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Topics in this issue:

Word from the Moderator

Food For Thought
Are you overwhelmed by email?

Responses to Previous Tidbits (0)

Continuing Discussions (2)
1. Re: Website hijacked
From: Kenny S.

2. Re: Website Promotion Through Newsletters
From: Amalia Sotiriadou

New Discussions (1)
1. Re: Can People Really Change?
From: Shifra Hendrie

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Improve Email Deliverability: 15 Tips for Successful Email Marketing by Alan

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=============Food For Thought=======================

=============NEW Tidbit==========================

Are you overwhelmed by email?

When the e-mailing system first came out, it was hailed as the greatest invention
since the telephone… and it probably is!

At least until every Tom, Dick and Harry (my apologies to all Toms, Dicks and
Harrys reading this piece) found ways to break into the system, “collect” emails of
total strangers and s’pam them to death, ruining the best system of communication
ever discovered.

How are you handling this problem, or has it overwhelmed you to the point that you
are cancelling all your email accounts?

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===========Continuing Discussions (2)===================

============= Continuing Discussion (1.1) =================

Re: Website hijacked
From: Kenny S.

Judy, your problem is mild in comparison to what our company went through when
our entire professional website was hijacked by these creeps! We had to shut down
the site completely and inform all our customers of what happened. We had no way
to trace the culprits.
I looked up your website in Altavista and did not see the problem you are talking
about. Is it possible that you have spyware in your computer? Check the Altavista
link from a different computer first. If you see the same problem, complain to
Altavista directly.
If it works fine in the other computer, you need a spyware remover to clean your
computer and you may also need expert help.

Here are a couple of programs that can help you:



Good luck!

Kenny S.

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============= Continuing Discussion (2.1) =================

Re: Website Promotion Through Newsletters
From: Amalia Sotiriadou

Newsletters are and will continue to be the best way to keep in touch with members
and customers. One of the problems of Newsletters nowadays is that they have lost
touch of their objective, which is to deliver NEWS. Instead, they have become the
main carriers of advertising with perhaps an article to justify their existence.

I realize the need of advertising in order to help support a newsletter – it’s not cheap
to produce, at least not if you are doing it right. On the other hand, too much
advertising will turn people off after a while.

Newsletters should be used to build relationships with people, to keep them informed
of developments in the Company and most of all to tell the readers how THEY can
benefit from whatever is going on in the organisation. Everything else, in my
opinion, is just icing on the cake.


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=============== New Discussions (1) =======================

Re: Can People Really Change?
From: Shifra Hendrie


Sad, but true.

Some people never even try.

But those of us who do – and I assume that you are in that group – often experience
great frustration and disappointment as we encounter the same limitations over and
over again.

Life can start to seem downright repetitive.


Why is it that in most cases your life keeps looking like some variation of whatever
you’ve experienced before?

The answer is: because you are creating something from something. You’re
attempting to create a new and different future based on the limitations of your past.

Imagine that you are a potter and you have a piece of clay. You can study your craft
and make pots that are smoother, sturdier, or more beautiful than before. But when
all is said and done, they’re still just clay pots.

Who says you have to be a potter? And who says you can only make things out of


There is a fundamental kabalistic principle of Creation known as ‘yesh m’ayin’ –
something from nothing.

This principle explains that G-d is bringing the entire world, including you, into
existence from absolute nothingness at every moment.

G-d didn’t create this world once and withdraw back into Heaven, where He
supervises from a distance and intervenes when appropriate. Rather, He is actively
and intentionally speaking the world into existence from nothing in the present
moment, again and again and again. In fact, if G-d would stop creating this world –
with all of its myriad details – at any moment, the world and everything in it would
disappear as if it had never been.

Based on this, two things are clear:

1. The world has no existence outside of G-d. Everything we experience in life is
part of G-d and His intention and purpose for Creation.
2. G-d desires the world – and you – with an intense and personal desire. Everything
you do has great meaning and significance to Him. That’s why He keeps on creating

Remember those old commercials where a little kid said something like: “I must be
good because G-d made me, and G-d doesn’t make junk”?

Actually, the truth is much more powerful than that. G-d doesn’t make anything or
anyone without a profound purpose. He passionately desires you and just as
passionately wants you to desire Him. And He is waiting - with bated breath - for
you to embrace the Divine purpose for which you have been created. To make your
life, your relationships and your circumstances a “dwelling place” for the Divine.


G-d creates from Nothing because Nothingness, ayin, actually means absolute,
infinite possibility. No limitations. No restrictions. None at all.

When you don’t need to be any particular something, you’re free to be anything.
Kabbalah calls this infinite potential nothingness – not because there’s nothing there,
but because there are absolutely no limitations that define or restrict this infinite
possibility in any way.


As a human beings created in the image of G-d, you are also empowered to create
something from nothing. And you do, all the time.

Unfortunately, most of the time what we create from nothing are the stories about
what we can’t do, aren’t capable of, will never have – together with all the reasons

These stories are continuously being recreated from nothing in each of our lives. But
unlike G-d, who creates consciously, we create this reality unconsciously. It’s a sort
of default programming. Yes, I understand that you have reasons for what you
believe, but those reasons, while they may help to explain your past, do not have the
power to limit your future. Unless you think they do, and act accordingly.

Most of us don’t wake up in the morning in awe of our own potential, in touch with
our Divine purpose, filled with the joy of life, ready to create. More often we wake
up all-too-conscious of our limitations, our disappointments, our frustrations, our
unfulfilled needs, and the burdensome problems we need to solve. No wonder so
many of us are worn out before we even get out of bed.


You might have read a cute little children’s book called “Harold and the Purple
Crayon”. In this book, Harold, a baby, draws things with his purple crayon on his
bedroom walls. He draws things like castles, mountains, roads and tigers. The
interesting part is that then Harold climbs the mountains, runs down the roads,
explores the castles and runs away from the tigers. Sometimes he gets so far into the
picture that he can’t figure out how to get home again – but then, he just takes his
purple crayon and draws the road back.

Harold is always creating something from nothing.


Your life, your present and future, is actually an ayin – nothing. Yes, as a soul in a
specific physical body, there are some limits to what you can create.

But you have no idea what they are.

- - Do you want to experience unconditional love? How would you behave if you
were committed to love others unconditionally, especially those people who long for
your love? Your parents. Your children. Your spouse. Your friends. What if you
noticed, accepted and appreciated the way they love you – even if it doesn’t yet look
exactly the way you want it to look?

What might happen today if you behaved that way? What if you stayed committed to
that experience over time – what might happen to your most intimate relationships,
your family, your community, your world? Don’t shortchange yourself by skipping
over this question. Really think about it.

- - Do you want to experience your power to live as a creator rather than a victim in
your life? How would you behave if you refused to let your fears and past failures
put any limits on what you do right now?

What would you do that you’ve been putting off? What else? What might you
actually create or achieve over time if you do those things? And perhaps even more
important, what would life be like for you right now if you choose to be a person
who isn’t stopped by fear?

Do you want to be more intimately in touch with your Creator and your Divine
purpose? How would you behave if you were a person committed to seeing G-d’s
intimate, infinite and loving presence in all aspects of your life? What if every action
you take was based on the assumption that nothing is wrong – because G-d is
intentionally, creating your world right now on behalf of your ultimate purpose and

What might your life be like – today – if you behaved that way? How about your
relationships? Your energy? Your happiness? Your peace of mind?


Like a farmer who tills his field, plants seeds, waters and tends them, sometimes it
can take time to see the results of your efforts. But if you are willing to create
something from nothing, you don’t have to twiddle your thumbs while you wait for
things to grow. The very decision to be a creator in your own life brings with it some
powerful, intrinsic rewards; rewards like joy, fulfillment - and miracles.

© Shifra Hendrie, Kabbalah of Transformation /

*Since the Torah forbids the erasing of G-d’s name, it’s customary to avoid writing it
out in full.

Shifra Hendrie is a professional life coach who works with spiritually-minded people
to create breakthrough results in their lives, businesses and relationships. She uses a
unique combination of profound spiritual wisdom and cutting edge coaching

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====================GUEST ARTICLE =====================

Improve Email Deliverability: 15 Tips for Successful Email Marketing by Alan

Delivering email newsletters and sales messages to opt-in subscribers and customers
is getting more exasperating—and more expensive—by the day.

Delivery rates for email have gone through the virtual floor. According to
MarketingSherpa, one out of every six people who asked to be on your mailing list
won't receive your email newsletter or marketing message because a spam filter
blocks it by mistake.

Why you’re just not getting through to them
As you probably know, the challenge you are facing is primarily s’pam filters,
electronic and human. And no wonder. Consider these sobering numbers:

• 10 out of 12 messages reviewed are considered s’pam (Postini.com)

• average users receive 42 unwanted sales pitches a day (Jupiter Research)

• 70% of all email messages will be s’pam by 2007 (Radicati Group)

Your emails fail to reach your subscribers for three basic reasons. Either the email is
blocked by the subscriber’s ISP or enterprise firewall (in which case it never gets
delivered), the email is blocked by the subscriber’s spam filter (in which case it gets
delivered but is never seen) or the email is deleted by an irritable subscriber with an
overzealous delete-key-finger who does not recognize your “From:” address or
mistakes your email subject line for something unwelcome.

But take heart. There are some tactics you can employ today to increase your email
deliverability scores and reach your newsletter subscribers and customers with the
email messages they have asked you to wing their way.

1. Hire someone to monitor your mail
Your most expensive option is to retain the services of a third-party vendor to
monitor your email deliverability. For a fee, ReturnPath.net, PiperSoftware.com,
Deliverability.com, DeliveryMonitor.com and other companies will seed your
mailing list seeded with hundreds of email addresses from a variety of domains.
When your email arrives, these firms record the time, count the number of emails
that escaped the spam filters, and generate a report that shows deliverability scores
for each ISP. These reports help you notice which ISPs are blocking your messages
or only allowing a few to get through before blocking the rest. You can take the steps
needed to improve deliverability.

2. Test your email messages for s’pam before sending
The above companies and a host of smaller software firms let you run your email
message by a s’pam filter before sending. They search for “free,” “buy now” and
other words that trigger s’pam filters. That way, you can see if your message is likely
to be flagged as s’pam somewhere en route, and tweak where needed to improve
your score before hitting Send. Try the free service at www.ezinecheck.com

3. Make sure your ISP is not on a blacklist
Spammers may have abused the servers of the autoresponder or listserver service
that you use. As a result, the major ISPs may have blacklisted or blocked emails
from these servers. To discover if you are blacklisted, find the IP address of the
email server and do a spam database lookup at www.DNSstuff.com or

4. Slow down your email send rate
Some ISPs set a threshold for how many emails you can send during one session. If
you exceed this threshold, their software flags you as a spammer and blocks the
remainder of your messages. One way around this wall is to send your messages in
small bursts, say 200 at a time, with a pause of a few minutes between bursts. The
other solution is to host your list on a reputable listserver. The more popular ones
include Constant Contact, AWeber, Topica, and GotMarketing Campaigner.

5. Send your email when it’s most likely to get read
If you send your message to businesses on a Friday afternoon, chances are that your
recipients won’t check their email until Monday morning. Your message will be
buried way down the list with a ton of spam ahead of it (assuming the recipient’s
inbox is sorted by date). The most recent messages will get the attention, and your
message will likely get overlooked or deleted in the rush to start work. The open rate
for email is strongest within the first two days of delivery. Then it drops off a cliff.

6. Mail on the best days
Online marketers have discovered over the years that B to B emails are read most
often when they arrive on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, around noon.
Mondays are too busy. And Fridays are too close to the golf course.

7. Use the right email service
Choose a reputable service provider who is respected by the major ISPs. They will
work on your behalf to keep you off blacklists and deliver your messages on time.

8. Help subscribers change addresses
In every email message, tell your subscribers where they need to go to change their
address or modify their subscription. You’ll reduce the number of bouncebacks you
receive each mailing.

9. Use creative copy tactics to circumvent s’pam filters
S’pam filters block your e-newsletters and marketing messages in a number of ways,
and one of them is looking for words that are found in most spam. These include
perfectly legitimate words and phrases, such as “f’ree,” “opportunity,” “multi-level
marketing [OK, that one is debatable],” “compare rates” and “f’ree installation.”
Most of these words you can get around by employing a thesaurus. Instead of saying
“f’ree,” say “complimentary,” or “no charge.” You can also disguise the word in
some way (f’ree becomes free~, or fr*ee), although you must tell your subscribers
what you are doing beforehand.

10. Get your subscribers to whitelist you
When your subscribers opt-in to your list, immediately tell them to add your sending
email address to their whitelist or “allowed senders” list so your messages are never
blocked by the subscriber’s s’pam filters.

11. Use a distinctive, predictable subject line
Include a phrase in every subject line that shows at a glance who you are and what
your message is about. Subscribers get used to recognizing each message from you.
For example, one popular e-newsletter includes the phrase “DM News-iMarketing
News Daily” in every email subject line.

12. Welcome new subscribers immediately
As soon as someone signs up for your e-newsletter or opts-in to your list, send them
a welcome email. Immediately establish a connection between their opt-in action and
your email that confirms their membership.

13. Make your email welcome message look like your sign-up form
Help new subscribers to recognize you in their inboxes by branding your online sign-
up page and your welcome email with the same colors, images and typography.

14. Send from the same domain that signs them up
The domain in your welcome message and subsequent messages should match the
URL of the webpage that subscribers used to opt-in to your list, otherwise they may
not recognize you as the sender and delete your message by mistake.

15. Use the same From: address
Keep your From: address constant. This helps subscribers who have added your
email address to their whitelist or “allowed senders” list.


About the Author
Alan Sharpe is a B to B direct mail copywriter and publisher of “Alan Sharpe’s B2B
Direct Mail Tactics.” Sign up for Sharpe & Direct: The B2B direct mail marketing e-
newsletter. Every Monday morning, receive in your inbox a short, helpful article on
direct mail lead generation. Sign up today and receive a free copy of his special
report, "30 Reasons to Use Direct Mail to Increase Sales and Attract New


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Find the Way

A man who absolutely hated his wife's cat decided to get rid of him one day by driving him
20 blocks from his home and leaving him at the park.

As he was nearing home, the cat was walking up the driveway.

The next day, he decided to drive the cat 40 blocks away and try the same thing.

As he was driving back into his driveway, there was the cat! He kept taking the cat farther
and farther away, but the darn cat would always beat him home.

At last, he decided to drive a few miles away, turn right, then left, past the bridge, then right
again and another right and so on until he reached what he thought was a safe distance from
his home and he left the cat there.

Hours later, the man calls home to his wife: "Jen, is the cat there?". "Yes," the wife
answers. "Why do you ask?"

Frustrated, the man answers: "Put that damn cat on the phone. I'm lost and I need



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