more than ten minutes and we're
already getting refugees!"


Let's hear from you......

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